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Admiration Remains, Feelings Change


Of course, people are going to speculate about a site, about an artist, about a fan.

For those wondering or worrying, please note: I have no intentions of shutting this site down. There are just too many good gems that I’ve written in the past six years to suddenly make inaccessible, and also too many good memories of David and being a fan of David.

I just have no plans to produce future content.

Unless David suddenly surprises me with a new song or album or musical event that sucks me right back in.

Until then, I’m just not on the same obsessive plane over the Voice that used to sustain me and this blog.

It happens. In real life or in fantasy, sometimes you just fall out of love with your idol (or simply, your bright shining light bulb sometimes grows dimmer).

There is no bitterness on my part, no dashed hopes. I’ve always felt that David Archuleta could have shone much brighter and could have had a place on the world stage. However, he himself tasted a bit of stardom, didn’t care for it, and now he’s content to live and make music under the radar and within the insular circle of his LDS faith.

He is still a phenomenal singer, but he has obviously retreated, and those of us who don’t relate, we simply move on, like David has moved on.

I don’t regret waiting and hoping for David’s return to a high-profile music career after his two-year mission. But there have been other Soul David fans who left the fanbase the minute he left for Chile. They knew things were going to change, and they chose to move on.

Some of us just took a little longer to do the same.

At some point, the individual has to believe in his potential, has to WANT something bigger for himself, no matter how much others (like his dad) or his super fans proclaim over and over that he is destined for greatness.

He needs to believe it himself. And it is not a betrayal of humility to want greatness.  His own parents, according to his memoir Chords of Strength, urged David to “not hide his light under a bushel.”

Right now, David is shining his light in places that make him comfortable. Good for him! I’m shining my own light in other places.

This ride on the Archubus was great while it lasted. I bought all his CDs, his book, his Christmas DVD, paid VIP prices for his concerts. He was a pleasure to hear live, and his Voice will always be glorious.

However, that Voice no longer speaks to me, and I’m okay with that.  He’s not a malicious person, nor do I believe he would reject black female fans like myself (as someone had suggested just because he’s Mormon – like, really?!).

People change, and feelings change. We’ve just drifted apart, and the fact that I’m okay with that – rather than falling apart into a million pieces – is the biggest clue to me that, whatever journey we were on as fan-and-artist, the passion is gone.

Sure, some folks will chalk that up to who was a “real” fan versus who wasn’t. Think what you will.  Because if I don’t care about David’s career anymore, I’m certainly not losing sleep over other people’s opinions (baseless or otherwise).

Kudos to those of you whose passion for David still burns bright.

Blog Break!

It’s that time again for me to take a break from this blog. Though in some ways I feel I’ve been doing that already. I suppose I’m making it official! 🙂

Here’s hoping we all have the start of a beautiful summer! Oh, and maybe in the interim David will tweet more often?

In Need of Uplifting Music: Six Years Later


Six years later, and Soul Davidian is still here. Or rather, I am still here. Not always 100%, sometimes checking in on occasion. I still haven’t had it in me to shut this place down.  I still have hope, crazy, irrational hope, that David Archuleta will one day return to his former heights and even transcend it.

His Voice is too amazing, his talent too stratospheric to just give up. But more importantly, his vision, his artistry, and his belief that music can change the world… all of that is too necessary.

I’m here reflecting.  The academic year is winding down. This last full week of classes is overshadowed by another city, Baltimore this time, burning in the heat of collective rage over yet another police killing of an unarmed black man – Freddie Gray – a 25-year old whose spine was crushed, severed. My back hurts just writing that sentence.


I can’t escape the irony that the academic year began in the shadow of another city, Ferguson, burning in the heat of collective rage over the police killing of an unarmed black man – Michael Brown – an 18-year-old whose shot body was left in the streets for four hours.

I’m filled with contradictions. My biological clock is ticking, and still I’m ambivalent about bringing a black baby into this punishing world.

But we still have to survive. We still must thrive. We have thrived through our art, through our music.

When folks wring their hands, worrying about whether David can fit into this current music industry, whether or not he can sell out a theater or stadium, I just care that he can make a record filled with songs that can transcend me from this world of darkness into one of light. I care that he can make me cry again, soothing my soul like a “Balm in Gilead to heal the sin-sick world.”

Damn, when I think of the genius behind those words, uttered, moaned and crooned by some ancestral slave who bore the lash, the master’s penis, or the depraved hands of some slave trader or slave catcher, I remember our people can survive anything.

Our music told us so!

It is that same music that set David on fire, that reached him in his homogenous little world of Salt Lake City via media, and inspired him to become “Soul David,” not appropriating our culture but learning, crafting, and coming into his own Voice.

So, if David wants to take his time and figure out how best to use his Voice, I’m willing to give him that time. He doesn’t need to come out with crap music to beat a deadline. Not when we need real music and a real Voice to make the notes transcend through time and space in this time of darkness.

I love him for his realness and for his recognition that music can heal.

Indeed, Music can save us.

We’re all in need of salvation now, and the Voice could be that balm.

Comments Will Not Be Approved

Dear Soul Davidians,

I’ve been quite busy these past few days with a project deadline, and since my not checking in has meant that folks have been pretty abusive to each other and threatening to out me and where I work and all that nonsense, I’m taking a long break and no longer allowing comments to go through.

Go elsewhere!

If and when David does something big with his music career, maybe I’ll have something new to say and post, and maybe folks will have something worthwhile to contribute.

Until then, Go Get Your Life!

Celebrating 5 Years Later

Hey SD fans!

Five years ago, I launched this fan site called “Soul David: Beyond Disney Versions of David Archuleta.”

To say we’ve grown beyond my own expectations is an understatement.

Each anniversary of Soul David, I try to change things up, like adding a new banner or, two years ago I believe, changing the entire theme of the blog.

Well this 5th anniversary, I thought I would change the title and the perspective. We’re still all about “Soul David,” but it often feels like the focus of this fan site is more about the fans, sometimes, and what we care about: which is David, of course, and other aspects of the music scene.

So, since I’ve become accustomed to calling all the folks who hang here “Soul Davidians,” I thought: Why not just alter the title?

And, should David make a name for himself on the music scene (or not) we can still keep this site, not just as a “vigil” but as an informative site all around.

I will definitely think more about how the content might change (or not), but after 5 years (FIVE YEARS!!), some things will change (including David Archuleta himself).

Besides, I’ve moved on beyond concerns about the “Disney version” of David, or even the “soul” version of him, though I’m keeping the hope that “Soul David” (and his “soul” fans) will remain and/or return.

Thanks for your presence here after all these years (and for those of you just joining the fun: WELCOME!) 🙂