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Idol Collaborations

Since I’m bringing up the possibilities of musical collaborations, please take my latest poll concerning David partnering with other Idols. 🙂

In other news, it was posted in the previous thread that BEGIN. is #16 in Wal-Mart’s pre-order sales and #1 in the Deseret Books pre-order.  Congratulations, David! That’s how you keep faithful ties with your fans! 🙂

Music Artists I’d Love to See Collaborate with David

Here’s another series I’m thinking of reflecting on: contemporary music artists I’d love to see collaborate with David Archuleta when he returns.

My latest discovery and interest is Esperanza Spalding.  And, I’m sooooooooo late to the party in finding her music this year. Someone shared with me her jazz cover of “I Can’t Help It,” the song Stevie Wonder wrote for Michael Jakcson:

I’m now playing this version of the song on a loop!  🙂

Funny thing is: I should have been paying more attention to her once 1)she won the Best New Artist Grammy over Justin Bieber (remember when his fans went ballistic and re-edited her wikipedia page?) and 2)Prince was promoting her (that really should have been enough reason for me actually).

But you know how it is. I’m not really into the contemporary music jazz scene, even though I don’t mind going to jazz clubs and taking in the music as part of the overall ambience.

Her latest album, Radio Music Society, has that nice blend of jazz and funk, so I guess her peeps figured out a way to bring a different audience to her music, and I’m quite grateful to have some new sound to listen to.

Esperanza Spalding is a bass player – both the classical bass and the bass guitar.  Check out her ethereal-sounding, Ella Fitzgerald-like “Little Fly”:

Now, I realize David is strictly “pop” and has been hesitant to embrace his soul side, but I personally think a bass player and vocalist could collaborate with anyone on any genre. Hmmm, I’d welcome Esperanza jazzing up a cover of “Crush.” 🙂

Anyways, collab or no, I highly recommend you check out her work; she’s quite good and very deserving of her Grammy. Heck, any artist who tells folks, with an album titled Radio Music Society to turn on the radio and switch up the dials, is someone worth listening to: both talented and political about her art.

Speaking of politics, check out her video for “Black Gold”:

What I’m Listening To (While on My David Hiatus)

I swear I want Bjork to do some amazing electronic music with the only Voice that matters in today’s market. This is a new leaked song from her latest album, called “Virus” (yes… Virus.. retelling the story of a virus attacking a cell as if it were a love story…Seriously and deliciously weird! I wonder what David would think?):

BTW, her App “Biophilia” is seriously mind-blowing, and I can’t wait to get the rest of her album! 😛