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The Warm Up

One fine day he’ll make it to the East Coast, I’m sure! 🙂


A Chance to Hear David Live!

Yes, that was my big takeaway from Kari’s tweets: that we should be saving dates for upcoming tours when David returns!

😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

Yes, that’s me doing a happy dance!

I don’t care who got offended by her tone (it must be tiring to hold back the insistent fans who want to know every and anything possible about David).

That said, please remember my blog rules about not resorting to personal insults! OK? OK – Let’s think happy thoughts, people!

If Only David Sees Himself the Way His Fans Do!

Like in this latest Juan fan art… Sigh…

I got this pic from Fans of David, who also posted this bit of information about the Verona Christmas Show tickets:

In other news, around 56% of you picked “Nothing Compares 2 U” from yesterday’s poll on your choice for a Prince cover song for David! As some of you would say, the lyrics are “safe” and no one will get bent out of shape with David singing them (least of all The Voice).

And STILL in other news, did you guys hear about a new lawsuit claiming Adam Lambert (yep, that guy who the show promoted the heck out of) was ineligible to compete on American Idol? What’s the point in bringing any of this up now?

The Latest in VIP Sales

Here’s what’s already sold out (impressive, huh?) – FYI

Verona, Here I Come!

Anyone else going to Turning Stone? I’m doing the VIP package deal thingy too! 🙂

I hope the tours sell out across the board.

Please note the additional tour dates (I do hope he gives the South a chance).