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Fascinating Article from a Hip-Hop Artist on “Why I Left the Major Label System”

If you are an artist with major marketing dollars behind you, then streaming may work out better for you in the long run, but if you are indie, like the vast majority of artists are, betting that you will continue to make money off someone playing a song of yours twenty years from now is a fool’s bet. A true fan will understand that streaming should enhance the sale, not replace it. This could be the sale of an album, a t-shirt or a concert ticket, but there should be some form of support. Unfortunately, having this understanding requires high moral fiber and an unusually acute awareness of how the record business is run. When I was coming up pre-internet, you had to own an album or two to consider yourself a fan of an artist. Now, someone will call themselves my biggest fan because they’ve seen one of my videos on YouTube for free. I can’t make this up, people come up to me all the time saying things like this.

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Image Management

Finally checked out the Beyoncé and Jay Z “On the Run” concert on HBO. It’s amazing, not just how much I can be analytical about the images pop stars put out there about themselves, but how I can still get a bit teary eyed. Kudos to the Carters for knowing how to package their love/family so convincingly in their Paris concert finale:

Tuning Out Noise, and Tuning in for Inspiration

Just loooooving this new commercial – NOTHING STOPS SERENA

Congratulations to our 18th Grand Slam winner! 🙂

David’s Ice Bucket Challenge

FIFA World Cup 2014

So, I know that Americans tend not to get caught up in the global frenzy that is FIFA World Cup football (soccer to the U.S. folks), but I’m totally getting my world cup buzz on. 🙂

Among other things is a music battle going on between J. Lo and Shakira. J. Lo and Pitbull have the “official” anthem song, “We Are One,” for the world cup:

However, Latin music lovers are soooooooo not feeling it and are actually trying to promote Shakira’s “La La La” instead (Updated):

For Latin/dance music lovers, do you have a preference?

What say you, Soul Davidians? Care to weigh in? 🙂

I’m reminded that some folks here think David should make some Latin music. In due time, I’m sure!