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Could You Get Any Cuter?

I’m so late in catching up on David news (forgive me, faithful readers!), but this video is so full of Awwwwwwwww… (BTW, I’m out of the loop with the IPhone sing-a-long too!)

In other news, here’s a message from Ray, David’s tour manager (thanks, GGDoors!):

Hi to you all, this is Ray Amico.  In anticipation of the final show of the tour, ending in Westbury, NY; knowing that it is so close to Xmas and to David’s birthday, we know that many fans would like to bring gifts to the ILAA VIP as well as to the show, for David..

David wants to thank everyone for all of their kindness and generosity but says it is definitely not necessary to bring him gifts – for xmas or his birthday.  He would much rather that people make donations to his favorite causes & charities, or donate gifts to local children’s hospitals, etc.  That would make him extremely happy.

As with the last show of all previous tours we will not be able to accept any gifts at this show since we don’t have anywhere to carry them after the show, and David will not have the time to go through any of them – remember that he is appearing the next morning extremely early on the Today Show and will need to leave immediately, just to get some rest before this early morning performance.

Thanks for understanding, cooperating and for your kind thoughts – and happy holidays to all of you.

Ray Amico”

How cool is David to always think of someone else besides himself? We are a lucky bunch of fans to have an idol like him! 🙂

Christmas from the Heart: In Celebration

Now that the holiday season has begun, David’s Christmas tour is in full gear, and Christmas from the Heart is steadily climbing the charts, I’m reposting my promo video.  This album really needs to be on everybody’s Christmas wish list!

Now That David’s Second Album is Steadily Climbing Charts…

… We can only imagine how fast Christmas from the Heart will skyrocket once David makes more televised appearances.  

So far, we know we’ll get to see him next week for Thanksgiving on Fox with the Kaleidoscope Ice Skating event (a show I most likely would not have bothered to watch on a Thanksgiving holiday, but you know the mantra… “The Things We Do for David!”). Since I’m hosting the dinner, my guests will just have to oblige.

There’s still that Christmas Tree Lighting event in Washington (has this been confirmed? Or, was the Washington event only referring to the Kaleidoscope event? I hope not! ) I’m bummed he’s not included in the line-up for New York’s Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting – featuring Alicia Keys and Susan Boyle – but to me, a White House Christmas Tree Lighting would be the real coup if this is true.  

I mean, if one is going to have a Christmas album, one should be involved in national Christmas events, don’t you think?

There’s also an online appearance on Billboard Live on December 17, and the Today Show on December 21.  Some good stuff lined up.  Still keeping my fingers crossed that David will be involved in some televised Christmas concert, to air on PBS (which I tune in to religiously during Christmas Eve).  If there are any other events David will be at next month, I (and my readers of course) will keep you posted!

Sweaters and Smiles

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Late to the Party…

Picture 2Being preoccupied with… Oh, I don’t know, LIFE!! (how inconvenient!)… kind of puts me in the position of “catching up” with my other life online here in ArchUniverse.  So, I’m just now getting to see the video and article from MTV news with Jim Cantiello.  And this has got to be the BEST OPENING EVER in a news article:

They don’t come sweeter than David Archuleta. I know Paula Abdul got a lot of flack for saying she wanted to decapitate the boy and dangle his head from her rearview mirror (as a compliment), but after spending time with him this week I know exactly where Paula is coming from. By the end of our hour together, I was looking all over MTV for a hacksaw.

Haha!! Join the club, my friend (but leave his pretty little head alone!).

At least there are still some in the media who know how to make David look cool (as opposed to those who don’t – looking at you, Entertainment Weekly!)

In other news (thanks, Snarkies!), David is attending a Women’s Conference in Utah (heh, don’t you just love local folk, who just want to include their local hero, regardless of whether or not he’s relevant to their event? Unless, the organizers already have a hacksaw handy: Yikes! Be careful, David!). 

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