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Our Favorite Eagle Scout!

Thanks for posting this interesting article about David receiving an Eagle Scout award, Burkey! 🙂

Of all the interesting things revealed, why am I stuck on the fact that David said he had a “sight-seeing problem” and can’t read music very well?  It’s a good thing he mentioned this as I was toying with the idea of giving him a gift of piano sheet music!

But I’m still pondering: if David has a sight-seeing problem, does he need corrective lenses, or is it a simple case of not knowing how to read sheet music?  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it could mean that David’s musical gift is all in the ear.  It also explains why he still messes up when he plays the piano (except someone who learns music by ear usually doesn’t mess up on the piano).  Hmmm…

As you can see, I care more about the music aspect of this article than about the good little deeds our favorite boy scout has accomplished. 😛

Archie Awards 2010

The Votes are in! I’m surprised to see “My Kind of Perfect” is voted Song of the Year.  Doesn’t that convince you that David needs to go back to “ballad boy”?

Talent Wins Over Commercial Pop

Now I understand what those crazy tweets Kanye West posted were all about.  The Grammys actually awarded genuine talent and rewarded indie artists over the major labels!

Arcade Fire, which took the top prize of Album of the Year with their The Suburbs, beat out the more popular acts Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Lady Antebellum, while jazz artist Esperanza Spalding (who Melinda Doolitte tweeted me personally to tell me how amazing she is – still Squeeing over that!) beat out Justin Bieber and Drake as Best New Artist. Check out her “Grooves” below:

Could such a turn-a-round mean something for music artists? Will they now feel empowered to cultivate substance over superficiality? Or, more importantly, do these wins now spell the inevitable death of autotune and electronic pop?

I mean, I would feel much better if David had been recognized among the nominees this year – that might indicate that the Grammys still prefer talent over commercialism (but then again, artists still need their labels and managers to actually promote them for recognitions such as these and not just for radio play).

I’m starting to feel like Kanye West after tonight: completely HOPEFUL for the state of music.  Of course, maybe the whole Egyptian Revolution has everyone seeking change in every arena. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone, and especially all my love for the sweetest most awesome “Valentine” there is: our lovely David Archuleta. Here’s my special tribute to our favorite balladeer from another awesome balladeer coming off of Idol:

The Promise of Grammys

Tonight is the music industry’s “biggest night” with the latest Grammy Awards. Yes, I’m planning to watch (even if one of the most promising young talents IMO won’t be there tonight, while one of the most tedious young talents will be).

So, I got to thinking: since Grammy Awards are now based on nominating and awarding pop music that was heavily promoted (rather than point the public to overlooked gems),  how might David’s nomination/award prospects have been different if some of his songs from his two album efforts had received radio play?

I’m hopeful that, all in good time, David will get his due, but in the mean time, which songs from his previous albums do you think might have been Grammy-Award/Nomination worthy?

What I’ll be rooting for in tonight’s Grammy Awards:

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mine” for record of the year, Sade’s “Soldier of Love” for Best R&B Duo/Group Performance, and Janelle Monae’s The Arch Android for Best Contemporary R&B Album and “Tightrope” for Best R&B Performance. Other than that, meh.

Et Tu, Grammys?

Perhaps someday in the future, David will get one of these babies, but obviously he must wait a little longer, maybe when he gets really good music produced just for the sole purpose of having The Voice soar above and beyond.  In the mean time, all I can say about what did get nominated for Grammys is… um, whaat?!?!

Yeah, I anticipated Justin Bieber getting a Best New Artist nod (and expect that he will most likely win in this category – keep in mind, so did Milli Vanilli), but a nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album?! Gimme a friggin’ break!

Or, rather, as the song by Cee Lo Green says (which is also nominated for Song AND Record of the Year): F*** you!

And don’t even get me started on Katy Perry’s album, Teenage Dream, getting nominated for Album of the Year over the albums of Janelle Monae and Sade.  Seriously, Grammys, what happened to your “prestige”?

Oh, and before I forget, Adam Lambert got a nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for his song, “Whataya Want From Me.” Like, whatever! (But, congrats to him anyway as I’m sure he’s as surprised as anyone else to get this nod.)

But, speaking of American Idol alumni, kudos to both Fantasia and Carrie Underwood for their R&B and country music nominations.

I expect the American Music Awards to reward popularity, but when will the Grammys actually move beyond the popular and highlight some real music? Or have they forgotten their raison d’etre?

No wonder the music industry is in a rut! Here’s the full list of nominees.