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The Opposite Sides of David

Fan Love Series #1
Authored by Raelovingangels

Ever since getting to “fan” know David, I felt he is full of delightful contradictions. As I studied the lyrics of Something ‘Bout Love, there it was again: so many contrasting words and thoughts. Listening to his new single, I heard contemplative lyrics set against music that pulses aggressively to the end, with some adorable bubbly sound effects sprinkled in. I love the many colors, shades and shadows that seem to emanate from David and everything he does. As I was pondering the topic of my submission for my favorite little corner blog in Davidtown, Soul David,  the name of the new album was announced. The Other Side of Down. BAM! There it was again. A play on opposites. Ah, David is so many delightful contradictions.

So, I  was inspired to pen a little ode:

The Opposite Sides of David

He should not be “able” to sing, yet he does.
He works hard- but makes it look easy.

He is shy, but works a room like a polished politician.
He loves to Tweet but struggles to fit his thoughts in 140 spaces.
He shares himself totally, but closely guards his innermost heart.
He is very well known, but not really known.
He is visible and ninja….often at the same time.
He is simple and complex…..often at the same time.
He is confident and insecure.
He is youthful, but wise beyond his age.
He is serious and quirky.
He is funny without trying.
He rambles and makes sense
He rambles and doesn’t.
He is fidgety and “zen-like”.
He is spacey, but amazingly intuitive.
He sings when he talks.
He communicates through silence.
He has a young heart and an old soul.
He has a caretaking spirit, yet everyone wants to take care of him.
He has any army of defenders, yet he needs none.
He is conservative and liberal.
He is a risk taker and he is cautious.
He is open and he is unbending.
He is spiritual, but his feet are firmly planted on Earth.
Millions see something in him that he struggles to see in himself.
He has many opposite sides and all of them are simply delightful.

One of the many things I have taken from getting to know David from a distance, over the past 2 ½ years, is that people are not always what they seem and may be so much more than you ever expected.  So, I was wondering, in the very challanging  music business  that  David has ventured, what new “sides” of David do you think we will see as his amazing career continues to unfold?