Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. A bunch of IG stories this morning from David. Don’t know who or what pissed him off, but he was not having it. 😂👏🏽👍🏽💪🏽

  2. Astrid, hard to believe that he was bullied, but kids can be so cruel. We only see a good looking guy with a lot of freakin talent, not in anyway a geeky guy, anyway for sure not a geek when he steps up on that stage and sings, imo.

    • CQ, Why is it so hard for you to believe that David has been bullied in his life? He’s been bullied and mocked mercilessly on this site by grown adults for years. Not only can “kids be so cruel”, so can people with children and grandchildren of their own that are David’s age.

      I’ve read your posts on that other site. You’re still putting him down and bashing his religious beliefs, which is just another form of bullying. You can be surprised that others have bullied him when you stop bullying him yourself.

      Your posts here are completely different than the other site. You talk out of both sides of your mouth. Some of your posts are real doozies. Your hatred of religion in general and Mormonism in particular has dominated your posts for over 4 years.

      You were right when you posted on that other site on Oct 28:

      “Well, I guess I’ll still comment over there (SD), but will be careful to say what really is on my mind.”

      It’s all “fake news” on here, isn’t it? Trump would be proud of you.

  3. Why is it hard to believe that David was bullied? I would have thought he would be a prime target. Good to see him stand up for himself. He’s right, if somebody doesn’t like him, his music, his way of life, don’t follow him.

  4. Sorry Moelita, I didn’t mean to make it sound bad. I just mean that I see him in a different way. Yes, you are so right he sure doesn’t want anyone that can’t except him the way he is to follow him, but I don’t think he means we all have to believe the way he does, or maybe that is what he means.

  5. Bliss, just because I don’t agree with everything that his religion stands for doesn’t mean I don’t respect his right to follow that religion. I’m doing what David is doing, standing up for what I believe. You sir can go ahead a think whatever you want of me, but I have never bullied David.

  6. Bliss, I do agree with you in one thing, yes, adults can be cruel too.

    • CQ, nice try, but you are nothing like David. You have mocked and degraded David’s religion relentlessly for years. David has never mocked or questioned your right not be religious. For you to say that all you are doing is “not agreeing with everything that David’s religion stands for” is an insult to everyone who has been reading this site for the past 4 years

      What is so annoying about you is that you think you can say whatever you want, no matter how rude and cruel, and then justify it by passing it off as just some casual “opinion”. Your refusal to take ownership of your words is what I can’t respect. At least your comrade , Lugdunum, doesn’t try to sugar coat her hatred of the Mormon Church the way you do. She owns it.

      If what you are doing is “standing up for what you believe”, why did you post on that other site that ” I guess I’ll still comment over there (SD), but will be careful to say what really is on my mind”?

      If it’s not bullying or thoughtless, why not post it here too? Why the need to be “careful”?

      You can’t be a fan of David’s music and hate his belief system at the same time. His belief system is the inspiration for every song David writes . They are not separate things. David IS his belief system, as is his music. Every time you like one of David’s songs, you are endorsing his Mormonism. Can you live with that?

  7. Bliss, no disrespect, but I can enjoy whatever music I want, you don’t get to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do.

    • Here’s another question for you to avoid. I notice that you like to come on here to express your compassion and outrage whenever there’s a massacre of innocents by some crazed lunatic.

      The latest such event was on Sunday at a Baptist Church in Texas. If that massacre took place in a Mormon Temple, would you have the same compassion for those victims? After all, to you, they are all pathetic cultists who are blindly following their leaders who are all homophobes and oppressors ?

      Please spare me any false outrage that I dared ask you such a question. Given your history here, it is totally appropriate.

  8. What, now you feel I shouldn’t comment about the what is going on this world of ours, again, you do not have the right to censor my comments.

    • CQ, please try to focus on the question. Here it is again, in Portuguese this time, to make it easier for you to understand:

      “Se esse massacre acontecesse em um Templo Mórmon, você teria a mesma compaixão por essas vítimas”

      • “in Portuguese this time” You know, you’ve been doing this for a while now. You can disagree with cq where David is concerned, but mocking her for what YOU feel is her poor/or lack of understanding of English is bullying. No decent person does that and no real New Yorker I know does that. Are you going to ask her to get out of your country, too?

      • Bliss, that was uncalled for. Cq, doesn’t have to answer any of your questions or respond to any of our comments if she doesn’t want to.

      • Astrid, why is it that have I never read one word from you about the relentless bashing, mocking, and degrading of David and his supporters on this site that has taken place here for almost 5 years? I don’t recall your outrage when I was being called a circus bitch, handless wanker and other choice “bullying” terms on this site. David has been called every possible demeaning name under the sun here. Where were you to call out those who did that? You have what is called “opportunistic outrage”.

        CQ has repeatedly sidestepped and avoided specific questions that are directly related to things she has posted. This is a blog. It’s about questioning and challenging the issues and comments that are posted here. I get challenged all the time. I welcome it. I get mocked here all the time. I’m a big boy. I can take it.

        CQ didn’t avoid my question because of her lack of understanding English. She did it because she does not want to take responsibility for her own words. CQ understands English quite well. She wasn’t being bullied. That treatment is reserved for David and his supporters on this site.

      • Yes, my response to you was so full of outrage. You just did what you always accuse Cq of. You didn’t respond to what I posted. What language should I use to help you out?

      • Astrid, is this the question you want me to answer: ” Are you going to ask her to get out of your country, too?”. I thought you were just being snarky. I didn’t think you actually wanted an answer.

        The answer is No, she can stay, but only if she abides by the first amendment to the Constitution, which allows citizens the right to worship as they please without having their chosen religion mocked and ridiculed every day on a fan site.

        As for me, I only speak English, unless you consider New Yawk-ese a separate language, which it may be.

  9. I hope I never, ever have to comment about a mass murder in a Mormon Temple or any other religious organizations. I hope that there is never any mass shooting for any group of people that gather, whether it be a house of whorship, a nightclub, a school, a outdoor concert. I realize that you, bliss, think I’m a cold hearted bigot, which that’s something that I have to live with, because no matter what I say, you somehow will come on to debunk anything that is positive as being wrong. I know that shouldn’t get to me, but I’m human, being always criticized is not easy pass on and let you enjoy your rants and just let go.
    Btw, bliss, could you translate that Portuguese comment for me. Condescending much??
    I’ve been following David’s career perhaps for way to long. A young man that I thought was so great that he was going to add such a huge wonderful addition to the music industry. He decided to go a different way and at the end it’s his life and he and he alone knows what is best for him. Do I still think he has the potential to still be a part of that big music scene, yes, especially now, better voice, more confidence and becoming an even better entertainer.
    Have I’ve said things that I regret, yes, I’ve apologized many times (especially for my horrible grammar, spelling and confusing sentences), but with the big opinions, I have always said David is a good guy.

    • Cq, your grammar and spelling are fine. I don’t have any problem understanding your comments.

      • Moelita, yes, they are fine . That’s why CQ, like everyone else, is subject to being challenged for the things they post. Why is that only a problem when I or another supporter of David does the challenging, and totally overlooked when David’s supporters are being challenged.

        I wasn’t mocking CQ. I was letting her know that she was avoiding a question that was being posed to her in direct response to what she posted. Of course she “doesn’t have to” respond to my question, but when her response is designed to pretend to respond by writing some unrelated comment, I have the right to point that out.

        I’m sure you’ve noticed that this is not a particularly polite site. David has been tarred and feathered by numerous people on this site. When some of that comes back to bite someone, it’s a simple matter of “turnabout is fair play”.

  10. This marquis pretty much sums up David’s current career. The answer to his question “anyone coming out tonight”? is answered by the 2 words next to his name.


  11. Oops wrong address. This is the tweet:


  12. Bliss:
    First Amendment:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof: or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    No, I’m not breaking the First Amendment by being critical of some of what feel is not right about some religion, I have never stopped anyone from whorshipping the way they choose.
    Huh, I can only stay if I obey, hum, don’t think it’s up to you to throw my out of MY country. Maybe you think I’m a lesser person because I’m Naturalized and wasn’t born here. Understand I’m a very proud American and I have never broken the First Amendment.

    • CQ, what on earth are you talking about? I take no position about your citizenship status and the notion that I want to “throw you out of the country” is beyond absurd.. I certainly do not view you as a lesser person because you are a naturalized citizen. That’s not how I think. You’re probably more of a “proud” American than I am. In fact, I’m sure of it

      I am a fan of David’s and have been appalled at what I have read here over the years. It never dawned on me that fans of an artist could be so critical of that artist in ways that are way out of the scope and boundaries of being a fan.

      Your relentless criticism of David’s religion is just not right. You can have whatever view of religion you want, but you, and others, have used this fan site as a platform to spout anti- LDS views for years. What is the purpose of doing so? Your views about religion are already well known.

      Since David is a Mormon, and since this site is about David, using this site as a forum to continuously voice your negativity towards his religion is very disrespectful. What if David reads this site? How do you think it would make him feel? Do you even care how he might feel? You’ve presented yourself as very sensitive to the suffering of other people. Why doesn’t David qualify for your sensitivity?

  13. “She can stay if only she obeys the First Amendment” that’s what I read you said to Astrid. The first Amendment does not say no criticism can ever be given to any religious organization, but it does say something about free speech.

    • Did you really think I was being literal about that? I was kidding. I was responding to Astrid’s OTT question of “Are you going to ask her to get out of your country, too”? I assumed you would know that. I was wrong. That’s the problem with the internet. We engage in these intense convos with people that we really don’t know, and so much of what is said is not fully understood as to its actual meaning.

  14. Btw, you have every right to be critical of my views, but to suggest that I’m breaking the law, I need to defend myself.

  15. Hey Astrid, a little bet of hope from Tuesday’s elections for women’s right, might not go anywhere, still was something.

    • Hi cq! Yes, it was a good night. I’m grateful for the people fighting for our democracy every day. Registering people and restoring voting rights of those disenfranchised by Republicans is going to make the difference in 2018 and beyond.

  16. THE Seeker 2 U!

    Anonymous9– Thank you. I’d be happy to have a conversation with you when time permits. Just chime in anytime,
    and I’ll respond when I get back around to this place.

    BlissK– yes, you obviously are afraid of me. He’s right. I don’t know why, I’m harmless. Like a little fuzzball. You still have not answered any of my questions. They were posed in a serious and mature manner. Clearly. The one that you call crazy answered them. Most of them. Your address to me was, in stark contrast, one continuous and complete non-sequitur. Sad.

    To the other nut job who said that I’m not allowed to dictate conversation, I would agree with that. However, I am allowed to object to the insertion of politics specifically when it is used as a weapon, underpinned by tremendous arrogance and pure speculation, against fans whom you don’t like. David is not political. Politics has nothing to do with being a David Archuleta fan. Therefore, please refrain from using politics as a club or from stereotyping any of us. You don’t know our politics. Furthermore, our political views are early irrelevant when it comes to our David Archuleta Fandom.

    However, just play along with your sick, perverted political allusions, If I had to guess, I’d bet David is closer to being a Trump supporter than a Hillary sycophant.

    How do you like them there apples? Foaming at the mouth yet? Seizing up yet? Wetting yourself? I bet you’ll choke on that. Need some counseling now? No, you’ve needed it for a long, lomg, long time.

    As far as I’m concerned, you all are all crazy. All of you. You are way too invested in this man-child. BlissK esspecially. She posts as nauseaum about nothing, whilst taking the bait offered up on a Silver Platter by anonymous (or whoever the hell he is) …again and again and again… like a self flagellating buffoon. Keep it up. Pretty soon you’ll be committed to an asylum, and they’ll throw away the key.

  17. BlissK is toxicglitter____. She is David’s eldest sister. I won’t give her real name. You all know it. The reason I know this is because I tangled with her many times many years ago. I Slayed her each time, but she kept coming back for more abuse. She is like a Tigress in heat. A mouth like a sailor on that girl. There’s no one else on earth who would be posting so frequently and with such blind devotion and sheer defensiveness when it comes to all things David Archuleta. She hasn’t changed a bit. She’s probably also using her friend, Soundscene Lisa, to do her bidding from time to time on these boards. Anytime the Paris become the least bit logical and intelligent, it’s Lisa. Otherwise, it’s the wacky sister. Take that went to the bank people.

    • Seeker/Babs, you think I’m David’s sister, Claudia? The only thing that can be “taken to the bank” is that you are certifiably insane If I ever, as you claim, “get committed to an asylum” I certainly hope they don’t put me in the same rubber room where you wrote these posts.

      As for being “afraid of you”, not at all, unless, of course, you breathe on me, which would make me terrified for my well being..

  18. Slambamthankumam

    Yes, I do. I do think that. Hello, Claudia. How’s married life? Oh, aren’t you married? I can’t keep up with the family, just David. And even with David, very very very barely so.

    So where is David’s girlfriend? How come he’s not openly dating some pretty young thing? I know David loves girls. He’s really into them. Like the super macho girl magnet that he is. Yeah, right. Like my eyes are rolling out of my socket so hard right now that I’m seeing east and west but not straight ahead. Well, one thing we can’t say for sure is that girls really like him. I know, I now, it’s the religiosity thing. The more minute something drums out that would be there when you young man. He’s too humble. He’s too shy. He’s too classy to show any attraction back.

    Let’s cut the crap. Shall we? When he is surrounded by girls screaming his name, he still looks like he wants to vomit. He’s repulsed by it. So confused by it. Like he wants to run. Oh yes, he cries on stage when they sing along with the song in perfect unison, but that’s more about his emotional state of being & not anything to do with raw sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Thank any young man of 26 should have coursing through his veins on overload.

    Yeah, we get it. Got it. OK, I’m bored of this topic. Next.

    Oh. Back to you! I also think that you have a split personality. Lisa from Hawaii, how r you? Aloha Lisa. How is the lawyering thing going? Still chasing ambulances? Having fun at the Mauna Loha Mall? Something like $1500 a square foot there in sales, sales wow! Must be all those big-time cases you keep losing.

  19. Slam Bam are you trying to insinuate something about David? I don’t like this line of interrogation or accusation. It’s not nice. It’s very mean. I know that David is 100% red-blooded male. He’s just religious, and he wants to wait to take a girlfriend and make that girlfriend his wife all within about three hours. He will announce his engagement One hour after meeting her and they will be married two hours after the announcement. That’s just the way it works, get over it. None of your business anyway. David thinks about taking a woman and impregnating her all the time. That’s all he thinks about. You have no idea what you’re talking about. When he sees us girls in the audience, he has to contain himself. Really. Literally. No, we girls are not looking down there. No the girls are never looking down there. We’re too classy for that. We keep it classy because David’s too classy, so we honor his classiness by being so very classy. We don’t think about sex with him. No no no. But he thinks about sex with us all the time. Because he is 100% Grade A American beef. And his interest is in girls. He told you so. Now accept it!!!

  20. Wait. What? BlissK is kimk from FOD?!?!?!! Yes, she is.

    Now this makes total sense. She’s the most prolific poster about anything to do with David Archuleta on the entire Internet. I don’t know how she gets anything done in real life. Well, I guess there’s two lives have merged in her case!

  21. So , lets’ recap. Since I’ve come on here to post, it’s been claimed that I am Shanny, Light33, Moelita and now Claudia and Lisa (whoever that is). There might be more, but who in their right mind is counting.

    Btw, who else are YOU?

    • I am the Great One. One of the most notorious David fans in the history of the Internet …from his very first show on American Idol. Loved and hated, alike, I have been known to take off years at a time from posting, but I always return…and I always WIN!

    • By the way, they anonymous fool sure is missing a good one tonight. Well, we shouldn’t be too surprised he’s not been here lately. Indeed, it’s quite obvious to everyone that he’s but an empty shell of his former self. A vanquished combatant. Depleted of his energy and his intellect. Spent. Tired, washed up. A has-been. It’s doubtful he’ll ever return.

      So, do you really think that anonymous is HG? I think anonymous is likely Asian.

      • Oh, and one last thing. If you are who I now think you are, I have no problem with you. In fact, I like you. I enjoy reading your posts over there from time to time. And so imagine my confusion… Coming here… And seeing you here engaging in battle with this retard…. Over there you’re like a generator of good vibes, Goodwill and much interesting information. Like a DJA encyclopedia that I can just flip through once in a while. I like that.

        Not to say that you’re not free to do what you want to here, that’s cool. We just won’t tangle anymore because I have no beef with you. And I also agree with you and think anonymous is a loony tune. Me? I’m just playing along. But He is serious. Like I said a few weeks ago, I have seen him before. Once you get into a sparring match with this guy, you won’t forget it. Not because he’s all that imposing, but he is unique. He’s been around for at least 5 to 8 years. Exact same person. Because no one’s ever posted such bazaar syntax, grammar, random vulgarity… strange phraseology… Multiple posts taking different sides… so yeah…it’s got to be the same dude.

      • Please forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes here …because I’m using dictation to text, and I have a four-year-old phone. Doesn’t always work out like I tell it to. Lol. And I’m way Too lazy to edit tonight …got to go to bed.

  22. lololol – Claudia has to be the most, ahhhh, facially challenged person I’ve seen in a long time… the ugly stick broke when it hit her ass…. and she’s an asshole to boot….

    Lisa and the ugly stick are acquainted as well – too high an opinion of herself and her “connections to the Archuleta family… I love tea spilling…

    Being a fan of David is political… most of his supporters in the US are overwhelmingly OLDER, white Trump sympathizers, supporters and collaborators… you cannot harbor hate, fear, bigotry and prejudices in your heart and call yourself “Christian” or even a good person when you enable/keep silent around people espousing these traits. I post less and less now because I cannot stand the similarities in the right wing delusions of Trump supporters and large swaths of David’s remaining base….. and I just don’t care that much about him or what passes as his music, even to ridicule it….

    Seeker….. Is that you Baobabs? Or Priapos? (sp) I used to love to see you giving blowhards like Lisa and Claudia and other pretenders da business… keep spilling the tea and telling it like it is… it’s the only interesting thing left in this sorry excuse of a fanbase…

  23. Anonymous 0, you finally got your name right. “0” is pretty much your credibility quotient on this site.

    You self righteously say this someone ” cannot harbor hate, fear, bigotry and prejudices in your heart and call yourself “Christian” or even a good person when you enable/keep silent around people espousing these traits” yet you show your bigotry by body shaming David’s sister, cattily calling her an “ugly stick and facially challenged”. You are so hateful that you double down on your callousness by saying “the ugly stick broke when it hit her ass”.

    You can pat yourself on the back for saying that “I cannot stand the similarities in the right wing delusions of Trump supporters and large swaths of David’s remaining base”, but every time you post, you mirror the very attitudes and qualities you claim you “cannot stand” from “the other side”.

    You’re the worst kind of self congratulatory “liberal”, and as an actual liberal myself, I am appalled by your shameless hypocrisy. You’re all talk, and when it comes to “walking the walk”, you are nothing but a bullshit artist and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  24. bliss, you said it like it truly is. People like ‘Anonymous 0’ are the epitome of ugliness. Doesn’t get much more ugly than that. Nothing like them showing their true colors. Low class, low life people who are right down at the bottom in their callous, cold and disgusting displays of twisted, hateful human behavior. Yes. absolutely 0 credibility, what a pathetic excuse for a human being, sickening.

    • Light33, what really got me was the idea that this troll thinks he/she knows what a “good person” is while speaking about David’s sister in the most vile, malicious way possible. David sure has a diverse fan base when he can attract a lowlife like this to his world.

      On a lighter note, today is the 9th Anniversary of the release of David’s first CD, a mega-successful work of art that sold almost 1,000,000 copies. It was also the first time I met David. He had a CD signing at Virgin Records in Times Square. The overflow crowd went ballistic when David came down the escalator and those of us who were lucky enough to spend a few seconds with David still remember how sincere and authentic he was to everyone he met. Nine years later, and he’s been through a lot, but he has retained all the fine qualities that has endeared him to his fans through all of these years.

      • All in the glorious PAST, like his career. All you have is past, he’s washed up for the ages. What has he done lately? Zero. A loser, a washout saddled with perverts for fans and ones dumb as rocks for all time. Woo hoo.

  25. True bliss, David does have a diverse fan base (of all ages) but I doubt this troll Anonymous is really a fan. They know nothing about David’s fan base and talk nothing but vile nonsense.

    Yes, 9th anniversary of David’s first CD. I remember all the excitement around that and all the fan stories. Would have been fun to be there at the debut of his first album. The first time I met David was at a concert about a year after that I believe, he was and still is so sincere, kind and thoughtful of everyone. Yes, he still has all the great qualities that he exhibited back then when he was such a young artist, just with more experience, maturity and personal revelations behind him, resulting in the great artist and person that he is today.

  26. Dude is a LOSER and a naive zealot who makes pedestrian message music that comes off like elementary sunday school lessons. He knows 0 about life or nuance or how to convey emotion or one’s message in verse or song without being preachy didactic and condescending. Amazing part is how many older naive females and “fans”are in need of so much spiritual guidance and assurance they put their energy into an emotionally undeveloped, sheltered immature boy whose career sounds like some extended missionary project. I swear his fans are as dumb as rocks and so easily led it’s scary.

    • Lurker, don’t you realize that by continuing to post about David, you are admitting that David still matters to you. You read this site(and probably others) you listen to his current music (or you wouldn’t have an opinion of it), you monitor how other fans write about him, you listen and read about what he writes or says about “life” and have studied him to the point that you conclude that he is “preachy and condescending”.

      In other words, welcome to the world of “ODD uber fans” of which you have shown yourself to be a member at the highest level. I guess that would make you, to use your term, “dumb as rocks”. Being ODD isn’t about how much you like David , it’s about how much you care about David, and you obviously care a lot about him.

  27. molestation, divorce, dysfunction, anxiety, depression, whore mongering prostitute loving abusive controlling daddy… sister claudia has the face, filthy mouth and nasty attitude of a truck driver… younger sister sounds in need of serious psychiatric help… instead of trying to save/convert the world through song, perhaps Archuleta needs to spend more energy cleaning the dirt away from his own doorstep… his family is pretty messed up.

  28. Washed up Message Tour of 2017 is over – thank God! Flop album and EP’s died an expected quick and ignoble death – less than 300 copies sold. His message music (more like “mess” music) isn’t resonating, apparently not even with his captive audience. The Christmas album lies forgotten, the duet with the lady who was actually a gay dude lies on the scrap heap of things best forgotten, lol… what a year, what a guy…. Happy Thanksgiving you suckers, see you around on the 2018 leg of the Washed up Message Tour ( not coming to a town or rec hall near you unless you’re in Utah or Idaho!

    • A non, but here you are, obviously paying all sorts of attention to David, his sales numbers, his “message”,his tour schedule and locations, and his fans. You probably know what he had for breakfast. Your ODD is on full display.

      The fact is that David has silenced his naysayers with his best music ever, stellar concerts and first rate performances, and packed venues of enthusiastic fans of all ages, genders and cities/towns from coast to coast. Now he’s off to Peru and then Canada, as he continues to expand his fan base to other countries.

      Your “bizarro world” view of David and his career is totally upside down. I get it that you are bitter because David isn’t giving you what you feel you are entitled to get from him, but you are going to have to learn to live with the fact that David is very much a current artist with an international fan base that loves his music and flock to his concerts.

      Btw, what did you mean by “the Christmas album lies forgotten”? Forgotten by who? It was released 8 years ago. His fans remember it. Even you remember it or you wouldn’t have mentioned it. You can change your screenname all you want, but they all have your same “dumb ass” signature.

      • A non not only remembers the Christmas album but has a signed copy in their shadow box along with numerous concert tickets stubs which included VIPs.

        Non fan, A non, just rattled off a long list of David information that only an ODD fanatic would know. You just can’t quit him

      • This little light of mine

        “The fact is that David has silenced his naysayers with his best music ever, stellar concerts and first rate performances, and packed venues of enthusiastic fans of all ages, genders and cities/towns from coast to coast. Now he’s off to Peru and then Canada, as he continues to expand his fan base to other countries.”

        Perhaps his next album will sell more than 300 copies! What a milestone that would be for the “packed venues of enthusiastic fans of all ages, genders and cities/towns from coast to coast.” Hope so, or he will run out people he can silence with “his best music ever, stellar concerts and first rate performances.”

  29. just saw david’s 2018 schedule and he’s coming to a city near me! YES! YES! I’m goiing!

  30. David’s latest tour schedule should put to rest, once and for all, the Soul Davidian lie that he is just a “Mormon singer” who only performs in LDS intensive areas. The last time I looked, places like Bay Shore, Long Island and Pawling, NY were far removed from the “Morridor”, proving that David is what he’s always been, namely, inclusive, outreaching to all cultures and beliefs, and eager to spread his message of mutual understanding and acceptance. Did I mention he’s also one helluva great singer and performer?

    • This little light of mine

      Girl, bye, another lie. Look for the nearest LDS temple in those “far-removed” areas, and you will see where his “message of mutual understanding and acceptance” comes from, and then just accept that fact. And don’t forget his church-sponsored “secular” concert in Peru! Woo hoo! International! Multiple countries! Fewer than 300 copies sold!

  31. Really happy for the East coast fans, looks like a great tour early next year! Yes, with David’s sensational performance abilities and all the enjoyment people have at his shows, he really is for anyone and everyone. He proves that over and over again. He is just so good with his live performances. 🙂

  32. i hope he has some new music to perform during the 2018 tour. from his comments, seems much of his music was written a couple of years ago when his mindset was different. i hope he mixes in a few more songs that convey where he is today.

    astrid, thanks for the comment. in terms of geography, i have a couple of choices too but one date works better than the other. can’t wait! i haven’t seen D in person since 2012. boy does time fly. can’t believe the time i’ve invested in following his career, lol.

    • Same, girl. Same. lol

      Don’t think there’ll be new music for the tour, but maybe he’ll add a couple more songs from the album that are a little more upbeat. I would love to hear Shine a Light and A Little Goes a Long Way.

  33. Will those Soul Davidians who defiantly declared David to be “washed up” please report to the dining room. It’s time for you to eat some crow.


  34. “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWUqonj0LsU&feature=youtu.be”

    Any complaints?

  35. “https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=41&v=kbYz3EIPWl0”

  36. NOBODY CARES. You’re welcome to this loser.

    • Anyone who reads this site, and takes the time out of their busy day to post, cares.
      Thank you for your continued support.

  37. Nobody who posts on this site has a busy life… likely old, bored, depressed or gay. You fit the profile to a T.

  38. Dear lord! His attempt to go viral is cringe worthy.

    • I see that you are still following David and reacting emotionally to him ( in this case, “cringing”). No surprise there.

      • it’s called hate follow grandpa, that’s why sites like gomi are so popular. time for a nap.

      • “Hate follow”?? That’s rich. Since there is literally nothing about David that warrants hating him, what you have is a good old fashioned obsession. Your attempt at deflecting that reality is pathetic and an insult to the intelligence of those of us who have some.

  39. Actually, those sites are popular because the world is full of soulless potted plants like you with nothing else to do but invent things to hate. While you’re busy hating, David was enjoying his latest international triumph in Canada last night.

    Gomi? lol. That sounds like the gunk that masquerades as your brains.

    • The flowers you gave me are just about to die

      An international triumph witnessed by 50 people, with folks from all walks of life, from coast coast, in multiple countries, triumphantly buying 300 copies of his album.

      • I see that one of our resident, “hate follow” liars has graced the pages of this toxic site once again. I called the venue (Jack Singer Concert Hall) in Calgary to “verify” your claim’ that “50 people” attended David’s show there last week. I spoke to a very nice young lady who informed me that although she was not authorized to give out raw numbers, she could assure me that the concert that night was “well attended” (her words). When I mentioned your claim of 50, she chuckled and asked how I got that false figure. When I told I got it “online” from a hater of David Archuleta, she expressed surprise that David would have anyone who hated him.

        Here’s the deal. You keep lying, I keep exposing. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it needs to be posted.

      • There doesn’t seem to be any one around

        Dear Bringer of Post-Truths,

        Sure. Here’s the deal:

        Jack Singer Concert Hall, capacity: 150 seats

        “Well-attended” = 75–100 people

        You keep exaggerating, I keep exposing. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it needs to be posted.

      • Here is the capacity of Jack Singer Concert Hall from Wikipedia

        “, with 1,800 seats, is the largest venue in the building”

        Based on accounts from those in attendance, the hall was approximately 3/4 filled for David’s concert. Do the math. That would be 1300 attendees at David’s concert, which I believe is more than the 50, 75 or 100 you are misrepresenting the crowd to be because you’re a “hate follower”, lol.

        From FOD: “The Jack Singer Concert Hall provided a beautiful setting ready for David to deck the halls with a wonderful dose of Christmas concert magic! Mary Lou gave a little glimpse as the venue sat ready with over 3/4 of the (2000 capacity) seats filled!”

        Keep those lies coming. I’ll pick them off one by one. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel

      • The beating of your heart is the only sound

        That person is a superfan, and their observations are based on wishful thinking.

        Keep those lies coming. I’ll pick them off one by one. It’s like shooting 300 copies of Postcards In The Sky in a barrel.

  40. Dunno what’s more pathetic – another in a long line of washed up American Idol singers who didn’t have what it took to make it to the big league or the fact there are still people who think he has some special talent, lol…. never seen such pride taken in a loser.

  41. Merry Xmas Bitches!

  42. Happy Hanukkah Horz 🙂

  43. The beating of your heart is the only sound | December 26, 2017 at 2:13 pm,

    Lol. Appropriate screen name. Yes, “I think we’re alone now”. That’s because David has totally silenced his critics (except for you apparently) and “hate followers” with one epic performance after another, in one country after another, before one packed house after another.

    Btw, your attempt at discrediting the fan who attended the venue in Calgary, which had a capacity of 1800 and was 3/4 full, by saying “That person is a superfan, and their observations are based on wishful thinking” is quite lame. She may be a “superfan” but I think she can tell the difference between 50 and 1300 people.

    As for your claim that PITS sold only “300 copies” ,we are yet to to learn how you came up with that round number, and until you document it, we can only conclude that you made it up because you are, after all, a “hate follower” , and that’s what hate followers do.

    Or maybe that’s just “wishful thinking” on your part.

  44. For those who wonder where bigots go when they are are tired of being called out for their hate speech on SD, here is a recent post from SD’s resident religion hater, CQ. It was posted today on “that other site” which opened a few months ago as a safe haven for anyone who wants to blast David and his religion. Currently only 2 bigots post there, CQ and her French counterpart, Lugdunum.

    Here’s her full post from earlier today:

    “Thought David’s Christmas/holiday tweet was great, very inclusive and great of him singing, but, 😂, of course, he needed to end it with quote from scriptures on his Instagram. The message: have lots of children, it was a cute picture of him holding a baby and surrounded by all other siblings though. Speaking of babies, I’m thinking he will be very busy producing when he finds that perfect Mormon partner to create that perfect Mormon family. I guess I understand that whole mentality of the religious belief that we are here in this earth to reproduce (of the right way that is, 😂), being the youngest of 11, very Catholic, one thing that Catholicism and Mormonism are very similar.
    😂 been reading some of the comments from all the mothers and grandmother fans wanting him to find that special girl and start cranking those babies, yep they are ready to completely go off the rails about that next chapter in David’s private life.”

    CQ is the ultimate hypocrite. She mocks David’s fans for “going off the rails about the next chapter of his personal life” yet she has been going “off the rails” about David’s personal life for years, and is still doing it.

    • Hahaha, I see I still get under your skin, nice try at making me comment over to SD, you’ll have to drag them over there, 😂 guess you are trying to drum up sympathy for your crusade on religion that you think is pure as fresh snow. Well, good luck, maybe you will get some of your fan club to comment.

  45. That other site is theothersiteoftown(.)boards(.)net

    Now you’ll need to make an account in order to see the topics. We don’t want our friend bliss33 to have a hart attack, you know he stresses so much about all the hate and since he can’t help himself but go and read on a regular, we will help him.

    Anyone can join.

  46. Ok, please understand it’s one thing to bring my comment over here, but to actually make it look like I actually posted the comment, now that’s sick. Please stop masquerading as me.

  47. Cq, Most people are flattered when their comments are deemed worthy of reposting by someone on another site. I remember feeling that way when Kimak used to bring over many of my tweets to FOD. The fact that you are shocked and outraged that I brought your posts about David and his religion over here from another site in indicative of the shame and discomforfort you feel in having said those things.

    What’s your problem? I posted the entire post as it was written. Why the need to hide them on that insignificant, irrelevant site that literally no one reads? If you felt confident about your views, you should be shouting them from the rooftops for all to hear.

  48. If you don’t see the difference, I guess I’m wrong about how intelligent I think you are. Btw, being called a bigot somehow just doesn’t seemed to be flattering.

    • Here’s the Merriam-Webster definition of bigot :

      “..: one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance”

      Given the incessant mocking and bashing of the Mormon Church I have been reading from you for 5 years (including yesterday on that other site), I would have to say that the evidence would clearly conclude that you are, in fact, an anti-religion bigot. You are not the worst one who has posted here, however. That distinction would go to either Lugdunum or CCHalo, both of whom belong in the Bigot Hall of Fame.

      • I see through your little game but let me just tell you something :

        If volunteering for an anti-cult organization , if giving comfort and advice to cult victims who need and ask for help , if talking about any sectarian abuses , if all of that makes me a “bigot” then so be it…! Not to mention that recently I was very happy when we succeeded in sending a cult leader to jail for kids rapes…

        The “bigot” wishes you a very nice day !

  49. Lugdunum, There’s no “little game”, there’s just a big truth.. First of all, I applaud your work at exposing and neutralizing cults that abuse their members. We have such groups in the US and you have them in France. These groups lurk in the underbelly of society and enslave many of their members, mostly women and children. It sickening to think of what these cults do to their most vulnerable members.

    The LDS Church is not such a group. They are a mainstream organized religion with almost 15 million members worldwide (Wikipedia). They have lavish temples in many countries and they function in the light of day, not in the dark recesses of society. They even have a hit Broadway show which satirizes the public perception of them.

    It other words, it is just a religion, with it’s quirky and sometimes bizarre beliefs and rules of behavior, just like every other religion out there. As a Jew, I could list countless “rules” that I’m supposed to follow. Not every Jew follows all the rules, and I’m sure not every Mormon follows all of their rules either.

    My issue here is that David, who was born into the Mormon Church, chooses to embrace the teachings of his religion. That’s his choice and his right to do. It”s called “freedom of religion” No one has to endorse David’s religion, and if it offends them, they have every right to stop following him and move on. What has taken place here is that people who do not like David’s religion have used this site as a forum to relentlessly bash and mock David’s church and David himself. David is hurting no one by being a Mormon.

    Leave David alone to practice his religion. If you don’t, you’re a bigot. It’s really that simple. You’re also an adult. Behave like one.

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