When Comebacks are Worth the Wait

Welcome back, Adele:

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  1. Got that right, all kinds of greatness, she’s is phenomenal!!
    Hg have you happened to listen to the duet for the song, The Prayer David did with Nathan Pacheco?i It was awesome, imo…David’s talent is undeniable…the potential, dang!!

  2. Love this song. Missed Adele. Will be buying her album and I am sure it will be a huge massive success. I agree with you hg- Adele’s comeback was worth the wait but she also has a great team behind her-major music label and top notch management and big PR money. Not to mention great all-star producers and songwriters she co-wrote songs with for her new album-25. Can’t wait to hear the Bruno Mars song she wrote with Bruno. 🙂

  3. I just read that Demi Lovato dumped Adam Lambert as her opening act on her world tour and replaced him with Nick Jonas. Apparently Demi and Nick have the same manager now. Adam and his team are reportedly very angry over it. Can’t blame him. Couldn’t help but think of David as he was Demi’s opener on tour years ago. Not an easy business but Nick has the hit single right now. Never was a Demi fan. Just thought it was all very interesting. Lol.

  4. That was actually me but posted as anon. Lol.

  5. unlike demi and nick and adam, david has rejected the world’s definition of
    “success”. and for that I applaud and admire him.

    • Poncho & Sombrero

      As it often happens, the world’s definition of “success” rejected David first. Then he “chose” to do what he had to do anyway, because the world’s definition of “success” was no longer an option.

  6. Adele is great because

    Adele has such a massive following that any move she makes will be successful because she’s earned respect and trust in her fan base. When you think of Adele you only get a glimpse of her personal life through her music. That’s the way it should be.

    David is Mormon and ANYbody who has read or experienced anything he’s done post-mission will be reminded of that repeatedly. It’s tiring folks. In addition, he only fraternizes with Mormons, works with Mormons, and probably would sit with Mormons in the school cafeteria. Don’t get me wrong. I have a strong, healthy relationship with God, I just know how organized religion can corrupt a person’s best intentions. Do you want respect David? Go on another mission. This time hide your elder badge and go under cover in a third world country and preach the gospel to those who can’t afford to tithe. Mormons flock together like a country club for the righteous. In my opinion, David would be better off if the LDS people left him alone and let him find himself on his own. He’s so emersed in the LDS BS, that it’s a hindrance instead of a help. He is a beautiful person inside and out with overflowing talent. Unfortunately, he has been convinced he’s happiest wearing “the mask.” It breaks my heart because I was a devoted and caring fan of David’s and would have followed him to the moon and back. I just can’t handle the piety, so I’m going into fan hibernation, maybe forever.

    • You’ll be back, just with another phony name, spewing your anti LDS hatred and drama queen anti David bullshit. You say you have a “healthy relationship with God.” Really? I wonder how your God feels about your vile references to David’s relationship with HIS God. You’re a bigot, pure and simple. How on earth someone with the intellect and social consciousness of HG allows a bigot like you to post this hate speech on her site is beyond mind boggling.

      If David were black and you posted that he should not associate with other blacks and that he’s “immersed in the black BS and it’s a hindrance instead of a help…” she would be up in arms. So what if “he only fraternizes with Mormons, works with Mormons, and probably would sit with Mormons in the school cafeteria”. How many “whites” did Berry Gordy associate with back in the day. That was his business and rightly so.

      You did say one thing that’s true. David most certainly is a beautiful person inside and out…. You, however are a stoned cold bigot. You need to do some painful thinking while your on your self pity driven “hibernation”. You can change your screen names, but what you really need to change is your heart.

      • Poncho & Sombrero

        “As adults, we need to take responsibility for what we choose to read.”

        —Blisskasden, October 24, 2015

    • Adele is great because, I totally agree with your first paragraph, but I would quibble with some of your other points.

      Firstly, I’m pretty sure that David’s manager and Kari and some of his close relatives aren’t Mormon. I could name a few others as well, such as his album-designer friend, Kati Moore. Secondly, many, and perhaps even most, of the people converted by the LDS missionaries are poor people from 3rd world countries these days. Missionaries in places such as Europe find it difficult to get converts. Mitt Romney was in France, and he talks about how almost no natives were willing to give up their wine in order to convert, lol.

      The piety is tough for me to handle most of the time, too. Religion is controversial and if David isn’t inviting feedback or a discussion, then preaching is indeed what he seeks to do. I much prefer inferring his religious and other philosophies through his music .

      • Piety is in the eye of the beholder. David is just living his life. I don’t feel “preached to” by David. Just because someone shares their thoughts on a public site like twitter doesn’t mean they are “preaching”. If you don’t like what David has to say, just avoid his twitter, etc.. That way you won’t have to be subjected to what you find “tough to handle”. David has no obligation to spare others from what he believes by watering it down through inference or limiting it to his music.. He’s grown past that, and as adults we need to take responsibility for what we choose to read.

      • Poncho & Sombrero

        I don’t feel “preached to” by Soul David. Just because someone shares their thoughts on a public site like Soul David doesn’t mean they are “preaching”. If you don’t like what Soul David has to say, just avoid the site. That way you won’t have to be subjected to what you find “tough to handle”. Soul David has no obligation to spare others from what they believe by watering it down through inference or limiting it to his music. They’ve grown past that, and AS ADULTS WE NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT WE CHOOSE TO READ.

    • Taking responsibility for what we read, hum…is that mean that if you don’t like what you read it’s your responsibility to ignore it and not comment about it right? or is it just what David writes that theory applies. You seem to not like anything that is written here, but you don’t take the responsibility to ignore.

      • This is meant for bliss

      • CQ, that’s my point. I take full responsibility for coming here, reading all the garbage about David and his religion, and then responding as I see fit. I don’t see myself as a victim of the posts here, offensive as they may be. I have the option to ignore the daily abuse of David that is posted here. I choose to respond to it. I don’t ask anyone to water down their comments or “imply” them because they bother me. Asking David to do so, in light of what is said about him here, is the height of hypocrisy.

      • RME. Statements of preference or taste have nothing to do with “asking” or demanding.

      • Bliss you think it’s garage, well what if some think the same about what David says, hum…don’t they have the right to comment on it…I really don’t get your logic and really it doesn’t matter if I do or not anyway.

  7. Adele’s video has close to 18 million views and it was just posted yesterday! Goes to show how high the anticipation was for her new music and she did not disappoint. Great song, great voice and a great video. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

    Oh, and I loved that her “love interest” in the video was a strikingly beautiful man of color. I must say, he is very handsome!

  8. I love this new video of Lionel Ritchie saying “Hello” to Adele. lol. I just wish it was longer. 🙂

  9. So surprised not to see comments about how gloomy and what a downer this song is….I guess Adele can sing gloomy and its okay with you all. I thought you wanted upbeat pop?

    Now, I’m not dissing Adele at all – i love gloomy 🙂

    • Marlie 7, imo, if David’s next album is more in the dark side (I doubt it though) and it’s fantistic songs that match his fantistic voice and has the right production I think that would be wonderful. I liked Numb and am looking for to hearing what he has to say through his music in the new album. As far as Hello being a gloomy song, well, I don’t see that way, but that’s what’s great about music, everyone can interpret differently, and of course, that includes David’s songs.

    • This is a powerful song with relatable lyrics that make sense. “Numb” is a shapeless, forgettable song about that “they” did to him, and it sounds like every song on NMHF.

      • If you must, I do agree with you about Hello having relatable lyrics that make sense, but I do have to disagree about Numb..to me it’s a good song and maybe with the right production in a recording it will be a better. However, is it at the same caliber as Hello, again, omo, no. Still hoping for that magic song to will finally be as great as some of the covers David has done.

    • I think I’ll take a second chance
      I won’t be passing by these waters again
      Wanna feel redemption’s hand
      See this life only for what it, what it is
      I know the river’s not too wide
      I can see it for myself with my own eyes
      Someone out there’s on my side
      It’s not my place to question why

      Everybody needs time away
      To wake up with the sun on their face
      I’m not there yet but I know
      That I don’t wanna feel numb
      Falling over all of my shadows
      Yeah I’m all done
      Cuz none of that ever really mattered
      It hurts to live so wide awake, oh
      But it’s a chance I can take
      I won’t run run run

      Cuz I don’t wanna feel numb

      So deep inside these hills I run
      To a place where I can see til Kingdom Come
      See the days one by one
      And love this life only for what it, what it is
      I hear the whispers in the stars
      The words that tell us more of who we are
      Someone out there’s not that far
      Everything I need is here now



      A tidal wave brought to life
      Rushing over every doubt of mine
      Open soul open sky
      Everything, everything is right
      I don’t wanna feel numb
      Falling over all of my shadows
      Yeah I’m all done
      Cuz none of that ever really mattered
      It hurts to live so wide awake, oh
      But it’s a chance I can take
      I won’t run run run (x2)

      I don’t wanna feel numb (x3)

    • If you’re being tongue in cheeks, it’s OK. If not, then quite simply, Adele has earned the right to sing anything she wants – she can sing upbeat or angsty pop, soul, blues, etc… it will sell because she’s made all the right moves where David has not, and has what has heretofore escaped David – good management, good PR, critical and commercial success. She should by all rights NOT be the mega success she is… she can actually SING, she goes against the grain by not conforming to the weight game, the slutty game most female singers get coerced into for success (see Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus) forced into, she sings in a throwback style… I think she succeeds by having a total committment to her craft, good management and PR, good material and production and savvy social media use to keep fans in the loop and interested in all phases of her career.

  10. I like Adele but I think her new song is not so different from Someone like you from her last record. I get the feeling if David had said Numb was an Ed Sherran cover everyone would be saying that it was the kind of song David should be singing and how brilliant a songwriter Ed was. David can not catch a break with some of you guys. Everything he does or tries is judged as subpar.

    • Sorry, but “Numb” doesn’t even come close.

      • Love Ed Sheeran. One of my favorite songs. 🙂 To be fair I think that if David was working with the right producers and songwriters and had the right team and money behind him he could produce a song like this one as we all know that David is as talented as Ed. But David would have to want it.

    • Not true. Ed Sheeran is league ahead of David in songwriting and presentation. If he had written Numb it would be a much stronger song for sure. David’s talent is in singing and interpreting other people’s lyrics… Songwriting IMO is just not his strong suit. He just doesn’t have that touch or nuance that Adele or Sheeran has to be able to get their songs across and make them relatable to large swaths of people.

  11. BS , if you didn’t know beforehand who wrote the song, your preconceived notion that David is a poor songwriter and that Ed is brilliant, therefore the song must be great, would not come into play. I quite like some of Eds music also, but it seems to me that any music that David has a hand in is summarily dismissed . How you can post those lyrics,and not see him laying his heart and soul out there for everyone to see is beyond me.

    • Moelita, that’s great that you see the brilliances in the song Numb and you don’t see the brilliances in Adele’s Hello…but understand that even some of the ODD fans might not share your evaluation. I think David has potential to be a good song writer and maybe that will be revealed in his new album. However, a lot of fans think that he is as brilliant a song writer as he is a brilliant singer, so there you go.

    • I saw that writing potential when I heard Falling, but again that’s just me, maybe others didn’t see that at all, I wasn’t a fan of all the songs in TOSOD, but again others thought it was awesome..certainly it didn’t tear up the charts, but again, as I have been told over and over…David is paving his own path with his music career and wanting to be heard by the masses is not important and even if only a handful of people like his music enough (btw, just making a point, not that it would happen) to buy it, it’s perfectly ok with him…well, if it was a hobby of his and it wasn’t his livelihood, that would work. However, some feel that he really is set for life as far as finances go. His music career I find fasinating and enjoy conversing about it.

    • Moelita, your points are well taken. The purpose of this site is to undermine David in every way possible, and one way is to present another artist who has achieved commercial success as an example of someone who “knows what they’re doing”. If only David wasn’t so “clueless” and Mormon, he would be as successful as Adele, and then those fans who need him to be successful would get what they think they deserve from him.

      Adele is a great example for them, and when she came out with a new song, everyone, here, including HG, leaped at the opportunity to show how Adele is a “winner” and David is a “loser”. Then Peter comes on with his screen name du jour, posts a few videos to “prove” his point, and everyone pretends that it’s really all about the music. It’s really all about slapping David around on a daily basis for being disobedient to their wishes, and it goes all the way to the top on this site. Just look at the title of this thread. That tells you where HG stands on the issue of David’s “comeback”.

      • Greatest quotes of all time

        “As adults, we need to take responsibility for what we choose to read.”

        —Blisskasden, October 24, 2015

      • If only David was a super talented songwriter, he would be as successful as Adele. Run run run, numb numb numb…

    • Let’s look at FACTS…he did not write Crush, his biggest selling song… most of the big crowd pleasers he sang in concert in 08 , 09 and 10 – Touch My Hand, Zero Gravity, Somebody Out There, Bubbly, Thousand Miles… written by people other than him. The songs he did write that he said were “the real him” on TOSOD, the public did not want to hear or buy, as evidenced by it’s poor reception in the market. Whether some here like it or not, he is in a what have you done for me lately industry. It’s all about moving product (lots of it) and making money. If he is able to write those kind of deeply personal songs and lyrics in the future that connect and resonate with people outside this fanbase (in other words, SELL) then he would be on his way to getting the kind of industry respect and passes some of these other sometimes lesser talented folks get. That’s the game, he’s choosing not to play in it, so unless he or someone else has another Crush waiting for him to record, he’s going to be on the margins of the industry – which is what I think he likes.

  12. Good news. Look what I found “http://adele.wikia.com/wiki/Daydreamers”. All of you fan girls/guy of Adele can now visit an actual Adele fan site, and spazz away with other “Daydreamers” (the name her fans use for themselves). You can congratulate Adele for achieving all the success that she deserves and how she knows how to do it. As an added bonus, you’ ll attaching yourself to a “winner”, so you can feel better about yourselves.

    • Bliss are you going to also send that message to FOD that had a big thread about Adele? Oh btw, David is or anyway was a huge fan of Adele.

      • Adele is a fine singer. I’m not surprised David is a fan of hers. That’s not the point. The point is that she is being used as yet another way to undermine David by those who are hell bent to do so. This site is their clubhouse. HG didn’t even bother waiting the usual 7 days before “reopening ” her site so she could post Adele’s video and use it as a way of showing how Adele, not David, knows how to stage a “comeback” and that she is everything that David is not and never again will be.

        There is a legal term called “preponderance of the evidence”. There’s more evidence of the conspiracy against David on this site than there was at O.J. Simpson’s civil trial, and he was found responsible due to the “preponderance of the evidence”.

      • Bliss, oh that’s not the point, lol. I agree with Hg that was a killer way to do a comeback, what’s is the problem, she has done plenty of thread that aren’t about David. I also don’t feel that the way David is going about his comeback is great, but that’s omo, what I say has absolutely does not matter one bit.

      • CQ, you constantly post that what you say doesn’t matter one bit. You can stop saying it. I believe you.

      • lol, I’ll stop if you stop your consent reminder as how evil this site is… 🙂

    • Thanks!!!!

      I’ll check it out!

  13. David Is Washed Up

    Everyone knows David is WASHED UP in the music business. It is what he is. His choice. Won’t change the fact that he’s Washed Up, Washed Out and will never have a chance at the big time. You all should enjoy whatever you get from him. He’s liable to up and walk away from it when the Mormons tire of his same old, same old.

  14. Adele Is All Ya'll

    Adele and David hit the scene in 2008… she with Chasing Pavements, he with Crush… she’s reigning supreme in the throwback moody soul/pop genre David should have been ruling now…. he’s singing in funny hats and ponchos and doing Christmas concerts in high school auditoriums……. funny how things work out…

  15. I will ask this question one more time. If David is such a loser who can’t write a song to save his life, only sings mediocre songs, can only get a gig if it’s at a high school or it’s for the lds community, what the hell are you doing here daily commenting on a fan site dedicated to him? I mean there must be something else you could be doing. I just don’t get why you would even bother. It looks to me like David is enjoying his life just fine. He will release his new music. People will either like it or not. They will buy it or not. I don’t expect it to sell like gang busters, but who knows? I really liked his new song. I’m not saying by the way that you have to love everything David does or agree with all his career choices or that he can’t be criticized, but there must be something you like about him. Otherwise why even follow his career?

    • Moelita, it’s to get arise out of bliss and anyone that still believes in David.


      Who’s following or cares about his career? He has no career dahling, lolol…. I’m here for the entertainment, I love Blisskasden getting his butt kicked by the posters here on a daily basis, and I LOVE a good laugh, a good soap opera and trainwrecks… That’s what I like about this site. David’s music sucks, always has, but the drama surrounding him is sure interesting! 🙂

    • I could ask the same question of those who come here despite hating what 90% of what the posters talk about. If everyone here is so terrible, what the hell are you doing here? Why would you even bother? People will either like this site or they won’t.

      It’s pretty clear that this is not just some typical fan site for David like FOD. The owner of the site obviously has varied interests and posts about a lot more than just David. You can either enjoy that or not but there is no point to scolding every poster and hoping they will change their minds about their view of the state of David’s career right now. Everyone has a right to their opinion and perception.

  16. Talented, hilarious guys!

    • And there’s a David connection!

      • cc halo, where’s the David & Pentatonix “connection”? I’m not sure I follow because I don’t see any real connection, professionally or otherwise, other than the “selfies” taken back stage at a show David went to. Oh yeah, and the beat-boxer (sorry, I can’t recall his name) accompanied David on cello at the all faiths event.

        But other than that, I’m not sure what “connection” they may have? Although wouldn’t it be great if they toured together?

      • That’s it.

  17. Oh cc halo. Great video. So entertaining and they are so talented. 🙂

  18. Cc halo, thanks for the videos, love them, very entertaining 👏👍

  19. Quite frankly I’m glad that David is still performing. I really like Numb and look forward to it with a studio production.

  20. Regarding the question of if David is all washed up in the music business… He’s severely damaged / any chance of regaining mainstream success. He’d blown and burned a lot of professional bridges before he even left to go on his mission. You have NO idea the damage done to his PROFESSIONAL reputation and image after being mismanaged by his Dad, Azoff and WEG. No mainstream label has any interest in him, the kind of management he needs to help recover some of what he lost is not happening anytime soon because of the difficult relationship they had in the past with him and his Dad. He is probably doing the best he can with what he has left, but yeah, I’d think washed up is an appropriate word for the state of his career. For those still looking for a sliver of hope… Sinatra was all washed up before landing From Here To Eternity. David is no Sinatra, but there’s your sliver.

  21. Opinions are just that not based on facts just what a person feels is happening by what one observers, ok some seem to think or even have inside information that makes them think they are more in the know, but I doubt that isn’t the same as everyone…an opinion.
    As far as David’s music career being washed up, I do not agree. As far as a mainstream secular career goes, yes, if that’s the route he is taking his career, he has a long way to go, but not washed up. Now as a local (Utah) singer or a singer doing gigs for church events, he has that kind of career going. So to me he’ll never be washed up.

  22. As long as he is still working on music there is a chance for a mainstream career or a successful indie career. It’s all up to David. I believe in order to have any type of what you would call mainstream, he will have to play the game to a certain extent. He’ll have to put himself out there. I also think David is so shy and introverted that this will be a huge challenge for him. It’s no doubt he has the talent. Unfortunately in the music business image often trumps talent. We won’t really know until David releases new music and we see how it is received . And even then we would have to see if he has the wherewithal to continue going if he doesn’t get positive feedback. It’s all interesting anyway. I for one can’t wait for his new album.

  23. Should Have Known

    Well, well, well… I LUV TRAINWRECKS, the commenter with Multiple Personality Disorder, has actually admitted to being an online troll, someone who incites discord for entertainment and simply uses inflammatory language to get an emotional response.

    The latest psychological studies show that persistent trolls are people with sadistic personalities—your misery is their fun. They will lie, exaggerate and offend to get a reaction, so their comments have zero credibility in fact or opinion. However, they are hard to get rid of and hard to ignore. Kind of explains why HG’s blog has become a laughing stock at David Archuleta’s expense. Too bad.

    • lol, again, I don’t see things exactly like you…really are you any different..”Should Have Known…is that the name you have used the whole time you have posted?

      • Should Have Known

        Please don’t misunderstand. I am not challenging anyone here, just saying what I know about online trolls. I was surprised that someone admitted their purpose here, which is exactly the definition of a troll. I am primarily a lurker and almost never comment anywhere, but yes, I have used this name before. I do come frequently to read. I know you are a regular here, and I know you are a David fan, especially of his voice. I enjoy your comments, even when I disagree.

        I stand by my earlier post. Online trolls are what they are (lots of credible research data available) and I have seen them at work on other blogs. They make it very difficult to exchange honest opinions and can actually destroy a blog. The troll here doesn’t care about the blog or David or regular commenters. The troll cares about attention and creating emotional chaos.

    • Speaking of exaggerating...

      “That’s right, @Davidarchie is THAT good. Every time he performs, Webster has to update its dictionary w/new ways to define his excellence.”

      —Blisskasden, October 10, 2015

  24. I think judgements of whether David is “washed-up” in the music business should be on hold pending the release of his album. His “Numb” is not what I would call stellar but it’s not terrible either.

    What is interesting is that he said his new music will be a telling of his story and more of a revelation of who he is now and where he wants to go musically. I’m just wondering whether his new musical inspiration is coming from a place of the realities of life versus a place of exclusivity within the confines of his religious life within the LDS community. We know where his loyalties are. All we have seen and heard from David so far is that he would just as soon quit than follow the path which could put him back on road to major success if it means compromising himself.

    He seems to be quite comfortable with his professional life which will be forever intertwined very openly with the Mormon church. The real test will be if or when he’s booked in areas outside of his comfort zone and if he continues to talk about “his mission in Chile for two years” between songs because the truth is that not everyone outside of the LDS community cares that he went on a mission.

    At any rate, his new music may open the door again and pave the way for new opportunities or it will keep him where he is now, occasionally singing for his supper within the confines of his church. But then, if he’s satisfied and happy, that’s all that matters.

  25. An interesting dynamic about this fan site is that unknown posters who defend David seem to get borderline snippy replies. An unknown person who attacks David = crickets.

    • What the heck do you mean, I reply the same why to defender as I do tha anyone.

    • Ok with the exception of Bliss, as long as he saids he will continue to trash this site and especially trash Hg, my reply are more snarky and at times unkind…but he hasn’t been the kindest of person either.

  26. That’s right anonymous#10 we won’t know until David releases his new music . I think his plan is to do tour in all areas in support of his new music starting in March. Well there have been a couple of dates show up around that time anyway. I wonder if he is financing the project himself or if he has some backing. Actually I would think his contacts in the LDS community would be a help because there are a lot successful businessmen who may be willing to invest in him. But maybe he is doing it on his own dime so he has complete control. I just want to hear him sing .

  27. Ex jives, my impression was that Azoff and WEG were the most professional of the lot. Please elaborate, thanks.

  28. Here’s a great video from David’s performance on Friday. He’s really in his element when he sings in a concert hall with a full orchestra.

  29. You can actually defend David by making a case in opposition to negative opinions of him. Scolding other posters, making disparaging comments about the site we are all reading, and especially dissing the owner of the site (who provides a free forum despite having an extremely busy schedule) is just adding to the fan/troll wars.

    Trolls are out to create misery for the other posters for their own entertainment (or in this case, to be a Don Quixote, tilting at “bad fan” windmills), while multiple personality poster is out to slam the original troll and his OTT narrative, to the relief of most posters who have been badgered and demeaned for too long. Few people are delusional enough to think that David gives any credence to this conversation, or that Adele will read your “congratulations” posted on fan sites.

    • Should Have Known

      Totally disagree with this perspective. Bliss is not a troll, although occasionally OTT. He is a David fan and a defender. Often he is right, IMO.

      • Should Have Known, “occasionally OTT”, Moi?, lol Seriously,thanks for your support. It takes guts to do that around here. Your presence here adds to the balance that the site has lacked for years. Hopefully other fans of David’s will feel comfortable coming on to show David the love and support that he has earned over the years.

      • So you think that continually scolding and attacking posters for their opinions is a productive way to “defend” David? Would David appreciate that in his behalf?

      • I think that it’s interesting to compare David’s prior spokeswoman, Melinda, with Kari. Melinda was feisty and outspoken in defense of David, and many fans hated it. Plus it came back to bite him when he fired her. Kari, OTOH, always has a positive, but firm demeanor with fans and it earns both of them a lot of loyalty and respect. IMO, he hasn’t surrounded himself with severely brown-nosing sharp-fanged defenders, but with calm, matter-of-fact folks like himself.

      • Interesting cchalo, so do you think that having Kari, that is more like David better for his career? I agree that Kari has gained the respect of David’s fans, but really is she his manager? I really get confused about her role as far as his career goes.

      • I said ‘spokeswoman’ because Gina seems to do very little fan interaction.

      • Oh yes, spokeswoman, yep that seems like the right fit.

      • I can’t speak to the type of management that’s better for his career. I have no idea about that, only about what I would prefer as a long-time fan.

  30. I mean….look at the facts as they are now. David is performing before THOUSANDS of people, albeit mostly LDS. He’s hearing the appreciation and applause from the audiences in all these events he’s done since his return. He’s travelled to countries he’s never been to in service to his church, singing and performing for people who believe as he does. And they love him, they are in awe of him. He is their hero. He is a role-model for their youth. He talks the talk and walks the walk. He’s the “husband” in every LDS girl’s dream. He’s admired and almost revered in the LDS community.

    Why would he want anything more?

    The downside is that like any celebrity, his every move is being scrutinized. He is held to the highest standards is expected to live up to the principles according to their doctrines. It’s easy for him now as he is young, a RM, still in the throes of the “fire in his bosom”, almost a feeling of ecstasy basking in the glow of the love and adoration shown him by the LDS community. Will it last forever? I don’t think so.

    David may find himself, as he gets older, possibly married with children, at a crossroads again having to make another major life decision regarding his future.

    • Yes, those are the downsides, although it probably is very easy for him now. I’d bet that the companion conflict on his mission that he talks about was likely HIM wanting to be perfectly obedient and his companions being more relaxed, so he probably has little problem living up to the principals.

      However he does have pressure to fit the mold as far as getting married sooner rather than later and who knows if that’s a challenge for him rather than the more usual challenges involving trying to stay pure.

  31. Anon #10, moelita, ITA.

    I think that it’s interesting how different it was for him to have his own “first” concert in Idaho, how nervous he was, and how he talked about it being a four-year break, when he actually. has been performing all along, sometimes to even bigger groups with even more fan excitement and adulation, but mostly to represent his church. It’s where his comfort zone really is, even though the majority of people at his own concerts to date have likely been LDS. It will definitely be a challenge to get outside that comfort zone, especially with his new album.

  32. But how do we know this? As has been pointed out many times we are just a bunch of people hanging out on a fan site for an artist giving our opinions and unsolicited advise. We really don’t know how many people follow David or are waiting for his next project. I know it will be pointed out that his sales don’t seem to show this, but there must be fans who don’t hang out on fan sites or don’t have a big social media presence. I just hope he pays for some top notch promotion. And I would love to see him have a really well produced music video. As I have said before all of that is up to David and his team, that’s even if he has a team.

    • Good point Maelita, yes, the fans that comment here or for that fact any other fan site is such a small number. The people that keep commenting, imo, and I guess I can only speak for myself really, just enjoy doing it, but as far as helping or hurting his career, no. The only thing that will help David’s career (notice I said David’s career, nothing to do with David’s personal life) is if a good number of fans buy his music, good to his concerts, buy, buy, buy. Without a doubt top notch promotion and top notch production with music and of course, top notch music video would go a long way.

  33. For the record I think David is totally worth the wait.

  34. “Ex jives, my impression was that Azoff and WEG were the most professional of the lot. Please elaborate, thanks.”

    They were /are two of the biggest and most connected management teams in the industry – Azoff is one of the most powerful music executives in the industry, a verified starmaker. Johnny Wright of WEG is not as formidable as Azoff, but his influence in the business is unassailable. David and his dad acquired a still lingering reputation of being very difficult and unreasonable to work with, which prevented Azoff and his team from using all their connections and influence in the industry to help raise his profile. Lots of artists acquire the “difficult label”, but it’s career suicide to be labeled as such when just beginning a career without a history of critical or commercial success (having sold millions of singles and albums and made your label and management team lots of money) to use as leverage. By the time he migrated to Melinda and WEG it was too late. They tried, but the reputation of his dad and he being “difficult” was a hindrance to how far WEG could take him. Some artists will never have the opportunity to be repped by 1 formidable management firm in a career, David was repped by 2. He has many challenges to overcome, the one he will have to overcome if he wants to play in the mainstream arena again with good management paving the way is getting past the “difficult” label. Good luck to him with that.

    • Hum Ex jiver, I’ve heard that Jeff was difficult, was it because he demanded a lot for David? However, David being difficult, in what way?

  35. If Jeff and David had their way, the picture on the cover of the debut CD would have been one of those godawful “Sears” photos. Jeff and he thought those pictures best captured his “essence”. Those pictures were derided both within and from without his fanbase as being stiff, unnatural and awkward. What does that tell you about his dad’s or his judgement or their ability to gauge what would go over best in the audience they were targeting? The battle with Jive and Azoff management over the album cover left a lot of hard feelings all around, the reputation for being “difficult” was being cemented. His dad was acting as co-manager w/Jared Paul, he can’t be faulted for trying to look after his son’s interests, but I’d question anyone’s business judgement comparing the “Sears photos” against the ones shot specifically for the debut CD and voting for the “Sears photos. It created a rupture in the relationship with the label and Azoff that never healed.

    • Wow, interesting, thanks Ex Jiver.

    • I wonder if this type of thing is behind David’s apparent distance from his dad. At 17-18 years old, he would have been strongly influenced by his dad’s opinions, and perhaps now feels betrayed at being labeled difficult.

      Or maybe they would have both been on the same page as to resisting the ‘evil’ Hollywood bigwigs, so the “difficult” label would legitimately fit him. Or he never really wanted the big time, or now sees it that way in retrospect.

      I’d like to someday get a warts-and-all life story.

    • Ex Jiver some very interesting comments and observations. Thanks for posting them.

  36. Ex jive you seem to have a lot of inside information. Do you or did you work for jive or one of the agencies that represented David ? Lots of artists have had trouble with labels and management and have gone on to have successful careers. What should he do to repair his reputation of being difficult to work with? And how come all the artists,producers and writers he works with sing his praises if he is so difficult to work with? David seems to have a great relationship with Kari. I know she is not management but I have to admit I find their relationship interesting. I mean she works with some of the biggest stars in the business and then there is David. I often wonder what the compensation package would entail. Obviously he must pay for her travel and accommodations but what else does she get? If you have any insight regarding any of these questions I would be interested in hearing it.

    • wonders never cease

      Anyone with eyes and ears can see what the relationship is between Kari & David. It’s more than professional but more of a personal nature in that she has been embraced by him and his family as “one of them”. She’s included in family functions before and after appearances in their homes, parties, etc. Then there’s the relationship she has cultivated with David’s fans. This kind of relationship is pretty much unheard of between tour managers and celebrities they work for much less with their fans. It’s doubtful fans of JT or any of her other clients even know her name or care, for that matter, and she certainly isn’t included in their private lives like she is with David. She obviously loves David and his family calling Utah her “second home”. I would venture to say some of what she does for David is of her own volition and in her own time like taking care of his fan mail. She may even monitor his mail making sure he’s protected from anything negative, threatening, explicit or hateful. I would venture to say she sees to it that he never sees anything but positive mail. She protects him and she would probably protect him with her life.

      Unconventional business relationship for sure but it’s never been a totally “business” relationship.

  37. wonders never cease

    Would not be surprised if someday someone who knows the real truth about who was REALLY in charge, David or his father, will tell all. My money is on David.

    I remember one of his tour managers said with no hesitation, “the kid is in charge”. Sometimes the saying that something or someone is “too good to be true” has a ring of truth to it. David’s fans have always put him on a pedestal to the point of ridiculousness. He’s human, not the celestial being many fans made and still make him out to be. He said himself he always had to “be on” out in public. But what is he like in the privacy of home, behind closed doors?

    Is it any wonder why he surrounds himself with women personally and professionally? The way he was brought up in the LDS culture, men are the boss. lol!

  38. i remember back in the day omg when some of us(yes me included) actually thought david might be the second coming of Jesus!!! there was a cali pic of him in all white and he looked otherworldly and floaty! HAHAHA (crazy yet true)

  39. IMO a good first step in trying to repair the damage done to his reputation with labels and management teams would be to adopt a complete 180 degree paradigm shift in his approach to committing to actively promoting himself. He needs to realize that promotion and public relations is just as important as the music, so he’d need to work hard at making sure that he projected a certain type of image in interviews, he’d need to be more aware of his look when out in public, maintain contact with fans, attend industry functions and network. This doesn’t mean he would have to put aside his beliefs in order to do so. I do not think he will ever be able to make the kind of shifts needed to regain what has been lost from a mainstream career perspective. He appears too deeply entrenched in using his talent to solely promote and support his religion, which is his choice. I think he realizes the uphill battle he would have attempting to reestablish broken connections in the music industry, so on some level he is choosing right now to not even try.

    • What sort of image would he need to project? I wonder if some of his rebelliousness wasn’t justified. For example, I remember being struck by him saying that he had received advice not to have old people in his SBL video, which he apparently ignored in one scene.

      I personally wish that he would go the YouTube route, but in his own way, where he could be his introverted self without always dealing with hordes of people.

  40. The only thing Ex Jiver has said that we didn’t already know, was that David ‘supposedly’ wanted a different picture on his debut album. Throw in a few industry executive names and you sound credible? Sounds more like a regular dude to me and not an insider.

  41. I’m a little confused. Is the new information that David himself was “difficult” to work with and that is why he is not very successful? I could guess that his father was difficult of course but all we ever hear about people who have worked with David is how special he is. Then again, he does primarily surround himself with others who are very similar to him.

    I guess while I’ve known that David probably sabotaged his career over the years because he was (is) so conservative, religious and introverted, but I never thought it was because he had a reputation for being unprofessional. That’s a lot to wrap my head around and I’d be interested in hearing more details about this.

    I really like the first album cover photo and am glad that the label won on that one. I heard from another fan once that David chose the Christmas From the Heart cover photo, which I think is awful.

  42. People who work with you can sing your praises to high heaven, but they are usually not the ones with the power to open or close doors for you, with one word, or a handshake, or give you the kind of platforms to help ensure your success. David being labeled unprofessional was never at issue. Jeff’s lack of professional management experience and industry connections, coupled with David’s recently revealed confusion regarding balancing career demands with wanting to serve a full mission formed what now appears to be a perfect storm that hampered the label’s and his management’s ability to figure out the best or most effective way to market him.

    • Ex Jiver that is something I agree with and have thought for along time.
      Also to me David is a local LDS music artist now and that apparently is what he wants.Some fans saw this coming when he went on that mission and it sure appears they were right. It seems like his church is his full time job
      . I just don’t have much of an interest in that type of career.

  43. Really am enjoying the conversation. The only thing that is the number of comments is adding up and pretty soon, 😦 will be closed (for a while) which is no big deal really, lol.
    I’m with Anonymous, I really like the first album cover. Loved where the photo shoot was and really everything about it. Wonder what they will use for the new album cover for his new album. If it’s one photo from the latest shoot, I really like some of the pictures I’ve seen so far.

    • I think the pattern is that each thread is open for comments for 7 days, unless HG starts a new one before the 7 days is up. So this one should last until Oct. 30th.

  44. Personally, I prefer the TOSOD album cover over his first album cover. I think they were going for the sexy brooding bad boy look with the first album cover, which of course is the antithesis of David.

    • Best David Related Site Online

      In David and Jeff’s hands, we got the cover of his Christmas album, a complete joke.

  45. When David released his first album I remember how he said he didn’t like pictures of himself and couldn’t stand to hear his own voice. In fact didn’t he say he used to cut up pictures of himself when he was younger? So maybe he’s not the best judge of what works for album graphics. I also think his career would benefit greatly if he posted some performance videos on his website. It would be a controlled environment of his choosing so it should cause him less anxiety. Also if he had little contests for fans where they got to choose a song they wanted to hear him sing it would keep them engaged. As an independent artist he will have to come up with some ideas to connect with fans while keeping it within his chosen perameters. Even artists who are hugely popular have contests to engage their fans. It will be interesting going forward to see how David will handle his career once he releases new music.

  46. Best David Related Site Online

    Wow this is interesting.

    David is his own worst enemy if you judge by conventional success. But as we all know, he is not interested in conventional success and that’s his choice and right.

    I find the posts by ex-Jiver very interesting. I too heard he was very difficult and not just because he allowed Jeff to be around. David himself turned down lucrative offers because he was not comfortable with the camera and image. He turned down a huge modeling spread for a famous retailer after Idol. How can a manger make his cut if his client refuses offers? Is it David’s right to do so? Yes of course. Slavery is illegal (although some argue that some large music label contracts come close to that). By the time Azoff dumped him, David had a reputation. WEG and Melinda were vilified by the fans (yes many thought he was the second coming and they must protect him, no kidding) for trying to make him current and marketable. So kill Melinda for doing for her client what any good manager would do. He totally “screwed” Melinda and blindsided her with the mission announcement, and I mean when he told her, not the concert announcement to fans. Going on mission takes time, an application, examination and interviews with church representatives etc. He did not tell her at first. She worked hard for him and tried to make him relevant. He fought her. Anyone can see that who was watching that era.

    So today we are all wondering what David will do next. I truly doubt he will ever be on the public radar again and he is fine with that. Some oiginal fans actually believe he is popular and well known but they are cocooned as much as David is. He enjoys his LDS cocoon. Those vilified by blisskasden as being anti-LDS are just being honest. David is fine where he is, a huge superstar in his church. He can go on for years being the RM who gave it all away for God and the church, I suppose. Not sure what the shelf life of a “famous” RM is in their church, not sure if there has even been one before. Seems like most “famous” RM’s put it behind them and move on with their lives.

    Where does that leave us secular fans? Most are gone now. Look at the number of posters on the fansites and it’s the same handful over and over and most are LDS or religiously inclined. Even when he appears in concert, the sites do not burn up with new posters or heavily increased posts. And a day later it’s crickets at the sites again. His concerts are being supported by the LDS who are more fans of an RM and LDS events than of David in my opinion. Does anyone think that those “fangirls” who want to marry David would care one bit if he wasn’t an RM? Would he sell out homecoming (and that event draws thousands every year anyway) if he was David, singer of Crush and former Idol? Doubtful.

    I have so much more, but this is already too long.

    • Best David Related Site Online-I totally agree with your comments. Well stated. I agree with you about Melinda. I am sure she had some of her own issues (who doesn’t) but I can’t imagine trying to be a music manager to David when he was so resistant to his pop music career at the time.

    • Also good point about the shelf life of an RM in the church. lol. Good question. 🙂

  47. This weekend church event reminds me of Mormon Tabernacle Choir gig. I’m thinking it was free and of course, that helps fill the seats. Even so, right now David is a young superstar for his church. Even tweets mostly are centered around religion. Nothing wrong with that if that’s the route he wants to go. The only thing that I wonder is if the church is paying him for all these church events including firesides etc. Church activities does seem to take a lot of his time, so don’t know if he really has time to fully give attention to a secular music career. Who knows, maybe he is financially set for life and doesn’t need to make anymore money?!?

    Best related site online, lol, yes, where does that leave us secular fans…still waiting I guess and thinking that just maybe he will go that secular route. I too believe that there are so few of us left.

  48. Wow, I’m gone for one day and all heck breaks loose on this site. Now we have “Ex-Jiver” who claims to have all sorts of inside juicy gossip about David, his father and how together they were able to completely screw up David’s career. David, who has been publicly praised by literally every person he has ever worked with has now been branded “difficult” work with. Isn’t rewriting history fun?

    This is blindly accepted as “fact” by the regulars here who lap up bullshit like this with a spoon, and CQ, of course, can’t wait to chime in with “Wow, interesting, thanks Ex Jiver.” followed by Hope’s “Ex Jiver some very interesting comments and observations. Thanks for posting them.

    Then we have the anti-LDS snipes du jour. Here is a small sampling:

    1) “Not sure what the shelf life of a “famous” RM is in their church,

    2) “Does anyone think that those “fangirls” who want to marry David would care one bit if he wasn’t an RM?

    3) “This weekend church event reminds me of Mormon Tabernacle Choir gig. I’m thinking it was free and of course, that helps fill the seats”

    4) “It seems like his church is his full time job”

    and, of course,

    5) “Those vilified by blisskasden as being anti-LDS are just being honest. ”

    Why is it that bigots always justify themselves by saying that they are “just being honest”? Fox News, a station devoted to bigotry calls itself “fair and balanced”. Racists always say they are “just being honest”. So do anti- Semites. So do homophobes. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, guess what, it’s a duck. This site is a sanctuary for anti Mormon bigots, and I’m “just being honest”. You can’t sanitize hatred by agreeing with each other that’s it’s something else. That’s what bigots have been doing for centuries.

    • Oh, bliss, interesting we are all bigots, but the Mormon church is not because it’s ok because it’s their religion so they get a pass, lol.

    • Best David Related Site Online

      “Isn’t rewriting history fun?”

      You would know. You are king of rewriting the recent history involving comments from other posters. You rewrite what they have written within minutes to fit your own twisted agenda.

      “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, guess what, it’s a duck.”

      Exactly, couldn’t have said it better myself in the context of things posted here by the honest open posters, regarding David. Many see how it really is, you don’t or won’t or maybe can’t.

      It is amazing how you claim to know what is in everyone’s heads, what their intentions are, and yet you don’t. You really don’t know because you can’t know. You think that by using inflammatory language and your interpretation of others’ posts as fact, it legitimizes you. Funny thing, we all see through you. You are an amusement, nothing more.

      Blisskasden, you are fun to toy with. You are a caricature and a fool. You fall for it every time. Keep it up, this is the most lively fun site related to David and some of the credit goes to you for inserting the crazy that is a part of David’s more intense fandom.

      • Best David….. you say, “You are king of rewriting the recent history involving comments from other posters. You rewrite what they have written within minutes to fit your own twisted agenda.”

        What ” twisted agenda” do you think I have, and what posts have I “rewritten” to further that agenda? In other words, what the eff are you talking about?

    • He has been “publicly praised” by a few songwriters. Interestingly, they have chosen not to collaborate with him again.

      While you’re at it, please share your thoughts on David reducing Chileans to a stereotype in his performance.

      • The Truth Shall Set You Free

        David is a member of a church that sees straight white males as superior to all other human beings.

      • Go to Google Images and look up pictures from Chilean Independence Day (Fiestas Patrias). You’ll see the same outfits worn by Chileans themselves.

  49. So all the upcoming events that David has booked, that we know of, are secular? And he is supposed to release new music this year,so that would have to be soon. If he releases it in November as an independent artist I wonder how well he would do. One Direction, Justin Beiber, and Adele are all releasing new music in November so it will be hard to get on anyone’s radar with all that going on. I’m sure they will all have top notch promotion, in fact it has been on going for a while now. And they all have high profile careers. David will need to step out of his comfort zone and do some self promotion.l hope he can do this. I want him to succeed. I don’t care if that is rainbows and unicorns, I still think David is worth the wait.

    • Moelita, couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve always said that I’d hope that David had a good game plan for returning to a secular career, but it’s kind of puzzling as to what action he will being taking in order to get himself out there.

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