The Warm Up

One fine day he’ll make it to the East Coast, I’m sure! 🙂


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  1. Yep, sounds very promising that will happen, Hg. 🙂

    • Meant to also say this:
      The Idaho Falls ticket sales are doing good:
      84% sold on Thursday Sept 17
      91% sold on Friday Sept 18
      Hope these warm up shows will give him the feeling that his fans love to hear him sing and are over the top happy he is back on that stage doing what he does best, sing, 🙂

  2. Came across a little something (Jake is the Social Media Manager for Pentatonix).


  3. OK peter you made me curious and interested so I did google Jake’s twitter account and came up with these tweets and saw the video David made for him which includes members of Penatonix in it. Jake is obviously a huge David fan. Here are the tweets-Jake Updegraff ‏@OnAirJake 4h4 hours ago Los Angeles, CA
    Everyone knows how much I love David Archuleta and how big of a fan I am of him… *tears up as I type my next tweet*
    Well @scotthoying surprised me with this video of @DavidArchie for me & words cannot explain how HAPPY it made me!!
    When receiving the video, I just cried. Then cried. And cried some more. Which may have led to @Alexander_Kirk getting a lil’ teary eyed…
    At the end of the day, the video just shows how BIG @scotthoying’s heart is. My love 4 him is never going away ya ya ya yaa. Thank U Scotty!

    This I found interesting. The video won’t post here. Thanks peter. 🙂

  4. Was also curious, so I did the same thing, Hope. Jake is a huge fan of David’s, nice that he got a video from David.
    Hi peter, thanks for bring it to our attention, although since I looked it up, I’ve seen it on other sites,
    Maybe David should hire Jake for his Social Media Manager too, 🙂

    • cq-I had thought of that too. David should hire him. lol. 🙂

      • Hope, yep, he for sure would be in David’s corner, 🙂
        Btw, SYTYCD, the four final dancers are all great. I think one of the girls will win, but I sure like Virgil. He reminds me of David when he was on AI, never on the bottom, cute, small and full of talent, 🙂

      • I do think that one of the girls too will win too but I do like Virgil.

      • Jake is not only a fan of David’s. Didn’t he tweet something a while back he wanted to marry David. He’s really smitten with David. haha!

      • yes It looks like Jake has a crush on David. That is cute. lol.

  5. Hum, I really thought that the photo shoot was for his album, but now, since he is still writing, I’m thinking the album isn’t going to happen this year, like it was stated. I’m glad they use a picture from that shoot for the promo, though…actually might of been for just that promo, really don’t know how these things work.
    It won’t be long before we’ll hear new music… 🙂

  6. Btw, that video for Jake, man, David’s voice has really deepen! Kind of sexy, oops, am I allowed to say that??????, lol

    • Sexy?? I’m not sure I’d go that far, describing David’s voice as “sexy”. He just seems to have a more mature sounding speaking voice now. I’m just wondering if David knows how his short “personal” video affected poor “lovable” Jake. He cried? 😀

      But I will go out on a limb and predict he will bring “Sexy Back” when he hits the stage which will be totally unintentional on his part. 😉

      BTW, I love Pentatonix! Would love to see them in concert.

  7. The promo pic of David that is posted here for the concert is OK. I don’t mind his expression but he could of chosen something different in clothes to wear. I prefer David dressing casual and edgy and his age but that outfit is kind of blah for a promo pic for a concert. I mean he coukd just do jeans and a tshirt and it could be sharper looking then what he wore in the promo pic..Just my 2 cents. Lol. 🙂

  8. Saw JT on Jimmy Fallon last night and they performed together again. So good. 🙂

    • I saw that video, 🙂 Hope soooooo good, love those two, thanks for bringing it over here.
      As for what David wore for the photo above, I really like the color block t-shirt on him. Actually I’m just happy that it was casual clothes and one more thing that I was happy diddn’t show, but it’s just my personal opinion. Btw, so glad you are still commenting, 🙂
      Where is everyboby, 😦 thought more would comment about David’s latest promo.

      • Yes interesting that if the topic here is not about religion or some other “hot” topic or criticizing others comments then there are not many comments. hmmm. 🙂

      • I think there just aren’t enough people who really care about David’s career any more to get fired up about it. I really don’t. Probably more will comment when he actually does his first show because they are waiting to see what type of show he actually does. As it is, speculation has been going on so long there’s not a lot left to say about it.

      • I’m just waiting. I still care. Most of my comments were about wondering what his music and performances will be like. At this point, the time for speculation is about at an end. A lot of our questions should be answered next weekend.

        LOL Maybe this is the calm before the storm.

      • Yep I would have to agree with you Hitandrun about it being difficult to get fired up about David’s career anymore. lol. Very true. There is nothing left to say. I am just interested in topics other than David to be honest. 🙂

      • Not much to say about his self-promo actually, other than he needed to “do something” otherwise he may have had the venue for his very first official show only at a little more than half capacity.

        As for the promo and the photo, some like it, some don’t. The important thing is that it did help generate more ticket sales and now it looks like it will be a full house. I did find it interesting he called these shows “a warm-up”? What could that mean? Is he doing an acoustic laid-back “unplugged” show like he did several years ago in Louisville KY? Maybe getting a feel for what his audience will be like and what will work for him now? Will he allow video taping?

        It’s really all a guessing game because he’s really starting over. It’s like when we had no idea what kind of performer David would be for his very first scheduled solo tour back in 2009. As I recall, he didn’t let loose until his third show in Sayreville when he was more comfortable & he just kind of exploded. I don’t expect it will be quite the same this time around. I think we may have seen a small prelude to what his audiences can expect in his Roots Tech performances. We will see very soon if video taping will be allowed.

  9. 🙂 love seeing your comments Hitandrun and Anon Too (of course yours to Hope, whatever &peter) Yes, I think that everyone is just waiting and yes, actually the speculation is what kept this site comments active and of course, that sometimes brought some very heated discussions, lol. Yes, after Thursday next week, I’m thinking comments will pick up. You all know me by now, I just have to always comment, hahahaha!!!

  10. Hi Anonymous! Yes, that promo did help and I’m very glad that the Idaho Falls sales are doing very well, I would even say that both night or at least one will sell out. One thing for sure is that David will be very well received at all these concerts, 🙂 I would say that all that are going are fans that are just happy that he is singing again, that, well, he could sing the phone book and they would be happy, lol. I do believe that David will give them a great show, no doubt. Very curious as to what will be on the play list….things are definitely going to be about his music/music career which is really why we are here for.

  11. Damn! There’s one thing I wishing for David for his warm-up shows, that he looks at the audience and see hundreds of young peeps his age and not only moms & grandmas. I know it just nothing but my wishful thinking. 😦

    • I think he should just be happy that people are still willing to buy a ticket to see him regardless of their age.

      • reason folks don’t post is because there is nothing to slam.

      • Folks are underwhelmed. Songs from Begin with Kendra after, what, four years? Woo hoo! Ironically, fans ran out of patience a week before his first concert after waiting for years.

    • I’m sure that the majority of people at his Utah/Idaho shows will be people his age, almost all of the female persuasion, like the ones that were thrilled to pose in the recent photo of him at the Provo soda shop. Not to mention that the crowd at his BYU spectacular will probably have very few grannies.

      Young Mormon females are his largest demographic, I’d bet, but not all of them are big fans. Here is a cute comment I happened upon from a female missionary in my neighborhood: “Last night (late July 2015) there was a fireside for the youth in the stake and David Archuleta (the guy from American Idol a few years ago) was there to speak and sing to us! It was cool to see what a normal guy he is. He’s totally not smooth and it’s way funny. But he did have a lot of really insightful things to say based off his unique experiences and he sings like a tiny angel!”

      I love how he sings like a “tiny angel”, ha ha.

      • Hi cchalo! yes, I think you are right about the mix and yes, being the biggest demographic being young Mormon females and maybe young families in general…nothing wrong with that and heck, at this time, I’m just happy to hear him sing secular music..I know Archies will be videoing and I’m very happy to that they are so generous to do that..

      • way funny?!
        lets see this is a religious talk a missionary who is there to be kind loving show the way to perfection and what they are ditzing him?! 👿

      • cc halo,

        You may be right that the audiences in Utah/Idaho will have many (LDS) females his age. Maybe Arizona will too. Not even counting the BYU Extravaganza which obviously will be all or mostly Mormons. The real test will be the Texas show. I think the ticket sales there may determine if a David concert can generate enough interest for booking in similar venues in other areas like the east coast. What will help is if these “warm-up shows” as he called them gets rave reviews by those attending one of his shows for the first time and more importantly great reviews by music critics who post in the media. His vocals will be as expected, but I’m curious about his actual performances & interpretations (emotions) of the music and how or if he engages with the audience like he used to.

        “tiny angel”? I hope not for these shows! haha.

      • Anon 10, I agree about the Texas show, but I’m re-thinking about the Tuacahn concert, since it was the first announced and a little out of the way. It just might have a large majority of hard-core traveling older fans. I’ll be curious to see if anyone attending that one makes note of the general demographic.

  12. 100% speculation on my part is just David and Kendra and maybe a guitarist or someone with the box type drums used in the past. I will be surprised to see a full band which is fine. David’s comment saying warm up shows is why. Songs from Begin. will prolly use backing track also why.

    • Toni, yes, I tend to agree with you, Toni, I would be very surprised (pleasantly so) if he had a full band, but it does make sense no band being that these are warm up concerts and of course, a band might be way more expensive and being that I think he is footing the bill, save a band for the tour after his new album comes out, 🙂

  13. 9/11 Today and always we thank the brave men and women who protect our freedom. #letfreedomring #americalandthatIlove

  14. promo eh, if that is what you want to call it, is ok. Don’t particular like the black and white. Glad he actually tweeted something about HIS career last night. Couldn’t believe it was about HIS career and not bout a quote or inspirational tweet of sorts. About time! Lol

  15. I am very interested in how this is going to play out. I have a feeling he will do maybe a mixture of pop and inspirational. I expect songs from almost all his past albums. And we know he will do a few new songs per Kari. Cant wait to hear his new ones. That will be the key into his musical direction.

    Also, it will be interesting to see how he interacts with the fans. I have a feeling it might be like rootstech. All and all, I think it will go rather smoothly. I think the fans will be pleased. 😊

  16. That last post was from me, Dana.

  17. A tweet from David as follows:

    “Rehearsals this week for the upcoming shows are going well so far. Looks like this will be a great way to #BEGIN”.

    So it appears he may have a band? Maybe I’m wrong, but in his past tours, we were introduced to his band members before or during rehearsals, their names & the instruments they played. But he didn’t say “rehearsals with the band” so who knows?

    Not that it matters. Just another example of how much David has changed in the way he’s conducting his business. This is his show and he’s doing it his way. Bet Gina has no control over him at all.

    I kinda love this side of David. haha

  18. I like the photo chosen to promote the concert schedule. Not buttoned down at all.

    I wonder if he is subtly letting folks know these are not full concerts in the sense to not expect a full band, back up singer, etc. These next few weeks will be interesting for sure.

    Can’t wait to hear the new songs. I agree with folks here that we will know a ton more about his direction, how he feels about fans etc very soon. I also agree that he will be playing to a primarily LDS audience with lots of young LDS girls who would love a “famous” RM for a husband LOL.I would also think a lot of LDS families would attend because LDS or not, it’s not easy to find family friendly entertainment that all ages can enjoy these days. I say lots of LDS families only because 1-he is well known in the LDS world and 2-the location of these concerts.

  19. I promised to attend the first concert that David offered after his mission. Therefore, I am very happy to listen David singing. The last two albums “Begin” and “NMHF” have much material that can be sung by him on the concerts. We have listened to David lately doing things for his Church but now I think more it will be a concert for everyone. I’m ready to listen to David in ten days…

    • We all are, Fernando. 😀

      Perhaps even the “fans” who have disappeared and moved on to other artists will have their interest in David reignited. But maybe it’s been too long and not worth the long wait for some of those “fans”.

  20. Hi Anne, I’m with you, can’t wait to hear the new songs!! 🙂 For me its always been about following his music career and finally it seems things are on track heading in that direction.

    Hi Fernando, I’m so happy for you that you are attending one of his concerts, can’t wait for your review on the show. Hoping for lots of videos for all the shows!!

  21. Fernando, Yes, please come back and let us know what you thought after seeing and hearing him live. 🙂

  22. Yes cq, I agree. I feel like we are finally seeing the start of his career, part 2

    Fernando, I echo the others. Please come back to give us a review of the concert. Hope you have a fantastic time.

  23. Anne, yes a good way to look at career, part 2, lol. Although I truly had a blast following career part 1, with all the fun highs and angst inducing lows, lol. I’ve stuck around while he was away and after he returned with not even, at times (actually most times, lol) really even thinking if he would return to his music career, but was always hopeful that he would because I truly felt he deserved great success and I still wanted to enjoy following that journey that technology made an easier possibility to do. I have changed as a fan (still think his voice is unique and phenomenal, that will never change), but now, I’m still hoping to enjoy his new music, enjoy the videos that fans are kind enough to make for us..will be fun, but the (over the top at times) wanting him to succeed, hum..although it would be nice, but really it’s up to him to wanted not me.

  24. I am enjoying the black/white promo poster of david. he looks pissed off! haha

  25. Dude needs a serious hairdo. That is definitely the #1 thing that deserves some reworking. Lol

  26. Sorry guys. That was me.

  27. pics from yesterday his hair is longer on top short on the sides.. no gel etc my guess it will be done up for his shows unless he shaves it off before his shows.
    buzz cut Nick Jonas has that going on now not into it
    saw a pic of Colton Dixon he got engaged at Disney World lol no to that doo too but Justin Bieber in his new music video (like the song and the video) don’t expect to see David like that either too edgy
    who knows what image he will put forward do like the two new pics I like that they aren’t baby faced like in the past.

    • Hair-gate, lol…Kimak, that would be something if he came out for the first time on stage on the 17th with shaved head…bet that would catch some media attention and get buzz going. 🙂 It doesn’t really matter how his hair is (although I would like a relaxed faux-hawk on him, give him height and it would be good for his bone structure, imo) as long as his new music is kick…ss and catches on past his diehard fans.
      I’m with you Kim, like JB song and video, but yes, I’m guessing waaaaaay to edgy for David. As I’ve said before, David doesn’t need to copy other artist, imo, he needs his own sound so that other will copy him, lol.

    • Yes that would definitely be too edgy for David. Haha. I agree it is not bad of a song or video. I am more annoyed by the over exposure of Taylor Swift at this point. But I did see that Justin did get kind of bratty and arrogant with the cameraman on the Today show last week during a commercial break when he was performing. There was a video to prove it. So he has not totally changed-just for when he knows he is on camera.

      I agree that David could do something with the hair.

  28. Cq I really like what you said, ” he needs his own sound so others will copy him”. Perfect thought. Let’s hope that happens. I don’t know how it does though. I have been listening to some of the music on the radio lately to see what is popular and to be honest most of it leaves me unimpressed. I know that what one person likes music wise another will not like, but I am absolutely amazed at what is popular. I guess it’s a wait and see scenario with David. I’m like you, I want his new music, when he releases it, to blow everyone away.

  29. I do hope next week his new songs will be for everyone. They MUST be secular…because I bet with my coworkers and I do not want to lose !!!!! If so it will cost me a lot…! LOL ( meals with champagne in a very good restaurant for 4 ! )
    I was so positive when I bet ! but I am doubtful now….

    * sigh *! Fingers crossed !! lol

  30. A few words about Bieber. He cried after his performance at the Video Music Awards & when asked why, he said he was booed at another awards show so he was overwhelmed at the great reception he got at the VMA’s. Point being, for all his arrogance and conceit, he’s human, has feelings & gets hurt when slighted by his peers. That he cares and appreciates his fans has never come in question either. This new song was for all intents & purposes somewhat of a “comeback” if you will, for Bieber having broken records for the most streaming and sales the first week as well as What Do You Mean hit #1 for the first time ever for Bieber in Australia. It’s a catchy song and the video has almost 60 mil views to date. It’s a pretty good song. The video will probably be in the running for best one in next years VMA’s. Something that will never happen for David.

    But David seems quite happy with his life now. He’s able to come & go where he wants with little or no fanfare. He’s taking his time releasing his new music. He’s doing what he called “warm-up” shows I’m assuming he means the first 4 shows in the next 10 days which will tell him what works & what won’t work for him as well as giving us a more accurate assessment of the kind of career he wants going forward. I believe he wants to continue writing & recording, doing concerts in small venues, and being able to live the life he has right now. Will he ever win a VMA or a Grammy or an Oscar? Probably not. But I doubt he cares about all that now. The thing is that most artists who find satisfaction in their creativity, at some point want to be recognized by their peers for their work. I think someday David will too.

    Right now I just have one question. David has been sighted here & there in Idaho & Utah. Surely he’s not by himself so who’s going to all these places, like the BYU football game, with him? He was at a football player’s apt & who he didn’t know apparently, so who was David with at that apt? His brother-in-law? His brother? His dad (doubtful)? No one ever mentions who he’s with. But if it was a girl, we would know that for sure. I guess what I would like to hear is that he is with his brother. I don’t know why, but that would make me happy to know he and his brother are not estranged. It has made no sense to me that David is estranged from any member of his family when he is such a kind & loving person. Something just doesn’t seem right. Life is too short to hold grudges especially between fathers, sons, & brothers.

  31. Lugdunum, lol, hope you are the winner!!! My kind of fun bet!!! Yum champagne!! 🙂

    Ok lets talk, really enjoyed reading your comment.
    My take on getting accolades such as an artist you should always strive to put out excellent work, not for the purpose of receiving accolades, those are just extra. Of course, from a business stand point, strivng for those accolades is part of good business. Yes, I too believe David main objective is not to be popular or even to get accolades, but striving for excellence, imo, should be part of his career plan. As far as his relationship goes with his brother or even his father, really who knows that part of his life being that those two have not been mentioned by David, even when he has been pictured and mentioned his mother and sisters. I’m with you hope that there is no estrangement.

    • The answer for Kim Davis is so simple-quit your job and got another one that does not offend your religious beliefs.. Why this woman can’t be fired is beyond me. Clearly shows what is wrong with our system when someone can’t be fired for not doing their job. The situation is beyond ridiculous and no one should pay attention to her.
      Cq-will be watching DWTS tonight. Some interesting celebrities this year.

      • Now that she is back to work, if you can call what she is doing now work, she still won’t issue marriage licenses but she says she won’t stop the other clerks from issuing them. But she insisted they take her name off the licenses. So, my question is why is she still there when she is doing nothing and her name no longer represents the office. Why the h*ll is she needed at all? Since she was elected she can’t be fired they say, but why don’t they impeach her?

  32. Off topic: Man this Kim Davis chick feels it’s against her religion to issue a gay couple marriage license, but I bet she is ok with issuing license for a gun…not against her religion that gun is for killing, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  33. So David continues with the religious/spiritual tweets on twitter but doesn’t tweet to promote his own show this week. Wow. OK. Nothing changes. lol. It does not look to me that his followers have increased on twitter since his return from his mission. Why isn’t he posting tweets and pics of his practicing for the concert? I just don’t see where he is much of a secular artist anymore. More like a LDS music artist-Whatever that may be. lol. Will be watching DWTS tonight. 🙂

    • Agree with you Hope.
      For my part I no longer look at his FB orTwitter feed. I am tired of all his religious stuff.There is a limit to my patience and understanding.
      Even wonder if his promo post has really been posted by himself…

    • Agree Hope. I haven’t followed him on twitter in a long time so I hardly ever even use the account. I don’t even really think of him as a secular artist anymore. The concerts coming up are going to have a very large LDS attendance so I consider them concerts for LDS, not the general public even though some non LDS fans will be traveling to the concerts. He will probably always have a small core of non LDS fans who just won’t give up and will follow him anywhere. But, if we are being honest with ourselves, he is an LDS artist and will be followed by LDS fans at least as long as his title of returning missionary can hold them.

      • Hitandrun I agree. I don’t have twitter but I did check some of the responses online to his religious tweets. Some folks did tell him that them were tired of those tweets and good for them. They should not that he cares anyway. lol. I am quite sure many younger fans are just gone now from his fan base anyway. A few tweets sent to David- “pretty sad… u can sing but things like that I just gotta say… goodbye. Don’t miss your personal believes into music.”
        ” I would really love to hear some new music from you but I am so tired of you pushing your religion.”

        To be fair-David did receive supportive tweets from like minded folk. 🙂

  34. Hope, you bet ya, I’ll be watching DWTS, lol, really like that cheesy show, glittery customes and all, 🙂 tonight will also be the finale of SYTYCD, my prediction Gabbie (sp?) will win, we’ll see.

    As far as David tweet, instragram and facebook post yesterday, I don’t have an opinion that won’t cause some heated debate, so I’ll leave it alone. I’m just happy that he did promote his concerts with a new photo.

  35. I think Gabby will win also. Is this the finale tonight or are they picking the final 2 contestants who will compete for the title? Dancing with the stars is starting tonight also. And when is the new season of The Voice starting? Thank God for DVR. And then of course there will be videos from the concerts to watch . Well I hope so anyway. Good thing I’m retired. I wouldn’t have enough time to watch he very thing I want to see.

    • Moelita, yes, me too, worked and truly enjoyed my life before retirement,but am enjoying it just as much now. I do have time on my hands to do what I feel is important and still have plenty of time to enjoy fun stuff too, which includes this continued journey with David’s career, 🙂 Really looking forward for videos from the concerts, especially his new song or songs. Wonder if he will do any songs from the Forevermore album, hum.

      You maybe right about SYTYCD, two fun show tonight, 🙂

  36. David will have no problem being an LDS music artist, 🙂 Enjoying seeing how it all unfolds, that is if he wants to venture beyond that bubble…very interesting!!! Concerts are going to be very telling.

    • David’s making the rounds at BYU, giving his “testimony”. So I would say he is most definitely an LDS artist first & foremost. Not that he won’t sing secular songs in his coming concerts, but as hitandrun said, the audiences will be mostly LDS.

      Just a thought…If David was a Catholic, instead of going on a mission & being known as a “Elder Archuleta the Singing RM” he would have gone into the Priesthood and would be known as “Father Archuleta, the Singing Priest”.

      Kind of like this:

  37. Ok lets talk, I saw that video before, he’s great! Yes, for sure about David!! lol

  38. The one thing that boggles my mind, is how he tweets on Sundays. Its like we hardly hear from him period. He never tweets about his writing or career, except for the pic with dates and rehearsals. And yet he tweets on Sundays. Although, they are mostly religious in nature. Before his mission, he wouldn’t dare tweet on a Sunday. It was a no-no. It also leads me to the conclusion that he really isn’t or even wants to be a secular artist. IMO.

  39. I have read all of the comments and they were rather interesting. Yes, his concerts will definitely tell his tale and there may be no more wondering after all of that.

    It is funny what goes through your mind or rather comes from your mind at times. So I read all of the comments and then this poem by A. A. Milne came immediately to my mind.

    Halfway down the stairs
    is a stair
    where i sit.
    there isn’t any
    other stair
    quite like it.
    i’m not at the bottom,
    i’m not at the top;
    so this is the stair
    I always

    Halfway up the stairs
    Isn’t up
    And it isn’t down.
    It isn’t in the nursery,
    It isn’t in town.
    And all sorts of funny thoughts
    Run round my head.
    It isn’t really
    It’s somewhere else

    It means to me that David is on that step that isn’t quite anywhere in particular and he is definitely on his own. All the best to David and I hope he gets somewhere before too long.

    • I agree that David is on his own but he has made it that way. He really doesn’t have the team in place to have any type of successful music career and he knows it. No record label, no high powered and aggressive management, no decent PR, no connections in the music industry. You need to pay for those services and be highly motivated and driven. You also can’t do it alone and have to listen to the professionals. David does not seem to be motivated with anything besides his religion.

  40. sandybeaches, interesting analogy.

    However, I believe David knows exactly where he is and what he’s doing. Not musically or his where his “career” such as it is now, will lead. He’s seems to be in his element when speaking to his ‘brethren” or singing to his like-minded LDS folk. I’m not sure David is too concerned about what to do with the rest of his life. Look at the ease with which he speaks & sings to a room of COLLEGE students at BYU. Before his mission, I don’t think he could have done such a thing. I believe if he has any success as an artist, he will “use” his celebrity to continue to bring his “gospel” in his own way to as many people as he can. I believe he thinks that is his “calling”. He’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing as a “Priest” in the Mormon church. That is the most important & most meaningful thing he feels he is doing and what he feels he is meant to be doing. I see it every day in everything he says & does and how he interacts with anyone.

    The concerts, IMO, are a financial necessity because that’s all he knows how to do as far as making a living. But a “Teacher” in the LDS community is where he is excelling at this point in time. The “career”, which should be his priority, is in IMO, secondary.

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