Happy Labor Day!

Guess what I heard at my Labor Day picnic today? 🙂

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  1. One of my favorite performances by David . 🙂 Thanks for posting the video hg. Happy Labor Day Everyone!!!!

  2. One of my favorite performance by David too, Thanks Hg for posting. He was so young, yet with this performance, imo, he seemed so confident and somewhat mature for his age,
    Hope all had a great Labor Day!!

    🙂 🙂 David posted a promo on, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with a (imo) great promo NEW picture…it won’t be long before we’ll (hope for ninja videos) hear some new music, 🙂

  3. Cq I really like the new picture too. I can’t wait for the first show so we can have some idea of David’s music direction. I hope it’s vocally driven indie type music. However, I believe that whichever direction he chooses I know I will love his voice.

  4. Hope everyone had a happy and relaxing Labor Day. The last federal holiday until Thanksgiving! So many interesting things happening in-between that time regarding David. We will finally get to see & hear what actual direction, musically, he wants to pursue if he adds some of his “new” songs to his set. A lot will be revealed about David in the next few months.

    Now I have to mention the “self promo” and photo David posted. Needless to say, it came a big but very welcomed surprise and not a moment too soon as it obviously helped the ticket sales for the Idaho shows. Don’t know about the picture though. I know the photo wasn’t taken specifically for his self-promo but I would have preferred a photo showing a little excitement or some hint of him looking forward to finally doing some shows for all his fans instead of the pensive and very serious expression. It reminded me of his vlog where he didn’t want to do the vlog but just felt pressured. So maybe he chose to post that particular photo for a reason? This is only my opinion. I know everyone on the sites love the picture though because at least he looks his age and it’s a recent photo so what do I know. Isn’t it weird though how different David looks in that photo in comparison to the latest photo of him holding the little pug pooch the other night at Kelly Clarkson’s concert? Like two different David’s or as if the pics were taken years apart and we know that’s not the case. He’s still an enigma. Even in his photographs.

    I also liked David’s performance of DLTSGDOM. Was it really 7 years ago? He gave his all that night, no doubt about it. Kind of like he really wanted and was trying to win! At least that’s how it seemed to me. 😉

    Good night. Work week starts tomorrow. **sigh**

  5. I do like the promo picture I think it’s a bit edgy and different.
    Robin, lol, yes, the photo of him holding the little pug (cuteness) didn’t even seem like the David on the promo photo, he will forever be a chamelon, 🙂

  6. i still get goosebumps watching this performance. i think it’s arguably one of his best vocals ever.

    happy labor day everyone. is anybody enjoying the us open as much as me? venus and serena williams play each other tomorrow night. i.can’t.wait! 🙂

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