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  1. Yes indeed cq. You are spot on. Love the snark. 😄

  2. cq- maybe bliss is on a date tonight thus the illusion he’s ignoring us LOL I know he’s reading this right now and just like I knew ray wouldn’t apologize…. ass!

  3. David said, in his vlog: “I’m sorry, but after these 2 years away and feeling comfortable to be myself, I do not want to be the suck-up type just so I can get more fans, more likes, more attention and fame.”

    Yes, I’d say he used a poor choice of words (suck-up) but he made it perfectly clear in that statement that he’s going to do what he wants to do, not matter who likes it, including fans.

    An artist needs a few things for success. One, good music. Two, promotion so people hear about that music, whether it’s from David or a good PR firm. I say good PR firm because so far his promo info is from more than 4 years ago, photos and mentioning his one hit, Crush. The third thing is that people have to actually like the artist. Making a public comment that implies that he doesn’t care what fans think doesn’t seem like it would make them inclined to like him much.

    I seriously doubt you’d see Taylor Swift or any other major success saying something like that to the people who support them. So, yeah, I don’t see superstardom on the horizon for him unless something in his attitude and the way he interacts with his fans changes.

    If he continues on as he is now, he’ll continue to have the type of career he has now. If he’s happy with that, then he’s good to go.

    • lol, suck up, well, he sure sucks up to his church, lol

    • Another thing (sorry I’m on a roll, lol) yes, seriously saying I don’t want to suck up to you meaning his fans, holy moly!!!

      • LOL cq, I don’t mean he necessarily needs to suck up. But even it it’s the truth, he didn’t need to actually TELL fans that. I just don’t think it was a smart move on his part. It offended a lot of people.

    • lol, sorry, Anon Too, I am in a very weird snarky mood… yes, it was not a good choice of wording.

  4. David’s opener for a few shows is a 17yr old singer. Checked out her songs, hum sweet kid and is donating some of the money she make for charity, a good fit as far as the ‘right’ type of artist he would want to associate with. Imo, her singing is ok, but a little annoying…but that’s just me. She is a cute kid though and probably will be loved by all the diehard archies.

    • CQ, the “17 year old singer” that you referenced as David’s opener is an actual person with a name. It is Gracie Schram. Since you obviously cared enough to research her and watch a video of her music, you might have stepped out of character to show her the respect of mentioning her name.This “annoying” singer, as you describe her voice, has done this already in her young life.

      “I Am Me” marks Gracie’s first time working with a full-fledged producer, but, surprisingly, it’s not her first album. At the age of 10, she recorded and self-released a six-song CD to benefit underprivileged children in Haiti and Africa. The impressively polished Showers from God went on to raise more than $30,000 for The Global Orphan Project, and the follow-up 7-song release, Different, also benefitted charity.”

      She seems like a person David would love to share the stage with, and a person you would have absolutely no use for.

      • I do admire her charity work, but it doesn’t mean I have to like her voice, you however, can feel free to love and admire whoever you want, no one is stopping you.. 🙂

      • CQ, if you admire her charity work why didn’t you bother to mention her name? She’s 17. Must you post that you find her voice “annoying”. Have you no sense of decency at all? Your need to post an opinion about everyone and everything is really what is “annoying”. I mean, who gives a sh** what you think about this young girl’s voice? No wonder you post on here 24/7 and beg HG to reopen the comments when she shuts it down for a few days.. You probably have burned out all the people in your personal life with all your “opinions” about every thing you see or hear.

      • Bliss, That’s very nice that she’s a wonderful person, a perfect compliment to David’s personality. But, being a wonderful person doesn’t make her sing any differently. I don’t care for her voice either.

        She has a lovely sweet voice, I just don’t care for quiet, sweet, acoustic style music. People have a right to not like someone’s voice or music. Or are you saying we don’t have the right to choose what we like or don’t like as long as David likes it? Geeezzz!!

        As a fan of David, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I prefer deeper, richer tones.

      • Of cours, everyone give a …sh** what you think because your words are only words of wisdom, yes, yes, bliss, let me just say how special you are and your 24/7 commenting is totally different because after all you are on a ‘mission’ 🙂

      • Anon Too, the point is not whether anyone likes a given singer’s voice. I don’t like every singer’s voice. No one does. It’s about having a sense of decency and humanity to show some restraint and refrain from posting negative opinions about a young girl just because she is going to perform with David. Also, to purposely not even mention her name is hostile and dismissive. This girl is young enough to be the granddaughter of most of the people here, including CQ.. Is nothing sacred anymore and is everyone “fair game” to be insulted, no matter their age, just because someone can hide behind a screen name?

  5. well said cq- I agree!

  6. Her voice didn’t do anything for me either. I could never figure out why every time David likes someone’s music or someone opens for him we are all supposed to love them too. To be honest I usually don’t like his opening act or most of the artists he has raved about. I love David’s voice and his music . I would rather it was just him and he sang more songs.l guess it is giving an up and coming artist a chance to play to a bigger audience.

    • You mean David has always had an “opener” for his solo concert tours?? Well, I’ll be!

      Just kidding of course, but the point is, his previous “openers” thus far have yet to attain much success that I’m aware of. But I couldn’t care less who they were and can’t even remember their names or if they were any good or not.

      Did anyone? Remember who his past “openers” were, I mean? Really, who cares anyway. It’s not like it matters one way or another who opens for him.

      • Whatever, lol, apparently CQ cares. She researched who the girl is and listened to a You Tube video of her singing, which she posted she found “annoying”. Then she mocked her charity work and mocked David’s fans by saying “she is a cute kid though and probably will be loved by all the diehard archies.” , as if she’s not one of them.

        What is the value in putting down this sweet young girl who is opening for David? It’s cruel ,and coming from someone old enough to be her grandmother, it’s downright disgusting.

    • Bliss, I did not put down her charity work, get a grip..

  7. Bliss, You need to get a grip, dude. Cq didn’t remember her name. Big deal! Since when is that such a heinous crime? I didn’t remember her name either.

    I realize you can only comment if you’re insulting someone. But you’re digging pretty deep there to try to find a reason to complain. That has to be your most ridiculous rant yet.

    • Anon Too, obviously you cannot or refuse to get the point of my response to CQ, so let’s not belabor the issue. The bottom line is, CQ is nasty and you are nasty. What else is new? This site has no moral center and no soul. Fortunately David has both a moral center and a soul, and is ignoring those that choose to infect him with their ugliness.

      • hhahahahaha, no moral center and no soul…btw blissy, you feel offended when someone calls you names, but of course, again no problem calling others names because you are speaking for the ‘morally centered and of course with souls” lol. yes, stiill in a snarky mood, 🙂

    • RME. Why legitimize and encourage his nonsense by engaging with him?

      • CChalo, I know you think of me as a troll. You like calling me names. I understand. All children do that. Do you also view Marlie as a troll? After all she came on here today to challenge some posters. What are you afraid of? Why is it so important to you that people ignore my posts? If my posts were, as you say, “nonsense” then they wouldn’t be worthy of a response. People can do whatever they want with my posts, including ignoring them. You repeatedly admonish those who respond to me and implore them to ignore me. Ironically, it is you who is being ignored because the people you are talking to realize that this is a blog and choosing to respond or ignorepost a is what a blog is all about.

        Feel free to “scroll on by” when you see my name if you don’t like my posts, which you obviously are not doing, and try to refrain from advising others to do what you seem unable to do yourself. If you were following your own advise, you wouldn’t know what I’ve posted and would have no basis to call my posts “ridiculous” since you hadn’t read any of them.

      • “…try to refrain from advising others to do what you seem unable to do yourself”

        Getting richer and richer…

  8. Anon #47, I brought your post from yesterday here to make it current beacasue you make some excellent and true points. Here’s your post:

    “Fans expect more from artists. They want more interaction.” No they don’t. Maybe children or groopies do, but normal people don’t. They have lives to live. They buy a ticket to a concert to get away for the evening to listen to an artist that they admire. They enjoy themselves and then they go home. They don’t have time to “interact” with the artist afterwards. They have a family to get back to and things to do the next day.

    And luckily 90 percent of ticket sales to a local concert are sold to normal people, not groopies.

    David knows this and that’s why he’s disconnected himself from the crazies online.”

    Great post, Anon #47

    I ‘ve been to many shows and always enjoy talking to people in the lobby before and after the show. Virtually every person, and they are old and young,male and female, etc. never heard of a fan site and do not read Twitter or any social media. They are, however, fans of David’s music, and when David is in their area (in this case NYC) they try to get to one of his shows.

    They don’t care about his hair, his parents, his siblings, his pants, what he had for lunch, whether he has a girlfriend, and his religion. In short, they are fans of his music, period. They are regular folks behaving appropriately towards a singer they like. They don’t want David to talk to them and they don’t expect anything for their concert buck but a concert.

    After the show, everyone raves about what a great show it was, how warm and comfortable David was and how fantastic a singer he is. It happens every time, and I couldn’t agree more with them.

    What goes on on this site is a bizarre mutation of what being a fan of an artist is in the real world. David’s popularity as a singer/performer will be determined by the 90+% of those who enjoy his music, attend concerts, and return to their lives. David is doing the right thing by not engaging and encouraging these obsessed deluded people who “invested” their time and money in a fantasy that could never become reality, and are now lashing back at him on this strange site that pretends to be a “celebration of his artistry”.

    • Ok bliss I’ll bite, so how did these fans came to knowing about David, hum, I’m sure not through another media meduim, say TV. Oh, I guess they didn’t watch him on tv, he booked and they came. Even all the venues that he is booked use the web to advertise,, maybe 5years ago there was less activity as far as fans knowing about the artist in social media, I do believe it has changed and social media is a very big part of today’s artists.

  9. Everyone can decide what kind of fan they want to be. Some people like the artist to be more engaged with fans. Some people just want the artist to release new music every now and then and attend concerts. Some people like to chat on fan sites. Some people like to think they know how everyone else should feel and behave. Why not just let everyone decide for themselves. I don’t know for sure but I assume most of the people who comment on this and other websites are adults. We don’t need the comment police to let us know what we should say or how we should say it. None of us know David personally. It’s arrogant to think we can speak for him or know how he feels about fans.

    • Moelita, fan sites and blogs have guidelines, and this one is no exception. HG has it clearly posted, and it says:

      “The subject of this blog is David Archuleta. No topic is off limits, but always be respectful of both David and each other. Any comments containing personal attacks WILL be deleted”.

      David has been under a relentless campaign on this site of “personal attacks” against his person, his religion and his profession for 3 1/2 years, yet not one of those attacks has been deleted. No one, including the Administrator of this site has done anything to discourage or delete any of these hateful attacks on David. It’s all done in the name of “free speech”, yet when I or anyone else exercises their right of free speech to challenge or disagree with the bashers, it is called “bullying”. No one has been bullied more viciously on this site than David.

      I don’t know how long you have been reading the posts on this site, but if you go through the Archives, you’ll see what I am talking about., It is a stain on the good name and talent of David Archuleta, who has been and continues to be demonized by the bitter, vindictive ex fans who are allowed to run amok on this blog.

  10. CQ, I did not ask them how they found out that David was appearing at Westbury, Irving plaza, etc. It was none of my business. I did ask a number of people, including teenage fans, if they read and/or posted on fan sites and was surprised to learn how few were actively involved in any online posting. I’m sure these people found out about the concert from somewhere online since there really is nowhere else to find out about anyone’s concerts these days, or they were members of the venue and found out that way.

    However method it took, they were at the show, loving the show, and not the slightest bit interested in anything about David but what was taking place on the stage. After the final standing ovation, everyone filed out, happy to have been there, no one complaining about anything, and returned to their lives. These are the people who made his career pre-Mission and will make his career now. They enjoy David’s music, don’t think he owes them anything, don’t care if he talks to them about his life, and do not think that the money they spent on David’s shows or CDs was sort of an investment that he needs to respect by doing what they want him to do now.

    Anyone who bought more CDs than they needed, thinking that they were a part of David’s career and now expecting David to appreciate their “sacrifice” are living in a dream world and getting a huge dose of deserved reality.

    The people here are very proud of saying that they are part of the “real world”. Welcome to the Real World of David Archuleta 2015.

    • lol, Bliss,I don’t really see the difference, if you think it wasn’t your business to know how they found out about David, but it was ok to find out if they went on inline or fansites, but whatever.

      So once again David is the only artist in the world to have a ‘real world” career and every other artists are having a phony career, interesting.

      • And if you are just talking about his career before the mission, I’m sorry, I wouldn’t say it was all phony, anyway the hard work he put into his career and the money he made, imo was not phony, the only thing that was phony was the way he interacted with his fans, from what I understand.

      • CQ,Why do call David’s interaction with fans “phony”? Phony implies that David intentionally behaved in a fraudulent manner to achieve some goal or benefit. The fact is, stated by David, that he was/is an introvert and had difficulty dealing with the onslaught of attention and frenzy that his popularity created. Calling him “phony” is a very unkind, as well as untrue, thing to say about him, and is another example of the anger towards David that the posters on this site have for him.

      • “Constantly forcing myself to be talkative, animated, on the camera, etc. for the sake of all of you getting to know me only pushed me into a corner of letting all of you get to know someone who wasn’t even myself.”

        Fake and intentional.

      • Quote, what’s YOUR intent in researching and finding this quote from David? As for the quote itself, I see nothing in it that would indicate that David was intentionally trying to deceive anyone to gain some sort of advantage. He was just sharing his vulnerable feelings at the time, something he no longer chooses to do publicly, because people like you distort what he’s actually saying.

      • Thanks quote for the quote, lol.

  11. the only thing phony.is this site,and the sick old ladies.on it.cotton candy is so ugly she can only atract desperat gay men.she is ugly both inside and out.

  12. Why you people spend so much time on an emotionally stunted, emotionally immature washed up karoake singer from a wacko religious cult who didn’t have the drive, guts or smarts to cut it in the big leagues of the music business is beyond me. He lacks the confidence, and knows deep down he doesn’t have the smarts or drive to take his talent out of his nice little safe LDS bubble in Utah. He’s a quitter, he’s a liar, he’s not worthy of the time and attention still being poured out for him, when he has made it known it is neither appreciated or wanted. Quit holding on to the past, quit holding onto the broken dreams and false hope. LET IT GO.

    • haha, well I do notice you are here reading and commenting, hum, I will do what I want and post as long as Hg continues with this blog. I don’t agree with you about David being washed up karaoke singer, I still think he is a great singer (but that’s omo) and I still think that following him is still interesting. I have made no bones about how I feel about his religion and yes, I still have very strong feelings on that subject, but it’s his personal life and if indeed he decides to make that a focus or part of his music career, it’s still his business and I do believe he will have enough of the same minded followers to sustain a career, sure not what I feel his voice could achieve, but a washed up karoake singer, imo, no.

      • What has he done that’s REALLY been interesting in the last couple years? Musically? Zilch. Other than a mission? Zilch. The most interesting thing to me is him telling you delusional idiots to eff off, your services were no longer needed. And what do you do? Act like a desperate, clinging girlfriend/boyfriend/wife who won’t or can’t accept the fact he/she has been dumped, and the other party has moved on. David dumped (on) all of you, and you still hang around begging for and taking any scraps he throws your way. Where’s the pride? Self respect? Loving someone who doesn’t love you is a fool’s game, and you all have been played out.

      • Actually people like you make things interesting…lol.

      • Btw, shouldn’t you being taking you message to other sites, lol, or haven’t you gotten the message this site is anti David site already.

  13. Watching the VMA awards which Miley us hosting. Nick Jonas is performing. Boy has he turned his career around. David is just so far outside the music/entertainment business at this point . He obviously does not care so why should anyone else? David does lack the drive to have success in the music industry. Could not be more obvious. Back to watching VMAs. 🙂

    • Hope, obviously you still care because here you are posting on SD. As for the VMAs, David would never associate himself with the cesspool of tits and ass that masquerades as “music” today. He is very far removed from the mainstream, and the people who be his fans moving forward will not be the ones drooling over the VMA Awards tonight. Guess what? Nick Jonas doesn’t want your fandom, no matter how much he reminds you of that cute guy you liked in High School.

      • David apparently doesn’t want YOUR fandom, nor that of any of the other clinging delusional Idol fans left posting here and elsewhere. What more does he need to do or say to get that point across? He’s evidently content being a singer fronting for a wacko cult, so if that’s his choice, let him be the poster boy for his religion that he loves above all else. There’s a sucker born every minute. The Mormons know this better than anybody, as David has managed to stay in the minds and pocketbooks of a small but ever dwindling core group of old Idol fans.Talking about him, defending him doesn’t matter – he don’t care. These “fan” sites purpose is pretty obvious – they are processing boards for fans unable to process rejection to process and make peace with their dismissal from the land of David.

    • Hi cq 🙂 DWTS and The Voice will be on very soon. 🙂 VMAs are not that good but then they never are. lol. For the young kids really or David’s age range. Kanye’s speech made no sense at all really to me. What was that all about? Although reality stars like Donald Trump wanting to be president are highly entertaining but a joke. I think Kanye gets that but who knows maybe he is serious. Miley is just Miley. Taylor Swift needs to just go away for awhile. Enough already.

  14. David obviously don’t care whether the remaining sites are pro or anti David, so why should you or anyone else? I’d think you’d all be tired of voicing all the same old hopes/plans/dreams/platitudes/gripes for the future, listening to the same old boring songs, watching the same old videos for 8 years, trying to say the same old things but in new ways… everything about David Archuleta is past tense – he nor his music has progressed – he’s regressed back into the nice little safe obedient Mormon boy he was groomed from birth to be. LET IT GO.

  15. Okay so I just got the word play for all your screen names. You really are a wanker, Wayne Kerr. I wish David could have a PBS special. Most people would probably think that would be boring. However, it is family friendly. Also you have to be able to sing. It would showcase him as an artist and from what I have seen from watching other performers , it is great promotion. Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli, Alfie Boe, The Canadian Tenors have all had specials and have benefited greatly from them. My favorite part is you can get the cd or dvd. Win win for me.

    • The ship sailed 6 or 7 years ago on that PBS Special thing IMO… he had to strike while his iron was hot. A PBS special would have been great for his career then. I cannot foresee this type of media exposure happening for him again as he’s demonstrated no interest in pursuing the type of musical and promotional path that would help get him there.

  16. No matter where his career (or lack of) lands, I’m still curious about what music he will put out. I guess he does have (according from what Kari said) plans on singing some new songs for these concerts, so why not stick around. I’ve enjoy conversering even though, yes, it is on the repeat button at times, but I’m realistic about David, don’t have any delusion about him no matter what I post, lol.

  17. Wayne Kerr you do realize that while you have been on here telling everyone they are fools to be on a David Archuleta fan site you yourself have posted 6 or 7 comments. Pot meet kettle.

    • *Yawn* Molita… I’m bored, with no desire to pretty up or filter anything I say. The posters here are so one dimensional and humorless and predictable in comments and responses. I’m a student of the IDGAF school of commenting – try it sometime.

  18. HUGE HINT…Nothing has changed. His “new” music will sound just as stale and boring as his old music. IMO you nor your fellow “fans” are really hanging around for the “music”. You’re hanging around because you’ve they’ve or their fandom has been rejected and you’re going to hang on to your dashed David hopes and dreams if it kills you.The fat lady been singing. You all haven’t been listening.

    Cue the universal theme song for the rejected fans:

  19. Crude though her/his screen names may be (Wayne Kerr, Harry Balzac lol), he/she has made some very valid points about the fans who are still hanging on hoping David will somehow still meet their dreams and expectations for him. Though I have mostly given up on him and have only a small amount of even giving a sh** what happens with his career there is still enough of a sliver to bring me back here from time to time. But old habits are hard to break. And there are times when this fan site at least can be great entertainment. Certainly more entertaining than David has been for the last 3 years. And for whoever brought it up, David’s “suck up” comment was pretty much what finished me as a fan and I just don’t see myself ever caring about what happens to him no matter what he does in the future.

  20. OMG – this is like a middle school playground at recess:

    “I know you are but what am I?”

    “Kindergarten baby, wash your face in gravy..”

    “You aren’t the boss of me!”

    “FU” (I heard my big brother say that so I’m going to say it.)

    • Don’t you have your own “David fan-site”? Why come here if you don’t like what you read?

      As for me, I like this site for it’s entertainment value and sometimes I get some info about David I otherwise wouldn’t know.

    • Marlie, what I find most amazing is that an educated woman and an educator like HG would allow her name to be associated with the idiocy that passes for “interesting commenting” on her site. She has been a fan of David’s since the beginning, posted on the early sites, and is respected by Rascal, who came on here a few weeks ago to praise her. She created this site years ago to celebrate David’s talent, and has, in recent years, allowed the “inmates to run the asylum” to the point that her site is now the laughing stock of the fan base.She rarely if ever posts on her own site, and basically will post a pic, a video or a tweet, call it a thread, and “let the dogs out” to post all sorts of cruel, false and bitter comments about David. None of them are ever deleted, even though she has posted very clear guidelines that forbid such disrespect.

      Ironically,the only person she has ever taken issue with is me, the one person who comes on here to speak well of David and to challenge the daily barrage of insults directed at everything imaginable about David. The only conclusion I can draw is that she also has turned on David, agrees with all the bashing of him, and likes the fact that her minions here do the dirty work of putting David down for her. Why else would she tolerate the garbage that is posted on her site?

      David has always appreciated his older fans, but this group is “older” only in age. In terms of emotional maturity, we’re dealing here with people who David outgrew by the time he was 20.

      • Hi blissy, if Hg did care to pay attention to her site at this time, I have no doubt your comments would be the first to be deleted followed by rays. 🙂
        From what I understand when Hg decided to keep her site’s comments open, but not be that active until we get some new music or career related stuff for her to comment.

      • Btw, you don’t come here to speak well of David, you come here to criticize others.

      • CQ, that’s a lie and you know it’s a lie. This site is about celebrating David, and those who choose to disrespect the purpose of the site should be called out by the Administrator. Unfortunately, HG doesn’t care what is posted on her site about David, and as a fan of his, I am offended by what I read. As a result, rather than let the garbage pile up, I choose to do HGs work for her. I should send her a bill for all the sanitation work I do on her site, although it’s very hard to keep up with the avalanche of daily garbage that accumulates here.

      • Btw what part of as “from what I understand” don’t you understand, bliss 🙂

  21. Goodbye Summer! a big F U to hello autumm! he knows who he is!

    it’s not our fault the fandom has falled apart. we tried, we stayed, we were patient good little fans like we were asked to be. so know wonder people are upset.

  22. I’ll say one thing for this great site, rarely is it quiet and it’s definitely never boring, lol. It was a change of pace being criticized by a few other drop in commenters instead of the resident criticizer, lol.

  23. yeah wtf??? lol 😀

  24. hg doesent care for david, she is just a token college professor,( no proff of that) from the 70ts,

    • Ray, is that you again?

      Actually, HG is a college professor. She’s also an author having written and had some of her books published.

      What have you accomplished?

    • Yes, luveithere, a very accomplished lady, I have one of her books, Body As Evidence, very interesting read. She also wrote, Venus in the Dark:blackness and Beauty in Popular Culture.

  25. “Btw, you don’t come here to speak well of David, you come here to criticize others.” Absolutely, cq. May I add to get attention in a most pathetic way. Mommy may not have paid enough attention to poor old blissy, thus the pathological need for attention as exhibited here.

    This site is entertaining, I will agree with that. Just reading the made up name of our troll is entertainment. I no longer feel the need to keep up with David daily, as life has taken over, but I still find entertainment value in watching what he does and how his fans react.

    I cannot believe the garbage and baiting blissy-boy posts about HG. She has demonstrated, not that she even needs to, that she is a true fan. She has more class in her little finger, than blissy-boy could ever hope to attain. The fact that she has allowed his ridiculous ranting, endless name calling, and below the belt hits to go on, shows me she is fair to all. If you don’t thing HG is running her site to your standards, blissy, get the hell out of here. You just show your true colors over and over and over. I pity you and your pathetic attempts at attention seeking.

    Yes Yes Yes, I have read the comments and replied to blissy-boy. Come on bb, tell me what a hypocrite I am for reading and replying after I ignored you for so long. I can’t wait!.

    • i believe it’s possible that bliss may be suffering from early onset dementia. they typically hold a lot of anger at what’s happening to them and look for any slight, whether real or imagined, to vent that anger. he’s chosen to do it here rather than in real life so no one knocks his teeth out.

    • Anne, I agree can’t believe how he has no filter talking about Hg and her site. He can trash me all he wants, but dang, it totally gets to me when he trashes Hg.

      • CQ, for someone who claims that David “sucks up” to the LDS Church, you sure do a lot os “sucking up” to HG. I’ve never seen such shameless ass kissing in my life. Of course, you should be doing that, even though she opens and shuts down this site with no regard for your needs whatsoever. If HG shuts this site down, you will be without anywhere to post. Don’t even think of trying to post on FOD. Your reputation will precede you, as will your posts about FOD and David, made on this site over the years. I’ll call it “The Best of CQ”.

  26. anne pot calling kettle black, you don,t come here to speack well of david eather, nor anny of you ass hole freoinds.includeing hg( two faced)

  27. wow ray how ignorant can u be?! she obviously believes in free speech, lucky for u, or u would have been banned long time ago. be grateful ass!

    • Honestly I just ignore most of the comments here that are annoying to me. I just don’t care anymore about what David does or does not do OR what some comment here so it is very easy for me to do. 🙂 Just my two cents. 🙂

      • Just finished watching SYTYCD. Hope, the opening dance to Everybody Hurts was awesome, the singer did a great job (Jasmine Thompson), but, lol, all I could think, would love it to of been David singing, lol. I think that Gaby and Jaja will be the top two, but glad that Virgil and Hailee made the finale.

      • I agree with you cq that those 2 will be the top 2. Some interesting celebrities on DWTS this season. Still think it would have been a smart career move for David to push himself out of his bubble and try to be on that show but obviously not going to happen now. 🙂

      • Hope,,you never know what will happen down the road as far as David’s career goes, but yes, as of right now, I don’t see him going outside of that bubble. Thing is that maybe he will go the route like his opening act (Gracie Shrudom?) as a singer philanthroprist, which I think is a good fit for him, not about him, but can feel comfortable because it would be about the charity. That being said, lol, that kind of career would do so much more good (after all it’s about raising money and awareness for the charity) if he was a big star. Let’s face it, there is billions of dollars that wouldn’t be available to a lot of charitable organizations if a lot of big name artists (in all areas of entertainment) would not lend their name/time etc…you know those phonies in the entertainmennt world, lol

      • CQ, This, from you :”Thing is that maybe he will go the route like his opening act (Gracie Shrudom?) as a singer philanthroprist, which I think is a good fit for him, not about him, but can feel comfortable because it would be about the charity. That being said, lol, that kind of career would do so much more good (after all it’s about raising money and awareness for the charity) if he was a big star”.

        What you are saying here is that David’s refusal to do what he “could” be doing to become a big star is actually hurting his charitable work because” the bigger the star the more money they raise”. I’ve got to hand it to you. You find more ways to put David down and insult him than anyone else here. And when you “lol” you are also mocking him, and you know that you love mocking anyone that displeases you.

        Do you really think that you are fooling anyone with the sneaky little ways you post your disrespect for David? Not only do you insult David, you also insult the intelligence of anyone with a lick of sense by thinking that your paper thin B.S. about David can’t be seen.

      • HAHA, Hey blissy where were your comments when drive by commenters came in to trash David, oh, I know, no, that’s not your mission, your mission is to interpret every comment I make as a put down…love it!!!!! You can read whatever you want into that comment, enjoy!!!!

      • CQ, be careful. You placed the very existence of this site in jeopardy yesterday with a very sloppy post. I think you know. what I mean.

  28. It’s so quiet on all the sites considering David’s first official concert is in two weeks. No word yet about a full band or if it will be like the Roots Tech and Religious Freedom appearances. Or will he use music tracks for some songs? Surely he will have a band, but maybe it’s not that big a deal? I guess Gina is handling all those details as his manager which is part of her job, no? I guess we will soon find out.

    cq, absolutely nothing you have posted has ever put this site in “jeopardy” so I don’t know what the heck he’s talking about. He’s the one who’s been trying to shut this site down to no avail. If HG ever decides to close this site, it will be because of David himself and what he chooses to do or not to do regarding his career. As long as there’s a chance David will live up to her expectations and what she thinks he’s more than capable of as an artist, she will keep this site open.

    Maybe there are some new “news” I haven’t heard about yet. If so, I hope it’s all good. 😉

    • luveithere, yes very quiet, thought there would be more excitement conversation in the other sites. As far as David goes, I do understand him being quiet, although, that’s normal now, lol, because he’s probably busy rehearsing, but yes, his team could get a bit of excitement going.
      lol, yet, don’t know what he’s talking about, but you bet he’ll twist this comment saying that it’s a slam, lol I agree with you about Hg, she is just waiting just like a lot (I’m guessing) of us, as what he chooses to do or not do regarding his career. I do miss her always thought provoking post. lol, of course, me saying this according bliss, lol, I’m a big suck up. 🙂

      • So you think David’s rehearsing? Whatever. Anyway, these first two concerts will give us an idea finally of what direction David will be taking as far as music but more so what his performances will be like. It will be interesting to say the least.

        At least ticket sales for the two concerts are selling slowly but surely. It will be a shame if his very first concert is not sold out especially for such a small venue. Never thought it would go that way for his very first & highly anticipated concert. If I remember correctly, there were a few concerts during the Demi tour when ticket prices were lowered die to slow sales in some venues. Or maybe it was for another tour, it was so long ago. There’s still time for Idaho though.

        Have a good night.

      • yes, Luveithere, I’m glad that the sales for those first two concerts are picking up. lol, well I’m assuming he is rehearsing. Btw, yes, it will be interesting to see what direction he will go as far as musical accompaniment. I like a band, but any type would be good because he can sure dang well sing.

    • Luvithere, you’ve made some curious observations in your post, so let me address them:

      1)”cq, absolutely nothing you have posted has ever put this site in “jeopardy” so I don’t know what the heck he’s talking about”

      You may not know what I’m talking about, but I assure you that CQ knows exactly what I’m talking about.

      2) ” He’s the one who’s been trying to shut this site to no avail”

      That nonsense has been promoted here for years. I have no desire not do I presume to have the influence to shut this site down. All I have ever wanted was that the posted purpose of the site be followed by those who come here. It is:

      “Soul David is a fan blog that celebrates the soul music dimensions and other aspects of David Archuleta’s artistry.”

      Calling David’s music “crappy, amateurish and boring”or gleefully agreeing with any and all put downs of David’s music violates the stated purpose of the site posted clearly for all to see by the Admin. of the site. Those who do it have been disrespecting both David and HG, and all the transparent flattery of HG done here in the hopes that HG will not shut down the site does not offset that disrespect.

      3)” If HG ever decides to close this site, it will be because of David himself and what he chooses to do or not to do regarding his career. As long as there’s a chance David will live up to her expectations and what she thinks he’s more than capable of as an artist, she will keep this site open.”

      I certainly hope that HGs expectations for David’s career are higher than her expectations of how David is treated and spoken of on this site. She has allowed David to be tarred and feathered for 3 1/2 years , and, amazingly, has told the one person who has regularly come on here to challenge the horrendous treatment of her once beloved David to “hit the road”. I’d like to know when HG decided to throw David under the bus and put him in the hands of those who seek to undermine him in every way possible.

  29. A couple of things David related: he tweets: “If we are too busy to help someone in need, then we should reconsider how important whatever is keeping us so busy” Nice words and it was actually his known words, not a quote. Yes, nice, but, lol, yes, I would also like to read just a smidgen of interest from him about his career. We all know what his priorities are, I don’t think one person would think other wise if he did show some enthusiasm for his career.
    I saw over at The Voice a short video of him endorsing Sprinkles Cupcakes, yum!! Over at FOD a fan posted a link to Twist Magazine where they picked up David’s quote. Nice to see aa mainstream magazine showing interested, although I would of liked a mention about him working on muisic and concerts coming up.

    Non David related: two very interesting star on DWTS, Gary Busey and Paula Deen, lol.

  30. Rumor alert. The reason David’s concerts are not being promoted by David is because they have been secretly promoting to only the LDS community. That’s who he really wants to sing to people.

  31. Hey Kimak, read your posts on FOD, if your lurking, you sure are missed, 🙂 So happy for you though that you are able to sending time with your family and especially with the new member, 🙂
    One more thing about David, he did send a video of him singing a hymn to a fan that sense has pasted away and it was posted on FOD the family thanking him..A wonderful thing for David to do.

  32. OOPS should be spending, lol, no sending.

  33. I think the fan was LDS. If he would do the same for a non-LDS fan I’d be encouraged that maybe he still cares for all his fans. Let me just say I am disappointed in David’s behavior because it lacks definition. You think you find a good soul in someone and then you realize they were playing charades. I don’t feel the same about David or his music anymore. I loved his music because I believed he sang from a pure heart, and I felt it. Pure hearts don’t discriminate and confuse. Pure hearts are incapable of feeling superior regardless of their position. The ego can become easily confused and manipulated.

  34. “If we are too busy to help someone in need, then we should reconsider how important whatever is keeping us so busy”

    It’s a lovely sentiment and I understand his reasoning and the point he is trying to make. It is also naive and comes from someone who obviously has not lived a real world life yet. Sometimes one has to work 60 or more hours a week to put a roof overhead and food on the table, no matter how much they would love to be able to scale back to be of assistance to someone in need, for example. If fun and games are keeping one from helping, then his point is taken.

    Just tired of the lecturing even if he doesn’t think he’s lecturing. He can lecture when he has a wife, 4 hungry children, an underwater mortgage and 2 car payments.

    • I think that the disconnect is that he’s 24 years old and probably focusing on role modeling and giving words of wisdom to people his own age, not us old folks so much.

      Re the rumor about marketing to LDS only: I haven’t seen evidence of that. What could have started that idea, IMO, is the Arizona show where some people who were obviously Mormon, bought the best tickets before it was announced. If that’s the source of the rumor, it was the venue that did that, not David.

    • Anne – those were my thoughts exactly. It made me think of my husband who when our kids were small worked 2 jobs 7 days a week from 5am until 9pm. What David tweeted was an insult to his memory. Perhaps he has never known anyone who worked long hours every day just to put food in his kids stomach and clothes on their backs. If so, he has led an uncommonly sheltered life.

      • That comment was from me. I didn’t notice that my screen name was gone from the box.

      • Hit and Run, we knew it was you. Who else would be so nasty and disrespectful to the person who this site was created to celebrate? Is there anything about David that doesn’t offend or annoy you in some way? Yet, here you are, unable to quit this person who is over 40 years your junior. Did you really say that David’s tweet “was an insult to his (your husband’s) memory”? You really do need to find another hobby. This David Archuleta thing is just not working out for you.

      • You know Bliss, I have been mostly ignoring your insults lately, but this one I can’t ignore. Just who the h*** do you think you are to question if I have the right to feel that my husband’s memory has been insulted by anyone. And just what did I say that was insulting to David? I just said he has led an uncommonly sheltered life. If you find that insulting how could you not find it insulting for David to suggest that working hard might not be a good enough reason for someone to not be helping others. And now I am admittedly going to insult you. You Bliss are an ignorant prick. You have nothing better to do than to patrol this website picking out things you personally feel are an insult to your precious lover (in your mind only). David has never asked you to police his fansites. He would be embarrassed and, I think, angry to know what you have been doing in his name. But you don’t care what David would think because you have no shame. You will continue to spend your time trolling for what you consider insults because you are a wasted shell of a human being with no discernible redeeming qualities and nothing better to do with your time. You have no right to try to tell me that I could not have thought about my deceased husband when I read David’s tweet and that the tweet made me feel angry. I remember how hard he used to work. I have a right to feel however the tweet made me feel and I have a right to say how it made me feel. No insults by such an empty human being are going to change that.

      • Hit and Run, you have absolutely no right to use the memory of your husband as a “safe” excuse to insult David, a young man who you feel personally rejected by,although he has done nothing to you. Keep your personal issues off this fan site, but by bringing them here, they become “fair game’ to be commented on, just like David’s religion, personal life, and career are said to be “fair game” by you and your posse of suburban grannies who think they can say whatever the hell they want to say about David.

        Here’s the deal. You insult David in any way, I come at you. There is no place for you to hide when you insult David. If you don’t think that what you said about David was an insult, then your mind is totally shot. David’s tweet had nothing to do with hard working people and you know it. You just seized on the opportunity to rag on David for the millionth time, and thought you could hide it. It didn’t work. Cut the crap. You’re way out of your league.

      • You know nothing about me you prick. You know nothing about my personal life. If I wanted to insult David I would insult him. I don’t need to use anyone as an excuse much less my deceased husband. My intention was not to insult David. It was to tell how his tweet made me feel. You’re the one who made it an insult.

        Just tell me where it is written that David can say anything at all and you excuse it because it was David and David can say and do no wrong. But let anyone else say something that wasn’t even an insult and you jump all over them and accuse them of insulting David when they did no such thing. You think people can just separate their personal feelings when David says something that causes them to feel bad because he couldn’t possibly have meant for them to feel bad because David is a saint and wouldn’t want anyone to feel bad. He made a tweet that could have been insulting to people who work very hard. Did he not learn anything from his tweet about marriage being between a man and a woman and the uproar that caused? Maybe it’s time for him to learn to think when he says something. He’s not a child anymore. He’s a man and it’s time for him to be treated like a man even to accepting the consequences for the things he says. This wasn’t even a quote from someone else. It was his words. You can blame all of us all you want and yes, you do want to blame us regardless of what we say or do. You delight in pouncing on every word and making it suit your own meaning because that’s what you do with that smelly pile of waste you call a brain.

        I said nothing wrong and I will not waste another word trying to explain what doesn’t need to be explained to you or anyone else.

    • Cchalo, yes, I too think that’s his target age group. One thing I will say he better bring music that age group enjoy..fun, high engergy, or romantic because I believe that age group are more into that type of music. Not saying that some inspiritual music can’t meet those catagories. The kick …ss music has to be there for that age group to stay interested…and I’m not talking about diehard fans, those will be there for him whatever he does.

  35. Robots Rule, I know at times it does seem that is his only interest, but I don’t think she is Mormon and I’m only going by the picture of her as to what she was wearing, no garments.
    Anne, I think it was a lovely sentiment too and was glad it wasn’t a quote but his own words, but yes, you have a very good point.

    • This is not a “quote” but this has already been said by other people. I had already heard it personally.( but then the person had deepened his thought explaining with concrete examples how very busy adults could help needy people )
      It is a recurrent religious theme. IMO David heard or read it from someone else…

    • Hi lugdunum, nice to see your comment, 🙂 That’s interesting, but still felt a little more personal, imo. As cchalo said his diehard that, imo, are mostly older fans are not his target. It does seem like he wants to build a singing career by continuing only bring these type of lessons and not mention his music…we’ll see if that will work for him?!?!

  36. I see that the cynics are out tonight dissected and diminishing David’s good deed and uplifting tweet. You people just can’t leave David alone to be the decent, warmhearted person he is. Instead of criticizing him, you should be emulating him.

    Anne, you don’t like being “lectured” by David, yet you lecture him all the time, including tonight. Read your post. You sound like a schoolmarm who is lecturing a student about what he “should” know. You don’t think THIS is lecturing:

    “It’s a lovely sentiment and I understand his reasoning and the point he is trying to make. It is also naive and comes from someone who obviously has not lived a real world life yet. . Sometimes one has to work 60 or more hours a week to put a roof overhead and food on the table, no matter how much they would love to be able to scale back to be of assistance to someone in need”.

    What’s next from you?. Smacking him with a ruler? You need to stop lecturing him, and if you think I’m lecturing you, you’re right. David doesn’t need lecturing. You do, however.

  37. Hey everyone, new anon here, been out of the David loop for a few years and have only recently been starting to come back into the fold and get caught up on things- I’m just curious, does anyone know if David and Jeff had a falling out or something? Jeff’s the only member of the family I haven’t seen in any pictures or videos with David since he came home, and I noticed he didn’t even mention Jeff on father’s day, just tweeted a quote about dads in general. I’m totally clueless these days, so like I said, just wondering about that.

  38. Na, Yes, Jeff’s been out of the picture, but I guess doesn’t mean David doesn’t have a good relationship with him, I guess. It does make one wonder if their relationship is estranged being how he publicly always praises his mother and sisters only, never mention his father or brother. Yes, it does seem like Dave’s family is not any different then a lot other families, even though from his COS it did seem that he had a perfect family.

    Hitandrun, I totally understand your fustration and having to say something. He has become a joke (lol, of course he will come and say we are the joke) and his admiration of David is beyond any one that I’ve read from all the diehard fans that comment…I mean to think (although he we he will profess that he doesn’t) that people can’t see things differently regardiing a quote is rediculous, but again, lol, he will say we are the rediculous ones.

    • CQ, this was Hit and Run’s take on David’s tweet:. “It made me think of my husband who when our kids were small worked 2 jobs 7 days a week from 5am until 9pm. What David tweeted was an insult to his memory”

      Here is David’s tweet:

      “If we are too busy to help someone in need, then we should reconsider how important whatever is keeping us so busy”.

      Can you see any way that someone could interpret David’s tweet to be an insult to people who work for a living? Do you think he meant that people should quit their jobs to help others? Does that sound like something David would think or say?

      Hit and Run is angry at David for growing up and growing out of his need to amuse her and the rest of his older fans with day to day tidbits about his life and career plans. Everything about David “insults” her. Just read her posts over the years. Of course she would seize on this opportunity to distort his words to further her negative agenda towards David.

      Everyone here likes to analyze David’s words or put words in his mouth. It’s their “hobby”. My hobby is confront those who intentionally post distortions and/or lies to vent their anger at David. This site is infested with such people, although their number is mercifully dwindling. David is being mistreated here. Unfortunately I can’t stop it, but I can and will do my best to limit the damage to him as he restarts his career. He’s earned my loyalty, and I’m happy to do whatever it takes to push back against any unjust negativity I see online. Hence, here I am.

      • Yep, bliss I have to agree with you, YES, lol, this is a hobby of mine…btw, as you have said in many times, no one gives a flying fig what I say. 🙂

  39. cq,cchalo,hitand run anne,sick old ladies,you need the psychiatric help.

  40. IMO it’s not the rainbows and unicorn fans who have David on a pedestal. He is held to such high standards on this site that everything he does or says is dissected and found wanting. If David had tweeted a quote from the Dali Lama everyone would be espousing how open he was. However if the the quote is from anyone associated with his church or just his personal thought, all of a sudden he is being exclusionary . If you go on twitter you will see that some people post inspirational quotes every day. I’m pretty sure most people don’t think the are being lectured. David is a very private person, so to say he doesn’t have any life experience and he hasn’t faced any pain or hardship is presumptuous. We don’the know that.

    • Moelita, you are so right. These people here do not accept that it is they who hold David to an impossible standard of behavior, and hence are the ones who are idolizing him. The fans who are supportive accept David as he is and, although he is exceptional in some ways, he is also profoundly “human” in others, and that is fine. The hard asses on this site give him no room for growth or risk taking, and pounce on every minute misstep (real of imagined) as a way of “proving” how inadequate or “phony” he has always been.

      If this was an actual family situation, what they do to David on this site would be called what it is. It is verbal and emotional abuse, plain and simple. Nothing he does is good enough. His beliefs, his behavior and his words are all subject to constant criticism and denunciation. Everything he says is magnified out of any reasonable proportion so it can be used as a weapon against him. Those who allow it and enable it to continue are as guilty as they are, and we know who that is.

      These people are out to hurt David at every opportunity. My job is to make sure they don’t. They like to call me the “Fan Police”. No problem. I’m happy to do it. My motto is “David’s Life Matters”.

    • Nope not me, sorry…btw, yes you have every right to think the way you do…but again seeing thing differently doesn’t mean we expect him to be perfect, actually, I would rather get some things other than inspiritual quotes, saying, but heck I know that’s not goiing to happen, but doesn’t mean I won’t talke about, lol, hasn’t stop me before and until I no longer fine posting fun and getting my ass kicked everytime I say something doesn’t meet to other approval, than I’ll stop, lol.

  41. cq. you show every day what an ass you realy are,

  42. All I can say is, we’ll know in a couple of weeks what he’s going to do, and I think he’s supposed to sing at least a couple of his new songs. Then the real conversations about his career and his music can begin.

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