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Coming back from overseas to see that David’s been doing a bit of travel too! Aaaaannnnd he’s sharing it on Twitter? #IstheoldDavidback

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  1. The BYU event/concert in october is doing well, wonder if it’s an event every year and if so if it is doing well this year because of David or does it do well because it’s kind of back to school and is popular with the students.

  2. Random thought: If David started again making quirky, music related and not about religion vlogs again and show his fans his passion for a music career, that would be golden promo for his career.

  3. Ok a bit of rant, lol……..I’m so tried of reading about the reason David is almost non existent as far as he career goes is because he is mad because the big BAD instrustry wants him to take his clothes off and wants him to have bad words in his music and wants him to be sexy…dang, it’s like holy moly, is that the only thing they see is out there and they there is the only good guy in the music industry……DAVID!!!! sorry guys, end of rant.

    • Sometimes as I read the newspaper, I check out my Daily Horoscope & today out of curiosity, I happened to read David’s which said:

      “Often those living inside an enclosing belief do not even know they are held captive until someone leads them out into the open air.”

      I thought it was pretty uncanny considering the dialog about David lately. Not only here but at FOD as well. I don’t necessarily think the “enclosing belief” relates to his religion, but more to how his beliefs relate to the kind music career he really wants to pursue. He should be honest, not only with his fans but with himself. He will always have fans of his voice regardless of what type or genre he chooses to sing. He should follow what his heart is telling him and where his musical passion leads him.

      David is in a quest for his own destiny. He seems to still be at a crossroads in his life and still is not sure if he should go down the road he knows would be the right one for him. The decision to audition for AI didn’t result in long lasting happiness and going on a mission didn’t either or so it seems. Only he knows what it is he really wants and what he must do to find that happiness and satisfaction and he should just do it.

      • Anonymous #10, wow, that Horoscope is really uncanny.
        Identifying his sound, hum, if it’s a message songs to be good and follow the righteous road of organized religion, there is a market for it, Christian music route..the way I see him right now, that might be where he will lean towards and yes, he will have his older fans and very conservative youth that might be there for him.

  4. well then why doesn’t he put out good music and shut them all up.. it can be done without taking off your clothes.

    • Absolutely Kimak, it just gets so trying that it’s always all about the big bad industry and the bad fans and nothing to do with what is going on with David. Of course will never say what’s on my mind in regards to what I think is going on.

  5. Looks to me like David isn’t “promoting himself” to his current fans because he doesn’t want the same fans who are all older by decades then himself. He doesn’t want to see the same faces in the audiences at his concerts who followed him everywhere. Maybe he’s hoping his older fans will take the hint. Why is that so hard to understand? Has he said anything to make his fans think he wants them to come see him? No. Has he said thanks for waiting and supporting him while he was on his mission? No. Has he shared anything about his new album? No. Don’t believe me? Wait & see how he reacts to seeing some familiar faces at his concerts. Wake up people!!

    • LOL, yes, you may be right, but I don’t see him doing anything to bring in young fans either…actually right now if it was for some of the Mormon community and older fans, hum don’t think that even those concerts in Utah would be doing to well.

      • Yeah, well the concerts in Utah are gonna be mostly LDS and that’s a given. But some of those older fans I was talking about will be there going into hysterics. Does David want to see 50-60+ year old women scream & whoop it up like teenagers when he walks out on to the stage. Heck no! It’s embarrassing for him, always has been. I feel sorry for the guy.

      • I don’t feel sorry for him because he has fans that are willing to buy tickets to hear him siing and buy his music, if he doesn’t want older fans to come to his concert, very simple, but out music that won’t appeal to older folks and tell them in vlog that he doesn’t want any older fan to scream and woop it up and behave that only younger fans are aloud to scream, lol.

    • This is more or less how I feel. I feel the signs are there and people are making excuses for his non-existent actions. He hasn’t had one of those tweet fest he used to have. Those have been extremely rare, and have been non-existent since ‘The Blog’ in January. I know he has been writing, but sometimes I feel like his social media hiatus was just another excuse to avoid the fans. I know… I’m going to get bashed for this.

      • You are 100 percent right Dana. His social media hiatus was just an excuse to avoid fans. I thought so at the time and I have been proven right. He hasn’t been writing for some time now and still no interaction with fans. One might think he doesn’t want fans at all or he thinks fans will support him no matter how much he ignores them.

    • Another excuser making excuses for David. If not for those familiar faces David would be working a regular 9-5 job right now.

  6. I would love for David to have younger fans he would have to do music that attracts them no? hasn’t done that yet.

  7. don’t worry about getting bashed speak up if you feel like it.

  8. really stop beating on the older fans.. most of them are very nice thing is because he sings and puts on G rated shows that is who he is going to attract. old peeps.

  9. I agree Kimak, a fan should be able to speak up and give their opinion.
    Yes, it would be nice for David to have younger fans. I’m thinking right now all his younger fans are LDS, after all they are limited to what music they should listen to even when they are young adults, David’s music is approved, so yes, he might have young fans like that, but like you said even, those fans like cool music, so there you have it. It won’t be long before we will get some idea as to what direction he wants to go with music.

  10. The way I see it, from all he’s “put out there” on social media since his return, all he’s going to get are very religious or older people in the audience. If he doesn’t want those, all he’ll have is empty seats.

    Even if he puts out cool music that’s great for younger fans, how are they going to know without promotion? He’ll need to go on some talk shows and sing, or do something to let them know what the music sounds like. Otherwise, no matter how much advertising venues do (mentioning Crush and putting 4 year old pictures up) people will be like my 16 year old saying: “Is he still around? Is he still going to be singing the same type of music?” How did he refer to David? Oh yeah, goody-two-shoes and boring.

    Unless something changes drastically, I don’t see David drawing regular crowds his own age. I’m a bit of an older fan and was a die-hard fan. Even I’m wondering if he’s going to be boring.

    • Yes, young people (outside of his inner circle of faithful Mormons like him) would feel like your son/daughter, unfortunately. He has the singing voice to be one of the great ones of his time, but other than covers and yes, Crush (although I really like a lot of his songs) his songs might not appeal to anyone else other than diehard fans, imo. and yes, non diehard fans would say, boring.
      Really after being kind of in shock over those mad blogs, I kind of thought maybe this is going to be good for his music and we will finally gets some great music that will finally give him the successful music career he deserved. Still hope that will be the case, but things seem so weird with David, I wonder, are we in for another announcement?

      • cq, I’d still like to see him have a successful career, too. I just don’t know how that’s going to happen without some great new music and lots of promotion, including from David himself. David showing a little enthusiasm for his music career might go a long way, as well.

  11. Goodbye Summer!

    to: what? at this point in time, he should be grateful for the few fans he has left. if he wants any chance of resurrecting his career he better start kissing the fans’ ass.he would have nothing without his fans from idol.

    • Goodbye Summer! – He’s pretty much nothing even with his fans from idol. He would be nothing without his LDS fans.

  12. Yes, I have to say I think there will be another announcement, I thought that that months ago. I hope I’m wrong, but it is just something that keeps peeking though my brain cells. Lol Or, he just may not say anything at all. He was going to leave for his mission without letting his fans know. I still can’t believe someone would do this to their fans. Kinda tells me that he really DIDNT care for his fans to do this.

    • Dana, he has distanced himself from his non-LDS fans so much and I say this because he has done a lot of things that are just for his LDS fans, of course, non Mormon fans could of gone to all those events, but you would need to feel comfortable listening to all that is said. I have said it before, I’m thinking his mission is to make his music career as a pied piper for his church…dang, I sure hope I’m so wrong about this.

  13. Regarding older fans vs. younger fans: Older fans may be the ones traveling to see him and having a lot of visibility on the few remaining fan sites, but my observation during the five concerts I’ve been to (with my teenage daughter and her friends), was that the really screamy fanatical fans have always been overwhelmingly the young ones, and there are plenty of them there. True, a lot of the people in the first few rows are older, but then they’ve got more money to be able to afford it. But the young fans are the ones who stalk him and/or post pictures of themselves posing with him on twitter or Instagram.

    His music these days may be more the style that attracts older fans, so other than swooning Mormon coeds, it’s probably inevitable that an older crowd will be in his audiences. We went to a Five for Fighting concert at our local small venue a few months ago, and I wouldn’t be surprised if David attracts a similar crowd, mostly mature 30’s, 40’s, 50’s—not your Taylor Swift crowd.

    • David’s friend and stylist, Summer, was at that Five for Fighting concert, and she’s in the demographic I’m talking about.

    • Cchalo, yep, I haven’t gone to any of his concerts, but I would bit that his older fans are there to hear the voice, not to spazz over the him and really even more so now. I would venture to say that other than the young crowd, the older fans are going to be very subdued being all that has happened since his return.

      Speaking of Taylor Swift, my son and daughter-in-law took my 11yr old granddaughter to her concert and I asked what he thought of Taylor. He said she put on a good show and most that were at the concert were young girls and families. He said that he felt that Taylor’s music and concerts are about empowering girls/women, I thought that was interesting take from him. He actually got great sets because her lead guitarist uses some tech products from the company that he work for. He met him while he was at a trade show in LA…

      • My daughter has a friend of a friend who is Taylor’s lead dancer, so she and the friend were able to get good tickets for the show this week. FIVE sold out shows at L.A.’s Staples Center! She’s really popular.

  14. Reading all the comments here and FOD I think we all need to take a few moments to go back & read David’s blogs AND especially his “I’m Alive” vlog to get some perspective on where David’s head is. He is not going to do things just to please other people and that includes fans. He said it and looks like he meant it. He makes it clear he will not be the same David of the past because he never wanted to be that David. The money he earned being that David not withstanding, he makes it clear he hated that time in his life.

    Why are we now wondering why David is not communicating or promoting himself? Just go read what he wrote and said. The answers are right there from David himself.

    Have a great day!

    • So, what you are saying is that David has no intention of doing anything to promote his career and he is just going to schedule a concert here and there and if people want to come they can and if not he will play to the few people who are there. Why even bother to record new music if he’s just going to throw his career away, and that is what he is doing. He might get some decent crowds at these first concerts, but it won’t continue over the long haul if he doesn’t show that he wants fans to come enough to do some kind of interaction with them.

  15. I don’t think it’s that people don’t understand WHY he’s not communicating. He’s made that pretty clear. It’s that fans wonder how that behavior will translate into a sustainable music career.

    When people say, maybe he’ll decide to have just a Utah based career, or a career doing just faith based music, they are lambasted as if the idea is ridiculous. They’re told he’s made it clear he’ll be doing Pop music.

    The question is, how does one manage to have a career in Pop music as an indie artist, successful enough support him and his family, without being willing to do some type of self-promotion? What little we even hear about him writing music comes from others. At the same time, the little he does on social media is mostly about his faith and his personal life. He shows no enthusiasm at all for his music career.

    I’m not surprised people find the whole thing very strange.

  16. Exactly, Confused, that is the question how is he going to manage a pop music career as an indie artist without any promotion what so ever (other than Thebandintown everyonce in a while promo)…yes, strange. It’s no wonder fans are questioning what’s going on with David.

    • I agree with HItandrun, Confused, and cq, The bandsintown app is the only promotion I’ve seen on his twitter. And the pictures I’ve seen of local promotion for shows has been with 4 or 5 year old pictures and mentioning a 7 year old song. He, his team, whoever is responsible, hasn’t even bothered to give the venues updated photos.

      Someone said, “He invited us to go. So, we either go or we don’t.” No. He hasn’t “invited us.” The app said it was happening. Period. Not one legit word from David about hoping to see us there or that he’s excited for his first show. Nothing. It’s like he doesn’t care.

      Will he have that same lackadaisical attitude on stage?

  17. Hey Kimak, I know you check this site, so I want to say, yes, you will be missed, but am so glad you are going to see your new grandbaby, 🙂 Looking forward to your return on Sept 5, love, love your spunk!!

  18. I would like to add to that Kimak. Love your honesty and spunky attitude. Enjoy your time away. And don’t worry. You know if there are crickets on the other site, there is always Soul Davidian. Not usually a dull moment over here…most of the time. 😉

  19. Ok, have another thing to say, lol…a lot of fans are now saying that his album is not going to be release until next year and I’m beginning to think that might be the case, but why, why, does all the discription of his concert events say that he has an album schedule to be released this year. I know that things can change, but if his team already know that is not going to happen and does say so, isn’t that kind of dishonest?!?

    • I think there is still time for the cd to be released this year. Don’t a lot of cds release around Nov. in time for Christmas? It still could be next year, but I wouldn’t count it out for this year either. It doesn’t matter to me one bit when it’s released because I don’t plan to buy it whenever it’s released.

  20. oops doesn’t say so, 🙂

    • ha thanks who really knows anything I mean all we know to this point is that he has been writing and had a photoshoot.. who knows that was not from him or Kari so got me.

  21. Yes I think it is dishonest as well. Who knows what is happening. We really just don’t know what is the rhyme or reason behind the scheme of things. Ppl are just guessing it won’t be released until next year because of the shows that appear to be happening then. He could release it at the end of the year too. Maybe production could be slowed for some reason. But you would think that if it isn’t going to be released until next year, they would tell us, unless they just don’t know exactly when next year. Surely they will have a confirmed date of release. Of course we are talking about David here, so who knows.

  22. well if you like it will you buy it?

    could very well be just a pop cd we don’t really know

    • Was that question to me? If so, yes, if I like it I will buy it. I would be pleasantly surprised to like it. If it’s along the lines of what he has done since his return, I will definitely not like it. If it was along the lines of Begin I would probably like it and buy it. If it’s somewhere in between, I will just have to hear it and decide. Right now, I just know what I am expecting it to be.

      • I won’t like it either if it is like the music David has come out with since his return from that mission. I also will not buy it if I don’t like it. The money is in the touring and appearances and not so sure how that will go for David. But he does not seem to care which is a good thing for him. 🙂

  23. Actually his new music is want I’m most curious about and if I like it,yes, I will buy it, but maybe not in multiples like I have done in the past…unless…lol, I love the music and I get the feeling that he has the passion for a music career like l’ve gotten in the past…then, who knows, I might jump right back in that supporting his career bandwagon, lol.

    • that is fair.. lol yeah was packing for my move found a bunch of lil red cds
      love that cd won’t do that again either I can’t can’t afford to.

  24. Goodbye Summer!

    I think some fans are mad because David told us to wait for him and now we have no idea what we are waiting for. if he would just make a vlog and explain that would help a lot!

  25. Hello Autumn!!

    u idiot! david wil not gonna waste his time explaining anything to fans like u! flick off!

    • Is that you Ray?????????/

      • lol Red Robin, that’s my first thought!! Yes, David is completely above everyone else when it comes to how he treats his fans, unbelievable, lol We as fans should just be so grateful to be in his presences, yes, he doesn’t need to promote and heck not ever acknowledge his fans because, we all know he above any other artist out there, lol.
        He should actually listen to Aston Krucher’s speach at the Teem Choice awards…first thing he said, I wouldn’t have a career without all you guys…

  26. I can’t speak for anyone else, but if I like the music I will definitely buy the CD. I just want good music. A little enthusiasm from the artist would be nice. But not necessary for buying the CD. Now, for attending a concert, yes, I’d need to see some excitement from him.

  27. Goodbye Summer!

    david;’s in cali probably visiting his GF. 😦

  28. Goodbye Summer!

    Autumn (Ray) why are u so rude?!

  29. you guys see the surfing pic? 🙂

    • Whee! He’s surfing at my local beach, just down the street from me! My daughter practically lives there, just not this morning 😦

  30. Yep saw the great picture of David, 🙂 glad he is have fun in Cali, also hope he is also doing business too, 🙂

    • aww come on that is a babe catcher.. err fan catcher let him be!

      ha so David is right around the corner and you all are here posting.. 🙂

      • Ha ha—I’ll bet he would never post until after he’s gone. No point in spending like ten bucks or so to park, lol.

  31. Well I never! How dare David go have fun at the beach and learning to SURF no less! While we fans here are tearing our hair out about what’s going on with him!!!!

    Well now we know! Heack with singing…He wants to be a beach bum! hahahahaha!

    Gotta love him!

    • I will have to check out the picture of David at the beach. Maybe he will be a beach bum. haha. cq-I am watching SYTYCD. Loved the last dance by Gaby. She is really good. I like Jim as he is from a town not far from where I live. Although I believe he lives in CA now.

      • Hi Hope, yes, love the show, haven’t picked a favorite yet, really enjoying all the dancers.

      • Just finished watching SYTYCD and yes, Hope,Gaby was magnificent!!!! love her and JaJa, Jim and Virgel are at the top of my list, 🙂

      • Yes I agree with you cq that those are the best dancers. Enjoyed the show. I saw the pic of David on the beach with the surfboard. Nice to see him relaxing. Just read that Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are starting their own music label with their manager Phil McIntyre. Apparently Nick and the Jonas brothers are no longer managed by WEG. Thought that was interesting. They only big name WEG manages is JT.

  32. Don’t know if it will work, but here’s the link to the pic of David’s (back) holding a surf board & wearing a full body wet suit.


    Good night now.

  33. Hello guys, I’m a David (the secular pre-mission singer™ lol) fan and I love reading the sincerity of this place (reminds me of the extinct SnarkyArchies). And I’d like to share with you the new single of Westlife’s Markus Feehily, called “Butterfly”. It is EXACTLY the way I’ve always dreamt that David would go. I’m just amazed of how great it is. Here it goes:

    Hoping that you guys give it a spin and tell me your opinions!

    I believe that David could take a lesson or two from this guy. (music and life wise if you know what I mean).

    (Sorry for any English mistakes)

    • Wow, that is awesome, LurkerBR thanks for sharing. Also I agree with you, this site is AWESOME!!!!
      KIMAK, if you are still around, so glad you are sticking to your guns. I know what a fantistic fan you are, but you are realistic and you aren’t afraid to voice your opinion and frustration, you keep it up girl!!!

      • lol getting myself in trouble again.. here until tomorrow morn Seattle is a really cool place looking forward to it. great place for music David should have a concert there one day!

  34. Shouldn’t David be practicing for his up coming concerts? After all he hasn’t had a full blown concert in over 3 years. I remember back in the day he was worried that his voice or vocal chords wouldn’t be able to handle singing 18 to 20 songs. With all the singers these days who are having surgery to repair ruptured vocal chords one would think this would be a concern for him. Maybe he is practicing every day. Who knows with David . Let’s hope he has hired musicians for a band. Again one would think it takes time for musicians to come together and get comfortable enough with each other to deliver a good show. If David wants to be taken seriously as an artist, he will have to provide concert goers with a professional show.

    IF you ever read comments on fansites, I implore you to watch this video from an RM. It’s beautiful and honest. Stay with it, the first few minutes are corny. “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1wcVgUI8pw&feature=youtu.be”

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