Throwback Thursday: Fields of Gold

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  1. Oh, and they have a nice photo of David when he was maybe 19-20 years old and a lot more hair. Great photo but David doesn’t look like that anymore. I dunno, maybe it’s not such a big deal.

    They should have scheduled one show and added another show if the demand was there like at the St George concert. And yes, I do feel bad for David because this has never happened before. Most of his shows always sold old almost immediately and the VIPs did too.

  2. David has been away for three plus years no surprise really.

  3. No surprise that David nor his “all amateur, all the time” management? team know their butts from holes in the ground when it comes to the fundamentals of promotion. Either that, or he doesn’t really care, which doesn’t bode well for an independent artist who MUST be hands on in all areas of their careers, since there are no teams funded by labels to do the heavy lifting.
    Still clueless after all these years.

  4. Bliss August 12 ; 1:44pm

    Do not confuse pity and sadness !!!
    Here the sadness is related to “melancholy” in some extent for a distressing and regrettable situation , which , persisting,will affect David despite your assertions
    Do you really think that he and his team never keep an eye on sales ? and that they are totally indifferent to the results of the different venues ?
    Do you really think David will feel anything if the hall is half empty ? when I said “destabilizing” I could have said ” weakening” psychologically speaking because it is not something pleasant to admit . Obviously this will not prevent him from singing , we are agree.
    And why do you speak about pity ??? where is pity here ???
    Pity is a feeling which leads to sympathize with the suffering and the weakness of others !
    For what I know David has not reached that stage yet ! So I feel absolutely no pity for him , be sure !

    Check words meaning before accusing and making yourself ridiculous !
    and btw don’t thank me for having expanded your culture, I’m so glad to have contributed helping a needy New Yorker today ! A new Yorker who will sleep more intelligent tonight thanks to me …

    • lugdunum,

      Exactly and well said.

      Bet he will still try to have “the last word”. 😀


    • Lugdunum, The pity you feel is not for David. It is the pity you feel is for yourself disguised as “sadness” for David, so you don’t have to deal with your own feelings about yourself. Surely someone with your self proclaimed intellectual prowess can figure that out. On second thought, maybe not.

      Be assured that my sleep tonight will not be enhanced one iota by what I “learned” from reading your posts. In fact, I may have a little trouble falling asleep trying to decipher the pseudo psycho babble that you tried to pass off as “insight” Please.

      • In my great mercy I forgive your ignorance ! lol
        I thought being expressed myself with words a child could understand. If you don’t figure out , it must be a problem with my translation , of course…!!

        Anyway I do not have much time today for your nonsense. Preparing a very busy weekend ,I will have the pleasure of reading SD next week ! Have a good time everyone !!!

      • Goodbye Summer!


      • Lugdunun, you prove that mindlessness and silliness know no language barrier. Enjoy your “very busy weekend”. I’m sure it will be “fabulous”, lol.

      • We shared the long wait until the bewitching hour when David would make his umpteenth triumphant arrival since he redefined celebrity over two years ago. We hid out in the Kids Department which was adjacent to the area that David was to sign and, dare we dream, sing. I haven’t been around that many coloring books and paint by numbers books since the Eisenhower administration, but it was worth it to get a good look at David. Unfortunately, as the time came for “David to take Manhattan”, a few of the Borders militia shooed us away and put us behind a few barriers.

      • Goodbye Summer, You are a person of few words, and for that we are all grateful

  5. I was just thinking about why manager Gina Orr went with David to Australia & NZ rather than his “tour” manager Kari. I don’t think either of them would have accompanied him if he was “donating” his time for the TOFW as an LDS event. Being that it was open to all women, he probably was paid for his appearances. I just thought it was strange Kari didn’t go with him this time even though it was likely the travel arrangements & itinerary was handled by the church.

    I have to say, it was strange seeing Gina there at his side instead of Kari. I wonder if Kari had other commitments OR if she & Gina had a coin toss to see who would go with him? Or if Gina pulled rank & decided as his “manager”, she should be the one to go with him this time and who could blame her….Australia AND New Zealand. lol!!

  6. It is surreal that David is either on his way to NZ or will shortly be! So surreal that we’ll be in the same time zone. I decided not to make the trip to Auckland this weekend to see his performance on Saturday. I was actually just up there for work and walked by the venue.

    I’ve been fortunate to have seen David perform many times, and have met him numerous times at VIPs and other contexts. I’m so happy for Shanny that she got to meet him in Sydney!

    David definitely has had fans down here because American Idol is shown on TV in NZ and Australia.

  7. Went to OS to check if new concert dates or if any of the existing concerts that weren’t sold out had, no change. The March concert date is still not listed, maybe being it’s next year they feel no need to post until next year…really don’t know how these things work. Going through all his OS if any fan that would want to come and check what he was up to, would get the impression he has completely gone a religous route. If that’s the way he wants to go, then I would say his site is perfect, but if indeed he wants to go more a secular route, hum…hope there is more of a balance posted on his site soon.

  8. I had a bit of time to read and listen today. Conclusions:

    We will know so much more about David’s wants and directions shortly, after his first secular concerts. Speculating at this time, though fun, is going nowhere. It will be much more clear, I believe, in a few weeks.

    Without promotion, he has no secular career. It is apparent that the first slow selling concert venue is relying on the BYU students to return to school to sell more tickets. I doubt he would sell enough CD’s to even cover the cost of production unless the LDS promotion machine steps in.

    David is nowhere to be found in any promotion, what little promotion there is. He has been brainwashed to believe promotion is bad, evil, anti LDS whatever. IMHO. How is this fair to his collaborators?

    From the comments “down under” during his concert, he has been brainwashed PERIOD. His thought process is faulty at best. He is naive. His words seem out of touch with the reality of real people, who have real every day struggles and needs, trying to keep food on the table, kids out of gangs, drugs out of kids etc. He lives in LA LA Land, and I don’t mean Los Angeles. He may be well meaning, but he is full of crap when it comes to how real people exist in the real down and dirty world. Did he not see this on mission? Or as he said was he so wrapped up in perfection that he couldn’t see anything else?

    David cannot see beyond his nose. He is self absorbed, wrapped in the cloak of giving via his church. OK, maybe we don’t see all he does, but he could do so much more by getting down with the real folks and setting a shining example. Instead he remains isolated by choice it seems, preaching to the choir.

    His voice is still amazing. I don’t hear a ton of emotion and I don’t see the old joy (perhaps he feels like he has to act a certain way at LDS events). Nevertheless his voice shines through.

    Posters like cq and kim (forgive me for not listing everyone) are keeping the light on here and I am grateful.

    Bliss is even more delusional than he used to be, if that is possible.

    Thank you all for indulging me 🙂

  9. miss cotton candy

    makes me sick I wasted years of my life loving 2 gay men who pretended to be straight for their own commercial success. i’m done! hi anne, welcome back 🙂

    • And who might these “2 gay men” be? Anyone we know? Or just in your personal life? You posted it here on a public forum so it’s fair game to ask. 😉

  10. miss cotton candy

    my personal life which is a complete disaster right now.(as far as romance and men goes).

  11. miss cotton candy

    thanks cq. I go back and forth between wanting a new boyfriend or forgetting about men altogether!

    • Don’t give up, miss cotton candy there’s plenty of good guys out there…’you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince’ 🙂

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