Throwback Thursday: Nina Simone in lieu of David

It’s the mood I’m in what with all the tragedies. #BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName

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  1. I have no doubt that David has experienced deep and even dark emotions in his life. However, he is an innocent in so may ways for a person of his age, or so it seems. One limitation of his religious devotion may be his inability to experience things that most man his age have experienced. And before you jump in to say I am speaking of sex, no I am not just speaking of sex at all.

    Does one have to murder someone to write about murder? Of course not. But I think it helps to have experienced some of life’s grit and grime to produce great art. Maybe he has experienced these things while counseling troubled people on his mission. I hope so. And I hope it enriches his music. I would be much more interested in that music than sunshine and lollipops and surface emotion.

    Maybe the lesser production values of TOSOD makes me think the music is lightweight. Maybe fuller production would have brought out more emotion in those songs. Maybe I am just over the bleached clean approach David has taken at times. I like pop music but I like some edge to it too.

    • If you read the quote from the Lindsay Stirling instagram that I posted, it’s obvious that he’s experienced more of life’s grit and grime than many others. I think that because he doesn’t let it all hang out, and yes, because putting on a happy face is part of his culture, it may not be obvious.

      If you followed him in the early times there were many rumors about his life, including family bankruptcy, constant strife, finally leading to divorce, and worse. He has talked a lot about feelings of worthlessness which seems to have persisted in spite of all the acclaim he’s received. He could be (just my speculation) struggling with depression, which is no picnic.

      • CChalo, if you are correct, and you may very well be, that David has experienced depression in his life and that he struggles with it to this day, why do you and the others here constantly put down and mock his belief system, which has been his salvation? Whatever anyone thinks of the LDS Church, David has obviously gained great comfort and emotional stability from his belief in his religion. Why do the people here, especially you, go out of your way to post not only your own antipathy , but examples researched on the internet .to bolster your own disdain for David’s Church.

        We all need something to believe in. In David’s case, it’s the Mormon Church. It doesn’t matter what we think of their teachings. If someone cares about David, they will respect that which brings him comfort. To do otherwise is the very definition of insensitivity and callousness.

      • You may be right bliss, the church is his salvation, confront zone. David was born into the Mormon church, so I do believe he has become even more of a devout Mormon, but he has always been a member of the church even during those dark times.

  2. I totally agree about the production side of his music. I don’t think the quality of the production has equaled David’s voice or song writing abilities. I think the main area David needs help in is the actual music composition. I think the music in a song is the first thing that catches a persons attention and the lyrics come after. Sometimes I don’t even know what the artist is saying but the music will catch my ear. I find it strange that when asked David will say he is doing pop music, but if he recommends an artist they have a more edgy vibe. I think going forward he also needs to produce a quality, attention grabbing video. It doesn’t have to be anything out of his comfort zone, but it needs to be better than something thrown together just because it’s expected in todays music industry. I also think David would benefit greatly if he recorded an unplugged concert and made it available to his fans. Not everyone can afford to travel to see him live. I have a lot of concert videos from other artists and I find them great entertainment. I would probably have to buy two copies though because I’m sure I would wear the first one out. Bliss I totally forgot about Good Place when I was listing his songs. Now that is one great song.

    • Moelita, yes, “Good Place” is a great song, and when David sings it, it is with tremendous depth of emotion. When he combines it with “Let It Be” he takes the listener to the core of his soul.

      “” Copy and paste and then remove the ” marks at the beginning and the end to see this magnificent performance. How anyone can say that David lacks depth is beyond me.

      • I was there. Agree, I was in tears frequently throughout the concert.

      • Cchalo, love this mashup of the two songs, just beautiful. His live performance have always be great, but the recording, have lacked, not because of his voice, production and even though I do like Good Place, I really think that combining with Let It Be and David singing live, is divine.

  3. Bankruptcy, family strife, dysfunction, divorce. Welcome to the real world. I have yet to meet someone who has not had to go through at least one of those issues. All those are Issues that can be overcome. We know David’s family has gone through all of them at one time or another as well as possible depression not to mention what seems to be a possible estrangement between David & his dad & maybe with Daniel and the paternal side of his family too. We really don’t know to what extent all these things have affected David. He leans on his religion to get him through the rough times obviously.

    But as I said, all those issues can be overcome. Depression is almost a way of life for many people living in Utah, it being one of the states with the highest number of prescribed antidepressants. Kind of ironic I think.

    What David has not experienced yet is the death of an immediate family member or a close loved one or a loved one being diagnosed with a terminal illness for example. He’s never been homeless or hungry according to his book or as far as we know. These are REAL hardships people face every day.

    From my viewpoint, David has it pretty good now. He apparently has the financial resources to have been able to do whatever he wanted & at his own pace this past year. He seems to be in full control of his life and isn’t afraid to say no or to ruffle anyone’s feathers. No tears, at this point, for David from me. 🙂

    • I don’t know if you can fully appreciate the toll depression takes on people without being close to it. I have one child with a serious physical difference/disability and one physically perfect but with depression, and I can tell you that the one with the disability is living a happy, fulfilled life, and the one with depression struggles so much every single day. One of the pet peeves of folks with depression is being told how good they have it, to count their blessings, etc. and believe me, it’s hard as a mom not to go there, because that’s the natural reaction you have when there’s not an obvious reason for being down or self-doubting.

      • Depression is a disease, overcoming life’s hardships is totally different, imo.

      • Yes, true.

      • There are different types of depression. Severe Chronic Depression can be debilitating, making it difficult to function day to day. This illness requires medication along with periodic hospitalization. The ups and downs are especially hard on those who have a loved one who suffers from Severe Chronic Depression. One minute they love you & the next they want to kill you. I know from first hand experience.

        But people can become “depressed” due to many different circumstances such as loss of a job, money problems, a break-up, divorce, family dysfunctions, illness and a host of other daily problems. This type of depression is usually short term and can be overcome by talking with a therapist & mild anti-depressants, or as easily as taking time-off like a vacation, getting away from it all. OR, becoming more involved in church and prayer.

        If David was ever depressed, I think he’s worked through it by going on a mission. And by baring his “soul” come what may, in his vlog and blogs. He’s found his way to tranquility. He said he likes TN because of the peace & quiet he needs in order to function, away from the hustle & bustle of Utah?? Pretty telling about the pressures he must feel there even though he calls it “home”.

        I just wonder how much or how far he is willing to be thrust back into the life of a celebrity/star and having to do the concert scene with all the stress and all the fans expectations in order to make a living. He’s doing several back to back shows. He must be on pins & needles since it’s been literally years sing his last real concert. Could be why his mom & sisters took this time to be with him for moral support.

        It will be interesting to see what, if anything, we will be discussing this time next year. 😀

    • Red Robin, After reading your post, my computer “froze”. The coldness of your words and total lack of understanding of, and compassion for, the human condition in general, and David in particular, speaks to the emptiness in your heart. David does not seek or need your tears, nor do I think you have the capacity to shed them. Rarely am I rendered saddened by a post here, but if anyone needs a hug, it’s you.

      • You don’t know me, who I am, what I do or where I come from.

        So save your righteous indignation and vitriol for someone who cares what you think or say.

  4. Well, the numbers are getting better for the Idaho Falls concert:

    Thursday, September 17, 2015 7:30 PM 50%

    Friday, September 18, 2015 7:30 PM 62%

    Milford concert in TX tickets go on sale for the general public tomorrow @ 10am.

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