Throwback Thursday: Don’t Give Up

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  1. I have mixed thoughts about his covers and covers in general…
    In my opinion , a song belongs for ever to the one who made it famous. It became famous thanks to a timbre of voice ,to a special way of singing it that were in perfect harmony with his performer.
    I obviously love David’s voice so I can’t say that I do not like but I am missing something…so I can’t say that I like…
    Hum…Sorry ! not sure to be very clear with my explanation in English…

    • Don’t give up is my favorite of his covers.and a ton of it has to do with the quirky vocals of Libby Linton. I don’t ever think I’d like to hear him sing such and such song like a lot of fans do. Everyone sees these things differently. Except for David I usually enjoy voices with more “character” and a bit unusual. I love a raspy rock singer voice 😉

      • Agree with you Anne !

        I personally hope that there will be no covers on his new cd. This is not a criticism but I’ve never followed a singer who did the same !

    • I personally would like the next album be well produced with a true direction as to where David wants to take his music. I think the greatest award that an artist can have is that his sound/music is distinctively his/hers.

  2. miss cotton candy

    i actually prefer covers cz most new music sux with the exception of actual radio hits and half of those songs suk too. david has lots of great original songs tho and we already have those on TOSOD.

  3. Anne, I guess it’s true everyone “hears” the songs David sings differently. One of the reasons I warm up to Don’t Give Up was because I didn’t like Libby Linton’s vocals. So go figure, right?

    I think the reason so many of David’s fans think his covers are so good or better than the original artist’s, is more about the songs and how when he sings them it’s like we are hearing them for the first time. Not all his covers mind you, but most.

    We don’t know what David’s aspirations or goals are at this time. I do think he knows what he wants to achieve for his future long term. Whether it’s to make his living as a recording artist, I’m not so sure. Perhaps that could be the reason he’s become rather distant with his fans instead have other people letting his fans know what he’s doing musically. We know he’s been writing and recording because of these other people. What that says to me is that he’s not as fully invested in having a career as a recording artist as he once. Releasing an album if in fact that happens, and having the scheduled concerts may be the last chapter in this journey he began way back when he dreamt of making it on AI. Perhaps he has new aspirations and a goal in another direction and in fact is achieving it right now. I used to think David was in his element on the stage singing for his fans. Now I think he’s in his element speaking and singing for a different audience. Being a “spokesman” if you will, for his beliefs is what is giving him purpose now. And if he’s a paid representative for his church, if in fact he is, knowing he never wanted to do what he was doing all those years in the spotlight on stage, why would he want to go back even on a lesser scale?

    At any rate, he still has fans who are still waiting for the David we thought would return in 2014 and will continue waiting because “he’s worth it”. I’m waiting for the other “shoe to drop”. Until then, this saga has the makings of a great book. We just don’t know the ending yet. But wouldn’t it be great if he makes a huge splash with his new album if it’s ever released? That could change everything! 🙂

    • Red Robin, I’m with you about Don’t Give Up…although I loved David’s part, Libby not so much.
      Your thoughts are pretty much in line with mine. I especially like this: But wouldn’t it be great if he makes a huge splash with his new album if it’s ever released? That could change everything 🙂

  4. oops! One of the reasons I DIDN”T warm up to Don’t Give Up was because I didn’t like Libby Linton’s vocals.

  5. miss cotton candy

    RR- same here! that was the onesong I also did not like cuz of libby.

  6. RR and miss cotton, where would we be if we all liked the same things? I am so happy we have variety here. Otherwise the world would be all vanilla ice cream and cheese pizza, not bad things but it’s nice to also have strawberry and peperoni 🙂

  7. David is devastating singing in Spanish. I have waited patiently since he sang No Me Queda Mas. I am just about to give up of his ever singing a full out album in Spanish heck an original song or tribute album to Selena’s music. I believe Mac Cosmetics is coming out with a Selena line what the heck!!! “David, sheesh I am dying over here!”
    Courtesy of your local SD drama mama. Lol.
    Have a nice evening 🍸

  8. Why are you still backing this loser? Give it up already. Archuleta had his chance, he blew it, he’s another trivia question in the Whatever Happened To? game called the music business.

    • Don’t like calling people names. A “loser”?

      He may choose a different path for his career than what we initially thought. It does appear that his focus is on serving his church but life is unfolding in twists and turns. So nobody knows for sure.

    • Totally agree with you Ram, name calling is just wrong.
      Yes, life is full of twists and turns, even though it appears that his focus is serving his church, who really knows what is up with David as far as his music career goes. That’s what makes following his music career still very interesting to me.

  9. I guess we’re not into stalking David as much as some other places, but I was thinking about the bike ride picture and realized that it was actually very near me, in a place I used to regularly walk my son in a stroller-stride group.
    Since pictures don’t post, here’s a brief video:

  10. I thought I would check FOD for David in Mexico updates. Several photos posted. He’s looks good. He looks happy and what’s the word? Satisfied. Speaking (and singing) for the LDS youth about his mission gives him satisfaction and purpose. What more could he want?

    But where was Kendra? The assumption was that Kendra was going with him to Mexico as his pianist because she was with him in CA. hmmmmm? But there was another lady at the piano. Interesting. Kendra is older than David but there’s no law against “dating” an older woman in the LDS rule book, is there? Because it sure looked like they were having a great time together in CA. 😀

    • I believe that someone already asked him that and he was all, “Gross! She’s like my sister.”

      • Someone did ask him that….6 year ago during his solo tour when she was his keyboardist. He was a child then. He’s a man now. Feelings and attitudes change. She’s single, never been married, very pretty, fun, AND she’s LDS. Just cause she’s older means nothing when it comes to matters of the heart. 😉

        Seriously though, I could see David going for someone just like Kendra. 😀

        Good night now.

  11. miss cotton candy

    who is the girl in that new david mexico pic people are posting? thanks!

  12. Lol, seeing the latest thread over at FOD is really nice and I truly admire the MODS hard work, but it’s like stepping back in time when David was on his mission, minus the name tag.
    I’m thinking that this site is about the only one left that is truly more about David’s music career than about David the person.

    • That’s because David has never really come back from his mission. He just expanded it from Chile to the world.

    • You may be right Hitandrun, the thing is can he continue his mission work and still have a regular music career?!?! A music career does require an extensive amount of time to get it going and once it’s in full swing, it probably is even more demanding, so the question is can he be able to put full energy into both? To be fair I really don’t know what other successful LDS artists, such as Imagine Dragon, Piano Guys, etc, do in regards to putting a lot of time into church work, so maybe that can be done. It certainly is interesting seeing how things are going to work out for David’s career.

  13. there is nothing going on about his music career to be fair.. FOD just posts what is going on. ha that being said David looked gorgeous!!

    • Kimak, you are so right in regards to his music career and yes, when and if anything happens in that regards, I’m positive that all sites will be extremely happy to post what we all are here waiting for, hope it’s soon, 🙂
      Lol, as far as David’s look, yes, I agree, he did look great.

      • can’t bring it over but if you go to FOD someone took pics of a huge David billboard in Provo for the BYU event. nice pic but I think it is from the TOSOD shoot kind of think it is time for him to have a new one he does not look or act like he did back then.

      • That picture is great of David, Kimak, and it does seem appropriate for that BYU event, but I agree with you, it would be nice to see a current picture from a new photo shoot. Hum, maybe he is saving the budget for a photo shoot for his new album…that is if that’s still in the plans…we know he still is writing and recording, so I’m thinking that still in the plans, I guess. We’ll see what the rest of the year brings, musically.

    • “Gorgeous”? lol! I’m sorry. I don’t mean to make fun, but “gorgeous” is not how I would describe David now, or ever actually. He was a good-looking or cute guy when he was younger. And he’s a good-looking guy, but “gorgeous”? No. I always wondered why fans said he was “gorgeous”. To me gorgeous describes men like David Beckham or Shemar Moore, or even Zac Efron, off the top of my head, for example.

      David looks like….well, like David LDS Missionary. I’m sure he’ll look great in his next professional photo-shoot, whenever that will be. He needs to add some muscle and grow his hair a little more, then maybe in a couple years he may be what I consider “gorgeous”.

      Just my own opinion, so don’t everyone get all upset. 😉

      • ha well I think he is and that is my opinion.. yes you are entitled to your own of course.

      • If you read the comments on his recent “#Blue” instagram, people are going crazy over him, so I think many people agree more with kimak.

  14. Posted on FOD yesterday:

    angelbymyside says:
    July 19, 2015 at 8:33 pm
    Nice that David got to see his former mission companion, Elder Corona.

    Fernando says:
    July 19, 2015 at 8:50 pm
    His name is Elder Peña…

    Ali says:
    July 19, 2015 at 9:06 pm
    I believe that is Elder Corona. He’s in the Called To Serve special with David.

    Que pasa, Fernando?

  15. Well , I would say : ” of course” he looked great !
    David spoke at this conference to encourage missionaries so it was better for him to be cheerful and smiling if he wanted to succeed !
    I really don’t think he is forced but nevertheless if he was paid for this event , it was part of the job !

    • lugdunem, you have found the perfect site for you to post misinterpretations of David’s behavior and appearance. SD is Ground Zero for the cynical view of David, where everything he does is viewed with mistrust and skepticism, yet his dating life (especially the part of how “older women” are OK, wink-wink) is discussed with the seriousness of the nuclear arms treaty.

      • older women? I could see David dating someone maybe a couple years older then him or just the opposite someone very young even 18.
        doesn’t really matter to me whatever makes him happy

      • Kimak, chill, girlfriend. No need to get all “bliss is at it again” on here. I was responding to Lugdunum, who is the latest cynic on this site. It is ironic to me that people who are so involved with fantasizing and commenting about David ‘s personal (yes, his dating/sex life with an “older woman) life, are so distrusting of everything else about him. Did you read her post? She actually implied that David was “faking” the warm and sincere smile we all saw in Mexico because he was being paid for the event and it was “part of the job” of being there. Who writes crap like that and calls themselves a fan? Only here would that be seen as a reasonable “take” on David’s appearance of the event.

        So much of that kind of stuff is posted here, but I limit my responses to those that break the wacko- meter. That one qualified.

      • Why is it so hard to believe that he would fake a “warm and sincere smile”? I’m not saying he did, but he did say he was faking being happy before he went on his mission. Apparently he was faking being pleased with his fan interaction. Apparently he was faking that he wanted to sing pop music and tour. He faked a lot of things so why not a warm and sincere smile?

  16. huh who is Fernando?

  17. seems Miranda and Blake are getting a divorce..

  18. Sir Hypocrite, I don’t know what makes you tick, but I hope it’s a time bomb.

  19. It’s about time. Word is Blake is a big man whore and Miranda had wandering eyes too.

  20. bliss lol girlfriend? just saying what I think in conversation as for the grannies wanting David don’t think that is the case least anymore. the Jesus thing killed that cold.

    • Kimk, you could be right, but remember “hell hath no fury like a Granny scorned”. Some of these ladies still think that David “owes” them to be the guy they want him to be and who they “waited for” for 2 excruciating years. David thew his fan base a curve ball by “bringing back” a much more serious and committed Mormon, and despite overwhelming evidence, some folks are still holding on for dear life to their pre-Mission view of David.

      • well like the one who pulled his videos yeah I guess so most just moved on to other artists.
        if you are talking about here well got to say kind of think it isn’t all that good either if what David is doing is holding back who he is inside to fit into the world he is in now.
        like it or not we saw way back someone who could be all that and a bag of chips.

  21. kind of think most folks feel David is a handsome young man who is very religious and on a different path then he was prior to his mission.. bad no just different. pretty sure no one thinks he will be the next Elvis or Enrique.
    now what will he be I have no idea I am still here still think he is gorgeous cute as all get up and can sing like an angel.

    • lol, Kimak, you reminded me of the rumor about David duet with Enrique. Yep, don’t know what path he is taking his career, but it sure seems like it’s heading towards religion, but who in the heck knows, only David, 🙂 Continuing saga.

      • whatever lol!

        The only way there will ever be a duet with David and Enrique is if Enrique finds “Jesus” and changes his image. Not to say Enrique is a heathen, it’s just that he’s kind of uh, like a sexy beast on stage. lol!

        But hey, it could happen someday. 😉

      • on my phone anonymous up top was me kimak.

        cq whateven if that ever happened!

  22. whatever lol!

    David is the new MIC. He’s taking after his dad. Soon he’ll be wearing the golf caps like his dad. lol!


  23. Hey cq-I am watching SYTYD. Always like the show when they have the top 20. No surprise about Miranda and Blake splitting up. I like Blake. David is the new MIC. LOL. Funny 🙂

    • HI Hope, love that show, there is the best of SYTYCD on Tuesday that Blingy told me about that I’m tuning in also..We’ll who is the best, street or stage,,,fun 🙂

  24. thing about grannies.. been around for a long time we know good when we see it.

    • kimak 🙂

    • Kimak, Elvis’ appeal to “older” women did not happen until his later years. In the early days of the Rock n Roll that Elvis helped invent, his fans were young girls who desired him and young guys who wanted to be like him. Elvis was seen as threat to the established music of the time (middle of the road white music). When he first went to Vegas in the mid 50s, he was ran out of town by the older establishment. No self respecting “Granny” would have been caught dead at an Elvis concert. If they were, their family would have put them away in the loony bin.

      David and Elvis are similar only in the fact that they are fantastic singers who can sing all kinds of music at the highest level. Elvis was a sex symbol and embraced and encouraged his image. David is another kind of person who is mortified at his appeal to women, especially the older ones. When asked about Kendra, he was shocked at the suggestion, and she is only a few years his senior. Those old enough to realize this should, imo, respect his wishes and treat him in a manner that he would be comfortable with. It’s disrespectful to do otherwise, not only to David, but to anyone who has made their feelings known.

  25. cc halo at 10:14,

    Well, I always say to each his own. I just don’t see David as being “gorgeous”, not yet. Maybe when he’s older. But he does have a “gorgeous” voice. So one out of two ain’t bad.

    BTW, I got an email about The history of the Tuacahn Amphitheatre in St George from a friend who is going to the concerts. Pretty interesting though not surprised to find out the CEO is LDS as are most of the board members.

    Good night. Thanks for the videos Kimak. 🙂

  26. The Great Fernando Conspiracy

    David is currently dating Jesus, but like most RMs, he will eventually start leading a slightly more secular life and date Blisskassden, who is a bottom BTW. Older ladies are the problem, but older men are fine. “I am never more alive than when I write about David.” Not creepy at all.

    • …..probably similar to how you feel when you write about me, isn’t that true? It turns you on so much you can’t even remember your name, and have to make up a whole new one.

    • The Great Fernando, you think I’m “a bottom”? LOL. Talk about creepy. We both know who you are now, don’t we, and you sure as heck ain’t no woman.

  27. bliss David is different then both Enrique and Elvis there was a time when folks thought David could be as famous as both of them not to mention be like them why I mentioned them you are correct they are different them him even more so now.
    as for self respecting women lol times have changed since Elvis days
    as long as David puts out family type music he will attract folks of all ages and personalities who knows what or who he will attract in the future

  28. talking about older predators Bill Cosby he had it all threw it all away doing what he did. society being what it was way back let him get away with it not now though women coming forward feeling that they could exposed the creep he really is.

  29. Bliss please , relax and breathe !!
    Tss Tss…Papy , overwork your heart like that is not a reasonable thing to do you know… ??!!

    In my last post I was not cynical but only realistic !
    Speaking at conferences myself sometimes for my work , I guess I was thinking about my own experience…
    Fortunately , most of the time , I am happy to do so ,and smiling and being interactive is not a problem for me.
    It is harder when you have a migraine , you are tired , or you learn a bad new , etc …But you keep smiling as if nothing happened because smiling and being interactive are part of the job. And yes , you are paid for il !!
    David is very professional and I bet he will always look great at this kind of event , no
    doubt !!!……but no one will know if he pretended or not….

    Last thing : I love joking and yes, I am very often mocking but never wicked …!!!!

    • Lugdurum, in my experience, cynics always think they are being “realistic”. Pessimists are the same. It’s a form of “spinning” their world view in a way that doesn’t put them in a negative light. We see it here every day. The optimists are viewed as “unrealistic”, “pie in the sky”, “unicorns and rainbows” while the pessimists are the one’s that “see things as they are”.

      I would not presume to try to change your views or the views of anyone else here. This site is a clubhouse for David Archuleta’s detractors and pessimists. FOD is a site for David’s supporters and admirers. People have asked me here why i don’t just post on FOD, which is a valid question. The answer is that I have nothing to add to the discussion on FOD because I agree with their POV about David.

      BTW, “mocking” someone is, in fact, to use your word, “wicked”, and the mocking of David on this site for the past 3 1/2 years is some of the most mean spirited cruelty I have ever seen. That’s why I post here and not on FOD. I can’t stop it from happening, but at least I can expose it for what it is.

      • Bliss stated – Pessimists are the same. It’s a form of “spinning” their world view in a way that doesn’t put them in a negative light.

        You are incorrect Bliss. Pessimism is a way of protecting yourself from disappointment or hurt. It has nothing whatsoever to do with not putting yourself in a negative light. If you are truly some kind of counselor in your professional life you should know that, if you have had any training at all. Having been a lifelong pessimist and just a lowly high school graduate with no counselor training at all I know at least that much. If you’re going to put us down, at least get your information right.

        pes·si·mism ˈpesəˌmizəm/noun
        noun: pessimism

        a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen; a lack of hope or confidence in the future.

        See, if you believe the worst is always going to happen, you can’t be disappointed when it does.

      • Hit and Run, get over your persecution complex. If you are a pessimist, so be it. i’ve been around pessimists my whole life. The problem with pessimists is that they see the doom and disappointment in everything, and infect the emotional atmosphere with their negative view of the world.

        Pessimism doe not protect a person from disappointment, it guarantees it. It’s something to overcome. It’s toxic to the person and it’s toxic to those around them.

        BTW, I love how all the amateurs on this site try to demean my professionalism. Of course, as a pessimist, you would not be expected to do anything else.

      • Get over yourself Bliss. My pessimism has nothing to do with you. It is the way I was born and have always been, long before you were a nuisance speck in my eye. It’s not something you get over any more than someone gets over having blue eyes. I don’t care a crap about your professionalism. If you showed even a tidbit of professionalism no would be able to demean it at all would they?

      • Hitandrun, no one is “born” with a pessimistic view of the world. It’s not like eye color. It’s not predetermined. Pessimism is a world view, not a mental disorder, nor is it an inherited trait. It can, however be drummed into a child by their parents, etc and can become what appears to be a normal state reinforced by other pessimists. It can lead to a mental disorder if the pessimism devolves into depression and feelings of hopelessness. That’s why it’s potentially harmful.

        Here is a definition of pessimism I found online “Pessimism is a characterization of one’s overall interpretations of the world. It is not a mental disorder”

        Like I said, you are who you are, and if you are comfortable with your world view, that’s your business. Speaking for myself, I have fought the forces of pessimism in my own life, and found that being around pessimists to be very toxic and damaging to my soul. The notion that pessimism is the same as realism is a rationalization that the pessimists I have known use to justify their gloomy view of the world. Realism has little to do with pessimism.

        This site is a pessimist’s playground. This is why I post here. Someone needs to throw some water on the flames of negativity that would go unchecked here if I didn’t.
        Despite what is presented here, it is not “all about me” for me on this site. It is all about the decent treatment of a decent human being, David Archuleta. I am not interested in attention. I realize that I am a pain in your pessimistic behind. Optimism is a pessimist’s kryptonite, but on this site, it is just what the Doctor ordered.

      • Pessimism is as normal to me as breathing. As you say, I guess you could say I’m comfortable with it. Being an optimist is a completely foreign concept and frankly scares the crap out of me. You might disagree with me on the being a pessimist issue, but thank you for not being insulting in your comment about it.

  30. posted Nathan Sykes Kiss Me Quick music video already he was on GMA this morning did a great job. he does remind me of JT a bit too.
    one thing popped in my head watching him was folks blasted David for wearing buttoned up shirts.. well here you go guess David did know what was in style after all.
    like this kid think he will do well!

  31. Kimak, Nathan is a cute kid and does seem to have mass appear, thanks for the video.
    Fashion, lol, I enjoy following trends with fashion, some are great others, I just say, huh?!?! never understood droopy baggy pants, but it did give and continues to give me a good laugh seeing some of these kids trying to keep the pants up, hahaha!! As far as the button up look and dark socks with shorts (old man look, lol) it was a trend last year and still is, I’m thinking (pure speculation) David got some fashion guidance from his sisters when he returned and that look was ok with him.

  32. dark socks funny socks are the in thing now too just saying my son does it too.

    that being said way I see it are any of really in the know a fashionista?
    we like what we like just like we like certain artists and not others.

    Nathan Sykes was in The Wanted before that reason I started paying attention to him cause Kari followed him on IG maybe she will work with him too

  33. Watkins Glen International…Upstate NY

    “Singing the national anthem at two NASCAR races in early August are…Sawyer Fredericks & David Cook”…

    Some things change and the good times roll on.

    • Doesn’t surprise me that Sawyer is one of the singers because him coming out of a popular show, they usually are in demand or at least their management team can work the deal, but I’m very happy for Cook being that his career is not that strong right now. Must have a good management team. It’s funny that a few years ago if I saw David Cook getting a gig instead of David, I would be kind of mad, lol, my how times have changed. Still enjoying the continuing David Archuleta career saga, but am viewing it in a totally different way.

  34. This is nuts but I have this song in my head & can’t seem to shake it. I had never heard it before until this phenomenal songstress sang a verse of Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down on America’s Got Talent. I love her vocals & arrangement of the song so I looked up Sam Smith’s version. I just love the emotional lyrics.

    ps…hey, if Peter can do it, so can I. Where are you Peter? 😉

  35. Oh, and she made it through to Radio City Music Hall. I normally don’t watch AGT unless I hear there’s an exceptional singer or dancer on the show. I thought she was exceptional.

    Also, good for Sawyer Fredericks. Hope he has a very successful career. He’s a sweetheart. Didn’t David also sing at one of those car races? Or did I dream it?

    Good night now. 🙂

  36. I agree with you Lugdunum love hearing David sing patriotic songs.
    Looks like another concert has been added ,Midland TX 11/12/15. Good luck to him, hoping it sells well.

    • No sooner than I move from Texas and he gets a concert within driving distance of my old home. Lol
      Happy for those who get to go. 😄

      Hoping for more concerts, say out Raleigh way. Crossing fingers

  37. The latest venue added to David’s concert schedule is in Midland TX, at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Theatre on Thursday 11/12. It’s an 1800 seat venue, fairly new and very nice. He hasn’t been added to their schedule yet though.

    David also finally had a photo-shoot hopefully for his album cover? So, maybe his album will drop sometime very soon. Only then will we have an idea what David has in mind musically going forward. Realistically speaking, I’m not expecting his new music to be Grammy material, I just hope it’s worthy of his voice.

  38. Just wanted add IMO, Since he’s basically been off the grid for almost 4 years now, along with new music he needs to suck it up and do lots of self-promotion via social media which he has at his fingertips. It is imperative now if he is to have success outside of Utah.

    I think David does not want to go back to the way it used to be when he was stretched to the limit, being pulled every which way. He can control how far he’s willing to go to have a career, but he has to start again somewhere and may have to make some concessions like without compromising himself or his principles. I wish him the best.

    I’m not sure why the Idaho tickets sales are almost at a standstill. Regardless of the theories, I’m confused considering how small the venue is, but maybe they shouldn’t have booked the concerts in Idaho so close to the dates of the other concerts in Utah. They will sell out though, slowly but surely. 🙂

    • The Idaho tickets sales standstill is a puzzle to me too. Maybe things are starting to fall into place and ticket sales will pick up. Hope that Texas concert sells as quickly as the Utah concerts, now that would be awesome!!!

  39. David is in Nashville they’re doing a photoshoot saw a couple of pics looking good!!

  40. wish I could bring over the pics.. lol he is NOT in a suit!

    • hahaha, I saw them…looking forward to seeing what they come up with…want a kick …ss album cover…

    • Actually, David looks good in a suit but without the tie, more like the blazer look & a button down shirt open at the neck. Sort of like what he wore in Mexico. He looked sharp but comfortable. In other words, a suit that doesn’t look like he’s going to church or like a uniform. 😉

      I think Matt Clayton’s photos were the best of David. Wonder why David didn’t use him this time unless his rates are out of David’s range right now.

  41. miss cotton candy

    what’s a bottom? does that mean you’re a girl ? what wrong with that??

    • Miss Cotten Candy, since you asked, I will answer:

      A “bottom’ is a man who is on the “receiving end” of a sexual encounter with another man. It is a term used almost exclusively in the gay community to differentiate the roles. Hence, the man who is penetrating another man’s rear end is a “top”. I’ve also heard the terms “pitchers and catchers” used to make the same distinctions. Whoever called me a “bottom” here was using the term as an insult, saying that I would be the “woman” in an encounter with a man, as opposed to being the superior “man” ,or top.

      Sadly, there is sexism even in the gay community. We all know who posted that intended slur on this site, but all he did was “out” himself as a sexist who uses the female role in a gay sexual encounter as an insult.

  42. David does music like this my guess no grannies will be going to his concerts.. lol except for me.

    • Kimak. LOL!

      If only! I bet he hopes there’s no grannies or gramps at his concerts. Sorry. Just being honest. Putting myself in his shoes. Glad he’s getting booked out of Utah though. Now if he can just attract his peers all will be fantabulous! BTW, thanks for all the heads up on what’s happening with David. It’s all good.

      Bliss, you really are a sick dude! Go get some therapy cuz you need help like now. I feel bad for you man. You need to find a nice lady your age and get a life.

  43. miss cotton candy

    I will not be going to his concerts cuz ive been tweeting him since 2008 and he has never given me the time of day, never responded, and im just as busy as he is so why should I waste my time? I am done 😦 goodbye dear friends 😦

  44. Uh… those pics of the photoshoot almost remind me of TOSOD shoot. Not bad at all. Almost reminds me of the old David. Which is nice to see. I am more intrigued than ever to see just what types of songs will be on the album. Very interesting indeed.

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