Loss of a Fan

Sorry to be hearing this!

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  1. So very sad to hear of a fan who has passed on. Very tragic. Her family is in my prayers. May God’s love surround them in his arms for comfort.

  2. Very nice of you to make a post that mentioned the loss of such a supportive fan of David, hg. I did not know Jen and never met her but she was an amazing photographer who took some wonderful pictures of David. Sad news.

  3. I’m still numb over this news. In 2008 before twitter, I had no idea what her name was but in my mind I associated her with being that the woman who took the great pics of David in Portland. I would spend hours on Idol Forums looking at her pictures.

  4. This is very sad news. I didn’t know Jennifer but it seems like she was well loved and appreciated by many David fans. May she rest peacefully.

    It was very nice of David to acknowledge her passing. It was a very “old school” David gesture for lack of a better word. That David did in fact know most fans by their names and faces and was down to earth enough to interact with us in a very sweet and familiar way. I thought he had somehow forgotten that whole part of his life but it’s nice to know that he hasn’t. Maybe he does still care about fans after all.

  5. SandyBeachesNS

    I believe that David also has Kari mentioning happenings to him in regards to fans. She has kept in closer touch with his fans akways encouraging them and has been working towards what she might see for the future. She knows the tremendous value of his fans especially being in the company of Justin Timberlake.

    SB 🍁

  6. apparently Jen was out early to take pictures her passion she sent me a David pic once she was really good at it too. she has a nine year old son who has no mommy now because of this! 😦

    just announced David will be headlining at BYU two nights holds 19,000 seats!!
    oh and read he is majoring in psychology true no clue but kind of cool.
    love that his peeps are supporting him maybe now the Idaho tickets will perk up. 🙂

    • Thanks for the info kimak. Do you know if the event at BYU is a pop concert or an LDS event?

      My heart aches for Ms. Barry’s son especially. Way too young to lose his Mom. Just a senseless tragedy. May his family find a tiny bit of comfort in knowing how much Ms. Barry was loved by all.

      • by the sound of it is is pop talks about swooning. 🙂

        someone told me they saw a tweet about it just a rumor I suppose but does sound like something he would do.

  7. Majoring in psychology? where and who said this? Lol.

  8. Lol well that’s a twist. But doesn’t that kinda ring a bell for folks? Majoring in psychology doesn’t sound like he wants to do music for a living.

    • Nice!!! Maybe to edgy for David, although I think he would be great doing stuff like this.
      lol, am thinking that album (that was scheduled for release this year) not going to happen, 😦 Hope I’m wrong though.

      • Cq I can’t see that album happening this year. Also David can study a subject at college and still have a music career-if he wants to.

      • Hope I guess you are right about being able to sustain a full music career and also taking some classes. As far as the album goes, yes that might not be happening, but I’m thinking he might at least sing some new songs for the upcoming concerts.
        I agree with you about the regular commenters getting a bum rap (of course, lol, I would think that because I am one. Others opinions are theirs and they have the right to voice their opinions. If it makes them feel better by condemning this site, oh well, I can’t change their minds, just like they can’t change what commenters post here.

      • cq. 🙂

    • I like Nathan. Thanks for posting kimak :). I just want to add that I sometimes think this site gets a “bum rap” by some who comment here at times. I have always found “some regular commenters” that post here to be honest , thoughtful ,caring, and yes thought provoking. You know who you are 🙂 Very thoughtful post by hg regarding the loss of a fan. Also I thought it was nice of MelindaWeg to make a sympathy tweet for Jen on her twitter account. As did Gina and Kari. Nice gesture 🙂

  9. Nathan Sykes supposed to be the new JT.. saw Kari just followed him on IG.
    he’s ok

  10. Get Ready to Swoon: David Archuleta to Headline BYU Homecoming Spectacular
    Tickets go on sale this month for October 8-9 shows
    Singer David Archuleta will perform as the featured guest on Oct. 8 and 9, at BYU Spectacular, a live concert held in the Marriott Center as part of the Homecoming Week celebrations in the Marriott Center
    In addition to Archuleta, BYU Spectacular, with a theme of “Make Your Mark,” will feature favorite BYU performing groups: Vocal Point, Young Ambassadors, Cougarettes, Ballroom Dance Company, Contemporary Dance Theatre, Women’s Chorus and Synthesis.

    I would say this is for the students at BYU etc.. not really a pop show but who knows probably the same music etc as the other shows? great support by the church or whoever is putting this on.

  11. Shanny in Australia

    I heard through the grape vine when he first started at BYU that he was doing psychology. I think it’s true. Makes sense, he always talks about enjoying observing people and wanting to know what makes them tick. I guess he already has a lot of hands-on experience in the music industry. I don’t think it’s any way important for him to study music etc. he can talk to and learn from plenty of industry professionals directly.

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