Happy 4th of July!

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  1. That would be AWESOME if we would get career related stuff to talk about, but yes, Kimak, that won’t stop fans for talking about his personal life too, comes with the career territory, unfortunately. Imo, a song would give his career a good boost right now.

  2. Bliss and other males, such as the radio guy who tweets that he wants to marry David, granny posters, middle-aged posters, young posters, etc. are allowed to think and post what they find appropriate as allowable by the forum provider…no one should be the thought or speech police. I doesn’t matter in the slightest what age or sex you are, or how many fake names you use, (they’re almost all fake anyway, right?). I don’t think it surprises anyone the kinds of things bliss has been tweeting or posting, we all have our own opinions on that, but still there’s no point in shaming him or anyone, (though the hypocrisy is, of course, something else).

    But the only thing that’s truly not okay is trolling (harassing and haranguing others). The content of a troll’s manipulations is beside the point. The point is that people troll for reasons that no one else can control, persuade, shame or scold them out of. As we see every time, there’s no rationality or accurate perception of the other people’s comments or meanings. There’s only an excuse for the agenda.

    Only ignoring has at least a half a chance of limiting it. We see over and over how anything else just goes completely out of control.


    SIX things you need to know about internet trolls:

    1. They love it when you take their bait and respond to them.
    2. You cannot reason with them. They have one goal and one goal only: to irritate the snot out of you.
    3. They don’t have manners and they surely don’t follow social or cyber etiquette.
    4. They love it when you retaliate. In fact, it feeds and encourages them to intensify their ill-mannered tactics.
    5. They will not let you win or have the last word.

    *6. They are experts at pushing buttons and manipulating to get you to respond. If you are engaging with them, you are being used. The content is only important as a ploy to get attention.

    From my job working with special education students, I know that negative attention can be as desirable as positive, primarily for those with the most severe behaviors.

  3. Very sad news, my condolences go out to the family, 😦

  4. Anonymoustoo

    Shocking and very sad about Jennifer Leigh Barry. An expert photographer who had an eye and talent for capturing exquisite beauty in many if not all of her photographs. I envied her passion and talent. She knew instinctively how to get the best & most beautiful photos of David as well as any other subject. Unbelievably tragic.

    RIP, Jennifer.

  5. Jen was a wonderful photographer. I remember her amazing pictures of David through the years. What a supportive fan of David she was.

  6. CCHalo, Would you call Best of Bliss an Internet Troll? How about Holland Taylor?How about Anonyoustoo? What about Hope, Anne, Hit and Run, etc etc. How about YOU? All of you fit your description of a troll to a T. When you went over to The Voice to challenge their description of David as a “light” and to remind them that, in your opinion, David is not a deity or something, weren’t you being a troll? What other purpose could your little “visit” have been?

    Let’s face it. You want me out of here because I make it difficult for you to slam the LDS Church and their gay-unfriendly policies on this site, the ONLY David site that will allow you to do so. I’m a pain in your LDS-hating behind, and you want me out of the way. If you really wanted to ignore me, you would not continuously post the “rules of Internet trolls” that no one listens to. The only person being ignored is You. You are trying to stifle my right to post differing POVs on this blog. If you don’t like my posts, respond to them or ignore them, both of which is your right to do.. That’s what blogs are for. Your repeated attempts to get other posters to ignore me is as stifling as you think the LDS Church is doing to its members. Practice what you preach, and let the free exchange of ideas go unimpeded, even the ones you disagree with.

    You sound like you’re afraid of dissenting views, which is what you accuse the LDS Church of being. Branding me a troll or a bully in an attempt to silence me is censorship of the worst kind. it’s time you cut it out.

    • The last post is from Bliss. The site posted it as Anonymous incorrectly

    • Anonymoustoo


      Can you just stop? One of David’s well known & very loyal fan was tragically killed early Saturday by a speeding 100 mph drunk driver. It’s a sad day in David’s fan base. Even if you never met her, every one of David’s fans had the pleasure of seeing a great photos of him performing at one time or another.

      So can you just stop please?

    • SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Try faking a little respect and sympathy for one of David’s fans that everyone knew and liked.

      • 1- Faking? You mean like what your’re doing? Ms Barry and I followed each other on twitter, and I admired her photography greatly. She was a true fan of David’s, and admired David in a way that the suddenly sensitive folks here would have mocked mercilessly. Her death is untimely and tragic, and a loss for her family and all decent fans of David everywhere. The hypocrites here didn’t give a damn about the kind of fan Ms Barry was. She loved David and showed it, and represented everything that is good and decent about being a fan of David’s.

        RIP Jen Leigh Barry. The fan base of David Archuleta has lost one of its truest supporters in the cruelest way possible.

  7. The previous post is from Bliss, not Anonymous.

    • I agree with anonymoustoo. I am all for everyone expressing their opinions here but maybe it is best to give it a rest for today. Or maybe not. Entirely up to those who comment. Just think it is sad news. Nice of David to post that tweet. Kari posted a supportive tweet too.

  8. A tweet from David:
    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie · 55m55 minutes ago
    So sad to hear the loss of a dear supporter and fan, @jenleighbarry who was hit by a drunk driver. RIP Jen, you will be missed! 😔🙏🏽

  9. SHOW A LITTLE DECENCY MAN. REFRAIN FROM YOUR USUAL ME-ME-ME BS BLISS. I met Jen Barry at a concert once, and she seemed to be a real gracious nice lady. Her skill as a photographer was undeniable. It makes me sad to hear she has died so horrifically and senselessly.

  10. So sad to hear about Jennifer Barry’s passing. And it is how she passed away that is sad. I will pray for her family.

  11. I wish it had been You instead of Jen Barry. She had something to offer the world.

  12. Oh dear Lord why on Earth would you make such a rotten comment? SMDH

  13. That was meant to follow 2’s comment

  14. RIP Jen Leigh Barry.

  15. Bliss,

    You just can’t help yourself can you? Along with your sympathy for Jennifer, you just had to add some insults about the posters here yet again. You couldn’t even manage to give your thoughts about Jennifer without spewing more garbage.

    {{{shaking my head}}} You really need help. 😦

    • Anonymoustoo, Jen Leigh Barry was a great fan of David’s and deserves to have her fandom celebrated by other fans who love and respect David. Those who have mocked and belittled David on this site disrespect all of his loving fans, of which Ms Barry was one of the best. Had she come on this site to express her unconditional love and admiration for David she would have been mocked for doing so just like all the others who have dared do the same.

      Shake your head for yourself and hang your head in shame. The treatment of David on this site tarnishes the memory of a great fan like Jen Leigh Barry.

  16. Good night all.

  17. 2,

    I don’t know or care who you are, but that remark was totally uncalled for and totally unnecessary at a time like this.

    Again, wishing all a good night. I’ll be taking a break for a spell. When things like this happens, it gives one perspective on what is really important in life and sorry to say, but David is not at the top of my list right now. So it’s crazy to spend so much time fighting on the Internet about what he said & didn’t say & what I said & didn’t say. It’s just plain crazy.
    Jennifer was a “concert friend” and she was taken way too soon. Only 43 years old with a little boy and husband she was crazy about. It’s just too much.

  18. My goodness what I’ve missed. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Ms. Barry.

  19. In just the last day or so, I was clicking here and there and happened to see Jennifer Barry’s #LoveWins hashtag and retweets after the recent SC decision. I thought, what a lovely, sweet lady.

  20. RIP Jennifer.

    Never met her, but everyone in David’s fan base knew of her and her great photos of David.
    Hoping her family knows how special she was to David’s fans.

    Very nice of David to acknowledge Jennifer’s untimely passing.

  21. A beautiful tribute to Jennifer was posted by Joanie over at FOD…Jennifer’s beautiful heart was reflexed through her beautiful photos.

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