Throwback Thursday: No Air

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  1. Best of Bliss

    “He probablly has some projects lined up in the Philippines already. @DavidArchie is a legitimate superstar over there.”

  2. Best of Bliss

    “If anyone asks you to explain why you love @DavidArchie, just show them today’s vlog. Every second of it is another reason to love him.”

  3. Best of Bliss

    “American politics is a cesspool. It needs @DavidArchie to come in to clean it up with a song, a smile, or if need be, a 25 eps. mini-series.”

  4. Best of Bliss

    “@DavidArchie has the physical appearance usually reserved for Gods from Greek mythology.”

  5. Best of Bliss

    “David’s heart acts as a filter to remove all emotional impurities. Chile is a purer country because he is there.”

  6. Best of Bliss

    “@DavidArchie is teaching his fans that loving and missing are two emotions that can coexist without getting in each other’s way.”

  7. Best of Bliss

    “Had a stressful day today. Watched a few @DavidArchie videos and am feeling 100% better. They don’t call him Dr. Archuleta for nothing.”

  8. This is apesh*t crazy. You guys, this might get dangerous.

    Lessons of the day: think before you click; don’t be a douche because someday your butt might get swooped up by the people you offended; PEOPLE, DON’T GET TOO ATTACHED/ADDICTED WITH A THING/PERSON/HABIT… TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING IS BAD AND COULD BE DESTRUCTIVE; get a life; bullying is bad; respect goes both ways

  9. Holland Taylor

    He needs to show some respect to the posters he tries to run roughshod over and demean daily before he gets an ounce from anyone. No more playing nice. His own words are whipping him and revealing his hypocrisy. Truth will always be revealed regardless how many lies and projections and deflections you fling.

  10. Sam Hunt heard this on the radio looked it up pretty popular love this guys voice great song powerful video.. probably why so popular.

    funny what makes music popular and some not.. guess what speaks to the masses something that folks can connect to relate to not to mention this guys voice is hot.

  11. Push enough buttons and the vigilantes are going after you. It isn’t necessarily right, but understandable. I think a poster once appeared here saying to lay off (a real-life friend?) and I agree that it gets too harsh. Ignoring is hard (as I know too well) but probably still the best way to starve the desired attention-seeking.

  12. Ignoring is easy. You simply don’t look at this site. It is an embarrassment and has been for a long time. Which is why this is the last look for me. Bliss, if we ever meet, I’ll give you a great big hug for your incredible tolerance and defense of a viewpoint you don’t share (LDS beliefs). Rare these days.

    • anonymoustoo

      Then why are you here? Buh-bye. 🙂

    • You need not tell us you’re leaving, just leave. Go join the rest of the unicorn and rainbow crowd. You all embarrass yourselves with the inability to face reality.

    • This from anonymous too: “Bliss uses his rhetoric about how posters here hate Mormons & the LDS added to just about every insulting response as a way to get in their good graces. It’s worked too. It’s a ploy plain & simple.”

      • well not all of us see things either/or.. still couldn’t care less about David’s faith just that that is all there is kind of stinks really.
        we don’t even have him singing anymore like he turned off that faucet shut tight.
        ever since day one with David folks have been arguing not going to stop either.
        interesting least not boring. as for other sites try FOD oh yeah that’s right dead over there wonder why.. cause there is nothing to talk about cause posters who pop on when the rainbows get interupted but don’t contribute when things are calm.
        like tell me why David’s lds peeps aren’t supporting him in Idaho? my guess cause he is like a ‘Jimmer’ now not famous so.. next. #fullofitjustlikealltherest

      • anonymus is me kimk.
        talk the talk walk the walk just saying.

      • Best of Bliss

        Add shameless brownnosing to that and you have his MO.

      • Yep. I agree with anonymous too. That is exactly what he did. So obvious. Now it is best to just ignore him.

    • Lissa, oh I see it’s perfectly alright for foul language and inappropriate mud slinging as long as it’s defending the LDS church, lol. unbelievable. Have a nice hug fest. Btw, if ignoring is easy why the comment.
      Btw cchalo, didn’t you say that at one time he wasn’t that kind to the church and posted some comments that might be viewed as anti LDS?

      • Yes. Was going to mention that, too, but I guess I need to move on at this point. Let’s see if there’s anything career-wise that comes up of interest. Oh yes, I did have one thought bouncing around my head: I’ll take bets that at least one of the questions submitted to the upcoming q & a in Mexico is a version of, “How did you manage to keep your standards in the big bad music industry?” They ask it every time.

      • not ok either way
        now I do believe it is ok to defend yourself or someone you care about just try to be civil use your brain not go all ISIS on folks.

  13. Bullying isn’t ok. Your arguments and reasonings are invalid.

    Lissa, I’m shocked and disappointed that you support one who bullies simply because he supports the LDS.

  14. Lissa, sorry to see you go, but I certainly cannot blame you. As you read today and every day, this site is reserved only for the wretched few who despise anything and anyone that does not fit into their limited view of the world. All they have is each other and this site, and they guard it with ruthless resolve. If they lose this site, they will have no forum to spew their hatred of your Church and all its members, including David. This site is actually a tiny cult of hand wringing, vindictive people who change their names constantly in a pathetic attempt to appear to be a larger group than they really are. In the end, they will implode and disappear, leaving only David and his many appreciative fans to enjoy the resumption of his career.

    • wouldn’t count on it would expect fod to disappear before here. since day one all this has been going on in one form or another with one topic or another.
      folks love a fight. like you do.

  15. Shanny in Australia

    This craziness has got me reflecting on my own ‘relationship’ to David.

    Do I want to be noticed by David? Hmm….at times I have/do. And I don’t think there’s any shame in anyone feeling that way either. If we admire/like/appreciate someone it’s human nature to want to make a connection with them of some sort. We’re a social species.
    I’ve always thought David and I would get on well as friends. I have a trillion questions I’d love to ask him. I would hope I could offer a listening ear and some encouraging words. Sometimes I’ve had a little fun and posted invitations to David to come have dinner at my house on FOD. Do I mean it? Yes, I do lol. Do I think he would take me up on it? I’m not holding my breath on that one sorry. Lol. So since such invitations are in the realms of ‘extremely unlikely, nigh on impossible’ they really are just a bit of silly fun on my part.

    Same with the gushing. Just about everyone gushed OTT back in the day. It was a part of the fun. And like Kim, I look forward to doing more of it in the future. It kind of reminds me of concerts – they’re always so much more fun when the audience gets into it and sings and claps and dances and yells out and has a ball of a time. Sorry, I ain’t gonna apologise for any OTT behaviour either. Lol.

    Am I attracted to David? Everyone in my life sure likes to tease me that I am, with a wink and a nod. I definitely think he’s grown into one very photogenic young man, I don’t think he’s perfect looking though. I think he sometimes shows a sensuality on stage but as a married woman, i don’t feel comfortable going there, so I don’t. I’ve said this before but I’m more attracted if you could call it that, to his persona. When I see his goodness, it makes me happy. It feels like a little gleam of light in a crazy world. I kind of hate saying that because I hate to add to his pressure to ‘be good’ because no-one is perfect and I understand that but I do appreciate David’s good heart and soul and I like to celebrate and support the good things of the world, wherever they may be found.

    I don’t have a problem with older fans being attracted to him. I’m not old but I’m old enough to know that beauty can be appreciated at any age. I’ve even being noticing lately how young teenage boys seem to notice when a mature woman is beautiful for her age. Beauty and goodness are ageless. I do think decorum and control are needed more when there is a significant age difference but I think that line is for each to judge for themselves.

    It’s interesting to me but as the time comes closer for David to come here to Australia and for me to get to see him for the first time….I’m beginning to feel very calm and peaceful about the whole thing. I’m almost feeling that I’m happy to just sit and listen and be grateful to receive whatever he chooses to share through his talk/music and at this point, I feel like I’m not even sure I will go and chat with him during the intermission. I think I’d rather just sit and soak it all in quietly. So much for wanting to be ‘noticed’. Lol.

    One thing is for sure….the year is drawing on and I’m really, really, hoping we get to hear what he’s been working on very soon!

    • Hey Shanny, how are you? I’m glad that you will get to see David live, and I appreciate your honesty regarding your feelings for David. Beauty can be appreciated at any age level for any age level. David is a very modest young man, and cannot fathom what the fuss has been over his looks for all these years. David leads with his heart, and is a person of great substance with little use for the superficiality that surrounds him.

      I read today that “Boyd Packer, one of the elder statesmen and longtime leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died Friday at his Utah home, church officials said. He was 90.”

      Although I disagree with his views on social issues, if this passing represents a loss to you and other LDS members who may visit this site, please accept my condolences for your loss.

  16. Best of Bliss

    “@DavidArchie is not someone who “plays it safe”, a quality I greatly admire. I look 4 great things from D in 2014.”

  17. Best of Bliss

    “If you’re looking for truth in this world, just look into the eyes of @DavidArchie. There’s nothing but truth in there, & it goes on forever”

  18. Best of Bliss

    “I love how some people say that @DavidArchie ‘s “career is over” and yet still post on a fan site. David will expose that lie in 2014.”

  19. Best of Bliss

    “@DavidArchie is a risk taker and very unpredictable, unlike most artists, who “play it safe”. Watch him in 2014.”

  20. Best of Bliss

    “@DavidArchie is no longer just an American artist. He is an intl. star, and will soon add Latin America to his ever expanding fan base”

  21. Best of Bliss

    “Those of little faith” regarding @DavidArchie ‘s future will be eating a healthy portion of crow when he returns”

  22. Best of Bliss

    “@DavidArchie is the artist. We are the fans. Nothing bad is going on. David’s career will pick up in 2014, as scheduled.”

  23. Best of Bliss

    “Hey Steven, what’s up? Looking forward to your outstanding “drumming” at the next @DavidArchie concert in 2014.”

  24. Best of Bliss

    “@DavidArchie will not have to “start over” because he has countless fans who are able to support his decision & miss him simultaneously.”

  25. Best of Bliss

    “You are so wrong. @DavidArchie will return in 2014 and resume his career as the best singer on earth.”

  26. Best of Bliss

    “@DavidArchie will return renewed and refreshed and will hit the ground running as he resumes his career”

  27. Best of Bliss

    “@DavidArchie is a superstar in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and all of SE Asia. Latin America is next on the list”

  28. Shanny you will do fine only thing that is kind of a bummer is that they aren’t offering VIP for the concerts. seeing him close up not to mention when he sings at them is the best ever.

    • Can’t we all just get along? Everyone is missing David & his music…probably even those who say they no longer like him.

  29. Shanny in Australia

    Kim, oh yes! Those vids of him singing at VIP’s! Argh! Seem worth every penny easily!
    Shame he’s not doing the VIP’s but think the whole venue would want to be crowding in there since it’s been so long. The mosh pit to end all mosh pits. Lol.

  30. Shanny my first was at Greensboro was a small room he was opening for Demi Lovato but there were a lot of people for him..think he sang Crazy and one other song but forget what. that voice really after hearing him in a small room live like that that was it. prettiest thing I ever heard.

    yes that is gushing folks that voice of his is gorgeous!

    • I find nothing wrong with gushing over his voice, after all that’s what we are fans of, right.
      I have always said I love his voice and no matter what direction he takes, heck that won’t change even if I don’t necessarily like the direction, lol
      Shanny, you’ll be just find, you have a ball!

  31. posted that video for a reason it isn’t just about his voice it is the way he sings the songs
    you could tell how much that song meant to him he lives what he sings.
    just read Jazzy got her mission call not going out of the country I like that kind of scary out there right now.

  32. Lisa gosh yes we miss him terribly!!

  33. ok and the hair let’s not forget about the hair.

  34. Shanny in Australia

    ‘Beauty can be appreciated at any age level for any age level………. David leads with his heart, and is a person of great substance with little use for the superficiality that surrounds him.’

    Yes!!! 😀

    And thanks for the kind condolences. Issues aside, Pres Packer was one of my very favs because I loved his bold fearlessness. Probably the very thing which also won him his critics. 😉

  35. VIP too.. lordie this has it all. David being David, that voice, the hair, the runs
    I would love to see the more soulful side of him like that on this new music

  36. For a moment there I thought I had logged in to FOD!! 😀

    It must be really dead over there. But it’s obvious what’s going on here. 😉

  37. Shanny in Australia

    Cq, thank you! 🙂

    Kim, yes! That he feels the music so deeply! It’s a part of that goodness that just makes my heart sing and my soul soar when I get to hear, see, feel, experience it – even through a silly iPad speaker. Lol

  38. ha well yeah it was dead until I made the mistake of saying something against the rainbow policy and swoop got swatted.

    • Why would you say something against the rainbow policy then bring the rainbow policy over here?

  39. Shanny in Australia

    Anonymoustoo – lol.

    ……Think it just happened organically.

    Anyway, I’m under orders from my hubby to take a nap. Better be an obedient wife as I think he might be right on this one. 😉

    Take care all. 🙂

  40. now all we need for him is to get back into the grove like he had up top in that duet.. maybe then the folks in Idaho will buy up the rest of the damn tickets.

  41. I’m with kimak. I am ready for David to sing, A little bit of communication wouldn’t hurt either. Going by tweets from people who are writing with David, I assume he is busy behind the scene getting his new music ready. However, unless David is willing to engage with his fan base in some way, I don’t expect there will be any big reaction when he decides to release it. David has chosen music as his career. It’s called the music business for a reason. He has to treat it as a business. He and his music are the products he is selling. Just like any other product, promotion is key. I’m not saying he has to give up his artistic side to succeed, but he has to be willing to put himself out there to sell his product. When David is performing live shows, he doesn’t have to try to sexy, he just is. He needs to get himself back on stage and show his fans he was worth waiting for.

  42. Hitandrun ha well there you go so happy to make your day so gloomy.

  43. cchalo it was cute. think I was talking about folks wanting to see more be more relevant out there that duet was pretty darn good. he had swagger.

  44. blingy I agree with all you have said.. do hope he starts something soon with his career. he has what it takes just has to do it.

  45. I agree David has “it”. But looks to me as if he doesn’t want to share “it”.

    At least not in the way he use to. I think he’s been pretty clear about that. Yes, he showed “shades” of “it” at the Roots Tech event, but personally, I think he was just acting silly as part of the lip-sync competition with the other act. But will he incorporate the running & jumping into his shows a la Zero Gravity? I think David will put on a good show vocally. He will give the audience their money’s worth vocally. I think he will probably do a lot of sitting on a stool and a keyboard, although a real piano would add some class to his show. I really believe David wants to be seen in a more serious light and not as the kid from AI as the venues are advertising on their websites. It doesn’t mean he won’t add some “fun” into his show like when he sang Nunca Pense. The Roots Tech I think was a small prelude to what audiences can expect his shows to be, IMO. And it was pretty good. But not the same David we were accustomed to seeing. He looks different and acts different and is different than the David we used to “know”.

    I wonder if he will even allow for a spontaneous M&G with fans or if he’ll do the show, an encore and be whisked away instead of sticking around afterwards for an impromptu meeting with fans like he used to. Doubtful. But I hope that part of him has not changed. We will see. I won’t be there anyway, but for the fans who will be there.

    Happy 4th everyone!

  46. Oh…and David sure as heck does not want to be seen as “sexy”. Oh my heck NO. 😀

    • lol about right.

    • Yep, anonymoustoo, that about sums it up, lol. I used to think that his sexiness was naturally there, but since his return he has managed to so a darn good job of suppressing that part, that I don’t think he has to worry about being thought as sexy, lo I’m glad that we got to see that wonderful side of David, even if it was fake. I know that some fans see David as more than a singer, more like an inspirational symbol of all things that are pure and wholesome, that’s their thing, but I see a great singer that has changed and I really don’t know yet if I really like his new style, but yes, I still love his voice.

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