Throwback Thursday: Something About Love

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  1. Shanny in Australia

    So I had to go look again at the ‘My Girl’ vid……and well….it just makes me wanna exclaim all over again…..”THIS. THIS GUY!”. I can see the musical notes streaming forth from every pore! And yeah….his carefree, confident demeanour, it’s a joy to watch. 😀

  2. In response to Bliss at 11:32pm,

    Of course you would “beg to differ”. After all, you’re the only one who knows all about David, who he used to be, who he is now, how he used to feel, how he feels now, what he used to want, what he wants now, what he used to like, what he likes now. You’re the expert in all things David Archuleta.

    I hope you’re right about David being happier than ever but I don’t see it.

    Went to FOD, saw all the great “old” photos of David they posted. Old photos, some candid pics were taken w/o his knowledge and all depicting how happy he was then. Yes happy! Was he “faking”? If he was unhappy then, it sure as heck doesn’t look it in all the hundreds upon hundreds of photos taken by fans prior to his mission. I noticed only old photos were posted, no recent photos. Now why is that? Maybe because there’s a stark difference in David’s photos back then and now? Not talking about how he looks, but how he no longer has that spark, that light that emanated naturally from him in all his photos, smiling or not, professional photos or candid pics by fans. It’s just not there anymore. Pictures, especially candid shots, don’t lie. They tell the truth more so than words.

    One of the things that drew people to David was his unmistakable upbeat outlook, his obvious happiness and positivity. He oozed “high on life” charisma. It was infectious and endearing. Since his return, he seems to be carrying a heavy burden. He says he finds peace and quiet in Nashville which is ironic because you’d think Utah would be where he had those things. Funny, eh?

  3. This guy in the my girl video is gayer than a picnic basket. It’s not notes streaming from every pore, it’s the gay he can’t repress. Nothing straight about this twink except his hair.

  4. That boy so gay in that my girl video he pees rainbows.

  5. bliss was talking about twitter @jakeonline Jake Updegraff off the top of my head other day his tweet to David about them getting married after the gay marriage decision was Top Tweet funny guy obviously likes David I like him he’s a nice guy.
    David attracts all sorts of folks

    brings back memories of another site where a head mod was run out of dodge because he was obviously gay and obviously in love with David. poor kid.

    • I liked My Girl a lot more please.

    • Jake Updegraff is Social Media Manager for Pentatonix.

      • Now that’s interesting, peter. Maybe David needs to hire Jake as his Social Media Manager, too…one thing for sure, Jake does really like David.

      • Well now, that is quite interesting.

        But then lots of guys were & are still smitten with David and wish he would notice them just like all the young LDS girls do.

        BTW, Kari kind of has that job, “social media manager” as well as Tour manager, for David, in a manner of speaking. No tours so she has to do something in the interim. She’s been his “spokesperson” on twitter for more than three years now regarding career matters. That’s how it seems to me.

      • Oh there you have it no need for Jake, David already has a Social Media manager. I guess she is managing?!?
        I guess she is meeting up with David in a couple of weeks, another church related gig in Mexico (speculation don’t know for sure)…this got me thinking, always dangerous, but with the heck, lol. Has David been hired by the church as a PR representative of the church to bring in/keep the youth, hum…if he is being paid, I’m thinking that he might abandon the whole secular music direction. I’m thinking he has been writing for an album, but as we all know, things can change?!?!

  6. I hope now that we are heading into July we will hear more on David’s career. I think that Joy’s new cd will do well and it was nice of David to give her a shout out. I hope David’s friends will do the same for him when his cd is released.

  7. Well here I am in a hotel in Philadelphia looking out at the pool while waiting for the elevator when a voice came over the hotel speakers. Not a very loud voice but he was quite young when the song was recorded. It would be so much more powerful now and draw much more attention if it was to be re-recorded. I sat down and listened of course like many others
    instantly remembering back in time. I had given up on listening to the old videos.

    • In Nashville, I met the girl highlighted in the video with color at 2:58. In a Christmas video in Nashville she was in the canera’s eye again. A very sweet girl who definitely went to his concerts and had a great time.

  8. I was just reading the last comments.
    I find it very sad and very ugly that some individuals benefit to be so vulgar to David .

    In response to Bliss / I know that “gay” and “effeminate” can not be linked.I just wanted to say that so far I do I am never wrong when I have this feeling.
    But I agree that it can happen , nobody is infallible….!

    And this will be the end of the chapter for me !

    • Bummer lugdunum, if you mean that the end of the chapter is you will not be posting anymore, 😦

      • Sorry cq , I didn’t specify , but I meant “the chapter of David’s sexuality “.
        But I will continue to post on other topics for sure…and don’t forget that the most interesting
        is yet to come whatever it is ! I won’t miss it !! Lol

      • Lugdunum so great that you will still keep on posting comments. You live in France right? Did or still does David a lot of fans in France, that you know of.

  9. IAnonymoostoo, you say at in response to Bliss at 11:32pm,

    “Of course you would “beg to differ”. After all, you’re the only one who knows all about David, who he used to be, who he is now, how he used to feel, how he feels now, what he used to want, what he wants now, what he used to like, what he likes now. You’re the expert in all things David Archuleta.”

    Being on this site feels like I am trapped in a Junior High School cafeteria with all the whiny girls I grew up with. One of the reasons David no longer can be bothered with you is because while you were whining about the “new” him, he actually became the “new” him, and the new David has no time for this childish nonsense. Why would he?

    • I stand by my ENTIRE response to you up-thread. Call it “childish nonsense” if it makes you feel better.

      Bottom line, truth sometimes hurts. And pictures don’t lie unless taken by an experienced photographer who knows how to direct their subjects unlike the candid shots taken of David by fans throughout the years prior mission where he sure doesn’t look as if he’s so desperately unhappy. Seems on the surface at least, that he was made to believe he was living a lie. Not to say he was happy in how he was being “managed” by TPTB, but his interactions with fans show a quite different David than he wanted us to believe per his vlog & blog.

      You seem to want to put the blame of David’s “unhappiness” on the actions of his “older female” fan base. All the name calling and insults directed at these fans whose loyalty and support made possible whatever success David enjoyed prior mission and may still enjoy in the future. You have a lot of nerve professing to be his defender against the very people who David can give credit & his thanks to for whatever fame and fortune he was “blessed” with.

      So just cut the crap, who don’t you.

      • Anonymoustoo, I am not “blaming” anything about David on his older female fans. Most of David’s older female fans are fine people who know a great singer and a wonderful human being when they see one. Also, most older female fans do not come on a fan site day and day out to complain about him, bash his faith, criticize his personal life choices, and speculate about his sexual preference. In other words, they are adults who know how to treat a celebrity who they admire but do not know personally. They know that because they have no personal relationship with David, they also have no claim to expectations about him, either personally or professionally.

        Somehow, those few older female fans who don’t know their actual place in David’s life have found this site and have created the masquerade that David is someone who is accountable to them due to their past support, and owes them an explanation for his current behavior and choices.

        As for “cutting the crap” I’ll be happy to do just that when you stop flinging it in my direction.

  10. anonymoustoo, so you think that the few digruntal fans on this set made david the suces is his today,, your the one that is full of crap, you don,t even have the guts to say who you are, with your real name, just a phoney, , what a small person you are,, and i will never turn on david , gay , straigh or crooked, lol.and as far as spelling you seam to figer out what i an saying,before you judge people you should no more about them,, and wht you see here on the inteernet, is not what realy is, i would like to interview you people in public and ask you some personal questions and see what you have to say, hidding behind a false name , , akows what phoiney you people are,, you blast bilss, yet you all do the same thing,like you all know david personaly., i man hitand run talks like she hangs out with david every day, such bs you guys come up ewith, grow jus cut the crap, why don,t you

    • Ray, you’re so funny.

      FYI, I used to be a regular poster at one of the other sites. I choose not to use the same name because I know how some fans have “bad-mouthed” fans like myself who have changed or no longer wish to go along with the status quo. I like and respect the posters & the mods there but there’s some fundamental things I no longer agree with them regarding David and haven’t since he returned so I stepped back from the sites until recently. That site still sees rainbows and I see storm clouds on the horizon. They think David will miraculously revert back to the same David, artistically speaking and I don’t for various reasons. They think David is fine and I think he’s dealing with serious issues. They think his move to Nashville was a great thing. I think the move was more an escape from his so-called comfort zone. They are living in a fantasy bubble & I prefer to be more realistic about David’s current career status. Therefore my opinions such as they are would be seen as unfavorable or disrespectful to them views & David if I were to voice what I think. This site has a more open forum and I like that I can say what I feel with no repercussions or insults except from you or Bliss. Which is really no biggie.


      • Anonymoustoo, You say you feel like this regarding your previous site:

        ” I no longer agree with them regarding David and haven’t since he returned so I stepped back from the sites until recently. That site still sees rainbows and I see storm clouds on the horizon. They think David will miraculously revert back to the same David, artistically speaking and I don’t for various reasons. They think David is fine and I think he’s dealing with serious issues. They think his move to Nashville was a great thing. I think the move was more an escape from his so-called comfort zone.”

        Welcome to Soul David, AKA “The Voice of Doom”. You will greeted with open arms here by the regular posters here who also feel that everything about David is bad, sad, and never going to be the same, sniff, sniff. Your only problem will be that you may have to deal with Ray or bad ol’ Bliss reminding you how utterly off the wall those notions are and that they reflect your state of mind, and not David’s.

      • rainbows and unicorns.. kind of think they see that isn’t the case thing is no one knows what is going on.
        folks go thru changes in their lives David is no exception sure seems to be going thru something.

      • Awe sorry, I welcome you and ray too, didn’t mean to leave you out.

      • Welcome bliss
        Kim, aka, lol anonymous, yes, every site has it’s personality, FOD is great and I truly understand why you enjoy that site so much…but thank you for also posting here, 🙂

  11. Off to the pool now. ciao!

  12. Ah summer. Thoughts of pools and beaches and margaritas and cabana boys LOL. (That last reference was for you know who haha).

    I don’t give a crap if David is gay, straight, a, bi or into pigs and chickens. As long as the pigs and chickens are of consenting age, I say live and let live. I have a right to my opinions here and I stand by everything I post. I don’t twist other’s words to suit my purposes. I don’t have selective memory.

    I wish I could be here more often but right now can’t. Thanks to all those who are keeping this place alive and lively :).

  13. I do think there is a 50-50 chance that david could be gay but I strongly believe as i’m sure david does, that prayer can take away or at least minimize that same sex attraction so that he can marry a girl and have a family, which is what he wants i’m sure.

    • cotton candy, respectfully I ask, why would someone have or want to pray away same sex attraction? If God made a person with ssa, why would he not want them to live life to the fullest as He created them?

      If David or anyone else is gay, why not build an honest life with a same sex spouse and happily raise children within that marriage?

    • Cotton Candy, There is absolutely no proof, real or imagined, that David is attracted to other men, and even if he is, so what? Also, if David does happen to have SSA, all the prayer, reprogramming, or voodoo in the world won’t minimize or eliminate it. People are attracted to who they are attracted to. It’s a force, like gravity, and it’s all good.

    • I guess in the same way someone can pray away same sex attraction, they could also pray away opposite sex attraction. And please tell us at what age you decided you would be attracted to the opposite sex. What factors did you take into consideration when making that decision? Was there a particular age when you realized you did not have same sex attraction?

  14. Hey Anne quick question, when I read your comment went to the extreme by saying with pigs or chicken, didn’t you mean to add that to make an extreme point and not to be taken seriously? I for one didn’t take you seriously and frankly got a laugh out of it.

    • anonymoustoo

      Of course Anne was just making a point using humor. Anyone who took it seriously has deeper issues than David. lol!

      cotton candy, I respect your right to have your belief that prayer conquers all, including homosexuality. Making LGBT, especially younger LGBT think if they pray hard enough they will turn “straight” is cruel and damaging. So much so that it can & has led many to take their own lives. Being gay is not a disease you can pray away. Being gay or straight is part of who we are like having blue eyes or red hair. Easy to change eye color with contacts, or change hair color any shade which suits a person’s fancy nowadays, but the gender one is attracted to is a permanent state of being. Gays marrying a straight person, having kids and living as a “straight” man or woman is not unheard of, but they are and always will be gay. The real question I have about such unions is why a straight man or woman would want to be married to someone who may love them like a brother or sister but deep down yearn to have a passionate relationship with their own gender?

      Getting pretty late, so pleasant dreams.

      • Anonymoustoo, I got it the first time. Anne was being hyperbolic to make a point. Did you take my response to her seriously? If you did, the “issues” dial is now pointing at you.

    • cq, of course I was taking it to the extreme to make a point. Thanks for getting the joke 🙂

  15. anonymoustoo

    Oh come on, Bliss. I didn’t even read your response to Anne nor do I care what your response was.

    My response was to cq who also got the jist of Anne’s comment. 🙂

  16. Anonymoustoo, who were you referring to then when you posted this?:

    “Of course Anne was just making a point using humor. Anyone who took it seriously has deeper issues than David. lol!”

    Who then did you think “took it seriously?” Also, if you don’t read my posts, why did you read my post to you which resulted in a response from you? You obviously “cared” enough about my post to you to respond to it.

    • lol guys humor humor.

      cotton candy being gay straight whatever it is in your dna guess if he was gay he could marry and have babies many do it to please society.
      kind of sad way I see it.
      true about folks committing suicide wasn’t Marie Osmonds boy gay? think he took his life so very tragic.

      • Kim, great that you have an offer on your house, good luck with the negotiations, hope you are given ‘an offer that you can’t refuse’ lol
        Humor is a huge part of my life. Love to laugh, love to make people laugh, in fact I wish I was able to express that humor better on paper, so instead I put a lot of lols and hahaha…and 🙂

  17. There was a TV show on, I think, TLC a bit ago called My Husband Is Not Gay. Not too hard to figure out what it is about. Men and women who are LDS, willing to give up their true identities and happiness to fit in to their community and unwilling to risk the “shunning” and God’s punishment that they see would be a result of being true to how they were born. So sad and not just an LDS issue. Many conservative Christian and non Christian religions feel this way.

  18. hola ray 🙂 what’s shakin? u are correct anna, conservative christians, as myself, believe in the power of prayer n fear God’s punishment more than society’s criticism.

  19. Wooww! Lively conversations these days ! Sure you never get bored on SD !!!

    CQ , I would like to answer your question. Late because of the time difference , not because I don’t want to answer you as you ‘ll understand !

    You are right , I live in France near Lyon. David is unknown here. I’ve never heard one of his songs or read something about him. For my part, I discovered him by chance on YT.

    If ever he had or still has fans , they are probably lds. Not many however because the French lds community is small, between 30 000 and 40 000. ( Tsss Tsss…Too hard to convert these French with their damned souls I guess…haha ! )
    And sometimes I wonder if I’m not his only non-lds fan in this country !
    However if one of my compatriots reads this…. Contact me , pleeeease ! lol

    But it doesn’t really matter because the European continent has never and will never be part
    of his projects !

    • Lugdunum, oh, YT, isn’t technology grand!!! thanks for the chuckle:Too hard to convert these French with their damned souls I guess, 🙂
      lol, I know I’m full of questions, but I was just curious, who is big there from US? I know that it’s a small world after all, so I would figure that some would be popular in France.

  20. Being GAY is not and shouldn’t be considered as an insult. I find it weird why people still use the word “gay” as if it’s a mean or insulting word. Who cares if David is gay or not?! I do…. Because I want to know the real David. Even though I prefer David to be inclined to girls (because… Duh, I’m a girl), well, I honestly feel he’s gay to a certain extent. There’s a 65% of my brain saying he has the tendency and 45% convinces me David is straight (just feminine and soft). Now don’t lash me out as if my comment is negative. It’s the topic at the moment and there is nothing wrong in sharing your thoughts.

    Blast off with evidences. A picture of a guy holding a guy isn’t an evidence that these guys are homosexuals, and no picture is not a proof that the person is straight. Get what I mean?

  21. The winner of SYTYCD in 2006, Benji Schwimmer, who is gay, (a little bit bi, actually) said after his much beloved Mormon mission he was “brutally scared of his next mission” (the expectation to marry a woman), which was why he chose to go on SYTYCD–as a delay tactic.

    Clark Johnson, in the original cast of “Book of Mormon” on Broadway, said that he’s known he was 100% gay since an early age. He also loved his mission (both he and Benji were in poverty-stricken areas of Mexico). He said that even though he wasn’t under any illusion that serving a mission honorably would change his orientation, he thought that God would provide the opportunity for him to marry a woman and he dated with that hope in mind, but of course soon realized the folly of that path.

    An anonymous poster on an ex-Mormon site posted this:
    “So, growing up I was always told I’d fall in love marry in the temple have a bunch of kids, see them do the same and die. I was accepting of that. It made sense. That’s what was going on all around me and it seemed to make folks happy. I looked forward to when I’d get to date at 16… Then when I finally came-of-age, I wasn’t interested. So I went to college for a year figuring I was a late bloomer, never bothered to date; it wasn’t my thing. Then I served a mission.

    On my way out of the mission field I was told to find a wife and marry her ONLY in the temple. “Yeah, yeah”, I thought, “That’s the way it goes I know, I know.”

    I finished up college without ever having dated… worked for 2 years out of college, no dates. Then I thought for a moment, “Maybe I’m not a late bloomer. I’m 25 with no inclination to date… Maybe I’m different.”

    Turns out I’m not attracted to women AT ALL. I looked through some porn just to see how it went, I felt like a doctor examining a patient, no zing no nothing. I thought, “Am I gay?” But, no… men don’t do anything for me either. I’m not attracted to anybody.

    I’m asexual.

    That’s right, no inclination for sex or romantic relationships. So, what are the religious implications for a Mormon boy who doesn’t wanna get down with a lady? Hypothetically they seem severe, you need a Gal to get into the big CK, and God’s pretty insistent on people churning out the littluns, and we all know it’s the man’s duty to ask the girl, if she doesn’t get asked she’s fine but if he never asks, whammo! Go directly to the un-descript second tier of the celestial kingdom, do not get exalted, do not collect 200 kolob dollars.

    So, wanting to go beyond the hypothetical I went to find out what the church’s official stance was on asexual guys and their need to pair bond. The closest thing I could find to my situation was gay guys, and the church is fine with them not getting married. Some members have said I should just find the right girl (not going to happen) or just marry a girl and stay celibate (what for? Is she going to be OK with that?)….”

    • anonymoustoo

      cc halo,

      wow. Ok, then. So this Asexual Mormon RM posted this anonymously on the ex-Mormon website? And so he is now an Ex-Mormon? Or still a Mormon?

      Seems if the church is “fine with guy guys not getting married” and if he is Asexual, then what’s the problem? He can go through life as an unmarried Mormon, right? Still, this is a good example of what young LGBT Mormons experience.

      If you brought up this example because you think David is Asexual and the issues he may be facing, ok then I can see your point. But we have to take into consideration not only what the LGBT and Asexual Mormons must deal with regarding the church, but what about their family? The parents who raised their sons & daughters to follow all the teachings of the church and in David’s case as an example to everyone around him as the epitome of what a Mormon should be like. Which brings up what should come next for him, marriage.

      Truthfully, my gut tells me that IF David is going through issues about his sexual orientation, whatever it may be, the reaction of his family could be more important to him than the church at this point since the church has relaxed their stance somewhat. Maybe moving away from his family, which I never would have anticipated even a year ago, is more telling than we know.

      • Don’t know anything about David, of course, but you could be right about the move, though I’d bet it was a lot more about being left in peace by rabid hometown fans, including lovesick LDS girls.

        I think the poster’s point (yes, ex-Mormon) was that he didn’t fit into the church structure. I think it was in Benji’s interview where he said he didn’t belong in the family wards where the men are all about how great it is to have wives and families, and he didn’t fit into the singles wards where it was all about finding an opposite sex mate.

  22. anonymoustoo

    cc halo,

    It’s true then that the LDS community lives & breathes LDS. Seems like just about everything they do is about what the church demands or expects from the members on practically a 24/7 basis leaving almost no time for anything else or other interests. I know this is an exaggeration, but only slightly. It’s more true than not. It’s about obedience and the promise of eternal life in their CK.

    It’s probably why ex-Mormons have a difficult time adjusting to life on the outside because they have no one or nothing directing their everyday life. It is very much like escaping a cult-like existence. People leave other religions all the time without experiencing for the most part, all the conflicting and guilty feelings, or the shunning or disappointments by friends & family. I can understand why it’s so difficult for LDS to leave even when they no longer believe or have doubts. The church gives their lives meaning & a sense of purpose and really believe non-LDS couldn’t possibly have neither. Pretty good way to keep them in the fold.

    But what do I know? Actually, you would be surprised, 😉

  23. anonymoustoo

    The church gives their lives meaning & a sense of purpose and really believe non-LDS couldn’t possibly have EITHER.

  24. yikes I would NOT like to be Asexual.. kind of like God forgot to put in the hormones!!

  25. all this would not be necessary if the kid would sing!

  26. Cchalo, I sure hope this young man finds peace and happiness, everyone has to find their own path in life.
    It does seem like David does give a lot of time to his church (his choice of course) and it does leave me to wonder how much time he has to give to his music. That’s why I do have a feeling that he will go a route that would make it able to continue to give as much time as he does to the church. Again maybe the church might of hired him to be a pr representative and he just doesn’t care if he has any fans outside of his circle…again pure speculation.
    I’m with Kim, just sing.

    • Yes, would love to hear him sing. I don’t think it’s likely that he’s been hired to do any upcoming things by his church. Very few positions are paid in that church. Even bishops work hours and hours a week for their church jobs and then on top of that have to work regular jobs to support their families.

      • cc halo, you are probably right, like I said it was pure speculation. Just trying to make sense as to why his passion (seemingly) for a music career appears to be nonexistent. He did seem somewhat back to form for the roottech gig, but again it was for his church, even if it was indirectly related.

  27. I’m reading these comments thinking “Could you imagine being 24 years old and there is a whole site of women 2x your age, total strangers to boot, who think that your sexual identity is a topic of such concern and intrigue that they post morning noon and night (literally), speculating about it. Not only that, these same women admit that it’s pure speculation and don’t really know anything about David’s sexual ID,, but they do it anyway.”

    The obsession over EVERYTHING about David Archuleta by the people on this site should be studied at the University level. Either that or they should send a “60 Minutes” crew onto this site because what goes on here must be seen to be believed.

    The topper is the repeated claims, said with a straight face mind you, that all they really care about is David’s music. Mind boggling stuff.

    As for the LDS bashing, it is so ingrained and accepted as normal on this site, it doesn’t even compute anymore.

  28. There was an interview on the LA Times editorial page today about trolls. Some of it was relevant to what happens here, including this: “Trolling is gendered male….They’re policing against female-gendered behaviors…” including, IMO, the chit chat, griping, and sharing of feelings that we do at SD. We’re (mostly) yentas gossiping and kvetching amongst ourselves, and some unbalanced men have problems with that.

  29. To be honest, i always feel bad for him when I read the messages from his lds fans brimming with admiration , saying : “David you are our model for all !!! “. I dare not imagine what pressure it must be for him …!
    And I don’t speak of those who quote his sentences as soon as he opens his mouth , as if David was the philosopher of the century…!!!! ( I’m not saying this wickely )
    Well , I expect now that they prostrate before him …Maybe at his upcoming concerts ???

  30. Have you ever been to other fan sites/ group pages/ forums? This phenomenon: talking about anything under the sun and everything related to the artist these fans support is common. You should see fangirls fighting over the internet, kpop fans waging war against another group of kpop fans supporting a different artist. You haven’t been into the vast array of this internet kingdom. Have you been to tumblr? Pinterest? Have you seen One Direction fans? Justin bieber fans? Taylor swift fans? Kpop fans? Non-western fans?

    Fans talking about their admired artist 24 hours is not so shocking. In fact it’s a ‘normal thing’ in this era of social media and platforms. This is even mild. What’s extreme are those groups so dedicated they combined their means to own stocks to the company that manages their idol (yes it happens and its real) so that they could have a say to the career of the artist. Another example is of those groups that would gift their admired artist luxurious gifts such as car or gadgets. Another one is fans writing fan fictions so wild and out of this world just to feed their fantasy and push reality to meet theirs. They would even dissect the face of the artist to know if it was surgically enhanced or naturally beautiful, they would follow their idol everywhere and talk about it relentlessly…

    This fan site is just a baby compared to other fan sites/ groups. Promise.

    • Yes. Go on twitter if you want to see trolls or some are right here on SD. lol Some of the tweets are awful. I don’t have a twitter account but I do check it. For the hundredth time I have made this comment-I don’t for a minute believe that David reads fan sites/blogs nor does he care what fans think. How much more obvious could it be? lol. He is too into his religion to care. Maybe twitter or other forms of social media he might pay attention to a bit more. Maybe. Or Gina and Kari do more like it. lol. David has changed since his mission. As the fan of a young pop star (David coming off of AI in 2008) with so much potential in the music industry the changes were not good or positive for his music career. All this success that was going to happen for his music career after this mission has not happened. End of story. I just no longer care. lol. Let him live his religious life if that is what he wants. lol. I will continue to check SD and post about other topics or music artists or reality shows that interest me . As always. 🙂

  31. In response to CQ : Ask me all the questions you want , I will always answer with pleasure !

    All the biggest American singers are also big in France . Generally our musical tastes are the same as yours .
    Lately Bruno Mars , Imagine Dragons , Katy Perry , Taylor Swift , among others , made the best sales here. ID and KP will come on tour this year.
    I admit Bruno Mars is one of my favourite , but I like all kinds of music !

    Sorry to disappoint but French listening to the accordion became a thing for tourists for a long time you know !!!!!! LOOL

    • Huh, that doesn’t even look like Demi..the song is just ok..but being she is very popular, it will be a hit.

  32. Demi’s new song #1 on itunes almost 2 million views.

  33. lugdunum love this song this video this artist

    • Love too !! Stromae is very successful ! original song and video on a moving subject.
      Do you speak french kimak ?

  34. agree
    one reason I am a David fan is cause he is safe for the most part crazy stuff out there. even his concerts first two times took my son with me to see David then I realized it was like going out to lunch with the ladies pretty safe not like the concerts I used to go to. ok there was Myrtle Beach that was crazy.

    • anonymoustoo

      I was in Myrtle Beach too. The concert itself wasn’t crazy, just your typical David concert David arriving in a white stretch limo was a nice touch. The atmosphere in and around the beachfront strip was pretty crazy though! Bikers and their scantily clad biker chicks everywhere. 😀

  35. CChalo, I’d like to respond to your post from earlier when you wrote :

    “There was an interview on the LA Times editorial page today about trolls. Some of it was relevant to what happens here, including this: “Trolling is gendered male….They’re policing against female-gendered behaviors…” including, IMO, the chit chat, griping, and sharing of feelings that we do at SD. We’re (mostly) yentas gossiping and kvetching amongst ourselves, and some unbalanced men have problems with that.”

    Since I am a fan of David’s, speak only well of him, and have been since Day 1, I do not qualify as a troll. That’s just your tired and self serving mantra. BTW, I noticed that you recently “trolled” over to The Voice to share some of your “wisdom” about David, and to remind the good and loyal fans on that site that David is “no better than anyone else” and reminded them that ” I know we all love David here, but I’m not one for deifying him as better than others.”

    I also notice that you “wear your Sunday finery” when you post over there because you know that the anti LDS rhetoric that gets your friends juices flowing on this site would get you bounced in a heartbeat on The Voice,

    What was your reason for posting on that thread on the Voice? Did their discussion of David’s “light” gall you that much?

    That article you sited above about trolls is wrong. You proved that trolls can be gender-neutral after all. Your last line of “We’re (mostly) yentas gossiping and kvetching amongst ourselves, and some unbalanced men have problems with that.” is only partially correct. The men who post here bring desperately needed balance to the discussion on site. Were it not for Ray and I, this site would sound like a Miami Beach Mah Jong game.

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