Happy Father’s Day!


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    • Thanks for posting that video peter. Clark sounds great. 🙂 The true winner of AI this season 🙂 I just don’t understand why David isn’t at least posting some videos on you tube with him jamming and singing with other musicians . That doesn’t cost anything. Or isn’t David singing with other musicians anymore? Oh well. Life goes on and so does other music careers of very talented young contestants that were on AI.

  1. Happy Father’s Day to all the great fathers and father figures, hope that you feel the love you so deserve.
    Great videos, Hg thanks. Thank you peter for your video too.

  2. I just want to let everyone that still continues to keep up the conversation whether it be about David (which is still, lol, although don’t know why, my interest) or other subjects, how much I appreciate you. I guess in some way I’ve come to enjoy the conversation and connection (in a very non personal, but still great way) with all you guys. I guess what I’m trying to say, in a very clumsy way, thanks for still sharing your thoughts and opinions.

    • Aw, sweet comment! Ha ha, last summer we went to Northern Cal. and were driving past the Winchester Mystery house and I thought, I “know” someone who lives around here–I think maybe you do, cq. It is a kind of connection.

      • Thanks cchalo, omg yes, Campbell, where I live, is just down a couple of miles on Winchester. Yep, kind of a connection, lol.

  3. Happy Father’s Day folks!

    wondering myself too why David doesn’t post any vids of him singing either.

    • I don’t recall him ever doing that…did he?

    • David doesn’t seem much inclined to share any part of himself with his fans since his mission. Maybe he thinks if we want to hear him we should pay in one way or another, whether it be at a concert or for a cd. No freebies. I can’t come up with any other good reason.

  4. What kind of Father’s Day greeting is this?

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 16m16 minutes ago
    “One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” – George Herbert Amen. Happy Father’s Day!

    A little bit authoritarian isn’t it?

    • I kind of got the same impression. Also, his greeting was more generalized opposed to his Mother’s day message which was strictly to his mother and not any of the fans. Now considering the fact that most of his fans are older with kids of their own, does this make any sense? Nope! beginning to think he doesn’t care to much for his older fan base.

  5. Hope all the fathers & father-figures are having a great day today.

    If ever there is proof of an estrangement between David & his father, it’s in his tweet giving a generalized greeting not meant specifically for his own father. Same as last year.

    Don’t know why it bothers me since it’s none of my beeswax. It just seems odd considering how important family is to David. Forgiveness can be the start of healing family disputes and estrangements & can bring peace & tranquility within the family, even in broken families.

    But who knows what goes on behind closed doors. I hope David & his dad can fix whatever went wrong, if anything, in their relationship because life is too short to hold grudges.

    • You are right. It was the same as last year. I didn’t really expect anything to be different this year. But he needs to mend all wounds with his dad. After all, we only have one father on this earth.

    • ahh but how do you know that wasn’t directly related to his pops.

      oh and how do you know it doesn’t go both ways?
      heard enough myself to write a book.

      • Because he did not say “Happy Father’s Day to “MY dad”, like most people say when they send a greeting to their own father.

        What goes both ways? That his dad wouldn’t win any “father of the year” awards? And that David is or is not the “perfect son” we thought he was. Alas, we’ve learned a lot about David since his return we never knew before.

        As I said, we don’t know what went on behind their closed doors. But what’s is evident, is that his sisters & brother love & respect their dad if we are to believe their photos & tweets. But again, who knows what the real story is.

  6. Hum interesting quote about fathers.
    No one ever knows what family dynamics really are, except the family themselves and even at times, lol, the family themselves don’t know what’s going on. Celebrities are no different, except they have their family’s personal stuff being displayed in a gold fish bowl.
    Whatever the reason, if there is a rift, I hope that it can be mended.
    Kim, yes, I too have read a lot regarding Jeff and David’s relationship, in fact, I just read something that was very interesting. I won’t share what it was because it was an article and the writer was giving an opinion, not fact. If there was any truth to what she said, it would explain a lot about David.

    • Also about the nice tribute to his mother for Mother’s Day…I think David is a momma’s boy, lol, (I think self proclaimed) so understandably why the personal sentiment.

      • kimk here

        just saying lots of stuff going on.
        my guess David was a pleaser now hope not as much.

  7. Well, whatever the dynamics are within David’s family, he’s on his own & living away in another state where he said he has found peace & quiet which he needs in order to function. His words. That in itself says it all.

    I have a missionary question. Why is it as important for young women to go on a mission as it is for young men? Do they have a “Temple Recommend”? They aren’t allowed in the “Priesthood”. They can’t become Bishops or hold the same positions of “leadership” within the church as the men. The male RM become priests and are the cream of the crop for females looking for husbands. What is expected from the female RM when they return other than get married & have babies? Male RM are held in high esteem. What about the females? If they aren’t allowed in the Priesthood, I don’t get the importance for the young women. Since David’s cousin is serving a mission and there’s talk of his sister also going later this year if she’s “called to serve” I was just curious since the young women aren’t given the same
    “benefits” within the church, so to speak.

    Yes, I know the answer may be the benefit is of being of service & getting closer to God. And there’s the feeling of satisfaction when a new convert is baptized into the church. Yes of course, there’s that too.

    Good night now. Hope everyone had a great day.

  8. Late to the party but I hope all had a wonderful Father’s Day. I am dealing with a few challenges right now and will probably not be around as much for a while, mostly just in and out, but I read cq’s comment about appreciating all the folks here keeping the light on and appreciate cq and all the others here for doing just that.

    As for David and his Dad, that is probably a story that would take a book to explain. Who knows who might be rejecting who, who may have tried to reconcile and been met with rejection etc. Maybe things are cool but fine. It’s something we will most probably never know.

  9. people have a habit of inventing fictions they will belive wholeheartedlyi in order to ignore the truth, they cannot accept.

  10. surrender to what is. let go of what was. have faith in what will be.

  11. Well the next quote is not about David durectly, but rather interesting. They are worlds apart in their own ways but both highly respected for their own sounds.

    “Laurie Corbeil – June 20, 2015 @06:57 pm
    I wanted to share another wonderful voice with Sawyer if he has not heard it. This, to me, is the female equivalent to Sawyer’s voice. It is not beautifully ragged like Sawyer, but it is perfection in its own right. So soulful that there is no description of it, but sublimely beautiful. Please Google Eva Cassidy and the Tennessee Waltz or Fields Of Gold. She stops time with her voice. Enjoy:)” Interesting….

    Sawyer just returned to LA to record.

    SB 🍁

  12. I remember David met Greyson Chance way back when he was the new kid.. so where has Greyson gone I wonder..

    • Apparently, he is still making music (and has 2.53 million followers on Twitter).

      This is actually a great song:

  13. The fortunate start of a young singer’s career is when like Sawyer he has had the chance to be coached by a highly successful artist who sees the ‘old soul’ in him in so many ways. A mentor, imagine a mentor who is so popular himself along the same wave length and understands where the artist wants to go not letting the glitz and glamour be the focal point. Oh how many times we expressed our hopes that as a young artist starting out, David would get himself a mentor.

    Well going it alone doesn’t work unless there is already a well established career in place.

    I believe from what has been written that Sawyer may very well have a duet with Pharrell on his cd.

    We know that an artist expressing so much negativity no matter how great, can only slow down his career but now that may be over and it will be two steps forward and one back, not the reverse. The start of David’s career was possibly not by his decisions, so it is now a long way back. He has the voice to do it.

    • Sandybeaches, that’s great that Sawyer might duet with Pharrell on his cd. Having Pharrell as a mentor will be a nice boast to his career. Wish him lots of success.
      You are so right if David had the right mentor that he trusted right after AI when he was the height of his career, things might of been different for him career wise, that is one that understood David. Then again, who knows if he would of be receptive to anyone’s advice outside his own community.

  14. RIP James Horner …
    I remember ” My heart will go on “…I had to listen to the Titanic’s soundtrack hundreds of times , I loved so much …!!!!!

  15. I wonder if it’s just me that thinks this whole silence about his career is weird. I mean he does seem to post private stuff, but almost nothing about his career other than the Bandintown, that really is a company he must of hired for those few concerts. I’m almost wondering why he even is having concerts? Is he really serious about any type of music career? I know before I get slammed about this comment, yes, he is doing things differently and yes, it’s his life and yes, he doesn’t need fans like me, lol, but what the heck, I think about things and I share, lol.

    • The only thing that’s weird to me is that there are people who still seem to care. I mean, the man has given no hint at all that he cares so why should fans? Pre-mission he would be talking about the concerts already, expressing some excitement or letting us know of some of his preparations, but no word at all. Of course, none of the concerts are outside his comfort zone where he would expect LDS fans to come to the concerts no matter what he does or doesn’t do so he may not feel the need to let anyone else in on what’s happening. Most of the time I forget there are even going to be concerts until someone mentions it.

      • Lol Hitandrun, you may be right about that. I guess I still think no matter where things end up, I still want to be here commenting. Don’t know where I am as a fan, but no matter where I am, I still think he is a great talent with a phenomenal voice.
        Just read a tweet on FOD that says he is headed for Brazil. I figure some project for his church. He will be doing a gig for his church on August and then again one in October. That’s why I say…hum why even have a few secular concerts?!?…still interesting to see where things end up for him.

      • I agree hitandrun. Hard to believe people do still care. I feel that if David does not care about his career then why should anyone else. He has not made much of an effort with fans. Peter thanks for posting the voice video of Sawyer and other contestants. I think a duet by Pharell and Sawyer would be amazing 🙂

    • It is pretty weird how little communication there is about the career, considering that it’s almost July and an album coming out “this year” has no buzz yet. As far as the concerts, I’m sure that he has plenty of material to sing that will keep everyone very happy, and probably includes at least a few brand new songs.

      The Brazil thing might not be for his church, hard to tell.

      Like I said before, David has a lot of fans that he doesn’t know what to do with. Though I suppose if he wants to “set a good example” and inspire people, I guess he still needs some unenlightened, non-LDS people around in order to do so, ha ha.

      It’s hard to figure what he really wants. He was miserable before his mission not being able to be authentic, which I can only interpret as not being able to let his religious flag fly. Otherwise what could have been so phony about his kind interaction with fans, his charming interviews and even his cute, quirky vlogs (though he didn’t like making them)? I know that there were some conflicts on the songs he sang, but after the first album, it seems he was able to make them suit his own personality. Okay, he’s an introvert and needed alone time more often that he got, but I’m still unclear how he expected to be a successful singer without the fame or reaching out to fans.

      None of this is to say that I think that he wants a religious-only career or doesn’t want a career singing mostly pop music, just that he probably doesn’t want any of the judgement that fame brings. Only a career centered on the Mormon population will bring him the freedom to express his religious ideals in his own way without running into the kind of nightmare he experienced with “twittergate”. Kind of having his cake and eating it too. Oh well, just rambling….

      P.S. Cq, I’m sorry that you’ve been made to feel so defensive. Anyone slamming you for your ideas has serious problems–not you.

      • “Otherwise what could have been so phony about his kind interaction with fans,”

        He seems to have gotten over that little part of his career. Not only no kind interaction with fans. Very little interaction at all. No more need to be phony I guess when you don’t care if you have fans at all.

      • Thank you cchalo and hitandrun for your thoughts regarding David’s career, or, lack of it.
        I know he said he was doing things differently, but heck, to me it seems like a very disorganized way to handle ones career. The music business is very tough, even if you are just striving for a small career, so to go for it halfhearted (it appears that way to me, not that I know it’s how he is doing it) just doesn’t make sense. When I read on his OS that he wasn’t taking any more requests to do LDS appearance, that kind of gave me a feeling that he was ready to get down to business, but it does seem like he is still taking quite a number of church gigs. I’ve said it before, I’m just wanting to hear the album he is working on that was to be released this year, hum, I’m beginning to think, that’s not going to happen…maybe new secular song will be introduced at his first concert.

  16. “Say something I’m giving up on you”…it is almost eerie, and then “I would have folliowed you anywhere”. Just kind of hit the nail on the head.

    A light summer song…

    • Yep sounds a lot like John Denver. Wish him luck in a tough business. Although I think Sawyer is a great talent, I enjoy John voice better and of course, lol, yep still like David voice better too. But in no way am I comparing them. Sawyer and David are great talents and John Denver had a style of his own that really can’t be imitated, imo.

      • And he just turned 16. We know how David’s voice matured from 16-24 when he went from kid to a young man no longer seeming to be 12 at times. Sawyer has special talents of his own which are amazing. I enjoy his facial expressions and how they are a talent of its own. One would have had to watch The Voice to see that.

        When you are invited by someone like Ryan Tedder to come and sing with us then you have a pass, an invitation to join the singers. What great approval from so many that you have something very special to offer.

  17. I’m finding it hard to believe that there are many fans willing to support him and his career at all anymore. I thought most of them would have left by now. Especially knowing how he has treated his fans. It seems, to me, that he just doesn’t care about it one bit. I personally think he is just wanting to reach out to the lds community. That is the only interest that I am seeing. If this album ever gets finished, at this point, I’m not so sure I am even going to bother spending my hard working money to buy it.

    • I’m waiting until I hear it to decide if I will spend my money on it. In the past I bought all his music even if I didn’t care for some of it because I thought he really deserved the support. Now, I will really have to like it to buy it because I no longer feel like he deserves to have his career supported just on the basis of him being a good guy.

  18. Just waiting for a lightning storm to end…so meanwhile, the country boy goes classic. Not just a John Denver style…Maybe there will be something from David very soon?

  19. That’s clear to me now, I expect no David’s cd . I mean even if one day there is one, I am sure I will be disappointed by the kind of his songs.
    He seems to move , sleep,breathe , etc, by thinking ” religion “. Why would he be different when he is writing songs ?
    Unfortunately for me ,a song like”He showed me how” can optionally be used as sleeping pill but do not make me dream…Sometimes a beautiful voice is not enough !

    • “A sleeping pill” That’s funny lugdunum, but you are absolutely right. I feel that way about most of the music we have heard from him since his mission though. The Spanish song had some life to it, but the rest are mostly sleep inducers.

  20. So David was very excited to be at Lindsey Sterling’s concert in Nashville last night. Even yelled out a big “YEAH!!!”. Now if he would only get that excited about ‘his’ music, we might could get somewhere.

  21. Don’t understand why my last comment says it is awaiting moderation. Anyway, it sounds like David is recording today. There is a instagram link on fod it isn’t from David though. It looks like it is from another writer? isabeaumiller… #pop is in there. I wish David was the one sharing instead of others. He is tweeting, instagram, etc. But not about his career.

    • At some point David seems to have given up ownership of his career and turned it over completely to others to drop hints to fans about what he’s doing.

      • I think that he may be doing that out of lack of self-confidence and a distaste for self-promotion, not from laziness or disdain for fans.

  22. lugdunum, it does seem like that’s the case at times, but it’s still confusing to me and really there is some very famous devoutly religious people that are able to have a secular career, Tom Cruz, comes to mind…whether you like him or not, he has made a big career and has been able to keep the two separate, for the most part. Lol, yep David’s career is an intriguing mystery to me still.
    I guess that Brazilian trip that I mentioned before might not be anything but a wishful thinking in someone’s mind that was tweeted, not saying it won’t happen, just that there is no concrete plans like the August and October church gigs haven been confirmed.

    One thing that is been very nice that he has been communicating via social media more regularly, of course, what am I going to say, YES, lol. would love for more about his music to be communicated, but still a good thing.

  23. I will wait to see what he does with the new CD as far as promotion and content before I chuck in all in. I do think it is lazy and disrespectful of him to expect others to do the promotion work because he might think it is against his religious beliefs to promote himself, If he thinks promotion is prideful or something, he really needs to quit the business completely and go off and do missionary work full time.

    Not in the mood for pussyfooting around little Davie boy’s tender psyche today LOL.

    Yes Bliss, you can quote me “lazy and disrespectful”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Haha Anne. I think I’ve been past the pussyfooting stage for quite a while now. Nor do I care if Bliss quotes me on anything I say. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it so feel free Bliss.

  24. “https://instagram.com/p/4TT5nflywd/?taken-by=davidarchie”

    Here’s the link to his last instagram post. This is certainly what he aspires to in his own career–telling a story of overcoming and redemption–and if it comes from, or leads to, his own religion and belief in god–all the better.

    • Lol, cchalo, I know that a lot of fans are into that whole (positive message, redemption etc) stuff, to me, just get up on stage have fun and sing your heart out, connect with your audience and stop needing to save everyone. Music is such a joyous form of communication let it speak for itself, why does it have to come with such a heaving message all the time..
      One thing is for sure, it will be interesting what he talks about between songs at his first concert.

      • I’m with you, cq, ITA.

        I wonder how much of her own story Lindsay shares at her concerts. Probably she doesn’t go near her religion–just a lot of fun music with videos relaying her messages. My son actually likes her, even though he’s mostly a heavy metal lover (despite being a clean-cut looking guy, lol).

        David’s instagram message is a little strange, as if he wrote it in Spanish and then translated it or something.

        I think his desire to save people was instilled in him early by his religious upbringing. Of course IMO, he would do better if he was sharing something that was actually true, but that’s just me.

      • Omo, religion doesn’t necessarily need to be part of something to send positive messages. There are plenty of artists that have song with positive message that don’t carry religion. Actually some artists that might not have a squeaky clean personal life, still have put out music with a positive message that touches the masses. The thing is IF and By David going the religious righteous message, it will narrow his fans to a specific group. We all know that David is about good clean music…I just hope it’s for all his (I guess I still think he has) diverse fans.

  25. Would it be too much to ask Kari if David is interested in having ‘fans’? Is there any indication that he has any interest in the people who were his fans? Well most think no.

    If there is a clear and precise answer then that would keep the remaining fanbase from hanging around or perhaps stay.

    He is a different person in a different mode of living since his return. Some how, someone somewhere made the decisions that to live as he was living was all wrong. To leave the people he was working with that gave him the hard life is fine but it was not the fans. Something big happened on the mission that changed him. But the worst is how the fans were made to feel as if they had done something very wrong.

    Perhaps the cleanup crew is all that is left. Turn off the lights when you leave.

    What do all of you think? Have I missed that ray of hope? I sure don’t mind being wrong.

  26. My opinion is that it would be rude and hurtful to David to have this question asked of Kari in public, and I’m not usually one in the position of defending David.

    There have been some glimmers of hope, but for me no compelling rays of hope-light. I’ll just stick to polishing the doorknobs for a while yet.

  27. I know as much as anyone else here, but my guess would be that if you asked David if he preferred having fan sites or not having fan sites, he would prefer that they NOT exist. If he had his way I imagine he would rather that there wouldn’t be websites where people gathered each day to talk about him. Ideally he would probably be content with just having his official website, twitter, and facebook accounts for announcing upcoming concerts and music releases. In between those announcements he would probably prefer that everyone go on with their lives and not think about him at all.

    • I think that you may be right. But most successful artists recognize the crucial role that the “super fans” play in their success. There’s been a lot of info posted on the fan sites about the importance of artists having specialized perks and events for the most invested fans–and they don’t just appear out of nowhere. So it may be a dilemma for him–how to have a far-reaching career (whether for his own success or for his ability to spread his messages) without the kind of fans who will communicate about him on fan sites, twitter, etc.

      On another topic, it’s interesting how the message of “hope” has appeared in his communications lately. What could he be hoping for himself? My off-the-wall speculation is that he’s hoping to complete his “most important mission” per his church, i.e. finding his eternal companion.

      • P.S. This need for invested fans is also related to the crowd-funding discussion on FOD. If David Cook is doing it, might not David need to at some point?

      • Does it mean that his life has a manual or program to follow designed by someone else?

  28. Lindsay Stirling – laying it all on the line

    • Hi Smanda, great to have you post again, I remember you had all your children go on missions and I think it was you that said that David would be ready for regular secular life a few weeks to a couple of months after his return, lol.
      It’s interesting how broken people become even when they are raised in a religious surroundings. I will say one thing, there is a lot of crying going on all the time.
      I’m glad that Lindsey has found peace. By the way, I believe we are the same, religious or not.

    • Yes, I think that it’s pretty well-known that she credits her beliefs with helping her overcome anorexia. Having never gone to her concerts, I don’t know if she talks about her religion there–I kind of doubt it. And I doubt that David will do so in his upcoming concerts either–unless he chooses to sing a hymn or two–seeing that he’s in Utah or Idaho.

      Smanda, nice stereotyping there. I suppose “you all” in the “[Mormon] crowd “choose here, I guess, to bemoan the failings of a [fan site that] has disappointed them” instead of speaking to individuals.

  29. Hi cq – I’m not sure that you can judge how ready David was or was not for “regular secular life” after his mission based on the status of his career. His private life is his private life. He is currently conducting his career in a way that apparently feels more true to who he really is. I say bravo to that. Many people here have belly-ached about his career since day one – long before his mission. When I glance in here every few months, I see that hasn’t changed. I also know that it absolutely doesn’t matter what he does career-wise. He could be Josh Groban and you all would bemoan some tiny detail that disappointed you in some way.
    You wrote:” It’s interesting how broken people become even when they are raised in a religious surroundings.”
    You seem happy about that. Are you surprised? People are just people, you know? Maybe you’ve heard that saying – church isn’t a museum for saints, its a hospital for the broken. We’re all broken, we just choose different places to find healing. The Soul Davidian crowd chooses here, I guess, to bemoan the failings of a famous person who has disappointed them.
    Also I didn’t “have all my children go on missions.” Some of them chose to go.

  30. I’m sorry Smanda that I gave you the impression that I was happy about broken people, that’s the farthest thing from my mind, I feel sorry and for all that suffer and we all people the best. My thought is that most people feel that having a strong religious up bringing will bring more peace, that’s all and yes, people are people and broken people can be religious just like people that aren’t religious.
    I apologize, not that you have all your children go on a mission, they chose to go…didn’t mean to imply that you force them to that decision.

  31. Now are far as this site never change, thank goodness.

  32. Sorry I was cranky cq. I honestly don’t know anyone who feels sure that having a religious upbringing will bring more peace, but maybe that’s what those of us who are religious hope for. Personally, one reason I wanted my kids to go to church (any church, btw, not just the LDS church) was that there can be safety and comfort in a loving community. I’m sure there are plenty of people who have experienced just the opposite of safety and comfort in their church communities. To each their own. It’s nice that you have found a comfortable community here.

  33. to cchalo: huh??

    • Why make disparaging comments about “you all” and how horrible this site is? There are individuals who post here. If you don’t like what someone says why not address them personally?

      • I was really just summarizing my experiences of having read comments off and on over the years. Just my personal observations. In my experience, addressing individuals here is not useful. I have tried sometimes but the people here are convinced of their rightness and honestly, I’m really busy and I don’t have time to follow up in any useful way.
        As an example of what has happened to me over the years of commenting, I will refer you to the comments below this one. I didn’t bring up religion – cq did. I didn’t say religious people are better or more peaceful or more service oriented, sandy beaches did.
        I read a comment upthread that I interpreted as suggesting that Lindsay Stirling isn’t open about her personal struggles or her religion. I remembered having seen her “I’m a Mormon” spot and so I posted it. cq responded with comments about religion.

        My experiences and opinions are as valid as anyone’s but I am well aware that they aren’t welcome on this “fansite”.

      • Where did you see it suggested that she wasn’t open about her religion? Sorry if I missed it, but I’m too lazy to do more than skim. If it was my comment, I was making the point that I don’t think that she’s talking about it or proselytizing at her concerts or anything, and that I don’t expect David to either. Are you saying that she does discuss her Mormonism at her concerts? I honestly don’t know, I just guessed that she doesn’t.

      • Smanda, the video was about her announcing she was a Mormon, to me that seems like you also brought up religion. As you said you have been lurking at this site for years and nothing has changed. You have been reading my comments all along, what makes you think I wouldn’t say something. You are welcomed to come here and say your opinions. I know that you and I come from totally different places and beliefs, so it does stand to reason we would have conflicting comments.
        Now as far as me finding a comfortable community here, yes, I enjoy commenting, as I have said many times and I have come to really like all the commenters here and other fan sites too, but as much as I enjoy each and everyone, I really don’t know them personally. I do have a wonderful community that comforts me, family and friends, just because I don’t belong to a religious organization doesn’t mean I don’t have a safe and loving community. I do realize that a lot of people need that type of religious structure, but not me.

      • BTW, Smanda, I was happy to see your name in the “recent comments” box, having not seen you here for a while. Of course your comments are welcome.

        I have a little story though: A while back on FOD one or two people were bashing all of the posters whom they accused of being so negative about David, and one person very emotionally said that she was sorry, just couldn’t take it anymore, but those were just her feelings based on her own beliefs and she was quitting as a commenter. The thing was that I don’t think in a million years that the people doing the “policing” had this particular poster in mind at all. So I just don’t think it’s productive to tell folks off because 1) the wrong ones often take it to heart and 2) what’s the point of trying to “correct” people’s opinions? Correcting their facts, however, can be useful, IMO.

        I think that as an academic, HG is interested in having an “open forum” type experience here. It works well to just say your piece and not worry about changing the consensus.

  34. You know, the problem with talking about religion is that it most always turns into controversy, well since time began. Some religions have a lot of controversy attached to their history and others not so much.

    Our children have devoted their lives to medicine and it all started through volunteering to help others. They may face a lot of traumatic stress at times but always to save a life, or better a life. There are no crowds greeting them home after an accident they attended or after a house fire where they rescued children. There are no people waiting for them when they return from bringing a mother and sick baby to a hospital by helicopter through a storm. There are many walks of life that are meaningful but held in quiet reserve. There are people not in a church who you depend upon, who defend, guide and protect you and your families. So what is really important to us?

  35. Popular local Utah LDS artist Alex Boye on America’s Got Talent. He & his group were pretty good. Don’t know why I was surprised he would appear on a “talent competition show”. I guess I assumed he was established in a successful career. But I guess a shot at winning the million $ prize and a Vegas gig is no small potatoes. (hope the video posts).

  36. “More peace” in our lives comes from having a good heart that looks outward not inward and that can come from anywhere.

    Back in the early 1900’s my grandparents would bring home homeless people to eat with them and they had 8 children to feed. Sometimes my grandfather would give his pay check to another needy family, Their religion was Salvation Army. There are many important religions.

    • So agree with your comment SB!

      A person does not have to be affiliated with a religious organization, group or church to do “good works”, or to help those in need, or be a life-saver.

      How proud you must be of your children who put their own lives on the line to help others in dire circumstances.

      Hearing so much about how wonderful, inspirational, & blessed it Is to be a “missionary” for a church & how they should be held in high esteem but the reality is that it’s rather insignificant when compared to what your children do in the service of others every day especially when lives are at stake.

      Thanks for your comments.

    • My son keeps bringing homeless kids home to spend a few nights and to be fed and use the showers and laundry. Three of them on a freezing Christmas Eve one time. He’s got a good heart, but honestly it can be a little scary. One, a girl, stole stuff from him and set him on a tailspin for a time. If the weather is bad I’ve given them money for a hotel, but of course they have serious issues that would best be handled by social services and I prefer other avenues for do-gooding. 🙂

  37. Cq, just Googled Lindsay Stirling. She’s single, but is 4 years older than David, and he used to say he was uncomfortable with even a smaller age difference. Would be fun though!

    • Thanks for looking that up. lol, well if the love bug bite, I don’t think 4 years will matter. Really for all we know he might already be married.

    • I liked the small video David posted of Lindsay on twitter. He should post more videos like that on twitter 🙂

  38. Watching at the Lindsey Stirling’s french OS , her biography, her fans site…absolutely nothing found about her religion !
    She is successful in France and when she came in 2013 , all of her many concerts have been sold out in 2 hours. Of course she is very talented but I really think her religious discretion also helps her a lot , because , ( just for information ) legally , in France , the LDS Church is not listed as a religion. Most of the French consider it a cult.

    No doubt if she was too talkative in this regard , her career here would be over…
    So , regarding David , this is not even worth to be considered ! LOL

  39. Red Robin…yes I am very pleased that our children and millions more have chosen their own paths (but ours actually ended up on the same path). I remember when they were still at home and were in the fire department along with my husband. Sometimes in the middle of the night the alarm would go and they would put on their clothes laid out by their bedsides, then hold on to the stair railings and take only one step to get to the bottom. My job was to jump from bed in time to unlock and open the front door. Out all night at a fire but still able to go to school in the morning. Years ago refugees landed at our airport a mile away, every night for a week. We stood there at the airport and watched with chills as the lights came through the clouds while the airbus approached the runway. Some young men were injured after being knocked into ditches as they tried to get to the plane.. One woman on the road turned around and her husband was gone. She could no longer speak. All of my children wore Red Cross vests and worked sometimes 18 hours straight with a large family or taking someone to hospital by ambulance. One of our daughter’s tested positive for tuberculosis later that summer. I worked code red not thinking about anything contagious but we were all tested later. An amazing time. One husband was afraid to let his wife go to the hospital in case he never saw her again. They placed their lives in our hands. We were acting as missionaries at home one could say. Our own countries definitely need much more help. The reason for me mentioning this is to tell why some just don’t get involved in religious conversations. I am certain that God smiled down on us and he hadn’t given any known instructions.

    But right now it isn’t just going to be about the music. I care little about sightings of him, but that is all there is. It has just had such strange twists.

  40. Well I do have something religious to mention I suppose. One night when the planes were arriving, a newspaper photographer was there taking pictures. He stood behind my daughter who was waiting at the plane with a wheelchair. The lights from his camera caught the red cross on her back with an amazing glow. To her left, the lights caught a red cross glow from the ambulance lights that were on and to her right there was an unexplained yellow glow from a light in the shape of a cross. We didn’t know about the picture until he approached us to sign that he could use that picture in a newspaper or magazine. Experiences of magnitude are everywhere.

    • SB _ Thanks for your overwhelming evidences that give me chills !
      You and your family have a great heart and you have a great wisdom !

  41. Per FOD, looks like David is still working on getting music tracks down for some of the songs for his album. So his album is coming along nicely although I still wonder if he is really doing it all by himself with no help by anyone “in the know”. I don’t know how it all works, but is he doing all the contacts himself, like arranging studio time with producers, mixers, music tracks and background vocalists? There must be someone who is doing the leg-work for him in Nashville or at least giving him advice. Someone who knows the ins & outs of the business in Nashville. Where is Gina Orr in the equation? As his manager, is she the one doing all the arranging for David?

    Since ALL the album information about David’s collaborations & studio sessions are coming from other people, we really would know nothing at all if not for the tweets & photos posted by others he’s “working” with. There’s something kind of arrogant about it. Hate to say that, but that’s how it comes across. And when he does communicate, it’s nothing at all about his new music or the concerts coming up.

    I have my own theories of why he’s taken such a huge step back from his fan base as we all do I guess. Some fans though are still blinded by how he used to be and think he still “loves them” and wants to see them in the audience. **sigh**

    • I wonder if some who feel he is still the same David will be upset if he isn’t the same at the concerts. Some are travelling a long way to see him in Utah and keep defending him and holding on to the thought he will still be interactive and devoted to them.

      • He’s had a few performances since he’s been back, and even if they were for largely LDS crowds, I don’t see him being very different in his demeanor on stage. He was fun and charming at the David Cook concert.

    • I respectfully disagree with some of your speculation here. I sense no arrogance whatsoever on David’s part. It is not like him to sell himself, or to promote something until it is ready to promote. And that is exactly “how he used to be” too.

      • ITA. I think that it’s the opposite. He doesn’t like promoting himself, and he said as much in his blogs. If anything, it’s an excess of humility.

        Actually I kind of like that he’s that way because it annoys me a little to have writers going on about “wait til you hear this FABULOUS song we’re writing!” Wouldn’t mind more of a middle ground though.

      • No Name, I understand where you’re coming from. But there IS something to promote isn’t there? What about the concerts coming up and what about his album “others” have said is due to be released sometime this year? Yet the announcements of tickets on sale for the concerts came from an auto machine and we know there is a tentative album based on info, again from other people.

        You know, there are some artists who are huge stars & need no promotion whatsoever, who can release an album or a single and sell millions in days, or go on tour with little pre-publicity or promotion and sell out in days or hours months in advance. There are a few out there who David’s fans say they are so thankful David is not “like those artists”. He’s also not in the same league as those who need no self-promotion. He does need to engage with his fans and he does need to show some excitement and yes, even gratefulness to the fans for their continued support.

        So maybe he thinks the two sold out concerts in the 1800 seat St George venue were a good positive sign and that he still has “drawing power”. Now we have the two very small Idaho venue concerts where unfortunately tickets are selling but very slowly in his own backyard so to speak. That should be a wake-up call I would think that David does need to “promote & sell himself” even in his own backyard.

        It’s frustrating to a fan like myself who has always supported David in ways that count for an artist, by purchasing his music, merchandise & attending as many concerts & VIPs as possible, to think David no longer cares if he has fans like myself. Fans who expected nothing in return but the knowledge that our support was helping a very gifted & talented young man at the beginning of what promised to be a long-lasting career. Who had the makings of being a legend & counted as one of the greatest artists of our time. Say what you will, that he “owes” his fans nothing, that we got our “money’s worth” and that may be true. Perhaps that’s why so many fans like myself have moved on or feel they were mistaken after reading his blogs. Not that they don’t still think he’s gifted, but only that he doesn’t want the same fans who were part of the time he would just as soon forget.

        I guess I’m still here to see how this saga ends. Or if there will be another new & different chapter we will never see coming. Like his mission announcement.

      • Red Robin, I’m sure you’re not the only fan who is frustrated. I think fan reactions to the way-longer-than-expected wait must run the gamut. Some are more patient; some are just puzzled. Some of us are sure something big will happen at any moment, and some of us take his absence personally. You actually have the solution to it all in your last paragraph:

        “I guess I’m still here to see how this saga ends.”

        Me too.

      • I bet to differ. Before, it was not unusual for David to mention things about a new album he was working on. You have either forgotten or choose to ignore what your memory should tell you because you feel like you must, for some reason, prove that David has not changed. You can fool yourself, but you cannot fool those of us who do not deny our memories.

      • You may be right, anonymous, but it could also be that promoting himself before was part of the “fake” David that he was influenced to be.

  42. Random thoughts:

    Interesting conversation here, as always. If you are a devoted member of a religion that encourages proselytizing,why would you isolate yourself among like minded people? Is this just a phase David is going through? I mean a phase of isolating himself, not a phase of being super religious.

    What is the point of even trying to release new music if you don’t want anything to do with fans and promoting to those fans? Are those 2K CD’s that will be sold to the devoted enough to keep going?

    I wonder if his new CD is inspirational or in any way LDS toned, Will the LDS support it? They do show up at the church sponsored events he appears at, will they support him monetarily?

    I truly feel now that we will have all our answers as soon as the CD is released and he appears live at the “secular” concerts in Utah and Idaho.

  43. Not positive, but I think many artists don’t post all sorts of media hype while they’re working on new stuff. (Except maybe those who are incredibly self centered and need attention.) They may post a rare tweet about working on the next album, but not usually much about collaborations as far as I’ve seen. Some start to post album info as a release date draws closer, but I’m thinking most of the artists I listen to don’t post much info while working on stuff. Just leave David alone and let him work. When there’s something coming closer, I’m pretty sure we’ll get some hype. Until then, he’s working on stuff, and that’s all we need to know. We don’t need to know what he’s working on or who he’s working with. That’s his business and we’ll find out when the time is right.

    We can certainly wonder and speculate about what he’s doing, but David, in no way, owes us anything about what he’s working on. Does anyone know of any artists that share constantly about what kind of album they’re working on or who they’re working with?? Specifically, while they’re in the stages of making the album?

    • Of course, you made some good points. Thanks.

      Maybe it’s a matter of getting used to David being a whole new persona which is the “real” him, and letting go of the persona he used to be which we now know was never the “real” him.

    • I don’t know either what’s the norm for artists working on their albums. But I totally get the frustration with the “new David” compared to the one who couldn’t wait to bring back the person he would become and almost worked himself to death for the fans before the mission, according to his mom. He came back with a new attitude of keeping his distance and there’s nothing wrong in feeling hurt and disappointed by the contrast, especially for those who went above and beyond in supporting and promoting him for the two years he was gone.

      Many people like yourself, are fine with David’s new era and that’s fine by me. But others do have feelings about it and a lot of them have “voted with their feet” and aren’t paying attention anymore and may never rekindle that interest.

      • If I were David I would be concerned that his fan base is really dwindling but maybe he really doesn’t care. I am not frustrated or angry at David. I am just bored with his career. Hard not to be. lol. That is why I just don’t post as often. Did like the Lindsey video on twitter. lol 🙂

    • Many artists in David’s place in his career promote like crazy via social media. How else would they build a fanbase? Like it or not, David is a teeny blip on the music scene. Talent alone, unfortunately, is not enough. And obviously, his fanbase is small and growing smaller every day. David is an indie artist now, no label or radio will promote him.

      I follow artists who tell fans all about who they are working with, what type of sound they are working on etc all along the music making process. They tell fans where they will be appearing and even share tiny snippets of what they are working on. They are proud and excited and want to share their craft. I get none of that pride and excitement out of David. Oh wait, pride is BAD. But is it? How can we do our best if we don’t take pride in a job well done? Oh wait, pride is BAD?????

  44. red robin, you make no sence, who are these huge stars , who sell million,with no promotion ????? how do they do that name me one

  45. Ray,

    One name comes to mind…Beyoncé. She released an album or a single (I don’t recall which since I’m not a fan) unbeknownst to her fans or the media. It sold like hotcakes with no promotion at all. All she did was release it. It was a genius move.

    Another who could release an album or tour with little or no promo, Adele. How about Streisand? All three could & would sell millions and sell out concerts with no or little pre-promotion.

    There’s other artists who can announce they will appear in a city in “two weeks” with tickets going on sale in a week. Then tickets selling out in 15 minutes.Then having to schedule another concert the following day due to popular demand. And then to top it off, donate the proceeds to charity in that city. In fact, I think Prince has done that a few times.

    • Red Robin, I remember that Beyoncé move…yep there are some that have that luxury. They work dang hard at there craft and have achieved that kind of status.

      We all know about David’s talent, no doubt he has it, but in no way is his career at a point that compares that Beyoncé, Adele, yes to name a couple.

      At this point I have no idea what direction he wants to take his music, but I can give an opinion. It might be in a religious direction with some sprinkling of secular music.
      This is where I’m at too: “I guess I’m still here to see how this saga ends.” Of course, I’ll still keep on giving my opinions and we wait for the saga to unfold.

  46. cchalo @9:43 it amazes me how well he covered his dissatisfaction. I thought he was the most real, humble and so happy to have such an enormous opportunity. Never would of thought he was so unhappy. I will admit, I liked the fake David a heck of a lot. The now David, hum…..don’t know, but what to stick around to see if he will open up to his fans again, not that he has to, just wish he would.

    • I agree, he seemed very genuine, and as I’ve mentioned, even encouraged ME to take a picture with HIM when he didn’t have to if he was really trying to rush things along and get away from the fans. I know that some of the real go-getter fans heard things here and there about his real state of mind. I am curious about the “article” you mentioned the other day when I was on vacation. Any hints about where I could see it?

      • Cchalo, checking in before I hit the hay. To add in regards to the pre mission David, I’m so glad I got to experience that David (along with everyone else) what a fun time, just so sad that wasn’t the real David and now I feel kind of bad that I so enjoyed that David, but not to much, lol. All I can say is he brought me joy, so I’m thinking he would like that.
        I think the article you are referring to was the one I said it was the writer’s opinion, if it’s the one, I actually goggled Jeff and it was amongst all the other articles. Really mostly all the articles about the parlor incident and his relationship with David. I was curious because it does seem like there is an estrangement between them and I was curious to see if any article would bring light as to what happened. If that is true, I really feel sad for David and his father…hope that can work things out someday. I can’t seem to find it now, but basically it was about the power that a father has in the household and of course it went on to elaborate the priesthood status and the immense power that brings…again it was an opinion peace, not fact, so I took it for what it was.

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