Throwback Thursday: Apologize

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  1. AW, good old days, lol. thank’s Hg for the throwback Thursday post.
    So quiet around fan sites, wonder if fans are still active on twitter, etc?!?! really why even say anything, nothing really to talk about. It’s like David is still on his mission, lol.

    • kimk here

      love Alologize!

      folks are around.. just in quiet mode. least I think so.
      saw a video of Lady Gaga singing Imagine.

      David does it better.

    • Still around but yeah, nothing to talk about. Also busy with summer activities. Hope you are having a good summer cq

  2. Hope everyone still around is having a nice summer also. Any Aussie or Kiwi friends around, hope you are having a nice winter!

  3. This rendition of Apologize by David brings back a flood of memories. He had done the Del Mar Concert the night before then flew out to be in Hartford the next night for the start of the Summer Tour with Demi. I remember I wondered how he could fly cross-country, rehearse & still be able to give a great show especially since news of his dad’s arrest became public just before his Del Mar appearance. Ever the consummate professional, he did what he had to do and did it very well. He was pretty great in Del Mar & and in the whole summer tour. Proof is in the videos, like the one posted above & David singing Your Eyes Don’t Lie in this one in Del Mar the night before.

    • Del Mar was my first David concert. I sat up in the higher seats because I was afraid of screaming, while my daughter and her friend braved the floor seats nearer the stage. Kina Grannis was the opener, who was familiar to my son having gone to his high school a few years before. My husband and son were out in the fairgrounds during the concert, though my hubby said that he sat and listened to David just outside and could hear just fine. Ah, the good old days….

  4. I always remember the first time David sang this song on the Idol finale. I thought it perfectly showcased his potential to be a cool and current mainstream pop star rather than just a corny balladeer, as he had kind of been labeled at the time.

    Whenever I hear that song “See You Again” on the radio, all I can think is that David would have killed the hook of that song. He totally could have gotten on a song like that if he still had his 2008-2009 popularity. Not to say that the current guy doesn’t have nice vocals but David’s voice is just better than most. I know it’s useless to lament what could have been in David’s career, but that’s what his version of Apologize represents to me.

    • Anonymous, Are you talking about the song by Charlie Pugh? There’s two versions of his song “See You Again”, one with & one w/o rap.

      It’s a nice song but to me it sounds very similar to Sam Smith’s Stay With Me or I’m Not The Only One? Or is it just me?

  5. I only know the Wiz Khalifa version with the rap but yes, I think David would have sounded amazing on the Charlie Puth part. It’s not an especially amazing song, but it’s popular and catchy, and there is nothing offensive about it. Also now Charlie Puth can probably get his own record deal and make it big. I just think there is no shame in trying to get ahead that way but I guess David doesn’t agree. Having a pitch perfect voice like David does is a gift, one that not many people have, so there is nothing bad about wanting to capitalize on it. Being popular doesn’t mean that you are selling your soul but that’s just my humble opinion.

    • I agree.

      David went on a competition TV show in hopes of getting a record deal. He said it was his own decision to audition (after getting the OK from God) so I think at that time he also saw no shame in doing what he needed to do to get a contract. He had to have had the thought that there was a chance he would get that contract AND possibly make it big as well. Otherwise why make the effort? He could have stayed home and continued singing at weddings, church, & local gigs while working as a lighting/sound tech for other artists. He chose to go for it and was rewarded with doors opening and opportunities so many talented singers can only dream of having.

      Unfortunately, it appears he now thinks or was made to believe he was “selling his soul”
      in return for the fame & fortune which came with that coveted record deal.

      I’m just waiting to hear his new music and see the videos we will get of his upcoming concerts. Only then will we know for sure with no more speculation of the road & direction he intends to take going forward.

  6. It is more than words sung on a stage, that draws some people to a concert. There needs to be a mutual understanding that the performer is just as pleased to see the audience as the audience is to be there. People would be there to enjoy the music with at least a common understanding and liking in some regard. If he connects with people only by a few statements, I believe that the audience will be there. A lot of water under the bridge, but as ever, the fans are caring.


  7. “Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.”
    A.A. Milne Tags: wisdom

    It is so easy for things to slip away….


  8. Lady Gaga – Imagine (Live at Baku 2015 European Games Opening Ceremony)

  9. just wondering…just before his mission , when David performed at his own concerts ( in US ), how many people attended ? were the halls completely full ?

  10. kimak, thank you for this video.

    I agree wilh you , David sings this song better ,but i also love this different way and at least some lyrics are not removed …
    the lights in the audience are always wonderful to watch and they give even more intensity to the song.

  11. would love to see both of them sing a duet.. just to see the look on David’s face. I like Lady Gaga this way think she is talented my thoughts on her was what she has been doing is her way of getting the attention and it worked.

    David’s concerts before his mission were pretty full not sold out though.

    • Thanks for your answer. So nothing worrying if the concerts in Idaho are not sold out…I was wondering because 2000 seats seemed not much. But it’s a beginning…

    • I remember that little interview when Gaga joined David backstage at one of the Jingle Balls, I think it was. She was promoting Poker Face back then I think and almost poked him in the eye with her spikey costume LOL

    • There is something about his energy that I have never liked.

    • Not a fan of Adam’s style but no denying his talent. He has worked very hard at this career and deserves the success he has, IMHO.

    • Adam is extremely talented and I wish him the best.Was thinking about the success stories coming out of AI. Interesting that the top success stories (big time that is) are women, Carrie, Kelly and Jennifer with a few more with lesser careers, but still pretty dang good, like Jordin Sparks. Of males I would say, Phillip Phillips, Daughtry(al though haven’t heard much from both lately) and of course Adam Lambert that have a lesser success, but still successful, again with a few other males having ok careers. Now we have David, lol, that I thought by now would have the biggest success in the history of the show, lol…I guess it still can happen, but hum, things don’t seem to be going that way, but again who the heck knows.

      • cq,

        Love your “guarded” optimism. How you think David may still be a big star someday, but…

        It’s that “but” that makes us wonder what the future holds for David. It’s so quiet on all the sites, it’s downright depressing. But what is there to talk about? 😦

  12. Adam Lambert was on GMA this morning big concert for him he has a good voice did ok but kind of felt he was a bit dated? do folks still wear leather pants and all thought the thing was hippie power natural vibe even classics coming back into vogue.
    if not mistaken James Taylor had the #1 CD this week Adam’s new CD did ok for the most part #7 on itunes right now.

  13. Watched the Pentatonix documentary on Vimeo and highly recommend it. They have built their success from scratch on their own terms.


    • Yes it is very possible to build a successful career and not be a sell out. Just wish a certain someone could see the possibilities. Success is not intrinsically evil and does not require giving up one’s standards. Ambition is not a bad thing in and of itself.

    • Thank you peter, wow, good luck to them.
      Anne love this: Ambition is not a bad thing in and of itself.
      Yes, would love for him to see the possibilities or maybe he does but in a very small scale. who in the heck knows what David is up to as far as career is concern. He has the voice & talent to be up there with the best of the best, but he has to be passionate about wanting to succeed & know that it’s hard but worth it. Maybe he is doing just that in the down low (working hard at a comeback) and will emerge victorious. At this point, hum a mystery.

  14. Peter, thanks for the reminder about how really talented the members of Pentatonix are. No fluke there like some “artists” who are successful based on some gimmick. I like all the covers they have done, some more than the “original”. They are great.

  15. The thing about Adam Lambert that’s similar to David is that live, their voices just bowl you over, in contrast to other very talented singers. My experience with Adam was at the AI finale with Kris Allen and up close for the dress rehearsal.

  16. lugdunum,

    putting my 2cents here about your comment above at 11:36 about the Idaho concerts….

    I think the Idaho venue has less than 1000 seats & the two shows probably will be sold out, but if for some reason, they aren’t, I would think that would be worrisome for David’s “team”, if not for David himself. There’s still plenty of time to buy tickets so that’s a good thing. As of now, more than half are still available for the Thursday show and about half still available for the Friday show. Frankly, I’m a little surprised at how slowly the Idaho tickets are selling considering how small the venue is and the large LDS population there. Perhaps they should have scheduled one show, then added the second show “due to popular demand” like they did for the St George venue.

    David’s first solo tour way back in 2009 were all smallish venues and they all sold out almost immediately. The summer tour shows with Demi were mostly in arena size venues and some but not all were sold out. David’s VIP’s did sell out easily. Demi was very popular at that time and of course so was David. The shows I attended were pretty much sold out. David’s last tour, MKOC, the venues were not completely sold out but he sure put on a great show for that which was his last tour before his mission.

    Time to say good night now.

  17. honestly thinking David’s decision to go underground for whatever reason has affected even his appeal with lds peeps maybe why David has been posting again like he used to.
    works for me

    • Kim, it does seem like he is getting back to somewhat regularly posting for all his fans. Lol, food instragram picture (cute) and today, a nice song lyrics quote. Overcomer, a real nice uplifting Christian song and nice video.

    • Ok, really happy he is communicating regularly, but still, hum how about some talk about his album that is scheduled to be released this year, I might be wrong, but even if it’s scheduled to be released at the end for the year, it’s not to early to get fans excited about new music, but that’s just me of course, silly rabbit…lol.

  18. well unless it comes from the man himself should we believe there is a CD coming out this year.. Kari did say we will get a lot of music in the future.. just didn’t say when.

    talking about a song sent to itunes that David and team did not approve

    Margie #DA2015 ‏@HUNNZY Jun 14
    @wordsfrommysoul @kariontour @mlpb3 yes thank you Kari 💞just promoting @DavidArchie never dreamed it was illegal

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour Jun 14
    @HUNNZY & I love u all still promoting. We will have plenty in the future but trust if he or team haven’t promoted it most likely is illegal

    I liked what he wrote seems the proper quote going on with what is going on lately.

    • Yes, you are so right about not counting your chickens, but I’m only going by what the write up says that was (I assume) ok’d to be released to the concert venues from David and his team. I also assuming that David being in charge would not release that kind of information if he didn’t planned on following through.

  19. true seen it many times.. we can hope!

  20. I remember this video when Robin Roberts was not doing so well.. great song and video. Could see David doing something like this too.

  21. Kind of a lazy Saturday. Checking out some YouTube videos & just thought this one was pretty telling about AI. Have to wonder if it’s true about the judges being told by TPTB beforehand who to put through. Of course, this video is just for fun.

  22. OOPS! Wrong video! Sorry. 😀

  23. I give up…never mind. 😦

  24. The Forbes link posted on the comments thread at FOD listing the “top 10 AI alum earners” with David earning $1 million is actually the list from 2011 NOT from last year.

    David obviously is not & couldn’t be on the new list, otherwise he would be able to make a comfortable living doing what he did last year which was only church related events. Not to mention why would he want to do anything else if he could stay in his comfort zone with those he is most comfortable with. just sayin’.

    Good night now…

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