Blog Break!

It’s that time again for me to take a break from this blog. Though in some ways I feel I’ve been doing that already. I suppose I’m making it official! 🙂

Here’s hoping we all have the start of a beautiful summer! Oh, and maybe in the interim David will tweet more often?

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  1. Take it easy HG! Enjoy your Summer! 🙂

  2. Enjoy your blog break and summer Hg. I do appreciate that you have kept the comments opened for any fan that still enjoys commenting (including me, 🙂 ) still can do so. Here’s hoping that by the time you come back there will be stuff from David (career wise) to have lots to comment about. I will still try to scale back, but still will keep on commenting. 🙂

  3. let’s go to FOD and start a party LOL 🙂 have a great summer HG!!! 🙂

  4. Have an awesome summer, HG!

  5. Enjoy your Blog Break, HG!

    Watching SYTYCD. Just WOW so far with the first two dancers. Amazing!

    • I am watching SYTYCD too. What talent. Interesting that the contestant on now went on a mission for 2 yrs. He is good. 🙂

  6. OMG!

    There’s a RM on SYTYCD! LOL!!!!

  7. His name is Brandon Armstrong from Utah. Did his mission in Arkansas. Very different from David though. As a dancer I guess modesty isn’t as big a factor since his shirt was held by one little button. He was good, although not the best male “stage dancer” of the night.

    Great group of dancers tonight.

    Good night now. Looks like I’m the only one here. 😀

    • Yes RR it seems like Brandon didn’t mind dressing more casually. What was interesting was that he was given a ticket to go on 2 years ago but he went on a 2yr mission instead.. Said he did not regret it even though he couldn’t dance for those 2 yrs. Have to wonder if Nigel and Paula thought of David. Lol.

      • I enjoy SYTYCD. Very entertaining show. I wonder how far Brandon will go on the show? We shall see.

  8. Oh. not the only one here.

    While I’m thinking about it, may as well say it. This young guy went on a mission, said he talked about Jesus all day every day, no secular music, no dancing. He returned and went right back to dancing, auditioned tonight and went through to Vegas. Of course he does not regret doing his mission but said he breathlessly said he’s waited 2 years to audition.

    Anyway, I guess every RM is different.

    Good night. Bedtime…yawn! 🙂

  9. Yes, Hope I am watching SYTYCD, love the show. I’m in California, so it’s just coming on in about a 1/2 hr. With this show I actually like all of it from beginning to end, which always comes to quickly. It will be fun talking to you and Red Robin about the show, 🙂

  10. really a returned RM? that is great missed it will look up the video!

  11. wow just watched the video.. maybe there is hope for David!! 🙂

  12. Nothing interesting about David’s career so…I’ll talk about a frivolous thing : his clothes !
    I’ve always been interested in fashion and may be this is one of my faults , I always look at how people are dressed ( so you often have a reflection of their personality )
    I will not go into details , David usually chooses his clothes well ( or is well-advised ) and of course the casual style is what suits him best.
    However , looking at recent pictures and videos, i just noticed 1 or 2 errors .
    First , he should avoid shirts with wide horizontal stripes. No offense to David but this kind of wide stripes better suits larger men…
    And the second and the most important error which hurts eyes :
    David , please , I implore you to knees : NEVER,EVER wear socks with a bermuda ! Not even in your dreams ! It is absolutely FORBIDDEN ! well, eventually, tennis socks with sport shoes but not other ones ! lol
    (see the video when David Cook invited him on stage in july 2014 I believe or on a photo with his sisters to the mountain…)
    But mention “very well” at his last even ! his jacket’s lenght and the cut of his trousers perfectly suited to his morphology ! with his unbuttoned white shirt he was very “chic et classe “. It surely wasn’t his goal but he had a kind of “french touch ” as we say here ! lol
    Now , I stop my frivolous thoughts !
    -time to go to work-

    • I agree with your “frivolous” thoughts! I’m not a real fan of his hair with the shaved sides, but I am kind of old fashioned.

  13. I think there’s a misconception that SD is “taking a break” for the summer. HG is “taking a blog break” but SD is still up & comments are still allowed at least so far. 🙂

    As I said in a previous thread, HG has been generous & gracious in allowing us to have this forum where we can have discussions about David, other artists, or any thing else of interest. She could have shut down or at the very least, disallowed comments while she’s taking her break. With that in mind, while we continue to be free to voice out thoughts, insights, frustrations about David, as well as posting interesting news & videos about other artists, I hope we can tune out those who would instigate a war of words and sabotage this blog. You know of who I speak.

    Lugdunum, I recall when David returned he said he had to go shopping for clothes because his brother-in-law & friends (I think) helped themselves to all his clothes. He had some pretty nice clothes & great shoes/sneakers, if I remember correctly. We rarely saw David in a suit & tie. Now, it’s the opposite or so it seems. Or if not a white shirt & tie, just a simple tee, jeans & sneakers. Oh, and what a surprise it was to see him in Bermuda shorts although I’m not a fan of the loafers & black socks with the shorts. And what about the buttoned up shirts? Supposedly it was the style so he was “in style”.

    I remember years ago, the subject of whatever he was wearing or how his hair looked could be turned into an article and 300 comments would follow! lol!

  14. Wow, the two first dancers to audition on SYTCD last night were so great and really all that I saw were very good. I’m really enjoying hearing about how street dance is originated and how dancing has helped so much the otherwise would fall victims to drugs, going to jail or even death, so many powerful stories. Especially enjoyed the joy of dance that the young down syndrome boy got and the joy he brought to everyone. The special Olympics are going to add dance to their events, I’m sure he will be will do well. All the judges were so moved by him especially Jason because he inspired the young man to dance, got me a little teary eyed, lol. As far as the returned missionary, yes he was good too and what got my attention was him saying that all he thought about was coming back to dance….even though he liked his mission and was glad he went, his passion for dance never diminished.

    Lugdunum, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on David’s fashion sense. I feel although very conservative, he has a pretty good fashion sense. lol, yeah dark socks with bermundas not a big fan of that look, but as Red Robin said, it was a trend and I’m thinking that it was right after his return that his sisters helped him with the ‘in’ fashion

    Red Robin, yes, I a misconception that SD is on a brake. Actually Hg, as I remember, does take a brake especially right after the school ends. I’m glad that comments are still allowed.
    Scaling back on commenting…..hum, not working to well, hahahaha!!!!

  15. cq, always love reading your comments even if I’m just “lurking”. I admire your positivity and undying admiration for David even when things looks bleak and his future unsure.

    Hoping David’s concerts put to rest all of my negativity. We shall see. 😉

    Was interesting about the RM dancer on SYTYCD. I think David is in a league by himself as a RM. I think because of his “fame”, he was in a position to use his celebrity & voice to promote his church and the missionary program as we saw with all the church related events he did for a year and is still scheduled for more LDS sponsored events. If he had gone first on a mission at 19, then went on AI or another competition after returning as this dancer did, perhaps we would just now be going through the intense thrill ride we were on with David beginning back 2008. How different things would be now. He would have been more able to handle the fame and all that goes with it as a 21 years old RM. IMO.

    Not everyone would agree, I’m sure.

    Was watching America’s Got Talent but decided I would tape it & watch the rest later.

    Good night now.

  16. I have not yet said but I too am grateful to HG to still allow comments. I thank her for creating this blog and I think David could thank her also somehow , because she allows him not to be forgotten. That’s what I would have done for a long time if I had not read all your thougts and feelings ( totally shared ) over the weeks.

    Thank you , cq , cchalo , red robin and a few others , to continue to make live SD.
    I always enjoy reading your fair and wise comments , and as obviously you speak English much better than me , it is as if you were talking about in my name ( yes , telepathy exists !! ) LOL
    As for your shares on other topics , I find them instructive and never boring !

  17. I saw a random post in my fb feed the list of the top 10 names that would make a good husband. Guess what, the number 1 name is DAVID. LMAO

    i forgot the rest but I remembered Paul, John, Andrew, Daniel. As you can see these are biblically found names 😀 not that this list is true, just entertaining.

    Just a random post. Wonder if David saw Jurassic World. It’s thrilling and amazing, Chris Pratt looked great. The dinosaurs looked ravishingly deadly LOL

  18. We are such a small community of commenters on all of David’s fan sites. Went over to the Voice and saw the videos that Abrra posted about Benji Schuwimmer, that won SYTYCD, never knew he was Mormon, now ex Mormon. Glad he found his peace and still loves his heritage in the Mormon community. I relate to how he feels because that’s how I feel about stepping away from my Catholic heritage. Still love the community and am grateful for all the great things it help me be the person I am today, but I too needed to find my own path.

  19. cq watched Benji’s season he was very good from what I have seen I am not so sure he is all that in sync with his faith right now since his time there. If not mistaken since then he has come out as gay too not sure though. not that that is a bad thing just that it wasn’t easy to get to the spot where he is now.

    • As Abrra on The Voice explained, he left his religion because as a gay person he was prohibited from ever doing service work with children within the church..

      • kimk here
        saw other videos didn’t get the impression he was happy about it all.. maybe he is now no clue.

      • I had seen his video a while ago, but one thing that made an impression and made me wonder about David and his attitude towards fans was that Benji said that leaving the church made him see everyone as brothers and sisters and equals, not just his church family as before. Instead of worrying about his own sins all of the time and, ironically, feeling superior to non-members, he was now able to be part of the whole community.

  20. ahh the hair and clothes talk.. love the shaved sides but would grow it out longer on top and what even go for it and dye it a funky color. 🙂

  21. kim, yes I listened to the video that explains the reasoning for leaving. It was fascinating to listen to the process. I also loved that he never said any harsh words about his Mormon community or even the church, class act.

    Aw, hair and clothes….lol, funky hairstyle David, hum, wonder if that would ever happen.
    At this point, just want secular music that is part of HIS music career, not attached to anything else.

  22. Speaking of Mormon dancers, two high profile dancers are brother & sister Julianne & Derek Hough. I’m not sure if they are practicing LDS at this time. However, I don’t think they are officially ex-members. Both are amazing dancers.

    • Red Robin, Derek is my favorite dancer on DWTS and I also like Julianne. Lol, as far as being active Mormons, I don’t know about Derek, but Julianne said in an interview that she was a “jack” Mormon and on that same interview she was talking about how she loved fine wines, so I’m thinking not active.

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