A Tweet from David?

So, he hasn’t forgotten us!

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  1. nice talk ther cotton candy, more like s*** on a stick. lol

    • miss cotton candy

      hey ray, what’s shakin? lol! it just pisses me off that she can’t take he time to thank david! 😦 he’s a way bigger star than she is!

      • miss cotton candy, It might just be because she hasn’t seen the tweet. She may not know.

    • Ray, objections to that language only pertains to you and me, and is used to depict us as crude and “foulmouthed”. You can be sure that the people who object to our use of “4 letter words” will be deafeningly silent to Cotton Candy’s use of such a word. Hypocrisy reigns supreme in these parts.

      • miss cotton candy

        bliss- u and ray can swear all u want! I don’t care! 😀

      • Cotton Candy, that’s fine. I’m from NY, lol. My point was that the people who call Ray and I out for doing it will not do the same to you because they aren’t really offended by the language. They pretend to be offended to “get back” at Ray and I for exposing their hostility to David.

      • Au contraire, I cringe at the use of each four-letter word, no matter who has used it here. There is no need for the f-word in respectful exchanges. I am guilty of vulgar language in the past, but it is David’s own example that got me to stop swearing.

  2. miss cotton candy

    cq- on fleek haha! think bliss made that up. it’s too crazy to even be true, who does that?!!!lmao! 😀

  3. Wow, I just read how Bliss has graduated from being the resident Police to Detective! The nerve it took not to mention how weird it is that he would actually investigate Raymond. It’s really unbelievable. Who would never think of doing something as underhanded as this simply because an LDS posted what amounted to a more tolerant viewpoint of the commenters on this blog which Bliss just couldn’t handle. It’s just so bizarre.

    It’s bad enough Bliss thinks his mission in life is to protect, defend and speak for David and the LDS Church. Makes me wonder why, considering how much he adores everything about David which borders on obsessive & very strange behavior and how he seems to revere the Mormon religion, that he has not yet converted. I have met many fans of David who truly admire him and his artistry, LDS & non-LDS, and not one are as obsessed with David and everything about him as Bliss appears to be.

    Until today, I always thought Bliss was just a devoted & loyal fan who seems to be retired and has ALOT of time on his hands. Much of what he says here is not worth my time, which unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of to devote to this blog on a daily basis, so I just scroll past most of his diatribes.

    Not that anyone here will adhere to my suggestion, but the best thing anyone can do here is ignore Bliss. Do not engage with him no matter how badly you want to respond to his insults. HG has given us a forum where we can voice our thoughts and insights about David, other artists or any other topic of interest. She has been very generous in letting us have that freedom. Frankly, I admire HG for her fortitude and courage in allowing & trusting the commenters here to use good judgment and maturity in the discussion here. It’s only when one engages & stoops to the gutter level with Bliss that things get ugly.

    I will practice what I preach. And that’s all I will say about it.

    • Red Robin, you are so right, I shouldn’t of engaged, that was so wrong of me to do. Especially slinging mud like I did, I deserve what I got and will refrain (at least try) in the future.

    • Who cares what bliss and ray think or post? I know I don’t. Lol. Ignore them . Raymond I enjoy your comments. You are a breath of fresh air here. Keep posting.

    • Red Robin, thanks for the tome. You are welcome to “practice what you preach” .Allow me to respond point by point:

      1)”Wow, I just read how Bliss has graduated from being the resident Police to Detective! The nerve it took not to mention how weird it is that he would actually investigate Raymond”

      I didn’t “investigate” Raymond. I forwarded his posts to someone who could analyze whether he is a valid poster, and found it that HE is probably not who he says he is, making his posts a sham. That’s what probably bothers you. Do you really think everyone on this or any site is legitimate? Thais site has so many phony screen names, it’s not even funny.

      2)”It’s bad enough Bliss thinks his mission in life is to protect, defend and speak for David and the LDS Church. Makes me wonder why, considering how much he adores everything about David which borders on obsessive & very strange behavior and how he seems to revere the Mormon religion, that he has not yet converted”

      Yes, I have great admiration and respect for David and his belief system, but even he could not get me to convert to LDS. No coffee, no alcohol, no sex outside of marriage. I’ll pass, thank you. However, I will defend David’s right to abstain from those things, and whatever else he chooses to do. He has every right to live as he sees fit without being mocked by people 2x his age and older.

      3)”Not that anyone here will adhere to my suggestion, but the best thing anyone can do here is ignore Bliss. Do not engage with him no matter how badly you want to respond to his insults”

      People are free to respond or not respond to anything anyone posts here. Why do some people, now you, feel the need to urge others to not respond to me. Don’t you think they know it’s their choice already?

      4) “It’s only when one engages & stoops to the gutter level with Bliss that things get ugly.”

      The “gutter level” of which you speak is inhabited by all the posters who have been bashing and disrespecting David for the past 3+ years, and it has been very, very ugly. You’ve done that all by yourselves for longer than I’ve been posting here.

      BTW, where is “Raymond” tonight, lol?

  4. woah. play with the devil you gonna get burned.

    David never said the artists name just the title of the song v

    • One of my favorite things about the blogs David used to write for the fans were his music suggestions and plugs for the artists. He was always so generous in his promoting of other singers, some of whom I never would have heard of or would have listened to if not for David. Case in point, Eva Cassidy for example. 🙂

    • David is generous that’s for sure and yes, always promoted artists that he liked. lol, at times I really thought, heck I don’t want to hear about other artists work, I want to hear about your work, but yes, that was great of him to do.

  5. miss cotton candy

    Anon too- I guess that’s fucking possible but I went on her page and saw her thanking keith urban. 😦

    • I’m not sure why the language directed at me? I wasn’t insulting you, I was just pointing out that there might be a reason she hasn’t said anything about it. Maybe I’m wrong, or maybe I’m right. It was just conversation.

      Don’t worry, I won’t address you again.

  6. miss cotton candy

    in my educated opinion david should be more important to her careerwise cuz he’s in her age group, keith is yes a country star but much older but maybe she only sukks up to the power players and a sweet guy like david is not even on her radar.very sad. 😦

  7. miss cotton candy

    poor david! does anyone in the music world give him the time of day?? what is going on?!! 😦

    • David only mentioned the song not the artist in his tweet why are you going on about this?

      • 😀 He did try to post a link to iTunes for the song so “people could buy” it but couldn’t so he just gave up & went to bed.

        This song gave him “chills”? Hmmm? I would love to know why this song resonated so deeply for him. Or was it her vocals? I guess I’ll have to listen to it again because it didn’t give me chills so I must have missed something the first time I listened.

      • Red Robin, the question you should be asking yourself is “why do I feel that I have to react to a song the same way as David? Why do you think that if it gave David “chills”and not you, that you “missed something”. Must you feel what David feels?

  8. miss cotton candy

    RR- I agree. I thought it lacking something in the melody especially at the end and found that annoying but overall yes a good song but also wondering why it would have resonated so much with david. very strange. sorry Anonymous, I just tend to overanalyze. 😦

  9. I just listened to Burning House again. Good song, nice vocals, beautiful singer. Still no chills. Not like chills I got when I listened to….lets see….David singing DYHWIH for example.

    Good night Soul Davidians.

  10. Bliss – What is wrong with you that you are so determined to prove yourself right that you would go to such lengths to send the comments of someone who posts on an anonymous internet forum to an “expert” to have them analyzed? Did you have some kind of childhood trauma that renders you now so obsessed with being right? I have never known anyone who was so invested in being right that there has to be some kind of pathology going on there. If I knew a good psychiatrist who wouldn’t charge me, I would send some of your comments to them and see what they had to say about you.

  11. Here I am Mr. Blisskasden. I was out to a movie with my girlfriend, not that you would believe me. We saw Jurassic World and it was incredible.

    I honestly don’t know what to say about your previous posts. I am supposed to give a talk this Sunday and you really helped inspire me to change my topic to the dangers and menaces found in cyber communities. I’m sorry that I didn’t see your invitation to follow you on Twitter before tonight. Had I seen it yesterday, I would have told you that I don’t have a Twitter account. Making real life friends on the internet is also a foreign concept to me.

    I am guessing that your posts are meant to try to bait me to stoop down to your level of sniping or sarcastic tone, but sorry, that is just not my personality. The one and only point I was trying to make in my previous posts, is that it’s nicer to be nice in this world, nothing deeper than that. When on their deathbeds, I doubt most people wish they had been more harsh to others. At least this is what I believe to be true. If you would rather interpret my posts as my perpetrating some elaborate con on you, I can’t stop you. For the last time, all the best to you and have a nice day. I was enjoying myself here, but you did a great job of putting a stop to that. So now I will go enjoy myself somewhere else.

    • I really wish you would stay Raymond, but I totally understand your wanting to leave. Bliss has run many people off from this blog. It takes a very strong stomach to put up with him.

      • Hit and run, I wonder if “Raymond” knows how many of his fellow LDS folks have been run off this site by people like you bashing and insulting their religion. He might not find this site as “pleasant” as he claims it is if he knew the ugly truth of those numbers.

      • Maybe you should ask him instead of calling him a liar.

      • I find it amazing that anyone pays any attention to Bliss’s comments. As that is exactly what he wants. Ignore and scroll down. I really wish bliss would address David’s music career or lack of a career in a more realistic way. Instead of going after what other s comment. The focus should be what David is not doing with his career and why. It is all on David not the fans
        I just think what he has done with his music career is just career suicide and I wonder why. Or post about other music artists and other topics like I do. That is more interesting.

    • I don’t have twitter either Raymond. Or Facebook

      • bliss since you think you know everything about David answer these questions.
        Why is David not signed to a music label(major or independent) ? why doesn’t he have a top notch management and PR team in place? Why doesn’t he go to Broadway and take a lesser role in a musical to improve his craft? Why doesn’t David take more risks as a music artist and get out of his bubble where he is surrounded by church folks? Why does David still seem not motivated for his career after this mission?

      • Hope, I will be happy to answer your questions:

        1)”Why is David not signed to a music label(major or independent)”

        Major labels sign artists who they can control and promote in the most profitable way. Today, that means sex, sex, and more sex. David does not roll that way and would be difficult to market to today’s music buying public. He’s an enigma because although he is not interested in being a “sexy” artist, he has a sizable fan base that finds him very sexy and would love for him to be promoted in that manner. David has unimpeachable values and standards , and they are not negotiable under any circumstances.

        2) “why doesn’t he have a top notch management and PR team in place?

        Who says he doesn’t? No one knows what goes on behind the scenes, and just because David dos not have a high powered career doesn’t mean that it is due to an inferior “team”.

        3) “Why doesn’t he go to Broadway and take a lesser role in a musical to improve his craft?”

        David is not Frank Sinatra. He doesn’t just contact Producer’s on Broadway and announce that he’s in NY and he wants a role in any show. He has to either be asked, or audition like everybody else. He also has to want to do it, which may or may not be the case. I agree that David would be great in a Broadway show, and being from NY it would be just a subway ride away for me to go to a show he that he was in.

        4)”Why doesn’t David take more risks as a music artist and get out of his bubble where he is surrounded by church folks? ”

        I don’t think David is “afraid” to take risks, as has been suggested here many times. He does what he feels comfortable doing. That’s his choice and his right. Your question implies that it would be better for him to get away from these so called “church folks”. David is an adult now. He does not have to justify why he associates with any group of people.

        5)”Why does David still seem not motivated for his career after this mission?”

        I too thought David would come back , unpack his suitcase, and “get back on the horse” .career wise. I was dead wrong because I didn’t understand the impact that his Mission would have on David and that it would take time for him to assimilate into American life.

        David will be resuming his career in the Fall with 6 live, “secular” shows, many of which are already sold out. I look forward to seeing the older, wiser David do his thing on stage and I am very optimistic that even the most cynical fans will be glad they waited.

        That’s my take on your questions, Hope. Thanks for asking.

      • OK. Fair enough.

      • I still don’t agree with you bliss..David could and should sign with some indie label. You never addressed that. David is not motivated enough nor does he want to spend the time and money needed to have a successful career. He also lacks those needed connections due to lack of motivation.

  12. You;re like a bully on the playground.

    • Anonymous, funny you should describe me like that. How can one person bully many other people in the same location who are bound together against the “bully”? No one is bullying any one here. We’re all adults and can defend ourselves quite well. Bullying is a huge problem in America, especially among young people who can’t escape it when it’s being done at home or in school. I’m just a fan of David Archuleta with a big mouth, and I have plenty of company right here on SD, lol.

  13. hope answer this why can,t david live his own life the way he sees fit ,and not like you think he should,what is your take on havening a music caareer.

  14. ray and bliss you need to answer my questions first . 🙂

  15. David postred that yesterday he saw fireflies for the very first time in his life and he was excited, I see them every summer where I live and I still get excited!

    • Really? David saw fireflies for the first time? They’re pretty common in TN, and the southern states. In fact, I have fireflies (lightning bugs), seems like thousands in my yard in summer. The sight of these little creatures twinkling against the darkness of night is really something to behold.

      Surprised David has never seen them before considering all the places he’s travelled to. Hard to believe fireflies are seen only in certain areas. Everyone should have what seems to be a unique experience up close & personal of seeing the beauty of fireflies in flight.

      There must even be a song or two inspired & written about these unusual wonders of nature.

    • That’s an old tweet about seeing fireflies for the first time–about six years ago when he first started traveling.

      • Yes, you’re correct. I thought I remembered that tweet from a long time ago.

        Now though, fireflies are probably a normal almost nightly occurrence for David in TN. 😉

  16. ok hope because he doesn,t want all that,he has a career that he wants simple as that , your turn

  17. Raymond and others – Really the advice should be to “turn around and walk away” or ignore commenters you feel are “bullying” rather than trying to correct the person you feel is guilty. We are all responsible for our own behaviour and it is up to us to not give these people a platform. Unless of course we enjoy the arguments which I suspect, as comments really increase when there are arguments (name-calling, trying to one-up each other ala junior high).

    Do you really think you are going to change each others’ opinions?

  18. Bliss, I hope you don’t mind but I have a question. You mentioned “David will be resuming his career in the Fall with 6 live, “secular” shows.”

    Kari answered a fan on twitter and said the music would be Then, Now, and New. I think we know what Then might be, and New must be the music he’s writing now. So my question is, what do you think would the “Now” music?

    This is meant to be a legitimate question because I have no idea what that would be.

    • Anon Too, last week I called the venue St George Utah because I was curious as to the capacity of the venue that David had sold out so quickly. I was told that it was 1900 seats + some lawn seating (the venue sounds like it’s a beautiful location). While I was on the phone I asked the young woman who answered if David’s show would be “religious” or “secular’. She seemed a bit taken aback by my curious question, but answered that it was going to be a “pop” concert. My guess is that David might toss in an inspiration song or 2, but he always did that, and it was always fantastic to see and hear him sing those types of songs. I don’t think that David’s upcoming shows will resemble a revival meeting, although I expect the audience will be “feeling it” when David does his thing.

      I have never read or heard anyone say they were disappointed in seeing David perform live. David is a dynamic and organic performer. I believe that his 31/2 year hiatus from professional performing has done nothing to change that.

      • LOL I can’t believe you actually asked them that. I can just picture the shocked face. I’m even more surprised that they had an answer!

        Thanks for the informative reply. I’m really glad to hear that someone at the venue said it would be a POP concert.

      • Anon Too, the tone in her response sounded like she was surprised anyone would think it might not be a pop concert. It was like, “of course it will be a pop concert”.

  19. I don’t get this. I guess it’s true what they say, turmoil begets more turmoil.

    Why on earth would anyone ask or be interested in what Bliss thinks about anything? Everything he says is meant to instigate a war of words where he always wants to have the last word.

    I just don’t get it. But to each his own. Me? I’m going shopping.

    Have a great day!

    • Red Robin, I just thought, since he seems to know everything else, he may know that. And go figure, he actually asked the venue and had a real answer!

    • Well I would agree with that RR. 🙂

      • Then can I ask you, and anyone else who would answer, the same question? What do you think the “Now” music would be? To just say Inspirational really does cover a lot of territory.

        If that included Glorious, Nunca Pense, Mirrors, or the one from the Redeemer Album that I can’t remember the title of that sounded Country ( I actually kind of liked that one even though it was religious), do you think you’d enjoy those songs at a live performance?

    • Red Robin, you are certainly entitled to ignore my posts, and given your OTT hostility, I welcome it. Why do you have the need to chastise another poster who chooses to do otherwise. It’s very childish. While you’re out shopping, pick up some maturity for yourself, and bring it here the next time you post

  20. I have been doing some thinking since the last train wreck comment I made and the response I got. Why in the heck am I still posting regularly. What I’m wanting to hear is what kind of music his album will be and for that I just need to check his OS page every once in a while. I don’t have to post any comments about anything to still be a fan. I don’t have to give my opinion about anything regarding his career to still be a fan. I don’t even have to visit any fan site to be a fan. Then I thought what kind of fan am I now…I don’t know, is that weird. I’m not the fan I was before he came back in 2014..even when he was gone, I posted regularly because I wanted to keep the interest going while he was away. Now, I’m thinking he doesn’t want a traditional music career, no labels, because they are about making money, no expanding as an artist because of his deep religious beliefs, let’s face it, there is limitations, not from where he see it, I get that, but from where I see it as a fan (square peg, mutt, etc, lol), so here I am posting, lol. I guess the answer is I have come to enjoy doing this and yes, it has become a hobby of sorts. So, lol, yes, I will keep on posting, but will try, to refrain and try to cut back.

    • Me too. Came back from vacation to find that the discussion was barely about David at all–just a huge fight. It’s all about bliss now. Fun times for those who like to argue with trolls. It makes it much easier to cut back.

      • I lurk most of the time,then I suddenly get the urge to talk.

        But at this point in time, I’m afraid I have to agree that’s it’s become pointless most of the time to even try. I think it’s time for me to go back to lurking, for now.

  21. Yep, it’s his world here and we all just live in it. All of the nice aspects of having this blog open for both posters and lurkers is gone. I wish there was another place to go to just be able to talk freely about anything interesting that comes up but unfortunately there is not. I agree that cutting back or moving on is the only option left.

  22. isn’t that what some folks want is for those they do not agree with to go away?
    now over on FOD unless someone (ok I do it a lot) cause a ruckus there are mostly crickets.

  23. miss cotton candy

    true kimak, this place is more interesting than FOD. FOD is nice and informative but a bit boring for adults.

  24. FOD is wonderful just that those who complain about what is said there in comments most often do not post when things are going good.. hence the crickets now. there is nothing David going on so no one bothers.
    here folks go at many different things plus those that disagree with what it is that is brought up. at least something is going on way I see it.

    sure wish David would start singing again considering that is what we were here for in the first place.

    • Sounds like it’s going to be crickets around here pretty soon too. Bliss is going to get his way and will have run off all the fans. Of course, he thinks we are bad fans and it would be better for David to have no fans than bad fans. If you don’t agree with everything David says and does David apparently he doesn’t want you as a fan. He doesn’t want the money you might spend on his music or concerts. He wants only yes men (fans) who will say Yes David. You’re absolutely right David. You are just the perfect and most sweetest man with the cutest dimples and the fluffiest hair and every song you have ever sung is the best song ever and btw I love your church and I plan to convert just to make you happy. Then I guess we would deserve to be fans of David, but I don’t plan to do that and I don’t think a lot of other people plan to do that either so I guess we should just go on down the road and find another person to be a fan of. Maybe one who is not quite so particular about what his fans think or do.

      • I am going to continue to comment as I want to as I could care less what some others think. But I am not going to debate some people either as it is a waste of my time. I do like to discuss things other than David as I find that topic just boring right now. But that is just me. 🙂

      • I probably will continue to comment too until there is no one left to comment to. It wouldn’t be much fun commenting to myself.

  25. Fortunately, you can still be a fan and never post on a fansite. I don’t think it’s a requirement. Fortunately, those who post on sites are probably a super small percentage of David fans.

  26. well I guess there are not that many who live in Idaho.

  27. miss cotton candy

    someone told me that david’s girlfriend is on a mission and due back in late 2015/ early 2016 so possibly a spring or summer 2016 wedding! then we will have fun stuff to talk about! wooo! 🙂

  28. miss cotton candy, is that the same person that told you David’s girlfriend broke up with him before he left on his mission? I don’t think person is a very belieable source.

    • miss cotton candy

      hi potluck. told to me by 2 separate people about 2 separate girls apparently. I think the old girlfriend was blond and his new potential fiancée/wife has long dark hair. I saw a pic. cannot remember where! sorry! if I find it again I will let u know. 🙂

  29. kind of think the crickets are mostly because there is no David to really talk about do like that he posted something music related not to mention the cute farm pic and the Disney quote

    folks go after what they believe in in many different ways I might not agree with all but I believe in their right to say it. would be nice if we could find a way to get along better though not so sure I see it happening
    kind of cool though if you think about it that David attracts so many different types of folks

  30. Kimk. it woild be a much better world if all of mankind could work out their differences in a peaceful and respectful way’ I am hopeing that David’s new music in even a small way will help.

    • kimk here

      so agree!!!

    • If only that were true. That music had the power to change the world. If that were so, the world would be a perfect utopia considering all the beautiful & inspirational music we have had probably from the beginning of time to the present. Unfortunately, not all hearts are touched in a positive way by music, even when sung by the most beautiful voices.

      Mankind is inherently greedy and self-serving. I think Lennon had the right idea with his song IMAGINE.

  31. miss cotton candy

    the “girlfriend who didn’t want to wait for him” rumor/scoop came from an “in the know” Asian fan! the “girlfriend/fiancée who’s on a mission” reveal came from a well connected (someone who knows important people and has no reason to lie) FOD poster.

    • Actually, my thoughts about David and “his girlfriend” rumors which have been going around since his AI days are a joke. Not that he does not have one. It’s possible. However, personally I believe David still has never been in a serious relationship. Has had many dates? Sure. Has many friends who happen to be girls, of course, we all know that to be true.

      I may be totally wrong, but I don’t think David will get married before he’s thirty for various reasons.

    • I would love to see this pic!

  32. James Corden makes JB bearable. More than 24 million views in three weeks.

    • James Corden is so funny. Very funny video. Thanks for posting. :)Taylor has become more annoying to me than JB.

    • That was pretty good. Funny and entertaining. I haven’t watched it, but I’ve heard the
      Roast by several celebrities of Bieber was hilarious.

  33. Taylor Swift is lip syncing, of course.

    • That’s because it’s meant to be lip synced. Have you guys seen common people lip syncing inside their cars to ‘let it go’ from Frozen…

      Not a Taylor Swift fan but I respect how talented she is in song writing and making the most out of a song. Her vocals might not be that impressive, BUT she knows what she’s doing, and it’s obvious with her humongous success

  34. I for one will not be tuning into Justine Bieber!

  35. Peter…Without a few videos that you post, there would be nothing at all most of the time.

    Well we you can complain until Sawyer Frederick’s cows come home about JB and Taylor S but their bank accounts speak millions about them both. So good for them they know how to make it big, Taylor Swift’s You Tube views are always in the many millions.

    SB 🍁

  36. I wouldn’t check this site if it wasn’t for David. I think he is an enigma wrapped up in a puzzle. I do not think you can call him boring in any shape or form. I don’t know if David will ever become a huge star, but I will be here for whatever version of himself he wants to share with us. All these stars that are supposed to be so edgy and interesting leave me cold. I find them so predictable. David on the other hand never does what I think he will do. Some people may say that he doesn’t go out of his comfort zone and stays around like minded people to the exclusion of everyone else. I think we all do this to a certain degree and because we don’t know what is going on with David right now, we really don’t know if he is stepping out of his comfort zone or not. I’m just speaking for myself when I say I would rather wait for David to release his new music, than listen to 99% of the so called hits played on the radio today.

    I did want to mention one other thing. Hope and Peter have mentioned they would like if we could discuss other topics besides David on this site. Maybe Hg wouldn’t mind that. She usually just posts a video to keep the comment section open right now. When David gets back to his music career I’m sure she’ll write some articles and give her opinion. People may even relate any topic introduced to David .I don’t know if there is a way to contact her to see if this would be okay with her.

    • Yes David is what you say, but for the most part there is very little that is interesting to say at all concerning him that can’t he said in a nut shell right now. It is still a long way to concert time.

      HG will react to his concerts etc as always I am thinking.

      The sites about him are making comments of various kinds until there is really something to write about.

      People who enjoy David’s music, enjoy music in general and can be inspired to make notice of other singers quite naturally.

      SB 🍁

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