Throwback Thursday


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  1. One of my favorite of David’s songs. Thanks, Hg for the throwback Thursday, rockin’ David memory, 🙂

    • It is fun to look back and watch the joy and abandon he performed with back then. I truly hope we see that again in these upcoming concerts.

  2. David in his element on stage. He sure did seem to have fun on stage didn’t he?

    I’m always surprised there are so few views of these old videos of David on his tours. Why is that? I just do not get it! It’s just wacky.

    Saw the lead picture FOD posted of David and I have to say he looks sooooo young in that picture. It’s a recent picture but he looks like a teenager in that pic as well as the picture with the girl at the Camino (restaurant I guess). He sure doesn’t look like an almost 25 tear old. lol!

    • His youthful good looks will serve him well when he’s older. He won’t ever need expensive plastic surgery (kidding,kidding)

  3. New thread..)! Now I get to answer SB’s question from last thread..:) “What is the real reason that some of us still communicate or what are we hoping for?”

    Wow. Honestly, my real reason in communicating now might be to get some help in psychoanalyzing D. lol. I want to understand what his thought process has been, so I can get even a partial answer to the question of “Why? What’s happening?” I want to be able to make some sense out of something that still makes none to me.

    What am I hoping for? Career-wise, I have no hopes at this time. For years, I hoped that he’d be a big star. When that didn’t pan out, my next hope was that he’d continue his career post-mission, & at least be able to support himself…Now, my only hope is for him to be OK. To be in healthy relationships instead of oppressive ones, to have a job that is fulfilling to him…and to tell us if he still needs us, or not. I guess my second hope would be for closure.

    That’s pretty much it.

    • I’m hoping that HG will branch out into pop culture.

      • peter- I agree with you. 🙂

      • I could use some interesting discussion on things other than David. That topic becomes just boring due to his lack of career moves. Zzzzz. Lol. I will even take topics like the duggars and Jenner as they actually have larger issues involved than just pop culture.

    • Yes, I would love to discuss Caitlin Jenner and the Duggar Family

      What I really mean is NOOOOOO

      -carefully chosen artists, I could go with that.

      • Yes, music, not that other stuff. The Roloffs have filed for a divorce, though, after 27 years of marriage. And now back to your regularly scheduled program again…

      • Regularly scheduled program is boring. Lol.

  4. I know it’s no use crying over spilt milk, but I look at other performers that were just starting out when David came on the scene and I just can’t understand why they took off big time and David didn’t. Lady Antebellum, Bruno Mars, Tori Kelly and so many more. I honestly don’t think David’s music was so inferior to their music. I know some feel that he wasn’t happy and maybe sabotaged some of his opportunities but from what I can remember back then, he was working his butt off. Everyone who has worked with him heaps praise upon his talent. but it never seems to translate into bigger success. I mean I can remember thinking he should have told some of those DJs to take a long walk off a short pier. But still his music did not get played on the radio. I hope when he releases his new music that people say “Wow, who knew David Archuleta could put out such a great record”. Some people feel that David is not all about commercial success, but I don’t care, I want him to blow everybody’s socks off.

    • OK, a little teensy part of me still hopes that he’ll blow everyone’s socks off, too. …Or at least that he’ll have the desire to. lol.

    • And…I feel like I just lied up above. lol. Yes, my HOPE is for all the things that I said. But my WISH would be for him to get out of his cocoon, and take the world by storm again. Pretty unrealistic wish, I know.

    • My instincts tell me he did in fact, sabotage his career. Maybe even subconsciously, but there had to be some reason for all the rumors regarding disagreements with management etc. Just thinking out loud.

      • Anne- I agree with you. To me what David has been doing so far is really career suicide. I am not so sure it will change. I just don’t think David has that strong desire to have a successful music career for a variety if reasons.

  5. Yes, yes and another yes…when you look at David performing in that video there isn’t any faking going on. What I see there is a young performer in his element before his head became full of something that turned him away. Despite his hardships, there was more and I will never believe that it was his fans. We may have been given as a reason or somehow used as an excuse for the turnoff but really perhaps we are like the parents who get blamed when older children are not happy or have made wrong choices because I have never heard that fans were anything but supportive.

    SB 🍁

    • Do we really know he blames the fans for sure? If so, maybe it is easier to blame a bunch of nameless and faceless (lets be honest we are all nameless and faceless to him even if we’ve been to 10 meet and greets) people rather than face deeper issues.

  6. You were very lucky to have shared these moments ! He looked awesome !
    But a bit of this David may not have COMPLETELY disappeared…
    After all , to sing his hits in his upcoming concerts is a rather good sign…

  7. Hum, so Idaho Falls concert tickets go on sale today and David’s OS is closed for maintenance and no announcement on his twitter from Bandsintown about tickets being available for general public. Oh man, hope that this isn’t what he feels is the right why to promote.

  8. i think the reason david is not a pop superstar is simply because he puts his family and church first. people who make it big have to make many difficult sacrifices and compromises. I think we all know by now that david will not be compromising his faith for anyone or anything.

    • cotton candy, I understand what you are saying, but in all do respect, I truly feel that not all pop starts and artists for that matter sacrifices family and personal beliefs for their craft. Compromises is always needed in life to have harmony. Yes, I do believe that family comes first and what you do to make a leaving is just that and should also be giving attention.

  9. Oh my!!! tix on sale and no tweets from Bandsintown! That is a little strange. Site is down because of maintenance. Uh oh…

  10. The concerts aren’t until September 17 and 18. So, I wouldn’t worry about the fact that his site is down. I’m pretty sure they’ll sell out by September.

    • lol, my2cents, you are so right of course, there is plenty of time and it will be ok, that’s not the point and really no point actually, but I guess I do wish that things would be handled in a more organized matter, professionally speaking that’s all. Hey, if this works for him, great!!

    • I have never had the sense that any of David’s teams have been pillars of organization or professionalism. I’ve always wondered why.

  11. I would imagine that once a contract is signed with the venue, then David gets paid regardless of the number of tickets sold. Its up to the venue to promote the concert. Of course David still as an interest in making sure the event is a success. Overall attendance affects merch sales at the concert and has an influence on whether other venues would want to sign him.

  12. This site has become the “Chicken Little” site. The sky is not falling folks. I called the venue in Idaho Falls and was told they fully expect to sell out the venue for BOTH shows in short order.

    There’s really no call to diss David’s team. No one knows what goes on behind the scenes, and to presume so is presumptuous and without any factual merit. Of course, that has never stopped anyone here from speculating and opining about the competence of David’s “team”. Since no one from David’s team is believed, by those who post that sort of thing here, to read this site, I guess it’s just garden variety gossip, and hence, meaningless.

    Anyway, David will be performing in front of a sea of friendly faces at all of his upcoming concerts, ushering in the next phase of his career in fine style.

    • lol, right on time, hum, another loving name for this site. I don’t really care what you say, but just for the record, yes, I feel that David deserves to have a good organized team to take care of business while he takes care of his craft. And, I’m sorry, that just didn’t give me the impression that they were, and like I said, heck if this type of promo is and will work for him, GREAT!!!

    • Chicken Little

      Thu, Sep 17 — 30% of tickets sold
      Fri, Sep 18 — 39% of tickets sold


  13. Kari just said they have been working on dates.. east coast even replied to a fan about going to Asia again. 🙂

    • Thanks Kim, I’m glad and I do hope that they are successful.

    • Hey kim, just read your last tweet to brought over to FOD and I do like this: lol

      kari Sellards ‏@kariontour 3m3 minutes ago
      @debz416 and I could say that about the Archies! It might seem its taking forever but we are getting there!

      • Dear Kari: Please clarify…where exactly is “there”? lol.

      • Vj, lol, yes. The reason I liked this tweet was because she actually acknowledged the fans patience, I thought that was a nice gesture. Btw, bliss, was not speaking about myself.

    • I hope so. Many fans are waiting so patiently and keeping the faith. I hope they get to see him.

      • kimk here
        maybe it is quite complicated great news though might actually be able to see him and everyone else I miss again!!

  14. It would be great if more concerts are announced for the eastern US. But I’m not too hopeful. He may end up going to Asia. But I’m not even too sure about Asia either. Since all we are getting are hints from Kari, I think she’s become adept at keeping the fans’ hopes alive without actually “promising” anything.

    Also, I know I’ll probably be a pariah saying this, but I wonder…no, I HOPE at least half the tickets for the Utah concerts were bought by people his age, collage & high school students and not only older fans. Just trying to imagine how it must feel for a young artist to look out at the audience & see mostly people his mom, dad’s & grandparent’s ages. I know fans are fans & age is just a number, but IMO, if David is ever going to branch out again doing concerts & performing secular pop music he needs & probably wants to reach out to young people, not necessarily young girls, but young guys too who will like his music and will want to see him in concert.

    Sure, his older loyal fans think David appreciates all his fans,( although lately who really knows for sure ) but seeing a sea of new young fans in the audience I think would be great.

  15. While I’m in an ornery mood, WHEN is David going to have a photo-shoot so we can see some current pictures of how he looks NOW as a grown man and not the teenager with the hair he used to be? The venues are using photos, albeit great photos, from YEARS AGO in their site promos. He doesn’t look like that anymore. Get some current professional pictures already! Then the other sites can finally change their banners & side bars.

    That’s all. Good night.

  16. Red Robin, I totally agree about fans his own age attending his concerts and buying his music. I went to one of David’s concerts, and thought the same thing when I was in the audience. I’m sure as you say he appreciates all fans no matter what their age , but lets face it, David is 24 years old. He wouldn’t be human if he didn’t look out at the audience and wonder what he has to do to have more people his own age listen to his music and come to his shows. I doubt I will attend any of his concerts this time out, just because of travel and financial reasons. However I feel in order to attract fans his own age, he will have to release relatable music . He will also have to step out of his comfort zone, and engage with fans . David has said he is not comfortable putting himself out there. He feels he is being fake. Well the career he has chosen ,although artistic, is also a business and he’ll have to decide going forward how he runs his business. As I have said before, I hope he releases kickass music and has great success, but in the end it is all up to David.

    • Blingy, I’m glad you brought this up, because when I do it, I get a avalanche of backlash.
      You are right when you say, “David is 24 years old. He wouldn’t be human if he didn’t look out at the audience and wonder what he has to do to have more people his own age listen to his music and come to his shows.”

      Because David is perceived to be the darling of older females (what Simon called the “granny vote”) he is not viewed as current or, to use a time honored word, “cool”. This is especially true of young men in the 20-40 demographic. No young guy wants to be a fan of another young guy whose fan base base is seen as the same age as their parents or grandparents. That makes David “box office poison” to a huge section of his potential fan base.

      Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a diverse fan base made up of people of different genders, ages and ethnic groups. It’s an artists’ dream. I’m sure Elvis had many older women swooning over him at the height of his popularity. The difference is that in Elvis’ case, these older fans were seen as the exception and not his core fan base. If my mother or grandmother spazzed over the young Elvis the way we see David’s older female fans swooning over him, I would have been mortified and thought that they had lost their mind. So would the rest of society. David did not set out to do this. It happened because of AI, and it took on a life of its own.

      IMO, David must generate interest in him by younger fans, of both genders. He will do this by releasing music that resonates with a younger audience, and make them feel that he is singing to THEM, and not their grandmothers. There’s nothing wrong with having older fans. Heck, I’m one of them, but as you said, Blingy,” I feel in order to attract fans his own age, he will have to release relatable music”.

    • Blingy, “However I feel in order to attract fans his own age, he will have to release relatable music . He will also have to step out of his comfort zone, and engage with fans.”

      This. I think you’re right, that the key is relatable music and fan communication. His first album was the type of music that appealed to the young ones.

      I can’t remember whether it was in one of the blogs or an interview, but I seem to remember him mentioning feeling “pride” and “vanity” about his career back in the beginning, as if they were sins he must not commit again.

      I’m not sure how a music artist can succeed without a bit of both of those. It’s a conundrum for sure, when it cones to David. An artist needs to make music he is proud of, give a performance he is proud of and, whether David agrees or not, taking pride in his appearance on stage will be key to getting the younger crowd engaged. Is that vanity? Maybe, but IMO it’s a component to performing that needs to be taken into consideration by David.

      While David looked nice in his sweater at his last appearance, I doubt it’s the kind of “cool” look today’s younger crowd will like.

      I hope David has figured out who his core audience is and is working toward making music that will attract them. I also hope he’s preparing stage outfits and a performance style designed to appeal to that audience. As wonderful as I think his voice is, Simon had it right when he talked about “the total package.” It takes all components for success.

      But since David is ultra conservative, I’m not sure what he’s going to do. Time will tell. I wish him the best of luck, always. He’s a good guy with a great voice. I hope things work out the way he wants them to.

  17. I think, and may be wrong, that David will have a lot of younger people in the audience. He is a hot commodity among young LDS women it seems, being a returned missionary. And the areas he is performing so far are heavily LDS populated from what I’ve read. I also think young LDS men will attend as they can identify with the RM experience and will want to hear his music and all he has to say. I am thinking he will have a lot of young families also, since parents know they can take their kids to this concert with no worries of questionable content.

    As to his style, his community seems quite conservative in clothing and hair so I think his look is just fine there.

    If he wants to branch out, he will need a stylist though. I remember one of the last performances (I think) while managed by Melinda, was on one of the New Year’s Eve shows and he looked amazing. I do remember rumors that he pitched a fit over the outfit and almost didn’t go on though. Does anyone remember that performance? Was it FOX network?

    • Anne, I’m not sure who you’re responding to but, if it’s me, I was talking about a career that wasn’t just LDS based. Of course, we still don’t know if that’s what he wants but I’m working under that assumption until we hear different.

      I do remember the New Year’s Eve outfit and I thought that was just edgy enough without having anything that should be objectionable to David in any way. The fingerless gloves were a nice touch. I don’t recall any rumors about him not liking it, but then we don’t hear everything so who knows?

      David may have had his issues with MelWeg, (So do I) but she knew style if she was responsible for that outfit. I thought it was perfect for the occasion.

      • Anon, not really responding specifically, just giving my thoughts on your topic. Sorry if I confused anyone. I do that often LOL.

      • I think that Melinda weg and weg management got a bad rap by some fans. It is clear that David did not want a music career and wanted out to go on that mission. David would have been impossible for any music management team to manage as he was not motivated and wanted out. What music manager wouldn’t have been frustrated with David? Most folks need to make money. I am not so sure how motivated he is now for a music career that is not related to his church. David does not seem that flexible to me anyone and just want s to do things his way with no fan engagement and no record label. I wouldn’t want to be his music manager. No way.

  18. Here is David at his last New Year’s Eve pop performance in Las Vegas. The notion that David “pitched a fit” over his outfit is a complete fabrication and there was no rumor to that effect. David is not a prima donna who “pitches fits” and threatens to cancel shows that he has agreed to do. This is yet another attempt by a bitter fan to paint David as someone who he clearly has never demonstrated he is, and should be dismissed as the shameful smear tactic it is.

    Of course, if the alleged “rumor” can be substantiated, I will be happy to apologize to that poster.

    • She SAID it was a rumor, and rumors are specifically things heard that are not substantiated. (Maybe at a later date) If they were substantiated, they’d be facts, not rumors.

      • Anon Too, I know what she SAID. My question is, if someone is a fan of an artist, why drudge up a 4 1/2 year old unsubstantiated rumor which paints the artist in such a negative light. The rumor, which I never heard, depicts David as a self absorbed prima donna, a characteristic he has never demonstrated.

        Lets’s call it what is is, namely, garden variety gossip of the lowest form that has never been repeated in the 4 1/2 years since the incident allegedly occurred . One can only conclude that it was posted today in order to diminish David’s well earned reputation as a person of class and integrity. It insults David and it insults his supportive fans, and needed to be challenged.

  19. Just now had a chance to check in and see how things were going with ticket sales for Idaho Falls concerts. Checked the OS page and it says they are still in presale?!?! I thought they went on sale to the general public yesterday. So was wondering if tickets are moving well. No information on FOD, but didn’t check other sites.

  20. It seems like David chooses to spend most of his time with older people, whether that be his mom and other family friends, Kari, Kendra, songwriters or church elders. I have never gotten the impression that David feels totally comfortable with his own age group and if anything, it seems like he prefers to spend his time with kids who are younger than him like his sisters and the girl he recently sung a duet with.

    I would guess that any music he does from now on will try to appeal to young kids, which I believe he once said were the group of people he was most passionate about in terms of helping. That’s who he visits in hospitals and he’s donated his time and money to more than one children’s charity. That’s why I’m never surprised when he sings a Disney songs or brings kids on stage for his Christmas shows. Kids seem to be very close to his heart, which is very noble. I think it’s sweet that David is kind of like a big kid himself but on the flip side, him being that way certainly makes it harder to take him seriously as a an adult who knows how to handle his business. If you care about your career, you have to be present for it, and not always let your road manager or whoever else speak for you. As someone said in another thread, that contributes to the impression that he’s still a young kid himself.

    He’s technically a millennial right now, which is a group that has a lot of power to change the world, so I wish he would identify more with his peers, both onstage and off. But he has to be true to himself obviously so if he wants to make wholesome music that mostly appeals to kids, that’s his right. In fact, if he made that choice more clear and really embraced it, he could make a killing as a children’s artist.

  21. Still, David should work with a good stylist. I mean someone who will listen to David’s input and then put together a look that he is comfortable with, but is still stylish. I actually liked the outfit he had on at his last performance. It was classy yet casual . I Have always liked the black pants/jeans and white shirt look. I am not a fan of the grandpa sweater look. Like I said before David is 24. It may seem shallow to talk about how he dresses, but the reality is these things matter in people’s perception of an artist and he needs to take this into account.

    • Sad but true that clothes convey a message. No one in their right mind would go into a job interview for an office position in shorts and a tank top and expect success. It’s just the way it is.

      If David would want a secular career appealing to his age group, he needs that package. He needs great music and he needs to look the part.

      Time will tell and we should know for sure what he wants and what direction he is taking his career in a few months.

    • I always wondered how he could perform in a sweater under those hot lights. Water, I guess.

      • Good point, missbianca. I remember seeing videos of him sweating profusely and he always had his water bottle at his feet on the stage.

  22. Great comments from everyone. Such a mystery as to what direction David will take his music…whatever it is, we should (maybe) get an idea sometime this year.
    Checked the sales for Ohio Falls, not going as well as the ones for Utah, kind of surprised, but still a lot of time to buy before the concert.

    • Thanks for the info cq. Yes lots of time and I’m sure he will sell out. The first concerts may have sold so fast because they were just that, the first concerts and many are traveling to them. Do you think that may be the reason these are selling a bit slower? No sense of urgency as with those first dates announced?

      • Yes, Anne, that might be the case. I just hope that he/his team will be able to pin down other states for concerts. Do you think he will release some music before the concerts start?

      • I think (hope) he releases the music before the concerts and performs his new songs. Most artists tour to support their new music releases, I think??

  23. cotton candy

    ann- true. that’s what I was talking about at FOD when i mentioned mel, had he been open to mel’s guidance he could have been cool sexy superstar today but he was not willing to listen to her.

  24. The Idaho venue is smaller than the Utah venues so it will sell out in time as well. But & this is just my own opinion, if it takes more than a couple of weeks to sell out or if it does not sell out completely, maybe then David will realize HE must engage with fans or at least promote his concerts HIMSELF instead of having an automatic tweet announcing ticket sales.

    Who is advising him? Who is managing him? Is there anyone who has his back? Is there anyone who is looking out for his best interests? Oh yes, I forgot. Himself and God. I don’t say that to be facetious. He said he prays for guidance and the answers come to him. That’s all very well & good and I know many fans think that’s a good strategy but what ever happened to “God helps those who help themselves”?

    I admit I will be very sad & disappointed if David ends up like so many very talented artists who never make it big outside their home town or state not matter how hard they work or how talented they are. I believe David moved to Nashville because that’s where successful careers are made and he wants a successful career doing music. Otherwise he would have stayed in Utah, right?

    We really need another blog from David letting us know what’s going on with him now at this point in time. Agree with me or not, it’s the honest, fair & right thing for him to do. He can tweet inspirational quotes every Sunday if that’s what he wants to do but how about some real truth from him about himself?

    • It’s all such a mystery. I think you are right RR, God is really David’s manager. And I do not say that with sarcasm. Gina seems very hands off, which is probably why David is still with her. And it appears Kari functions more like a friend and assistant than a tour manager.

      I remember a girl I knew who was very religious. I remember her telling me one day she wanted a new pair of shoes and she prayed for guidance. She said with all sincerity if God wanted her to have new shoes, she would somehow have them. You really could not find fault with her because she was so sweet and sincere.

      David may just think if a venue does not sell out or his music stops selling, God is telling him to move on. I personally think it takes away our God given ability to think and decide and function physically and also relieves us of some responsibility, but how do you argue with a person or people who truly believe it’s all in God’s hands?

      Does David now think it’s vain and wrong to promote himself? Is that why he won’t even tweet about a concert date?

      • Anne I think your perception of how David may think due to his being devoutly religious is accurate. I agree.

  25. well said anne! I do believe that is exactly how david lives his life.

  26. “”

    still quite adorable don’t know who is cuter him or the calf
    saw more chatter about him on twitter last couple of days apparently his Hannah Montana and iCarly episodes aired

    • Kimak LOL ! by the way your comment “don’t know who is cuter him or the calf ” made me smile … Not sure wether it’s a compliment to David !! haha !

  27. may r you say david spends most of his time with older people, how do you know this. do you stalk him 24 7. you all should be proctologists, given the amount of time you spend with your heads up your arses

    • Ray, you’re one of the elderly people David must be so proud to have as a fan. He could learn so much from you. Like your bad language skills. Using slang words don’t change the meaning of what you mean. 😉

    • OMG. I have a video that is not off-topic: Adam Levine’s heinie (and a great song).

      • Love it. Great summer song. Love the lyrics. Lol. 🙂

      • rofl

      • Peter, way to go bro. Just what this site needs, more trash talk. Of course, the very hypocrites who pretend to be outraged over Ray’s language are now lining up to applaud your posting of this “heartwarming” video. As predicted, you lurk on this site regularly because you can’t quit the Archuleta, and when you see an opportunity to post some garbage, you jump at the chance.

        You’ve posted a “Fuck You” video and a “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Motherfucker’ video. I can’t wait to see what gem you choose to complete your sleezebag trifecta.

      • Yes, I said I would check back to see if there were threads not related to David. This was discussed earlier. Many times over. Much like everything else.

        How about them ticket sales, thooooooooo? Folks and peeps fighting for tix? This summer’s gonna hurt like a…

        Ray is a saint, second only to you in tact, integrity and sophistication.

      • Peter, based on your taste in videos, I don’t think you’re in a position to rate the sophistication of anyone else. As for the ticket sales, I realize that you need for David to fail and are, in fact, hoping he fails, so that you won’t look like a motherfucking asshole for giving up on him.

      • Hmm… let me see…

        Whatever happened to “fully expect to sell out the venue for BOTH shows in short order”?

        Until we meet again, milord.

      • Peter, the jury is still out on those concerts, but why on earth do you care? You have no use for David and even less use for me. Tickets just went on sale to non members. Either way, what’s in it for you? If if you “win”, what do you win? I’ll still be a fan of David Archuleta, and you’ll still be just some guy who shows up here to post videos that have “fuck’ in the title, and have some ex fans of David’s think you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread for doing so.

  28. Miss Cotton Candy

    Ray- the sheer magnitude of your pomposity is staggering.

    • Watching The Tony’s. Such an entertaining show. I still think David should do a Broadway musical in NYC if he ever has an opportunity to. I would go see him. 🙂

  29. Miss Cotton Candy

    agree. david’s voice is perfect for Broadway! 🙂

  30. Miss Cotton Candy

    and we know he can dance and we know he can act so that would be a great use of all his talents! wonder how he feels about it?

  31. red robin, and cotton candy,snappy come back worthy of a middle school drop outs

  32. Miss Cotton Candy

    Ray- for your information, I graduated with high honors and became a writer and had my own newspaper column. what’s your bio?

  33. Miss Cotton Candy

    omg Josh is on!!! wake up Ray!

  34. Hahahahah. Peter OWNS you Blisskasden. Instead of the dedicated supposed ex-psychologist (rollseyes) straight male fan you pretend to be, your last comment exposes the low life loud mouth obnoxious gutter potty mouth at your core. Great disher outter, but awful at taking it, so being a power bottom is not in your future, or past. HG humiliated you 2 or three posts back about your BS. You are more pathetic than any of the women here you accuse, because anyone still posting after the owner issues that kind of STUPENDOUS set and smack down cannot have any sort of pride to continue humiliating themselves like you do. Pitiful little pathetic potty mouth no life having little man. I’m hanging around for smackdown #2 from HG. You’re so delusional you’ll probably think it’s a love letter.

    • I see you’ve taken your IQ as your screen name. Now, that’s pathetic. You don’t like my language? How about Peters’ video selection? That language is not only accepted here, it is encouraged. What’s your problem and what’s you real ID? I don’t converse with people too cowardly to show who they are. You talk all big and bad, but your screen name tells me and everyone else what a punk you really are. Live with it.

  35. Hum, I actually like some songs that are not rated G, including the one by Maroon 5, posted above. Wow that sea of fans, very cool. Maybe I’m the only one of (still fan) of David’s that has this square peg taste, lol.

  36. I actually don’t care if a song is rated G or not either, however it seems to me when you have a song like the one posted above it reeks of trying too hard to be cool. What drives me crazy is Adam Levine will get on The Voice and tell contestants they have to articulate so you can understand the words, and then you can’t understand half of what he is singing.. Oh I know people will come on and say Maroon 5 are a big deal, but I still didn’t like that particular song. Now I really liked Moves like Jagger. But then again, that’s what’s so great about music, there’s something for everyone. If we all had the exact same taste , the world would be pretty boring.

    Also about the spats that posters get into. When we were young we had a saying ” consider the source and ignore it”. So if you don’t like what someone has to say, scroll on by. We’re not solving any world problems here, we are commenting on social media about an artist. I have always felt if you wouldn’t say it to a persons face, don’t say it when you are hiding behind a screen name. But that’s just me. Everyone has the right to voice an opinion. HG is the only one who can object because this is her blog. She probably thinks we’re all adults so we should be able to comment in a civilized manner. Anyway have at it.

    • funny blingy, I kind of thought the same thing about Adam and the song. It doesn’t offend me at all, ,just doesn’t particularly appeal to me. But then some of the stuff I listen to would not appeal to others. That’s what makes the world and art so interesting. I do love a fun summer song though and the language, unless it is highly derogatory towards women or any other group, does not bother me a bit.

      The childish name calling here is ridiculous and how many times does one or two certain posters start it all? OMG, certainly the way to show your intelligence and maturity is by getting down in the mud with someone else, yeah right. Our two resident monitors of “all that is right” certainly do not practice what they preach in any way.

      As for David, I’m sure he would love to that the self-appointed defenders of his honor have gutter mouths and mean spirits.

      • Anne,you say, “I do love a fun summer song though and the language, unless it is highly derogatory towards women or any other group, does not bother me a bit.”

        You think the term “motherfucker” is NOT derogatory towards women? What do you think it means? You “aren’t offended” by that song? I used the word in my post to Peter to highlight how nasty and inappropriate it was for him to post that video on this site. I guess the irony of my post escaped you.

        BTW, your use of the word “crap” to describe David’s music comes straight out the gutter, so get over yourself.

    • Bling I think I liked the song more because of the beat and the whole process of going on stage was interesting. Like I said, liked it but by no means it’s a favorite, lol. I totally agree if we all liked the same music, it would be a boring world.

  37. love to should be love to know

  38. I wonder why the Bandintown didn’t announce the general admission tickets going on sale yet. Only the presale was announced. I guess not that it matters, but just maybe it would help the sales of those two dates??!? Again, I know there is plenty of time, but still would give other venues that they are trying to pin down a better feeling if the Idaho Falls tickets were selling better, that’s my only point. David did post a tweet about a Disney song, but nothing about concerts.

    • I also wonder about promotion of these last shows. David has well over a million followers on twitter yet never mentioned that the tickets are now available to the general public either. One has to wonder why. Does he just not care?

      • I too wonder about this. If it were my concert, I would make darn sure it would be announced. Doesn’t make sense to me as to the reasoning for not wanting to advertise it. He tweeted this morning about a Disney movie, of all things, but not a word about HIS show.

  39. cq, do you know if there were any announcements or tweets of the tickets being available to the general public from David’s management or the venue? Sorry I don’t really do twitter so am not sure. That would certainly affect sales, especially among those who are just waiting to hear that the tickets are now available and waiting for that tweet.

    Oh noes, LOL, he tweeted about a Disney song. Certainly no objectionable language there.

    Sometimes a word has to be taken in context, just sayin’.

    • Anne, yes, Bandintown did announce the presale, for members only, but no word on the general ticket sales. I don’t have twitter either, but I do check his twitter page and I also checked his Facebook. Maybe they are just waiting to do promos closer to the concert date, really don’t know how all that works.

    • Thanks cq. I would bet that the lack of word getting out is affecting early sales but overall I’m sure he will be fine.

  40. GH has a new thread up, but I just wanted to give my 2cents about the rigmarole regarding the video Peter posted and the subsequent outrage by Bliss because of the explicit content of the video. Unless I’m mistaken, no one was forced or coerced to view the video. If it’s not your cuppa’, just scroll past it. Also the only one using explicit profanity was Bliss who, ironically was so outraged & offended, not once but several times! Unless I missed it, Peter did not use profanity in his responses to Bliss.

    As for the video, it’s tame compared to some videos out there. The only thing anyone may find offensive about it is the title. Other than that, (and maybe for some people, Adam’s backside) it was just a video showing the start & the end of one of Maroon 5’s concerts.

    Just sayin’

  41. Red Robin, yeah, not only are you “just sayin” you are also “just spinning”. Anyone can configure any comment to meet their agenda, and that’s what you just did. The FACT is that Peter posted a video using , in it’s title, the very word that I used in response. Had Peter not first posted the video, I would never have attempted the ironic use of the same offensive word that no one “got’ in my response to him. Why does Peter get a pass on posting videos with explicitly foul language? We all remember fondly his posting no less than 6 videos of different versions of the pop classic “Fuck You”. The ensuing giggling by the flock was endless..

    You can also “scroll on by” any post here, including mine, if it offends you so much. Peter is beloved here because he is “on board” with anti-LDS, anti- David rhetoric of this site. This site behaves like a cult, as intolerant as the way the members love to portray the LDS Church, and Peter is one of those who gleefully drinks the Kool-Aid to the delight of the others.

    • Thing is, I did “get” your response to Peter. You wanted to instigate a war of words hoping it would escalate and perhaps cause HG to shut down. That’s been your agenda since the day you started policing this site.

      What I don’t get is why you found it necessary to show your outrage by using the same words which were apparently so offensive to you which was ironic. It’s just a music video. It’s not going to change the world and it certainly won’t affect David or his honor in any way.

      You know what I find really offensive? Teenagers molesting little girls. Police profiling & killing African American men. Police using extreme force & brutality because they can. Homelessness. Hunger. Cancer. War. Religious cults. I could on & on but you can get my point.

      And that’s all I have to say about it.

  42. miss cotton candy

    you’re very annoying but I love how u write! 🙂

  43. miss cotton candy

    that was for bliss

  44. Red Robin, you obviously don’t get it because you say this “Thing is, I did “get” your response to Peter. You wanted to instigate a war of words hoping it would escalate and perhaps cause HG to shut down. That’s been your agenda since the day you started policing this site.”

    Frankly, you’re just flat out wrong. I have no desire nor do I have the authority to shut down this or any site. You and your cronies spend way too much time trying to figure out my motivations and not nearly enough time on why you would be on a fan site dedicated to an artist who you are so displeased with on every level.

    Then you say “You know what I find really offensive? Teenagers molesting little girls. Police profiling & killing African American men. Police using extreme force & brutality because they can. Homelessness. Hunger. Cancer. War. Religious cults. I could on & on but you can get my point.”

    I agree. I am firmly against all of those things, but I’m also against people who pass themselves off as” just sayin'” or “keeping it real”, or” just my opinion” when they continuously bash a young man who is still growing and trying to find his truth in the world. Why don’t you find that offensive?

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