Should David Make an Appearance on Idol’s Last Season?

We’ve all heard the news about Fox finally pulling the plug on American Idol, after Season 15 next year. It’s been a long time coming, and they should’ve ended this show five years ago. But better late than never, I say.  But this story from EW peaked my interest:

[Fox CEO Dana] Walden agreed it was a “pretty emotional decision,” and revealed the final season will feature appearances by former judges and contestants. “There’s a lot of enthusiasm around former judges and contestants coming back,” she said.

Former judges and contestants making an appearance next year? If David had any interest in promoting a new album and reviving his career, an appearance on the final season of Idol might be worth his while, don’t you think?

What say you, Soul Davidians?

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  1. What’s with all the phony “respectful disagreeing” posts tonight? Is it “re-branding” season on here already? This is done whenever a new poster comes on here and is subjected to the harsh treatment everyone who disagrees with the party line gets. The entire site then goes into damage control in order to redefine the attitude towards that new poster. It’s like an abusive family who is very polite when company comes over, and after they leave, it’s back to the abuse again.

    The goal is clear. When someone new comes on here, it’s “let’s all be on our best behavior so when Bliss comes on, he will seem like he’s being nasty to all of us pleasant, reasonable folks”.

    Don’t forget, these are the same people who recently called David’s music “crap” and David himself a “liar”, among many even more insulting things.

    • The problem is that, instead of just disagreeing, you attack people and then cry like a baby when they attack you back.

      • Peter, I see you’re still make stuff up. Please post one example of what you imagine is me “crying like a baby”. But, I’ll give you a pass tonight. Clark lost, although like everything else, you don’t give a damn, right?

      • You know how it works: the best contestant wins. Nick Fradiani was superior to Clark Beckham, and David Cook was superior to David Archuleta.

    • Bliss, I’m assuming you are referring to me. I’m not going anywhere. Hey who knows, maybe the abusive family has had some therapy and we’re all on the road to recovery! For the record, I appreciated the respectful remarks about my comments. It’s not easy to break into commenting. After reading for so long, it would be nice if others who are lurking join in, too.

      The only trouble with this site is the all or nothing attitude that is sometimes perpetuated. I fall on both sides lots of times. I don’t think David’s music is crap or that he’s a liar and that it’s pretty insulting to say so on a site dedicated to him. I don’t like only ever talking about the negative aspects of the LDS church and blaming every problem in the David-world on it. But I also think David is different than he was and might have a hard time having a career if he continues on the way he has. I wish more for him than what is going on right now, but it’s his life and I don’t begrudge him making his own choices. It seems pretty important for him to do so now. I don’t personally think David hates his fans and has no use for anyone who isn’t LDS, but I can see why others might think that is the case, especially if they are already bugged by his religion. And he certainly has an apathy that he isn’t bothered about trying to hide. ” If you’ll be there, then I suppose we will see each other then” as opposed to “Let me know if you’re coming, etc. ” that we used to get. So I’ll try to remain and see what happens and I wouldn’t miss the bickering for anything. Isn’t that what a loving family does?!

      • Lissa, I was referring to the way “new” posters are treated here after I come on to post. Before I post, any new poster who disagrees with the negative view of David is roundly berated by the Soul David hit squad, who has a zero tolerance policy for all disagreement with them. When I come on to challenge them, they immediate change their tactic , and back off their rhetoric to the newby and focus instead on me and try to brand me as a bullying troll and “the problem”. This is designed to convey to the newby that they are the reasonable, inclusive ones, and I am the sole troublemaker who is sabotaging the “reasonable, intelligent” convo going on.

        This has occurred a number of times, and last night was an example of that. Had I not posted yesterday, there would have been no “I respectfully disagree” posts directed at anyone.

        These people use this site to bash the LDS for political reasons, and they are mortified that they are obsessed with a singer who is a devout follower of a religion that advocates values that they vehemently oppose.

        As for their pseudo-fanhood, what fan of an artist refers to his music as “crap”? That’s an example of what they refer to as “keeping it real”.

      • Before I post, any new poster who disagrees with the negative view of David is roundly berated by the Soul David hit squad, who has a zero tolerance policy for all disagreement with them.

        Not true. You should actually read the comments. The discussion is matter-of-fact whenever you are not around. You stopped responding to what has actually been written a long time ago, and you make up quotes.

        Responding to your paranoid comments is pointless, which is why I will no longer respond. Have a nice life.

      • Blissy once again you ignore facts. i said David’s music was crap and explained that I think what he’s been offered or chosen to record is beneath his talent. That’s very different from saying David’s talent or persona is crap. I am joining peter in boycotting you from now on and I invite others to call me out if I get weak and respond to your nonsense anymore. Bye Bye Blissy

      • Peter, did you really say to me that “you make up quotes”.?How does a person make up quotes? It’s right on the page , in black and white. Anyway, you are free to respond or not respond to any post you choose. I will do the same, including to yours. What you do with it is your choice and your business.

        Maybe we’ll bump into each other at a local Clark Beckham White House, Tn. concert. I just hope he doesn’t do any dreaded procelytizing in between songs, since he’s said he’s very religious, which you hate.

      • Annie-poo, you say “Blissy once again you ignore facts. I said David’s music was crap…..”

        Guess what? Once you say that David’s music is crap, nothing you say after that means squat. You can squirm all you want to undo the damage, but it’s all just more “crap”.

        As for respect, the only person you disrespect more than David is Hello Gorgeous herself. She has posted very clearly that “The subject of this blog is David Archuleta. No topic is off limits, but always be respectful of both David and each other”

        Because you don’t respect David, you don’t deserve being respected. You show utter disregard for HG by repeatedly posting insulting and demeaning comments about David and flagrantly ignoring her clearly posted guidelines.

        Buh-bye, Annie. ignore me all you want. I will not be ignoring you, however, and when you post any of your insulting, mean spirited “crap'”about David, it will not go unchallenged.

  2. The one thing I would never say about this place is that all of the opinions are the same. That’s actually why I like it because diversity is a lot more interesting. I don’t know how anyone could find any way to make a sweeping generalization that everyone here agrees with each other. With the exception of maybe one or two folks who have clearly moved on from being a David fan, it’s pretty obvious that the majority of folks are still very much fans and just want the best for him. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism and it doesn’t diminish the overall fondness or interest people have for David. I hated one of my favorite artist’s recent albums but am still a fan and hope for better albums in the future. I also just offered some criticism on the phone to my mother tonight but that doesn’t mean that I still don’t love her. It’s possible to hold two opposing thoughts in your head at the same time.

  3. It’s interesting to me that the talk after last night’s AI finale is about Clark being ‘thrown under the bus’ theory, hum sounds familiar, lol. Being that I didn’t watch and haven’t watched since you know who was thrown under the bus (lol), I was just wondering what tactics were used to throw Clark under the bus? Probably silly to even mention this being I’m not involved, but heck, nothing to talking about regarding David, sigh, still in that wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, mode, lol.

    • I did not watch any of the episodes, but according to AI blogs, after Clark refused to follow Scott Borchetta’s advice concerning the arrangement of a song, the judges’ critiques immediately became consistently negative and stayed so until the end.

      • Thanks peter, yes, interesting, but like I said before, these competition shows are to some extent, are manipulated. To me all reality shows, competition or otherwise have morphed into semi scripted or in case of competition shows, manipulated to give the audience what they want. In the end, it’s just entertainment and it has nothing to do with picking the best, imo. Now as far as singers that come off of competition shows go, the big work really comes after and it’s, imo, much different that a singer that is just trying a break into the business. The competition singer already has fans that have put certain expectations on their star and therefore, that star can continue to fulfill the fans expectations or not. What I mean it’s harder for them in a way, even if it’s a break that a huge number of starving artists would give their right arm to have. In David’s case, again, omo, from my view point, he was so grateful to have that opportunity and he was so REAL, humble and seemed to want that music career, but that was from a fans view point, no one ever knows what really behind an outward appearance, even now, after he has explained himself, I still don’t really know what is really going on with David. What kind of career does he wants, one that doesn’t involve him being famous? That’s very puzzling to me, lol. One that he might want (I have no clue what he wants, but just guessing) is to be taken seriously as a true artist and it being about his music, not about him and actually, that’s what I would love to happen to David. However, that charisma and good looks will always be part of the package, lol.

      • Yes peter that is the way it happened with Scott and Clark. Then it became an obvious manipulation by TPTB at AI to not have Clark win. I think they want wanted the final 2 to be JAX and Nick but it just did not work out that way. Thanks for posing the videos. Clark gave the best performance with Michael McDonald of the night. By far. 🙂 There was something very interesting and telling that I read about the AI finale. Poor Caleb Johnson (the forgotten AI winner from just last year) was supposed to give the envelope announcing the winner to Ryan but they did not even let him do that. Ridiculous. The poor guy was just wondering around on stage looking a bit lost. Caleb also “parted ways” with the Interscope label already. Did he even perform this year on AI? Good Luck Nick. lol.

    • I may have to watch the finale results show, though. I keep reading it was one of the most entertaining ones in the history of AI.

  4. Re recent comments, Taylor Hicks and what he earns-Is he still performing in Vegas? I’m sure that could be lucrative if he is successful there. Wonder if David would consider Vegas. It does have a huge LDS population.

    Re respect, if a poster disagrees in an intelligent way, without name calling, I will read their posts, respect their opinions and even learn from them. If a poster resorts to the lowest common denominator of name calling and abusive remarks, I close off. I will not care about comments from someone who thinks browbeating and abuse is the way to prove a point.

    Just for fun I found a list of past Idol winners and it’s like a list of HUH? WHO? WHERE?
    Outside of Kelly and Carrie, are any in the mainstream spotlight? I think Scotty has some success in country music and Fantasia has success in Urban, but do any others? I mean other than success with the coronation song like Cook and Phillips.

    Where is Candace Glover these days? Did she even release anything? Time for AI to slink away into history.

  5. cotton candy

    Lissa- 😉 why did you change your name? don’t answer. i know. don’t waste your time. he’s not worth it.

  6. Glad you know cotton candy because I have no idea what you’re talking about?

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