Happy Mother’s Day!

abravanel-hall-10-david-and-lupeTo all the moms out there, may you all have a rich and blessed day today! 🙂

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  1. Thanks Hg for the wonderful sentiment, 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome moms and mom figures out there!

  2. I’m bring my post over here. Lol

    Ok here’s one for ya. Remember how David would always wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day? well he has been home for 2 Mother’s Days now. Both of them he wished his own mom a HMD but NOT anyone else. Now…most of his fan base are mothers so why hasn’t he mentioned his fan base??? makes you wonder if he really even wants us around. I don’t get it. Can someone please explain why? am I missing something?

    • It’s a new era for David and his fan relationships. I think it was in one of the blogs that he mentioned sucking up to fans and feeling fake. He’s not posting stuff for show anymore, only what feels authentic.

      • So in other words, he really never cared before? I don’t see the harm in just saying happy mothers day. I mean he wished other fathers one, but not his own. Why didn’t he just not post anything? will be interesting to see what he says this fathers day. well it doesn’t really matter. He just rubs me the wrong way sometimes. Lol

  3. Another thing that I noticed was on Father’s Day last year he did not wish his own father a happy fathers day, but to ALL the fathers out there thanks for being great role model, or something like that. Guess he still has trouble with his dad.

  4. And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms!!! I hope it was everything you had hoped it would be!

  5. It was a very nice write up about his mom and yes, absolutely that should be his top priority, but let me tell you, if by wishing other mothers a nice day is sucking up there is something very wrong with that thinking, imo. At times it feels like David went from a wonderful generous giving (to all) teenager/young adult to a self absorbed, not personally, but self absorbed in his own little world. Right now, I would really like to see some of the old David back, to tell you the truth, kind of like that guy better than the adult David he brought back.

    • ITA. I think he should do out of courtesy really. He does it for all of the major holidays, except for this past valentine’s day. He was at rootstech . I thought it could have been because of all that was going on. But after today I came to the conclusion valentines day was not an oversight, imo

      • I don’t 1hink much of anything David does is an oversight. He has always put a lot of thought into everything he does. So, if he doesn’t say anything about a birthday or holiday, you can believe it was intentional.

    • “Right now, I would really like to see some of the old David back, to tell you the truth, kind of like that guy better than the adult David he brought back.”

      I couldn’t agree more cq.

      • I just got a new tablet computer and my comments aren’t going where I expect them to go. I’m still trying to figure it all out so bear with me.

  6. I especially enjoyed that dance troupe, peter.

    I think that if we hadn’t heard of David before his mission, we wouldn’t think anything was lacking in his communication now. It would be very sweet and normal–a lovely message to his mom. We wouldn’t miss what we never had. But, yeah, in contrast to the “old” David, it’s disappointing and sad to think that all of that communication–tweets, holiday messages and vlogs were forced. C’est la vie.

    • For a while after David got back I really missed the old David. I think that pretty much ended with his I’m alive vlog. There was none of the old David evident in that vlog and I knew from then on that the old David was gone and would likely not be back. It took a while but I have made my peace with it. I don’t expect David to do things like he did before. Especially after his “sucking up to fans” blog. Now, he just does what he wants to in regards to his fans and I do just what I want to regarding David which is not much. I don’t promote his career like I used to. I will no longer buy his music if I don’t like it, much less many, many multiple copies. I will no longer travel thousands of miles to his concerts. His career is on him from here on in. He will get no help from me. That doesn’t mean I’m not curious to see what’s going to happen.

      • That “I’m Alive” vlog really made me sad. But I feel for you and others who went above and beyond the call of duty in supporting David. I have to say that I never traveled more than an hour and a half to see him, never bought any music I didn’t like, didn’t twitter trend, rarely voted on polls, and only shelled out $400 for a single VIP for my daughter and I (which was worth every penny). The most ODD thing I ever did was to stand with my daughter, in uncomfortable shoes, for many hours to see him up close and personal at The Grove dress rehearsal in LA. I guess you’d call me a “dolphin” fan, like I once read here. You’d have been a “whale” fan. Now we’re probably “minnows”, lol.

      • Oh yeah, I bought some overpriced David merchandise for my daughter and am gladly supporting a child in Honduras.

        Watching the video posted in the OP, I felt that as much as I admired his talent, I wasn’t especially drawn to it anymore. I agree with Red Robin, it’s that I’m interested to see how this all plays out more than I like him as I once did.

  7. I was surprised myself with the ‘I’m alive’ bit. I thought what got up his a$$hole and died. Lol
    No, I really did. And the kicker was the blogs that came in right after the new year. I haven’t been expecting anything much from him either. I know the old David is gone, and never will return. Which is why I will not buy multiple copies of his music or travel to his concerts either. In fact, I have heard it isn’t just us that feels this way. A lot of lifelong fans are not traveling to see him like they used to. He will have to come within driving distance before they will attend his shows. And IMO, I don’t think it has to do with money. I believe a lot of them are getting fed up.

    • Yes, many of David’s very loyal fans who were committed to support him for life are no longer fans. Many who waited anxiously for “The Man He Would Become” are as disillusioned as the commenters here.

      David’s Vlog and subsequent blogs were clear to me that David wants & is methodically trying to attract a whole new fan base & rid himself of the fans he sucked up to. They/ we represent a time he apparently hated. I don’t understand how some fans can’t see that or refuse to accept that David does not & never has “loved his fans” as some regulars on the other sites still believe he does. Heck, seems he just tolerated us as a means to an end. We insured the financial freedom he’s currently enjoying as he works to reignite a career worthy of the real him.

      As I wrote in one of my comments in the last thread, it will be very interesting to see how this year plays out. David has been known to be unpredictable so anything can happen. I suspect this is one reason some of us are still here. His story is fascinating and reads like a book complete with mystery & intrigue. We can’t help but keep turning the pages to see what comes next.

      Do I hope he fails & disappears into obscurity like so many singers often do? No, of course not. Just because I see David in a different light (no more glowing aura) doesn’t mean I don’t still wish him well. Most of the time I just feel sad for him and he would hate that.

      • I agree with everything you said. But I do have one question. Why would he hate that anyone would be sad for him? even though I have times where I am sad for him too. He is so cut-off from the rest of the world it seems.

      • I don’t feel sad for him because I don’t think he has any regrets about anything that has happened since he returned from his mission. Well, I might feel a little bit sad that he doesn’t seem to recognize or appreciate the good things that his career brought to him before his mission. He has done so many things that he likely would not have been able to do without the help of AI and the fan base he built. But, that was the old version of David and he is gone and I don’t feel sad at all for the new David. He is right where he wants to be doing what he wants to do and miraculously, he still has a very loyal, though much smaller fan base still willing to settle for whatever little bit the new David is willing to give them.

  8. AncientHistory

    Just thinking to myself; so what kind of fan is David now wanting or targeting? It seems to ME only LDS members, but, not of single girls screaming “marry me!”, nor middle aged or older female fans who appreciate his vocal talent. Guess only LDS males (of any age) and twenty somethings LDS females are what he’s aiming for. I wish him luck in trying to sustain any livelihood with such small and narrow demographics. I, unfortunately, do not fall in those demographics. And, although I no longer count myself as a fan, I do want to see how this unfolds. Perhaps if I see him wanting and reaching out to his previous fan base, I may return; I was a fan of his voice, but, not if he’s using that voice to preach to me about LDS.

    • AncientHistory-ITA with your comment. I am not in is demo group anymore either. lol. So much for diversity in David’s fan base. Although at this point- that fan base is very small.

  9. Ok you guys are going to think I’m wacky, lol, but I still have hope that somehow he will as the saying goes ‘snap out of it’ hahaha!! ok unrealistic and actually not be entirely like his old self was. I do like the more mature in command of his speech David now and, heck, still love his voice, just a good balance would be nice. When he releases music and of course, his first official David Archuleta concert will be very telling. Yes, I wait and really have changed my views, but heck, still a heck of a ride seeing how it plays out.

  10. Dana, I think he would hate people being sad or showing pity for him because he said he’s finally doing what he wants to do. He’s happy with who he is, what he’s doing, why & how.

    So if he thought anyone would be sad for him now would be an insult, IMO.

    I always come in late. Have to say good night.

  11. I wonder though, was he really planning on coming back to his career when he left??? And if he wasn’t, was this his plan the whole time?

    • I’m not sure if he was planning on coming back to the kind of career he left. I think he was planning on an entirely different kind of career. Still in music, just different. So, technically he didn’t lie. I also think he kind of got caught up in all the emotion that was swirling around, not just among his family, but from the fans, that it seemed like a nice thing to tell us, that he was coming back. He really never said it would be just like it was before. He just let us think that.

      • Hitandrun-I agree. At this point it is obvious to me that he had no plans on coming back to the kind of career he left. For whatever his reasons may be.

  12. Good morning, I think that when David left on his mission he realized that he might have to start from scratch when he returned and that is what he is doing. He was still in the airport when he let us know of his return. He then asked us to be patient, he needed time for himself and to reboot his music career, David obviously went to Hollywood and did not like what they had to say to him on how to get things going again.We all know he his working on a new album, pop and maybe spanish, concerts are booked, and he is in Nashville writing. No he doesn’t keep us in the loop as much as he did pre mission but he probably doesn”t have much to report.He put up food pictures, family pictures and there were complaints about the uninterest in them, Yes God is David’s first love but I don’t think he is going to shove his religion down our throats when things get going, I am one of those fans that still sees rainbows I guess and should just stay over at fod, but I still think that David does apprieciate his fans and wants to give us his very best!

  13. The song picked for Clark by Simon Fuller for the finale is “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Sounds like Simon Fuller is not trying to bus him.

  14. Potluck8, really enjoyed reading your comment and I’m glad that David still has fans like you that will be abroad no matter what direction he takes his music. For me, I guess I’m kind of ‘sitting on the fence’ waiting. I’m still a fan, although I do have and will always have personal views that aren’t popular with some fans. Imo, all David needs to do in order to get his career back on track (maybe never the big career that I feel he deserves), but still a good career, he just needs to put out music that matches his talent and is relevant to all his fans.

    In other news, I guess AI will close shop after next years season 15. Well, it sure did have a long run, nothing is forever, especially tv shows. I guess season 15 is going to be a lot of reminiscing and probably bring a lot of past contestants back, hum, wonder if David will be invited and if so would he even go?

  15. Potluck8, I agree with your summary of what David has done and is doing with his career. I think a lot of fans are just a bit afraid of the unknown and are also disappointed that he just didn’t go back to business as usual the day after he returned. That’s all perfectly normal and it’s hard to be patient. But he hasn’t written off a career or lied about the fact that he said he was coming back!

    I have a different feeling though than the other posters that are convinced David is happy with what he is doing. I don’t see a happy person at all – and maybe happy isn’t the right word. Contented? Grateful? Nice? He’s never been open with fans, so I don’t expect a play by play of his life, but there is a harshness or even hostility about him now that wasn’t there before – he has his guard up big time. Admittedly, some fans have been brutal and nasty to him. Not pointing fingers, but some days, I can see why he wants nothing to do with the spotlight or sharing his journey. Say what you want about being in the celebrity spotlight and that you should let personal attacks roll off your back, it still hurts. And he wouldn’t be the singer we all love if he didn’t have that sensitivity to life in general that allows him to sing with such emotion. I think that there is a lot more going with David than fans are willing to even look at and accept that has absolutely nothing to do with his religion. I think he needs empathy and support now more than ever, even though it may seem like he doesn’t want it or deserve it. (Yeah David, you could have said Happy Mother’s Day to the world at large – it would have made a lot of people happy)

    He still sings brilliantly but, sorry, I just don’t see a glow anymore and I’m not the only one. I’ve never been a gushy fan, but what is most worrisome to me is that the wall he has built up around himself will get in the way of his craft and at the end of the day he will wind up just being a great singer with nothing special to set him apart from all the other great singers. He was always an insanely talented singer with insanely appealing charm. I think he needs to find out for himself that the charm was real, not fake, and embrace it.

    Last thing and then I’ll shut up. He was angry in his “I’m Alive” vlog, that was obvious. But then he went on to try to open up a bit about who he really was and what his experience was in his blog about being an introvert. Some people were supportive of course, but then there were those that were outraged and disbelieving and personally offended. I hate to think that he was testing the waters on being more open with us about what makes him tick and that we shut him down, but I would not be surprised if that were the case. He wanted us to understand him and we didn’t like it. Our fault, not his, but I see a lot of blame thrown his way for that and it makes me cringe. I still love him and I will support him and have patience while he works through all the difficult pieces of his life. I know there will be many many many (not just LDS) who accept the real David that emerges. Whether they are any from the original fanbase, is our decision, not his.

    • Lissa, thank you for your well thought out comments. I agree with a lot of what you have to say. What I wonder is why was/is he so angry? The fans did nothing to him but love and adore him. It was his issue if he was faking it and not strong enough to be himself. And I do realize he was very young and much more naive than an average teenager it seemed.

      I too don’t see that inner happiness and glow he used to have. He best recaptures it when he sings at a church function now, but it is not the carefree pure joy he seemed to have before. Of course, he now says that was all an act, all fake then. He seems world weary sort of.

      I am here to see what happens, how it all plays out. I hope for the best for him, but fear he is his own worst enemy, not his fans.

    • Lissa great comment. I do agree with some things you said and it kind of nice to see that I’m not the only one that doesn’t see that joy, and yes, not even when he is doing it for the church. Singing for church events, he sings with emotion and sorrow. Even hearing him sing, He Lives in Me, with is not a religious song, that somehow he manage to make it so, (really enjoyed it btw) he seemed angry at times, but that ever present joy that we all felt before does seem like it’s gone, imo. Yes, he might still surprise fans and find that happy medium some artist have found.

  16. Lissa, I agree with your comment. I think one of the things that makes everything confusing for fans is that David seems so different from before. However I feel we were only seeing part of David before his mission. I think he only showed us the happy side of his personality because he felt it would show ingratitude if he let anyone know he had days when he didn’t love everything about his life. There he was living his dream and still it was not making him completely happy. He probably felt he was letting down his fans, his label, his family if he showed that everything wasn’t always great. Could he have chosen his words better? Of course, but it takes me forever to try to write one little comment which won’t offend anyone, so I’ll give him a pass on that. I hope going forward he can find a balance between a private life that makes him happy and still have open and honest communication between him and his fan base. Until that time I’m not going anywhere.

  17. None of his fans made him try out for AI as far as I know. None of his fans made him sign on with a label. Where exactly do his own choices or his quote unquote team, bear the burden? If it was friends and family, who then pushed him? I don’t know but as a fan who never cared to know that much about his family, his religion or his love life, I am puzzled.

    And now would be a good time to say to all, clearly and unambiguously, “I want nothing to do at all with the big bad music scene and I will do as I please. So all of you who are not on board get on with your life.” Ha he did kind of say that already although not clearly enough for some probably (myself included).

    But as for this attitude like its my fault as a fan that he was unhappy and not getting to be who he wanted to be, well is that my fault?

    Sing your songs however you want and be happy. But I agree that there ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone. You know the song. He, the joyful David, feels like he’s gone to me.

  18. I’m here for David I love his voice and I like that he grew up.. now would I love for him to do pop you bet I would!
    anyway I think it is ok for folks to vent all they wish lol then go see and buy his CD when the time comes! 😀

    • Kim, you made me lol, so true!

    • It’s come to the point where I think I like the “story” more than David at this point. It’s like a soap opera in real time. I am a bad fan, yes I am. I do still have hope that he will chose to share his talent with a broader audience, but it’s dwindling more and more.

    • I saw that too. I knew it was going down in ratings, so it does not surprise me. I lost interest completely after Simon left. He was harsh, but honest. He also knew what he was talking about musically speaking. Most of the time anyway. I will probably watch since they are going to have some alumni and judges throughout the season.

    • Kim – I will buy his CD if I like it. I won’t buy it just because it’s by David if I don’t like the music. I don’t vent just to get my frustrations out so I can be free to buy his new music when it’s released. I vent because I have something to say.

  19. it really is like a soap opera sometimes always wondering what will pop up next.

    you guys see that next year is American Idol’s last year?

    • Yep Kim and I’m bringing what I said here for you to read, 🙂 that I posted earlier.
      In other news, I guess AI will close shop after next years season 15. Well, it sure did have a long run, nothing is forever, especially tv shows. I guess season 15 is going to be a lot of reminiscing and probably bring a lot of past contestants back, hum, wonder if David will be invited and if so would he even go?

    • I have mixed emotions regarding Idol ending. I used to love it. The past several years I have started out following the show, then lost interest about 1/3 way through. Not sure why.

      I highly doubt David would even consider appearing next year if invited. He indicates that he was unhappy and fake pre-mission and I assume that includes the time he spent on Idol.

      • I’m thinking you may be right, Anne, but again, who the heck knows what going on with David. All I can say, that AI gig has given him some nice finances and I sure hope that he doesn’t feel resentment for all that experience. I remember him saying that AI was like boot camp for singers, lol. I thought that was a very good description, lol.

  20. I appreciate everyone’s view on David. I also hate that there are so many, or appears to be, who feel this way. I so wish it wasn’t this way, but it is.

    Thinking back, I remember the very first vlog he did after his return. He seemed so different, but still appeared to be the just as sweet as when he left. He thanked us for the letters we sent as well as the greetings on his return. He also thank us for our patience and our patience while he adjusted to normal life. Then about a month later, the mind blowing “I’M ALIVE” surfaced. BOOM! I watched them both, again. I wonder if he might of got irritated because he felt we didn’t adequately give him enough time to adjust? It doesn’t make sense to me how he claimed to be fake all along before the mission, and yet he was so nice on that first blog. Was that fake too? Was Kari recording that? If she was, could she have guided him? I just wonder. Like David said in the symposium, he wasn’t going to tell us he was going on a mission. And Kari stepped in and said that he owed it to his fans to tell us. All I know is, nothing surprises me anymore.

    • That thing about not telling the fans, appears he had disdain for fans even then so the mission wasn’t what changed him.

      If I remember correctly that first vlog was heavily edited or felt heavily edited and disjointed. Maybe it was very angry or emotional and they edited those parts out? Am I remembering it correctly?

      • Yes it was. Someone was holding the camera or phone so I guess that is why I thought Kari had a part in it. I’m surprised he even agreed to be the fake David for that.

      • The one in which he is sitting by the piano? It was a strange vlog, IMO. There seemed to be a great deal of pent-up anger there.

      • It was strange. I was just saying he was nicer there, then the I’m alive one. He actually thanked his fans, which he hasn’t done since.

      • Than not then lol

      • He didn’t necessarily seem angry in that first vlog, but he definitely didn’t appear to be the old David either. He kept saying “well” over and over again. It almost sounded like he was being forced to say something and he just wasn’t getting it right and had to redo lots of it. It didn’t sound at all natural.

      • After hearing him say that he wasn’t going to tell fans he was leaving but Kari told him he had to, I think he was doing that first vlog because Kari told him that he needed to as a thank you to his fans who had waited so patiently for him. Knowing now how much he hated doing vlogs, I don’t think he would have done that first vlog voluntarily. I think the anger in the second vlog, the I’m Alive one, was because fans had become very impatient and were pressuring him for a vlog and he didn’t like being pressured. Now that he’s a grownup and doing things his way, he has let fans know that he doesn’t like doing vlogs so don’t expect them from him in the future and “don’t pressure me”.

  21. I know there is a new thread, but I just wanted to reply to Ram (and others) that I honestly don’t think he meant to fault fans for any of his journey and I don’t think he has disdain for them. We obviously didn’t ‘make’ him go on Idol or do any of it. I think his anger comes from whoever was telling him “you can’t, you can’t, you can’t” all the time, as he said in his blog. Whether that was family members, producers on Idol, record label, his ‘gal’ Kari or other managers, his team, or even his church, who knows. It is only our ‘fault’ for not liking who he is right now or who he might be in the future and turning around and blaming him. We might also be a very safe scapegoat in applying the offenses of some fans to all of them.

    From everything he has ever expressed, it’s easy to see that David was a pleaser. He has said enough times that he went on Idol because he felt there was something he was supposed to learn. That is about as opposite as you can get from “I want to be the next huge pop star and that’s why I’m on this show.” So as he was swept along with events, being a pleaser, he did every charity event, every National Anthem, every skating show, every hospital visit, every meet and greet, even if he didn’t really want to and even if he didn’t ever feel really comfortable doing it. I will say this though – he really learned how to do it well! I hope what is happening now is an over-reaction to all of that and that he will come back around to a more middle, comfortable ground for him, as someone else said, and re-discover the love for performing that is authentically inside him.

  22. why do so many need David to like them baby them like they are children?

    • I’m not asking to be babied, I just would like a little more common courtesy. I don’t think anything is wrong with that.

    • dana – you mean like the common courtesy shown him here? lol smh

      • Well I don’t call ‘I’m alive’, and the first blog of the year very appreciative and courteous to us. He made that bed all by himself, not us.

  23. twenty one pilots: Stressed Out

    maybe David will do something off the wall unique something for folks his own age

  24. who knows might even be that he will be different a few years from now too. Cook is pretty quiet like he is now how is that working for him? well not sure he is doing all that good kind of think David is doing a little better then he is right now. searched Cookie’s videos from the last month not that many views think his new song doesn’t have that many views either.

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