Liking David vs. Liking David’s Music

So, more than half of those who voted in yesterday’s poll on Soul Davidian voted for “Another Song” that they would love to hear David sing again.  My own “other song” would have to be “And So It Goes” (see above) because I have yet to hear the Voice rock my soul and haunt my days in the way he did on that performance.

To be honest, I really had to think of some great standout songs from David. “Imagine” was too obvious a choice, so I went with others that have really defined him for the Archangels fanbase. I think this says a lot more about the musical output than it really says about David creating  a signature sound or musical identity for himself.

Consider: very few of his fans voted to hear David sing “Crush” again, and that was his biggest hit. I think we can all appreciate “Crush” as the prerequisite pop song that Jive could make bankable cash on from a popular singer fresh off a popular TV show at the time.

But, in all seriousness: what real artistic development have we seen from David? Everything he’s been able to establish for himself came from live performances, where his Voice could be witnessed by those who were fortunate to hear him.

It’s why I could always write from a context of anticipation. I always anticipated the greatness of David, which emanated from the potential of the Voice, a greatness that I always felt was diminished or held back. Yes, held back.

His greatness was held back by a pop-confectioner label like Jive, then held back by Idol’s 19E management that didn’t want its runner-up outshining that year’s winner, then held back by personal management that seemed to burn more bridges than build them in the music industry (if we want to believe various behind-the-scene rumors involving stage dads and the like), and finally, and perhaps most importantly, held back by David himself (limiting his artistic vision for religious fervor or for his own personal hang-ups).

In other words, David’s fans have always been hungrier, more passionate about David grasping the brass ring than David himself seemed. We know his potential to transcend the heights, but in the end, an artist must have that dream for himself. I love me some David Archuleta and will always be in awe of his transcendent Voice, but I’ve always believed his artistry was greater than the musical output. I’m not the only fan who has felt this way about his original songs and albums. Such criticism isn’t indicative of a “bad fan” but a genuine fan who knows what her idol is capable of and still awaiting his greatness to shine and be witnessed by the masses.

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  1. hell0g0rge0us

    I should also add this: whenever music execs think of marketing artists as the “white [insert black popular artist],” they’re actually thinking of going the next level, hitting through the stratosphere. Think of Elvis Presley as the “white boy who could sing colored.” Think of New Kids on the Block as the “white New Edition.” Whenever music execs think, “Wow, this black artist is really popular! What if we found somebody white doing something similar?” They’re thinking of really going big, going mainstream. So, in the context of Chris Brown’s popularity back in the day (so popular David sang his popular “With You” song on Idol), I’m intrigued that Jive was thinking along these terms. Which now means that I have to backtrack and rethink the label. Here I thought they were stifling David, but the label’s thinking along the lines of “white Chris Brown” suggests they had grand plans. In short, David could have been as big (if not bigger) than Justin Bieber before he was thought up. I’ve always felt Justin Bieber happened because David gave Interscope a blueprint for how to make this happen. Hmmmm…so if David is now scoffing at such plans, I really have to rethink his entire career trajectory. Like I said, we fans have always wanted the brass ring for him; he however seemed not to want to grasp it.

    • HG, I’m so glad you brought up the “white Chris Brown” thing. You said what I thought as soon as I heard what David said about it. I wanted to give my thoughts about it but didn’t want to stir the proverbial pot. David said it like it was a bad thing but it really wasn’t way back then. In fact, he should have been flattered TPTB thought he had it in him to be as successful or more so than Chris was at that time.

      Also, David and Chris Brown were both were performers in the Jingle Ball in 2008. David appeared after Kanye West & before Chris who closed the show. To be scheduled between those two was very telling. TPTB felt David, as young as he was then, could hold his own in Madison Square Garden. The performance roster included some who would go on to be superstars, Lady GaGa, Kanye, Ne-Yo, & Katy Perry to name a few. David was just coming off AI with one hit single, but TPTB could see the potential of the gem they had in David. Just like we, his fans did.

      How could we have been so blind & so wrong? Or so hoodwinked?

      • I think that David’s bitterness, and our sense of being hoodwinked is because he was under pressure to, step by step, follow along with his dad’s plan for him that wasn’t his own plan. We were all following a script—a star/fan script—that David never really invested in, and once he was on his own, he rebelled. He wants to uplift and preach through music, and in the meantime his dad is giving workshops on how to develop a music star–even one in the last couple of weeks, I believe.

        David said that he wanted to go on his mission where nothing was about him. When he said that, I thought, how sweet, how selfless, he was tired of all the star hoopla and needed a break. But I don’t think we took that seriously enough. It appears that he never again wants a career that’s about him.

        I was certain that he wouldn’t go on a mission because of all the good he could do for his church, for charities and for his fans, but in reality, to David, that was just a side-effect of a career. He said that he wanted to participate in the hands-on conversion process, and I think that his future career will somehow be more hands-on. I think he hasn’t communicated a brand or a direction, because there really isn’t a model for that yet. He may be having the predicted “local Utah career,” but IMO, he wants a big fat Mormon career in order to preach to the world.

      • Cchalo, you may be right about David wanting a big fat Mormon career, but dang, I sure hope that’s not the case.
        Maybe I’m being naïve or just plan keeping the hope alive, but it seems since he moved to Nashville, that whole (other than that religious freedom conference) putting religion front and center has tempered a bit, so maybe he will still be going for a secular career, again, lol, I know a cockeyed optimist…that today, tomorrow I could be pessimist as all get outs.

      • …in the meantime his dad is giving workshops on how to develop a music star–even one in the last couple of weeks, I believe.

        Yes, I saw the ad somewhere, cannot remember where.

      • cc halo-Exactly.

  2. Hope, if you see this: was Clark thrown under the bus again?

    • peter-Clark made it into the top 3. Yes!!!! He deserved it. 🙂 He gave some really good performances tonight. I thought that Jennifer was the most supportive of Clark of the judges. If Clark did not make the top 3 I was not going to watch AI next week. I have been very busy at work this week but I noticed some very interesting comments here at SD. 🙂 Go Clark!!

  3. cc halo said at 11:54p.m. – David said that he wanted to go on his mission where nothing was about him. When he said that, I thought, how sweet, how selfless, he was tired of all the star hoopla and needed a break. But I don’t think we took that seriously enough. It appears that he never again wants a career that’s about him.

    I think at one point in the video David did while he was a missionary, I can’t remember what it was called, he actually said he just couldn’t do a career where it was all about him anymore. I remember thinking at the time that we fans were in trouble because nothing was ever going to be the way it was before mission ever again. That told me that his career from that day forward would be all about the mission and the preaching and the converting. I guess we’ll see soon if it’s going to play out that way.

    • Hitandrun, I don’t get it, why, why even have a music career, why not just preach and in his sermons he could still sing as he did the whole time he was on his mission and for the most part has done that since his return. Why keep his fans stringing along, I don’t get it.

      • He wants to reach out to the world through music. He didn’t go on a mission in an all-Mormon area—he went to a place where he could find and convert lots of non-Mormons, and I think that’s how he wants his career to be. But it might be tough for him to get out of Utah and surrounding areas.

        Just now listening to the Idol judges telling the contestants to command the stage, and not draw attention to the guitarist or other musicians, makes me see how foreign that must feel to David at this point. He probably doesn’t watch anymore.

      • cq is right about the Mormon connection being a huge part of the sales pitch for his Utah concerts. Here’s the exact terminology on the Layton site:

        “This talented artist has returned from an LDS mission and is eager to be on the stage again. With a new album due this year, his performance at the Kenley is your chance to catch him on the Wasatch Front this season.”

      • If indeed that’s the direction he wants to take his career, I’m wondering how successful he will be outside the strong Mormon communities. I mean with the internet, I think selling Mormonism might not be to easy for him.

  4. Then I guess you could say, “I’m out of here.” Not going or doing that route, sorry.

    • Dana, I hear ya, but really none of us really know what direction he will go until it happens. I do understand your reasoning and dang it, I wish you wouldn’t go, I like conversing with all of the Soul Davidians, lol. For me, I will hang around, heck why leave when things might be happening,

  5. lol, peter, I’m a bit curious (btw, really like you bringing videos here especially the funny ones, variety spice of life) did you feel the same way about David like you are feeling about Clark when he was in AI and what has made you so jaded toward him?
    lol,being that it’s crickets around David land, I thought I would see what made once fans turn completely away from him.

    • No. Back then, AI was a new experience for me. I became interested in sales, charts, radio play and all that jazz. It took me several years to regain my ability to just enjoy good songs and good performances.

      I am still interested in seeing what David’s next album, if any, will be like. I feel that David has lost his ability to channel whatever energy it is that Clark and many other performers are channeling, to be completely present and at ease in the moment. I am not interested in Clark Beckham’s career but will keep checking out whether he will be able to release an album.

      • Peter, did you ever post on I don’t recall seeing your name. I used to lurk there and found the information regarding the music business fascinating.

      • Thanks peter, yes, I’m thinking that even fans that moved on might still be curious about the album. It a wait and see if it’s going to be strong enough to ‘romance’ some of those fans back, lol.

      • Anne: no, I didn’t. I used to lurk at Rickey’s. I think I googled David after seeing “Shop Around” on the Internet and wanted to see how he was doing in the competition, and then “Imagine” happened. And I really thought that AI was about finding the best singer. Did not realize until much later how much these shows are manipulated.

      • Thanks for the response, peter. Just wondered because was always full of music business info.

  6. I can totally see that David can make a comfortable living (both financially and to his standards and integrity) as an LDS artist. The church seems to have a lot of LDS events that require singing and testifying to faith, and this may be exactly where he wants to be.

    I have no clue why he is living in Nashville, if indeed he even is. My guess is he is there for a bit, and will go back to his roots as soon as the CD is finished. I see nothing to indicate this CD will be secular as he has cut out so many folks he used to collaborate with who are not LDS.

  7. Like I said, I think it is going in the direction I really wouldn’t prefer it go in. But, I’m at the point to saying ‘whatever’. Maybe he will surprise us all, maybe not. I guess its a wait and see.

    I believe, once he is done with the a, um, he will move back to Utah as well. I think that is where his heart is and where he truly wants to be. Besides, he isn’t through with school. He will go back to it. Its all about ‘finding ta balance’ as he put it in his book and so many other interviews. The thing I don’t get, is why is he even doing this album if he doesn’t want to do it??? unless he feels he ‘owes’ it to his fans because of the promise he made to his fans on returning to his music once he completed his mission. I can’t help but to think that the reason we don’t hear from him about music or anything at all, is because he really doesn’t want to do this album or connect with us. It is only done out of obligation to his fans. IMO his heart is really with the LDS community. I’m not trying to rain on any parades, it is just how I feel.

    • My parade doesn’t feel rained on Dana. I tend to agree with you. The lack of excitement on his part has made me wonder why he’s doing it also. Knowing how he feels about his fans now, I can’t believe he would do it out of any feeling of obligation to them. I too fully expect he will move back to Utah once the album is completed. I also don’t expect him to do any promotion for the album, other than maybe some interviews on Utah tv. I wonder if some of the fans who have quit visiting his fansites will even know he has done another album. As others have said, it’s just a wait and see now.

  8. Personally I’m actually hoping his next album will be of a spiritual/inspirational nature. I’m not a big fan of hooky pop music. I love it when he sings ballads because they showcase his vocal talents better than dancy pop songs. And I’ve played his Christmas albums more than any of the others. But that’s just me.

    • My2Cents, that is a sentiment shared by a lot of his still active fans. They love the inspirational songs and hymns he sings. It could be this CD will find a large audience in the LDS and other spiritual communities and be successful. Of course if it is an inspirational genre CD. He may just fool us all with a very successful career in the LDS and conservative religious arena.

      • Good for David if he wants an LDS and conservative religious career but I have no interest in that. I do think he is headed in that direction or is really already there. lol. David has to be taken a huge financial hit by going on his mission and really still staying on that mission. David has had so many missed opportunities in his music career. Oh well.

      • There are some very smart businessmen in the LDS community. I know a few of them. And in the 2 years that David was on his mission the stock market soared. My portfolio nearly doubled during that time, and I’m pretty sure my advisers aren’t even in the same class as those in David’s circle. I would imagine that David left his considerable wealth with a savvy financial planner while he was away and came back to a much larger nest egg. I wouldn’t worry about his finances.

        As for missed opportunities in his music career, I believe you should do what makes you happy. And he’s made it quite clear that he’s not interested in being famous. If he’s happy making music that inspires people, then that’s what he should pursue. There are a lot of people outside of the LDS community that like inspirational music. I’m not LDS and I don’t live anywhere near Utah. But he’ll always have a customer in me.

  9. To the Chris Brown sanitizers on this site, here is a tweet from Mr. Brown that speaks for itself regarding his attitude about gay folks:”

    @razb2k n—a you want attention!” he wrote. “Grow up n—-a!!! Dick in da ass lil boy…Tell me this @razb2k!! Why when the money was coming in u won’t complaining about getting butplugged! #homothug!!!”

    I don’t remember a formal apology from Chris for possibly offending anyone by this illiterate, disgusting piece of business, nor any public outage for his having tweeted it. Any theories why?

    • Bliss yikes.

    • Yikes is right. The reason Chris Brown, a sorry excuse for a human being if there ever was one, is given a pass on this site is because he fits into the agenda of a successful mainstream artist who puts personal gain over any other value, and gives his fan base what they want. His fan base loves his anti- woman, anti- gay persona because it fits perfectly into the values of his fan base . The fact that he beat Rihanna to a bloody pulp, and called another guy a “homothug” actually gave Chris Brown MORE street cred in some circles and increased his popularity. This is the deranged, gutter based pop music culture that David must somehow find his niche.

    • There was no sanitizing of Chris Brown and who he is today. My comment was about who he was 7 years ago at the peak of his popularity and successful career. You, as usual twist the words for your own purpose which was to post that ugly tweet by Brown. Coming from him, I suspect the Gay community largely ignored him and finds him to be of no consequence now.

      For the record, I have never cared about Brown even 7 years ago, however it was pretty hard to ignore his music when it was played in every pop station in the world at that time. Having David be considered MUSICALLY as a “white Chris Brown” at THAT TIME was not a bad thing CAREER-WISE. Get it???

      • Yes, Red Robin, I “get it”. It’s not that hard. I also get your need to control the damage. Chris Brown is a pig. He degrades women, he assaults women and he is a anti- gay thug. Do you think he wasn’t those things 7 years ago? Do you think TPTB cared if he was as long as he sold Cds and put asses in seats.

        You say ” Having David be considered MUSICALLY as a “white Chris Brown” at THAT TIME was not a bad thing CAREER-WISE”.

        Yes it was because David is nothing like Chris Brown, musically or otherwise, now or then. Now it’s time for you to “get it”.

    • Who sanitized Chris Brown here? No one that I saw.

      We all agree that Brown is a despicable excuse for a human being. There is no way to look past his actions beginning with beating women. The list is long.

      Does he sell well these days? Does he produce radio hits? I refuse to follow anything regarding his career so I have no idea.

  10. Interest tweet I read at FOD, it seems a person was painting trim work at a recording studio and said that David was recording. Maybe that album will be coming soon, hum. I find it funny that we are getting more information about David’s music from a painter than anyone in his team.

  11. I notice that HG has deleted the post from someone named ….. regarding Mormons and their Nazi association, as well as my outraged response to it. I didn’t think anything was off limits when it came to degrading the LDS Church on this site. Finally, something is beyond the pale on here.

    • Actually Hg remove a very inappropriate comment about you from the previous thread, but I guess you didn’t notice that.

      • btw, that comment was from a lurker, not by anyone that posts here.

      • cq – It doesn’t matter to Bliss if an atrocious comment was by a lurker who normally never comments here. He tars all the regular commenters here with the same brush anyway.

      • Cq, I didn’t think anything said about me was “inappropriate” or “off limits” here, lol, but I didn’t catch that one before it was deleted. As for the one tonight, how do you know it was a “lurker” and not a regular poster? People change their screen names here all the time to avoid accountability. Actually, the screen name ” ….” has been used before and the nature of tonight’s post, namely, an article brought over from another source sounds like the doings of a poster who is very much a regular here. It fits right into her narrative of demonizing the LDS Church, and the Nazi reference is right up her alley.

        As for censorship, I’m against it unless someone is being brutalized without provocation, which was not the case tonight.

      • Hit and Run, only the ones that agree with each other about everything, all the time.

    • haterz gonna hate hate hate.

    • There’s so many more unsavory historical facts which can be found in their own archives about the LDS/Mormon Church than just the Nazi association. Common sense tells one when to draw the line when it comes to posting that stuff.

      Didn’t get to read the post in question, but it must have been quite a bombshell for HG to delete it. I’ve never known HG to delete a post but I’m sure it’s not the first time & won’t be the last.

      G’night everyone.

      • Bliss, I just saw your response to my response to your response about Brown. lol!

        You just HAVE to have the last word, don’t you? Whatever. Think what you want.

        BTW, if HG ever tells me to “Hit The Road Jack”, to music no less, you can bet I would do just that. I guess some people have no pride. 😉

        Nite now. Sleepy.

      • Red Robin, I guess it’s YOU that needs to have the last word, lol. I post when I have something to say or respond to, I don’t care if it’s the last thing said on the subject, but apparently you do because you posted after you announced that you were signing off for the night.

        As for this gem from you “BTW, if HG ever tells me to “Hit The Road Jack”, to music no less, you can bet I would do just that. I guess some people have no pride.”

        Well, aren’t you just the silliest thing on 2 feet for asking me that question, lol? Where does David find these people to be his fans?

        Are you still sleepy-poo?

      • HG: “I usually tend not to feed the trolls, but some of you can’t help but take the bait.”

        Didn’t take half a thread before folks were jumping all over the bait. SMH.

      • CChalo, in case you haven’t noticed, no one here listens to you when you ask them not to respond to me. Neither do you. You often refer to my posts without posting my name. Do you think that fools anyone here. This is blog. Spirited debate is what blogs do. Say what you have to say, but your constant attempts at controlling the free speech of others on this site is both presumptuous (as in , who do you think you are?) and, frankly, tedious.

  12. someone has issues with women

    please bitch. reality check/meds!

  13. This, tonight, about everybody’s “mainstream superstar”:


    To open link, delete the quotation marks before and after the link.

    I wonder if this would have happened to David had he allowed himself to become the “white Chris Brown’. Come to think of it, David has enough on his hands dealing with some of the obsessed “devotees” in his own fan base who think they know what’s best for him and what’s wrong with him.

    Chris obviously got a big kick of this and I’m sure his street cred, already through the roof, has gone to even more dizzying heights in today’s “mainstream pop scene”. I wish David all the luck in the world in carving out a spot in a music industry where stars find naked , obsessed fans in their bed, and have them pose for a snapshot before he pretends to be outraged by their presence and then having them arrested for breaking and entering.

  14. You really need to brush up on your reading comprehension skills. Jive obviously didn’t want David to BE like Chris Brown seven years ago, just to have that Pop/R&B sound that the whole label was known for back then. David’s first album WAS Pop/R&B and to date is his most successful album. David has voluntarily sang two Chris Brown songs (With you and No Air) in public and that was obviously not an endorsement of Chris’s unsavory behavior. The only thing anyone was talking about here was Chris Brown’s SOUND, not his personality. It seems like you enjoy being combative for no reason.

    • Quoting David

      David’s actual objection to the label’s suggestion that he could be a “white Chris Brown” was not because of Brown’s behavior (not really known then) and not because of Brown’s smooth sound. Quoting from David’s speech at UVU, David’s objection was: “I don’t want to sing songs that are dark and portray hurtful relationships.”

      • Interesting that he thought that all R&B sound was about hurtful and dark relationships. Actually, imo, relationship songs (I’m not talking about crap that are demeaning to women and are just plan smutty) can be very healing and help people cope with there lives. Human relationship songs are very much a part of music. I guess that’s not something that David wants to do, let’s see what he will come up with. I say give his fans fantastic music that is relatable to everyone, it’s all good. Adele comes to mine about relationship songs.

      • Forever by Chris Brown is in, imo, no way a hurtful or dark relationship song, also there is some that are like that, but heck, not all R&B are. I will say that his voice does lend will to that kind of songs, but it’s his life and he has to feel comfortable with what he sings.

      • Quoting David

        cq, I understand what you’re saying. David has done “relationship songs,” and he has even sung a couple of Chris Brown songs, as someone mentioned. I don’t think he was objecting to R&B in general, which he has done with the best of them. But if you look at the lyrics of Brown’s songs, even those written earlier, it is easy to understand why David would object to taking on that sort of image. Let David be David; and if that is a bit of a mystery right now, it won’t be forever. Worth waiting to see I think.

      • Quoting David, thanks for understanding my point of view. Yes, it won’t be long before we know what direction David wants to take his music, like I said, I just hope that it will be relatable to all his fans. One quick thought…Falling, that David wrote at a very young age was the song that I felt he had the most potential to being a good song writer and to me, that was a dark song, but I do believe that it’s a song that possibly could help someone going through those demons. I think what David might of been referring to, imo, (have absolutely no clue) is the sexual nature of songs that he feels uncomfortable singing. Yes, I can’t see him singing any of those type of songs, then, now or ever. Digging deep and writing from the gut and showing your vulnerability without limits, to me seems to be a good way that great songs are born, again only, my personal opinion, has nothing to do with fact, lol.

    • Anonymous, I assure you that my reading comprehension skills are just fine, thank you. What do you think Jive meant by wanting David to be the “white Chris Brown”? Why did they pick him? As for David singing 2 songs by him, that is true, but both occurred before Chris rearranged Rihanna’s face with his fist.

      There is much more to being a pop singer than just a “sound”, and Jive knew that better than anyone. If Jive wanted David to be the “white Chris Brown” they were referring to much more than just the way that Brown sings. It was his image, his vibe, and his public persona that they were interested in. They wanted David to be the “bad boy’ that the girls go wild over. Instead he was the “good boy” that all the girls, and the women , went wild over. Apparently there’s more money in being the bad boy. Just ask the gal who Chris caught in his bed.

    • Sigh. I’ll repeat it again:

      “Do not try to engage trolls in a rational conversation. They’re agents of chaos — no more, no less. Trolls don’t troll to start an open-minded discourse about complicated issues; they exist solely antagonize and start fights. Logic bounces off of them like rubber balls shot out of a potato gun. Trying to reason with a troll is a waste of time — yours, not theirs, because they obviously have little else to do.”
      A member of an internet forum who continually harangues and harasses others.”
      “What you need to know about trolls: They LOVE it when you take their bait and respond to them. You cannot reason with them….. They LOVE it when you retaliate. In fact, it feeds and encourages them to intensify their ill-mannered tactics. They will not let you…have the last word”.

      • CChalo, sigh, don’t you get it? No one is listening to your repeated attempts to control their behavior. Here’s a word that describes you :

        manipulative–influencing or attempting to influence the behavior or emotions of others for one’s own purposes.

        Trolls don’t go to 6 David Archuleta concerts in 2 years (I did). They don’t go to 2 signings (I did). They don’y buy all of his CDs and his book (I did). What you try to label as a “troll” is really just a “fan”. You remember being a fan don’t you?

        What are you afraid of? The others here aren’t afraid of me. They let me know what they think of what I post, which is good. You seem hell bent on getting rid of me from this site. You are free ti ignore me if you wish. Why is it so important to you that others ignore me. You’re afraid of something. Come clean already. What is it?

  15. not a fan of Chris Brown the person he is now.. going to guess Justin Beiber was the guy they got for the ‘white Chris Brown’ or at least they attempted a go at it. most serious artists see him as a joke going to adventure a guess David is not into him either. I know I’m not.

  16. closest contemporary artist I can think of that David would go for would be John Legend

    • Kim, it would be great if David would feel comfortable singing songs like All Of Me, it’s beautiful. The whole mystery as to what direction David will take his music seems that it will be revealed this year, but then again, lol, maybe, we’ll be more confused as we have been in the past as to what direction he going. If indeed he goes the religious route, it seems like he has enough fans that welcome that direction to have a good career.

  17. didn’t mean to post that video twice

    don’t see David doing anything explicit like for instance what his pal Joy Williams did in her latest video even if it is for artistic purposes.

  18. david IS the white chris brown(before his arrest) whether fans concurs or not. it’s about the R&B, soul sound NOT his relationship with rihanna. i doubt david even knows rihanna! white guys abuse their girlfriends too it’s not just a black thing!

  19. oh true! forgot about that. too bad a david rihanna collab is probably not ever gonna happen!!Lol! hope the LDS peeeps are happy right now but i’m’s not what i want for me and david like i said elsewhere.

    • Sierra, in response to your earlier post of “David IS the white chris brown(before his arrest) whether fans concurs or not. it’s about the R&B, soul sound NOT his relationship with rihanna. i doubt david even knows rihanna! white guys abuse their girlfriends too it’s not just a black thing!”:

      David Archuleta is not another version of anyone else, white , black or polka dot. David is a unique, mega talented young man with vocal skills, stage presence, and audience connection of the first order. I know because I’ve been there and seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears 6x. The mistake that TPTB made early on was to underestimate David’s unique appeal, and insisted that he dilute his talent to fit into some preconceived package of what they thought they could sell. David gave it the old college try and was really good at it, but, as we have learned, it wasn’t really him.

      This time around we will all get to see and hear the truly authentic performer that is David Archuleta. As good as he was when he wasn’t calling the shots, I expect him to be a whole lot better now that he is.

      As for whether white guys also abuse their girlfriends, yes, they do. What’s your point? Does that excuse Chris Brown or for that matter, anyone else, white or black, rich or poor, if they do it? Frankly, the use of Chris Brown in the same sentence as David Archuleta, either as a person or an artist, is absurd.

  20. His career direction is still all speculation, but it does seem like he might be happy being in that LDS bubble. I get the impression (from varied talks, quotes etc from him) that he feels that the LDS community is the only one that is pure and good and the rest of the world is evil and in need of being converted to be saved. At the end of the day, really it’s his life to live, but I’ll never stop thinking that he is a bigger talent than to just be in a that small box.

  21. Oh btw a little thing I read on the internet that kind goes along with the conversation. It was an article about 8 celebrities who are disliked by their peers, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber were on the top both because of their bad behavior.

    • CQ, ironically, although Bieber and Brown may be disliked by their peers in the business, they are revered and idolized by their fan bases. This is the “bad boy” syndrome that many women seem to be drawn to in all areas of life. How many times have we heard of a woman who “loves” and even marries an inmate who is incarcerated for murder ( both of the Menendez Bros. for example). There is even an episode of Seinfeld where George meets a young woman who falls for him when he is seen as “the bad boy” but loses all interest in him when he is seen as the “good boy”.

      This is happening to some extent now with David. Although David was never, in any sense of the word, a “bad boy”, he was at least seen as a secular pop star with no small degree of sex appeal. In “Nandito Ako” David was very believable as a love interest to not one, but 2 very attractive young gals who lusted after him.

      Now that he’s ensconced in the LDS Church, it’s much harder for his prior fans to find him appealing “in that way” and they will have to be content to hearing him sing better than anyone else. Hey, it worked for Bing Crosby. I look forward to concerts where the only sound you hear are the dulcet tones of the magnificent voice of David Archuleta, and not the annoying squeals of well, you know…..

  22. Oh really! “2 young girls who lusted after him.” Ridiculous.

    It could have just been his dulcet tones. Lol

    • No Ram, not “2 young girls” but “2 young gals”. Two extremely talented young actresses and they weren’t even given the benefit of calling them 2 young ladies. Talk about disrespect for women. He has it in spades.

      • Ram and Hit and Run, cut it out. You can’t get me on the merits so the latest tactic on here is to brand me “anti-woman”. What I have disrespect for for is hypocrisy and B.S. which is all over this site in spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. Stop whining.

        Ram, did you see “N.A.”? Did you see the “dream sequence”? You don’t think that these “two extremely talented young actresses ” weren’t in love with David, in the Biblical sense? I think you need to re-watch the show.

      • Actually David also uses the term “Gal” often, instead of lady, woman or girl. For example, his birthday greeting for Kari from his Facebook:

        “Wishing a happy birthday to this gal who has gone out on the road a lot with me. Idk how many stories we can count now from being on the road touring and traveling . All the best on your birthday Ms. Kari! We’ll see what adventures lie ahead when I finish this pensive writing phase so we can include all of you for the next phase!!! 🎹 ‪#‎happybirthdayKari”


      • Red Robin, only on this site would referring to a young female as a “gal” create the false outrage that you saw here.

      • I’m sorry. I have always found the term “gal” is disrespectful. Maybe it’s just me, but if I am called that I find it demeaning. I also find it demeaning when a boss refers to his secretary as “his girl” as in I’ll have my girl do such and such. Maybe I’m just strange, but once women are grown up they are no longer girls and should be called ladies. David should have referred to Kari as this “lady” instead of this “gal”. I didn’t like it when I first read it and I don’t like it now.

  23. I watched Nandito Ako too and found David to be the least believable love interest I’ve ever seen on screen. He looked like he absolutely hated every second of being within a 10 foot radius of those two lovely young ladies he co-starred with. A leading man, David is not. To say that Jive tried to mold him into a “bad boy” image is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard. No way, in their wildest dreams, could they have thought that the shy Mormon kid they signed from American Idol would have ever fit that mold. David’s voice lends itself very well to R&B and soul music, and that was the popular sound back in 2008, so it makes perfect sense that they would have tried to push David towards that sound. It’s their job to sell records after all.

    • Anonymous, you obviously have a negative attitude towards David or you would not insult him by saying that he was ” the least believable love interest I’ve ever seen on screen. He looked like he absolutely hated every second of being within a 10 foot radius of those two lovely young ladies he co-starred with. A leading man, David is not.”

      At what point did you you stop being a fan and start being an antagonist who comes on a site and trashes his talent? What kind of a person does such a thing?

      Also, no one said that Jive wanted to make David into a “bad boy”. Try re-watching the symposium video and hear David himself express his views on the subject.

      You’re just like the rest here. You talk all sorts of trash about David, but , like HG said about herself, if you were face to face with him, you’d dissolve into a puddle of goo. The only ones you can fool are each other. You feel jilted, but you’ll take him back in a heartbeat the second he gives you anything that pleases you, and forget all your LDS hate like it never existed.

    • I guess no one really knows what goes on in meetings, but I tend to agree with you, Anonymous, the sound was very popular and yes, absolutely his voice lends itself very well to R&B and soul music. If indeed that was what they intended to making David (bad boy) and David would of gone (lol, not in a million years) for it, imo, it would of been a train wreck, a phony never works. I still hope that David will do those type of songs, with lots of soul and R&B vibe.

  24. My Rainblow is brighter than yours

    i do agree. david and his voice are 2 separate entities. his voice is soulful and sexy while david the person is like asexual monk. it’s very strange thing to comprehend.there has to be more going on.

    • Rainbow, Why is David’s sexuality an issue for you? It’s amazing how all the folks who are calling him asexual now were the ones who were spazzing and squeeing like crazy over him before they felt he didn’t care about them anymore. Can’t you deal with your feelings of rejection without demeaning David? He really didn’t do anything to you because he was never involved with you to begin with.

      • Just FYI, I don’t do spazzing or squeeing. Never have, never will. It’s just not me.

    • lol!

      That is why David was an enigma. Same with some photos of David where he looks as they say, “hot”, but in person up close & personal, he’s anything but.

      In all the times I met David, I always marveled at how different he appeared on stage than what he was really like off stage. He looks inexplicably huge on stage, larger than life, but in reality he’s shorter than average and small built. I know it makes no sense but I’m not the only one who experienced his “transformation”.

      One reason I always thought he was a musical genius was his ability to make us believe when he sang certain songs that he knew what he was singing about from “personal experience” when in reality he said more than once he had never even had a GF or been kissed (and probably still hasn’t to this day).

      Truly an enigma then but we now have a better understanding of who David is now and how he wants to be perceived. After his concerts we will know what to expect from David musically as an artist and performer. But I don’t expect to hear David do “soulful & sexy” anymore. Well, maybe soulful, but definitely not sexy. At least not on purpose.

  25. My Rainblow is brighter than yours

    you are an amazing writer’s not an issue per se just a weird observation which i’m sure many others have also noticed. he is like monk. why would you speculate otherwise. h doesn’t believe in premaitial sex i assume. how is that demeaning? just the truth.

    • Bliss doesn’t deal in truth.

      • Hit and Run, please list some of the “untruths” to which you refer. Otherwise, you’re just blathering. BTW, if you don’t spazz, good for you. I never said everybody did it.

    • Rainbow, Calling some who isn’t actually a Monk, a “Monk”, is used to mock or belittle a person. A person’s sexuality is none of anyone else’s business. Many people do not believe in pre- martial sex. It’s a choice, and a right, just like it’s a woman’s right to choose whether to abort a pregnancy or not. It is also highly disrespectful and intrusive to discuss another person’s sexuality on an open forum. David’s body is like your body or anyone else’s body. It’s his business what he does with it. David is a modest person. Modesty is also a choice and should be respected by others. In David’s case, he has been disrespected by too many people who would never tolerate that disrespect if it were aimed at any of their children or grandchildren. That’s called hypocrisy.

      David does not exist for the amusement of strangers. He is a real person, a nice person, and someone who is worthy of respectful treatment. Disrespecting him, just because you can, which is the rationale for doing it on this site, is the lowest form of rationalization.

  26. my Rainbow is bright like David's

    is he someone famous or friend of david?

  27. my Rainbow is bright like David's

    thanks for explaining blisskasden. so very sorry. 😦

  28. I saw NA. The fact is that the dream sequence was a part of the drama, it was a part they played.

    You cannot know these young women’s thoughts. You just cannot. That is all there is to it.

    • Ram, I meant in the show. I have no idea how anyone felt about David or vice versa when they weren’t in character. There was definitely palpable chemistry between “Josh” and “Anya” and “Josh” and” Holly”. Whether that was just actors playing their parts well or actual feelings of the actors to each other can only be answered by them.

  29. my Rainbow is bright like David's

    i know for a fact jasmine was seriously attracted to david and it was mutual.

  30. Huh?

    Blisskassden May 8, 2015 at 1:19 am

    They wanted David to be the “bad boy’ that the girls go wild over.

    blisskasden | May 8, 2015 at 10:41 pm

    Also, no one said that Jive wanted to make David into a “bad boy”.

    • As I said, Bliss doesn’t deal in truth. Depending on how the current conversation is going a the time, he says whatever he thinks will get a rise out of people. Most of the time he will say whatever is opposite of what the other commenters are saying, just for the sake of being opposite.

      • Hit and Run, it’s amazing how you get me wrong every time. I do not post the opposite of what is said just to do it. I post when I feel something that is posted is either inaccurate or mean spirited, which is most of the time, so it just SEEMS that I am being contrary.

        Instead of fixating on trying to figure me out, why not turn the analysis inward and try to understand your own motivations regarding David. There really is nothing to gain for you in figuring me out. Plus, you’re doing a lousy job of it. You’re always wrong, lol.

        In other words, as Shakespeare said “to thine own self be true”.

      • Yes, anything to get someone to respond. Lots of people’s very nice comments don’t get responses, but he’s a master at baiting the hook for folks that like to fight with him and don’t mind the inevitable nastiness. However, sometimes the initial bombastic insults eventually evolve into an actual conversation that can be interesting.

      • CChalo, how’s that “he’s just a troll, ignore him” policy working out, lol. Obviously, even you don’t believe your own words.

        No troll here. Just a fan of David Archuleta who sees the best in him and wants him to realize his hopes and potential, as HE defines it.

      • <iframe src="//" width="480"

      • Don’t mind me. I found an adorable gif of Charlie Sheen saying, “Winning!”

      • Ok, there you go:

  31. To say that Jive tried to mold him into a “bad boy” image is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard. No way, in their wildest dreams, could they have thought that the shy Mormon kid they signed from American Idol would have ever fit that mold.

    Yes. They may have been money-hungry and cynical, but anyone, let alone people specializing in calculated branding, could see that David as a “bad boy” would have been as far from credible as you can possibly get.

  32. Good morning, A question for Rainbow, how do you know that Jasmine and David were attracted to each other, or are you being sarcastic? I am sometimes confused by the comments.

  33. bliss most normal young girls go wild over boys as a matter of fact I remember quite a few lds young ladies who dropped David cold to join Beiber’s fandom when he popped up. funny thing is now they are in David’s camp again since he is marrying material.. lol for now anyway.

    • Yes, Kim, all young girl go wild, but I believe that bliss is offended by older fans spazzing, lol. or shall I say, older fans that post here, other older fans are the right type of fans so I guess he gives them a pass, lol.
      It is interesting to me that lately the attempt to trend David have not been successful, imo, these fans are great and while he was away, it seems like he trended all the time. I guess fans are starting to feel why help him when he doesn’t seem to want to help himself, I guess.

  34. my Rainbow is bright like David's

    potluck, good day. jasmine told me and she was definely not being sarcastic.

  35. my Rainbow is bright like David's

    potluck, also, that is when i knew for sure david not gay like so many were accusing him of being.i was hoping they would marry and be huge star couple!

  36. kind of sweet them trying to trend not surprised tried to help out hard to gather the fans when the man himself is on the down low not to mention nothing to really trend about. think they do it just to say hi we are still here in a way?

  37. as for older fans spazzing over David well wouldn’t worry about that thinking all that has changed most have moved on from what I can tell. not that they won’t support David just that I think folks are spreading their music wings if you will.

    where I am concerned still feel the same way about most all things and I like the way he has matured on stage only thing is there isn’t enough of him out there. think that will change or dang I sure hope it will.

  38. my Rainbow is bright like David's

    why does blisskasden care what the older ladies want to do? is he male for sure? maby hes a women and feels female fans are competition or something? dont quite understand what the problem is.

    • Rainbow, lol. it’s very simple. David has stated man, many times that he is not “on board’ with the PDAs by older female fans. No young man ever is. They tolerate it out of respect for their elders and just hope it goes away. Since the older female fans are adults and should be able to control their behavior, it is disrespectful tp continue to behave in a way that they know is unacceptable to David. By continuing to do it, they are telling David that they don’t care how he feels. They like doing it, and if it makes him uncomfortable, it’s his problem because they “made him” and they are entitled to do it.

      I hope that answers your question.

  39. my Rainbow is bright like David's

    ok thanks for explanation but what is PDA and who did it? i never heard any thing remotely negative about any david’s fans.

    • PDA means “public display of affection”.Most of David’s fans are very respectful of him and his space, but there have been cases of older women being overly and inappropriately” touchy-feely” with him. David expressed his dislike for this treatment in an interview in the Philippines and elsewhere, and he is also seen in videos backing away when he is confronted by this behavior. Of course, teenage girls have a history of hyper ventilating and fainting over male stars they have a “crush” on dating back to the 1940s. This has been accepted as “normal” behavior for years and dismissed as pubescent hormones on overload. Many older women like to revisit their adolescence by behaving in this manner, but David always appears creeped out when having to deal with it.

      Feel free to ask me any question regarding my posts. Unlike the others here, I welcome questions, and try to answer them when asked sincerely, as you did.,

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