Missing the Voice

I’m sure we will always ache for new music from David. But sometimes there’s just that longing for a new performance, a reprisal of a long cherished song the Voice managed to make his own.

So here’s a new poll for a new week. Which song that David is known for are you aching to hear him sing again?

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  1. I voted for “another song” although I wouldn’t exactly say David is “known” for these songs (3) other than in his fan base, but still would like to hear him sing them again. They are Imagine, Crazy, and Heaven. Even if he puts his own interpretation of the real meaning of each song, his vocals have always been stellar in his many renditions & performances of these three songs. IMO.

  2. I voted for “another song”, although at this point I would take him singing any of the mentioned songs and any other secular song. I know that David will always do spiritual songs, but I’m soooooooooooooo ready for a secular, album, song, show, I know, I’m in the minority, but of anything, that’s what I would like to happen next. We all know how great David does covers, but I long for the day that his fans will be wanting more of his own music to be sung live and any cover, but I would always want him to do cover, however, lol.

    • I voted for “Crush” as that was David’s one hit single. Perfect pop song at the perfect time. Also I become a fan when David was on AI and then “Crush” became a hit single. I still love that song so I would always want to hear him sing that again. Second Choice would be “Angels”. “Another song” would be a new pop or even secular hit single but that does not look like that is going to happen.

  3. I’d love to hear Blackbird again or maybe a full version of Let It Be. I would also like to hear some of his more soulful covers he’s done like My Girl or Lean On Me. I hope he does another Stevie Wonder song some day too.

    • I would love it if he did My Girl too. The part of it he did in I think Malaysia, but could be wrong about that, was so wonderful. I’m with cq too in that I am just so hungry for him to do any secular song. I might even prefer one that we haven’t heard him sing yet. Something that is just fun with no particular message. Something non-inspirational or that we need to learn something from. If it would be something we have already heard him sing, I think I would choose Shop Around. He seemed to have such fun with that song and maybe that’s the last time I heard him sing where he didn’t seem to burdened with something heavy on his shoulders. Like he didn’t have to save the world.

      • Yes, Hitandrun, so hungry for any secular songs, lol. when I said I was in the minority is because I feel that fans at are still hanging around don’t really care what songs he sings and even what direction he will take his music, all they want is for him to sing…yay, I do want him to sing, I never want that golden voice to stop singing, but I do have my taste in music, so yes, bring on some secular songs. Two that I would love for him to tackle now are Desperate and Senseless (aw, made me think of you senseless if you’re lurking, lol) two songs of his that have a bit of an edge, imo.

  4. For those waiting for David to sing secular songs, he’s actually performed a few in the last 6 months. Perhaps you missed them because they were at church events, but you can find them on Youtube. He sang Don’t Run Away (from his last album) at RootsTech and also sang a cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors”. And back in November he sang “A Whole New World” at a fund raiser for Raising Star Outreach with a young girl named Lexi Walker (also on Youtube).

    • My2cents, Yes, I’ve viewed those videos and have commented about my enjoyment, but as you said they were for church events. I guess what miss is performing for his music career, not for his church. I know that it might always be that way and heck, I guess I can pick and choose what songs I will buy or what videos I will watch.

    • My2Cents-I did forget about David singing “Mirrors”. I thought that David’s performance of that song was really good. 🙂

  5. The following is my reaction to posts that I have read on this site today. I take full responsibility for its content and welcome any and all comments, pro or con.

    Wow, instead of reading that folks here are “looking forward’ to David’s new music, we read here today that people “ache”, or are “longing for” and are “hungry for” new secular music. Not only that , but 2 songs that are mentioned as being “longed for ” are “Desperate” and “Senseless”. It’s time to “get real” when it comes to the importance of David in some folks lives. I’ve never heard the word “ache” used in reference to the anticipation of new music from any singer, and “longing” has implications that I’d rather not mention here.

    Can we finally put an end to the “I’m only into him for his music” charade? The proof is in the language used today. You’re not talking privately to each other here. Anyone reading these posts can easily see that you are expressing a deeply felt “ache” and are missing David “desperately”. I mean, when it comes to your desire for David, it’s time to “get a room” already. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that it’s very unsettling to read these sentiments expressed from this portion of this young man’s fan base.

    • HI, Blisskaskin so wonderful to hear from, you bring such joyful uplifting commenting, so refreshing. I’m guessing you think I’m a pervert, how dare for me to want him to sing desperate and senseless…hum, I guess that puts me in another category of fans, no longer unworthy fan, now a perverted fan, lol. btw, where in the heck did you read ‘ache’.

      • He read “ache” and “longing for” in today’s post by HG. Why respond, cq?

      • The first line of HGs thread reads “I’m sure we will always ache for new music from David.”

        As for whether I think you’re a “pervert” or not, only you know what your real feelings are about David. I am simply responding to what I read. I find your use of the word “longing”, when there are any number of other less intense words you could have chosen to express your anticipation of new music from David, noteworthy. I also find the use of the words “ache” and “hungry” equally noteworthy. Why use those words if they don’t express your real feelings? They are words that express profound and personal feelings.

      • lol, cchalo I know he got to me.

    • CChalo, as usual, instead of responding to the content of my post, you admonish another poster who is exercising her right to respond to me for doing what you choose not to do.. You have every right to ignore my post, but you have got one helluva nerve trying to stifle free expression of this site. You have done this may times. I am also a fan of David’s and have every right to respond to what I read. Kindly either respond to the text of my post or MYOB. In case you haven’t noticed, some people aren’t as threatened by my posts as you obviously are, and have no problem responding to them with thoughts of their own.

    • Cq, unlike CCHalo, who does not think you have the capacity to respond to my posts, I have always found you to be equal to the challenge. You stand up for yourself quite well, and whether I agree with you or not, I respect the fact that you do respond. CCHalo does not have the stomach for confrontation and accountability that you and many others have here, so she takes the low road and chooses not to respond and wants others to do the same.. I would urge you not to follow her lead and continue to do what you’ve always done, which is to answer my posts with your own thoughts.

      I do not post to bait anyone. I post when I have something to say, which is what everyone here does. You mention that you feel like you’re in minority with some of your opinions. I assure you that you are in the majority on this site.

    • You have a very sick mind. And you accuse us of having our minds in the gutter re David. I have never even contemplated in my mind some of the things you imagine in your mind we are thinking. I can’t imagine having a mind as sick as yours. What does it feel like? I’d really like to know.

      • Hit and Run, If you don’t think that some of your peers view David with , as you say, a “sick mind”, and have been since he was 17 years old, than you are in some serious denial. What do you think “aching” for David’s music means? Who “aches” for music just for the music? Who “longs” for music? Who “hungers” for music? Did you ever ache for the next Beatles record? How about Dionne Warwick? Did you ever hunger for her latest song? Of course not. I know it’s supposed to be a secret (wink, wink) but the cat is way out of the bag on this one. I’m not the one who used the suggestive language, it was your sistas on this site. You need to tell them to not be so loose with the talk, because the masquerade is over. People are smarter than you think, and I have the E mails to prove it.

  6. I appreciate that David likes to sing songs that have a personal inspirational meaning for him, but I think for songs he is creating, he shouldn’t lose sight of whether the tune itself sounds good and whether the song tells a story. I don’t think the story of a song and the melody of a song should be sacrificed for the message of a song, if that makes sense.

    With this whole Clark from American Idol discussion in previous days, it reminds that sometimes an artist can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to having a career, versus just singing to feel good, or in David’s case to serve God. There’s just more to music than that in my opinion. It’s about creating art for the people, not just for yourself. There are reasons why some songs stand the test of time and others are forgotten, or in David’s case, never even heard by most people.

    • I watching AI this week just to see how Clark is treated. My guess is that bus is still coming for him from TPTB at AI- which is a shame as he is still my favorite. Very talented guy.

  7. As far as looking forward to David’s new music, I’m a little apprehensive about the expectations some fans are expressing and I hope all the work, the writing and the time he’s taking with this album will result in a great album. Because let’s be honest, this is a make or break album, or to put it more accurately, will announce David’s comeback as a world wide new phenomenal hit maker or he could be viewed as just another local singer reduced to doing local gigs and appearances for his church. He will always have his loyal followers no doubt, but if David was satisfied with things as they are & doesn’t want some larger measure of success which means some level of fame & fortune than he currently has, he wouldn’t have made the move to Nashville or hired a booking agency.

    Am I mistaken?

    • Red Robin, whether this next CD is successful or not, it will only be a “make or break CD” if David says it is. Some “what have you done for me lately” fans may give up on David, but I don’t see David giving up on music or himself. As long as David feels that he is expressing himself through his music, he will continue to write and record that music with little regard to the sale figures. Many artists have been much less successful than David for many years and suddenly become very successful “overnight” by releasing a great CD. Some artists who used to be very successful, and have appeared to be “done”, suddenly return bigger and better than ever.

      David doesn’t keep score. He leaves that to his fans while he’s busy creating new and, I’m sure, outstanding, music.

      • And you know all this:

        “As long as David feels that he is expressing himself through his music, he will continue to write and record that music with little regard to the sale figures”.

        “David doesn’t keep score”.


      • Red Robin, anyone who’s been a fan of David’s over the years and has listened to him say time and time again that commercial success is not a priority for him, but quality of his music is his focus “knows” this. I mean, really. How many times and in how many ways does David how to say this before it becomes accepted as truth to those who refuse to accept David at his word. Do you?

    • Red Robin, I agree David could have a successful local music career in Utah without a booking agency and moving to Nashville does give a sense that he is going for a broader career than just a local one. The diehard fans will welcome any kind of album and will love it no matter if it’s good or not. Imo, I don’t presume to know what David wants, but from his actions, it does seem like he wants a broader music career. As far as wanting to be successful, again, imo, why on earth would anyone being putting so much work into an album (I’m assuming David is hard at work) and not want it to succeed.

    • Bliss, does it mean that David doesn’t care if he makes a living at a music career or not, because to me that’s being successful. If indeed he didn’t want to have a successful music career (to support a family and making a living), but only wanted to put out music with no interest for success, well, then, imo, he could done it differently. For one thing, I’m sure he would have no problem getting gigs for firesides and other church events and not have to pay a manager or booking agent, imo.

      • Cq, there is a big difference between having a music career for the purpose of making the most money you can , and being a singing artist whose success is created by reaching a number people who buy your music and pay to hear you sing live. David Archuleta fits into the latter category. Of course he wants to get paid for his professional efforts, but those efforts are limited to putting out music he relates to and respects, and not just “giving ’em what they want”. David has never said that he doesn’t care about making a living. That myth was created by fans who are disappointed that David doesn’t give them what they want, and say that if only he would please them, he would be more successful.

        Why do you care about David’s financial status? I’ve never seen an artist with fans that care about so many things that are none of their business. Do you care about your dentist’s bank account? This is why David has created boundaries with his fans since his return. He’s used to the adults in his life knowing what is and isn’t their business, and assumed that his adult fans would be like the older people that he’s known. Frankly, I’m as shocked as he is that they involve themselves in every aspect of his life as if they were actual a part of it.

        May I remind you that you have said many times that all you care about is his music. His finances are not his music.

  8. Should I take your confidence in future music from David to mean that you found his previously released music outstanding? If that is the case, that helps me to understand the disconnect between fans a bit better. Some maybe think he peaked at Crush in terms of popularity, and hasn’t released very good songs in general, and others maybe think his previous albums should have all gone 10 times platinum but he didn’t get good promotion or was just unlucky. It’s all a matter of perspective I guess. I tend to just take him at his word that he was being manipulated by higher ups prior to his mission and therefore his heart wasn’t in the music he put out. He basically said it didn’t represent the “real” David. Now I guess he is just focusing on finding a way to combine his devotion to his church with his love for music. For that reason, I think we have no way to know if his future music will be good or not. We can only hope it will be, especially without the guidance of a label, or even a more experienced manager. But the absolute best way to prove all doubters wrong is to release a helluva first single. I truly hope that’s what is coming for David but I think it’s just as fair to have serious doubts too.

    • Anonymous, you raise some interesting points. My confidence in David’s upcoming CD is based on what he’s released in the past and who he is as a person and an artist. I have enjoyed, to varying degrees, all of his CDs, and the quality of his music has always been more important than the commercial success of those CDs. I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform live on 6 different occasions, and marveled at his performance skills and connection with his audience, no matter the size of the venue. In short, David is a world class artist and performer, and has a commitment to excellence to be emulated by anyone who seeks quality in their work..

      David is a maturing, growing young man, so the “real’ David is an ever changing person. Just because he’s changed since his Mission doesn’t make what he was before not real. It just means he’s no longer that person in some ways. David did not sign an agreement with his fans to not grow , not change, and always be a 17 year old boy in his behavior and interaction with fans. Why some fans feel betrayed by David’s growth is beyond me.

      As for “Crush”, it was released at the height of David’s extreme popularity, and while it is a very good pop song, sung wonderfully by David, it is , IMHO, no way near his best. It was, of course, his most commercially successful song, but it should not define him professionally because I can think of at least 25 better songs by him off the top of my head.

      David has always had “doubters” and always will. So what? Great artists pay them no mind, and my guess is that David will do the same.

      • Bliss, I understand you are one of David’s very loyal fans. I used to be one as well. Still a fan but more realistic as to how things are now. I do get why you feel as you do. However I must disagree with this sentence:

        “Just because he’s changed since his Mission doesn’t make what he was before not real”.

        David himself said it was not the “real him” before his mission. His words, not anyone else’s. So why do some fans think David could never or would never lie or misrepresent himself but yet refuse to believe what he wrote in his own words in his 1st Blog of 2015?

        Well I too, think David is truthful so I believe what he wrote. I also believe by his actions since his return that he cares little what fans think and as you said:

        “Great artists pay them no mind, and my guess is that David will do the same”.

        That’s exactly what he’s doing now, paying his fans no mind. Makes me think he wants new fans who think like him & live like him. I think David wouldn’t be disappointed if he sees few or no familiar faces at his concerts. IMO.

        Good night now.

    • lol those will change the subject.

      my thoughts why does it matter if David ‘likes’ us or not I know I’m not looking for a Taylor Swift.

      oh and I would love for David to sing Desperate and Senseless.. and kill it.

  9. A lot of what David has released is crap. Not talking David’s voice, talking quality of material and production values. That is one reason people always say he is amazing in person. His voice shines in person, absolutely true. None of his CD’s has production value to match his voice and most of the songs he has recorded are forgettable at best.

    Crush was released with the backing of a major label. The label pushed the song to the radio stations. Payola may not be cash money anymore (at least not blatant) but it is alive and well. Anyone who thinks a song just catches on because fans call their local station to request it, or it just catches the fancy of the listening public, is naive.

    • Let the record show that a poster called Anne, who claims to be a fan of David’s,posted the following on a fan site dedicated to his artistry, and I quote:

      “A lot of what David has released is crap ….and most of the songs he has recorded are forgettable at best.”

      Can an artist fire a fan? There has to be a way.

    • Bliss, I am a fan, a huge fan of David’s voice live. And his voice recorded has sounded good at times too. I am talking about the song choice, which David has said was not his own, and production values. You surely are not so stupid to misunderstand my post, even though you pretend to be when it’s convenient for you.

  10. Interesting choice of videos peter. Hmmmmmmmmmm

  11. Getting back to the topic, I have always wanted to hear David sing the full version of ” Don’t let the sun go down on me”, or my first choice would be “I can’t make you love me”. I even had the staging all worked out. It would be the first song after the intermission. David would be dressed in a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black pants. The stage would be dark and then a single spotlight would shine down him. The arrangement would be simple , someone playing the piano, someone on bass,a drummer playing softly and David singing a song as only he can.

  12. I think what Keith Urban said to Clark this past week was very salient advice. He basically said ‘don’t confuse people liking you as a person with liking your music.’ Now that I have some perspective from the fan bubble I was living in back in 2008, where I truly thought David was going to be a huge star, I now can see that I really was more of a fan of the person than the music. I love his voice but have not loved anything he has released so far, except for maybe the Begin album, which was all covers. I’ve found most of the original songs to be bland, vanilla, and trying-too-hard-to-be-uplifting. But I still thought David was a great person and sounded amazing live. Now I don’t see him as the same great person (not that he’s a bad person of course, just that he’s not as open to all types of people it seems) and I doubt I’ll ever see him live again if he only performs in Utah and Idaho, so I think it’s safe to say I have moved on as fan. Now it’s more about curiosity than anything else. Even though I’m not as invested as I once was, I still want to know how the story ends. In the meantime, this is a great place to kill some time. I really appreciate everyone’s different perspectives.

    • Anonymous, you’re kidding yourself if you think you’ve “moved on”. No on who still reads posts and posts comments themselves has “moved on”. Nobody ever “moves on” from David. I cannot tell you how many posts I have read from regular posters who said “I’m done”, “he’s no longer for me”, “I will never post again”, etc etc . These posters are still here posting away, posting their complaints and feelings of betrayal. You join many others who now say they never really liked his music, or, today’s highlight, “it was all crap”. There is a conspiracy of denial on this site. Nobody is willing to be the first to “fess up” to their real feelings. That’s why CCHalo wants everyone to ignore me. I get too close to what’s really going on and I need to be silenced.

  13. “Hit and Run, If you don’t think that some of your peers view David with , as you say, a “sick mind”, and have been since he was 17 years old, than you are in some serious denial. What do you think “aching” for David’s music means? Who “aches” for music just for the music? Who “longs” for music? Who “hungers” for music? Did you ever ache for the next Beatles record? How about Dionne Warwick? Did you ever hunger for her latest song? Of course not. I know it’s supposed to be a secret (wink, wink) but the cat is way out of the bag on this one. I’m not the one who used the suggestive language, it was your sistas on this site. You need to tell them to not be so loose with the talk, because the masquerade is over. People are smarter than you think, and I have the E mails to prove it.”

    Bliss, since there wasn’t a reply box for your response to me I will respond to your comment here.

    I don’t know about you, but I have longed for music from other artists. I have longed for a sequel to a book I just loved. I have ached for a sequel to a movie that I loved. When I have very deep feelings and passions for something, I long for more. Maybe you don’t feel that passionately about things. I do, but I don’t think that makes me a pervert. I long for David to sing a certain kind of song because I know what his voice will sound like singing it and I know I will love it. I have heard his voice sing uplifting, spiritual songs a lot lately. I have had my fill of that kind of song. Why should I not long to hear the kind of songs I would love to hear him sing? If you want to twist that into something dirty in your mind go ahead. I know for a fact that there is nothing there to base your dirty thoughts on, but if they make you feel good, have at it.

    • Hit and Run, I accept what you say as true for you. That does not change the documented fact that David himself has experienced what he has stated was inappropriate treatment from some of his older fans. You are “killing the messenger” by saying that I am the one with the dirty mind. I am just reporting what I have read with my 2 eyes many many times. All the demonizing of me does not change the fact that this has gone on for 7 years and David has made it crystal clear that he has absolutely no use for it.

      You can spin today’s usage of “ache” “longing” and “hunger’ all you want. It still is what it appears to be, and it tells me that this problem is still unresolved.

      • I’m not trying to spin anything. I’m just saying that I know what’s true for me. I see no reason not to assume it is also true for others. I wouldn’t assign to them motives less ulterior than mine and I know I have no ulterior motives when I say I long to hear a certain type song from David. A song that is just fun and not designed to uplift, inspire or preach. I also ache for the next Hunger Games movie. I can’t wait for it to be released. I anticipate that I will love it as much as I have loved the previous movies. I have seen The Hunger Games: Catching Fire probably 50 times and I hunger to see it again. “ache” “longing” and “hunger” are just words that express our passion for something that we really like. Maybe you connect them with something in your mind that you consider unsavory, but I do not. I don’t think anyone else does either.

  14. Bliss, could I ask exactly what are these incidents that the ‘older fans’ have done? And what has David said about it? I have never heard of this one.

  15. I don’t see what’s so strange about using the term moving on. Compared to how much I used to care about David back in 2008, I am in a totally different place now, simple as that. Where I used to buy multiple copies of his CD’s, and gift them to my friends to be supportive, I now will no longer bother. Where I used to try my best to see him live whenever he came within driving distance to my city, even when the tickets were pretty expensive, I now have no interest in making that effort. I don’t follow him on social media anymore and he’s pretty much out of sight out of mind for me.
    This place is still interesting for me though, because I’m able to hear from people who know what it was like to be as supportive of David as I once was, and can relate to why I am no longer that way anymore. It’s a shared experience, and there is a lot of refreshing honesty here, so I enjoy it. I don’t know why that’s so difficult to understand. David is still alive after all, so it’s very possible to talk about him, without being really excited about him like a big fan might be. More power to those guys for managing to keep up that level of adoration for David. As I said, I’m just not in that place anymore.

    • I am in total agreement with your post, Anonymous. Pretty much my story and feelings in a nutshell.

  16. I agree with Hit and Run and Anonymous. Assigning motives to peoples posts is a waste of time, unless you’re a mind reader and no one posting here qualifies. IMO I believe it’s possible for fans to move on from the UNSUSTAINABLE ODD phase of David fanship. People’s taste’s evolve and change all the time. I’d think it highly abnormal with all that’s transpired with David and his career since 2008 if one’s outlook or perspective about him has not evolved or changed. If anything, this site serves a valuable perpose by helping those who are coming out of ODD to sort out those feelings with likeminded others. I admit to being blinded more by my like of him as a person and what I perceived to be his “personality” more than his music.

    • His music and personality came together to capture the adoration of a great many people. The noticeable changes in his life should on the most part be more private because really how important is he to us that we should have such great details about his feelings and how he was so wronged? But, we fell into the scenario like bears to honey perhaps putting him in a surreal light.

      I love his singing but the rest I admired is not quite the same being shaken or disturbed whatever the correct words. His silence to his fans is simply the answer to me but can be overlooked by others. His silence upon arriving home speaks volumes that cannot be forgotten or denied. It is a very unusual situation and could even go down in the record books as a first time singer/fan occurrence.

      For the first time in awhile I am listening more to other famous singers, appreciating their music and that is a much better balance.

  17. many fans were connected more to David thru who he was not necessarily ‘the voice’.. now that it is not there anymore they are coming to realize it face it head on.

  18. I totally understand how you guys feel. I have been feeling like this since his return. I am in a transition phase myself. Going back and forth in my feelings about supporting him. I know I will not be buying more than 1 copy of anything of his anymore. I’m not so sure I will even buy one. I just don’t know yet.

    The truth is, we never knew the ‘real’ David. And if I had, I may not have been a fan to begin with. Then again, I would not know any different. I loved his music, but the change in him has turned me off.

    • I guess you could say the change in him has turned me off too. After AI I was very vested in his career because David had expressed that having a career in music and making albums was his dream and, because of the person he was, I believed he deserved to have his dream come true. I worked very hard to help him reach his dream by buying multi albums, merchandise, requesting his music on the radio, traveling thousands of miles to see him in person. When he returned home and announced that the kind of career he had prior to his mission was not his dream and much of it was forced on him, there was no reason for me to continue to support his career in the way that I had. He didn’t want it or need it. I had to figure out in what way I wanted to support his career now or if I wanted to support it all. I will admit that I felt that I had been misled before about who David was and what he wanted and was angry when he said the person we had knows was not the real David. Perhaps I had blinded myself to the real David so maybe I had misread some of the signals he was giving. Whatever the case, what I have worked out now with myself is that I will buy David’s new music if I like it and not buy it if I don’t like it, just like any other artist I listen to. I doubt I will see him in person again because it appears he will not come anywhere near to where I live again. In all honesty, I’m not sure I would go see him if he came to my town even. I’m not the type of fan he is pursuing now.

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