Stand By Me

Rest in Power to Ben E. King, R&B legend who died today at age 76. He gave us this classic:

We will always have the songs, not least of all songs to be interpreted by the Voice! 🙂

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  1. RIP, BEK, yes his music will never die and we have the voice’s interpretation that I love.
    I’m thinking that maybe we’ll hear from David about this?!?!. One thing that was for sure, he would of said something before ‘m’ .

  2. Mr King sang two of my all time favorite songs, Spanish Harlem and Save the Last Dance for Me. He is best known for Stand By Me of course. My best friend and I listened to R&B and Motown and stuff like that as kids and people thought we were strange because everyone else was listening to Madonna and The Police and Joan Jett. Yes, we were strange kids.

    • Omg, I love Spanish Harlem and Save the Last Dance for me, too. I’m going to a concert tonight at a beautiful venue called Mountain Winery, in Saratoga, California and the concert is call Motown supper club…dinner and show, I’m so looking forward to the evening!!! A little side note, the AI tour will be playing this summer there, of course, the first thing I thought, a David concert, lol, but then, it was a winery, so maybe not some place David would ever perform now, who know?!?

  3. Regardless of what he said after his mission, he seemed to enjoy performing SBM at that event and did not appear to be “full of selfishness and pride.”

    • peter, that “full of selfishness and pride.” comment bothers me so much!!! and I won’t go into it, of course.

  4. But cq I would like to know too!

  5. “Stand By Me” belongs to Mr. King. It has been a favourite of mine.

    • I agree, although I love David’s version.
      lol, I’d be opening a can of worms, better just let it along, let’s just say anyone or anything that made him feel that way is, imo, ridiculous.

      • David’s Stand By Me at the RSO event was fabulous soulful he should perform it again on American Idol

  6. ”Full of selfishness and pride”, what is that all about?

    • Loved that song Stand Be Me. David’s performance of that song was so good. 🙂

    • At the BYU q&a in Hawaii, David said that he was full of selfishness and pride in the years after American Idol.

      • So who convinced him of that? How many humanitarian efforts was he involved in? Was washing the feet of lepers selfish? Was helping the children of the world somehow selfish? I have a little boy I financially assist because of David, I suppose that was to make ourselves feel good. I suppose people can somehow convince some people that they were living the life of a sinner. When does one’s reality become so distorted and seen as so wrong?

      • Back from a fabulous night of food, Motown music and dance,,,PERFECT!!
        So sndybeaches9, that’s what I’m talking about who in the heck convinced him of that?? Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!!!! That’s why some things just makes me cringe!!!!!

  7. “David Archuleta Fans Create Pathway For Charity …

    “A Pathway of Hope near Chennai, India, connects an American Idol pop star with the children of leprosy-affected individuals. David Archuleta’s fans have purchased 150 engraved, granite bricks for a pathway at Rising Star Outreach campus and school, a project to raise up India’s outcast families….David’s Love Touches the World…the stone read.”

    July 20, 2010

  8. Okay… Clark Beckham is extremely religious. Extremely.


    He asked God to “pour millions of dollars on his life” (so that he can help people) (2:19 in the video).

    So the throwing under the bus will continue.

    • I think Clark sounded great in that video. Clark also seems like a great guy. What he needs to do is kill it this week when he sings on AI. But he will still get thrown under the bus. For Sure. Just can’t see the other 3 contestants doing that much with their careers. I still think Clark has the most potential- very religious or not -but tptb at AI do not like the too religious factor in a contestant. Neither does the music industry to be honest. That to me is one of the reasons tptb at AI made sure David did not win his season. This week will be interesting on AI. I can’t stand the arrogant producer Scott B on AI but he calls the shots as it is his label signing the winner.

    • Well, lol, interesting.

    • Yes, he sounded very good. Please please please, Clark, do not start proselytizing.

      • It sounds from the article you linked that proselytizing is already an issue: “…people say ‘Shut up. Stop preaching. Stop talking about the gospel. Stop talking about the Lord.’ Man, it’s like a fire shut up in my bones. I can’t help it.”

        The homecoming videos can sometimes bring out the true selves. I’ve commented before how Scotty McCreery gave thanks to God and read a Bible quote about God’s protection because threatened rainstorms held off until after his homecoming. Meanwhile it poured rain for Haley Reinhart’s homecoming, and for Lauren Alaina’s they toured the devastation of her hometown which had recently been destroyed by a tornado.

  9. Ah, well. An artist, even an artist who is considered to be very religious, can still be hugely successful and relevant in the music industry. Maybe it all depends on what & how that artist chooses to “use” or “display” his/her religiosity?

    If, for example, if religious artists through their actions, words and music, make people feel uplifted, happy, optimistic, compassionate, generous, and just plain great, then it’s a good thing the artist is doing for the betterment of the world. However, if religious artists, through their actions, words (as in “subliminal preaching”) and music, even if their voice is sublime, make people feel inferior, sinful or uncomfortable, all they will succeed in doing is alienating those people.

    I just read Prince, regardless of whether anyone likes him or his particular style of music or his religion for that matter, he is a relevant and very successful artist, wrote and is planning to release a song about the tragic happenings in Baltimore. No one knows yet what the song will be like but I’m hoping he is using the universal language of music to bring to light the injustice of what happened to a young man as well as understanding how tensions and anger can erupt with the end result of an area being destroyed. Burning & destruction can never be a looked at as a good thing, but it’s hard to fathom how a certain segment of citizens, feel unless you have walked in their shoes.

    I always thought David would be one who would use the language of music to bring goodwill and understanding to the world. When he sang Imagine, I thought he BELIEVED it. He only believed some of it. I wonder if asked, would he sing the entire song now? If only. And with as much feeling & conviction as he sang He Lives In You, which was not about God/Jesus, which was his interpretation only.

    Like this new format and am glad the banner no longer has the old pic of David with all the hair. That David no longer exists. 😉

    • At the risk of repeating myself to the point I will be tossed overboard, I just don’t understand how David cannot see the connection between celebrity status and using it for good works and example.

    • Well said.

      Clark’s and David’s religious fervor seems very much an emotional thing for them. Clark’s church is noted for speaking in tongues, and David and many of his church members often weep while singing or speaking about spiritual subjects. I’m sure that such an ease of emotional expression is an asset in their music careers.

  10. Since when is it wrong to take pride in one’s work and accomplishments? I know, I know, being prideful can be “bad” but really, like REALLY, David is one of the most humble and caring humans around. For someone or his church teachings to mess with his head the way it seems, I am horrified.

    cq, glad you has such a great night out!

  11. Hi Red Robin, enjoyed reading your comment, yes, I agree there is a difference.
    Thanks Anne, 🙂 yep don’t get the whole selfishness and pride.

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