If I Didn’t Know Better…

… I would swear that David does read what we have to say! 🙂

Didn’t I tell him he needs to return to his focus on music? And what do we get?

And before anyone thinks this is the equivalent of “I’m not a bigot; look how I like black people!” I present to you David, the Stevie-Wonder fan, and we all know how he loves sistas! 😉

I would love a duet collab with Stevie or India.Arie or Janelle Monae one fine day.

The reality is, David could sing circles around the popular male vocalists out there right now (think what he would sound like on Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” or A Great Big World’s “Say Something, I’m Giving Up on You“), so yes, I’d love to see him get back into the media spotlight for all the right reasons!


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  1. I’m ready for the east. All I want is just one show to go to. That will be enough for me. 🙂

  2. sierra :( :( :(

    Blisskasden- Yes it does make me sad that David doesn’t know I exist! 😦 after 7 years of being a devoted fan and countless tweets to him never a response which would be understandable except for the fact other stars have responded to me, one in particular- john mayer when he first came on twitter- he had ten million followers and he responded to my very first tweet, so that makes me think that David is NOT interested in responding to our tweets which does make fans sad. 😦 why can u not understand? why do u insist we are wrong to feel sad? are we allowed to feel anything in your esteemed and educated opinion? 😦

    • and you think that was a personal tweet from mayer,, boy are you in trouble,

    • Sierra, Your feelings belong to you and are yours to have and not mine to allow. I find your honest declaration of your feelings,and the fact that you “own” them, very refreshing.

      • well blisskasden, thanks very much for that! I do appreciate the compliment! 🙂

      • Sierra, you’re very welcome.

      • Sierra, for some reason, my post to you of “you’re very welcome’ was posted under the name “Anonymous” and not Blisskasden. I never post under any other name but Blisskasden, so I have no idea what happened.

      • Seems something has changed with WordPress maybe, since 3 of you have accidentally posted as Anonymous now.

        I started having problems with wordpress reverting back to the very old and little used screen name Greywarbler, when we all had to re-register on David’s site (being a wordpress site too). I must have ticked some wrong box or something. It’s annoying.

  3. sierra, for god sake go buy a lottery ticket, a twitter response from a person with 10 million followers , wonderfull

  4. ray- I know right! when it happened I was telling friends and saying it felt like I won the lottery! 🙂

  5. but an even bigger lottery win would be a tweet from david! I don’t think he realizes just exactly how much excitement he could create on twitter if he really wanted to!!! 🙂 maybe someday!

    • well he has tweeted back to fans,

      • Watched the voice last night. Sawyer sang Imagine . I’m a big fan, but nobody performed Imagine better than David on AI S 7. However-Sawyer charted high on iTunes and I am sure he is safe. Kimberly and Meghan gave good performances last night too.

      • Thought it was strange that I posted as Anonymous until I realized that I had accidentally deleted my Name under post comments. So your Name can change without it even being intentional. 🙂

  6. Saw Kari’s tweet. Looks like she is driving to Utah?! wonder if David is moving back. One of his sisters tweeted they were moving to Layton next week. Oh well, good luck to them all.

    • Dana, Kari might be there for that symposium that David is going to speak and sing at tomorrow. Not really very interested in what he has to say or the symposium for that matter being I’m not religious. If any videos pop up of him singing, of course, I will listen. I just hope that whatever he has to say that it will go well for him and that it doesn’t cause anymore controversy.

      • Oh I know she is there for that. It is just strange that it looks like a road trip. Guess that is why I felt like David is moving back. Also, someone did tweet a couple weeks back that David was supposed to be in her ward. And she lives in salt lake. Just thinking here. Lol

  7. Checked the OS to see if any other concerts had been added or if any announcement of new music being released, nothing yet.

  8. Nope… hopefully soon though. Although it is like 5 months away until Oct. Maybe those will be the east coast dates. All of them! lol The David Archuleta Trying To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things Tour! A 2 hour full show of past, present, and maybe future music. Definitely leave you hanging and wanting more!!!

  9. Just giving my two cents. Probably not even worth two cents but here goes.

    Why would David be the artist “chosen” to sing & speak at this Religious Freedom event? It’s not as if whatever he has to say will change the world, politically speaking. Or in other way for that matter. Yes, David is an individual with high standards & morals but it’s not as if what he says will change anyone’s perspective or their personal views regarding rights for all, especially the LGBT community. Surely there must have been someone, I’m guessing, in the LDS organization who suggested David? And why would David want to be in that situation at this particular time? Seems to me there is an agenda which has not yet been brought to light. I know this is not considered an LDS event, however the people attending will be I would think mostly local Mormons? So he is a local “celebrity”, but why not someone like Donny & Marie Osmond or Gladys Knight? LDS celebrities who are better known? If David were a huge world-renowned star, he would have earned the right to voice his political and/or religious views and not bat an eye about any negative feedback. But he isn’t, so why now just when he seems to be getting his career back on track?

    Could it be this is just another stepping stone as the LDS Church “grooms” David for bigger & better things for his future in the LDS organization? If David is looking at his future on stage as a performer singing & sharing his music with a diverse fan base, singing at functions like this for a fee is fine but to speak and give his views about something this controversial regardless of what those views may be, I think is not a great idea because either way he can’t make everyone happy. Unless he comes across as being neutral, leaning neither one way or the other. That may be what he will do, even if it will seem like a cop-out, it will be the smart way to go.

    I don’t know what Gina Orr was thinking? Unless she had no say or input in the decision for David to appear at the symposium? I hope David is getting paid well.

    • A lot of good questions. Only another day or so to answer some of them. However, the idea of the Mormon church “grooming” David for leadership doesn’t really make sense. It doesn’t sound realistic. Maybe once he’s married with kids and settled down, he could somehow combine his career with a position as a bishop or higher, but most positions are held by laymen.

    • You brought up a lot of good questions, Red Robin. As I said before don’t have much interest on this symposium. I can only guess he might not be to kind with the music industry, but like I said a lot of artists have slammed the industry and still have great careers. I just hope his speech won’t cause another major rumble like the quote did.

    • I don’t think Gina or Kari have any say or input in what David does or does not do with his music career. It seems to me that the only folks David would listen to are certain members of his family and his church. To me David would be in some ways difficult to manage in the current music industry.


  11. ha well one of the first things I thought seeing him at MOTAB..

  12. I don’t think that David will say anything controversial. He’s probably had a lot of advice, etc, in light of the unfortunate incident.

    • Maybe David will surprise everyone and decline to say anything a all and just sings. And I admit I would rather he just sings. I like David. I may not agree with his beliefs or some of the choices he’s made but he is a good person. I wish he wasn’t putting himself in another position to be judged again. Maybe he feels it’s his duty?

  13. Okay. I like it, but it opens a can of worms.

    • I’m probably the only fan of David who doesn’t like the video or the song Nunca Pense ( two translations = “I Never Knew” or “I Never Thought” ).

    • I do like the song, but yes, you are right cchalo.
      I did have such high hopes for this project when it first was discovered. I just hope he does some secular Spanish and of course, English songs.

      • Btw is this the same video that was first shown at the root tech convention?

      • On FOD I think they said that the temple scenes were added since then. If not, I can see why David premiered this after the LDS family day rather than the more general public events. It speaks specifically to the idea that the dead ancestors are asking to be proxy baptized.

      • Thanks cchalo, I just went over to FOD and was about to say never mind, lol. Hum, this video won’t be one that I’ll watch again. Declaimer, nothing wrong with it and I understand it is meant for LDS youth.

      • The LDS church feels the need to baptize dead people regardless of their chosen faith while they were living. I think those baptized, living or dead, can then be counted on church roles as members. It has caused a great deal of controversy and anger from Jews when LDS started baptizing Holocaust victims who were Jewish in their lives without the permission of their living ancestors.

      • I compared the videos we saw from Roots Tech and those scenes must have been added since then (or they were deleted for Roots Tech) because the two videos don’t match. I wonder why? Even the time on them differs so one is definitely an edited version.

      • Yes, the temple scenes were not there earlier.

  14. I guess a local reporter in Utah was disrespectful to David in her article and fans took it upon themselves to defend David going as far as calling one of the venues he is appearing at to report the article and reporter to the venue since the venue advertises in the newspaper?? Do I have that right?

    • I haven’t been paying too much attention lately, so maybe someone else can answer. I can say, though, that sounds like something I might’ve done a few years ago. lol.

    • I think it may have backfired somewhat, since the reporter printed an update in response, which made it sound like the fans ticked her off. There are positive fan comments however.

  15. David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 6h 6 hours ago
    “The road is rocky but don’t ever go astray, you will bring home a trophy if you walk it all the way.” — Miracles – Nico & Vinz The link takes you to the whole album, which I’m enjoying a lot. (The proxy baptisms don’t go on the church membership rolls, btw).

    • Thanks for that correction cchalo.

    • It’s so nice to see him tweeting about music. It’s an interesting song. I have to say though, can’t wait to get some nice secular music from David, really intrigued what directions his sound will be like.

  16. Kansas, David Archuleta and more in the back half of DAC’s Summer Nights With the Starshttp://davisclipper.com/bookmark/26572831/article-Kansas- David Archuleta and more I

    • It’s hit or miss with me figuring how to post links! Lol…that one’s a miss!

      • Copy all of the information in the address bar, paste in here, and then add quotes around it. Otherwise it will go into moderation and never come out!

  17. Bruce Hornsby, Kansas, David Archuleta all charging $59 for orchestra seating. Doobie Brothers $89. All others range $19-$39. Nice seeing David in that range with those well known bands.

  18. I think this incident is a prime example of the misguided loyalty of some David fans. It’s just plain fact that he is one of many American Idol has-been stories. Pretty much everyone on that show outside of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert and maybe Phillip Phillips is considered to be an unknown or an outright failure in the mainstream music world. Whether people like it or not, David’s last semi-hit was 7 years ago and he has not really been in the public eye since then. Some artists would kill to be a one-hit wonder like him so it’s not a put down to just state the reality of the situation.
    For the fans to storm this random blog to “correct” the text that the writer wrote was totally unnecessary and over the top if you ask me. It’s these kinds of things that give his fans a reputation for being a little nuts. I don’t think David needs to be defended to the point where people are attacking someone for writing a simple blurb. He can’t help it if he doesn’t know David’s extremely under the radar career details so far. It don’t see how it’s the fan’s job to school every random person about David. If he wanted that kind of street team support, he would ask for it.

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