Strategic Use of Twitter


Remember the good ol’ days when David first started using Twitter, long before it became a “thing” for the celebrity types to use, or before Shonda Rhimes used it to get fans of her TV show Scandal to trend different topics and catch phrases from the show?

At the time, I thought David was ahead of the curve, and while some celebrities would regularly get in trouble, not David. Nope! He found ways to keep his private life and thoughts very private while randomly tweeting bits and pieces of his life that would turn out comedy gold.

Remember this?


Or how about this?


Fun stuff! Revealing just a little about what’s going on in his life without actually letting us know what was going on in his life! 😛

Yep, David used to play things close to his chest.  It would be the folks surrounding him who would leak things to us: about his mission, about behind-the-scenes troubles and so forth.

Back then, I couldn’t help but think: “Wow, David is smart! He has mastered the art of revealing himself on Twitter without actually revealing himself on Twitter!”

Then, he goes away for two years in Chile on an LDS mission.

Then, he comes back from that mission.  Having been immersed in proselytizing his faith for two years, I realize he has not transitioned back into the secular spotlight of the music world.  What once came as an effortless move back when he was and seemed so much younger is now a more awkward engagement with the public, and his mixed-faith fanbase in particular.

That he kept tweeting stuff about his religious beliefs and his church, I took in stride. Patiently waiting for his focus to get back into music, I kept the faith (yes, I’m still a believer in the Voice, which has yet to crack – despite the external cracks showing up in his religious tweets).

Think of the excuses I would make: Eh, he’s still young, not yet 25, he’s going through the “extreme” version of his religion.  Or maybe he always was that way: his big sister hinted that this was his way of thinking since way back after his Idol appearance. Heck, even in his memoir Chords of Strength, both his parents had to use the Bible to convince him to audition for a talent show (that whole “don’t hide your light under a bushel” episode). Perhaps we’re getting the “real” David now!

Does it mar my image of him? Yes and No. Yes, because I’d rather not think that, in his embrace of a particular faith, he also adheres to problematic worldviews and values. No, because I hear his sincerity and see that he wants to live a certain way, and his faith always rang out in the way he raised his Voice in song.

Still, I had to recognize that I was writing less and less about the Voice, what inspired this blog in the first place. That’s complicated, because I’ve been doing more professional writing, and my work has increased over time, which has taken me away from Soul Davidian.  At the same time, if he were still inspiring me, I would make more time to write about David. Full stop. Period.

David, my plea to you is this: Inspire me again! Bring back the Voice! And stop sharing other “voices” that some in your fanbase quite frankly don’t want to hear.  We don’t care about the elders in your church. We care about YOU! Yes, they mean something to you, but they mean nothing to those of us who don’t share your religion. Worse, their views may be alienating to others, who in turn will come to associate you with the alienating, bigoted type.

I want the Old David back: the one who implicitly understood, even at 18, that Twitter is not where you go to reveal yourself but where you go to strategically reveal parts of your self that the world can appreciate and love.

Here’s hoping that he takes some sound professional advice and learns to go back to using Twitter as a “selfie” you want to share with the world and NOT as a mirror revealing your flaws.

I think it’s great David no longer wants to hide his religious self, but there are other aspects to his self. Let this controversy be a lesson on how he can move forward in a more strategic engagement with social media.

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  1. Yes, it would be great to hear the Voice again.

  2. Thank you Peter for that clip of David. I agree with you hg, that David should leave his religion out of his tweets as this one really backfired. I was raised Catholic and realize that it is a hot topic religion especilly since the priests abuse scandal. I however stick by my religion even though I do not agree with everything it teaches. What I am getting at is, I was thought not to have sex before marrage and I still stand by that, call me crazy if you want; I was also thought that a union between a man and a woman after they are married is beautiful and is for the purpose to bring forth children if God so desires,, I believe in equality for all and respect for all, David just tweeted something that he believes in , I can’t for the life of me understand how horribly hie is being treated, and I am not takliing about anyone here.

  3. Hg BRAVO, perfectly stated!!!
    Thanks peter for the video, yes, it would be great to hear the voice again.

  4. justhanginaround

    Great post, HG. Thank you for that. Excellent points there and I especially agree with wanting to hear about David and not about elders of his church or other people!

  5. I believe that your post would be helpful to David if he did get to read it. Someone in his management or someone in his family should be able to help him understand the negative effects his comments may very well have on the population of readers. He sometimes reminds me of Sheldon Cooper.

    I cringe at sympathy that is given to him by those who break down and cry over this because if anything it is hoped that he will now have a better understanding of writing ethics that will help him to move on. Mistakes open the doors to improvement and going forward.

    Thank your for your helpful post HG, the writing brings a relief that I can’t quite name right now.

    David sing! You had it right the first time around.

    Changing the subject, I re-watched The Voice’s Sawyer Fredericks a number of times since last night. He reminds me of a young John Denver in a few ways. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. Stay humble Sawyer!


  6. HG I like so much of what you wrote. I wish you could talk to him. I wish he had someone wise to talk to so bad. I honestly think he is alone in so much of what he is trying to deal with.

    Bringing this over because I was late to post it to last thread.

    Justwondering, and hitandrunn, Of course Anne has a right to her opinions and yet you need to jump to her defense. She has a right to be judgmental and not kind and I have a right to my opinions too. Sorry, a lot of things in this world bother me and that doesn’t mean I should or will “scroll on by” and not voice my opinion. David has a right to his opinions too, and I think a lot of what I am seeing (and I am not just implying only here) is blatantly judgmental and cruel to say the least and not the way anyone should be treated. Certainly not how you or I would want to be treated. Hitandrunn, for me Anne is not “spot on” with her comments. She can be very snide and demeaning. Sure, she has the right to do that, but that doesn’t make it right. She certainly is not a child yet you felt a need to defend her and that’s fine, you agree with her apparently, and are being a good friend to her. I like that. I have a right to express my feelings and opinions also. Like David quoted and Mandella said, “I’m not a saint, just a sinner who is still trying.” I can defend David and in doing so, I do not treat David as a child. That dismissive statement is just a way to put me down for thinking he deserves some consideration, understanding, and kindness. Adults deserve that too. I also know that at twenty four many are still forming their views of life and the world. He is. I certainly was, and I do not see the world the same now. I feel bad for a basically kind and good young man who I am sure is hurting.

    • Oops, I responded on the last thread and didn’t see the new one, so here’s my response too:

      I share the same frustrations Anne voiced. She’s right to wonder how David could continue to isolate himself for so long after his mission. After two years of literal separation from the world, he doesn’t seem to want to come out of it.

      I don’t know why everyone wants to turn it into a fight about each other instead of addressing her points. (Well, I do know that some here enjoy making almost everything a fight for their own amusement–not you, dfan).

      I, too, feel badly for a basically kind and good young man who is hurting. That doesn’t invalidate Anne’s reading of what got him into the sad situation in the first place.

    • You have every right to express you opinion. There is no need to direct put downs to the other commenters on here while doing it. I have often taken up the cause of fans here who have been put down for their opinions. I’m not going to stop now.

  7. This is a great post. While I’m disturbed by the vitriol being tweeted to David, I’m equally disturbed by the comments I’ve read that tell him he has nothing to apologize for.
    Mormon teens commit suicide over the guilt, fear, and shame of being gay, and being unable to live up to the ideals preached by Packer and others at conference. Read here and don’t skip the links in the post:

    • Precisely why when he posts all his religious beliefs, things are bound to get ugly. He has constitutional right to practice whatever religion he chooses, but when you continually put it in the foreground, messy bits will come out and it’s not just from all the idiots that attacked him on twitter.

  8. I think David has very considerate, understanding and kind fans. More so than any other fan base I’ve ever seen in fact. Everyone (yes, here too) seems to genuinely care about him and want the best for him. None of us are going up to him and insulting him to his face so he has zero reason to feel bad about anything that is written here. This is a private forum basically, and as far as I can tell, seems to be mainly used for fan community, not to talk to David himself directly. That’s why the people who attack the fellow posters here are violating the spirit of the community, because they are attacking the people right in front of them so to speak.

    We all have the shared experience of fiercely supporting this kid during his run on American Idol and I don’t think anyone needs to feel badly for having and expressing some mixed feelings about how things have turned out. For me, it’s more the situation itself that I think is a shame rather than that David is some kind of horrible person. Meaning I think it’s very unfortunate that David never managed to find the right professional team at the start of his career, because if he had, so many things could be different now. A lot of that probably wasn’t his fault but the end result is still the same and here we are, feeling disappointed at the lost potential. The other reality that has been expressed here is that David is almost 25 years old and seems to be pretty content with his current choices so I don’t see where we all need to be feeling so much sympathy for him or treating him with kid gloves. He seems totally fine with things, it’s his fans who are dealing with some of the fallout of his choices because we had different expectations based on what he said before he left for his mission.

    But as far as we know, he had the best time on his mission, is as devoted to his family as ever, is financially secure enough to not need any kind of regular job to make ends meet and is doing volunteer and charity work that is meaningful to him. I’d say he’s a pretty lucky guy and is certainly struggling a lot less than I am in this economy right now.

    The special consideration we should give is to each other if you ask me, because we the ones who are living, breathing people typing these words here, not David. Talking about David Archuleta, or other music, or politics or religion or whatever should all be fair game here because it’s clearly a very diverse community with a lot of differing opinions. I personally really enjoy that aspect of this place a lot. It’s boring when everyone agrees on everything.

  9. Anonymous,, this part of your post warrants a response :”I think David has very considerate, understanding and kind fans. More so than any other fan base I’ve ever seen in fact. Everyone (yes, here too) seems to genuinely care about him and want the best for him. None of us are going up to him and insulting him to his face so he has zero reason to feel bad about anything that is written here. This is a private forum basically, and as far as I can tell, seems to be mainly used for fan community, not to talk to David himself directly”.

    The fact that people here rationalize that David doesn’t read this site so “we can say whatever we want about him” is a self serving cop out. No one really knows who reads this or any site. You call this site a “private forum”. It is not a private forum. It is a public site that anyone can visit at any time and share with anyone else. There is nothing private about it. Just because the insults that are thrown at David every day by a host of posters here are not said “to his face” does not excuse them nor does it make it any less cruel to say these things about David.

    “Scrolling on by” an insulting post is the same as “walking on by” if you see someone being abused. I wouldn’t do either. There is nothing wrong with discussing all aspects of David’s career by fans who enjoy his talent and wish the best for him. David does not need “tough love” from his fans. This is pivotal time in David’s career. He needs support and understanding from people who say they care about him, and he can’t get that from underneath a bus.

    • David does not read this site. We are not part of his life in any way, even though many fans like to believe so, because it makes them feel special. He does not know that we exist.

      • David, if you read this site, please respond to one of Blisskasden’s tweets.

      • Peter, you seem to be preoccupied with the idea that you KNOW that David doesn’t read this site because you’ve posted as much a number of times. Since you really could not possibly KNOW if he reads this site, it is apparently important for you to THINK you know. You even go as far as to say “He does not know we exist”. It must give you some comfort to believe this, but this site is available to be read by anyone, including David, his family, or anyone in contact with him.

        What we do know KNOW is that many of your posts are very disrespectful of David, so anyone who is supportive of David would be offended by reading them. Since you don’t seem to be concerned if you offend David on a site devoted to him, I KNOW you will not give a hoot.

      • peter-I agree please David respond to him on twitter. lol. lol. 🙂

      • Bliss, you seem obsessed with KNOWING David and KNOWING he does read this site and KNOWING he is insulted and hurt by what is said here. You seem to be obsessed with defending David because, since you KNOW he reads this stuff and he KNOWS you are his biggest defender, maybe he will seek you out to thank you personally and perhaps give you exclusive access. What other reason could you have?

      • No, it does not give me any kind of comfort. It’s just how things work.

  10. Just Wondering

    What does an introvert do when a very public misstep gets him bashed and trashed and physically threatened for days on end?

    • I can only tell you what this introvert does. I withdraw from everything for a while. Even more so than I typically am most of the time. I sort of expect David will do the same. I don’t expect a tweet from him for quite a while. But I guess we’ll see.

    • I don’t know, maybe gives up his public life and go to another country to live a simple life. All I know is that I’m a little worried for him when he speaks on the 15th. Like I said before, hope that he has good people advising him. He opened a can of worms, not intentionally and even though he gave a great explanation, the messy parts aren’t going away any time soon.

      • The “messy parts” are not his doing. Society is a mess, not David. We live in a world that does not tolerate individual expression of personal views. David did not advocate the denial of anyone else’s freedom or rights. His tweet was neither hateful or disrespectful of anyone else’s lifestyle. David Archuleta is a uniter, not a divider. The whole sorry episode stinks, but the stink does not come from David. It was aimed at him.

      • Not that you care, bliss, but I didn’t say he created the messy parts, by putting out that quote, as innocent to some it was, to others, not so much, therefore, the messy and ugly happens with these people that see it not so innocent chime in.

  11. Apologies and non apologies

    • Well he did break some of those rules and didn’t really show an understanding of the subtext of that quote, but I was still much happier than if he said nothing, or merely removed the tweets.

      Some of the “supportive” responses on FB/Twitter show a shocking desire for him to isolate himself from the rest of society . For example the young lady who illustrated one of David’s videos told him to double down on that and make it clear that traditional marriage is the only right way: “…the more people who were angered over it, the more it proves those words needed to be said.”

      He could have taken that type of attitude, but I’m glad to get confirmation that that’s not how he rolls.

    • I agree with Bliss. The culture is a mess.

  12. I stand by my statement that David has no reason to take one word of what is said in this forum personally. Once you put yourself out there as a public figure, it’s expected that you’ll open yourself up to a ton of comments and criticism. Even at 16, he was not naive enough to think going on a huge television show would prompt no scrutiny whatsoever. He has said before that he knows you can’t please everyone and I doubt he expects 100% positive feedback 24/7. It goes with the territory and if he can handle the insane Twitter and Facebook comments he gets on a daily basis, I’m pretty sure he can handle the intelligent and well-written discussion that happens here. I think some people need to dial back the hyperbolic language and look up some of the terms they throw around so loosely. Abuse is not what is happening here and trust me, I would know.
    The topic here seems to mostly focus on the artist ‘David Archuleta’ as a concept rather than the person David. It’s about his career trajectory (or lack thereof) and basically a debrief of the few public statements he’s made in the past few years. None of us know the person David and I doubt anyone here has anything against him personally. If he starts to put some new statements out there, ideally in music form, I bet everyone would focus on those things. If people are critical of the music, that’s their right too. He never asked for our undying unquestioning loyalty and devotion to him so it’s crazy to keep insisting on that on his behalf. As far as I can tell, he is living his life for himself and not for his fans, and seems perfectly content with that. Let him speak for himself if he’s so upset by this place.

  13. Even though David has apologized there will be ignorant people who will continue to bash and threaten because it gives them a thrill. I am not sure what David will do, some think he should not do the symposium now I just hope he does not let those horriblle, threatening people get to him. David is a good, kind person and I believe every word he stated in his apology. Up thread,, I meant to say taught not thought.

  14. Since when do mean comments that are said behind someone’s back get a pass as long as you don’t say it to their face? This is a public forum. Anyone can read it. Annonymous, are you talking about my “hyperbolic” language and and implying I or someone (whoever you are talking about) is too dumb to understand the terms? Its ok if you don’t mention who you are talking about? Yet you hypocritically say don’t attack fellow posters. SMH

    • No I wasn’t referring to your hyperbolic language or calling anyone dumb. No one needs a pass on anything because we are all adults here and shouldn’t be judging each other. Everyone has a right to their opinion but it’s a lot more civilized to simply state your disagreement with any of those opinions themselves, not the person who has the opinions (not saying you did that.) Also it doesn’t serve the discussion to take things to such a dramatic grandiose level, as if David is cowering in a corner somewhere over what is written here. I just don’t think certain words like abuse should be thrown around lightly.
      I don’t think anything said here is behind David’s back. He is free to seek out this forum if he chooses. But if you really think about it, doesn’t that sound a little ridiculous for him to do? There is such ugly stuff being said on his Twitter timeline right now, that is actually directed to him, so I just don’t get the focus on the 10-20 people here who are just trying to have some interesting thoughtful discussion. I understand if some people feel dismayed by the sometimes tough criticism he gets here but that’s no excuse to attack the writer of the post themselves (not saying you did that). I just don’t believe that David needs anyone’s protection. If he comes out asks for that himself, that’s a different story.

    • If you think that someone’s comments are mean, why make it worse by attacking them and fighting? Why respond in a similarly negative way? You can disagree with the gist of the statement and defend David in a “turn the other cheek” kind of way and much more progress will be made than by scolding. No one is going to change their style of communication because you rebuked them.

  15. Just wondering, I have been wondering that too. Potluck, I believe
    it too. I am really worried about him.

  16. I’m enjoying the dialogue on The Voice site. I think that the posters are being supportive of David while still voicing their desire for his growth.

    I think that if David truly believes what he says about putting one foot in front of the other, he will be alright.

  17. Dfan, he probably is hurting but to be in the public eye, you need to know how to write something that is not critical of good people in our society. He has every right to think as he chooses and he does just that. There is no reason for him to be alone, he has family, friends and management.

    It was all about people’s reactions to the bad choices of quotes and with those words, he is not the only one hurt. In our family there is a couple who may not be able to have children so the quote would mean that their love is not as great as others. It is disturbing untruths and he will be subjected to more of the same. If anything makes me sad for him it is just that.

  18. Well I don’t expect to hear anything from him for a while. I don’t know if his feelings have been hurt or not. I just know I would be embarrassed if I were him. Even though I did like what he said, it could have been written a little better. The IF is what got me a little. But at least he did address it. But I dont really know if he had the choice. Must be hard to be in the public eye and have your words misconstrued. Although I’m not convinced he knew what he was quoting.

    • I agree that he didn’t even think about the possibilities. This is a quote from a random current missionary, and it’s so typical that I think maybe even as a more sophisticated pop star, he wouldn’t be any different in his total acceptance of anything the leaders say: “Okay, so how great was General Conference??!!!….Every talk was so good and was divine revelation from God for us to hear. How lucky are we that we have prophets and apostles to lead and guide us in these last days!…We need to seek and heed their council.”

      I’d be shocked if even now, he questions his leaders. I think he’s between a rock and a hard place. The leaders are always speaking for God, but he also wants to keep everyone else happy. I know that all Mormons aren’t so unquestioning, but he’s pretty fresh off of his mission, and the above is so common on the blogs that I suspect he’s of a like mind still.

      • Speaking of “missionaries”, I ran into a couple of missionaries at a convenience store on my way home from work. They were buying some snacks and I was buying lottery tickets (can’t win if I don’t play). We walked out at the same time & as they were walking to their bikes I asked them about David. They looked at each other & asked “Who?” They said they never heard of him!!!! I said they had to be kidding, right? They both said, sorry, we don’t know who that is!! I told them about David in as few words as I could but they weren’t impressed & again said they didn’t know who he is!!

        I kid you not! They weren’t particularly friendly but it could be they were tired. Anyway, I was shocked at their attitude because it was obvious they did know about David.

      • Just me, did those Missionaries know David or didn’t they? You say both in your post. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that any current Missionary would have “never of him”. When David was away, I ran into 3 different groups of Missionaries on the subway, and on the street at different times. They were all extremely friendly to me and were quite aware that David was doing what they were doing, only he was in Chile. Just goes to show you, Mormon Missionaries are regular people, and behave just like the rest of us do. Some are friendly, some not so much. No big deal.

      • just me, did you get the impression that the missionaries knew David, but were just blowing you off? Maybe they were on their preparation day and didn’t want to do any proselytizing or talking to people. I’ve seen a large group of missionaries at Walmart a while back, and they were all about their shopping, not stopping to talk to people–“off-duty” as it were.

      • I meant “knew of David”, ha.

  19. this is the biggest load of bs I have ever witnessed. I guess from now on David will have to list every group known to man so he doesn’t offend anyone or make people feel that they are left out. what a bunch of hypocrites. where is the outrage at the people on twitter and other social media sites who are spewing absolute filth at David? oh yeah right, it is David’s fault for daring to tweet something he found interesting. you do have freedom of speech and religion in your country, right? as long as it is not “hate speech” , and show me anywhere in that tweet that can be construed as hate. people need to get over themselves.

    I do have one more comment . earlier in the thread sandy beaches commented that she “cringed” at the sympathy shown to David by some people. well I cringe at her comments when she goes from site to site calling out anyone who posts a negative thought re Justin Bieber. I find it very interesting that David is held to such a high standard, with little to no wiggle room for perceived mistakes .

  20. Hopefully this will be a learning experience for David in more ways than one.

    The tweets HG posted as reminders of how David utilized twitter way back then brought back some memories but now I see them with a grain of salt. To be honest, those examples of hearing what was going on in the next room makes me wonder if David was as naïve as he seemed to be. Same with the “Hush Cats”. We all know what was going on with the cats so it was hard to believe HE didn’t. There were other instances where he told us about some of his “dreams” with obviously double meanings but we all thought he was being so “cute”.

    So is David really as “clueless & naïve” as he appeared back then when he was “not himself” but was just doing whatever he needed to do to be “liked & popular”? It just makes me wonder about all the things he said & did which made him so lovable & special…was he genuine or acting?

    The question I have now is Who is David now?

  21. Oh blingy, when the next very young fellow reaches the earnings of 200,000,000 then everyone can talk about exporting him or her too. How ridiculous. Forget the many lost souls in the industry who left this world far too soon. If all was OK, there would be nothing everyone is writing about. He has people he cares about who will reach out to him and hopefully everything will be better in the future. Blingy, you have two names on the go?

  22. Great post hg. Some good points. Thought provoking and well stated. 🙂 Watching The Voice tonight. SB I agree that Sawyer does remind me of a young John Denver. Had not thought of that. I also agree with your comments.

    • Anyone else notice that both David’s manager Gina Orr and Kari have David’s statement and apology tweet posted on their own twitter. They had it there right away. I think his management has helped David with his statement and apology tweet. David should listen to them more often. They have a lot of experience in the music industry.

  23. Anonymous, you say this “Dfan, he probably is hurting but to be in the public eye, you need to know how to write something that is not critical of good people in our society”

    Exactly what did David say that was “critical of good people”? What was critical in that tweet and who are these “good people” you are referring to?

  24. anonymous, here we go again, do as i say not as i do,talk about two names ?????? you don,t even have the guts to say yours, blingy, you called out hte two faceone i talked about yesterday ,yea lol but don,t any one attackek me thats not allow here,on thsi grear sit insupport of who, yea peter

  25. Can people please stop with the B.S. of “He’s not bigoted, it’s just his opinion” or other things along that line. Bigotry IS an opinion. This is a man who sent out a quote, the day of the National Mormon Meeting where this exact quote was used to attack gays as having a “Counterfeit Lifestyle”.

    As an unmarried 24 year old Mormon man who has never had a girlfriend, of course Archuleta was desperate to tweet out his agreement with it. Defend him all you want, but please, when the leader of his church used those words, that day, to attack gays, don’t try to tell me that he just HAPPENED to blast the same quote out on Twitter with no connection.

    • If you read my quote from the missionary above, it’s pretty clear how really innocent they are–totally trusting of their leaders–and though I wouldn’t have really guessed until now, David IS just that naive. Personally I don’t think there’s a good excuse for not knowing your leaders’ history on the tough issues, but it seems to me that that’s the case here.

      When David was on his mission, he spent all day among simple people in the Chilean countryside, and then regularly gathered with his peers and mission leaders in leadership training and other activities that strongly promoted their own world view. They’re taught not ever to look at anything critical of the church, and I think that David, who was lauded as an “obedient” missionary, would never do that. He just hasn’t been exposed, or chosen to be expose to difficult issues, as far as I can tell. Yes, I think that he just HAPPENED to share that quote.

      As to David being desperate to appear “not gay, I just don’t get that at all. His cousin, in a comment critical of the church on the “Meet the Mormons” trailer, also said that David isn’t gay, but is “feminine” and doesn’t relate to the male cousins. I think that he might be asexual, from his previous comments, but he did date a lot his first year back, and may still be doing that. He’s in HUGE demand among Mormon young ladies, and has no need to demonstrate anything about his sexuality, IMO.

      • P.S. I think that David still really believes in his “My Kind of Perfect” lyrics. That when he meets the right girl, all will be well. I also think that’s a common thing people say to gay and asexual people, I could be wrong.

  26. blingy- I was disappointed that david apologized and then deleted because i’m thinking maybe he was pressured to do so by kari and/or gina! I pray that is not the case but would not be surprised. I stand behind David 100%.

    • You mean you think his quote WAS intended to be anti-gay, and you stand behind that supposed view? And you believe his apology was a lie?

    • After all he has said about being pressured before the mission and that he wants to do things his way, you really believe he would be pressured by Kari and or/Gina? I don’t think so.

  27. cc- no, not intended to be specifically and politically anti-gay but definitely intended to be traditional as to what his church promotes, which I assume is what David agrees with. I think his apology, while nice and maybe necessary from a business standpoint, was not necessary from a moral or personal standpoint.

  28. Sierra, are you saying he really didn’t mean what he said in his apology?

  29. dfan, I appreciate your comments from earlier today. As I have repeatedly said, I stand by my comments and I do understand that they are sometimes judgmental but I do not believe what I post is cruel. I am not a cruel person. I have no problem with anyone here or elsewhere voicing their opinions. Just as you and a couple others disagree with me and you judge me to be cruel, I have a right to judge what David tweets.

    A certain person here has been quite cruel to me in the past and I do toy with him. Is it juvenile and even perhaps wrong? Yes probably. I have no defense for it other than to say I enjoy the battle of wills and words.

    To anyone who defended me, justwondering, cchalo, cq and hitandrun, I appreciate it very much and I know you were also just voicing your own opinions which many times seem to agree with mine. To dfan, you called them friends, While I would be proud to call these folks friends, we are not friends in the sense that we meet up somewhere and plan out our posts to agree with each other on any topic posted here.

    • Anne, please give me an example of a “cruel’ remark you think I have thrown your way. For someone who blasts David at every opportunity, you display selective sensitivity when it comes to your own psyche. Do you think calling you cruel is, in itself, cruel. That’s like saying it’s cruel to call a flounder a fish.

      If you really, as you say, “enjoy” our contentious byplay on this site, you wouldn’t find anything I said to you “cruel’. It would just be fodder to “enjoy” more of the “battle of wills and words”.

      You declare “I am not a cruel person”. Ok. Prove it by giving David some slack and choosing to support him in his time of need instead of chomping at the bit to skewer him with insults and condescension at every turn. As long as you post the kind of ooze about David that I documented from you last night, you have no claim to feel damaged by the words of anyone else directed at you.

      • What makes this David’s “time of need”? I don’t recall him saying he needs anything from his fans right now, except maybe to give him some space.

    • Anne-Ignore him. Trust me . Been there and done that. It sure is not just you that gets attacked. lol. Who cares? Always consider the source. lol 🙂

  30. I don’t think he apologized because he was pressured to. People say “I apologize” or “Please accept my apology.” Or “I’m sorry” all the time. Maybe he could have been told to say those.

    But when I read “Please forgive me” … Those sound like David’s own words. When was the last time any of us have heard someone say that who wasn’t truly sorry? To me, that’s a genuine, from the heart, plea for forgiveness because he felt really bad that he hurt people.


  31. so tweeting quotes from the general conference is “hurting people” ?? the people who made David feel bad were cruel and using him to further their own agenda. they should be apologizing to David!

    • As a matter of fact, yes it did hurt people. I have seen reaction to the quote away from the David issue and some heterosexual married couples who cannot have children felt hurt and insulted. This is not just a gay marriage issue. The quote itself is hurtful to some segments if society and David tweeting it, regardless of his right to do so and regardless of his intentions and understanding of the quote, did in fact hurt some folks.

    • Sierra, I wasn’t saying anything bad about David. I don’t think he meant to hurt anyone but some were genuinely hurt, yes.

      I know some who tweeted him were hate mongers spewing ugliness just because they could and some used him to further their own agenda, but I saw many who were legitimately hurt and I think he felt bad about it. Or do you think he should be heartless and not care about that?

      I think he did the right thing by apologizing and I think he meant it.

  32. anne- so are these same people hurt and insulted every time the Pope speaks and does that mean he should apologize for the beliefs of the Catholic church? what kind of insanity would that be?!

  33. David on IG:

    I think this man is a musical hero to many, including me. Stevie Wonder is playing his album “Songs in the Key of Life” live. What an inspiring album, artist, and show. Here he is with another inspiring performer that I love India.Arie. I loved his message at the beginning of his show, “I encourage all of you to love [regardless of the differences in our lives]” It’s what this album is all about. #StevieWonder #IndiaArie #Nashville

    • Great. That proves that David is not a racist. Now, David needs to go to an Adam Lambert concert to put an end to this “David Archuleta hurt so many people by his horrible tweet” B.S. Gay kids are committing suicide all over the world because of real homophobia and alienation. To elevate David’s harmless tweet to the level of “hurtful” trivializes the real pain that is felt by countless people who deal with gay hatred every day of their lives.

      • I think Pres. Packer is a pretty good example of real homophobia and has caused real pain that is felt by countless people.

      • Really Peter? Who was injured by this 90 year old man who was speaking his beliefs to an auditorium full of like mind believers? Is Pres. Packer someone that the gay community need fear? The guy doesn’t like gays. Guess what? He’s not the only one. There’s a scene in Seinfeld where Jerry asks George “Does everybody have to like you?” George, being George says, “Yes everybody has to like me”. The audience laughs at the absurdity of George’s answer.

        Not everybody likes David Archuleta, a person who washes the feet of lepers in India and visits dying people he doesn’t know because they love him. Read this site. Some of his fans (including you, bro) treat him like a pinata. If someone like David can have as many haters as we’ve seen the past few days, nobody will ever be universally liked. Gay folks need to get over themselves. Having equal rights under the law is an entitlement, but it does not mean that everybody is going to like you or agree with your lifestyle. Live with it. Everyone else has to.

      • Really. You should familiarize yourself with his long career and impressive body of work.

      • Peter, I looked him up.
        President Boyd K. Packer

        “President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
        President Boyd K. Packer, the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was set apart to this position on February 3, 2008. Previously, he was Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles beginning June 5, 1994. Prior to becoming Acting President, he served as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, having been ordained an Apostle on April 9, 1970. He earlier served for almost nine years as an Assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

        An educator by profession, his career includes service as supervisor of seminaries and institutes of religion for the Church and as a member of the Administrative Council of Brigham Young University.

        He studied at Weber College and subsequently received his bachelor of science and master of science degrees from Utah State University. He received a doctorate in educational administration from Brigham Young University.

        President Packer was born September 10, 1924, in Brigham City, Utah. He served as a bomber pilot during World War II in the Pacific Theater.

        President Packer served as president of the New England Mission. He is the author of a number of books and other published works. He is an artist, particularly of birds. He is married to the former Donna Smith. They are the parents of ten children.”

        What am I missing? What offends you, he has 10 kids? He paints birds? Of course he’s against gay marriage. He was born in 1924. He’s been a Mormon his whole life. Please fill me in on why Pres. Packer, specifically, is problematic.

      • He does not offend me, but I can understand why people are offended.

        Scores of Mormons felt confused and bruised this weekend by LDS apostle Boyd K. Packer’s unequivocal condemnation of same-sex marriage and insistence that gays can change their attractions with enough faith.


      • What am I missing?

        The “Teachings and Legacy” part of the Wikipedia article you just quoted, to begin with.

        Also, if this was not such a serious topic, To Young Men Only would be a hilarious title in this particular context.

      • Even members of Pres. Packer’s own church do not like him that much. I have seen many comments from LDS folks stating that. bliss do your research more thoroughly. google- gays; Mormon; Packer and a whole bunch of articles come up on this guys negative stance towards gays. peter is right and you are wrong. Once again. lol 🙂

      • Marie, you would agree with Peter if he said the earth was flat, lol. (you do know that the earth is round, don’t you?)

      • From Packer’s “To Young Men Only”:

        “There are some men who entice young men to join them in these immoral acts. If you are ever approached to participate in anything like that, it is time to vigorously resist. While I was in a mission on one occasion, a missionary said he had something to confess. I was very worried because he just could not get himself to tell me what he had done. After patient encouragement he finally blurted out, “I hit my companion.” “Oh, is that all,” I said in great relief. “But I floored him,” he said.

        After learning a little more, my response was “Well, thanks. Somebody had to do it, and it wouldn’t be well for a General Authority to solve the problem that way”

      • CC Halo, ..and that proves what? Pres. Packer is a mean man? What’s your point? We get it. You hate everything about the Mormon Church and the horse they rode in on. Isn’t there a non Mormon artist with a fan site you could post on? You don’t like David’s belief system. Guess what? He’s not going to give it up for you. What are you hanging around to see? David will NEVER be what you want him to be, and he will always be a Mormon. Is there any limit to your gluttony for personal punishment?

      • Lol. Bliss: “Please fill me in on why Pres. Packer, specifically, is problematic”. You asked, I answered.

      • CC halo, is “lol” supposed to give the impression that you really don’t care about what I posted but , what the heck, you’ll answer anyway? It’s like all the smiley faces I see in posts that are intended to mock or demean David or another poster. Who do you think you’re fooling with that stuff?

        Anyway, back to the dreaded Pres. Packer, that mean 90 year old Mormon who not only doesn’t want people of the same gender “getting busy” but applauds a Missionary who punched out another Missionary .

        My question is the same. What does this have to do with David? Do you think that just because David quoted a tweet about one thing he said, that means that David agrees with everything Pres. Packer has said for the past 90 years. Do you think that David now advocates violence? The fact is that you have been posting one anecdote after another on this site for the past 3 years about alleged misbehavior by Mormons and Missionaries. You are on some sort of bizarre campaign to discredit the LDS Church because you just don’t like them for personal reasons. If readers here haven’t gotten your point by now, I think it’s a good possibility they never will.

      • It just explains why people were upset. Of course, according to the Delusional School of Thought, David does not actually agree in any way with what he tweets. He just tweets random sentences that he hears or reads.

    • Fantastic and I totally agree, Stevie Wonder is phenomenal. I would love for David to duet with Stevie someday, that would be so awesome. Yeah, music!!

      • What am I missing?

        The “Teachings and Legacy” part of the Wikipedia article you just quoted, to begin with.

        Also, if this was not such a serious topic, To Young Men Only would be a hilarious title in this particular context.

      • Seems that the replies are beginning to appear randomly again.

  34. Yes universal love, regardless of a difference, is a much better message to share on social media then that people without children are incomplete. I also appreciate universal messages in music because I believe music has greatest power to unite people. I am a huge fan of soul and r&b music and absolutely love both Stevie Wonder and India Arie. I hope David aspires to be like those artists as he could learn a lot from both of them. Musical inspiration FTW!

  35. cq~ “You can say what you believe”. Yeah. And look at how well that went for David.

    • Yes, vj, it’s a different world now, before all the technology that gets your view point out to the whole world as quickly as you press the send button, you do stand a chance of getting, so unfairly, bombarded with reply by hate mongers, yes, very sad.
      David passed on a quote that lines up with this faith and he has every right to post that quote, as a celebrity it puts him in an even higher visibility than a non celebrities, but one thing I will say, imo, his explanation, in which he did not apologize for his belief, but did felt sorry if it offended anyone, was beyond classy.

    • One thing that’s refreshing is to hear David, in his apology and in his Instagram tonight, speak from his heart and lay off the cryptic quotes. He didn’t get criticized for saying what he believed at all, just from those darn quotes, that many of us were hoping he’d phase out anyway. If he’d said what he really believed and put in his own words what inspired him, I’m sure he wouldn’t have had all of the trouble. If he’s going to post about religious topics, I hope that he’s learned the lesson to at least use his own words–they mean so much more to us.

      • cc halo I hope that David has learned something from this too. He needs to listen to the advice of “professionals” in the music business not his church to navigate the social media “if” he wants a music career. I am not surprised this happened based on his use of the social media since his return from his mission. Some of here (myself being one of them) were trying to point this out here for a long time but were criticized by others. I am going to quote what hg wrote so nicely in her post above to David-“Yes, they mean something to you, but they mean nothing to those of us who don’t share your religion. Worse, their views may be alienating to others, who in turn will come to associate you with the alienating, bigoted type. Let this controversy be a lesson on how he can move forward in a more strategic engagement with social media.” Well stated hg. David should pay close attention to what hg wrote in her post. She was spot on right.

      • justhanginaround

        Spot on, Hope! Really good points there. I hope David reads this too or at least realizes this in some way if someone hasn’t given him that advice by now after what happened the past few days.

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