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David Apologizes:

I apologize if I have offended anyone with the quote I sent out Saturday. I guess I didn’t think about the line “expressed between a man and a woman in marriage” being stressed when the whole quote didn’t fit in just 1 tweet. I am sorry my intentions were misunderstood, as my main focus was that too often romance is looked at as the end-all when there is so much more. The bonds that can be there within a family and raising kids, as that is the most valuable thing I have: my family. I do hope however, that whoever may have been offended may know I respect everyone’s freedom to believe and live as they choose. I hope others can respect what I value most in my life as well. Again, I’m sorry and please forgive me if I offended you. David

See Original Statement of David.

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  1. Yep, so glad he explained that tweet…hoping that we start getting some music news from him soon.

  2. ‘American Idol’ Alum David Archuleta Remarks on Marriage ‘Between a Man and a Woman,’ Apologizes


  3. I call it damage control. These apologies are issued by many in the spotlight all the time. I truly hope he has learned that, unlike a random poster on a small fan websight (yes me), his words carry weight because he is followed by a lot of people on twitter. If those are really his words and true feelings in the apology, and I have no reason to not think they are or I want to really believe they are, I guess he really is that naive and even a tiny bit dumb. I am sorry to have to say that. I wonder who brought this all to his attention since he claims he doesn’t read that stuff and has taken a break and distanced himself from social media. Could it be the LDS elders who got in touch with him realizing how damaging this seemed to be? Yes, Anne is in cynical mode today.

    • When it comes to David, “Anne is always in a cynical mode”, as are all of his detractors here and elsewhere, so today is no different than any other day.

      David is not dumb and anyone who thinks he is may be talking about themselves. David is, however, a bit too trusting in the intelligence and sense of fairness in a world that is unforgiving and vindictive. The reaction to David’s tweet was hysterical and unwarranted. What we did find out , however, is that David Archuleta is still a relevant person in pop culture, and when he tweets something that could be construed as controversial, the twitterverse explodes. Why a quote from a Mormon tweeted by another Mormon should cause such shock waves is the most surprising aspect of this whole fiasco. David is alleged to be done, passe, irrelevant, soooo 5 years ago, etc. I guess he’s not. Thousands of tweets, pro and con, articles on all sorts of web sites, some blatant lies (.i.e. he’s for the Indiana law. When did he say anything about that?), etc, and it’s still going on.

      David thinks too highly of his fellow man/woman. He is light years ahead of them in humanity and decency. This ugly episode is a cautionary tale for anyone who dares to have a mind and a value system of their own and dares to state it.

  4. Well it made the xfinity front page under entertainment:
    David Archuleta apologizes for a tweet interpreted as anti-gay “please forgive me if I offended you”

    I know this is not good publicity, but at least it was about the apology and heck, in a weird way, this might help when he gets ready to release music, maybe/!?!

    • Hi cq. I hope the good that comes of it is that he realizes not everyone lives in his starry-eyed, naive, LDS cocoon. Not saying all LDS are like that. Most obviously are not and live in and understand the world around them.

      • Yes, from his apology he really didn’t know what that would cause. I just hope that his speech on the 15th will be great and won’t cause the same uproar. Hoping that he has some good people helping him with it.

      • btw, lol, Hi back at you…one thing, not dull around here and other fansites.

      • just wondering

        Well at least he didn’t repeat that same old tired “I have friends who are are gay and in a same sex marriage with children”. Or “I have friends who are gay but have committed to a life of celibacy….sex is strictly for procreation purposes only after all”.

        David needs a PR person who can guide him. Damage control is always a little too late because the damage is done. Whatever is put out there on the Internet is out there forever & saved by someone somewhere to return like a bad penny.

  5. I was actually really glad to see his apology for the tweet. I thought to myself, ‘Now this sounds like the old David.’

    where were all his LDS supporters during this? That is what I keep scratching my head about.

    But I really liked his apology. Very nicely put. 🙂

  6. Just got home for work. Watching The Voice. 2 best teams -Pharrell and Blake. Glad to see David apologized. I really hope that he learned something from this. I think that his manager Gina Orr is has some great experience at damage control for music artists. Gina worked as Britney Spears publicist/PR person when Britney was having her very public meltdown several years ago. Kari has experience with damage control for music artists too. I just hope that David finally listens to them “if” he does want a music career. Maybe he could do an event or an appearance that helps support the LBGT community or anti bullying. Just a thought. lol. Back to The Voice. 🙂

    • I’m afraid the only lesson he might have learned is that social media is not for him and he needs to back away further than he already has. Before General Conference he was hardly tweeting anyway. I expect to see even fewer tweets from him now.

  7. I was thinking that he’s got a lot of material now for a speech on religious freedom. I agree, cq, hope he’s going to get some good help with it.

    Anne, I’m 100% percent sure that it was his management that gave him input about the situation, not his church.

    Here’s a funny comment from mj’s big blog on the subject, and exactly what I was thinking too: “I mean, really, if children springing from the fountain of love didn’t send him into helpless giggles, he is too naive to be called on the rest of it.” Lol.

    I really liked Tawna’s comment from The Voice: “I will say, that I hope David reads some of the tweets and realizes that he has stirred a pot that didn’t need stirring. Let the beast lie still and don’t disturb it. He can mix his career and his beliefs only to a certain point and be public about it. He must weigh, with a finer tuned scale, what he comments about. I love David for his beliefs and his great desire to uphold them (yes, I am LDS). But, I would prefer that he focuses on writing and making music that upholds those beliefs and satisfies the fans’ needs. Please don’t preach to us. Please. ♥”

  8. I recall that I and some other folks here suggested that David have a separate twitter account for his own personal use a good year ago. Looks like we were right although of course there was criticism for that suggestion from some “others” here.

  9. Yes. Lowell did great. Much better than last week. I like him. 🙂

  10. From mj: “Boyd K. Packer is a head honcho of the Mormon Church. I’m sure the gender specificity in his statement was no accident.” Totally true–he is known for his very strange sayings on homosexuality and sex in general, including the “Little Factory” talk. In a previous conference he said that God wouldn’t make people gay. It seems that even within the Mormon church, David is unusually naive.

    I liked this innocent comment on David’s apology tweet: “@DavidArchie No worries, David. We all know you didn’t mean any harm. The person you quoted, however, should think before he speaks. :)”

    • I meant that David is unusually naive in that he didn’t apparently know that Packer is too controversial for public consumption.

  11. hell0g0rge0us

    I’m actually in agreement with Bliss here (gasp! shocker!!). What we learned from this minor controversy? David is still relevant! People care about what he tweets! 🙂

    • ☺️

      last thread is that ‘the’ Perez who commented?

    • He’s not relevant. The same sex marriage issue is relevant, the Indiana goings on are hot buttons… the media and the lgbt community pounce on anything and body that can further their cause… he naively became their pawn with that ill timed tweet, not because anyone cares so much about him or what he tweets… he’s just a pawn being used in this whole mess, and there is no upside or win for him… there will be others like him being used to further someone else’s agenda.

    • That tweet brought mainstream attention for David. Haven’t seen that much attention since his mission announcement, of course, would of loved for the attention be about a great album or even just a great song.

  12. Ur all unusually naive if you think anything good is going to come from this. David did not really apologize for anything – he agrees with the overall message of the tweet, he sorry only if he “offended” anyone…

  13. Sawyer was good on The Voice. David should follow Donny and Marie Osmond’s lead on how to navigate the social media. They are very involved with their church but seem to stay out of the fray on hot button social issues somehow (as far as I know. lol. ) and remain a big draw in Las Vegas . It seems that they keep their twitter mostly about their careers. I am wrong?

    • I will give you a name, Mel Gibson. True his substance abuse fueled the fire of his demise, but his religious zealotry made him a pariah.

      Donny and Marie are LDS but they are also smart business people. Everyone knows them for their wholesome images etc. Donny made no secret of the fact that at first he was uncomfortable with some of the holds and lifts when he was on DWTS. But the difference is, while their values are well known, they never preach.

    • Donny and Marie have had their stumbles on this type of thing, but mostly early in their careers and in a time with much less public scrutiny of every word a celebrity says. Barbara Walters gave them a good grilling about some issues at one point, and The Osmonds put out a record about Mormon theology called “The Plan” produced by Kolob Records. A much more innocent time.

  14. Billboard ran this story about David. I wouldn’t completely dismiss his relevance. Yes, the religious freedom act is a big deal, but paying attention to David’s tweets is something else entirely. Still, he may want to go back to his pre-mission days when he tweeted a bunch of random, harmless stuff and lay off on the religious messaging. He’s not in Chile anymore.

  15. I am having a difficult time processing how a man gets to age 24 and can be so naive, clueless, pick a word. Does he self isolate or does he have people around him isolating him? Can he really not understand what that quote means? And why would someone quote something they didn’t comprehend for what it is? Is he so clueless that he doesn’t understand the controversy surrounding the person he quoted?

    Can one live one’s life with their head in the sand their entire life?

    • Ugh, I’m actually a little nervous when I think about David’s speech next week after all of this brouhaha. He’s been wrongly linked to the Indiana controversy, and now he’ll be speaking in a conference featuring some of the main ultra conservative voices on the issue. It will take a super light touch to pull it off now.

      • Now that I think of it, maybe it was David’s naivete that caused him to accept this invitation, not his strong political views on the subject.

  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if David’s management convinces him to pass on the speech next week.

    • His apology was thoughtful and seemed heartfelt. I agree — his management should advise him to pull out of the religious conference or work very closely with him to craft a message if he plans to speak there, especially if media outlets report on it.

      • Maybe he could make a speech about his strong support of gay marriage. I think that’s about the only thing that would help his reputation after this.

  17. I don’t think David has strong political views on anything but it’s a slippery slope to publicly align with those who do, even if he’s just singing at their events. I’d like to believe that David is just being naive when he accepts these invitations, but since I’m pretty sure that the people who are inviting him are not naive, it stands to reason that either David is totally clueless about how to navigate being a public figure and is being used. Or the other option might be that as he is becoming more and more involved in his church, where he is surrounded by this kind of conservative rhetoric day and night, his own views are starting to shift towards the religious right. Or maybe he always had the views and now he’s just willing to be more outspoken about it instead of politically correct. Neither option is good in my opinion.

    I actually feel sorry for him about this latest incident because I think instead of being known for his voice, he’ll be forever condemned to being looked at as another Clay Aiken and staying “relevant” for all the wrong reasons. Just because people are taking bets out there about whether David is gay or not, and same-sex marriage is a hot button issue, it doesn’t mean that any of the people who have been engaged in this conversation will buy one single, album or concert ticket. Billboard tweets tabloid headlines all day long, so that is meaningless if you ask me. I feel like every time news about David reaches the mainstream media, it’s mostly negative. First he loses American Idol and is plagued by rumors of an abusive stage dad and that he is gay. Then his dad gets arrested and that makes a big splash. Then he makes his big mission announcement and comes back two years later with a pretty warm reception and after that nothing. So to have his first big headline since his return be about this is really a shame. I think would have been totally possible for David to have a mainstream career as a Mormon. Look at Imagine Dragons. But he never plays it smart and he never puts the focus on the music. If anyone accuses him of being too preachy or feels alienated by his constant religious tweets, he really brought that on himself. I get that these things are important to him and close to his heart but I doubt anyone really cares to read those quotes and stuff. If he’s directing them at other Mormons, they already are on his side! That’s why most savvy music artists keep their strong religious beliefs to themselves because you’re bound to alienate someone so why risk it?

    • justhanginaround

      Anonymous– THIS! Yes! MTE!

      “So to have his first big headline since his return be about this is really a shame. I think would have been totally possible for David to have a mainstream career as a Mormon. Look at Imagine Dragons. But he never plays it smart and he never puts the focus on the music. If anyone accuses him of being too preachy or feels alienated by his constant religious tweets, he really brought that on himself. I get that these things are important to him and close to his heart but I doubt anyone really cares to read those quotes and stuff. If he’s directing them at other Mormons, they already are on his side! That’s why most savvy music artists keep their strong religious beliefs to themselves because you’re bound to alienate someone so why risk it?”

  18. justhanginaround

    Just commenting on a previous message about David needing publicists and better management. Yes, he has needed that for a while now but he seems reluctant to be under anyone’s control again. I hope this recent episode is a lesson for him — that he actually does need a good team and guidance if he wants to revive his music career. However, with recent events, it will take A LOT from him to recover from this. Damage done.

    Don’t know who is doing his PR now but that statement David could have been more on point — people are angry, disgusted and out in full force on Twitter. I wonder they have even read all the tweets he’s gotten to get a good gauge of the response and what people are angry about exactly.

    He needs to address everything that’s been thrown at him. He could state clearly: I am NOT homophobic, I support equality and human rights, this HAD NOTHING to do with Indiana – I never once mentioned Indiana, and news outlets have twisted this in a big way.
    He could have turned it around and said — Likewise, please don’t spread hate and intolerance through irresponsible journalism.

    That statement would have been a good opportunity for an apology for any offense caused and a clarification on David’s stand regarding these issues. It would have stopped the media firestorm.

    I am sure David’s apology is sincere. However, as many have seen, it is doing very little to stop the hateful tweets and anger being blasted on him. MISSED OPPORTUNITY with this statement.

    • I’m not sure anything he said would make everyone happy with him. I wonder though, if he actually gets what’s wrong with the entirety of the quote. He seemed to be blaming the emphasis and how it came out on twitter, and not how it clearly relates to his church’s stance on marriage. You’re right that he could have done better, but I think that he’s in a much simpler, more childlike place.

  19. I just finished watch DWTS and yes, it’s a cheesy show, but bare with me while I try to say something that touched me so profoundly tonight that I’m still sobbing. Noah is a war veteran that lost his arm and leg in an explosion in line of duty. Tonight the theme was the most memorable year dance, his was accepting the man he has become and to be proud of who and what he looks like. I’m blown away by his dances every week, but tonight I was inspirited by this man watching him dance more than any quote, any saying that has been given by David. David sing, sing, sing that’s where your inspiration will shine.

  20. Anne, I have been reading this thread which HG put up just a few hours ago. I read your posts and extracted just some of the condescending, mean spirited things you have said about David, just from tonight:

    “I guess he really is that naive and even a tiny bit dumb ”

    ” I hope the good that comes of it is that he realizes not everyone lives in his starry-eyed, naive, LDS cocoon”

    “, apparently he is still “known”. Unfortunately, now for the wrong thing.”

    “I am having a difficult time processing how a man gets to age 24 and can be so naive, clueless, pick a word”

    “Is he so clueless that he doesn’t understand the controversy surrounding the person he quoted?”

    “Can one live one’s life with their head in the sand their entire life?”

    HG has created this site because she admires the artistry of David Archuleta. You come on her site and show her utter disrespect by trashing the artist who she created a site to celebrate. Do you even care?

    • Put a sock in it Bliss. You were the one berating and insulting posters here for treating David as a kid,not as a grown man. Well, he’s being held accountable by the world at large as a grown man, like you wanted, for his words and action about a very volatile political and cultural issue. He said it, or appeared to be in agreement with what was said, so as a grown man he must take the consequences. People here have bemoaned the fact for years at the risk of being called haters, that he and those around him were amateurs, naive, slightly clueless, and there was going to be trouble if he didn’t surround himself with more professional support. You were vocal about him knowing what he was doing, and a whole lot of other malarkey that has proven to be a bunch of hot air. He stubbornly wants to be “the real David” now, and put himself out in front with his beliefs… well his beliefs aren’t so popular now, and lack of real damage or crisis control by his nonexistent amateur time “team” has made him the perfect patsy for the media and these others groups to hold up as an example of hate and bigotry. He is and will be held accountable, like you wanted, as a GROWN MAN for his words and actions. It’s unfortunate, but yes men and well intentioned fans and butt kissers like you bear some of the blame for what is happening. Somebody needs to be brave enough to tell it like it is, and not tell people what they want to hear. That has been Soul David’s role, and once again, those so called haters have been PRETTY ACCURATE about how things were going to turn out for him. You have been so wrong about so much that all you have left is bitter attacks when you should be ashamed to even show your face. If he’s man enough to take a stand for things he believes in, then as a man, he has to take the consequences, good or bad, right or wrong. After all, he’s the one now being “real”.

  21. Those comments bothered me too. I do not feel comfortable with snide, demeaning remarks. Anne, why do you feel the need to do that. Were you ever treated that way? Were you hurt? Or.. Were you a mean girl in HS? Does it make you feel superior to put someone like David down? I don’t understand why you feel the need to say those things. I would like to be tolerant of you but your remarks really have been bothering me so I am finally speaking up although I usually prefer not to.
    I think David is a kind, well meaning person with the naivety of youth. We think we know him but we have no idea of the hardships and trials he has gone through and is still going through. His life has NOT been easy and music and religion are what have been his solace. Really, I wish you would just stop. Maybe you don’t realize how unkind you seem. “Can a (wo)man get to the age of ?? and be that clueless and naive?”

    • just wondering

      Anne has as much right to her opinions/comments as anyone else here. If her comments make you “uncomfortable”, scroll on by. No one forces anyone to read anyone else’s comments.

      David is not as clueless or naïve as he seems to be. Much as we want to believe it. He admires the man he quoted. It’s his right to admire whomever he wants & what they teach within his church. It wasn’t the first time he’s tweeted a quote by a Mormon leader & it won’t be the last.

      I do agree given the firestorm created by a supposedly innocent “tweet”, he should back out of the symposium. If he “needs” someone to help him compose a speech about where he stands on ‘Religious Freedom” & what that entails, then he should just stay out of it. IMO.

    • Anne is spot with her comments. You are still wanting to treat David like a child. He’s a 24 year old man now. He doesn’t want to be treated like a child who doesn’t know his own mind. For God’s sake, let him grow up and learn to be a man, all the good and the bad.

  22. Sooner or later, someone on Twitter will realize that he will be speaking at a religious freedom conference, and the doo-doo will hit the cooling device again.

    • Yep peter. David is forced to respond to reaction on Twitter but I am quite sure he does not read fan sites or blogs nor care what folks comment here or at any site. I would suggest the comment police do battle with others on Twitter cause it is a waste of time and energy here. lol.

    • Sawyer on The Voice charted the highest on iTunes last night. He is 15 and extremely unique and talented. I am still a Lowell fan but I think that Sawyer could win this year.

  23. David is very unique the few times I have met him he was exactly as he appeared online.. I never met anyone like him.
    he seems almost like a is a living Disney character.
    you know it could just be as he said he thought that whoever was speaking he liked what they were saying and it didn’t fit on one tweet.
    now why did he like it I have no idea maybe he is contemplating getting married himself and/or as someone around suggested it was to support the youth he speaks to now? isn’t he a priest of sorts and in his faith it his job of sorts to spread the word whatever that may be?
    not saying it is right or wrong just trying to put myself in his shoes.
    shouldn’t we all do that though if just to see things as they see the world

    that being said he could of just been texting etc sent two tweets cause they didn’t fit and never looked back
    I don’t think I ever got the impression he pays attention to politics or even what is going on in the world at large.

  24. Justwondering, and hitandrunn, Of course Anne has a right to her opinions and yet you need to jump to her defense. She has a right to be judgmental and unkind and I have a right to my opinions too. Sorry, a lot of things in this world bother me and that doesn’t mean I should or will “scroll on by” and not voice my opinion. David has a right to his opinions too, and I think a lot of what I am seeing (and I am not just implying only here) is blatantly judgmental and cruel to say the least and not the way anyone should be treated. Certainly not how you or I would want to be treated. Hitandrunn, for me Anne is not “spot on” with her comments. She can be very snide and demeaning. Sure, she has the right to do that, but that doesn’t make it right. She certainly is not a child yet you felt a need to defend her and that’s fine, you agree with her apparently, and are being a good friend to her. I like that. I have a right to express my feelings and opinions also. Like David quoted and Mandella said, “I’m not a saint, just a sinner who is still trying.” I can defend David and in doing so, I do not treat David as a child. That dismissive statement is just a way to put me down for thinking he deserves some consideration, understanding, and kindness. Adults deserve that too. I also know that at twenty four many are still forming their views of life and the world. He is. I certainly was, and I do not see the world the same now. I feel bad for a basically kind and good young man who I am sure is hurting.

    • I share the same frustrations Anne voiced. She’s right to wonder how David could continue to isolate himself for so long after his mission. After two years of literal separation from the world, he doesn’t seem to want to come out of it. I don’t know why everyone wants to turn it into a fight about each other instead of addressing her points.

      • P.S. I, too, feel badly for a basically kind and good young man who is hurting. That doesn’t invalidate Anne’s reading of what got him into the sad situation in the first place.

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