Happy Easter!

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  1. justhanginaround

    Glad to see the apology. Major damage has been done though. Pretty bad tweets and articles are out there and he’s definitely lost followers and fans. Hopefully this all blows over soon. Not sure if David’s apology is having an impact on the people he’s pissed off, but it’s good to see he recognizes what’s happened.

    • Unfortunately, unless those same websites who originally posted his Saturday tweet pick up and post his apology, most of the people who got pissed off will never see it. They aren’t responding to his tweet itself, but to the website that posted it under sensationalist headlines.

    • I went to one of the LGTB sites from someone tweeting David, and I was startled by how very wrong most of the assumptions were, even if he HAD meant to oppose gay marriage. Wrong about his family, wrong about his time on AI, wrong about his gay club adventure, saying that he had been back from his mission for YEARS, everything. There were a few kind, balanced comments by among others, gay people in marriages, but I agree that just as the old David-was-abused-on-AI rumors persist, this will likely be the new perception about him for many people.

      • He just needs to put out kick ass music to shut everyone up, including me, lol.

      • Oh btw, I wasn’t meaning anyone here or any other fansite, I was referring to the twitter uproar and of course, including myself….

      • I read a tweet from one of those websites that said he was Jewish. I don’t know where people come us with this stuff.

  2. An interesting and rather awkward coincidence that I was framing my own apology when David’s came through.

    Yesterday’s Easter Brunch here was laced with poison. I am truly sorry for how I served mine, so I hope you will allow me to explain myself a bit before I go back to lurking.

    I am an unabashed fan of David Archuleta, a fan of both his vocal prowess and his unfailing kindness toward others. I have been reading here for long time. Early on, I looked forward to HG’s thoughtful articles and the contributions of others who shared my enthusiasm for David’s talent, and who broadened my understanding of the music business. Sadly, when David decided to leave his still-blooming career for two years, and for very personal reasons, the “soul” kind of went out of Soul David. We missed him. We had a hard time dealing with the loss. Some of the more biased fans became very angry about his (personal) reasons for leaving and began to express their indignation in increasingly nasty ways. David was castigated, mocked, derided, criticized, all that and more. I was so naïve, I really thought it all would blow over in short order. It hasn’t.

    The latest thread became a virtual uproar, fraught with irrational and contentious remarks from both accusers and defenders. A lot of it—too much of it—was way over the top, but then that’s what we do on the internet where there are one-dimensional relationships, no real names, no faces and very little accountability. But here? Why here? This place seemed to be a bigger train wreck than any misstep David might have made.

    Unfortunately, I became so completely irked by the attacks, I was drawn into the fray. I erroneously assumed that sarcastic humor was an accepted way of making a point here, even with my different perspective. It was a mistake I regret. I am not that person, and I don’t want to be. I categorically reject the growing toxicity.

    I especially apologize to Peter whose insights I have often enjoyed, but who was provoked to the point of unleashing a hateful temper tantrum yesterday, complete with vulgarities. I will not comment on his regular minion of cheerleaders, but it is hard to cast any blame on him for his reaction. I am sorry. I hope he knows my apology is sincere.


    Over and out.

    • A hateful temper tantrum? I was just trying to illustrate what it would look like if, instead of posting random videos, I was actually trying to flood this site with videos and “change the narrative of this site.”

      Also, respectfully disagree about “still-blooming.”

    • That’s an apology?

    • Zing, could you clarify this part of your post “I especially apologize to Peter whose insights I have often enjoyed, but who was provoked to the point of unleashing a hateful temper tantrum yesterday, complete with vulgarities”

      In looking over the posts, I could not find the post(s) that could have sufficiently “provoked” Peter into disrespecting HG and her site with the display of filth and crudeness he saw fit to burden all who had to be subjected to it last night and today.

      • I’m sure that HG—you know, the person who actually runs this site—will let me know if she finds “the display of filth and crudeness,” aka the Grammy-nominated hit song “F*ck You!” and the Golden Girls theme song, disrespectful and ask me to leave.

  3. Have to say I am SO GLAD to see his apology. It WAS his innocence and impulsivity that got him into trouble both here and in the gay club event. When his cousin commented on the MTM video, he called David “don’t-know-what’s-going-on-in-the-world David”. A kinder characterization would be that he is somehow still a bit naive, despite his exceptional experiences in his career and mission.

  4. Hey bliss go after the twitter haters, now if you did that, I would support you….go get them, apparently even after the apology they are still at it….

    • Well this should be a growing experience for David. Apparently even on a mission, he was sheltered from the general public’s perceptions. I wonder if he’ll tone down the religious talk as a result, or keep going strong.

    • CQ, I have tweeted a few tweets and have gotten many responses, all supportive. As I said here yesterday, this fan site is not the same as twitter. This site was created for fans of David to discuss and celebrate his music. For those people to come on this site and throw him under the bus is a betrayal of the artist/fan relationship. Twitter has millions of members. It is not just a site for David Archuleta fans. This is. Go on FOD. They are supporting him because they are supporters of him. This site has mutated into a hate site. Read the posts here. It’s all there in nauseating black and white.

      • Oh I apology I’ll go to my corner and hide my head in shame….. you do comment here all the time so I guess you include yourself in that description.

  5. Hope:

    Clark will probably be singing “Wrecking Ball” or “Set Fire to the Rain” this week. I hope it’s the latter.

  6. David has needed professional public relations for quite some time, as his communication skills with the general public are lacking. he is too unworldly, naive, too sheltered, unable to grasp the greys in his black and white worldview. This episode makes him look stupid, short sighted, unable to think for himself. It may not be such a bad idea if he gave up trying to have a career outside singing for the LDS Church. He won’t recover from this.

    • he may be sheltered but I feel his heart is in the right place do all artists have to be that worldly?

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