Holy Week Begins

And David is unabashed in sharing his faith (too bad his Voice wasn’t on this rendition!):

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  1. well said well said shanny

  2. A shanny political monologue ahead, enter at own risk:

    I debated saying this stuff cos it is a hot button topic and as a conservative I’m definitely in the minority amongst many outspoken people here – and I’m definitely not into debating the various issues – but I feel perhaps it might be a useful moment to simply present the perspective of one conservative person, and maybe, just maybe that will increase understanding….

    I consider myself a conservative for two reasons:

    1. I believe in small government, meaning i prefer the government to stick to issues of a national consequence and allow sources closer to the problems to find the solutions to local issues. On a personal level, I prefer the government to stay out of my life as much as possible and let me make the decisions and mistakes for myself and mine, and others for them and theirs. It is my belief that this sort of small government thinking is usually found on the conservative side of politics. Of course there will be exceptions in policies etc from time to time. Politics is messy.

    2. Despite there being problems in the past, such as inequality for women, inequality of race etc, I think there were some standards that for the most part benefited society. I think the more we get away from these norms the more problems we run into as a civilized society. Norms such as children been born into a home with a mum and a dad. Norms which frowned on sexual promiscuity. Norms where neighbors knew each other, helped each other, looked out for each other. Norms where the father was expected to provide for his wife and children. Norms where a mans word was his honor. Where people did the ‘right thing’ and not the pleasurable, easy thing. Where you could leave your front door unlocked. Where kids could roam the neighborhood all day and come home good and dirty and tired at night. These are some of the things I see from the past that strengthened society and that we are losing today.

    Now, I know this paints a rosy picture and there were many, many exceptions. Sheesh, my grandmother has many tales to tell of poverty and alcoholism and running in the night from a drunken father, of getting pregnant at 16 and raising a child as a single mother with shame directed her way. My own childhood was far from this ideal. But study after study has shown that the closer we can get to these norms, the healthier society is. For instance, we all know that children raised in two parent households have less poverty, better educational outcomes, less health issues and better chances for a happy productive life.

    Just like I said in my former post about religious freedom being a fine line balancing the freedoms of one, against inhibiting the freedoms of others, I know these issues come with some discontent and murkiness. I think that’s why religion and politics are ‘hot button’ topics. But just like I think religious freedom (without the hate) is worth working for, I think getting as close to these political and social ideals (without the hate) is also worthy of our time and energy.

    Ultimately, I don’t think my conservative views are ones of hate; they are ones where I see good in the ways of the past, ways that build a stronger, more supportive, healthier society for the majority moving into the future. And I see a declining society the further we move away from these standards of the past.

    I also don’t think people who are on the liberal side of politics are haters. I think
    we are all for the freedom of all, we are all for better outcomes for all…..I think we simply see different means for achieving it.

    That is my view on it anyway. Other’s mileage may differ. lol I hope it helped some people to get a glimpse into the mind of a ‘conservative’.

    Take care all.

    • Shanny, I appreciate your post and respect it. You gave me food for thought.

      I am a political conservative too. I believe in small government and that is my why I fear the religious right, at least the vocal religious right in this country. They want to legislate us into living according to what they believe. Yes, I do understand that there are divergent opinions in any group, even the religious right. I do not for a moment think David hates anyone. I’m now not sure if David is just naive. I just don’t know.

      I am a raving social liberal. I was raised by conservative but very fair parents. I am lucky. They taught me to think for myself.

  3. Anne, thanks for your thoughts.
    I think we probably see things more similarly than most might guess.
    I too am against abortion but I too am for people to have freedom over their own choices.
    This sort of issue, brings me back to the ideals I expressed in my political post….if we had a society which emphasized the lost ideals of yesteryear…I don’t think we’d have these problems of trying to figure out how to balance ‘a baby’s life’ against ‘a woman’s freedom’.
    So many of today’s issues are just the ‘symptoms’ of an underlying disease festering away in today’s world.

    Anyway, I don’t intend to say too much more. Too controversial. 🙂

  4. Shanny… You gave your point of view, please indulge me in mine…

    The irony of conservatives wanting to whitewash American history is quite obvious. The same people who want to bring us back to the “values” of the founding fathers don’t want our children to learn the negative truths about the world they lived in. They want to take this country back to an idealized past, but completely ignore any controversial aspects of that time. Conservatives in America seem to want to go back to a super idealized version of the 1950’s. To them, this was the peak of American civilization. It was the time when prosperity, the nuclear family, and moral values reigned supreme. A lot of people born after the ’50s have been led to believe it was an Ozzie and Harriet or Leave it to Beaver world that we could return to — if we would only do away with government regulations and taxes on the rich.

    In the idealized conservative view of America, in the 1980’s Reagan is saving America from Cold War, but NOT ignoring the AIDS crisis. In their beautiful picture of the 1950s, everyone has a beautiful house with a white picket fence, and racial tensions are NOT an issue. Conservatives seem to be panting for a tricked-out DeLorean that can take them back in time. To a period when the power structure was fixed and comfortable, when there were no black first ladies or black camerawomen, when Jewish ladies were not in charge of national political parties, back to a time when only a select few – the white, the male, the straight, the Protestant – could reasonably expect to exert political or financial or social or sexual power. Conservatives in America appear to be on a mission to drastically curtail women’s reproductive rights, taking aim not just at abortion but at birth control, the blocking of the Paycheck Fairness Act, objections to expanding the Violence Against Women Act. In word and deed, conservatives have been telegraphing their hope to return us to a moment not just before Roe, but before the birth-control pill, before the sexual revolution, before second-wave feminism hammered pesky terms like “harassment” and “equal pay” into our lexicon, to a moment when women’s bodies and sexuality and identities were men’s to define, patrol and violate at will.

    It goes on and on… The state-by-state assault on voting rights, a dizzying array of propositions designed to keep brown and black people, poor people and young people from the polls… This too is an attempt to turn back time, to return the country to a moment before the Voting Rights Act of 1965 helped ensure safe enfranchisement for African-Americans. We here in America have been watching a lengthy, multi-tentacled attempt to shut tight doors that were opened by the social movements of the mid-20th century, to push back those who have apparently gotten their hands on a little too much power, by aiming back toward a time when men were white, women were long-suffering vessels, and black men were definitely not president. These were the “good old days”, whose popular images of husbands mowing lawns, wives vacuuming in high heels and white children playing with the family dog have been emblazoned on the American consciousness. Researchers like Miriam Reumann, Elaine Tyler May, and others have suggested that beneath America’s veneer of moral triumph in those “good old days” lay deep-seated anxieties surrounding shifting gender roles, economic uncertainties and racial tensions. Fears of “sexual chaos,” in particular, became the preoccupation of choice for many psychiatrists and physicians as well as politicians, who worried that a breakdown in sexual morality would lead to a breakdown in the delicate social fabric of America.

    In reality, it was known that Americans had been engaging in sexually “deviant” practices for decades: In a survey of American college girls in1-9-2-0-, 92 percent reported that they engaged in “petting,” and nearly one half of young women were having pre-marital sex. Sexual “deviance” took on new meaning in the immediate aftermath of World War II, as sexual promiscuity became conflated with moral weaknesses and was thus considered to be an indicator of vulnerability to the contaminating forces of Soviet communism. Several experts began to hold up “traditional,” heterosexual marriage as a gold standard, a moral ideal that could liberate Americans from their own sexual decadence. This idea that “normal” families were those with heterosexual, married partners who enjoyed their gender roles became common knowledge among physicians, journalists and others in the 1950s and beyond.

    The problem with this seemingly common-sense idea that families were “good,” strong, or authentically American “back in the day” is that this idea persists as a means by which conservative leaders today are able to re-script ideas about how “good” American men and women should really be behaving. That is, if we passively believe that American families were in fact strongest when fathers brought home the bacon and women stayed home with the children then we will use “common sense” logic to dismiss feminists as “anti-family,” or gay marriage as antithetical to “traditional” American family values. So I’m sensitive to and resistant to this “norm, normalcy” trap you’ve espoused.

    • Thanks for your perspective Beauxcefus. I’m sure most people here would be ‘sensitive’ to what I said, to the point they may falsely assume I am judgmental of anyone who’s lives differ from the rosy picture I painted. However as I implied, I understand life is messy, politics are messy. And as I’ve said several times, people can have different views on things and still like one another.

      Personally, I think you made massively sweeping generalizations about what conservatives think and want about very complex issues. But hey, you know, I like this stuff. It’s interesting even if controversial, so thanks for sharing your food for thought. 🙂

    • Love your post Beauxcefus. I see things more the way you do than the way Shanny does but loved reading both posts. And that is why I value this site. We can learn from each other, just vent, or whatever else tickles our fancy. And in a weird way we can thank David for leading us to think and learn. He is at the center of all the discourse.

    • Beauxcefus, so happy to have you comment again, love your writing. My views align more with yours, but, Shanny, I also enjoyed reading your view point even though my view point is different.

    • Beauxcefus – Thank you, thank you, thank you, a hundred times thank you. You have managed to state perfectly what has been going on in politics in America in a way that I never could have managed to do. I would like to add that those same conservative “values” would take us back to a time before we had Social Security and Medicare. To a time when getting old meant abject poverty unless you were one of the few rich who earned enough money during their working years that they didn’t have to worry about making a choice between buying medicine or food. When you had to live in fear of a serious illness eating up anything you had managed to save for your “golden” years. They would like to go back to a time when none of the social safety nets were in place like welfare and food stamps. There are a lot of very powerful monied interests investing a lot of their money trying to ensure that their hand chosen politicians will take us back to those times. What’s happening in this country right now is an ugly thing. A very ugly thing.

  5. For Hope:

    I love how relaxed he is, strongly present in the moment. He lets the music flow through him.

    • Thanks,peter. Clark is so talented. What a voice. Beauxcefus some really good points in your comments -I agree. I know don’t want to go back in time to where there were no rights for same sex couples and no pro choice for women. Also Shanny it is no longer longer just a mum and dad that are raising families. It can be a same sex couples of 2 moms and 2 dads that are doing an amazing job raising children. There is a reason gay rights activists and really others in support of gay,Lesbian,transgender were upset with Prop 8 and now what is going on Indiana. We don’t want to move backward;we need to move forward for all to have rights. A bold and supportive and humanitarian move for David would be to come out in support of Gay,Lesbian, and transgender rights and same sex couples. There are members of his own church that are suffering due to their stance on homosexuals. Now I would admire him greatly if he did that but have a feeling that is not going to happen. Good for David Letterman for speaking up about what is going on in Indiana.

      • Yes Hope. I would also love to see David do that but, like you, I just don’t really see it happening. I loved the rest of your comment too.

    • Although I think Clark is good, I don’t see that he is great. To me he is too slick and packaged. I know I’m in the minority so I will go put on my helmet to deflect the rotten apples that will be thrown at me.

      • No rotten apples. Everyone is free to like or dislike him (or any other artist, for that matter).

      • Rotten freedom apples LOL

      • That reminds me of what David’s critics used to say during AI. That he was programmed and robotic. Ha ha. You should look at Clark’s videos of his street performer days. He does have lots of experience, just like David did from his Star Search days, but neither of them seem fake to me…. Though I guess David said that he was…so IDK.

  6. Please delete. Meant to post elsewhere! Thanks

  7. Went to DA OS to see if new concert dates were announced, no new ones, just to two. Those two came so quickly one after the other, I was thinking that maybe others would come as quickly.

    • I really, really like this song by A Fine Frenzy. Thanks for the video Peter.

      Just a thought about all the controversy surrounding David & what his political views may or may not be. I guess we will find out more about “who he is & what he stands for” after 4/15.

      I appreciate and respect everyone’s point of view, & all who were open & honest here yesterday and today. Even Shanny from Australia who I’m assuming isn’t an American so whatever happens here politically will not impact her way of life? But I do respect her right to give her views as well.

      As for me, there’s much to ponder regarding David. David’s appearance & performance at the Religious Freedom Symposium is disturbing to say the least, however depending on what he says if anything, it may be a deal-breaker for me. I refuse to support anyone who has even the slightest hint of discrimination or intolerance towards any segment of our society.

      I guess we will have to wait & see.

      • As a card carrying liberal who believes that everybody has a right to live whatever life they choose as song as they don’t impede or legislate away other people’s rights to do the same, I am troubled when I read that “I refuse to support anyone who has even the slightest hint of discrimination or intolerance towards any segment of our society.”

        That attitude is, in and of itself, intolerant and discriminatory. David is LDS. Like all religions and institutions, they have “rules”, and these rules will favor one group over another. I’m a Jew. You shouldn’t know from the “rules” that discriminate, especially against women, in Orthodox Judaism. I guess it’s time to throw out those Seinfeld DVDs, those Streisand CDs, those Irving Berlin records.

        Why is David being held to a standard that no other artist, politician or spokesperson for any movement is being held? When did David Archuleta’s views on social issues become the litmus test by which acceptability is based?

        Every rap singer who accepts an award thanks “Jesus Christ” during their acceptance speech. Some of these guys won their awards with lyrics like “Back that ass up bitch”. Doesn’t that qualify as a “hint of discrimination” against women?

        Nobody’s perfect, including David, but as a human being who respects the dignity of his fellow man/woman, I’ll take my chances on David Archuleta over some of the “Superstars” that David is supposed to want to emulate.

      • Bliss, I’m confused, you have all along have put David in a different category than any other artist because of his goodness, now he is just the same as everyone else? Yes, it’s true he is the same any one else, not this perfect person you have always said he was.

    • Beautiful song, thanks peter.
      Senseless, yes, it’s a wait and see with David. Very disturbing indeed.

      • CQ, I find it “disturbing” that you find anything about David Archuleta “disturbing”. I guess you’re very easily disturbed. I mean, c’mon. You’re kidding, right?

      • Not David, what I find disturbing is some of the people that are part of this event.

  8. Re: Shanny’s political point #2. It’s not really about politics, because we can’t legislate ideal families or go back to the past, we have to do the best we can for the families that exist.

    I assume your point #2 is about gay marriage, so my response is that even our mostly conservative Supreme Court has recognized that there’s no reason to deny the children of same-sex couples the protection of marriage. There’s no requirement that people be able to have children in order to marry, and no requirement that people be married to have children. The majority of people these days, overwhelmingly in the younger generations, believe that we don’t want to force some families and children be second-class citizens even if they’re not ideal. (Plus I think we should be glad that someone is seeing and speaking for the value of marriage in a time when so many heterosexual couples increasingly don’t value it).

    My family would be far from ideal because we are an adoptive family with all of the messiness of adoption. Conservatives can see how adoption can be the best choice for some children, despite not being the ideal, and I think that more and more are seeing that being in a stable married two parent family is best for the children of gay people. For that matter, David’s family is far from ideal with hardly an intact marriage among them. Back in the olden times they did try to legislate ideal families by making divorces difficult to get. That didn’t work.

    I’m 100% glad to be living in these times rather than the 50’s. And I know because I was born in the 50’s and lived the ideal family life. Every age has it’s challenges, but I strongly believe that in so many ways we are in better times.

    Also I have to say that it’s been a revelation in the past few days how many conservatives and corporations like Marriott and Walmart are speaking out against the Indiana religious liberty law. Yay for them!

  9. CQ, you say this “Bliss, I’m confused, you have all along have put David in a different category than any other artist because of his goodness, now he is just the same as everyone else? Yes, it’s true he is the same any one else, not this perfect person you have always said he was.”

    When have I ever said that I thought David is a “perfect” person? I think David is fine just the way he is, however. I do think he is exceptional in many ways,especially in the way that he treats others and respects their differences. Haven’t you been observing David over the years? People, from all walks of life, gravitate to him and want to be around him. Not because he can carry a tune, but because of the way he makes them feel in his presence.

    Guess what, you do not think David is the same as everyone else. If he was, would you be posting every day of the week about some guy who hasn’t put out a song in 3 years and has disappointed you in every way humanly possible. Do you think anybody believes the “I’m just waiting to see what he does” nonsense.

  10. after reading all the comments written about David I think there are a few things he should do to show he is tolerant and doesn’t discriminate against any person or group of people.

    1) he should put out a sex tape

    2) he should be arrested for cocaine possession

    3 ) he should then enter rehab for drug and sex addiction

    4) he should come out as gay

    5) he and his partner could then adopt 2 African American children

    6) he should release an album where he covers Clark Beckham covers

    all these things would prove how tolerant and forward thinking he is.

    on the other hand he could just continue to be himself .

    for a group of people who go on and on about tolerance and discrimination, you sure do judge David . if he is so objectionable to you why on earth do you follow him? also maybe you should look up the meaning of the two words and try proof reading your comments before you hit enter. I did read my comment and I stand by it.

    • Blingy, ain’t that the truth. For some reason, David Archuleta, of all people, is required to be lock step on board with every view they have in their world or there will be hell to pay. No one else is held to this standard. True liberals understand that people have all sorts of views, and some of them are different from theirs. This crowd here has demonstrated for years that you either agree with everything they say or “it’s you ass”. Regarding David, it’s not enough for them to reject David for views he may or may not have, they come here to punish and pummel him for it. Abandoning him is “too good” for David. They come here to stone him on a public site for having the nerve to go in a different direction that they did not authorize first.

    • David should be supportive of gay rights and against any type of discrimination of the LGBT community. Especially if it occurs within his own church. I would say at one time David had many fans that were gay and were so supportive of him and his career. I am quite sure that many LGBT fans spent money on his appearances and his music. To be honest not so sure about that anymore. I think Clark has the whole package-Talent(great voice),good looks,nice personality, and very marketable. Clark should win AI.

      • David did not invite any one group to be fans of his. Anyone who became a fan of David’s did so because that person chose to do so. David does not OWE anything to ANYBODY other than to give people the best live performance he can when folks pay to see him. That has happened at EVERY show David has ever done.

        Hope, you speak exactly the way the close minded conservatives that you oppose speak. When did liberals morph into conservatives? David is allowed to have any views he wants about anything. If you don’t like those views, take YOUR business elsewhere. David is not on this earth to fit into YOUR comfort zone. He’s a big boy now. You say this, ” I am quite sure that many LGBT fans spent money on his appearances and his music.” Are you saying that David’s views on social issues should be shaped by the people who spend money on him and not from his own mind and heart?

        Clark is perfect for you. He’s young, cute, can sing a little, willing to please, malleable, and does what he’s told. He’s every thing David USED to be.

    • 7) He should get married soon, or his fellow extremists will suspect that he is gay.

      • The only extremists I see are right here, pretending to be liberals

      • peter-good point about the fellow extremists. cc halo some really good points in your comment. I have made this comment before-It does not matter what the fans think or post in comments on blogs or twitter- it matters what the music industry thinks if he wants to be a music artist. Big if there. The music/entertainment business is very liberal and open minded and pro choice and very supportive of Gay rights . That is the business that David is in. Just because some might not like it does not change it. He is not a plumber although maybe he will be soon. lol. 🙂 I think that this conference/symposium could be very interesting in not in a good way.

    • Well those things wouldn’t hurt his career, hahahaha, I kid. I know your comment, blingy was meant to mock our point of views. You seem like such a lovely person.

  11. I think that David may be figuring that his mainstream career chances are pretty shot right now, and just decided to go for broke with the religion and politics. His blogs were pretty kamikaze–“it was all fake before, so take me or leave me as I am now.” He’ll do fine in Utah and Idaho and maybe even do better the more religious he is.

  12. LDS is by far not the only religious right institution that has degrees of intolerance associated with it’s teachings. They are certainly among the most vocal. David can stand on any platform and preach anything he wants to regarding this issue. The fact that he has the freedom to do so doesn’t make it right but I defend his constitutional rights to say whatever he wants on these or any other topics.

    Bliss, no one here is saying David can’t have and express his own views. They and I are giving our opinions, which despite your wishes we have a right to also. Please site examples where anyone here is saying David is not allowed to say or do what he wants

    • Anne, no one here is saying he can’t say what he wants because no one here can prevent him from doing so. You say: “Bliss, no one here is saying David can’t have and express his own views. They and I are giving our opinions, which despite your wishes we have a right to also”

      All I am doing is exactly what you are doing. I am giving my opinion about what I read on this site. Don’t I have the same rights as you to post what I want? You can and will post whatever you want. I have no control over that, nor do I want to. Post away, as will I. It’s a blog, remember.

  13. I don’t think David is a ‘hater’.. waiting to see what comes of this symposium I am hoping for videos.

    intolerance of the intolerant is intolerance as well.

  14. In no way, shape or form do I think David is a ‘hater’. The only thing that he might feel, being because of his strong religious beliefs, would be to for some certain issues that I do feel are human rights do to those religious beliefs and right now, he might not have any problem expressing those values.
    I’m with Anne, he has every right to say what he feels.
    Kimak, your right too, intolerance swings both ways.

    • to each their own way I see it not into folks pushing their beliefs on others.. be it about religion, politics, sex whatever guess why I am an independent for the most part I like to hear all and make up my own mind as to what and who I am or wish to be and do.
      so I understand folks getting up in arms with some things. crazy isn’t it the world right now look what just happened in Kenya killing those that were Christians sparing the Muslims.
      we are still the same as we were way back in Jesus’ time.
      hoping for videos of not only his performance but what he will say too.

    • CQ, do you really believe that “intolerance swings both ways”?

      If people tolerated intolerance, there would have been no civil rights’s movement, no women’s movement , no gay rights movement, and no social change in general. The recent law in Indiana was about intolerance. If people followed what you said, they would have “tolerated” it and there would have been no backlash and no change.

      Should people have tolerated laws that gave women no right no choose what to do with their bodies. Should Slavery have been “tolerated” because to not tolerate it would have been “the same thing”?

  15. tried to post David’s instagram video.. went into moderation assuming you all have seen it?
    thought it was great so did others also has a ton of views and well I like a sassy David.
    another thing I noticed was his voice seems to have lowered he sounded great.

    Idol was ok this week happy to see Daniel went home and Clark was good ok not as good as always but going to guess he is the front runner.
    favorite part was that Kelly Clarkson was there I love her spunk.
    next week is Jennifer Hudson week I think kind of meh on her she is good just that never got into her music etc.
    guess they are trying to liven things up maybe get successful Idols to help out get some views think Idol’s ratings are in the dumpster as of late.

    • Kelly was great on AI. Love her. 🙂 I am just not a big Jennifer H. fan.

    • I saw the video, so good. Man he has it all, whether he wants it or not, lol.
      Kim, Congrats on the new Gbaby. Have a wonderful time with your family, I know that it’s going to be especially wonderful getting to bond with that glorious new life.

    • Oh, I’m so glad Daniel finally went home. David was one instance where the tween girl voters actually had good taste.

  16. It crossed my mind today that David might feel inclined to feel passionate about religious freedom because he personally has received so much criticism for being a religious person, tweeting about religious stuff he enjoys etc. none of which has been discriminatory, just him living his life, sharing what he loves. Sometimes I can’t help but think that this fandom brings upon ourselves things we don’t like, like limited communication. Sure we can say whatever we want about David but we can’t choose the consequences.

    • Again, I don’t think David reads this blog or makes decisions based on this blog. Also, approximately ten people or so on this blog are not in agreement with what he does, which is really not that many people. Also, these are random comments on the Internet, which makes them meaningless.

    • Hi Shanny, so a couple of things, so do you think that if his fans stop criticizing that he posts way to much of his personal religious beliefs, that he was curtail those types of posts? and second, could you explain that last sentence? David has every right to do whatever he wants, it’s a free country, thank goodness. He has, at least had a very diverse fan base and some don’t quite line up with his beliefs, therefore, imo, I don’t feel he needs to stop posting things that he believe in, but continuing to post mostly those types of things, imo again, seem a little to much religion and not enough postings regarding his music career, which, I think his fans want to hear more about than his own personal beliefs.

      • cq, I agree. I don’t have a problem with “what” he posts as much as I feel it’s unbalanced. He seems to be all about uplifting and preaching and not at all about his career. Even on the fan sites, it’s just sooo much talk of it. It’s like he’s becoming more of a religious figure than a singer.

        It doesn’t interest me. I just want to hear the man sing, and to see some excitement from him about his career would be nice.

        Maybe I just need to take a break from the David “stuff.”

        So, anyone watching The Voice, what do you think of Sawyer Fredericks? He’s very young, but has an interesting singing style and voice. Different.

      • Anon Too-I like Sawyer from The Voice. I am a fan of contestant Lowell Oakley but I think Sawyer has a better chance of winning. Lowell did remain in the competition but honestly he was not that good last week. Sawyer seems to be way ahead in all the online polls that ask viewers who they think will win The Voice this year. I want to see what Coach Pharrell does with Sawyer. He is only 15 and is unique and the viewers like him. Team Pharrell has the best team this year (Mia Z is good too) but there is always that young country contestant- Corey- on Blake’s team. Here is Sawyer’s audition video:

      • Hope, I also like both Lowell and Mia. Pharrell has a really good team this year. He stands a good chance of winning. I think the show has a really good format, much better than AI, and the rapport between the judges makes for a very entertaining show.

        If you don’t mind me asking, where do you follow The Voice polls? I’d love to be able to keep an eye on them.

      • For some reason you can post videos here at SD BUT can no longer post links that will go directly to the site. Even if you post the link in the comment the comment then goes directly into moderation here and will not post. Sawyer is always in the lead in the polls. Just Google- Sawyer Fredericks the voice and polls and it will come up. 🙂

      • That comment was for Anon Too. 🙂

      • If you post your link and add quotation marks to it, it won’t go into moderation. People can then copy the link itself and then paste in a new tab’s address bar.

      • Hope, Thanks! I searched what you recommended and found it. 🙂

  17. It is precisely because David himself has always been so kind, humble and non-discriminatory that some feel it’s a shame that he would have such a strong allegiance to a church that is often un-kind, not humble and very discriminatory. I have absolutely no problems with Mormons themselves and have found most I’ve encountered to be quite lovely people. I do often have issues with the larger church itself and think certain vocal leaders especially give their lovely members a bad name, including David. Of course David has every right to align himself with whomever he wants. But anyone should have the same right to be disappointed with that aspect of his public persona too, and to comment about how it might impact his career.
    I still think it’s much more useful to steer completely clear of the topics of religion and politics and focus on the other aspects of David’s personality that might impact his career. He has already talked about his introverted nature, his unhappiness with having to be fake around fans, his distaste for the business side of music and his struggles with songwriting, remembering words during live performances and accompanying himself with an instrument. David could be the most conservative and outspoken Mormon on the planet and still be successful if he didn’t have to deal with the above challenges. At the end of the day, it’s all about the music he puts out. The music drives the career and thus far, he hasn’t put out anything noteworthy in my opinion. That’s the real underlying issue for me.

    • Anonymous, do we live on the same planet? You say this: “He has already talked about his introverted nature, his unhappiness with having to be fake around fans, his distaste for the business side of music and his struggles with songwriting, remembering words during live performances and accompanying himself with an instrument”

      Poor David, lol. David Archuleta has performed live, in front of thousands of people, on multiple continents, to rave reviews. He has recorded and sold music that has sold over 1,000,000 CDs and downloads. I’m not going to read his resume here for the umpteenth time. Whatever “struggles” he may have (Steisand has severe stage fright, btw) he has still managed, at a very young age, to do very well. Not well enough for some of the folks here, of course, but malcontents are never satisfied anyway.

      Then you have the gall to post this with a straight face: “The music drives the career and thus far, he hasn’t put out anything noteworthy in my opinion. That’s the real underlying issue for me.”

      David hasn’t put out anything “noteworthy” in 7 years and you still post on his fan site? What are you, a glutton for punishment?” The only thing that makes sense about you is your Screen Name.

    • The music doesn’t always drive the career. There are numerous “singers” considered to be wildly successful whose careers are driven by money, the right connections, bizarre behavior, social media, good looks, good luck, or excessive attention resulting from any of the above. Some of these entertainers can’t sing a lick without the help of outlandish special effects.

      It is also overly critical, and a bit bizarre, to say that none of David’s music is noteworthy. I respectfully disagree with that very premise. David’s voice alone makes him noteworthy.

      • I have to agree that his voice is noteworthy but not his music to date. He was popular for a number of years after AI, but not enough that any adult I know even knows who he is. His only hit so far is “Crush” which isn’t noteworthy by almost anyone’s standards. Most of us here really love his voice and music, but we’re not completely out of touch with reality.

      • Exactly, his voice is noteworthy but not his music, so far anyway. I don’t think that’s overly critical, just a fact. I would bet money that David probably agrees with me even. I like his voice a lot but would much prefer some timeless amazing songs with maturity, depth, originality and a decent hook. The reason that the covers David sings are so compelling is because he is good at choosing songs that have the qualities I listed above. I am one who would have no problem if David gave up on songwriting and just sang songs written for him instead. Good songs make an artist undeniable in my opinion.

        I think David has had a lot of good luck so far, which I bet many of his fellow Idol contestants would have killed for, and now, given his long 3-4 year hiatus, it will take a bigger effort to build and capitalize on that previous success. I truly don’t get all this “Why are you still here?” nonsense. Obviously I want the guy to succeed because I saw a lot of potential in him when I voted for him to win American Idol. But it’s not up to me what the future holds, it’s up to him.

      • “…we’re not completely out of touch with reality.”

        Compared to what? I’m sure you didn’t mean to sound so condescending.

      • I respectfully disagree that it’s overly critical and a bit bizarre to say that none of David’s music is noteworthy. I apologize if I was condescending. Yours was definitely not the post that I found out of touch with reality.

      • Apology accepted. We can agree to disagree then. To say that NONE of his music is noteworthy sounds rather extreme for someone who claims to be a fan. Let’s just say that I am a fan (also in touch with reality) who simply prefers to be more supportive than critical.

      • Perhaps a better choice of words would be “Most of us here really love his voice and music, but **many are also trying to be objective about the notice David’s music has received in the public eye**. Which is the meaning of “noteworthy” to me. Your definition may differ. I can enjoy David’s work and still try to be realistic. That’s not being critical. I support what he does that I love, and wouldn’t ask more of anyone else.

  18. I obviously can’t exactly predict how he will address the topic at the symposium, but probably a little bit like his discussion here, just a lot less geared towards an all-Mormon crowd. He does address discrimination a couple of times–as in how he was afraid that people that he worked with in the industry would think that he was discriminatory when they found out he was Mormon.

    I think he has only his own church to blame for that, but I’m definitely interested to see how he addresses this whole idea in a non-religious setting.

    • Wow. Interesting video cc halo. David felt empty after AI and felt down? You could have fooled me as I thought he seemed very happy. lol. Literally thousands of contestants on these reality talent shows would have loved the opportunities that David had from AI. Like a record deal and a fan base. I have no issue with anyone being religious but being so “extremely” and devoutly religious and talking about it all the time is just too much for me. I can’t imagine how his younger fans that are non religious feel. Are there any left at this point? Just saying lol. His career not mine.

    • Interesting video. Who is this “they” that David is referring to from that time after Idol? Wasn’t “management” just his dad? Why would his dad tell him not to tell people he is Mormon or not to go to church?
      David has a very interesting way of expressing himself. He refers to things in a broad way like what he believes in, what his priorities are or how “everything changed” but doesn’t really specify what those things are. It is very similar to his songwriting actually, where he often refers to hard times and challenges but doesn’t really mention anything in particular. As a child of divorce myself, I just assumed that was the hardship he was dealing with back then. But after watching this, I really have no idea why that time after Idol was so difficult for him. All I can assume is that maybe he thought getting to sing professionally was his dream but then once it came true, he realized he didn’t enjoy it after all.

      • I don’t understand it either. He even mentions doing a lot of good for people as part of his career–but that wasn’t enough for him. I think it’s personal issues he had, because he said he was full of pride and selfishness prior to his return to church.

      • Anonymous- I agree. Who is “they”? His Dad and his family were basically his management except for a very brief period with Azoff “and” his Dad after AI. He was only with WEG for a grand total of what really amounted to 5 minutes well after AI so you can’t blame them. lol. Is his Dad and family anti Mormon as I thought they were Mormons. I am confused. lol. David was also only with the big bad music label Jive for a few years(3 yrs). Jive is not even a music label anymore. It does not exist. lol. Who is “they”?

  19. I agree halo. Maybe won’t be as bad as we think? I guess by the end of his speech, we will know!

    I guess the one thing we need to work on, I know esp me, is to not judge the book by its cover. We dont really know how this is going to turn out, esp as far as David is concerned. It may turn out somewhat similar to the byuh appearance. Which wasn’t bad at all. I can’t imagine David being discriminatory in any way. But who knows…

    And maybe they invited him and felt like he couldn’t turn it down? And now he is in a big mess. Lol

    I think I am going to just wait and see and then draw my own conclusions.

    • Actually this worries me a little. I’ll try not to prejudge, but it sounds a little like the old “don’t discriminate against me for supporting a church that discriminates against you” thing. Hopefully he will be more specific about his actual views. I know that his church and state have very recently supported an anti-religious discrimination law that is supposedly better than the Indiana one, but I don’t quite understand the difference.

      • After watching that video again, I expect what he said there will very likely be exactly what he says at this symposium. I find it interesting that he thought people would think he was discriminating against them or judging them if he told them he was Mormon. It sounds like he is aware that Mormons have that reputation and didn’t want to do anything that would feed into that reputation. I would think he will keep his remarks at the symposium very non-discriminatory. He seems very conscious of not doing anything that will reflect badly on his church.

  20. P.S.
    They added another Utah performance. A second night at St. George *Sighhhhhhhhhh*

  21. so are the liberal people here saying that in order to be a successful singer you must be pro-gay? so basically you are saying that Christians do not deserve to be successful in the music industry if they oppose same sex marriage. is that what you are saying?

    • How can you not be pro-gay? People from all walks of life are gay. It’s like asking if you have to agree with inter-racial marriage to be successful. Um, yeah, you do.

      • Yeah I am with cc halo. I think that everyone should be pro gay rights so I guess that would include David. My brother is gay and he is my best friend. Great guy. 🙂

    • Sierra, these people are not liberal. These people are no different than the people they demonize as “conservative”. Liberals are tolerant of differences of opinion, and seek to learn about differences among people. For example,these people are pro gay, so everyone MUST be pro gay or they are WRONG, and must be told that in no uncertain terms. These people are all attached at the hip with their POV, which they feel empowers them, and they use that power to squelch any other POV on this site. HG, the sole Admin of this site, is a silent partner with them, and gives them an open, unchallenged forum and a blank check to wield their power. Anyone who challenges them is set upon by ALL of them in order to swiftly and completely eliminate that person from this site.

      These people all have a personal connection to the gay community and causes such as gay marriage. The LDS Church opposes gay marriage. They HATE the Mormon Church, and HATE David Archuleta’s affiliation with the LDS Church. They have a problem, though. They are also IN LOVE with David Archuleta, the person and singer, and cannot quit him, otherwise their hatred for LDS would have sent them packing long ago.

      Not one of them has ever been able to answer the simple question, “since you hate LDS views on gay marriage, and since David is a devout LDS , why are you still posting on a fan site and still interested in David Archuleta in any way?”

      They have a classic love/hate relationship with David Archuleta, and if you read their posts, it’s driving them nuts.

    • Looking back to AI and few years after when David was going full-steam ahead with appearances, touring, recording, etc, I knew he was Mormon. I never gave it a second thought though since I knew very little about the religion. Besides, David was so likable, compassionate & just seemed like a truly good person so if being Mormon helped to instill the principles & morals David seemed to have an abundance of, then who was I to disrespect his religion. I liked David, his personality, his demeanor, his honest, straightforward yet somewhat awkward expressions when he talked, his humility, his good looks accompanied with his lack of vanity. And then there was his voice. What was there not to like? I thought as a fan, I was so fortunate to be there at the beginning of what had to be a rising star. Who knew or had any inkling it was not what HE wanted?

      Another thing I thought about David right up until his Mission announcement, was I was pretty sure he was gay. Did it make a difference to me? Not in the least. I figured David would “come out” when he was ready. I never thought him being gay would be detrimental or have a negative impact on his career. It wouldn’t change all the other aspects of him that I found so appealing. Of course, his religious & very conservative fans will be outraged for me even thinking such a thing! Whether straight or gay, David was still David. Unfortunately, after I read about gays in the Mormon church, I hoped for his sake & sanity, that he is straight.

      When he made his announcement. I was pretty shocked he would take so much time off from his career. I thought it was a bad idea because it seemed to me his career was in somewhat of a standstill. It was then that I read as much as I could about the Mormon religion and decided that David must have been going through some very serious self-doubts about himself & where his life was going. I learned, much to my dismay, more than I wanted to know about his church. When David returned, two years older and to many, much wiser he was quite different. He looked different but the most striking thing about David what his personality took on a very different demeanor. There was a very subtle new hardness in him where there used to be a sweet & generous old soul full of music & light.

      I don’t know what happened to David during the 2nd year of his mission, but something or someone made him believe the previous 4-5 years were the worst, maybe even making him think they were also sinful, years of his life when in reality, he made so many people happy and changed so many people’s lives just by being who he was. Not all his current fans feel this way or can see it. But this is the way I see David now.

      • “There was a very subtle new hardness in him where there used to be a sweet & generous old soul full of music & light.”

        Yeah, I kind of agree with that perception.

      • The main difference I see in David since he’s been back is that now his smile seems kind of forced and unnatural whereas before, his beaming smile just seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. He had sort of a twinkle in his eye back then and I think it was a big part of what made him so charming and able to connect with people. I assumed that it was a basic inner joy and optimism but it seems like I was way off. Even though his own words are that he was super unhappy back then and is much happier and content now, it’s really hard to tell from his current face and demeanor. But if he says that’s how he feels now, I guess we have to take him at his word. When someone flat out tells you that everything they told you in the past wasn’t actually true, it’s pretty hard to trust that what they say now is the “real” truth, but I think that’s what he probably wants.

      • One thing, though. It’s that behind the scenes there were apparently signs that he was much more stressed than he appeared, starting with a huge breakdown during the American Idol finale. So his new demeanor may be a way of shielding himself from the pressures of a public career.

    • You’re an idiot .

  22. Those of you who continue to malign the LDS Church for its “intolerance” do so with sweeping generalities that cannot be substantiated. Nowhere have I seen David’s church equate freedom of religion with the freedom to discriminate. Perhaps it would serve you well to set aside your contempt long enough to avoid having another apoplectic reaction to the next imaginary offense. It is really absurd to express public outrage over hypothetical scenarios, although that seems to be the scare tactic of choice used by extremists.

    The only viable evidence of what David really thinks is what David does, and he consistently exhibits far more tolerance and acceptance of all people than what is found here.

    • Well said. Thanks!

    • David is the one who said that people in the industry would see him as intolerant because of his church–we didn’t make that up. I’m pretty sure the public perception of the Mormon church’s intolerance is due to their actions on Prop 8. Someone earlier said that we need to be intolerant of intolerance. Now who was that?

    • Outsider, the maligning of the LDS Church that is done here daily is really all about one issue, gay rights, and specifically, the LDS financial support of Prop 8 in California. Somehow they have to juggle their intense hatred of the LDS Church with their “investment” in David Archuleta, and it has become increasingly difficult to do so. One would think that by now that would get it that David is a devout Mormon, a religion they despise, and they would move on. HG has given them an open forum to bash David’s religion, probably because she hates LDS too. Why else would a person who maintains a site to celebrate an artist allow it to be taken over by a small group of haters who post derogatory remarks constantly about the artist that is supposed to be celebrated on her site.

      Your input here is valuable. Very few supporters of David have the stomach to deal with the backlash that their support for David receives from this small group of closely aligned haters.

  23. The main difference I see in David since he’s been back is that now his smile seems kind of forced and unnatural whereas before, his beaming smile just seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. He had sort of a twinkle in his eye back then and I think it was a big part of what made him so charming and able to connect with people. I assumed that it was a basic inner joy and optimism but it seems like I was way off. Even though his own words are that he was super unhappy back then and is much happier and content now, it’s really hard to tell from his current face and demeanor. But if he says that’s how he feels now, I guess we have to take him at his word. When someone flat out tells you that everything they told you in the past wasn’t actually true, it’s pretty hard to trust that what they say now is the “real” truth, but I think that’s what he probably wants.

    ITA. It’s like he has lost all joy in life. I think he enjoyed the time after AI, but increasingly began to feel that he was not supposed to. And now, after two years of full-time brainwashing and then some, he is “happy.”

    Despite his white shirt and tie, he is an even more confused boy now than he used to be. This is becoming a train wreck that would be entertaining if it wasn’t so sad.

    • Peter, the only way David would lose his joy for life is if he comes on this site and reads some of your posts. Fortunately, you are “sure” that he doesn’t, which I hope is right. David has never been less confused in his life, in no small part because he has dumped sorry-assed pseudo fans like you. You and your fellow Stepford Haters on here are the real train wreck.

    • Yes, he said in the video that he was “full of pride and selfishness” after AI. This is from someone who from the start was known as humble and kind. Whose dad said that he was so good because he just came out that way. But something convinced David that he was so terrible.

      • I agree with your comments just wondering ;anonymous; peter; and cc halo. If you watch the video cc halo posted of David himself talking at BYUH and read his blogs since his return from his mission you do have to wonder-What did happen to David ? Where is his love of music and his fans? Why does David think he was so terrible when he was on AI and right after? It is ironic as that was when I and I would guess a majority of his fans enjoyed David’s career the most. Why is he blaming the big bad music industry when he was given opportunities that others would love? I am sure that he probably does not mean it but he is coming off as ungrateful to me for the opportunities he was given. I just don’t get it at all.

  24. Hi. Just popping in to say…when posting, please keep in mind that some folks here might not share the majority view on some of these hot-button topics. Thanks, and have a great Easter! 🙂

    • Should we limit our comments to views that we think everyone would approve of? Since there are so many varied opinions on anything and everything I think it would be very difficult to only make comments everyone would agree on. Maybe we should just comment every day on what a nice day it is. Even then some would disagree.

      • You know I’m not saying that, lol. I’m just saying not to assume that everyone has the same mindset on these issues. 🙂

  25. David is not 16 anymore he is 24 and most likely has experienced a lot of things.. ask yourself this is any of you as you were when you were a teenager?

    • I think that it’s ironic that so many of us have always thought about David that here is the rare young star who has his head on straight. And now he reveals how very depressed he actually was. I especially think about his time with Demi Lovato and what she was publicly going through not far from the time they toured together. His turmoil was just hidden a lot longer.

    • David seemed much happier when he was a teenager. I wonder what there was about becoming an adult that took the joy out of his life.

  26. JusthanginAround

    David’s newest tweet – NO. JUST NO.

    That kind of limited thinking just reeks of intolerance (i.e. marriage just between a man and woman, love is incomplete without children) and I will have to disagree with him there. In fact, I completely disagree with him. That tweet just disappoints me. Who is this kid???

    It is stated so plainly so you can’t really misinterpret it. Oh David…. =(

    • Waiting for the Archuleta Apologists…

      • JusthanginAround

        Peter, he’s pretty bold tweeting about such a contentious and controversial topic, I think. I am fan of David but I AM SO NOT A FAN of THIS particular tweet. Good grief.

      • Yes, it will be interesting to see how fans will try to explain this tweet away… It no longer leaves any room for interpretation, as opposed his earlier silence, which was interpreted as tolerance and whatnot.

      • JusthanginAround

        EXACTLY, Peter. And based on tweets he’s getting back, other folks do not agree with his sentiments.

      • I see no need to apologize for David. Isn’t the right to express one’s opinion the sacred mantra here?

      • That is not what “apologist” means.

      • Peter, I know what it means, but thanks for the semantics refresher. Let me rephrase: I see no need to defend David. Isn’t the right to express one’s opinion the sacred mantra here?

      • Yes, we are expressing our opinions, and my opinion is that he is not as tolerant as some people have (very aggressively) painted him to be.

        Also, I was ridiculed (and I can live with that) for saying that he would probably become a local, semi-religious artist after his mission. And here we are. However, it seems that I was totally wrong about “semi-religious.”

        That is all.

      • Outsider, the reference is to some folks here who have repeatedly denied that David has the belief that he just made clear. Peter is wondering how they are going to spin it now. Most of us have thought that David’s enthusiasm and faithfulness on his mission very likely meant that he supported his church’s stance on same-sex marriage, but none of us knew for sure.

      • Peter-You were right. Unfortunately.

    • Even if you ignore the just between a man and woman part, that tweet is a slap in the face of happily married men and women who cannot have children.

      • Good point, that’s what I thought too. So, you can only have sex if you are married woman/man and that sex is only for the procreation of children. So taking it one step further, a woman that is menopausal, hum, it’s over for her as far as having sex.

  27. Oh, well. I guess this completes the unveiling of the “new David.”

    • justhanginaround


    • Wow. Really David? So my 82 yr old very Catholic mother is more open minded than 24 yr old David. I have seen the tweets he is getting back from folks on twitter. Good for them for speaking up. I don’t have twitter but can look at it online. Here are a few responses David received. Too many to post them all. I won’t post their twitter names:
      @DavidArchie limiting it to a man and a woman is kinda ludicrous.
      @DavidArchie or between a man and a man and a woman and a woman. Or an adopted child. Or any other type of family.
      @DavidArchie well that wasn’t homophobic at all!
      @DavidArchie babe no. Marriage is between consenting individuals. It’s not gender specific.

      • So are the “comment police” going to try and police twitter now? Good luck with that. lol. 🙂

      • I have seen some of his really good fans trying to spin that he is just quoting the speaker and not stating his own beliefs.

      • DavidArchie: “Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need? Have I cheered up the sad, or made someone feel glad?.”

        “Romantic love is incomplete. It is a prelude. Love is nourished by the coming of children, who spring from the fountain of love….

        …..expressed between a man and woman in marriage.”

        “@DavidArchie that first tweet was going well and then the man and woman part lol um honey”


      • Hitandrun, that’s just nuts, why would he tweet something he didn’t agree with. This tweet at least was cut and dry, no form of interpretation can be made.

      • Well then why doesn’t he just delete the tweet if he does not agree with it ? I don’t have twitter but isn’t there a delete button?

      • cq and Hope – I hope you know that that was not my opinion. Just what I had seen expressed by some of his fans on twitter and FOD. Frankly, I think the fact that out of all the comments that must have been made by #PresPacker in his speech David chose to quote that particular comment. It must have had significance to him. I think he must have been in total agreement to have focused on that comment.

    • Or the revealing of who David always was, but kept hidden.

  28. I never thought David would express this particular view so blatantly, but I guess it was just a matter of time, and it certainly quiets the questions about where he stands. He has the right to his view but I think anyone who feels alienated by his words also has the right to feel disappointed. As others have said before, he’s old enough now to understand that what he said would be polarizing and controversial. I’m just grateful to not share such a narrow Norman Rockwell type view of the world. I’m also glad to know that the debate is over for most of the country and that gay marriage will be the law of the land before we know it.

    • Yes, isn’t that the crazy part? In a few years it will be like a person who went on record opposing inter-racial marriage. David, why?

      • I have to wonder of the people who run FOD will celebrate this latest tweet from David the way they do others. That might imply that they take the same stand that he does.

  29. YIKES, Oh David, yes, you have every right to your opinion, but yes, I do not agree. Well we don’t have to wait until the 15th, lol.
    My thoughts as to his career path. He will use a music career as a tool to continue to proselytize his religious beliefs and of course singing will be involved. Hey, maybe that won’t be a bad move, after all, he’ll have enough people that think like him that will enjoy that type of career.

  30. a big FYI! a lot of people agree with david and are proud of him for refusing to pander to the liberals!

    • It has nothing to do with being liberal. Nothing. It is a human rights issue.

    • What is this? A battle between liberals and conservatives. I thought it was a matter of equal rights for all. Of giving the same rights to every man, woman and child to live the life that makes them happiest. Whenever there is any issue in this country some people just seem determined to pit sides against each other.

  31. Yes, imo, unfortunately, there is quite narrow views just like David and will be celebrating over this latest tweet.

  32. … that romantic love and children and man and woman marriage didn’t work out too well for him or his family did it? Little dude is soooooooooo overcompensating for his dysfunctional family life. He’s going to get roasted when this hits the larger media.

    • Not to mention the very pro gay rights and pro gay marriage music/entertainment industry. Goggled this #PresPacker guy. Not impressed at all with him.


        Watching the deliberate destruction of a once promising career is a first for me. He’s choosing to align with the real nasty, ugly haters in this world, which makes this trainwreck more interesting than his nonexistent music career. He’s killing that off bit by bit. Can’t wait to see what other disaster lies in store for those foolish enough to still support this HATER.

      • You seem to be spewing a little hate of your own there, kiddo.

      • Yeah, that’s pretty strong. I doubt David actually hates anyone. (In fact he seems to be working on forgiveness–his Dad??–per a tweet about taking poison and expecting the other person to die). But I agree that this live-tweeting of his religious meeting that he’s doing today seems like a deliberate line in the sand that he’s drawing. And the words “train wreck” comes to my mind also.

      • aRCHULETAIsAHaTeR – I really don’t think your screen name is serving any purpose other than to attempt to stir up unnecessary anger and resentment.

      • I don’t think David is a hater, but I sure don’t agree with his position on this one issue, that’s for sure.

    • Will they even still care about what he has to say. A lot of people have no clue as to what he has been up to. Almost forgotten by the media.

  33. I had to mention a semi-related political thing I just read in my LA Times that’s just too good. Apparently religious freedom laws may be backfiring:

    “… in Indiana — before the recent flap — there were no legal protections against discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation.” But due to the huge backlash, they added a provision that says religious liberty is not an excuse for a business to discriminate based on sexual orientation.

    “It had been perfectly legal in Indiana to fire someone who is gay or deny them service. And religious liberty was doing just fine,”…But by trying to “fix a problem that wasn’t broken,” …Indiana’s fumbling lawmakers gave a national boost to the cause of gay equality.”

  34. Loved this:

  35. He won.

    • Thanks for posting the videos peter. I enjoyed watching them. That Stevie has a great voice. Glad he won. 🙂 It reminds me of what it should be all about -the music. 🙂

  36. I think I have made up my mind now. Disappointed.

  37. Before anyone else comes along here trying to call David a hater, I would just like to say that I firmly believe that even though David may believe exactly what he quoted, I don’t believe it is out of hate but out of love. I believe it is because David really and truly believes that is the best way for everyone and what he thinks will make them happy. He may be delusional and terribly naive, but he is not a hater in any way, shape or form.

    • Let me add that I would like to kick the b*tt of the person who left that comment above.

      • I agree that David doesn’t seem like a remotely hateful person. I’m sure he fully believes that the sentiment he tweeted is what is in the best interest of all mankind. I just wish he had been wise enough to keep it to himself, knowing that it would probably be hurtful to many. To use his words, it’s just bad business. So much for “imagine all the people…living life in peace”

  38. The rebellious side of me, has been thinking the last couple of days….wouldn’t it be hilariously grand if David spoke at that symposium and just slashed and slayed everybody and everything without thought for anyone or anything, just let all the hurt and anger he has had to absorb through the years spew forth! How cathartic and fun and sassy and fearless that would be! Lol

    But of course, that would be stupid to do and probably not even true to himself, even if momentarily cathartic.

    Then I commented up thread, how I think we bring some things upon ourselves in this fandom. Of course people like to keep telling themselves David doesn’t read here. But hello people….you’re all complaining about him speaking about religious freedom left, right and centre and what do we suddenly get? A flood of religious tweets, perhaps quite pointed tweets. This is his third general conference since being home from his mission and he does it NOW. I stopped kidding myself that he doesn’t read the fan sites, I think you all should too.

    David is fighting back!

    • Shanny, interesting, he doesn’t read his timeline only this blog? No problem he can spew all he wants, free country.

      • The stuff on twitter is after the fact.
        What has been said here was before the fact.
        Obviously I can’t change anyone’s mind about the idea of David reading here, and don’t ever really expect to change anyone’s mind here on any topic, but I can point out the major ‘coincidences’. It’s up to you all if you will think about them or not. But just don’t be surprised at things like today if you choose to ignore it.

    • Do you really believe that David would put out a controversial tweet to 1.37 Million people on twitter because he didn’t like something said by 10 people here?

      • Well it’s more complicated than that obviously but if those 10 people get under your skin enough, you might. Especially when they’re trashing the very foundations of who you are and all you love, on and on and on.

        As I said, people can take it and think about it, or choose to ignore it. I have no need to debate it.

      • It’s Easter Sunday here, so I’m going to go and spend my time on thoughts of love and appreciation for my Saviour, Jesus Christ. Take care all.

      • Amen. Sorry Shanny, that makes no sense at all. If he was actually responding to us, why would he confirm our worst ideas about him? “You handful of people are worrying that I might be an anti-gay-rights religious extremist, so I’m just going to prove it to you and everyone in the music industry who follows me.” Riiiight… You’re seeing patterns and coincidences that don’t exist.

  39. I am not trying to make excuses. I’m just going to say what I think.

    My first thought was, “Why doesn’t he just stop talking!?!?” But I didn’t post that because I didn’t want to post a gut reaction.

    I don’t care for all the religious stuff but in regards to todays tweet about marriage, I tend to agree with Hitandrun. I don’t think David is a hater, just naïve in some ways.

    It’s possible that, when he heard that quote, all that came to his mind was anticipation of the love and joy that would be brought to his life when he is married and has children. (That day could be closer than we think.) I believe him to be a very literal person, a straight-line thinker, and he may not have realized the implications of his tweet.

    I also don’t think it was done vengefully or deliberately tweeted in anger because of what was said here.

    I don’t know his mind so I certainly can’t say for sure. I could be off the mark. But I don’t think he’s a hater or meant to demean or belittle any segment of the population by his tweet.

    Feel free to disagree with me but that’s what I think. 🙂

    • You say…”It’s possible that, when he heard that quote, all that came to his mind was anticipation of the love and joy that would be brought to his life when he is married and has children. (That day could be closer than we think.) I believe him to be a very literal person, a straight-line thinker, and he may not have realized the implications of his tweet.”

      I saw someone tweet ‘what about adopted people, don’t they count’. And my thought when I read that was, of course they count, David can’t stipulate every exception to the rule in 140 characters. And I agree he does seem to be quite a straight line thinker. Sometimes I say things here and I know things will be read into, that is never intended and yet, it becomes too messy and long winded to explain every little nuance, so I leave the potential for misunderstanding to remain with the hope I can explain myself later.

      I’m not making any explanations for David but I do see potential for this idea.

      • Shanny there is absolutely no way in the world he was answering us with his quote. And while I understand your point that sometimes our written words can be misinterpreted, isn’t that all the more reason that David must be held to a high standard when he tweets since it will be seen by over 1M people? So, if David really didn’t mean to say what his tweet implies, is he stupid, naive or just irresponsible?

    • NO ONE IN 2015 should be THAT naive if what you say is true. His fans need to quit making excuses for a 24 yr. old man. He will be held accountable for his words – like anyone else in his position crazy enough to say such insensitive and bigoted things in the public realm. If he doesn’t “get it” by now, there’s a problem.

    • It would be completely mind-boggling, not to mention immature, for David to tweet about his religious conference out of anger and vengeance within a few hours of a series of tweets about Jesus and being Christlike and kind. It would also be mind-boggling if he didn’t realize that his tweet would be taken as opposing gay marriage. He recommended an anti-gay marriage speech a while ago, and people were excusing it the same way–that he just didn’t know that it would be in there.

      I’m quite sure that it was deliberate. I think that he’s burning his bridges and confirming his intention to keep his career very religious in nature.

      • Yes, that’s the way it seems to me too. I’m sure he will have a good religious career because there is plenty of religious people that feel the same way and will support him even if they aren’t a big fan of his voice/music. If that’s the direction he wants, I wish him success, of course, I do wish he would choose a different direction and have a more mainstream career, but we’ll see.

  40. AncientHistory

    I was once one of his biggest stan, but, can’t any longer. I can no longer delude myself in thinking he can think for himself 😦 You would think with all the experiences he’s had and the people he’s met, he would be more sensitive to his all of his fans and not tweet what he did. Guess he really doesn’t care about those that don’t drink the same koolaid.

  41. What a day I missed. David’s quote didn’t upset me at all. It’s what I always knew. He accepts all the teachings of his church. I also think he doesn’t hate as in outright hatred from his heart. However, by expressing you are a card carrying member of the LDS church, you are covertly hating by believing that gay people do not deserve the rights and privileges that straight people deserve.

    One can tell me all they want that some of their best friends are gay, and even perhaps their son, as I say posted on FOD, but yet they are a proud member of a church that believes their son does not deserve the same rights as they enjoy. Oh but we LDS love gay people. We just tell them they must live a celibate life and if they don’t, we kick them out. Stated clearly on FOD, my friends.

    Some brought up the elephant in the room, David’s sexual orientation. I have always wondered. First he said he was too busy to date. Then he went on mission. Now, who knows. He may force himself to marry as a good Morman man, whether he is attracted to women or not. I hope for his sake he is straight because being a gay Morman seems like a horrible life.

    And for the record I am not against LDS teachings for only their stance on gay rights. There are many other things I do not agree with.

    • I sometimes follow the blog of a young gay Mormon man who has committed to be celibate for the rest of his life in anticipation of a reward in the afterlife. I also read about a religious guru in India who convinced 400 male followers to castrate themselves in order to be closer to God (while at the same time sexually abusing female followers himself). It’s tragic how religions can control and even take away people’s sexuality.

  42. What amazes me most about the reaction to David’s tweets is how important what David thinks is to so many people. The fact that David agrees with Pres. Packer that romantic love is incomplete unless a man and woman gets married…. is his opinion. I personally disagree with David and feel that romantic love can be felt and demonstrated by people of either gender for anyone of either gender. That’s MY opinion. So what?

    Since when does the fate of Western civilization depend on the opinions of David Archuleta? He’s allowed to have any opinion he wants. He’s not a policy maker and does not have a vote on any legislation that would deny any person their rights. He’s also a Mormon. Did anyone really think he’s “pro gay marriage”, and if he was, so what? There was nothing in his tweet that advocated denying any person, straight or gay, their right to marry whoever they want.

    You people need to get a grip on yourselves, and stop throwing a hissy fit every time David does or says something that contradicts your view of the world. As long as people do not deny the rights or freedom of another person, they are allowed to like or dislike anyone they want.

    Many of you here have gay people in your personal lives or are gay yourself. That’s great. There are forces in our culture that would deny the civil rights of a person just for being gay. David Archuleta is not the problem. The Mormon Church is on the wrong side of history on this issue. Is that surprising? When was any religion on the leading edge of social change?

    The bottom line is, if you can’t accept David’s POV on this issue, you can either say goodbye to David, accept that he and you disagree or, you can do what always seems to be the case on this site, which is to stick around and complain about what you can’t change and which is none of your damn business to begin with.

    • You’ve supported someone who’s views are as bigoted as someone claiming membership in the KKK. They ONLY want to protect states rights, right? I guess Mormons like David and his church are content to be on the wrong side of history, like the Nazi’s and the Klan. YouR in good company there Bliss.

    • Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnd the spin is in.

      Did anyone really think he’s “pro gay marriage”?

      You did. You insisted.

      • Yep. That is the way I recall it too. bliss- you could work for a PR agency. You are trying to put a “spin” on it. lol. It is what it is. How many followers has David lost on twitter since his return from his mission? He has been stuck at 1.3 million followers on twitter like forever. lol.

    • My My Bliss. This post is interesting. I sense the start of a bit of disappointment in your post. Your defense is milder than in all of your previous posts. Perhaps you are starting to see David for who he really is, just as we all have here for quite a while.

      I enjoy this site and the people and comments here. I’m not going anywhere until HG kicks us all off

      • Anne, as usual, your instincts about me are dead wrong. Unlike you, I don’t require David to have the same views as I do on every subject on earth, including gay marriage. I have my views, and that’s enough for me. I don’t need people to agree with me in order to validate my views on anything. As for “seeing him for who he really is”, I’ve read your posts and I can assure you that the person you think he is does not exist in nature. I realize that you and the others come here for the same reason you were fans of David to begin with; to be entertained. Hating on him is the same as loving him to you. You don’t give a rat’s patooey about him one way or the other. It’s all the same to you. Chalk that up to “seeing You for who You really are”.

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