David’s Return


As David reminded us yesterday on his social media, it’s been a whole year since his return from his religious mission in Chile.

Where he plans to go next is still anyone’s guess.

I realize it’s been a while since I posted a poll, but I’m curious (for those of you still around) what your own thoughts are on David’s possible music career.

What say you, Soul Davidians?

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  1. Found this one…All!son ‏@musicobsessed · 18m18 minutes ago
    @DavidArchie David loves to perform where he knows the people will come. More shows are being announced, please don’t worry. He loves y’all!

  2. Kari did say it wasn’t going to be an actual tour, but just some dates here and there. So, the scattered dates aren’t really a surprise. Actually, neither is the Utah location. I do think he will eventually need to expand his concert area because the Utah locations might eventually slow down some because venues will be wary of market saturation.

    • Hitandrun-I agree about the concern of market saturation if David continues in just Utah locations for concerts/appearances. Good point.

  3. Although I only see a couple that aren’t too pleased on his timeline. But this comment I just posted sounds like there are some upset people on her timeline.

  4. Kari answered this question yesterday…

    Mary~ #Here4DatVoice ‏@Marylee_NCGirl Mar 25
    @kariontour Hi Kari 😊 Can you tell is if some of David’s shows may be in other States. Thnx!

    Kari Sellards
    @Marylee_NCGirl it’s being worked on. A couple offers have come in.

  5. A “couple” of offers for shows in other States this year? That does not sound too promising to me but not surprised. lol. Hard to believe that he has new music coming this year. It seems like David’s marginal music career will be based in Utah or based in scared music if this continues like it has. Just being “realistic” not “pessimistic”. 🙂 Why doesn’t David try performing in a musical on Broadway in NYC? He doesn’t not have to be the star of the show. Just a supporting role. Book Of Mormon? lol 🙂 Seriously it is a good idea. David needs to think “outside the box” if he wants a career. Just a thought. lol. 🙂

    • I don’t get why your name isn’t Mope or Dread or Bleak 🙂 because you don’t think anything David ever does is enough 🙂 No team, no performance, no song 🙂 Nothing would be enough unless he was on par instantly with Just Timberlake 🙂 Or God :). It’s not just a half empty jar with you 🙂 It’s a half empty world :). Maybe you’re the one who needs a top notch team to get you the exposure you need to build the career you want 🙂 Just keepin’ it real 😄😃😀😊☺️😁😉

      • Yep, welcome to the dark side of David Archuleta’s fan base. The post you responded to is typical of the attitude that this site promotes about David. These are malcontents that can never be satisfied with anything David does. They hate the fact that David is performing in Utah because it reminds them that David loves his home state the people who live there, and the feeling for him is mutual. David has a diverse fan base, but this crowd is beyond the pale in terms of negativity. Also, be prepared to be attacked from all sides if you continue to challenge any of the built in notions about David that they have. Read Anne’s post to me at 9:46 AM. She’s the worst of the bunch, but the one you responded to a close 2nd.

      • Like I really care what “Yep” or some others think or post here. lol. 🙂 Are you kidding me. lol. 🙂 The “Comment Police” are always out in full force and David could obviously care less what folks post here or anywhere else for that matter. lol. 🙂 This is exactly why I no longer comment on David’s career. Some folks like “Yep” or is it “Flap” just can’t handle the truth. lol. 🙂 What is wrong with thinking outside the box??? I am looking forward to watch The Voice and AI and posting some videos here next week. 🙂

      • bliss can always count on you to scold and be judgmental of others comments. On the positive side at least you are always consistent. Good for you. lol. 🙂

      • I really like the name Flap, thanks, I will take it 🙂

        Whenever someone disagrees with the doom&gloom, someone else gets all twitchy and plays the Comment Police card. Yawn. There is no such thing. There are just people who disagree. Big deal.
        You know, you could just as easily call the Doom&Gloomers the David Police. They police every song choice; every private choice he makes; every career move etc etc. And sure, it’s anyone’s perogative. We’re all grown ups, it’s a free world. But the question remains – and I’ve never seen it answered in anyway that makes sense – why cling to an artist you find so lacking in everyway?
        The only answer that I think makes sense is this one: you love feeling superior to Bliss – and maybe even to David himself.
        Ya think?

      • Really -Who cares? I know that I don’t. Whatever. 🙂 lol.

      • Yep/Flap-You don’t get it do you. Some of us like this site SD- not just David. We are interested in other music artists besides David. And other topics in the music industry. And reality talent shows like the voice and AI There really is not much to comment about David’s lack of a music “career” anymore for me but others that are still OTT on David go right ahead. There are not many left. lol. It is a free world. 🙂

      • Hope, I’m afraid I have to take exception to this post.

        I feel you are absolutely within your right to post comments and videos of other artists, particularly AI contestants but I do feel resentful of what feels like your repeated dismissal of David, your previously repeated requests of people to talk about your pet topics rather than David, and now when there is much David buzz in the fandom, your continuing to say there is nothing David related to talk about….it all adds up to me feeling like you’re trying to transform what is primarily a David fan site into your personal interests fan site.

        And now to say there are ‘not many OTT fans left’….well sure, the fandom has certainly dwindled in numbers but these past few days have certainly proved there are much more than ‘not many’ very interested and engaged David fans about!

      • Shanny-You know I don’t care so why bother to engage with me. You are not going to change my opinions and I am not going to change yours. It is what it is. 🙂 Waste of your time and energy but if it makes you happy go right ahead. I am not a member of the “Comment Police” of which bliss is the card caring president of here. lol. 🙂 This is exactly why I don’t comment about David’s career that much- I just don’t care enough about it to engage with someone on it. lol. 🙂 Have a nice day. 🙂

      • Here is a helpful tip to some that don’t like others comments unless of course it is a personal attack against you. Then you have a right to respond and should. I think cc halo has mentioned it-Ignore the Comment and Keep Scrolling Down. lol. 🙂

      • .???
        Your reply seems to be only vaguely related to what I said Hope.

      • And Hope, would you be offended if I called you Marie. I know why you are using Hope but since we know you very well by your actual name, I just feel kinda weird calling you Hope.
        Would you mind if I call you Marie please?

      • And I know….bad timing to ask for such a favor huh? 😆 😉

      • Yes, Hope, that’s definitely my recommendation to scroll on by. As I’ve often said, I like to read the positive, the negative and the in between. Except I don’t like scolding others for their opinions, as if we need to maintain some sort of lock-step purity of thought. Scroll past it, or interact in a kind, or matter-of-fact way without telling someone that they’re wrong. Just “I have a different opinion and here’s why…”

        As in Snowangelzz’ recent post about Eeyore, characters in the Pooh stories just go along with him and don’t tell him he’s wrong to think or feel that way.

        “One awesome thing about Eeyore is that even though basically he is clinically depressed, he still gets invited to participate in adventures and shenanigans with all of his friends. And they never expect him to pretend to be happy, they just love him anyway, and they never leave him behind or ask him to change.” She was applying it to David and his introversion, but I think we can apply it to each other too.


      • It is “Hope” to you Shanny. lol. That is my user name. Like I stated before why are you bothering to engage with someone that has no interest in it. Kind of a waste of time and not very nice but again go ahead . lol. 🙂

      • cc halo-Exactly. Well stated. 🙂

      • So the answer to you Shanny is- Yes- I do mind. Just to clarify. 🙂

      • What do you mean by ‘why do you continue to engage with somebody who has no interest in it’?

        What is ‘it’?

        I can think of several possibilities but think it’s probably best if I don’t presume.

      • Yes, I knew as soon as I asked, that my request would be denied. Lol 😉
        Alright, I will do as you asked. 🙂

      • Cchalo, you know we could get into some very circular conversations with that lol.
        Suffice it to say for now…..I kinda feel pretty misunderstood on this one.

      • Shanny, this series of replies has gone on so long that I’m getting lost, ha ha, but I wasn’t really thinking of your comments or question. Was mainly thinking of people really bashing Hope further up thread.

      • Ok thanks for clarifying cc. 🙂

  6. I think the Utah “sure thing” concerts are a smart move. Earn him some money to fund other performances in other places that might not bring in so much money. Create a perception of demand so other venues will book him. Also, probably very easy to put together a band to back him up in Utah, He knows lots of musicians there.

    On the con side, I do understand the upset of some fans who can’t go to Utah. All he has done/is doing for the most part appears to be in his backyard and it feels exclusionary.

    I hope his booking firm will be able to find him places on both coasts to perform so a lot of fans get to see him live.

    • Anne, good point. Yes, lol, fans outside of Utah are saying, hey when is it our turn, we waited just as long as Utah fans did, LOL.
      As far as a band goes, I was kind hoping for the band he had for MKOC tour, thought they were good fit for David.

  7. Wowza, Bliss and his fans sure had fun commenting last night LOL. Why Bliss makes it his life’s work to degrade and belittle the folks here who have different opinions than he has is something that would take a team of psychiatrists and therapists a hundred years to figure out.

    I don’t defend the couple of posters who went beyond in their retorts to Bliss. But Bliss loves it and as much as he denies, denies, denies, he would be lost if this sight suddenly became FOD-light. His sad empty life would be even sadder and emptier without this place.

  8. Nice to see a second date announced. It seems to be ‘let’s just throw things in the wall and see what sticks’ kind of plan. The first throw sure did stick great, lol. so this might a great plan. 🙂 fun seeing what develops.
    Wonder what his target audience is with these shows? I know that his appeal has no boundaries, but right now I see his appeal for conservative older crowd with some younger Mormon fans too. The reason I say this is because, obviously, his shows will be very clean cut and conservative and from what I’ve observed while following David’s career, is that Utah, more specific the Mormon community, idea of clean cut and conservative is way more so than the rest of the world and I’m including some Christian music, of course, this is OMO.

  9. It’s possible he may not venture outside of reasonable driving distance from home (Utah, Idaho, Las Vegas, etc.) for shows until he has an actual tour.

    If he plans to have Pop concerts, to pay airfare for a band and crew plus transportation of instruments and equipment across country for one-off appearances would eat up any profits. (Unless he’s doing acoustic.)

    Staying within driving distance of their home ground makes sense from a financial standpoint until he can arrange a full tour with a string of stops in close proximity like he did on the east coast, or up the west coast. We may not see that happen until after his album comes out.

    I guess we’ll see how their plan begins to unfold when the next few performances are announced.

    • I think that’s a reasonable assessment Anon Too. And the fact is that right now David is going where the offers are and since he’s still a big star in Utah, that’s naturally where the offers are coming from. The rest of the country has pretty much forgotten about him so offers will be slower coming and will have to be good enough to make sense from a financial standpoint because his expenses will be higher the farther from home he goes.

    • yep Anon Too, dang logic, lol just kidding. You may be right about the financial standpoint. Still hoping some concerts outside of Utah, but likely mostly in Utah sounds logical.

  10. HItandrun, You could be right that most of the country has forgotten about him. Out of sight, out of mind. He hasn’t had a concert in years and is keeping a very low profile so many of his previous fans probably haven’t heard his name in years. I’m not a twitter person, but I do check it occasionally and lately I’ve seen some young fans realizing he’s back and getting excited. It makes me hopeful that, with some promotion, more will be interested again.

    cq, LOL Sorry. Here’s hoping I’m wrong in my logic and his next stop is near you. 🙂

  11. Don’t give up, Dana. I’ve been wrong before! For all I know he could release an album the first week of September and these two show could be just the first and last stops in a full blown cross country tour. I know nothing, just thinking out loud and trying to figure out what the plan is.

    • Oh I know. I was really just joking. I guess my way of coping is to joke, or else I would lose my mind.

      I do know he does sell better in Utah than anywhere. That is understandable being he is from there. Not to mention being a RM doesn’t hurt the situation. 😉 I really hope he is able to venture out, being that all fans are not from Utah and have not seen him in over 3 years.

      He still has fans, but he has lost some too. And SOME of his fans left are not as die hard as they used to be. I guess only time will tell.

      Even though we may have ‘moments’ every now and then, we all still care to some extent. We would not be here if we didn’t.

  12. Hello everyone!

    Yes, I’m back. Much to the delight I’m sure of Bliss. I did see he mentioned me several times after I left although not quite in any way shape or form, was it flattering. But not to worry, I’m not planning to be a regular commenter here. Just wanted to say I’m happy David has some concerts lined up even if it’s in his backyard so to speak.

    And yes, I have my ticket for David’s Tuacahn concert. I’m back to “stalking” David because I may not have anything better to do in 8 months. But a lot can happen between now & then. One month at a time & all that.

    I’ll be driving north a couple of hours away to Louisville in a bit to see another fav tonight at the YUM Center Arena, Stevie Wonder Songs in The Key Of Life concert!

    • I’m happy you’re back Senseless and I hope you will change your mind about not being a regular commenter here.

    • Glad to see you back too. I wish you would comment again. I have always liked reading your comments.

      Have a great time at the concert!!! 😄

    • Hi Senseless, so good to have you back, even if only for occasional posting. Hope your trip was a great success. 🙂 and yes, I’m with Hitandrun, hope you change your mind and regularly post.

    • Welcome back Senseless. Happy you will get to see David.

    • Btw, yes, so glad you are going to see David, will be excited to get your review.
      I do hope that he does release the album or at least a song before all this concerts start.

    • Senseless -Welcome Back. You are like a breath of fresh air when you comment on this site. 🙂

  13. Hey cchalo hope you don’t completely stay away, 😦 as well as others that gone, come baccccccccccck, lol…..

    • Aww, ha ha. I check in, just don’t have anything in particular to add. Plus I’m especially not interested in the “fun and games” lately. So silly.

  14. Did a little digging about Tuacahn. What a gorgeous and interesting venue. It is non-profit. It is 20 years old.

    Here are a few points from their website


    To produce quality entertainment of the highest professional standards that promote family values, uplift the human spirit and enrich the human mind.
    To provide exceptional arts and academic education for young people through the Tuacahn High School for the performing arts.
    To conduct business in an ethically sound and fiscally responsible manner.
    To honor and support our community through the creation of theater that reflects all that is American and all that is wholesome.
    To receive worldwide recognition as a premier theatrical destination, encouraging the creation of great works that match the majesty of our “Canyon of the Gods” location.

    It looks like an amazing venue to perform in and I can see why David chose it.

  15. to me it doesn’t matter how popular he is I just like him, his voice and the way he sings with heart.
    there are many fabulous artists out there to enjoy today I enjoy them as well as David
    more the merrier way I see it?

    anyway I sure hope David will have something for us on the east coast maybe even Nashville perhaps? 🙂
    think it would be fun seems like a great place just to visit.

    • Yep, you are so right, no control about his popularity. Still find his musical journey very interesting and yes, still love his voice. Actually, David has been the only conservative, clean cut singer I’ve ever really liked, lol. Although I do like all kinds of music, but like a little more edge to my entertainment and as you said, plenty out there to enjoy. 🙂

      • cq, I too never followed anyone like David, clean cut with a crooner’s smooth vocals. I tend to enjoy edgier sounds too. At one point in my very younger days I followed Nine Inch Nails LOL

      • Yes, Anne, David still having “square peg’ fans still hanging around waiting for his return really says a lot about his talent.

    • kimak I hope he performs near you also. Hope you get to see him.

  16. I checked out HG’s poll and found that 8 people actually voted that “His professional career is dead – he might as well do something else and make music a hobby”.

    Who are these people, lol? They actually come on a fan site dedicated to a singing artist and vote that they think that his career is dead. Why would anyone be interested in a site for an singer that they think will have no career? Come out, come out, wherever you are, and explain your silly selves.

    I wonder if they regret their vote in light of David having sold out his St George’s concert in a Utah minute. Add to that the feeding frenzy to buy tickets at his second concert that is so intense that the venue had to shut down purchases of yearly memberships so as to not to be overrun by “new” subscribers who would be merely adding the price of their membership to the cost of the ticket to see David. This could have “locked out” existing members who have supported the venue in the past. I applaud that move, and it provides even more proof that David’s career is alive, quite well thank you, and moving forward on his terms.

    The pessimistic view of David’s career will be going the way of all flesh very soon, because “no lie can live forever”

    • Two venues outside of Utah are possibly interested! The fans are coming back in droves!

      • peter 🙂

      • I know, Peter, you’re just “keeping it real”. You have found the perfect site to channel your utter dislike for David. Others will be clamoring to lol, ITA, and tell you what a “great post” that was. The fact is that those who were tripping over themselves to get tickets are people from outside Utah. That’s why the venue shut down the membership joining for new members until the end of April, to give existing members “first dibs” at buying this hot ticket.

      • Oh bliss, guess what, it’s your site too, unless you feel you are above everyone else and your posting is way different than everyone else’s…so I guess you are including yourself in this “perfect” site.

      • Whatever. 🙂

    • Hey bliss why so negative, why not look at the positive, almost 52% that his career still has legs, being that you feel that you are the only positive person to post on this site, I would think you would be looking at the bright side of that poll.

      • Ha, better than that–72%+ range from positive to extremely positive. Why argue with the minority? For the fun of it, of course.

      • CQ, that is true, and a good thing. I was just noting that there were actually 8 people who thought his career was, to use HGs word, “dead”. As I’ve said many times, David’s fan base is primarily “on hold” waiting for him to release new music and tour. The stampede to buy tickets to these 2 shows is a very encouraging sign, and tells me that David is far from being “David who?” or “I’m so over him”. David never cheats his audience and, even as a shy teenager, was a commanding and charismatic performer on any stage he found himself . The world is just an ever expanding fan base waiting to happen.

        I would also like David to come the Big Apple again, although he deserves a classier venue than Irving Plaza, which was a mosh pit and a bit of a dump, lol. Lincoln Center has a nice ring to it.

      • Lol. I think I would like to mosh pit it at a David concert! There’s a time for conservative behaviour and a time for making sure everyone knows how you really feel! Lol #BringOnTheMosh 😀

      • Shanny, my thinking exactly. Wanna get out there with the masses, peeps of all kinds, young and old and be moved by the sound of his voice! Just waiting as usual for something concrete out my way.

        Am thoroughly excited for you and your first live concert. You will be left at the end of the concert wanting more. It always happens, to me anyway.

      • Shany, yeah!! so nice to see that comment. One thing that has come to my mind is that fans might be ‘walking on eggshells’ when it comes to showing enthusiasm. Would love to see the same enthusiasm and reception that he got on the Asian tour. Seeing those videos of his bright smile, says to me, yes, he loves that enthusiasm, at least he did. So, until he makes a blog saying that fans need to refrain from showing to much enthusiasm (clapping, fangirling, screaming at the end of a song, wanting more, all that comes with a secular singing concert), I go for it, enjoy to the max. 🙂

      • Ram, yeah, that’s the only thing I’m dreading….the ‘it’s all over’ feeling. I’m hoping the fact we,ll be on holiday in a country I’ve never seen, might help with that feeling but who knows….
        Hope you get your turn this year! 🙂

        Cq, I hope fans don’t feel they can’t whoop it up at his concerts because I absolutely do not think for one iota of a second that that is what he meant.

  17. bliss that thought came to mind.. ha keep it in the family.

  18. Just curious….is anyone here going to the St George concert?

  19. I don’t mind videos of other artists. I enjoy them. It looks like we won’t be getting any videos of David until at least September unless more shows are added so why not watch something else until then? I’m still a fan of David either way. Not that my opinion carries much weight, but there it is anyway. LOL

    I’m glad there is finally something to discuss related to David’s career. He now has a booking agent but I read on FOD that booking agents don’t actively solicit venues. So I guess they wait until there is an offer presented to David and they review, negotiate, and finalize? Is that correct? If the booking agent doesn’t go after venues and offers, does that means no one does?

    How would venues even know David is back and wanting to perform if no on tells them? That doesn’t sound right. Someone has to let them know and be asking them right?

    • Anon too, I’m very interested in what you say, 🙂
      Yes, totally agree with you, finally something to discuss relating to David’s career. Yes, that whole process is interesting, I would guess that David has the last word on where he chooses to perform. I just hope that he does has a solid team to help him with what seems like a very complicated process with bookings. Also, I do hope he has a good team to help him put that album together, imo, artists needs a good team to give the best presentation to an album, imo.

    • Wouldn’t Gina and maybe even Kari be the ones putting out the word that David is taking offers? Wouldn’t Gina’s job be to sell David to the venues? Thus my idea that it was a smart move to “do Utah” first. Great selling tool to be able to tell other venues that he sold out 2,000 tickets in hours. It’s the manager’s job to promote the client, I think. In light of these first successful concert sales, I would think they have more than a couple offers now. I would hope he could at least do a venue on each coast, one in the south and one in the Midwest or Canada. That would enable a ton more fans to see him. LOL, now I’m asking for concerts but I really am happy when I hear the long faithful fans are getting to see him.

    • I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I think that David’s family is moving to Layton–the town north of SLC where the second–actually first–concert is located.

      • Hum, cc halo, I’m sure it didn’t hurt, lol. After the St. George venue, it did kind of surprised me how small the Layton venue was. I would be so cool if it sold out in a matter of hours, it has to give him a confidence boost. I would think the biggest confidence boost however would be a quick sold out at a venue outside of Utah.

      • I Googled it, and it looks to me like the venue is right about the same size–only about 100 less.

      • Oh thank you, cchalo, I thought it only had 500 seating capacity.

  20. *Re-posting my previous request because I really hope more people will take a stab at this. It could be helpful for all the bickering that happens here to sort of know where people stand. I personally found this place because I love soul and r&b music so I was curious. I also am an avid follower of American Idol. Not nearly as much as I used to be but David was one of my favorites over the years. I may be disappointed in some of his career choices so far but I still hope for him to succeed. He’s still young and anything is possible so I feel like I have a right to be here as much as the extreme fan who loves every move he makes. I guess I’m still waiting around until it becomes clear what it is that David wants from fans. He never seems to just come out and say what that is but it would certainly make things a whole lot easier!*

    I’d be curious to know how everyone would rate David on the following categories – voice, passion for music, performing skills, songwriting, musicianship, piano skills, commercial viability in today’s music industry, professional presentation, commitment to success and overall artistry.

    Here are mine:

    Voice – A+
    Passion for music – A
    Performing skills – B+
    Songwriting – C-
    Musicianship – B+
    Piano skills – B-
    Commercial viability in today’s music industry – B-
    Professional presentation – D
    Commitment to success – D
    Overall artistry – C

    I found it helpful to remind myself that while I love David’s voice and past performances, I haven’t been too impressed with most other aspects of his career so far. No standout songs for me from his albums, at least the original stuff he’s put out. It’s hard to separate what we see now from the great stuff he did on Idol, not to mention some of the killer covers he’s done over the years.

    So I guess my conclusion is that while he is very talented, I’m not sure he stacks up in other areas that are necessary to be a success. I agree with others that he probably doesn’t want any commercial success, in which case I could see him finding a little niche, like maybe in sacred or inspirational songs, and finding a way to make that work. More power to him if he can make a living doing that. I guess when he first came out and said he wanted to be like a serious pop artist like John Mayer, I expected a different trajectory for him. It’s hard not to see wasted potential but it’s really no harm, no foul. Still seems like a sweet guy and I hope he is at peace with his choices that have brought him to where he is now.

    • I know I was sorry to see more didn’t participate. I think it’s an interesting exercise, Anonymous

    • I was very interested to read people’s ideas on this, but the process of grading just isn’t me. I even have mixed feelings on the whole reality show concept of competition among artists. But that’s just my own personality.

    • Anonymous, I’m so glad you choose this site to post, 🙂 I really enjoyed reading your grading of David’s categories of performance and yes, would be interested in seeing others ratings. For me, I really can’t make those evaluations at this time, except for his voice. I’d say after the first real David Archuleta concert (and I probably will be going by videos, unless he comes to my neck of the woods) I then would be able to give my opinion. Oh btw, voice-A+ it hasn’t changed and I’m going by two videos of him since his return, Bring Him Home and SBM. The performance he has done have been for charity and his church, imo, not a good assessment as to how he will preform for his own secular concert. Although I agree with some of those grades at this point.

    • Anonymous- I agree with the D or actually F for David in the area’s of Professional Presentation and Commitment to Success. Some good points in your comment. Forget about his being a commercial success at this point but he does not care about that or what fans think so it is all good. I guess things could change but I doubt it. Interestingly enough in 2008 (now 7 yrs ago) when David was coming off of AI I would have given him an A or B in all areas. Things do change. Noticed that Nick Jonas is hosting an award show tonight on TV. WEG is actually doing a good job with managing Nick and of course JT. 🙂

  21. Re David’s band. Don’t forget that he lives in Tennessee now, possibly with the wealthy family that he was flying back to Nashville with. Maybe he’ll use the Nashville Tribute band members for his concerts. I noticed that the Truman Bros. previously played at the Layton Amphitheater.

  22. CChalo, I find it troubling that you post personal, unrelated info about David and his family. This info is not available online, especially news that David’s family may be moving to Layton Ut. Out of curiosity, I googled it and found no reference to what you posted you “think” you know. Then you post that “Re David’s band. Don’t forget that he lives in Tennessee now, possibly with the wealthy family that he was flying back to Nashville with”. How on earth do you presume that this a possibility?

    This kind of online stalking, followed by posting the unsubstantiated info on a public site is none of anyone’s business. David has not authorized any personal info about him or his family to be posted online. Even if you can substantiate this info, one would hope that , as a fan of David’s, you would respect the privacy he has expressly asked for. At the very least you should post how you got this information that is not available on a general search engine. Otherwise, it sounds like you pulled it out a place where the sun ain’t shining.

  23. Oh- Please. Really?? President of the Comment Police is in charge now. Too funny. LOL. 🙂

    • Hope, did you think I was talking to you? I wasn’t, you know. I am asking CChalo to document her claims. Your childish response to me is inappropriate.

    • That video of Tom Jones with Sasha from The Voice is amazing. I was always a Tom Jones fan and the guy still has a great voice. He looks good too. They were great together. 🙂

      • Thanks for posting peter as I don’t have access to The Voice UK on BBC so I really enjoy the vids. I know there is always you tube but still nice to have them posted.

    • Lol. I met someone who would love that! When I took my kids to the Kris Allen/Adam Lambert AI dress rehearsal and finale, there was a woman next to me would not stop screaming when Kris came out on stage. She seemed so normal when we were talking just prior to that.

      • CChalo, your silence tells us that you did make that stuff up after all. I think you owe your fellow posters here, most of whom are your online buddies, either an apology or an explanation. Or, you can just document your claims and clear up any misunderstanding.

  24. peter- thanks for posting all the videos. I really am enjoying watch them. I like Stevie. Great Voice. 🙂

  25. Have to give Kris Allen credit for trying to keep his music career going. 🙂

  26. Speaking of venues offering…..It all seems a little weird and confusing, so trying to work it all out in my head…..

    – if I were an artist, it would make sense to approach a venue and say….’hey can I have a concert here on this date?’ And then the venue would look at all the details they need to consider…availability of dates, likely revenue, possibility of other bigger artists wanting the venue at that time….and then come back with an answer…yes, or no. Is that what is meant by an ‘offer’ in music speak? Lol

    – if I were a venue, then it would be in my interest to have bums on seats as often as possible. If I were a large successful venue, then I probably have the luxury to pick and choose between artists and wouldn’t need to approach anyone with an ‘offer’ because they would generally be coming to me. On the other hand, if I were a less successful venue, I might not be in such demand and would therefore need to advertise or ‘offer’ my services to the artists. Is THIS what is meant by ‘offer’ in music speak?

    To just sit around hoping someone will call you doesn’t make sense, so I’m sure David’s team isn’t doing that. Putting the word out to various venues that David is interested seems more plausible but still a little ad hoc because it would be hard to co-ordinate dates, locations etc. so I’m tending to think that an ‘offer’ can either be an acceptance of david’s request to use the venue or it could ALSO be a venue hearing that David is doing concerts and a then putting their hand up to say they’re interested in having him come to them? Is that what you guys get from all this confusing stuff too? Lol

    As for the idea of using the sold out St George concert to promote himself to other venues…..that makes sense in one way but if that’s what the purpose of it was, then why choose St George and not Salt Lake City? Also, maybe St George was simply the first venue who got all their admin stuff organized enough to advertise they were going to have a David Archuleta concert?

    I think if they’re hoping to use Utah ticket sales to get access to more venues, since the Layton concert is so early in the year (September) compared to the St George concert, maybe the Layton concert was supposed to be the big sell out concert to be used as collateral for other venues? But since St George bet them to it, I’m kind of half worried that this Layton concert won’t sell as well as St George did because people won’t travel twice within a couple of months. It would therefore be more incumbent upon the locals to buy out this one quickly, which might also mean more advertising will be needed than a few tweets?

    On the other hand, I’m suspecting this Layton concert is not associated with these spot concerts Kari talked about. It seems like a bit of an outlier. She mentioned October onwards, nothing about September. And it looks like this Layton one could be a bit of a charity event.

    If that’s the case, there could be a salt lake concert or something to be announced as a part of the October-December spot concerts effort, maybe?

    • Interesting about the Layton being a charity because someone thought over at FOD that St George was a charity event also. It’s great to do charity event, but, imo it should state that it’s a charity event and for what charity. I know that most of the fans that are going are all ODD fans and really don’t care what kind of event it is, but still everyone that bought a ticket was for a David Archuleta concert.

      • The St George concert is not a charity event. It’s just a not for profit venue. For instance, when buying tickets, it asked if you would like to make a donation to their charity, which as I understand it, is in support of education at the local High school or some such thing.

      • And I should clarify, that we don’t know if the Layton concert is for charity or not at this stage. Still definitely in the realms of speculation and rumor. I would hate for something false to take on a life of its own and become facts. Lol

  27. Wow, came home from having a fabulous outing in the beautiful California sunshine. Thought when I saw all the new comments, maybe new date outside Utah, lol, or….heated discussion, lol. well, videos, still cool.

  28. Thanks to those who posted info about the question I posed earlier about the booking agent. I had almost forgotten about Gina Orr. It could be that she’s the one who researches and contacts venues and then the offers go to the booking agent. I’ve never been sure exactly what her position entails.

  29. I’m 99% sure Layton is not a charity event. They have various performances there all summer that are not for charity. David’s will be the last event of the summer.

  30. I think maybe because the Layton concert is sponsored by a manufacturing company that seems involved in charity and community, the thought was maybe the concert was for charity. I think this was mentioned on FOD possibly? But I don’t see anything on the venue’s or the company’s web sights saying anything about charity.

  31. just info. the windish agency, has a full service tour marketing division. more than 55 people booking nearly 13000 gigs a year.

  32. more, the agency has a long history of seeking out and developing altenative venues.

  33. the windish agency is know as a tastemaker nurturing a wide range of talented artists and focusing on the longevity of there careers. look them uo on windishagency.com/about

  34. Ray, From what you copied here it sounds like Windish does solicit venues, or has a roster of venues that book their talent. Good to know.

    I like the two venues chosen so far, particularly the one in St. George. Very nice. I hope the weather holds out for those going since they ‘re both outdoor venues. It’s been a very long time and both the fans and David deserve to enjoy every minute of it.

  35. ray- are you friends with Melinda? is she still in the biz?


  37. I saw a ray on twitter who is from florida and I know kari and Melinda are also in florida so like an idiot I thought maybe ya’ll were friends, lol! SORRY I know how stupid that is! but are you the florida ray?



  40. cat been walking on keyboard again. lol

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