Who is This Message for?

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  1. Lol, don’t have a clue, but would be interested in reading what Soul Davidian peeps think.

  2. Ha, I think I’m having a breakthrough–I didn’t even think of going online to check things out, until this afternoon, even though I’m just hanging around the house today doing laundry, etc. Learning to let go is good.

    As far as the tweet, I’m a little distracted by the fake biblical language, but I think the meaning is like David’s often-used “put one foot in front of the other” theme. Also ties in with calls for “patience.” “Foolishness”–I’d like to know in his own words how it applies, but going by the last two blogs, maybe I don’t want to know, lol.

    As a songwriter and lyricist, I hope that he’s reading some good poetry/literature to help educate himself in that field.

    • Yes, that language was odd to me, much rather David’s convey what he thinks than quoting.

    • I was a little distracted by that too, cc. Interesting facts: The BOM is supposed to be a translation of ancient texts written as far back as 600 b.c. It was supposedly translated in the 19th century, but written in 17th century “King James” English, like the King James Bible.
      Why wasn’t it translated into 19th century English, the language of the day?

  3. I hope ye enjoyeth this:

    • Lol. I really loved this. But I’m a little skittish about becoming over-invested in another holy roller. Unlike David, this one could easily go the Christian music route. Which is perfectly fine, just not for me.

      • A holy roller?

      • Sorry. I meant super-religious according to an article I read. He sounds like a really good, idealistic type of guy, like someone else we know.


      • Thanks. I was surprised because I wasn’t aware of that.

      • I just read the article about Clark & his beliefs. He’s Catholic obviously. Not taking away anything about his devoutness at all but we have to remember he’s from a part of the country where religion, whether Protestant or Catholic, is a dominant way of life. Clark was born & raised there so it shouldn’t be so surprising he has religion in his life. Most artists with an immense talent and who are raised in a church going family want to believe a “Greater Power” gave them their talent and opportunities & success that come their way and fail to recognize how hard they actually had to work to develop their talent and because of their own hard work and belief in themselves, they would still have their talent & the opportunities of success which come their way even if they were not devout in any religion.

        On the other side of the coin, there are so many immensely talented artists who are very successful and who have never seen the inside of a church, temple or synagogue who realistically give credit to those who helped them achieve success along the way, from their parents to their fans and everyone in between. It doesn’t make those artists any less credible than those who believe they were somehow “chosen” and “bestowed” with their “Gifts” whatever they may be. To me, that seems a trifle arrogant and self-serving.

        Just what I think about it. Don’t know if I made any sense.

      • Just me, your comment makes some good points.

    • Peter, Oh My!

      I think this guy can make it big even if he doesn’t win. Really! He has great stage presence. Just a great performer. Brings back those words by Simon to David so, so long ago…he’s young, he’s likable, he’s good-looking, AND he can sing. In addition, he can play piano & guitar really well! Not a bad place to be at all. 🙂

    • He’s good, but am not blown away.

    • Thanks peter for posting. I am a Clark fan along with some others I like on The Voice. Regarding what I think about David’s latest tweet. I don’t think anything about it and have no idea what it means. lol Nor do I want to. That is my thought about it and it sure is not a message for me. lol. 🙂

  4. This actually is remotely related to David…

  5. A Cyndi Lauper song!

  6. About his tweet & who it was for, I’m bringing this over from FOD by a commenter I found interesting by “person who lurks on this site”:

    March 21, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    “About David’s last tweet, it was obvious to me he was reading the scriptures in the BOM as he probably does every single day and this particular passage in the Book of Alma maybe just resonated with him. Nothing less, nothing more.
    It’s also obvious to me after his first blog and all the subliminal messages he’s been sending out, alas even the lack of any communications thereof, that David is building a different kind of foundation for his future. How his future unfolds as far as a career in music, I believe David is putting it in his God’s hands. David believes whatever happens is supposed to happen according to God’s plan for him. Deeply religious people believe this and live their lives accordingly.
    That being said, recalling why he wrote his blog and what he said, that he needed to explain the “reason for the music to come”, I think the music he’s working on will be mostly “Inspirational POP” with subliminal religious messages. I also think he is aiming for a different target audience hence his decision to stop communicating, for the most part, with his current fan base. I believe when he chooses the songs which will be on his album, he will begin a campaign to promote his album to his target audience, which IMO will be his peers, namely young people closer to his own age who he feels would most benefit from the messages he wants to convey through music. David is a different, actually maybe not so different person from who we thought he was more than 3 years ago. He’s just not afraid to be himself anymore. As one of his “older fans”, I no longer wish to see him live, however because I do love his voice, I will support him in other ways”.

    If this turns out to be prophetic, I’m not sure how successful a career he will have or how his current journey will play out, but it sure will make a great movie someday.

    • Yes, I really agree with this post as well. I, also, may not go see him live, mostly because I want to branch out, though we’ll see for sure when the time comes.

    • I replied on this comment on FOD and said it may be right, but it’s still very interesting to me to see how it’s all going to be played out.

  7. Or, maybe he tweeted that particular BOM passage because it did resonate with him. He knows some fans think he made a “foolish” mistake risking it all and thought this passage best describes what he’s been creating musically resulting in great things for him and all who believe in what he is doing?

    Who really knows why David thinks the way he does? Since this site was down for a couple of days, I took that time to view some of David’s past video vlogs. I thought the difference in his demeanor from his last three vlogs, especially his final “This is not goodbye” vlog before he left in comparison to his “I’m still alive” vlog is very striking.

    Anyway, hope everyone is having a great Saturday. And thank you HG!

  8. I think he’s posting things of out the BOM to make it crystal clear to his fans just where his priorities lie.

  9. I haven’t a clue as to what this means. His quotes seem to beat around the bush. There are always different aspects as to what they mean. And it never fails, different quotes turn up different meanings to different fans. This one is a little more complex than some of his others.

  10. Peter, it appears that Mr. Beckham, has drank some of the Kool Aid that you hate so much. Here’s the deal breaking quote from him that your comrade scoped out, identifying the source of his musical inspiration:

    “God informs everything I do,” said Beckham, a native of White House, Tennessee, “My music, I want to do it the best I can, because God’s given me music inside of me. He’s given me that talent, but like the parable of the talents — which is ironic, that the currency in the parable is talents — I need to be a good steward of it. I need to work really hard to make sure I can make the most of what He’s given to me.”


    • Mr. Beckham is here to stay. In terms of Kool Aid, “God’s given me music” is pretty mild. Of course, he may suddenly be overcome by an urge to show his horrible fans who are suffocating him who the real Clark is.

      • Peter, once AI is over, Clark will not have to worry about anything to do with fans. He will go back to big, bad White House, Tenn. and sing for the livestock and the Church.

    • As long as keeps posting his performances to the livestock on YouTube, I don’t mind.

      They simply cannot all becometh as hugely popular as David and have his business savvy.

  11. just me, the Clark Beckham article was written by a Catholic author for “Patheos Catholic”, but Clark went to Lee University, affiliated with Church of God, which is Pentecostal. They’re Protestants, and are particularly known for speaking in tongues.

    Here’s the quote that interested me (caps are mine) and made me wonder how this might relate to David:

    “Beckham isn’t sure, though, that he’ll ever write specifically praise-and-worship music.

    “There’s Christian music,” he said, “and there’s secular music, and secular music is outside of the church. It doesn’t mean not Christian. People mix that up; it just means outside of the church. I know, with all my heart, that I wasn’t meant to do worship music. I was called to do what I’m doing right now, to do what we call secular music.

    “So I would say, do what your heart leans to, to what God is calling you to do. I can write songs all the time about random things, but for some reason, if I try to write a Christian song or a worship song, even though those are the simplest songs sometimes, I can’t do it.
    “I have a special grace, I believe, to write music, to play, to sing, and it’s from God, no doubt in my mind. That’s what I chase, and for now, this is where He’s leading me, to SECULAR music.”

    • lol, kind of makes one wonder if he too is being told what to say to please fans, hum.

      • IDK. Being a vocal Christian on AI can work in the contestants favor, like it did for Danny Gokey. He may have gone as far as he did due to the Christian vote.

      • American idol is a business. If you’re under contract with them you do what they tell you to do, which includes them taking most of the money you make while under their control. After they have maximized their profits from you, you can go out on your own and be whatever you want. That’s why none of the winners or other “famous” contestants want anything to do with the show after they are released from their contracts.AI makes it very clear that they are doing you the favor by giving you a “fast track’ to success, which you are free to pursue only after your draconian contract with the show has expired (for those lucky enough to even have a post-AI contract)

        Clark Beckham, a guy who is similar to David (and I use to term in the most minimalist way possible) sounds like he has been read the riot act by TPTB at AI, and told to spin his religious influences in such as a way as to not have those drooling over him at home changing channels to find a less pious “droolee” to fill their Weds. night.

    • … if I try to write a Christian song or a worship song, even though those are the simplest songs sometimes, I can’t do it.

      Interesting. Thanks for posting.

      • Peter, so Clark says he can’t write Christian music, which he calls “the simplest songs”? Since he gets his inspiration “from above” it looks like he’s not paying enough attention. Is he saying that he’s being inspired from “above” to not be able to write songs about the very source of his inspiration, but stick to writing the kind of music that AI fans like to buy? How convenient.

      • Generally, the best inspirational songs were not originally intended to be inspirational songs. The writers wrote them because they felt that they had something to say, because they had a need to express something.

        Tailor-made inspirational songs are often horrible, even more so if the writer’s main purpose is to teach people something.

      • I think that he’s quite sincere. But if I were to be cynical about this, it wouldn’t be that he’s trying to appeal to the AI audience, because past history has shown that AI and Christian music go very well together. (Think “Shout to the Lord”, Mandisa, Danny Gokey, Carrie Underwood, Jason Castro, etc.) No, to me, it sounds like the expected language from someone who just graduated from a Christian college, but really finds more depth and interest in secular music, rather than the simpler more restricted, Christian themes.

    • My mistake about Clark being Catholic. I still stand by the comment I posted at 8:56 above though.

      BTW, I agree cq. How could anyone not know where David’s priorities lie? He made it clear from the minute he made the announcement he would be going on a mission up until his last tweet. The only exception after his announcement was when he went to the Philippines to do some modeling & endorsements for Bench and of all things to do before going on a mission for his church, starring in a (OMG!) soap opera & last but not least, recording an album of **gulp** “love songs”. Of course it must have been for financial reasons because nothing else made sense at the time. It had to have been a very profitable decision indeed. But that’s just how I saw it.

      • Just me, David is a person with very definite standards and values. I can not point to one thing David has ever done that indicated that he “sold out” his values for financial reasons. His modeling gig with Bench was for very mainstream boys’ clothing. His “Forevermore” CD was a collection of beautifully written love songs. There was nothing inappropriate or “sexually explicit” in any of the songs. “Nandito Ako” was the biggest stretch, but the “adult themes” in the series did not involve “Josh” directly.

        David didn’t sell out. All he did was grow up.

  12. In other words, religious or not, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Nobody’s perfect, not even David.

    I like Clark & I’m glad he knows what kind of music he wants to write and record. Good for him.

    Gnite everyone.

  13. What Clark is saying is kinda of ironic to me. I guess as long as he doesn’t hop on a wrecking ball Gos will approve,

    • Lol. BTW, my daughter’s friend just spent a year touring with Miley, and whatever her demons may be, she’s a very cool, nice person.

      • cc halo, I think that Miley and her team knew what was going to get her out of the Disney sweeter than sugar image, and boy, did they sure did it, imo, went to far, really no one really knows how these starts are in private, probably some of the most outrageous public personas are in fact, very nice people and some of the clean cut goody to shoes (David excluded, lol) are nasty in private, so it’s good to know she is a decent person.

  14. Wow, Wow, Wow!! Loved that video of Clark, Peter! I’m perfectly fine with him going the Christian route. That’s what I listen too. But, from the article it seems he wants to go the secular route.
    Thank you, cc for sharing that article. I wasn’t aware of Clark’s faith either.

    Just me, You gave an interesting point of view about how an artist views their talent based on faith and non- faith. I don’t agree that artists who have faith in their creator fail to realize the hard work they put into developing it. Of course it takes hard work, much effort and responsibility to develop a talent to make it the best it can be. What can’t be denied though, is that some are gifted with vocal ability and some just are not. No matter how hard a person worked to be able to sing like, say Clark or David, they could never sing like that if they were not gifted in that way. In other words, a gift is a gift. You can’t develop it through hard work, if it’s just not there.

    So, someone who believes in their creator will acknowledge that the special ability they have is a gift from God. This same person would also see everyone else’s special abilities as a gift from God, whether or not these people acknowledge it or not. Of course there are non- believers who have special abilities/talents. It has nothing to do with whether or not they are religious or go to religious places. It only has to do with how they got that ability. Believers will say it came from God the Creator of all people, non- believers will say it came from themselves or some random cosmic coincidence.

    It seemed like you were saying that religious people believe their talents come from God but other peoples’ talents don’t. Maybe I misunderstood though.

    • ALC, I think you misunderstood what I wrote. I was talking about people with natural talent which sometimes is evident early in their life and if they want to pursue a career in whatever talent they possess or “gifted” in, be it acting, painting, writing, athletics, singing or whatever, religious people don’t just sit back & do nothing but pray & wait for God to bring them success. Of course not everyone is naturally “gifted” in a particular talent like singing. But there are religious people who have talents which can be developed through hard work, practice & diligence and who still believe they are were “chosen” to receive the “gift” of whatever talent they possess. Why them?

      I don’t believe a Higher Power bestows “gifts” on certain people. It makes no sense since many people who are very talented in their field of expertise are unbelievers. Why would God bestow the same wonderful & beautiful “Gifts” on the unbelievers as well as his “chosen” few?

      Going a step further, I have never understood how deeply religious people believe “God in His Wisdom” as my mother used to say, allows babies who are handicapped from birth or children who become chronically ill or crippled or children who are starving in third world countries are put on this earth as some kind of lesson? Why would a God of love and compassion bestow “Gifts” on some and unspeakable suffering on others?

      I know what religious people believe. There’s always a parable or a bible passage or a proclamation of “you just have to have faith” or “you just have to believe God knows what we need”. I’ve heard it all. And maybe I don’t make sense but that’s pretty much me.

      With that, I must really get to bed now. 🙂

      • ALC I agree. I wanted to speak to this earlier but I was out of time, I just came back now to respond and am grateful to see you shared your thoughts.

        Just Me, you said…”It doesn’t make those artists any less credible than those who believe they were somehow “chosen” and “bestowed” with their “Gifts” whatever they may be. To me, that seems a trifle arrogant and self-serving.”

        I know there are some religious zealots out there, just like there are some health zealots, or music zealots or any kind of zealot, who think they’re better than everyone else, for whatever is their little hobby horse. But for the most part, I don’t think people who thank God for whatever gift they have in their life think they just woke up with the gift, never have to work at it and they simply have it because they are chosen and better than everyone else out there. And I don’t think they automatically think other talented artists are less credible. In fact that would be crazy for someone to imply that because the whole world can clearly see that there are talented people from all walks of life. Talent doesn’t just belong to religious people. Lol. I personally find that you insinuating that when a person thanks God they are being judgmental of others is, to use your own words – ‘arrogant and self serving’.

        In the Bible there is a parable of the talents. In the story each person is given a gift and expected to develop it, and gain others. Not just some people were given these gifts but ALL of the people.

        I think of David’s song Glorious – it is about how valuable ALL people inherently are. Not just religious ones.

        I think it’s unfair to inaccurately paint people as judgmental and holier than thou just because they love God and thank Him for things …..and then turn around and call those same people arrogant for something you projected onto them, which in reality, they never did.

      • Just me, Thank you for clarifying your point. Sorry I misunderstood.

        I really appreciate your openness in sharing some of your thoughts about a “higher power”. This sentence struck me in particular and I’d like to respond:
        “Why would God bestow the same wonderful & beautiful “Gifts” on the unbelievers as well as his “chosen” few?”
        I’d be happy to tell you the answer to that and my answer comes from knowing and studying God’s Word all my life and knowing Him personally. God gives to all people certain talents, gifts because he LOVES all people. Some of his creation, whom he loves, choose to acknowledge Him and some choose to reject Him.
        Concerning the phrase “His “chosen” few”. God gives us the free will to choose Him or not. He doesn’t do the choosing, although He knows who will choose Him and who will not. The Bible is clear that God draws all people to Himself and it is not His will for anyone to perish.

        You brought up some questions that are hard an very valid that I’ve heard often, even on this site. I would consider the view of God you shared to be a misconception. Just because you heard “wisdom” from your mother doesn’t mean she was wise in saying what she said. It could also be that you misunderstood what she said. For wisdom, seek God’s Word, the Bible. Not just parts of it, all of it. That would be my suggestion, because, if you haven’t really read through the Bible and studied it, is it really fair to take what people say here and there and misjudge God? You don’t really know about God unless you’ve gone to the source that will tell you about him, His Word, the Bible. Read it, study it, and then make your conclusions about God after that.

        So, why does God allow children to be born with handicaps that cause suffering. It seems everyone wants to blame God for all the suffering in the world. I blame sin. Sin comes from man’s rebelliousness against God from the beginning. We live in a fallen world. Sin brought death into the world and along with it disease and suffering. Things are messed up. They aren’t perfect.

        I’ve shared this we cchalo before. I am a devout believer in God. My daughter was born with a malformation that caused her suffering for the first few years of her life and put her life in jeopardy. She still struggles daily with looking very different and still has some medical issues although minor now. Never once did I say, God just wants us to learn a lesson, that’s why He did this. The pastor’s wife approached me once and was trying to express her concern and in so doing said “I don’t understand why this would happen to you and your family”, to which I replied back, “why not me? I’m no better than anyone else. God doesn’t love me any more than he loves anyone else.” The way I see it is, God allowed this to happen but it happened because we live in a fallen imperfect world, not because he doesn’t love me or is cruel. As a matter of fact, it just so happened that I came closer to Him at that time more than at any other time in my life. His presence was very evident to me. No one can tell me that God doesn’t exist when I know Him personally. It’s like saying my husband doesn’t exist.

        I don’t expect those who are un-believers to understand the way of thinking I just expressed although, I wish you did. I do request that, before you as an unbeliever judge God and speak out what I would consider to be “misconceptions” about Him, to first get to know Him by reading the Bible. Otherwise, you are speaking about something you know nothing about.

      • wow! sorry that was so long. Shanny, I’ll read your reply now and try to respond to it later.

      • Oh, now that I read, I see that your reply was not meant for me but for Just me. I wont respond.

      • Interesting video:

      • Interesting video cchalo. I will admit to only skimming through it, but got the gist of it. This is why it’s so important to base what you believe about God on fact and evidence, not on feelings, promptings, and so called spiritual revelation from other people. I have a sure foundation on which to base my knowledge of God and that’s His Word which is proven to be authentic and true, not by feelings when you pray, but by evidence, linguistics, geography, historical record, ancient texts, fulfilled prophecies, etc. How dangerous it is to base one’s beliefs on feelings without facts!

        Thank you for posting this video to raise that important question. I know this kind of stuff fascinates you. You like to study it. I recommend this book about the authenticity of God’s Word and the evidence to prove it: Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell and Evidence of the Resurrection by the same author. To know more about the author go to Josh.org. He was an agnostic who just couldn’t get past the factual evidence.

        Also, to Just Me. I’m sorry if I bombarded you with my answer. I tend to get very lengthy when talking on this subject.

      • Well, thanks, but I spent three quarters of my life as an unusually devout person from 3 generations back, and I would never ever go back. We’re soooo much more at peace now and things just make sense. Plus my family is all together on the same page, which is huge. 🙂

      • I’m sorry you experienced what you did cc. I’m glad that you feel at peace now, but I hope someday, you will further research the truth. My faith is not in a church or in “the law” (rules and ordinances), it’s in someone with whom I have a relationship. I know Him through the Bible. He is alive! Happy Easter everyone!

      • I’m only sorry that I was raised believing in Bronze-age supernatural myths and that we raised our children that way. I’m very glad that my son was the first to say, at fifteen or sixteen, “This doesn’t make sense.” Now we’re all happy to be free of those beliefs.

        BTW, did you see this interesting Nova episode about the archaeological origins of the Bible?

  15. Oh dear Bliss. I have read several comments from you claiming ignorance of the manipulations done on American Idol. Now, upthread, you just said Clark is being manipulated by the Idol folks. I guess at your age, keeping your stories straight becomes a challenge,

    • Anne, nice to see you, claws and all. When did I ever say that AI was NOT a business? Also, Simon Cowell used the term “fast track to success” in one of his critiques to Tim Urban. BTW, do you disagree with anything I posted about AI? If so, let’s discuss it. This is a blog, after all.

      As for your “ageism” crack, I assume, you, like me, fall into the “no spring chicken” category, so any discussion we may have should be accompanied by periodic naps so we can maintain our strength.

      • I do nap on occasion, got me there. I think you also have a full generation on me based on various comments and references you have made. No matter, age is a state of mind and in that category I have a hunch you have several generations on me. 😉

  16. I think there is some real talent on The Voice this year too. I have already posted several videos on previous threads here of them. I am looking forward to see how some of my favorites do on The Voice this year. I am a fan of Lowell and Sawyer and there are a few others that I want to see how they do during the season.

  17. Really enjoyed reading all comments, thank you Hg for having this site available for us to converse in a variety of subjects, but of course, mostly about David, 🙂 as I still feel it’s a site designed about David’s music career journey, but am very happy to have other artists, topics discussed, especially since we are in drought mode, still, lol.

    • CQ, is it really necessary to thank HG every other day for having the site open? It’s her site and she does with it as she pleases, including shutting it down whenever she wants. All the thanking in the world is not going to change that, if that’s your intent.

      • Oh bliss, it’s so obvious that you have a BIG problem with everything I post, but this one is just laughable and just so you know, I’ll thank whoever I want, whenever I want and if you have a problem, it’s your problem not mine. 🙂 lol 🙂 lol 🙂 lol 🙂

      • oh btw, isn’t a problem that I also said that I enjoyed reading comments…

    • cq-I hope that you are enjoying DWTS. I try to catch some of it. 🙂 What I like about SD is that it is clear hg enjoys discussions on different topics. Not just David. Her last post was regarding watching AI. Before that there was a post regarding why a hip hop artist left a major label system. And of course on David and David’s tweets- which to be honest don’t usually interest me. lol. I am sure that hg is very busy. hg can’t possibly always be able to keep up with when there are so many comments on a thread that folks can no longer comment on a WordPress blog. I can see why hg would not post threads as often- especially with David not doing much with his music career. Love the vids-peter. 🙂

  18. I still don’t have twitter. Check it online but don’t have it. lol. 🙂

  19. Sierra Sivertson ‏@thesierralyn · 1h1 hour ago
    So David Archuleta might be in my new singles ward????!!?!?

    Has he finished recording everything he wants?

    Does this mean he has moved back to Utah?

    • The girl lives in SLC

    • Here are my psychic premonitions:

      Has he finished recording everything he wants?

      No. There is no way he will be able to release an album in 2015.

      Does this mean he has moved back to Utah?

      Yes. No place like home.

  20. Rumor has it that Robert may be dating his DWTS pro partner Kym Johnson. But they always have those rumors every season about celebs and their pro partners hooking up on DWTS. So who knows if it is true or not. lol. Of course Rumer Willis is the favorite on DWTS so far. lol. 🙂

    • Hope, lol, yep that rumor mill, but again every season there is always one couple or two that are dating, I think it might just be part of the show to continue high interest, just seems that way to me anyways. Yes, I am enjoying DWTS, looks like a few real good dancers just from the first show and my favorite dancer decided not to leave, Derek, but really like Val to win though. Yep part of the fun is picking a favorite and I guess until I find a star I really like, I am pulling for the professional dancer, lol. After all it entertainment, not about who wins or losses.

  21. Hey Dana looks like David was still in Cali yesterday anyway, lol

  22. OMG. How did i miss this?

    • Not only did you miss that but perhaps you missed this too…?

      ♫ Just Announced: Saint George, UT – Nov 7 at Tuacahn bandsintown.com/event/9575529?…

      Seems to be his own concert and may be the first announced in a series of concerts later this year? Here,s hoping! 🙂

  23. Are we all supposed to swoon now that David announced a show in Utah seven months from now? After a whole year of basically silence that’s his big comeback? It’s always more questions than answers with him. Is he doing other shows? Is this show promoting a new album? What kind of music will be on that album? Is this just another church related thing? Maybe it’s just me but I have felt nothing but jerked around for a long time, even before he went on his mission. Nothing is is ever normal for him like it is for other artists. He never just does normal stuff like saying “hey everyone can’t wait to see you at my next show” or “hey I hope you like the new album” or even just plain acting like he remotely cares about his career period. I know he doesn’t like promoting himself,and probably doesn’t have a lot of money to pay a real professional team, but the whole routine of just waiting and wondering and guessing about things has gotten really old now. It’s not like I expect much but seriously If he can’t even pretend to be excited for his future music or shows or whatever, why should any of us? It’s nice that Kari is saying thank you to fans for being patient but it’s really his job to do that kind of stuff himself. I have no problem waiting as long as he wants to tell you the truth but not if everything is still just a big mystery. That’s more like amateur hour if you ask me.

    • Good grief, Anonymous.

    • So, see you there then?

    • I agree Anonymous. The people at FOD are all excited and already have him touring all over the U.S. when all we have is a show in Utah which is what he does. He performs in Utah. Well, I can’t go to Utah so I’ll wait to get excited until some of the issues you have addressed have been answered. Specifically, info from David that he is doing a tour and he actually would be excited if his fans would come instead of “maybe I’ll see you there”.

      • Why is it important to you that an artist be “excited if his fans would come”? I’ve been to plenty of concerts in my lifetime and it never occurred to me to worry about whether the artist was excited about his fans coming.

      • My2cents…I was just echoing what David said. I think it was in regards to the Roots Tech thing. That he would be at the event and something to the effect that “if you come then I guess I’ll see you there”. It was just such a departure to what he would say in the past like “I hope you can come” or maybe “let me know if you are coming”. It just seemed very dismissive and like he didn’t care if anyone came or not. I surely hope David is excited for his fans to come. I would think that is the reason for doing the concert in the first place unless he plans to do it in an empty ampitheatre.

    • Anonymous, I get your point. It wasn’t to long ago that hearing this one concert announcement would send me spazzing along with all the excited fans, but now, it’s a wait and see, cautiously somewhat subdued optimistic is where I am right now.

    • He never just does normal stuff like saying “hey everyone can’t wait to see you at my next show” or “hey I hope you like the new album” …

      I agree. It’s really not that difficult or complicated: I will be releasing an album [insert date here]. Will tell you more about it closer to its release.

  24. Although it’s very nice to finally have a David concert confirmed, of course, in Utah (beautiful venue) which is understandable, I really am looking forward to the album and seeing that he will venture outside of Utah. Hoping to see David have passion for music again, he may will have it, but I just don’t feel the passion he once was able to convey to us fans.

    • The reason I see this is he announced the tour, but his passion was about the one year anniversary of his mission. Now I do understand his being passionate about it and heck yes, go celebrate with your mission buddies, but it would be nice to see that same excitement towards his music. Even though I feel this way, it’s really nice to read the excitement of all the fans over at FOD.

  25. cq, I have to agree with you. He put a nice looong comment about his 1 year anniversary on Instagram with a picture of food and yet didn’t post one detail about the concert. In fact, he doesn’t even call it a show or concert. All it says is “Just Announced: Saint George, UT – Nov 7 at Tuacahn” with a link that gives no details.

    I find it odd that tickets go on sale in just a couple of days and fans have no idea what music he’ll sing. Hymns? Songs from his first or second tour? Songs he put out while he was gone? Or songs from his new album, the one we have no idea about?

    I’m surprised people are already saying they’re going to get tickets and go while not knowing what they’re buying tickets for.

  26. DWTS was great last night. First of all, talk about inspirational, how about Noah Galloway, WOW. There is quite of few that are really good, so it’s going to be a lot of fun seeing the dances. Right now at the time of my list is Nastia and Derek and Rumer and Val. Loved Nastia and Derek’s dance to the song Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, smoking hot!!!!

    Let’s just see what other things pop up in regards to David’s music career this month.

  27. Yes I agree with you guys, anonymous, hitandrun, cq, and Peter too. I just don’t see the love for his fans at all. That instagram post got me as well with all the little hashtags. I feel the only reason why he mentioned the ‘appearance’ to begin with is because it was already put out there by the venue. And then to give a two day notice for the sale of tickets to a show that no one knows anything about is absurd. I mean I saw on twitter where people were asking him questions like ‘are there going to be more?’ and ‘is this part of a tour?’ ‘we need to know so we can plan.’. and he never answered any questions. But yet Kari, being the nice considerate person she is, was answering a couple, saying ‘things are in the works.’. and she even thank the fans for waiting. Exactly anonymous, should be David’s job.

    Feels good to vent here.

  28. Everyone have there own take on the latest development in regards to how David is going about getting back into the swing of things. Nothing really has changed as far as fan reaction. The fans that are ecstatic have always seen anything he does in that light and then there’s fans that see thing differently, although the number that see things differently is very small, I’m thinking. Most that aren’t aboard with what has been going on since his return have moved on. Right now I’m glad that it seems like David is moving forward putting things together to actively get back into his music career. Happy for all the Utah fans and any other fans that will travel to go see him…hope we get videos and hope that he will put out an album and book more gigs allover US and beyond to support that album.
    Now with that being said, even without new music, he has enough songs (covers) and the two he did for the church to sing for this a few gigs. .a lot of fans seem to not care what he sings, just as long as he sings, lol, even the phone book. It will be nice to see him return to the stage for himself.

  29. question.. why do you all care when you repeatedly say you don’t?

    • Kimak, I have never said I don’t care, if I didn’t care I wouldn’t be still hanging around. Yes, I might of lost some of my enthusiasm, but even if I don’t spazz like I have done in the past, doesn’t mean that I don’t care.

      • actually I do think you care.. think is all you just would like David to get back to being an artist musician less the other stuff. me too I miss that voice a ton.

      • Yep, Kimak, you got that right…let’s just say it’s going to happen this year, 🙂

  30. It is kind of strange to put that date out there with no information. But I suppose that it could be a kind of trial balloon to see how much demand there is. If these tickets sell well (which I expect they will), there might be a lot more confidence to set more concert dates. Maybe even outside Utah? Who knows?

    • cc halo, it seems the tickets are already selling very well, you might be right about that, good point. I was just thinking the same thing, if it sell out tomorrow that will be awesome.

    • Yes I agree. Could be a trial run. That would make sense. He should still let us know what is happening with this show. We don’t know how many songs, what genre, from the new album, or if there could be more if this one goes well. I would be willing to bet you if these aspects were known, there would be even a bigger demand. Some do not care about any of these things, they just want to hear and see him. That is fine, BUT not everyone feels this way. IMO

      • I don’t know of any artists that announce their concert play list ahead of time. They just announce that they are having a concert. I’m guessing that he will perform songs from all of his albums including songs which he plans to release this year. Like others, I am of the belief that this concert is a trial balloon. But again, that is not something you announce to the public. You simply announce the concert and if it sells out, then you consider booking additional dates and venues.

      • I think that many artists will have a tour or concert name or album that’s being featured–i.e. Miley Cyrus’ “Bangerz” tour or Justin Timberlake’s “20/20 Experience” tour or even David’s MKOC tour or the recent “Celebration of Christ” concert, etc. etc.

      • Oh, I see what you are saying CChalo. Right, well he probably hasn’t finished the album yet so that may be why he is not naming the concert after the album. Also, we’re not even sure if there is going to be a tour. Depending on the turnout, it may end up being just one concert.

  31. My comments weren’t welcome at FOD so I guess I’ll stick with SD from now on. I’m just not the cheerleader type, or even the pep squad type. And in high school I did my homework during pep assemblies. So, it’s a good bet I’m not going to be cheering and shouting unless I’m darn sure there is something to cheer and shout about.

    • Nothing wrong with having high expectations. Other artists manage to rise to the occasion so why shouldn’t we hold David to the same standard? He has a lot to prove if you ask me. For all the loyal fans who have been waiting around patiently for him to finally find his voice as a real adult artist, I hope he’s willing to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to give them something special. If his heart isn’t into that kind of career, all he has to do is speak up and say so, so then maybe those fans can move on.

      • David doesn’t owe you or anyone anything you don’t like what he is doing move on.

      • Yep, yep, and YEP! its a wait and see for me. It is just a Utah concert. We dont even know how many more there will be. Although Gina did say there would be more. Although it may depend on how this one pans out in the end. Who knows…I’m tired of trying to guess what is going to happen. It is too exhausting .

      • Anonymous (the one at 8:03 PM), loyal fans don’t have to”wait around patiently for him to find his voice”. First of all, David is not looking for his voice. He’s found it. The only people who think he has “something to prove” are the ones who think they are entitled to whatever arbitrary standard they put on him. David has legions of fans, worldwide, who, upon hearing that he has recorded a new CD and will be making appearances, will respond with the same anticipation and excitement as have fans of artists through the years. You sound like the schoolmarm who speaks to the parents of the underachieving student who she says has “so much potential” but “needs to apply himself” or face certain failure in life.

        As for the notion that disappointed fans “can move on”, the really angry ones, like you and the others we see here, are so addicted to David that they would have to build a special new wing at the Betty Ford Center to even begin to get them to “move on”.

      • David has legions of fans, worldwide, who, upon hearing that he has recorded a new CD and will be making appearances, will respond with the same anticipation and excitement as have fans of artists through the years.

        First, let’s see if he can fill that venue in Utah (15 people from FOD will not be enough for him to have a career in music, no matter how positively those 15 people think). If so, good for him.

    • Peter, I was hoping you and the 11 other Clark Beckham groupies would fly to Utah to do their part to try to make up your hoped for shortfall at this concert. That line out the door and around the corner at Roots Tech would seem to indicate that “David’s hemorrhaging fan base” belongs in an updated version of Aesop’s Fables.

  32. What a shock – David’s got a show in Utah!!!! Why is this news?

  33. Interesting comments about this Utah show. I have several to add.

    For those like Shanny who need to travel a long way and plan way ahead, I do think it’s nice they have a long notice of the show coming. I saw her comments on FOD, Someone like Shanny is a real fan and I hope she gets to see David live.

    As to why the tickets are going on sale 7 months in advance. I wonder, like others have suggested, if this is a trial balloon to see what size venues he can sell out. I read this venue holds 2,000 people. It does look beautiful too. Also wonder, if he sells all those tickets way ahead of time, if he gets the revenue right away and that could fund other shows. That way he takes no financial risks. Might be a very smart move. I have no doubt those tickets will sell out in a couple days. Some are saying 10 minutes but I’m not sure it will be that fast. I hear fans from other countries are trying to figure out how to make this happen for them, not just Shanny.

    I wish him luck. I am in agreement with some who say his self promotion is pitiful at this point. Kari is doing a great job but how would it hurt him to tweet about his career? How is that an invasion of his privacy or space? We all have to do things to keep and/or advance our chosen careers. This is the part I don’t get. But, maybe, just maybe, things will change when the music is done. I am hoping he loves his new stuff so much that he will become a promotion machine, just dying to get the word out to everyone to take a listen.

    Who took Anne hostage and replaced her with this less cynical version? Maybe I just have spring fever LOL

    • lol, great comment Anne.
      Yep, it would be nice if it did sell out the first day.
      I agree with you, hope things work out for Shanny and others that are coming from other countries.

    • I thought maybe you didn’t want Bliss dissing you as a cynic, or maybe heaven forbid, a pessimist. I’m afraid I already have the pessimist label and there’s no getting round it. That’s what I am. I consider Bliss dissing cynics and pessimists as a form of discrimination. I can’t help it if I was born a pessimist.

      • That comment was for Anne btw.

      • Hit and Run, kids are natural born optimists. You weren’t born a pessimist. Whatever turned you into a pessimist happened later on in life. The good news is that since you weren’t born that way, you can still change. It’s up to you. Keep me posted. The fact that you still care about David Archuleta enough to post on these sites makes me optimistic that you can change.

      • LOL, Hitandrun. I would be honored to have Bliss diss me any time. He was horrible to me a while back but he hasn’t been up to standard recently.

      • Bliss – I have no desire to turn into an optimist. You probably missed the comment, but as I stated on FOD, I find optimism to be very stressful. That is true, not a joke. I have been a pessimist as long as I can remember so whatever lesson I learned, I learned it very early in life, if as you say, I was not born that way. As far as I know I have always been a pessimist. It is comfortable for me and since I am ancient, I doubt I could change now.

      • Hitandrun- Must be the vast majority of David’s fan base that left as they are no longer interested in David’s career or just don’t care must all be cynics and pessimists so you are not alone. lol. I am one of them. But really David is the one that left his fans (especially the younger ones) and then they just became disinterested. Seriously how many fans does David really have left since coming off of AI 7 years ago due to his career choices or lack of them? I say good for the diehard fans that are excited about this random Utah concert in what Nov.- but I just don’t see the big deal. lol.

    • Thank you Anne! 🙂

      My wish is that every fan who wanted to, could go see David perform! I bet it’s David’s wish too. 🙂

      Funnily enough, I feel hopeful and excited but at peace if things don’t work out perfectly too.

  34. justhanginaround

    Anne, I really agree with what you said:

    “Kari is doing a great job but how would it hurt him to tweet about his career? How is that an invasion of his privacy or space? We all have to do things to keep and/or advance our chosen careers.

    I have been wondering about that too. I do think talking about his career is in no way a invasion of his privacy and space. He is an artist and celebrity so it is only natural that he communicates about his career, per se. I’m not after tweets of a personal nature, quotes or even food tweets. What I’d like to hear about is his music, his shows and his album.

  35. Hit and Run, I agree that being pessimistic protects us from disappointment, but it can also be a self fulfilling prophecy. Anyway, I’m sure you can live without my words of “wisdom”, especially where it concerns your personal life and view of the world, which are none of my beeswax.

  36. Kinda weird… Setting and announcing a venue this early. I’m doubtful this will sell fast and good… Maybe he should have released something first (other than a mysterious November event). If this is an experiment, the probablity of getting a result (they consider good) is hard. It’s like placing a blank sheet of paper in front of a person and then just leave without further instructions. The person left with the paper knows what the paper is for (which is basically for writing or sketching), but there’s no ballpen (not even a pencil) placed beside the paper. Also, the person also knows that the paper can be folded into an origami, or crumpled, or shredded or left untouched or whatever… The person doesn’t really have a clue on what’s suppose to be done with the sheet of paper.

    I am just weirded out by their strategy to ‘assess’ David’s concert capacity

    if this is really to assess him, coz maybe it’s their way of telling his supporters that there is a tangible evidence that David’s really into remaking a career (an open and wide career), and that even though they are still at the process of making, they have to say something to the supporters because not many people can bear a wait that’s so long and filled with guessings and self-imaginations on what’s to come. [my eyes are getting dry from guessing and staring at a wall.. Figuratively speaking]. They should have just finished a SINGLE first, make the most out of it… Then do the mysterious november venue announcement. I’m not mad at them or David. I’m just concerned that they might not get good results at this social/career experiment, and if ever they did recievie such results will make them disheartened and David will ask questions again and doubt himself again.
    Hello ya’ll 🙂 long time no comment from me… I’m just tooooooooooooooo busy and pressured.

    Btw, since you guys show your love for another artist… I just want to share my love for GEORGE EZRA and his songs: listen to the man, blame it on me, budapest and etc. He’s only 21 but damn his voice is bigger and deeper than your neighbor’s wishing well.


  37. I have to disagree with those who think David’s concert in November will not sell out. Of course it will. The concert is in Utah, his home turf. He has the support of the LDS community like never before. If it’s not a sold out concert pretty quickly, David & his manager will have a lot of work to do.

    Also, if they are using this concert as a “trial run” to see if David still has drawing power which of course he does in Utah, it makes no sense. Unless he’s not planning to branch out of Utah.

    Anyway, make no mistake, this concert will be sold out. No doubt about it.

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