Idol Just Had a “Moment” Tonight!

Joey Cook just became my favorite Idol tonight with that jazzy rendition of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”! 🙂

When was the last time we had a “moment” on this show?

Hmmmm, was it when we saw THIS?

or this?

or this?

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  1. Interesting thoughts cchalo, right now we are seeing a very different David and maybe it’s because we only knew (or thought we knew) David the professional singer, on stage, interviews, appearance and some interaction with fans. The now David really has been doing nothing (publicly, I know he is working on music) in regards to his career, yes, he has done public interviews and music, but it’s has not been about his career. Perhaps when that happens we well see that wonderful joy again, not that he isn’t happy, it’s just that we aren’t seeing it that’s all.

  2. There are dozens of videos of David where he undoubtedly appears to be so upbeat & happy doing what he has always said he loved doing. I don’t think there exists a video that shows him looking miserable or unhappy. There’s videos of David where he spent hours meeting his fans at different events and he always seemed excited & happy. Maybe there were times when he may have been a little puzzled about the adoration showered on him but he was always gracious & appreciative of his fans.

    So the question is why would he say in his “I’m Alive” vlog when he said, “you know what, that’s not what I want to do, that’s never what I wanted to do, but I thought I was supposed to.”? Then he essentially repeated the same thing on his 1st Blog of 2015. Why would he say he was forced to act like someone who was not him, making him feel fake just to make people happy, to like him & be popular? I thought, OK, maybe he will explain what he really meant to say or even recant some of what he said. But he never has.

    Some fans have not taken what he said in his vlog or wrote on his blog literally and in fact have put their own spin about what he “really meant”. But this is David we are talking about. The same David we admired for his honesty & integrity then to disregard his own words which were precise & to the point as if he didn’t mean to say those things or that he only meant his relationship with the
    ‘higher-ups” is an insult to him. IMO

    Now, going back to all the videos of David before his mission, was it all acting to make us like him? Was he forced to be someone he wasn’t? David thinks so. But then who exactly was he all time? Does he even know? I think David doesn’t know who he really is or what he wants. I think he is more confused now more than ever. He said he is more confident and sure of himself now than ever but is he really? He’s in Nashville for a few days, then he’s right back in Utah, then back to Nashville, then back to Utah. I think David hasn’t found his anchor or what will make him truly happy and content. If he was my son, my grandson or my brother, I would be very worried about him. I’m just a fan but I want to see the David he is now, looking as happy as he appeared in all the videos fans made of him all those years ago.

    Hope everyone here has a great day.

    • I think David doesn’t know who he really is or what he wants. I think he is more confused now more than ever. He said he is more confident and sure of himself now than ever but is he really?

      ITA. It’s almost as if he feels guilty that he enjoyed his pre-mission career.

      Also, I don’t think he will be able to put together an album this year. I think he will release his next album in three or four years. But perhaps Gina and Kari are super-organized and super-efficient behind the scenes, and an album is already on its way.

      • Peter, it took Michelangelo only 4 years to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (1508-1512). I think David should be able to bang out a CD in less time. If he doesn’t put out a CD by the end of this year, I will pull a “Seinfeld” and agree to be your Butler for a week. Believe it or not, I’m actually a lot of fun to be around.

      • Okay. Time will tell pretty soon.

        Love Seinfeld.

      • peter- I agree with you about David not being able to put an album together this year. I just don’t see it happening unless something happens and David and his team get super motivated. I just doubt it.

      • Yikes peter, three or four years, lol, nothing will surprise me about David, but at this point I do believe he has the direction to put out an album this year, again things could always change. There are two things that give me that feeling, one he has hired a booking agent, I’m don’t know the business, but I believe that would be for some sort of promotion gigs for a new album. Second, in his OS it states that he isn’t accepting appearance request from the LDS community and charities at this time, which by the way it also stated he had overwhelming requests. Those two things give me the thought that he is working on that album and being done this year. Now, who knows, right now he just might be giving everything up and going full time to BYU, lol, again nothing will surprise me about David.

  3. Personally, I am tired of his yo-yo attitude. He’s up, then down…ect.

    He has a ‘meeting’ with someone who goes to byu in a few weeks. I have a feeling he is doing online classes maybe? I do think that IF OR WHEN, his album does come out, he is planning to go back to school. Then he will be engrossed in that and things will slow down again. He always said he needed to find a balance with his career and school.

    I don’t expect him to be around that much longer. I could be very wrong, but it is how I feel. I dont think his heart is in it. And there are times that I think he is putting out this album because he promised us he would continue when he returned from his mission.

    This mission has done something to him, and I really don’t like it. I believe he has forgotten how to be happy and enjoy music like he did pre mission.

    It is hard to believe that he put on a front all those times we saw the smiling, friendly, giggly David we once knew. He is not that good of an actor.

    • I believe that the meeting is with a photographer for a photo shoot, which is a good thing!

      • Ok…I didn’t know that. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it. 😊

      • Unless the photographer is a teenager, I’m not so sure about a photo shoot.

        I know there was a tweet from a girl about her friend waiting to meet David or something like that. When you go to the tweeter’s twitter acct, you can see she’s talking about another young girl, not a photographer with the same name.

        But hey, I may be wrong. 😉

        Hope everyone has a great day!

    • I think you are right. So then it could be about school then?

  4. Since we don’t know what the roommate does, it could be anything. Maybe it is about school, but maybe he IS a photographer, or a videography student, or maybe leads a vocal group and they will be back up singers on one of David’s songs … or maybe he plays an instrument and will be interviewed for a spot in David’s next band! (Ha Probably not that last one.)

    Just another question mark in the game of “What’s going on with David’s career?”

    As for when he’ll release an album and tour, that leads me to a question for someone who might know. He hired a booking agency so, how does that work? Is the agency paid a monthly retainer or just paid for actual scheduling? The reason I ask is because, if he does have to start paying them once he hires them, wouldn’t that mean he plans to tour relatively soon? Why would he pay them continuously for two or three years in advance if he has no immediate plans to tour or do performances? And what about Kari and Gina, do they work on retainer or upon performance of duties?

    Does anyone know how that works?

    • A booking agent is half employment agent and half salesman. It’s the booking agent’s job to find work for his clients by convincing club owners that the band will generate ticket sales.

      A booking agent negotiates with promoters on behalf of the band and the band’s manager. Promoters are the people in charge of booking acts at a concert venue. The booking agent not only reserves concert dates at clubs, but negotiates the band’s fee or percentage of the ticket sales.

      A booking agent spends his day in constant communication with managers, promoters, theaters, clubs and artists, booking gigs six months to a year ahead. In many cases, the agent is trying to assemble a regional, national or international concert tour for a band. This requires careful scheduling and routing to ensure that the band can get to every venue on time.

      Not only does a booking agent have to book gigs for her existing stable of artists, but she has to be constantly on the lookout for new talent. She might receive tips from friends in the recording industry or from the bands she already represents. She’ll spend hours listening to CDs of new artists and browsing MySpace pages. In the end, she has to trust her musical instinct to figure out which bands have the best chance of making it big.

      Booking agents can either be independent or work for a larger talent agency. For an up-and-coming band, there’s a distinct advantage to being signed by a booking agent at a large talent agency . Let’s say your booking agent works for the William Morris Agency, which also represents The Killers and Snoop Dogg. It’s much easier to land an opening spot for one of these big-name acts if your agents share an office.

      At a talent agency, bookers are often assigned a specific region of the country or part of the world. They get to know all of the major concert venues in that area and establish relationships with the promoters. So when it’s time to schedule a major tour for one of the agency’s clients, the booker can go straight to the promoters and start reserving dates.

      • Anonymous, thanks for the in depth explanation. While I knew the basics of what a booking agent is, you brought up a couple of interesting points.

        One, that they usually book 6-12 months in advance. To me, that implies that perhaps he’s planning on being on stage in the next year if he thought he needed to hire someone at this time. Perhaps festivals? Or a tour? But wouldn’t he need new music for both of those?

        Second, that they may have an “in” to other artists/groups and be able to schedule him as an opener. But that would still mean he’d need new music. I can’t imagine anyone hiring him as an opener with songs that are 4+ years old.

        LOL More things to ponder. 🙂

    • Ha, our ninja skills will only get us so far. The “meeting” in question could be in Hawaii, because that’s where the roommate is going to school. Plus, this being BYU, a female’s roommate would surely also be female. Who knows? (Who really cares?)

      I’m also wondering how a booking agent is paid. You’re right, Anon Too, answering that question could give a hint about David’s timing.

  5. Tried to post a link earlier regarding how booking agents are paid, but its still awaiting moderation, presumably because it contains a link. So, here’s the text…

    Booking agents for bands work on a strict commission basis. So if an agent books a gig, he’ll get a percentage of whatever the band makes for that show. Depending on the contract, the booking agent’s cut could include a portion of ticket sales as well as any merchandise and CDs sold at the show.
    The typical booking agent commission for a band is between five and 10 percent, although some agents will charge more for radio, TV and film appearances . The same agent might charge very different commissions for different types of clients. For a well-known client that regularly plays concerts in large venues with huge ticket and merchandise sales, the agent can charge a lower commission while still getting a big paycheck. For a lesser-known band, the agent might start off with a higher commission to guarantee some income until the band can fill bigger venues.
    Booking agents are entitled to a cut of all of the proceeds from a live performance, since that live performance wouldn’t have happened without their help. That said, booking agents are not entitled to commissions or royalties from general record sales, songwriting or publishing . A band should never agree to sign over any of these rights to a booking agent.
    In California, there are strict regulations concerning how money is handled by a booking agent. For example, it’s common for a concert promoter to pay the band’s cut of the ticket sales to the booking agent rather than the artists directly. In this case, the booking agent is required by California law to keep the money in a separate trust account and pay the band their cut in less than 30 days, and even faster for union artists .

  6. Thank you, Anonymous and My2Cents.

  7. Thank you Anonymous and My2Cents for the great information.
    Shanny, why would that matter. If it’s a paid gig it wouldn’t matter if all the money would go to David or not, I think really most of the church things and charities for done for free, so that wouldn’t apply. You could be right, but I still think that he was overwhelmed with requests and needed to step back (for now anyway) and concentrate on his career, imo

    • It wasn’t meaning to be controversial in anyway Cq….? Was just pointing out something i thought might be related. But Peter is probably right.

      I don’t know what David has been paid for or not. I would think some of the stuff he’s done has been for free and some paid. The only way I see any of what I said ‘mattering’ is …..that I’m all for David getting the biggest share possible of any payments he gets for any work he does.

      (Although I guess ….people should be paid an honest dollar, so companies/agencies should get their cut, just I guess, I want them to get a fair cut and not a greedy cut. Lol)

      • Thinking more about it….when people sign up to agencies and such…i wonder if there are any clauses about all performances/appearances having to be booked through the agency? Or are artists allowed to sidestep the agency if they can rig something up through personal connections?

        I guess in the back of my mind I was thinking that perhaps when David does get paid for these charity/lds gigs, it’s not a lot and therefore having to pay a share to a booking agency, makes it unprofitable for David? Hence, the connection I was subliminally making earlier. Lol

      • Or even….unprofitable for those requesting David, as they would now have to pay the agency, even if David did it for free….?
        Lots of assumptions could be made lol. Probably all of them wrong. 😉

  8. Shanny, lol, didn’t think you were trying to be controversial at all, I just saw it in a different way. David needing to concentrate on his music career and really making that discussion really had nothing to do with making money from the things that he gladly give of his talent to do.

    • Yeah, I definitely read the “no more charity/lds gigs” as “no more donating of David’s time and talents,” until he gets his paying career on track. He recently sold his house, and in addition to that, I’m guessing that he’s been living off of his previous income for the last three years.

      • Cq, cchalo, yeah I absolutely take the notice on his website at face value – and see it as him concentrating on his career, which is fun news for us fans. 🙂

        I just found the changes (the OS notice and signing with a booking agency) occurring simultaneously to be an interesting coincidence and wondered if they related in any way. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are clauses in agreements with the booking agency.

      • Shanny, you may be right that it’s more than coincidence. Just don’t see how signing a restrictive contract would fit in with his new independence.

  9. I doubt the new “I am my own person” David would sign any contract that would prohibit him from doing charity gigs if he wants to, or LDS gigs either. After all his protestations about being controlled and his proclamations that he will do what he wants, no way he signed a contract that controls him in any way, shape or form, with any manager or agency. I think peter is right, if he books something for charity himself, the agency has no say or cut of the earnings. Otherwise, what he’s been saying since his return is rubbish.

  10. maybe it is time for folks to start paying David for his services

  11. My favorite battle from last night on The Voice. Lowell Oakley is my favorite. Go Team Pharrell 🙂

    • Hope, I agree, that battle was great and I didn’t envy Pharrell having to make that decision. I think Lowell is also my favorite so far. He has a good voice and shows lots of personality on stage.

      But my true favorites are the judges. Since I love to laugh, they make the show really enjoyable for me.

  12. My2Cents, Thanks for posting the additional info on booking agents. Since I don’t often have much time for researching these things I’m curious about, I appreciate those who bring the information here. 🙂

  13. Sawyer Fredericks…I really like his sound that is far away from his actual age and very different. Shy, but singing and playing is his whole self. So uncomplicated. Not a bundle of worries that get in his way, at least not yet. If he stays away from excessive pressures he will be whatever he wants to be.

    SB 🍁

    • I really like Sawyer and he is only 15. Lives on a farm. He could win. So much talent on the voice this year. I think that Pharrell has the best team.

  14. Pharrell has him. It will be interesting!

  15. Victoria Hornღ♫♕❀✿♥☆ @LadyVmusic · 3h 3 hours ago
    @DavidArchie you and me tomorrow!! #finally #timeisnothingwithtruefriendship #icanNOTwaittocatchup :))x 20million haha

  16. Picture of David writing with Lady V:

    (copy inside the quotes and then paste)

  17. I guess they’re all in LA.

    • It looks that way. David has a funny look on his face. Lol

    • Ok, now we’re getting somewhere, lol. Thank you cc halo for the picture. Lady V is sure not shy about posting writing/music stuff…Lady V, could you please rub some of that on David, lol.

  18. So I see buy Lady V’s tweet that they are also writing with Jeffrey Trott
    BMI Songwriter of the Year Award Winner-Sheryl Crow-Leighton Meester-Stevie Nicks-Record Producer-Film and Tv Composer-Guitarist

    Sounds interesting. Most interesting music career move from David I have read about in a long time. 🙂

    • Yep, I agree about David.
      Hey Hope, how about that Rumer Willis, if she doesn’t totally fall apart, don’t see how is won’t win the mirror ball, lol, but it is to early to really say. The handicap veteran (can’t remember his name off hand), just WOW.

      • Yep- cq- I think that Rumer will win it and I like Val too. just me-Writing with those 2 songwriters is better than what he has been doing. lol.

  19. Jeffrey Trott was BMI Songwriter of the Year Award winner in 1998. 17 years ago. Impressive way back then.

    Has Lady V written any hits? Who else has she collaborated with? Just wondering because I seem to be having a hard time finding anything. I’m sure she’s written songs or collaborated with other artists.

    I’m still hoping he collaborates with Joy Williams. She’s a proven hit making songwriter/collaborator. Maybe getting a hit is not David’s #1 priority, but it sure would help to make him relevant. Besides, I really liked Waiting For Yesterday.

    • Just me, Waiting For Yesterday is one of my favorites too and yes would love a collaboration with Joy Williams and any song writer that is currently having success. Yes, I don’t think David’s goal is to have a #1 hit, but heck, it sure wouldn’t hurt, lol.
      I guess the song they’re working on is inspirational as tweeted by Lady V. Love me some inspirational songs, but heck would love some fun, lighthearted, catchy song, angst, romantic, soulful from him, heck I want it all, lol.

  20. I hope I didn’t come across as not being happy David’s writing & working with LadyV to get new music for his album. I am. I hope they write some spectacular music!

    And I’m happy he’s not getting married instead! Where do these rumors get started anyway? 😉

  21. This is what Lady V’s twitter acct. says:

    Grammy Song Winning Writer:ArminVB-markusschulz-Brandy-KeshiaCole-Big Sean-SGomez-KatyPerry-Enrique-DArchie-DirtyVegas-Demi:The year of the song is upon us!

  22. Lady V is more of the same old from the past. He’ll never get anywhere continuing to collaborate with mediocre talent like Lady V. Expect more of the same, which is nothing.

    • I’m not expecting a whole lot either, really. I don’t think David really cares for his fans or his music. Not like he used to. I could be wrong, but it is how I feel. I’m more interested in seeing where he ends up.

      • Respectfully, I would have to disagree. I think David cares much more about his music now than he did pre-mission. That is why he is taking his time to produce something that is meaningful to him rather than just singing a stack of pop songs written by others that the label tells him to sing.

        As for caring for his fans, I don’t even know what that means. He produces a product like anyone else, and I’m sure he is happy to have customers to purchase those products (albums, concert tickets, merch…). But I think he made it clear that his frequent (daily) participation in social media pre-mission was a marketing gimmick that was encouraged by management. I don’t believe he has a desire to share his life with millions of strangers on a daily basis. It really is kind of creepy when your life becomes an online reality TV show. Some embrace it and actually make a profit in doing so, like Shay Carl. Others like Adele tweet once every 3 months or so. That does’t mean she doesn’t appreciate her fans. She just wants to live a semi-normal life, produce good music, and communicate with fans when it is available.

        I’m looking forward to hearing what he’s been working on when he’s ready for us to hear it.

      • My2Cents, yes, I too believe David cares about music and really I thought his TOSOD was songs he really liked and thought it was his own, so now I question everything, lol. He sounded very proud of that album.
        The communication, hum, the thing I see is David is not an established artist like Adele and Adele really hasn’t changed in the way she communicates with her fans. To me I still believe he should be more communicative with music only, no need to give us quotes, his views in life, sharing of his private life, etc, but professional, yes, imo. David’s talent, vocally, is in the same level as Adele and other great successful artist out there, but his career is not.

      • My2Cents, I almost totally agree, except I don’t know if there’s evidence to show that he cares about music more than before, on the contrary, I would say that a smaller proportion of his communication is about music. I agree with cq about that–he seemed more into the music then, less about the quotes, etc.

  23. I’m another one who loves Waiting For Yesterday!! One if my all time favorites, along with Zero Gravity. lol Its great he is working with Lady V. Don’t know where it will lead, but this is all very interesting to say the least. I wish he would have a song released to radio, but I don’t think David really wants that. Just want to see where he goes from here.

  24. I have no expectations regarding David’s music career any longer. Not even low. lol. I just no longer really care to be honest. But to those fans that do- then good for you. 🙂 It is David’s music career not mine or any other fans. It is all on him at this point. AI has the top 10 on tonight. 🙂

  25. I don’t think David will ever leave music. It is a part of him, who he is to his core. He may not aspire to what many of his fans want him to be, but I believe he will always do music. If, along the way, he gets rediscovered by the mainstream, then that would be great. As far as caring about his fans, I’m fairly certain he appreciates his fans as much as most other artists. But also, like most other artists, I don’t think he cares about his fans, for the most part, on a personal level, nor should he. Although I do think he does care more than most artists.

    I am very excited for new writing!!!

  26. I’m in the same mindset as you dreamerjulie, no he will never leave music, heck, a lot of people that sing all the time don’t have a music career, so yes, he will never stop singing. Now the question is if he wants singing to be a career, yes, he has to think of it in a different way, imo. It might be that he really doesn’t need to even have any success with a music career because, financially, he is set for life, so he is just writing and recording more as a recreational hobby?!?!, again, imo,I don’t think so.
    As far as fans go, I’m thinking we are part of his professional career, not part of his private life as it should be, imo. With that being said, yes, I believe he needs to keep his fans in the loop and keep a connection so when he is ready to release music (his product) to market, the fans will be eager to buy his music. It will be interesting to see how things shape up this year.

  27. I am hoping for live music in smaller venues now. I have concluded that unless he sells bunches of downloads (EPs, albums) he wiill not be able to do the live stuff and have it be profitable. He is making an investment with a booking agency and Kari and co.

    I question whether inspirational will sell well enough. And since David is still somewhat in his comfort zone I have some doubts if he will make enough to live on.

    As always I would like to be crazy wrong about this.

  28. Well how I see it, those blogs told me everything that I need to know. There was not ONE THANK YOU to his fans for even purchasing his music to get him where he is at to begin with. What kind of artist says the things he said esp in that first blog? So NO, I don’t think he cares at all for us. And that video that fan brought back from Roots tech, he acted like he didn’t even know her at all. I know for a fact that he knew her.

    He was practically saying to leave him alone in that blog. I’m not saying that I have to know what and where he is at every second of the day. I could care less about his private life. I’m just saying he needs to keep more in contact with his fans. Like why couldn’t he tell us he was writing with lady v yesterday. It is about BUISNESS isn’t it???? seems like he would want to promote that he IS writing. That is all I’m saying.

    And if he is set for life, who got him there?? he didn’t get there by standing there looking pretty. I think we deserve more.

    And there are plenty of groups and musicians out there that actually appreciate their fans and tell them that they love them, because without them they would not be where they are today. David has never done that before.

    I’m not trying to be disrespectful, I’m just being honest. I am not the only one who feels this way either. I don’t like feeling this way. I have put a lot of time and money into this guy and feel like I have not been appreciated for it. I’m sorry I have upset everyone.

    • I find it ironic that the communications he has had have been of a personal nature. I would think that he would only communicate on a music business level based on what he has said since his return. He has shown me he is still not capable of stepping out of his comfort zone and he’s been back quite a while now. Yes, everyone has their own internal schedule, but I wonder if the fact that David does have money and some fame gives him the allowance to be self-indulgent.

      As for fan appreciation, yes most successful artists at least give lip service to appreciating their fans. And the most intelligent ones certainly understand a fan base is important. What good does it do to produce art that no one will ever see or hear? OK, an argument can be made that it is soul satisfying on it’s own to the creator of the art, but realistically, if one has a message they hold near and dear, don’t they want to share it for the greater good? Saying fans don’t matter (I am paraphrasing) just seems counterproductive.

  29. What I can’t help but think about, after seeing the last tweet from Lady V with hashtags about inspirational music, is that it’s possible David is trying so hard to write that one iconic inspirational song that it will be all he does and I’m not sure how well that will sell except for in the Christian Music market. Writing nothing but inspirational music becomes redundant after a while in any other market.

    I’m not sure if someone can even write a truly iconic song like Imagine, for instance, by TRYING to. I think the very best plays, movies, books, paintings, songs, etc. come from someone feeling something in particular that moves them so deeply that they feel they HAVE TO do it. It comes from a overwhelming need to express those feelings and share them.

    I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with inspirational music. I can certainly understand and appreciate that it means a lot to him to help others. I applaud him for that. It just makes me wonder where his career will go if that’s all he does.

  30. I must say it it’s refreshing to read some posts here that are based in a realistic and mature attitude about an artist. Here are a few that stand out to me:

    1) ” I think David cares much more about his music now than he did pre-mission. That is why he is taking his time to produce something that is meaningful to him rather than just singing a stack of pop songs written by others that the label tells him to sing.” My2cents”

    David has always had a healthy respect for the music he sings, whether it was an original song or one of his many outstanding covers of other artists. Any song that David sings is meaningful to him, which is why they all resonate so profoundly with the listener.

    2) “As for caring for his fans, I don’t even know what that means. He produces a product like anyone else, and I’m sure he is happy to have customers to purchase those products (albums, concert tickets, merch…) My2cents

    Most artists have fans who love their music. David has a fan base who is in love with HIM. His music, although great, is secondary. David has a much different view of his fans than they have of him, and always did. Those lines, which always existed, are now impossible to deny, even by the most delusional fans, and result in some of the bitterness and blaming of David that we read on this site every day by those who just can’t accept this. I think that David’s silence may be his way of detoxing his OTT fans so that when he resumes his career as an adult artist, there will few, if any, of those who are “in love” with him and more of those “in love” with his music.

    3) Dreamerjulie, you write earlier, ” I don’t think David will ever leave music. It is a part of him, who he is to his core. He may not aspire to what many of his fans want him to be, but I believe he will always do music. If, along the way, he gets rediscovered by the mainstream, then that would be great. As far as caring about his fans, I’m fairly certain he appreciates his fans as much as most other artists. But also, like most other artists, I don’t think he cares about his fans, for the most part, on a personal level, nor should he. Although I do think he does care more than most artists.

    Every word of your post is a breath of fresh air and sanity.

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