Does David Ever Watch American Idol Anymore?

11008041_763393563742640_912941839_nI know he’s recently hanging out in Mexico, but I had a random thought going through my mind while watching AI and actually enjoying an episode, which I haven’t in a long time.


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  1. Hope (7:38 am)~ No, I wasn’t kidding. Bliss said he could do it, so…

    Sorry if I came across as “controlling.”. I guess I have that tendency. 😦 Yes, I know that certain people stir the pot. I get upset with them, too. BELIEVE me – you just haven’t seen it yet, ha. But after awhile, all I see is a sea of people fighting, & everyone sounds the same to me. So it’s like…it doesn’t matter who started what. The ball will never stop rolling if people keep doing what they’re already doing. And since we can’t change anyone else’s actions, if we want the ball to stop, we’d have to start with our own….That’s kind of my perspective, & where I was coming from, anyway.

    But I guess it depends on if you want the ball to stop…Actually, I think Notorious has a point. This probably isn’t the place for me. ha.

    • vj- I sure did not mean that you are controlling. I think we all know who that is and it is not you. I just try to avoid posting names as that plays into their need for attention. Anne-I can’t believe that “someone” posted your comments on another site and it was meant to be in a very negative way. Just shady. Well I guess I can believe it. lol. Watching AI. 🙂

  2. I wanted to bring this comment to this page being like it’s almost like a new thread: 🙂
    Hi Kimk, as I’ve said before I really like your comments, you are a really good fan, but yes, you are realistic. Yes, this site gets dicey for lack of a better word, at times, but really never boring that’s for sure, lol. btw, not that I’m saying the FOD is boring, the mods always have very nice posts and the conversation is nice. I know how much you love FOD and I truly understand why you would take offense to that statement, I have gone on FOD before to defend this site that has be trashed many times. I’ve said it before, each site have their own personality, all are great and really I’m very happy that even with David’s career being in drought mode, that these sites are still operating and yes, waiting for the David’s career to start up again.

    • cq I like being able to speak your mind the fighting gets me.. whether it is here, FOD, twitter whatever. anyway kind of feel like something is up with David can’t put my finger on it though hope he is as happy as a pig in p**h with whatever he is doing. sure do miss that voice that is for sure.

  3. Wasn’t his sole purpose of moving to Nashville was to write music? I can’t imagine any other reason for moving there. Unless he just likes the area. Any other thoughts on this?

    • It has to be a career move. If he just wanted to get out of Utah to avoid being a big fish in a little pond who can’t go anywhere unrecognized, he could pick from any number of towns and cities. Fingers crossed this is a career move towards a mainstream career. I remember years ago people thinking Nashville would be a good fit for him. Music-centric without the craziness of LA or New York City.

  4. hoping that is it too.. he is there to make music!

  5. Off the top of my head: Contigo at the Almas, for the audience reaction as well as the song itself. His “Man in the Mirror” cover at some of the MKOC VIPs, and maybe “Zero Gravity” for the fun side. We’d need a separate category for Christmas music, lol.

    Reflecting on our “predicament” here, I’m reminded of a real life situation: My son recently left an abusive relationship where he was having to walk on eggshells, being verbally denigrated, his self-worth attacked, and finding himself constantly breaking arbitrary rules that she would set. Should I have told him not to bicker, to do better not to break her rules, and stop making her angry? (“You MADE me attack you.”) Maybe he should have asked her nicely to please speak more gently. Nope. My best advice was that trying to save a troubled person (many mental issues) was not going to work if she wasn’t trying to help herself.

    Re: FOD. I really like FOD for the go-getters there, with all of the up-to-date info. Yay, Kim! Yay, moderators! (Yay, Janel for the Mormon scoop). But yeah, if you step out of line, or sometimes even express sadness or frustration, there are more than a few posters who will scold and savage you. So yeah, different strokes for different folks.

    • P.S. I also like The Voice for the pictures on the side bar (Ooh la la!), and Snowangelzz for the humor (natch). Also TDC now and then, for old times sake.

    • right now for me kind of think David needs the eggshells if that makes any sense. as for feeling you will get attacked if you say anything I feel that at times I do understand that. I’m with the say what you feel you wish to but do it from the heart within reason perhaps? guess it is more the way you say it I suppose.
      plus a lot of what folks talk about is the same thing over and over again.. will be very nice indeed once that music Gina was talking about is released at least we will have something.

      Gina Orr @ginaorr · Feb 7
      Wait until you hear what is in store 🙂 @jennettemccurdy @DavidArchie

      oh and lol I remember that bunny tweet from David wasn’t David on a bus with ‘the guys’ when he did that? wonder what made him do that.. kind of like.. how about those Yankees kind of thing.

      • Ha ha, the bunny quote is from a blog David wrote. Yes, he was on the bus with the band, who were talking about Metallica. He has a great sense of humor, and was kidding around, trying to balance the heavy stuff out with some sweetness and light.

        The problem with having to walk on eggshells is that you never know when you’re going to be blindsided, as in the bunny conversation above. Bam–cc halo cruelly mocks her children! The only solution I can think of is to ignore it, but that seldom works, including myself, or just getting out as Anne did.

    • CChalo, your so-called “predicament’ is that you have a site here that caters and welcomes only those disgruntled fans who feel “dumped” by the artist that they deluded themselves into thinking they had a personal and close relationship with. No other point of view is welcome and those who don’t fall in line are made to know they are unwelcome. David was never comfortable with that ” close relationship” but, as he has said, he was unable to assert his discomfort and chose to grin and bear it. After spending 2 years in a 3rd world country devoid of the superficiality of American life and American fans, he has honed a whole new and more viable value system, one that does not include interacting with people generations older than him and with whom he has nothing in common but his music.

      When, and only when, he releases new music, he will gladly interact with fans of all ages who enjoy his music and the message he is trying to share. Until then, David has an actual family that he enjoys spending time with, a family that loves him for the person he is and doesn’t give him lectures about what he needs to do to become a superstar and how he needs to “up his game” and “get real”.

      In the meantime, you and the others can amuse yourself by sharing with each other how bullied and attacked you feel by that mean man on Soul David, and how you don’t really care what he says because he’s “a troubled person with many mental issues”.

  6. yeah I saw that..
    it was from a blog hmm well hoping David’s next one is a bit lighter even better one about the new music he is working on.

  7. Kimk and cc halo, you got my vote on that type of blog for sure.

  8. Hoping for an fresh enlightening blog too. I still say he should keep us in the loop. never hear from him. It is what it is

  9. CChalo, I see a trend in your posts. Here’s a recent one:

    ” FOD. I really like FOD for the go-getters there, with all of the up-to-date info. Yay, Kim! Yay, moderators! (Yay, Janel for the Mormon scoop). But yeah, if you step out of line, or sometimes even express sadness or frustration, there are more than a few posters who will scold and savage you. So yeah, different strokes for different folks.”

    You like to use extreme language. You’ve called me a troll and a dog. You like to use terms like “bully”, and “attack” when someone disagrees with you, and now you accuse “more than a few posters” on FOD, of all places, as people who will “savage you” if you share your feelings.

    You may want to ratchet down the hyperbolic language. Do you plan on sharing that view of FOD on their site the next time you come on there to pretend to be a supportive fan of David’s.

    • You do bring some things on yourself….

      • vj -12:06am-Exactly- but no perception of one’s self at all. None. But this is his entertainment. lol. Also- Hello-There is nothing to debate about in regards to David. There is no need to be nasty to others here or any other site. lol. David is not doing anything with his music career right now and could care less what fans are commenting in sites about. Could David possibly make it any clearer? lol. 🙂 Even if he does a random blog that is not going to mean anything to me. Actions speak louder than words. His lack of a career is what it is. That is why I comment and post vids on The Voice and Ai. Those contestants would give anything for a music career and to have a fan base. I thought Clark did well last night on AI. He is my favorite on AI. 🙂

    • “You may want to ratchet down the hyperbolic language.” Hello pot? This is kettle. You’re black.

      • He’s not just black – I think a lonely old chicken hawk circus bitch fits too – HA! This so called retired therapist out to be sued for malpractice if this is how he conducted his so called practice. Scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    • I think it was me you accused of calling you a dog. Maybe get your facts straight on who is abusing you, poor guy.

  10. Notorious (1:42)~ OK, let me explain. First, I didn’t “come” here; I’ve “been” here..for awhile, actually. Secondly, I come here BECAUSE everyone can speak honestly about their opinions…or should be able to, at least. That’s the part I like- it’s realistic, & it’s OK to disagree or even get upset…respectfully. What gets to me is when the respect is replaced with insults, bashing, & constantly going for the jugular. I could do that if I chose to, as well. It’s at the tip of my tongue a lot. But really, it doesn’t solve anything. And in my case, it’s just plain stressful. So you’re right. I don’t think this is the place for me….

    But FOD really isn’t, either. I’m not perky enough. lol.

    P.S. I’m much more perceptive about some things than you seem to think I am. Trust me.

    • ha perky ok that made me laugh.

    • Thank you for the clarification. I hope you find a fansite that is right for you. Other than this one, the rest are pretty much for the perky. I’m not perky at all so I feel you there.

      • 🙂 Tks. I don’t think there are more than two sites, are there? I guess I could create my own, lol. It’d be pretty laid back, but actively moderated. Since I’m not very tech-savvy, there wouldn’t be any graphics, pics or videos…..And I’ve never been great at keeping up with David’s stuff, so there probably wouldn’t be updates, either. lol…Maybe not such a great idea.

      • There’s The Voice. It’s pretty current. There’s The David Chronicles, but it’s not always updated and doesn’t appear to be very active. There’s Snowangelz. I think that’s the right spelling, maybe. It’s not always updated either and is mostly for fun. FOD and Soul Davidians are the two I check most frequently, but I haven’t been a poster on either one until just recently here. Not sure I will continue to post though. As you indicated, it’s not always a friendly environment. It is entertaining though if you just want to read.

    • Perky, love that description.

  11. Hey Vj I wish you would stick around, this site is pretty darn awesome, most of the time, 🙂

  12. I have really been into watching both Idol and Voice this year. I prefer The Voice right now probably due to the vast range of talent they are showcasing. Everything from adorable 15 year old mini Loretta Lynn’s to 50 year old blues singers.And, I feel the Idol judges have “jelled” this year. It was so strange and awkward last year that I gave up after a few episodes. I watch bits and pieces on demand when I have time, usually don’t watch either show start to finish. What I have realized is there are many amazing voices out there and many compelling stories to tell.

    David will always have amazing natural talent and I will always want to know what he is doing with it. The bonus is the community of posters who I find to be amazing people in their own right and i will follow along even without David, if you know what I am saying.

    The part I have grown to acknowledge is that David is not more special than many out there. I always thought his talent was just astronomical, it is not. He is one of many very good singers. He is also one of many good people out there. I am not discrediting David, I am simply being realistic. I never did put him on a pedestal. But I really thought he was alone in his talent for example. Now I know better. Still love the guy, just tempered by reality.

    • Anne tempered by reality that seems to be a good way to look at David’s career. I have always thought David to be a great talent like the great ones, not that he stood above just part of, therefore, I thought he has great potential to be amongst that fine group. Yes, I agree with everyone that states there is a lot of talent just like David, to me anyway, it doesn’t take anything away from David, just that he is a talent that had, maybe still has phenomenal opportunity that a lot of other equally talented artist may never have. Being able to follow David’s career journey has been so fascinating to me and like a lot of fans we are just here waiting to see where that journey is going. 🙂

    • Anne, I agree. From the first time I “discovered” David on AI, I thought there was no other singer quite like him. He was the whole package. It was a magical time for many of us, a “What Just Happened?” kind of thing. For a long time I stopped looking up other artists on YouTube. I stopped watching AI after David’s season because for me, no one else would ever come close to David. Here I was, old enough to be his grandmother and I was taken back to a time as a teenager when I was a fan of the teen idols of the 60’s! On the one hand, I was embarrassed to be a follower of this boy but on the other I just didn’t care because David’s voice and personality made me feel great. There was something special about him which was hard to fathom.

      Then low & behold, I found I wasn’t the only one! I was not the only “older fan”! Hallelujah! I found fan sites dedicated to David on the Internet. I found the posters on the sites were so diverse. all races, genders & AGES! There were doctors, nurses, teachers, bankers, college professors, housewives, college students, teens & preteens, all fans of David! Not just fans, but die-hard, committed for life fans of this young phenomenon, David Archuleta. Fan sites where posters, no matter what walk of life and from all parts of the world came together to celebrated David. Where fans found their own hidden talent as outstanding writers, videos makers, drawings, paintings, photography, singing covers of David’s songs, etc. There was great camaraderie on the fan sites all because of this young man. We were so sure we were witnessing the birth of a new star in the galaxy. We just new there was no limit to the heights David would soar. In my mind, it was inevitable. That he came in 2nd on AI was hard to take for some of the fans, but in the grand scheme of things, turned out to be of no consequence to me. I felt nothing would or could stop him. I felt it was his destiny to be the greatest vocalist of this generation.

      And so, I decided I would “support” him in any & every way I could. It almost became a “quest” for me. I was one of those fans who put David on a pedestal. I never though about his “religion” or beliefs or that his beliefs differed from mine. It wasn’t important at the time. I was one of those fans who travelled from coast to coast just to see him perform. I met others who were of the same mind as me. Fans who would become travel buddies, fans who became friends even though our admiration for David was all that, for the most part, we had in common. Fans who, like me, were at a loss as to how to “explain” this strange inexplicable hypnotic spell we seemed to be under. How can you explain it? Well, I couldn’t so I just enjoyed it. This new & thrilling experience I was having at my age when life had become tedious with one day the same as another. When I was going through a particularly hard time personally. I think David came into my life at a time when I “needed” a diversion from my grief. He was to put it plainly a “God-send”. I believe it was the same for many other “older fans” who had a void in their lives. But I was wrong. I was wrong to think David could be the miracle who would be the one to fix me. I had blinders on. It was unfair to put my own expectations of who I thought he was or should be on his shoulders.

      Even during his MKOC Tour, when I & my friend Sandybeaches saw him up close & personal in the Eastern leg of the tour, I saw he was still happy to see & meet his fans. His performances on the tour was as everyone who were at any of the concerts said were quite frankly some of his very best & most confident. One thing I couldn’t shake after seeing him at Verona was that it would be the last time I would ever see him in a live performance. I said as much to Sandybeaches. After his announcement I knew for me it was time to step back and get back to reality. A wonderful, magical time in my life because of this beautiful talented young man would be another closed chapter in my life.

      Looking back, I began to feel a disconnection from David even before his famous announcement. By that time I knew more about his religion and the more controversial aspects about their beliefs but felt, based on my observations of his interactions with his very diverse fan base, I felt he was more open minded and accepting of everyone. Maybe I was wrong about that & maybe I’m not but if I believe anything about who David is, it’s his honesty & integrity. I have to believe he would not have taken a commitment to teach others something he didn’t believe in wholeheartedly himself. But it’s his life. He has a right to believe as he wishes even if I don’t agree with his choices.

      Since his return, I have periodically checked out the fan sites. I’m not the huge fan I once was, but still curious about the direction David will chose to follow. I will probably never see him perform live again unless he comes to my city and perhaps not even then. It’s just no longer a desire for me. There’s a new beautiful young person who I’m head over heels in love with now….my great-granddaughter! Now THAT is what makes life worth living!

      • Excuse the typos…it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted on a fan site!

      • Silverfox- I haven’t commented here in a long time, a friend sent me a DM suggesting I read your comment, and boy am I glad they did. Your heartfelt words perfectly describe my thoughts and feelings since AI as a fan of Davids. Where I have been, where I am now and everything in between. The excitement, the being in awe of a 17 year old boy and his mega talent, and the here and now of my mindset. Thank you you so much for sharing your beautiful words. They brought tears to my eyes!

      • here again it all comes down to his religion,, admit it you all hate mormons, and take it out on david,,and after this speach you should not wonder why he is distent from you fakes.. he is looking for fans of his musice not his life choises

      • Silverfox, thank you for sharing your heartfelt story I enjoyed reading very much.

      • Hola SF. Good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts these days. I am so glad you are in a happy place.

      • Thank you for sharing, Silverfox. Very well put. This may sound hokey, but maybe he was put in your life to get you through a difficult situation. Maybe he was a temporary gift. Maybe he was that for many people. Or maybe certain people were drawn to him because of things going on in their lives at that time. I am not trying to discredit all David was and still is. I just no longer have rose colored glasses either. Thank you again.

      • Silverfox-I enjoyed reading your comments. I found them very heartfelt and well written.

  13. thinking we all are adjusting where David is concerned know I am and from what I can tell so are many others.

  14. So is he writing, or isn’t he??? that is what I would like to know. I wonder if he is going to go to school there while he is continuing with a career? Can’t help but think that maybe he is going to use music for making money while in school. And then be gone again. I seem to look at all possibilities. Lol

  15. Today I’m home because of all the unusual snow fall in my city. I don’t know why I posted my thoughts other than I felt a kinship of some the David’s fans who are still active and maybe even those “lurkers” who read but never comment. I hadn’t read all the sites still active in quite some time so it was an eye opening morning for me.

    Ray, what you interpreted as “it all comes down to his religion” and “you all hate Mormons”, you are wrong. Let me clarify. His religion is a huge part of who David is, more so now than ever. It’s front & center but the fans didn’t make it so, David did. He wants the world to know being Mormon is the most important aspect of who he is now. Music is how he wants to make a living and being a Mormon is how he wants to live his life. So far they go hand in hand. I read some comments about how everything he’s done since his return has been related to his church in some way. I can understand how his fans who aren’t Mormon can feel left out. Perhaps no other opportunities have come his way. I do think when David releases new music, there will be joyous celebration by all the fans.

    As for “hating Mormons”, that statement makes no sense considering David is Mormon. If any non-Mormon fans of David hated Mormons, would they still be here waiting anxiously for David to put out his new music? For the record, I met many wonderful & gracious LDS in my travels to see David. I
    may not agree with some of their fundamental beliefs but that does not mean I do not respect their right to their beliefs. As far as David is concerned, I honestly feel after reading his blogs, he couldn’t care less if anyone disagrees with who he is or what he’s about. From what I saw in the videos of his performances since his return, he’s pretty happy & at peace with the man he became.

    Just wanted to give my views, not to cause any discord and I have no plans to continue posting. It takes too much time & I just start rambling like now. haha!

    • i amm not wrong ,thats the way this site comes across, ,why did you pick this site to comfees youe now dislike for david and not the other one wher you always show love for david .you guys are not fooling anyone.

      • Ray, I agree that Silverfox’ choice of this site to post was no accident, but it’s definitely the site that could do the most good for the most people.

      • Just one more then I’m done, but I’m beginning to understand how the posters on THIS particular site feel

        Ray, where did you get the idea I dislike David? I think maybe you put your own spin on my words. The reason I chose to post on this site was because since I can no longer say I’m a “die-hard, committed life-long fan” of David, for many reasons but mostly because after he went away, a lot happened in my life which took my attention. There were serious health issues & then the birth of the light of my life, great-grandbaby, I no longer “needed” David to fill the void. The other sites I don’t think would have appreciated a post by me & who knows, maybe HG wouldn’t either but I took the chance. I can & will enjoy hearing David’s voice. I can & will purchase his new music if I like it. I don’t see how this can be interpreted as a “disliking” David. I noticed many other fans who I thought would still be visible aren’t anymore so maybe I’m not alone. At any rate, Ray, I don’t feel guilty at all. Like David, I’m pretty happy now, all except for the foot of snow we have on the ground.

        Bye now, and have a great evening.

  16. Silverfox has given us an honest and mature expression of her feelings about David, both as he was and how he is now. What I respect most about her post is that she OWNS her feelings. She does not blame David, blame LDS, blame his Mission, whine about how he’s no longer what she loved about him, or complain about the things that she isn’t getting that she thinks she deserves. I also know first hand (I’ve seen her at a number of shows) that she has traveled to cities far and wide to see David perform, and shelled out the $195.00 for a VIP for a number of them. I did not read in her post any regret that she traveled to these cities, spent a whole bunch of money to do so, and now feels that she wasted her time, energy and hard earned cash on a artist who has now changed, and is no longer what she wanted him to be forever.

    It is no accident that Silverfox chose this site to post her views. Surely she could have picked a more mainstream site to do so. Silverfox stated that she knew that being a fan old enough to be David’s grandmother could be viewed by some “non believers” as, to use her word, “embarrassing”, but she always carried her self online in such a way as to make it crystal clear that her interest in David was age appropriate and all about his talent and his high character. I never saw any “wink-wink” in her posts on other sites like many others did.

    One line from her second post told me that she hasn’t been reading this site regularly over the past 3 years, when she said: “As for “hating Mormons”, that statement makes no sense considering David is Mormon. If any non-Mormon fans of David hated Mormons, would they still be here waiting anxiously for David to put out his new music?”

    Had she been reading this site regularly for the past 3 years she would know that there are, in fact, a number of very vocal fans who hate the Mormons but are waiting anxiously for David to put out new, non LDS related music. These are people who had a whole other set of priorities about David than did Silverfox, however.

    Silverfox is not enamored of David’s religious focus these days, and she is exercising her right to move on from him as a result. That’s too bad, and I hope she reconnects with David in the future. I do appreciate that she is choosing to take full responsibility for her decision, and she respects that David has made his choices in life, and, although, as a result, she can longer be his fan, she bids him a fond adieu. She does so without any regret or bitterness, and with a genuine appreciation for the joy that he brought into her life at a time when the special joy that David brings was just what the Doctor ordered.

  17. Silverfox, bravo for all you have said especially, BRAVO, @6:47.

  18. Silverfox you are not alone.. many have left or gone silent. hoping for the best for David and us fans hoping his new music blows our socks off.

  19. oh geez..

    the word ‘bloviate’ comes to mind.

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