Nostalgic Memories

Guess what I heard over the intercom while I was loading up on groceries in the midst of this frozen bitter cold winter? 🙂

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  1. Awe, nice Hg.
    Thanks peter for the videos.

  2. The guy who preduced Chadilier is from my hometown

  3. produced, not preduced

  4. Perer, his name is Jack Hogan and he was nominated for a grammy.

  5. Peter sorry for spelling,

  6. Wow-peter- you are really posting some great videos. Thanks. 🙂

  7. And so much better than old news….

  8. Being in the ‘now’ is refreshing…

    • Agree. That Sam Smith video gives me chills. Have to say that I really prefer the US judges on The Voice. Those UK ones are pretty annoying with all of their googly eyes at each other and tendency to wait until the last minute to turn their chairs (though it wasn’t as bad on the Autumn Sharif one).

  9. I did the annual running race in my city today. I had David’s “little red album” to keep me company. It’s a great album for running!

    • Congratulations! I’m sure David helped you keep motivated!

      My husband is in the 50 Club, where you run a marathon in all 50 states. He’s only done 13 states so far (in addition to several in our own state). Lots of states to go–it’s a pretty big goal for someone in their early 60’s. He doesn’t listen to David, though, ha ha.

  10. justhanginaround

    I would just like to say that “A Thousand Miles” came on the radio while I was reading today’s posts on this site! HAHAHAHA! What are the chances! =)

  11. Woah! Peter, I love the Kris Allen cover!! He is fantastic! Thanks for posting.

  12. Actually, a lot of great singers/vids, Peter.

    Are ya’ll ready for some rap, lol?! This is a fun song I’ve been listening to today:

  13. Alc, rap, lol, yep fun song and actually like some rap. Wonder if David still has an eclectic taste in music, hum.
    I was perusing my Xfinity home page and come across, one hit wonders where are they now and of course, thought of David, lol. no he wasn’t on the looooooooong list of artists and again, being the silly (bad) fan that I am (yep still hanging in there, lol) I though, gosh I hope that David never makes this list. Of course, I’m wondering if even Crush is considered a big hit?!? I thought it was and it was the perfect song for the young David that brought that youth angst to the song.
    Yep, don’t care will continue to comment, hahahaha!!!!

    • CQ, I decided to do some research after reading this from you:

      “I was perusing my Xfinity home page and come across, one hit wonders where are they now and of course, thought of David, lol. no he wasn’t on the looooooooong list of artists and again, being the silly (bad) fan that I am (yep still hanging in there, lol) I though, gosh I hope that David never makes this list. Of course, I’m wondering if even Crush is considered a big hit?!”

      Here’s what I was not surprised to find on Wikipedia:

      “After being released digitally in the U.S., “Crush” entered at the Billboard Hot 100 at number two in the week of August 21, 2008, with 166,000 copies sold in its first week.[6] This was the highest entry for a song on the Hot 100 in 2008″

      “The single has sold 2,082,000 copies as of October 2012 according to Nielsen SoundScan.[8]”

      “Total number of digital track sales: David Archuleta 3,497,000”
      That places David 9th on the all time list, ahead of such “successful” alumni as :

      Rank Artist Season Total
      9 David Archuleta 7 (2nd) 3,497,000[1]c
      10 Kris Allen 8 (1st) 3,317,000[1]c
      11 Scotty McCreery 10 (1st) 2,738,000[1]c
      12 Jennifer Hudson 3 (7th) 2,605,000[1]c
      13 Fantasia 3 (1st) 1,856,000[1]
      14 Elliott Yamin 5 (3rd) 1,615,000d[2]
      15 Katharine McPhee 5 (2nd) 1,612,000[

      David didn’t make the list of “one hit wonders” because he isn’t one. David’s fans, even the ones like you who are so bitter about him today, should know that “Crush” was a huge hit. BTW, have you bought all of his CDs? You have already said that you never actually went to a concert, even though he was appearing all over California multiple times prior to his Mission. Have have you supported him?

      • lol, I’m aware of his stats, there very nice, but it doesn’t prove that he had more than one hit from that album or his second album. ALNOY, sold 247,000, I still think that’s pretty good, but doesn’t qualify it as a hit in the same way that Crush was and Something About Love did well too, again not what I call a hit, imo. Yes, I do hope that David has as big a hit as Crush was in the future, but even if he doesn’t it won’t be that he isn’t successful and really by some of the information about these one hit wonders, they were successful, maybe not with a second song released and maybe the magnitude that some might of wanted, but still successful. My point was not to put David down, but to say that he is so much better than being known for one hit that’s all.
        Now as far as I not be a supportive fan, hum, how in heck do you judge a fan just because that fan wasn’t able to make any of the concerts that were in California. Yes, my personal life made it kind of hard for me to go to his concerts, but as I’ve stated many times before, I bought multiple copies of every album he released.

  14. Josiah Leming is still making music:

  15. I remember Josiah Leming. Nice video. 🙂 From wiki: “Leming is the only contestant in the history of American Idol to not make the ‘Top 24’ and land a major label record deal. He was a contestant on Season 7 of American Idol; the producers were interested in his life as a traveling musician living out of his car. In an interview with MTV News, Leming said he was disappointed with how they portrayed his life as a “sob story”. “I wanted to stand on my voice, and my own two feet,” he explained, “but they wanted to know about the story and they wanted to use it. I definitely wasn’t going for the sympathy vote.”

  16. Facts is facts – from a Billboard chart and music industry perspective, David IS a one hit wonder. Why would that be something shameful or embarrassing to admit? Crush charted at #2 on the official Billboard chart. The Follow up from the same album, A little too not over you, failed to chart on any industry chart. The only other single he has released that has charted was Something Bout Love, at a miserable #104 on the BB chart. I don’t need to consult Wikipedia to know this – I follow numbers as well as the singers I like. Hyberbole and wishes aside, he can be and will be considered a “one hit wonder” unless by some miracle he places another song in the top 20 of a BB chart. Odds are against that happening, and if he sticks to his guns of doing his career his way, it won’t. The bright side – better a one hit than a no hit wonder.

    • Aww, poor ALTNOY. Even I as a fan didn’t think it quite measured up to the other songs on the radio…loved the video, though. 🙂 Don’t get me started on SBL. lol.There’s no reason that one shouldn’t have done well. But people can’t buy music if they’ve never heard it, or if they didn’t know that an album was put out. Sigh.

      • I beg to differ a little with the last sentence… I’ve heard this constantly about the lack of success for TOSOD, Crush’s lack of airplay in some markets, ALTNOY’s failure as a 2nd release… knowing a little of what we know now, where his head was/may have been at, I wonder how much David’s ambivalence or reluctance to actively promote the songs, the cd, etc may have played in what happened? I remember being dumbfounded at some of the self effacing comments he was making during TOSOD’s promotion that seemed counter to actively promoting that CD… coupled w/Jive’s implosion and chaos at the label there seemed to be a perfect storm of variables that sunk ALTNOY and TOSOD commercially.

  17. David and Crush is a PERFECT example of the definition of a one hit wonder. His profile being so low in the industry and lack of any kind of mainstream musical presence since 2008-2009 is most likely the reason he is left off many “Whatever Happened To” and one hit wonder lists. IMO the harsh truth is the mainstream industry and press overlooks him because they have “forgotten him”. This could change if he chose to raise his musical and media PR presence, or produce a single or CD that catches fire on the charts and in sales again. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility, but the odds are against him capturing lightning in a bottle 2x.

    “A one-hit wonder is a person or act known mainly for only a single success.

    The term is most often used to describe music performers with only one hit single or for having one signature song which overshadows their other work.”
    Look it up on Wiki 🙂

  18. Beauxcefus~ That’s OK; you can beg to differ. lol. Way back when, I talked to a few DJ’s, trying to figure out what goes in to radio play. One DJ said stations only play a song to the extent that the label promotes it: “If the label won’t push their artist, why should we?” Another said the label rep has to have good rapport with the station mgr.; if the rep brings the artist for an on-site interview, that indicates how serious they are; payola is often involved; radio play has little to do with requests (the # of plays is often pre-negotiated) ..that’s what I remember, anyway.

    So yeah. There could’ve been a ton of variables involved. With JIVE going under at the time, and if the artist himself was ambivalent, I guess that would help to make the perfect storm. ha. To me, it doesn’t matter who did what…TOSOD simply wasn’t promoted, and that’s just sad. ha.

    ..Although I thought he seemed pretty excited about it album, calling it his “baby”…He’s a mystery. That’s for sure. lol.

  19. Yeah, you’re right VJ. *sigh* The whole end of 1st album era/ ENTIRE TOSOD era is a big mystery regarding why it wasn’t more successful. All the ingredients were there for breakthrough success, but I always felt something was missing to put it and him over the top… one wonders if stronger management and more professional PR was it, or was it reluctance on David’s part to engage fully in the promotion process. I also remember fans wondering if he didn’t support the SBL single as much as he could… remember when he’d make radio appearances and sing “Elevator”? Lol… Memoriesssssssss… light the corners of my mind…. scooby scooby dooooo 🙂

    • Haha! I DO remember. “Elevator” this, and “Elevator” that. But noooo SBL. lol. It was like, “Which one is supposed to be your single, dude?”…..On a totally random note, I just learned why people on reality shows keep their lips sealed so tightly about future episodes, results, etc…This year’s “Bachelor” shot an episode in South Dakota. One of the venues in the episode was told that they’d face a $5 million penalty if they told anyone about the filming before it aired…..Five. Million. WOW.

  20. Beaucefus, What did David ever do to you personally to talk about him in such a contemptuous manner?

    Here is the criteria for Gold and Platinum singles:

    United States[10][11]
    Media Gold Platinum Diamond
    Album 500,000 1,000,000 10,000,000
    Single 500,000 1,000,000 10,000,000

    You say this, “Facts is facts – from a Billboard chart and music industry perspective, David IS a one hit wonder. Why would that be something shameful or embarrassing to admit?”

    Referring to any artist as a 1 hit wonder means that the artist had 1 big hit and they are finished. Calling David a 1 hit wonder is both an insult and factually not true. “Crush” may be his signature song so far, but he is far from finished. If the people in the industry who make these lists thought that David was finished, he would be on these lists, given the mega success of “Crush” in comparison to his other singles. He’s not on the list because the industry does agree with you that he is finished in the business as a potential hit maker.

  21. Nothing I’ve said is contemptuous of David – facts are the facts, and the facts are true that David Archuleta has only had 1 hit of note, and to date has failed to follow up that one single with another single that can be quantified as a hit using Billboard’s standards. Until something comes along to replace Billboards metrics for qualifying and quantifying what constitutes a hit, he will be considered a one hit wonder by definition. Using the data you yourself have posited re: standards for recognizing gold/platinum sales, what other single besides Crush or CD has sold enough copies or had airplay significant to merit being quantified as a hit? Standards for gold/platinum are under review due to the sharp downturn in single and CD sales, but even applying that, nothing past Crush can be remotely designated as a hit. I plainly said that it’s within the realm of possibility that he COULD have another hit, but if blogs 1 and 2 are indicators of where his mind is regarding this one critical aspect of having this kind of success, the odds are not in his favor. It doesn’t appear as yet that chart success is important to him, so Crush appears to be safe in its spot as his one and only hit. If he can live with that, I sure can. You seem to be projecting more of your possible fear that these facts are insulting and untrue, and that he’s finished. His sales and airplay numbers are clear, so clear that even a fool couldn’t make a mistake interpreting them. The ball is in HIS court regarding whether he wants to put in the time and work, then stoke the kind of fire in the belly needed to have more quantifiable chart “success”. As always, we shall see when he releases the next single or CD.

    • Beauxcefus-So true that the facts are the facts. Crush is his only hit single. It is what it is. No matter what “spin” you might try and put on it. Don’t see that changing. The Voice is on tonight. 🙂

  22. p.s. Whether he ever makes silly lists like “Whatever Happened To” or 100 Best One Hit Wonders is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. It’s apparent he’s not been on the pop music or general mainstream music radar for quite some time. Whether that’s by choice or other variables will remain an active topic for discussion. He holds the cards, and I’m fascinated how the hand will play out.

  23. Beauxcefus, so nice to have you comment again. Yes, nothing wrong with having one hit, like you said better than no hit at all. Lol, agree making any list is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.
    These things fascinate me so I comment.

  24. Wow, last night’s performance by John Legend and Common of Glory, talk about chills. So glad the song won.

    • I recorded the Oscars last night so I could fast-forward to the best parts. The best part by far was the performance of the Oscar winning song by the writers of that most inspirational song, GLORY. The performance was by John Legend & Common was a stunning, spine-tingling, tear-inducing, and just downright fantastic & truly deserving of the standing ovation they received from the audience.

      The second best part was another stunning and exceptionally beautiful & surprising performance by Lady GaGa. We know she can sing, but she CAN SING! WoW. Outstanding and also deserving of the standing ovation she received.

      Let me interject something here about Lady GaGa. She has a beautiful voice and most likely some in the audience there & and the television viewers have never heard her sing, would never have heard her sing if she hadn’t been asked to perform at the Oscars & never wanted to given her eccentricities & some of her appearances which have been what many people think are just too weird. So I wonder if she would have chosen a different direction as a pure vocalist without the OTT gimmicks, would she have been as financially successful?

      At any rate, these two performances made the Oscars worth watching.

  25. White Sparrow, at your urging, I have moved the discussion to this thread. The other one is soooo 2 days ago anyway, lol.

    You say this :”David has had a personality change. Not so unusual for those who have undergone extensive religious indoctrination with little or no contact with friends & family for an extended period of time”.

    This is consistent with the prevailing assumption by some that David’s mind was brainwashed in Chile after a 2 year campaign of indoctrination with the agenda of the LDS Church. You then think it follows “rationally” that the result is this new, unrecognizable person we used to know as David Archuleta. He’s distant and indifferent to his “secular” fans, he only cares about LDS people, and now, he has lost his manners and doesn’t even thank people for coming to an organization’s show that invited him to perform.

    David has too many fans who care about things that have nothing to do with his artistry. The fact that someone even noticed whether he did or didn’t thank the audience after Roots Tech is, in itself, noteworthy and problematic.

  26. Thank you Just Me for the two videos from last night’s Oscars, both outstanding. I love how Lady GaGa looked and actually her red carpet look was really pretty too, can you tell, I’m kind of a fashion geek, love the glamor. I think that she might be probably moving on from those crazy getups and actually let her fabulous voice speak for itself, what a talent!!

    • I agree. Both John Legend and Lady Gaga were great last night. I noticed that neither one of them thanked those in attendance for coming to the show. Had it been a concert of theirs, I’m sure they would have done so, but just like David at Roots Tech, they knew that it wasn’t their place to do so.

    • Maybe because she’s about to get married… But anyways, yes… She looks beautiful and healthy. You can just feel she’s happy. And that voice… She’s amazing.

  27. Some aspects of David has changed… That’s for sure. It’s neither bad or good. As keane’s song says… Everybody’s changing. It’s natural… His aging, his seeing different things, experiencing a bigger and more complex world, he’s in the process of laying the foundation of his core (his faith, his mindset, his plans for the future). We all know this… We experience it ourselves. 🙂

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