David in Mexico City


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  1. Have to agree that it’s a bit of a stretch to notice whether David is thanking concert goers or not.

  2. To answer your question, Bliss. I liked that David moved away from Utah. I thought maybe it would have been a great move forward for him. Still do, if & when he goes back. Also, you said RootsTech was not a David Archuleta concert and you’re right. The real test will be if & when we do get a “David Archuleta concert” to see how much David has changed. At this point in time, David has had a personality change. Not so unusual for those who have undergone extensive religious indoctrination with little or no contact with friends & family for an extended period of time. I’ve seen it before.

    Believe me or don’t. It doesn’t matter to me one way or another.

    Just wondering why comments continue on this thread when HG posted a new one two days ago? How ’bout this “civil & respectful” discussion continue onto the new thread?

    Anyway David isn’t in Mexico anymore I don’t think, which was the subject of this thread. There’s a whole new subject up.

    • Oh, sorry. I normally comment here as “just me”. Don’t know what happened there. I have not used “white sparrow” in a very, very long time.

      • Oh well. haha…I give up for today. going back to watching the documentary, Citizenfour. very interesting.

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