David’s Precision Club?

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  1. Lol, I like this tweet, I know not everyone feels the same, but again, that’s what makes things interesting, diversity in thought. Sure I would of liked him to tweet about where he is in making that album and giving us excitement in those regards, but this is ok in my book. The haha and David still wants to amaze, was pretty random and quirky, imo 🙂

  2. Still trying to figure the “precision” thing out but I have my suspicions. lol.

    There’s another tweet up by David. Wonder what the surprise & curve ball life threw at him was? Oh, wait! he’s already “changed”. 😉

    ◾ It’s good to plan, but also good to learn how to be flexible and willing to change because life likes to throw us surprises and curve balls. 4 hours ago

    • You know how you can outwardly demonstrate that you’re learning to be flexible and willing to change, David?? By crossing the state line to do a concert….:):)

  3. Saw that tweet, I’m go with an unexpected career opportunity, yay, 🙂 until I’m proven wrong, lol.

  4. David is going to Mexico!

  5. Well looks like David is going to Mexico for a premier of Meet The Mormons, so maybe that’s the surprise and curve ball, he will be representing the church for premiers all over the world, lol, don’t know of course, just guessing. I’m sure nice for him, but dang, not for this square peg fan..would actually love for him to work on his album and rock that out this year.

    • Where did you find this out cq? if you don’t mind me asking.

      • lol, at FOD, apparently their was a tweet about it. You know me, I go and read all sites, lol. Actually no one knows what really is his reason for going only that he will be going. I think David needs to clone himself, lol….one can go off doing all the work for his church and the other can keep on working on his career, hahahaha!!!

    • Oh, ok. Whatever. Should have known. 😦

  6. Lol. I tend to agree there. We need some music!

    • Dana, from reading your posts, I understand that you’re not interested in listening to David sing religious music. But he just did a showcase this past week at Roots Tech where he performed 4 songs that we’re not religious in nature. In fact, one of them was a Justin Timberlake song. So, I’m confused when you say “We need some music!”. Please explain what you mean.

      • I mean, we need a new album. I don’t want covers, I want original music written for the public. Not songs and videos written for this particular event. I love his voice and he has done extremely well with the covers he has done. But I want original songs. This past weekend was strictly for this event. Not for the entire public. I know anyone could attend, but it was directed for LDS.

  7. Dang, stomping feet, when is it going to be our turn, hahahaha!!!!

  8. I just wished it had something to do with his ‘career’. I guess he doesn’t want a career now. This is more important. I’m not holding my breath anymore. It is what it is.

  9. If he really is going to Mexico and if it is for the church and if Kari & Gina go with him then what was an assumption is probably correct and is that David is working and getting paid by the church. I guess we will see.

  10. The advertisment read, if you want to meet David Archuleta this event is for you, I think it is a good way of gaining new fans especially when his new music comes out.

  11. Lets hope so.

  12. Off topic, just saw a Target advertisement for the Imagine Dragon’s new album, man they have exciting music. Very well done ad.

  13. I love Imagine Dragon’s music. 🙂 So next week The Voice and AI will both be on. Wonder if David ever watches either show?

    • Marie, I’m so sorry about the weather in your neck of the woods, work is hard, but having to deal with bad weather too, is just the worst.
      Yes, really liked the ad and the ending was kind of sweet, they said to their fans, thank you we love you. I guess I’m feeling a little melancholy tonight, lol. Enjoy your shows. Btw, have you ever watch a show called Face Off, lol. one of my favs, it’s on the Syfy channel.

  14. No cq I will have to check it out. My sister loves the Syfy channel. lol. The only reason I wondered about David watching AI or the voice as he used loved AI. I mean he was one of the contestants that really had watched the show with his family for years and knew the past history. Just another change in David. I miss those tweets about TV shows and movies from David.

  15. It’s interesting to me that the most hits for the videos on Saturday was Mirrors, followed by Nunca Pense. I’m thinking that there is (maybe) more fans that want David to do secular music. Just a thought.
    I like Nunca Pense, a fun song, wonder what everyone thinks? I guess it’s going to be released at some point, maybe like Glorious?!?!

  16. Ok…. so where is this picture of Amber’s birthday cake? I want to see.

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