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  1. I have been biting my tongue for what seems like forever about the comments on this site, but the utter crap that was written by didjaknow at 9.33 am has been the last straw. perhaps you all should read the rules again. I used to like this site when HG would write an article and people would discuss it. I didn’t always agree with everything that was said, but I respected that everyone had the right to voice an opinion. however now I just wonder why any of the commenters on here even follow come to a David Archuleta fan site. if you dislike everything about him, why follow his every move. apparently he can’t do anything right. he can’t please you. he follows the wrong religion. he can’t write music. he has never put out any good music. why are you here? I have seen people say they are not going to comment anymore because someone hurt their feelings in a comment. yet you have no problem saying the most insulting things about David and then claiming it was only your opinion or he is in the entertainment industry so he has to suck it up buttercup. the double standard is amazing. you may now circle the wagons and claim that you are just voicing your opinion, but I can assure you that if someone said anything about one of you like was written by didjaknow you would all be crying foul.

    • Hi blingy, yep, I knew it was a matter of time before we would be scolded, hope that made you feel wonderful and superior to us heathens.
      I don’t agree with didjaknow and yes, went way too far and, imo completely wrong and irresponsible, but to come here and to lump every commenter into the trash bin is a bit irresponsible too, imo.

    • What’s missing on this site is compassion, intelligence, imagination and some basic respect for boundaries.

  2. Please ask owner of site to delete my upsetting post. I am sorry. Not mean to offend or upset fans. I am sorry. I hesitate to post but then think it might understand why D acts his ways. I am sorry.

  3. CQ if the shoe fits wear it. and if you disagreed with the post you should have spoken up. at least you proved my point. you guys can say anything you want about David, but if you get called on it you cry foul.

    • bliny…if you go back and read the posts following the didyaknow post you will see that many did speak up and cry foul so your criticism is not justified.

    • blingy, I did reply maybe I it was as harsh as you would of like, but I did. You can say whatever you want too, but, I’m sorry, don’t expect no rebuttal. Btw, should only certain comments be allowed about David’s career and only those that are the comments you approve be the only ones posted, hum. I’m very proud as who I am and will stand by my comments.

  4. The “posse” liked to brag to others about intimate details re: David. And, yes, what didjaknow hinted at was one of those details. Again, they were awful people! If it was true, they should’ve kept it to themselves, but, no, they had to show they were in the know.

  5. I don’t know who the “posse” is, but this just makes me sad.

  6. Blingy, It is heartening to read someone else call out these hateful, relentless people who are allowed to come on here day in and day out and “share” their disdain for David and everything about him. I have no idea why Hello Gorgeous, who created a fan site to celebrate an artist she enjoyed, allows that very artist to be libeled and slandered every single day ON HER SITE. It’s like allowing people into your home who insults everything about you and your family and then allowing them to do it again and again.

    The site has become the Wild West where anything, no matter how vile and insulting about David, goes unchecked and unchallenged. You are so right when you say this:

    “I have seen people say they are not going to comment anymore because someone hurt their feelings in a comment. yet you have no problem saying the most insulting things about David and then claiming it was only your opinion or he is in the entertainment industry so he has to suck it up buttercup.”

    I have been vilified for challenging these people, but as you found out, they will immediately come at you for doing so. I wonder if HG would tolerate “free speech” if the insults were aimed at someone who was black. If the same attacks were aimed at someone who was black, or gay, it would be seen as racism and homophobia, and not tolerated here.

    Thank you for taking the time to be a voice of sanity and decency and call out these bitter, entitled, insensitive people who have been given a free reign to post their ugly, hurtful gibberish about an artist who has never ever, publicly spoken about anyone in a derogatory manner.

    In the name of basic human decency, I call on HG to pull the plug on this reign of cruelty against David. Your site is being used by people who do not deserve a forum to bombard David with vile comments 24/7.

    • First of all, the post in question was not a dig at David. I don’t think the poster meant to disrespect David. The post was meant to explain why David is the way he is. I am not in any way excusing the poster because it was wrong any way you slice it & it was slanderous to David’s father. We have no idea what the true relationship is between David and his father and should not make assumptions about that relationship. It’s a private matter between them. Also whatever David may or may not have experienced as a child is in no way whatsoever anyone’s business. I hope HG deletes it, but it is her blog and her decision.

      Having said all that, I don’t see how anyone can put the blame for the stupidity of one naïve poster on all the others who comment here. I’m not surprised others would come down hard on the other commenters who did not agree in any way with that post and in fact were just as upset as anyone else and said so. As for the opinions of the other commenters here which do not coincide or meet with your approval, just don’t come here if the comments here are bothersome to you. No one forces anyone else to read what is written here. Go to another site more to your liking.

      • That sickening post is just the tip of a much larger iceberg on this site. Here is HGs description of this site:

        ” Soul David is a fan blog that celebrates the soul music dimensions and other aspects of David Archuleta’s artistry.”

        This site no longer even hints at celebrating anything about David. It is now exclusively a place where delusional people who feel that David has forsaken some sort of vow of loyalty to them come to express their daily vengeance and vindictiveness. If HG did not tolerate and condone hate filled posts about David, the vermin that posted earlier today about David and his father would not have felt empowered to post. No other site would have kept it up all these hours. It’s still up!!

        BTW, if you don’t like people who disagree with you posting here, YOU are also invited to go elsewhere too. The problem is that you have no other place to go. This is the only site that allows this kind of garbage to be posted about David

  7. HG could you delete didyaknow’s comment from this morning think around 9 am thanks.

    • Deleting that post is like putting a Band-aid on a gaping wound. The problem is that HG allows, and by doing so, encourages, daily attacks on David’s character, personal life, and career. HG must step up to the plate and take back her site. The inmates are running the asylum here and, when left unchecked, invites no end of insulting and vindictive posts, many of which can be read on this thread alone. This site, in its current state, is a blight on the good name of David Archuleta, and is being used by people who feel that David has somehow betrayed them. They blast him, they mock him, they lie about him, and they do so relentlessly and maliciously 24/7. Read the posts on this whole thread. It’s like a plague of locusts have come here to attack David.

  8. Do you know how many explicit death threats a typical celebrity like Taylor Swift gets on social media every day including fan sites? Do you respond to each one of those people and call them names? My point is that you can’t control what people say on the internet . It’s not even negative comments about Archie here it’s just a bunch of random thoughts. The person who wrote that one post already apologized so what else do you want? IT’s obvious most people here are still fans and wish the guy well. For me I will always be curious what becomes of this guy because he’s so unusual in every way. The truth is though that I don’t even know him so I don’t owe him anything. He’s just a regular guy with a good voice who we wouldn’t even know if he didn’t go on a reality show to try to get famous. He also probably has some other problems we don’t know about like everyone in the world does.

    Seriously though if he is coming here to this blog to read what fans are saying about him he’s an idiot. Assuming he’s a normal person and would not waste his time doing that then I don’t understand why you take what total strangers write on the internet so personally. It’s really not your problem or even Davids problem. I know I haven’t been around all that long but so far the only hate-filled posts I’ve ever seen on this blog are yours. The words you use are really harsh.

  9. And then everyone else comes down here change/ not change their username and lash out to everyone, because finally there’s a crack of opportunity…

    didjaknow’s move was wrong… He/she regretted it. People reprimanded him/her already. Apparently comments cannot be erased unless done by the moderator.

    It’s up to you to believe it. As it’s up to you if you’ll believe wikipedia or ok magazine or whatever. It’s up to you to believe just about anything.

    You know why a lot of people here seemed to be ‘pessimists’ or ‘bitter’ or whatever compared to other sites? Actually they’re just venting out… They are still fans. People change after years of waiting. People either remain in hope, get numb, become neutralized, indifferent, disappointed, angry, caught in between all of these feelings. David changed (maybe not)… And he’s not the only one who can have a different heart and mind. It’s like when a parent leave his/her children for a very long time and then comes back… Some children remain warm, some become less warm, some rebel, some leave. But then again, David is not a parent… And we are definitely not his children.

    This site isn’t lacking intelligence, respect and compassion… Ever since it has returned ‘most of the time’ the comment section runs okay… At times random people speak up, then some random people from the internet proclaim something, sometimes reveal something of whom we’ll never have proof that it’s real nor proof that it it’s hoax. Then sometimes there are civil wars just like now. Actually… This site is kind of REFRESHING.

    MAKES EVERYONE BRAVE TO SPEAK UP THEIR MINDS whatever they feel. I’m just using capslock to emphasize not to virtually shout.

    Now don’t think that everyone here just has one goal in mind: David Abomination/ Massacre David’s image. Don’t generalize that people here are stupid. Because that’s stupid. Don’t judge everyone just because they feel different. Because I promise you… When suddenly (if it happens) David somehow hit the music market again, be heard on mainstream radio again, do random guestings.. I’m telling yah…. These people will shift back to happyland. Understand that we’ve been all in this abstract forcefield that kept us waiting… Meaning WE ARE ALL FANS with polarized emotions.

    Comment to that someone if you don’t agree. Comment that you have a different take. Comment that you are offended. Comment that you enjoyed. Comment that you feel the same way. Comment your disappointments, your fears, your anxiety, your expectations, your mind, your side of things. Just DON’T SAY THAT PEOPLE HERE ARE ALL EVIL or STUPID or WHATEVER. For crying out loud… This is just a comment section. Don’t take it as if someone’s ruining your life or ruining David. Don’t be too naive. Give your own rationale. Sort mentally what’s real or not. Don’t think that you are superior to anyone here… You’ll never know what’s behind and what’s ahead. Remember that this is just a site.

  10. Don’t make poked holes into ginormous black holes. Just say you don’t agree and why. Don’t codemn and point fingers and connect everything as if it’s a plot to destroy David. Because if you believe it is… It’s just your imagination.

  11. So proud of the SD posters right now! You’re proving who are the real rational, intelligent, tolerant fans by using your intellect and intelligence – not resorting to sweeping generalizations or degrading language to make your point. Stand strong and tall HG – we love you and everything this site stands for, mainly free, frank, open speech!

    • So when I talk openly, frankly, and freely about what I believe, even if it isn’t what you believe, I have the same right, isn’t that true? If so, what’s the problem? You are free to not read and/or not respond to anything I post.

  12. In your post upthread you refer to David as “embarrassing”, “amateurish” and “not ready for the real music scene and never will be”. I guess you don’t see that as harsh because its not directed at you or your “homeys” here. Well, guess what, it is harsh, no matter how you justify it.

    Now you say, “Seriously though if he is coming here to this blog to read what fans are saying about him he’s an idiot. ” Really? I guess you don’t have much respect for David or your fellow posters here either. Seems pretty “harsh’ to me.

    • I don’t have to justify anything to anyone that was my point. Archie is not here and I am not directing my posts to him. I am talking to some like minded people and sharing some of my thoughts that he will never ever read. This happens all over the internet every day all day. That is different then directing a post to someone or a group of someones and calling them mean names. Your tone implies that you are personally wounded by what I said about Archie which really makes no sense to me. I have enough respect for him to know that he probably is not the least bit offended by a total stranger’s opinion about him.

      • You have no idea who reads this or any site. David has a large family, many of whom are young. They may lurk on sites such as this, and who knows if they share anything that is written here. It is a cop out to justify posting insulting remarks about David by “assuming” he never reads it or hears about it. For his sake, I hope he doesn’t, but comments he made in his blog indicate that he is aware of some the things written about him by fans. Either way, why write anything insulting about him.? You’re a fan. You’re supposed to actually like him.

  13. there is a difference between being open and real and taking folks out.

  14. Easy Blisskasden… your hardon for David is driving you mad. It’s you no one here or elsewhere has any respect for. You are more an embarrassment as a fan of David than an ass-et. Your smarmy flowery kissbut language can’t hide the little man you are. Keep posting, if David does read these blogs? Your own ugly words show your true colors, and not for nothing, I wouldn’t want you in my fanbase calling yourself my defender. I think I’ll forward ALL your nasty posts to Kari and Gina, and maybe even David so he can see how some of his “true” fans act in his name.

    • I see you’ve got your “C-word” on, girlfriend.. What’s the matter? You don’t think David loves you anymore? Guess what? He never did, and never will, no matter how many VIPs you went to.

      • I don’t and never gave 2 craps whether David liked, or loved me. Know why? He will never know who the heck I am. I’ve been under none of those silly delusions about thinking he “liked” me, or I “knew” him. From the get go, he has always been a stranger – not a friend, not a family member, not an associate… a stranger whose music I liked, so I had no expectation of anything approaching the delusion of the majority of fans in this joint. That is what gives me and anyone else here the freedom to post whatever THE HECK WE FEEL, because for many the blinders have come off, for some they were never on. Your bush league attempt at psychology is as laughable as some of your fawning sickening toady suckup comments littering David’s videos and other sites. It’s you wanting his notice more than anyone. We know we are the ‘red headed stepchildren’ of David fandom, so I’m sure if he’s aware of this site, he would expect nothing less from us. You however set yourself up as some high moral David authority, when your words and actions on this blog bear you out to be a bumbling hypocrit.

  15. *Sigh* My immediate thoughts: (1) Everyone’s comments are starting to blur together in my mind…I don’t think that’s a good thing, lol. (2) If I’m correct, there are only 2 sites to choose from, and both are far from perfect. So…maybe some like-minded people should make a 3rd one. 🙂 (3) djaknow~ I have to be honest. There have been other posts that you’ve made recently, that I thought really crossed the line, too. I don’t want to make you feel worse, but it’d REALLY be best not to post what you read in a private chat room. It’s called a private chat room because the conversations are meant to be private…You can also say to yourself, “Would I want the world knowing about this, if it was me?” If the answer is no, then don’t post it, OK? 🙂

  16. In case anyone is interested, HG put up a new post>>>>>>>>>>

  17. You say,”I don’t and never gave 2 craps whether David liked, or loved me. Know why? He will never know who the heck I am. I’ve been under none of those silly delusions about thinking he “liked” me, or I “knew” him.”

    Well, if you’ve read any of the posts here, I think you’ve just insulted a large portion of your sisterhood.

    As for my “bush league attempt at Psychology”, I guess I’ll have to tear up the diploma I received when I got my Master’s degree in Psychology to go along with my 30 years as a therapist, lol. What exactly are YOUR credentials that validate your assessment of mine?……and your Walmart discount card doesn’t count.

    • This post is for the lovely and delightful “Trajan” or whatever other name(s) she uses on this site.

    • Now that was uncalled for. I wouldn’t want you as a therapist. I would be even more screwed up.

      • Dana, after reading your posts, I don’t think that would be humanly possible. BTW, I hope you are not more than 16 years old, because that it is maturation level of your posts.

      • Amazing what you can buy off EBay…a Master’s Degree in Psychology… and 30 years as the rapist. You might want to rethink that career decision. Just sayin’ 🙂

  18. Darn auto correct… meant therapist. Again, based on your posts, not exactly a perfect career fit for ya 🙂

  19. Wow. A lot of comments. I am so tired from dealing with this never ending relentless and brutal winter weather and my job that I don’t even have the energy to post anything more than that. 🙂

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