Learning Not to Give a Damn

I know this may not be a popular opinion among the fanbase, but I’m really digging this version of David Archuleta.

That’s right, David. Claim your life back for you! DO YOU!

Here’s an excerpt from David’s latest blog:

I mentioned last week that I have deleted the twitter and instagram apps from my phone. Why?  So I could see how much more time I would have on my hands without them.

I would, without even thinking, pull my phone out, click on these apps, and start looking through photos, and what’s going on in other people’s lives. Not only that, you come across pictures and comments of what other people think about your life.  This curiosity of what others think of you starts affecting your own view of who you are, whether it be blowing things up so your head gets big, or being hurt by the very opinionated people who happen to have an opinion about every detail of your life.  But that’s beside the main point.

My main point is that I think I am on my phone for 60 seconds and I look at the time realizing 45 minutes have passed by.  I was wasting too much time waiting for a new update, new picture, and imagining that I am connecting to the world when really I was becoming disconnected to reality— feeling unaccomplished and a little empty after all that time with each curiosity session of snooping around other people’s lives and what other snoopy people thought of my own life.



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  1. Senseless,

    “The only thing I recall about him being ‘different” was in Gilbert AZ when I heard he was not happy the event turned into a David Archuleta Concert & it wasn’t promoted as such. I heard he was not thrilled about all the fans who traveled from all over just to see him. That was the only time I ever heard he was not happy about the fans supporting him.”

    I was at the AZ event and was in close contact with the event manager for weeks before the event and after. I was the “chair” organizer who approached her with the idea of selling chairs for the event. All my ideas had to be run through Jeff and David for approval. I was privy to communications in regards to this via email and they both approved it. It was the event manager that kept repeating to me and others that this was not a David concert, I kept telling her “oh but it is”. I told her to prepare for a huge turnout because we hadn’t seen him live in months and the fans didn’t disappoint. The manager repeatedly told me she had no idea David was so popular and didn’t expect the response from all over the world. David felt bad that the attention was being taken away from the purpose of the event that was all. David was not upset about the fan response “he was blown away by it” his words.

    I don’t know if you waited at the barricades after the event but David’s appreciation for his fans was self evident when he came out and slowly walked by us with both arms outstretched into the crowd.

    Just wanted to set the record straight.

    • Thank you for clearing that up, djafan. Too often things are said by someone and then repeated by others as if it was fact and not their interpretation. I was at Gilbert and David was anything but upset from what I saw.

  2. Very true, I think that in Gilbert AZ he was aware that it was not to be about him but really what did they expect? They were behind with their knowledge of who he was, they were out of the loop. He tried then to do it the way they wanted.

    But I do remember him going down the long line strongly touching every hand of every fan who stood there. He seemed very happy and partly because the crowd was nearly gone and it was just him and his fans. For certain, Jeff told us before David came out of the trailer that he was blown away by the cards and letters and small gifts that had been taken to the trailer from fans from several countries.

    When our kids were growing up and in their teens or maybe their early twenties I found that on occasion one of them might get angry or seem to put blame on a family member but when the truth was known the upset was about something outside of the house. It is too much to explain but the fans seem to be a target of discontent, but I feel the true reasons involved in his unhappiness belong to others in his life.

    SB 🍁

    • djfan, mango & sandybeaches,

      Sorry, but I heard different from some people who were also there & heard the same thing I did. I actually was sitting next to a friend of a member of his family who told me pretty much the same thing. Also, I heard he did not want to come out to the barricade after the show but fans just wouldn’t give up. I also waited for what seemed like a very long time. (now we know he was probably decompressing). He finally came out & RAN down the barricade as fast as he could, zipped through & disappeared. Didn’t take time to speak to anyone. Jeff is the one who always thanked the fans for their support of David & did so that night as well.

      I know you were there, but so was I, although not with a group of fans. But I do recall a large group of women sitting in the front 2-3 rows scooting their chairs closer to the stage, spazzing & having a great time. I’m assuming you were part of that group. I was on the other side of the isle & I’m not one to spazz over him at his concerts. I just look & listen. His performance was awesome as usual, but there was a different vibe coming from him. I think he had already decided by that time to go on a mission.

      Bottom line. I agree to disagree with you. 😉

      Long day. Just got home & I’m hungry. Chow time!

      • I concur. The vibe was different. I believe this was also when his sister was diagnosed. He seemed preoccupied. In hindsight a lot was happening with the mission decision.

      • The mission rumor/hacking incident had already happened by this time, so for sure he’d already made the decision. IMO, he’d probably made the decision when he fired WEG.

      • I was not part of the group moving chairs and to be honest was a little annoyed by that. I was with my husband closer to the back rows of the roped off section. And we didn’t stay until he came out so don’t know what went on at that point.

    • “….the fans seem to be a target of discontent, but I feel the true reasons involved in his unhappiness belong to others in his life.”

      SB, I’d be willing to bet that you’re right and this is the explanation. There’s just too much evidence of his happiness every time he performed.

  3. shay carl, lindsey stirling, the piano guys think they all went on missions they all use social media and are successful at what they do they are nothing like David.
    thinking this is all David

  4. Please think d bad experiences as child and maybe post traumatic stress syndrome coming in his head now. He will hope seek and find help. Easier to blame fans or music business than face blame to close relatives.

  5. To add trauma and abuse of Star Search gave paralyzed voice. Remember? I think not virus but stress for this

  6. Interesting how we as different people being at the same place at the same time experience the same events differently and that’s a good thing. That balances perceptions of events and it allows people to choose if they want to always see the gloom and doom or the sunny and bright of things or anything in between. I’m not one to presume what David’s thoughts are or aren’t, what decisions he’s made or hasn’t made etc…

    So I will also agree to disagree 🙂

  7. He didn’t run, at least in this brief clip–walked at a normal pace.

  8. Senseless, you know how when there has been a crime committed and maybe there are 4 witnesses and they each have different accounts of what happened? Well it does exist that way and has probably since time began. Who cares really now but people are just retelling it as they saw it.

    But I will tell you that I don’t ‘spazz’ over David or have I ever. To me he is a classical singer. If I just listened to him sing in four or five languages dressed in a tux, singing with the MOTABS, other classical singers or solo I would be most happy. I waited until he was singing with an orchestra and choir before I flew across the country to hear him sing.

    The people you saw spazzing were actually enjoying each others’ company and having ‘fun’ something we did often wherever we were in whatever city and often no where near David.

    It’s all water under the well travelled bridge and matters diddly squat if there are discrepancies in our stories.

    SB 🍁

  9. Thanks for the video cc halo! He enjoyed every stage I saw him on.

  10. cc halo, nothing better than a video to depict the actual event lol

    Thanks 🙂

    • lol! My apologies sandybeaches. You must not have been in that group of women who scooted their chairs up, because they were definitely spazzing over David. Didn’t mean it as a put down. It happens.

      I stand corrected about him running down the line. I remembered him running but that clip does show he slowed down at some point. However I stand by my perception that the vibe from him that night was not the same as in other performances I have seen him. And yes I do remember his sister Claudia was having health problems. Speaking of her health problems… he had even asked the fans if they had any suggestions which could help her. That’s how OPEN he was with his fans. And what about pics of him at the dentist with his mouth open? Who does that? Was he coerced into doing those things? Unbelievable.

      I have spoken with David briefly a few times at some but not all the VIP’s I attended. Most of the VIP’s I purchased were mostly to get better seating & to get the private concert, but not necessarily to have my pic taken with him. It got to the point I was embarrassed he would think I was “stalking” him. He always seemed to recognize me as he did so many other fans & greeted me warmly. I told him it was because of my job I was able to see him in so many different cities. He laughed and said he thought it was awesome & no he didn’t think I was stalking him. Haha! He was super friendly, sweet & nice as could be every time I was able to have even the brief interactions with him. I NEVER had any inkling he was anything but genuine and real. The biggest shocker was the interactions I had with him on his MKOC tour because he was so “ON” like never before so the “announcement” was the last thing I ever thought I would hear! I guess this is why I’m wondering why he has made an about face and now says it was not the “real him”.

      It’s great David still has diehard fans who are still seeing the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow for him. Being realistic, he has a mountain, of his own making, to climb yet before he even gets to that rainbow. I hope he gets there. The way things are going, David may never tour as he did in the past unless he “opens” for another artist. No more VIP’s. Unless his new music is gold.

      I was wondering if HG was able to listen to the snippets & what her thoughts were but maybe it’s best not to discuss them in case David is reading the sites. 😉

      Good night all. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Senseless, I replied to you above….maybe you missed it. I wasn’t part of the chair scooting group either. And, as I said, was somewhat annoyed by it.

  11. justhanginaround

    Someone posted this on twitter: “Just watched a POWERFUL music video by @DavidArchie for @FamilySearch @RootsTechConf made me cry to see the power of families.#familyhistory”

    I guess David’s new video is out. Now we know what it is all about. Guess it was really commissioned for RootsTech.

    • I really must get to bed cause I’m exhausted, but I have to know if the video was released today? I thought it was going to be released on 2/14. Or was I mistaken?

      I was pretty much aware & probably everyone else was too, that he wrote it and made the video specifically for this event. I also think the signing was initially supposed to be for LDS only but was later changed which is probably why there was so much confusion about what the price of the tickets were supposed to be? Wasn’t the closing event supposed to be free to LDS families initially? Anyway, hopefully David will be happy to see some familiar faces. Hopefully.

      I’m falling asleep as I type. zzzzzzzzz

      • justhanginaround

        Senseless? I am GUESSING it was shown ahead of time to some LDS members and then there’s an official release on the 14th? Thing is, if they show it in advance to some people, there’s no way they can control the reactions being posted on social media. Which is what happened in this case, I suppose.

  12. Cchalo, awe that video of David giving high fives..sure looked happy. I do understand why a star might not have the energy to come greet fans after a show. It must be exhausting putting on a show, especially for David that puts all his heart and soul into the performance, so I truly understand him wanting to just have quite time to himself. lol, right now I would just be happy if he put out music and toured (outside his circle) to support that music. Just as long as he sings on stage would be good. Using social media would be a way for him to connect with his fans without really having to deal with interacting with them…he does need fans in order to have a career in music.

  13. Sensless, I was sitting in the front with many fans clapping, standing, singing along, as was almost everyone in all the rows and the sidelines. I’ve seen many do this at concerts, not just David’s. I never thought that was “spazzing” but enjoying the concert, maybe that’s what it’s called nowadays. So I guess I must have been spazzing as you would call it, so be it.

    Mango, I’m sorry you were bothered by the chair moving and it wasn’t only the first few rows that moved. The chairs were about 15 feet from the front of the stage because there were performances that took place there before David’s appearance. As it got closer for David’s appearance the crowd at the side started getting larger and very excited and were moving into the space between the chairs and the stage so we moved our chairs to close the gap to avoid being overtaken by the crowd. The MC even made a comment about not crowding the chair buying audience.

    • Never been to an Archie concert for obvious reasons but you can bet your bottom dollar that if I ever get the chance, and it’s an appropriate occasion, I’ll be spazzing my lil heart out! Lol

      It’s part of the fun. I went to a Kina Grannis concert once, and oh my I felt bad for her. No spazzing and you could tell she could feel it. The atmosphere was off and despite her great performance, the enjoyment factor was just low because the audience wasn’t bouncing the energy back at her.

      David has said that he loves the energy he gets from the crowd, he loves the loud audiences in Idaho and the Philippines. I’m not one of these people to cry and kinda lose control of myself but I sure will be whooping it up and lending my voice to the fray! You can bet on that! A little purposeful silliness never hurt anyone. (And I would have scooted my chair closer too….in fact how did you even managed to stay seated!? Lol)

    • Oh, ok. I had no idea why people got up and started moving their chairs causing the rest of us to do the same. It makes more sense now. I didn’t have a clue what was going on. Thanks for the explanation….not annoyed anymore.

  14. My comment was for djafan.

    • Senseless, maybe

      Is it morning already???

      OMG! I see I hit a nerve using the word “spazzing” to describe the reactions of some fans? Is that a bad word? I hear fans of David were known to spazz quite a bit at his concerts. I didn’t make the word up. Is it even a real “word”?

      Anyway, it was what, almost 4 years ago? Sorry I brought it up. Didn’t think it would ruffle anyone’s feathers. At this point, who knows if David’s fans will ever get more opportunities to “Spazz” over him openly again! I really hope so. 😉

      Mango, if you were annoyed, believe me, you weren’t the only one. But it’s good you aren’t anymore. Water under the bridge. There’s more important issues regarding David at this time anyway.

      On to Dallas & Houston today. Hope it’s warmer there! Have a great day! 🙂

  15. I would imagine if you ‘spazzed’ over in Syria you’d be buried alive and stoned to death..
    last I checked this is not there.
    folks go thru all sorts of things in life David I suppose is trying to find himself not sure what that is but I sure hope it helps him put out fabulous new music.

    • A young nan who has gone through a lot, that we know of, between 16-24. Am sure the level of scrutiny after AI would impact anyone, but especially a teenager, still trying to get his bearings in life.

  16. Well it is going to be interesting, to say the least. I really miss that face though.

    • sure is me too I miss the happy.
      maybe this weekend there will be some of that there is a lot going on a signing, new Spanish song and music video not to mention his performance. hoping they allow videos.

      • Yeah me too. I just wish he would tell us he appreciated us once in a while. He hasn’t said that not one time since he has returned. He used to tell us before he left, so I just don’t get it.

  17. Morning everyone. Just for the record, I love to see David’s fans “spazzing” when he is performing. I would not want it any other way. The whole chair scooting thing (misunderstood by me at the time) was just a very small part of something else that was going on in front of me involving a woman in a wheelchair and some fans. That’s all I’m going to say about that, though. It was a fun concert.

    • If all came down to the program manager not knowing that David was just that big at the time. If my memory serves me correctly she said herself that she didn’t really know much about him or that he had a big fan base.

      Apparently it was the wrong place for David and his fans because a more subdued crowd was in attendance for a whole different reason. Just a wrong match up between performer and program and crowd.

      No wonder he was trying to be quiet and hid out in his trailer. That is where a professional manager would have stepped in and perhaps turned the event down knowing the situation. You can get into lots of trouble trying to go it on your own. It is possibly enough to discourage a singer completely.

      SB 🍁

      • I do know that as David started his performance many people wandered over to the area where he was performing and really seemed to enjoy his performance. There was a huge crowd before he was finished. I also heard that something went on with his dad that caused a fuss but don’t know what it was. His dad was unhappy about something, I think.

  18. lol, spazzing, man I been part of that spazz group and I haven’t ever attended a single concert. To me it’s more about excitement about David’s singing that sends (most) spazzing. Well did anyway, I’m thinking the spazzing is a thing of the past, after all would he wouldn’t want anything more than respectful refrain applause, lol. yep very confused about David right now.
    One thing is for sure and I don’t know if this pattern will continue, but all his projects since his return have been involved with his church. In order for fans to hear him, it’s through his church somehow. Apparently there might be a life stream of this Rootstech conference and it’s surprise, through lds.org. Although, don’t really think his performance will be part of the stream, but probably the video well…something like Glorious…faith promoting…nothing wrong, just not my thing.
    It’s almost like, in order to be a fan of David, you need to embrace all things Mormon, anyway that’s how this #squarepegbasementdwellerfan sees it.

    • I tend to agree with you there. Just about everything he has done since his return has been related to the church. Except for the tour he did for the troops. Therefore, I think most performances are going to be church related. If that turns out to be the case, then I probably won’t be going to anymore events. Its just not me. And that makes me really sad. The joy I felt when I saw him live was indescribable. I loved to travel to concerts. Although I don’t know anyone in the fan base, I still had a blast.

      • Tour for soldiers with LDS performers. Also did LDS religion service for troops all invited I think. Picture posted of D talking with soldier about LDS faith.

    • Awe Dana, so glad you got to see him live and really who knows what’s up with his career, maybe it was a continuing of his mission in 2014 and lol, the beginning of 2015, but hey, who knows maybe he is ready to start up his career again. Still very curious about the whole career thing, 🙂

      • I hope new happy songs to make fans happy too. Some sad song OK not all. I wish he successful if he wants.

  19. Senseless, as Shanny said no ruffled feathers here. Maybe I misunderstood your tone but I took it as “spazzing” was something to look down upon.

    Shanny, I’ve been to many David concerts and he always responds to the energetic response from the audience, it pumps him up, again his words 🙂

    I went to The Voice concert and had a good time. The performances were great but they were trying so hard to get the audience participating. No one stood up, clapped, sang along, it was different and very subdued. That maybe for some but not me.

    Mango, sad to hear anything negative happened.

    SB, yes the event organizer was clearly not up to date on David and had no idea about his fans. It was a very lucrative event because of David and his fans, there wasn’t any hesitance to take any money lol.

  20. Dana, I don’t know what went on with his dad. I just know that there was some issue…I’m remembering he was upset about something. The person who posted it at the time said they wouldn’t talk about what happened. I got the impression that it had something to do with fans, but don’t even know that for sure. It was so long ago that I can’t really recall the details. All I can remember is that my feeling at the time was that some fans had done something that upset him….behind the scenes.

  21. Hmmm… interesting. Got think of something to chat about. Lol

  22. By the way, there were three different issues in Gilbert. There was the concert chair scooting, the incident with the lady in the wheelchair in front of me (vs. fans), and whatever happened behind the scenes with some (or one) fan and David’s dad. I feel that I am running everything together. After someone mentioned the chair thing, I just started thinking about everything else that happened. I have always been curious about what happened with his dad. I just assumed someone had just stepped over the line or something. I guess we’ll never know.

  23. David did have a trailer, and it was parked right there by the field from what I have heard. I bet someone was trying to get into his trailer to see him. That’s probably what it was. That would make his dad upset. Idk… just talking lol

    • That is very possible. I think you’re on the right track. I wish the person who posted about it in the first place would spill the beans. Actually, I don’t even remember which fan site it was posted on. I was reading everything I could find at the time.

      • I just guessed that one. Lol David, oh what he does to us. I can’t believe the way some fans are. And it isn’t just David’s, its fans in general. They can do the craziest things and think they can get away with it.

  24. Do this; don’t do this. I like this ; I don’t like that. Today. Tomorrow may be a different story. Getting complicated. Get excited; don’t get too excited. : ). Lol

  25. Wonder if the entertainment segment will be livestreamed? Maybe the performers don’t want their performances out there and their music out there for free. As for David maybe he wants to have more control over his own public access by fans and general public. Don’t know if David fans recording him for the rest of us st home would upset him.

  26. the gilbert, az discussion made me nostalgic for that part of the U.S. i was living in that area around that time, hence, the name deserat. unfortunately, i was in the midst of a move and couldn’t attend.
    😦 reading back thru some of the excitement of that day, i saw that silverfox attended. if it’s not prying, does anyone know if she’s still a fan? is she okay?

    • Silver fox, one classy and totally fun/cool lady. She and her sister were gracious hosts for myself and another dear fan friend from fl. Fun times enjoying. I never understood before David fans like Parrotheads who followed an artist and never mussed a concert in their area, their entire career. Then, I got it.

      • I met so many lovely people through David. I truly have memories I’ll never forget of traveling to concerts and meeting up with other fans. I have made lifelong friends.

  27. Been MIA for a few days, just trying to catch up…So David took the video down? lol. I don’t know why, but that makes me smile. ha.

    Totally unrelated to the Gilbert issues, but..I was going to D’s concert in CA the day that the news broke about “Jeff-gate”. I’ve never been too comfortable discussing it, but…that was so..emotional. Here I was, so excited to see D. And right before we left, my aunt said, “Something happened. He’s on T.V. Like, everywhere. And it isn’t good.” All I wanted to do was hug him & tell him that I was there for him. I didn’t care if he sang one song. I almost didn’t want him to show. Knowing that he probably saw the news, but had to act like all was well, and knowing how tender-hearted he was..that was just KILLING me. But what could I do? I was just a fan. A stranger. All I could do was hope that he had someone nearby to talk to..

    And he sang “Apologize”. That broke my heart. But anyway…the above conversation made me think of that.

    ‘K. Moving on…

    • I wasn’t at that concert,vj, but I remember feeling the same way. It was heartbreaking. If I remember correctly, wasn’t his entire family (minus his dad) there to support him? It must have been a tough night for him.

      • Hm. I’m not sure who was there as far as family goes..someone, hopefully. An usher was there who I wanted to smack. He was trying to ask me questions about it, and I kept trying to shut him down. My fear at the time was that D or his family would hear this guy talking, and I was in full “protective mode”. ha.

    • Vj, lol, Jeff-gate
      Actually when I saw him preform after ‘Jeff-gate’ I just thought he was such a professional and really was very impressed that he didn’t let his private life cross over to his professional life, the show must go on type of thing.

      • Yes, I thought he handled it extremely well, too; I was very proud of him. But I was thinking, “He’s so innocent, and new to the business. Why does he have to go through such trauma already? Why couldn’t it have happened to…Kelly Clarkson?” ha…

  28. Silverfox is a stone’s throw away. 😊

    I believe that there are a good number of long time fans who keep updated.

    SB 🍁

  29. I guess no birthday tweet from David to his grandmother… he used to point that stuff out pre-mission. Since he has been back, well… you know lol

    • lol, Dana, when I read your comment, I thought he had because I had seen the tweet on FOD, but when I went to bring over from twitter, it was no where to be found, so I went back to FOD to see the tweet, well, hahaha, it was from 2010. Hum, it’s almost like a totally different person at times. He doesn’t have to do any of those types of tweets actually, but, again, if he wants a music career, I do believe he needs to keep his fans connected, so far, not to much connecting from him other than telling us how unhappy he was and how bad things are, social media, LA selfish people. It will be interesting to hear from this weekend’s event. I guess Kari said that the video would be posted somewhere so that fans that didn’t attend could see it, probably go to lds.org to view it…I’m sure it will be posted on youtube though sooner or later. Actually I’m kind of looking forward to listening to this one. Love when he sings Spanish.

      • Lol at your comment. Love the unhappy and how bad things are comment. Its true though! He really does need to connect more with his fans. I guess that is another reason why I get kinda down about it. I think alot of my disappointment comes from being so spoiled before his mission. He tweeted everyday, had very frequent video blogs, and just seemed like he cared more. I mean he would tell us that he appreciated us and everything. He is such a totally different person now. Tbh, if he were like this on idol, I would not have stayed up voting for him like I did. Its just sad… he says that he has been hurt by reading some things that were said about him, but you know what… so have we. Those blogs, esp the first one, was really shocking to say the least. The second one wasn’t quite as bad. But he also still did not say that he appreciated us waiting or anything. And that last sentence, that would cut right through me if I was going to have to come face to face with him this weekend.

  30. I agree with you Dana. If it had been this David on idol I wouldn’t have voted for him either since I voted for David the person as much as David the voice. It’s the first time I had ever voted for anyone on idol even once much less for the entire time we were able to vote. I had never cared enough for any contestant to vote before David or since David.

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