Getting His Life

Please note that I’m deliberately cutting back on how often I post here at Soul Davidian.

Keeping up with David news, tweets, and blogs from time to time is a way to stay connected. But, if David cuts back on his time in Archuland, I see no reason why we need to give more of our own time, especially for those of us who are busy and, like David, are getting our life.

I will always be interested in what the Voice has to say (and sing), but no more dreams of superstardom, just dreams to hear another song.

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  1. All is I know, is he has been on twitter and instagram spending time there, but obviously not to communicate with the fans. I don’t know what a simple tweet here and there would hurt. But at least we did get these updates from him.

  2. New post up by HG->->->->->

  3. Cue the clown music….dum dum da da, dum dum da da….

    Just thought I’d take everyone on a trip to the circus, seems we need a light hearted interval around here. Lol.

    Cue willy wonka music…..cheer up Charlie.


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