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  1. Since I’ve been out of the loop on David stuff for a while, I went to FOD to check things out and I was pretty surprised by the overall vibe there after his latest blog. I thought it was weird how all of the comments wereabout how they thought David’s blog was so brave and they are going to be true blue fans forever. Isn’t that the opposite of what he seemed to be asking for? I don’t remember him asking for anyone to be patient or to be supportive of his choices so why do they think that is the take away? I don’t get whey they all don’t just take a step back so that David can enjoy his privacy without a daily account of his every move on a fan site. He clearly said he doesn’t like or want attention and feels like hes under a microscope why not support him by taking a breather and focusing on their own lives for awhile. Nothing wrong with loving him in private and just waiting for him to actually ask fans to help him promote something.

    I just can’t believe how different it is here. It’s jsut talking instead of always praising. I am so impressed that there are other people out there who share some of the same views I have had about David all these years. I always thought he was such a strange kid and that he looked absolutely miserable every episode of Idol. I see this place as more of a hangout rather than a rah rah rah fan site but I am not as familiar with the different places so anyone can correct me if I am wrong. Anyways thank you for trying to have a good conversation about things rather than just being blindly devoted and fawning over David all the time. That makes me uncomfortable because he’s just human after all. I don’t mean any offense to the people on FOD because they seem very nice and I think it’s nice that they love David so much even after he basically blew them off. I just think he might need some space from those kinds of really excited devoted fans because it adds to much pressure for him to be perfect,which it sounds like his church gives him enough of.

    • justhanginaround

      Great comment, Simone. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts as they mirror how I feel as well. I did get the whole “blowing off” vibe even with his angry video blog back last year and his recent blog solidifies it. For me, anyway. That’s just how I feel about it. I can understand why fans might feel slighted by it and why they may point out that David hasn’t even thanked them for sticking around this long. I can understand why long-time fans will feel the need to leave now.

      FOD is a great site of very devoted, very positive fans and David is lucky to have such committed followers who love every bit of him. However, I stopped commenting on that site a while back because it did seem to me that people who think any less of David get admonished. Actually, I WAS admonished even for stating such a minor, non-controversial opinion about hoping for his success down the road. So yeah, after that, no thanks.

      I’m glad all opinions are welcome on this site, even though some people still feel the need to police comments, I appreciate the freedom of speech and the very REAL view of David that exists here.

  2. hey beauxcefus. i dont go on any fan site ,and complain about the person for whom it set up as a FAN site, and critize them, ,you can dish it out but you can not take it back, so again kma,the again if the shoe fits were it

  3. Yep Soul David is a great site-very honest and open in it’s discussion. I also choose to discuss topics other than David’s kind of non existent music career here. lol. That is why it is good folks have an alternate site (FOD)) to go to if they don’t like the comments here. 🙂 David has some amazingly supportive fans but I would guess at this point the numbers of those fans are actually fairly low.

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