What Does David Have Planned for 2015?

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  1. One thing that bugs me though, I thought he had such strong family and faith that was why I felt that he was so grounded and that what he showed us was the real person. I guess it’s true that no one knows what’s behind a public smile.

  2. Wow interesting blog. Some of this just convinces me that David started way too young in the music industry as being so introverted and painfully shy at such a young age I can see his struggles. I can see that there must of been some resentment towards his Dad as he appears to be very driven and pushed David. I guess his Dad saw the talent and just wanted to get him where he thought he should be in the music industry at a young age but it kind of backfired. Now I know why David did win AI (when I think he would of) because the producers and staff on AI must of clearly have seen that David was not ready. They made sure he did not win. Although they were very quick to profit in any way they could have. lol. That all being stated I feel that David is living in a religious bubble in Utah. This may sound very harsh but I feel at the age of 24 he needs to suck it up, step it up, and leave his comfort zone. I just don’t think he needs to be coddled at the age of 24. Life is tough. Also he needs to rely more on paid professional help to advance his career but he never seemed to want to spend the money. How many thousands of music artists would have loved the opportunities that David had? Well I guess it might not matter anymore as he seems disinterested in his career and his fans and I “get” and understand his reasons. I just don’t “get ” his plan to overcome that severe shyness as it sure is not going to happen in Utah. He also needs to have been more supportive of his fans as they are the ones that made his career. I loved the young pop star David that seemed happy and giggling and fun that was on AI. I just wished that he loved it more. Change is not always good. Just telling it the way I see it as always. lol. 🙂

  3. So in other words no touring?

  4. These comments are not lining up right

  5. So I’m guessing his dad really didn’t let him have any water back on Ai. David just lied and said that it wasn’t true. Poorrrrr David.

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