Wishing everyone a healthy, peaceful, and prosperous new year.

May David continue to surprise us, and may everyone find love, friendship, peace, and joy in 2015! 🙂

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  1. What a beautiful sentiment Hg! Thank you, and the very same wishes to you as well!

    Beautiful sentiment Hg.
    A real nice new years posting by David. Hoping that in the mix of his personal goals he also has goals that are about his professional music career. We as fans know that we will get new music (for a Spanish song) and the a new album I’m hoping is still on track. My wish as a fan is for David to be more connected to his fans and his music career in the coming year.

  3. HG, thanks for the kind wishes for everyone. May everyone have a Happy New Year! Below is David’s message to us — it goes with the pic he sent via instagram. In response to David, I used to really enjoy arts and crafts activities. in terms of who I desire to become, I plan on nurturing the inner artist in me, lol.

    Homebodies for the rest of the night, but we wanted to wish you a Happy New Year all the same! What a year this has been, getting back from serving a 2-year mission in Chile has been the biggest change this year for me, and I will never be the same. Now with a new year ahead, new goals come with it. Life has so much to offer, and the simple and small things we commit to make huge impacts on who we become. It’s amazing how much we influence the outcome of who we are. I am excited for the future! Who do you desire to become? What changes will help get you there? Start with the small things and let’s see what 2015 brings! #HappyNewYear#Felizañonuevo #trio #cats #mysisteristryingtohide#2015

  4. Just wondering what David’s sisters will do if & when David finds his kind of perfect life companion and he no longer will have time for them anymore? When all his energy, time, home and money will be shared with his partner and their future together?

    Actually, I expected David would be dating someone exclusively by now. But maybe it’s hard for anyone to compete for his affection. Maybe David is looking for a clone of his mom and/or his sisters instead of someone who is unique with a mind of their own. Like him I guess.

    I’m one fan who looks forward not only for what his musical future brings, but also when David announces he has found his future life companion. I think when that happens it will bring in him a whole new focus and direction musically. Romantic love has a way of changing one’s perspective.

    • Ha ha, I’m wondering what David will do when his sisters find their kind of perfect, which may happen first.

      • Good point cc halo. It could happen first for his sisters. Although David is young and I wish he would focus on his music career. Who cares if he is in a relationship or not? I don’t. I want to know who David desires to become in terms of a music artist. I just hope he can get his career back on track. That is what I as a fan care about. Of course I have no idea what that track may be. lol.

      • Hope, my exact sentiments, I want to know who David desires to become in terms of a music artist. All though I do understand some fans curiosity regarding his private life, after all he isn’t any different than any other celebrity. My focus is his music career and really hope that he is giving some focus to that part of his life.

  5. You may be right cc halo. 🙂

    But look at his mama. Seems to me he is very happy and I dare say, maybe even relieved she remarried. It turned the responsibility for her well being and support ( which many fans thought he took on that responsibility, right or wrong) from his shoulders to her new husband’s shoulders which is how it should be. So I can’t see David having any problem whatsoever when he no longer has to be responsible for his two sisters as seems to be the case since they live with him in his house. He is, I’m sure, happy to insure his sisters are taken care of, especially spiritually as young LDS teenagers. At least for now. And who better in his eyes than himself, can make sure they serve a mission when the time comes?

    In any case, I think musically speaking, when David falls in love, we may see a side of him we thought we might never see. I can’t wait to see THAT David.

  6. The assumption is that he doesn’t have a steady girlfriend. The reality is that none of us know that. I sincerely doubt that David will be informing fans when it happens. It’s entirely possible that none of us will even know of the existence of a girlfriend til after vows are exchanged, lol 😉

    • Yup, that what I feel too. Shortly after he returned there was a few ‘date’ pictures, but I feel he put a stop to that and yes, he only shows what he wants to the public.

      lol, a funny dream I had about David last night…weird more like it, but as some dream go, really mixed up, but what I got from it was that he was trying to convert me.

      • raelovingangels

        That is interesting. David is almost never in my dreams. I recall one from a very, very long time ago. Yet last night I dreamed about some kind of appearance he had. Some show of some type where I was trying to see him. It seemed all very confusing. I recall trying to tell him something at one point and he wasn’t where I expected him to be. Lol guess that is a reflection on me more than him.

  7. cq-The dream could be due to the fact you are a huge fan of David’s and his focus has obviously been on his religion for the past going on 3 yrs. Even if David is going to college he can still have a secular music career. The question to me at this point is does he really want one? Time will tell but I think going on 3 yrs is a long time to wait and see. lol. With his talent and potential opportunities coming off of AI (now 7 yrs ago) I just thought his focus would always be his music but it just does not look that way right now. I bet the vast majority of his younger fans have moved on. Just the way it is. 🙂

    • lol, Hope you probably hit the nail in the head. I’m probably the only remaining fan that still is hanging on with the idea that he will return to his secular music career, but reality is starting to sink in, I guess I’m not ready to let go.

  8. cq-There is always-“Hope”. lol. Plus- hg did mention in her post-“May David continue to surprise us” That is an interesting point. 🙂

  9. This may be old news but it’s new to me. David has several songs (I never heard of) listed in the ASCAP database when you search him as a Writer. Hope, the first song may be about you. 😉
    I believe the 2-4 were written in 2009 for tosod.


    2. “ALL THE TIME”
    Work ID: 881590527

    3. “HEYA”


    5. “SEASONS”

    • i forgot one — this one could be the 2015 “surprise” in terms of D’s pop/love song comeback. 😀


  10. Shelly Peiken’s interesting Facebook comment re. David can be found here:

    songwriter, producer david l. lichens made this comment on the post:
    “Dave Lord Lichens He’s a nice kid all around. His dad is a driven dude as well”

    • Interesting comment about David’s dad. His dad can’t be that happy about where David’s career is right now if he is that driven but maybe that was part of the problem. David had to be the one that was driven in order to have a successful music career not his dad. David started his career sooo young. Maybe too young. Still I can understand his dad’s possible frustrations when you have a child with so much talent and potential and right now he is not living up to all that. But obviously David does not want to. I wonder how his manager- Gina- feels about his career right now? If he does not make any money on appearances tours ect. than she does not make any money.

      • Ya know, a few days ago, I was thinking back to AI. During auditions, David said “All I want to do is sing”..and he kind of decided to audition on a whim, I think, right? Like, “We’ll just try this and see where it leads”? I don’t remember him saying what you hear so many other contestants say: “I’ve been working so hard for this. This is my last opportunity. I want more than anything to do this for a living.” …

        So…I do feel that David is the one with the drive to sing. It’s who he is. But whether he’s had the drive to do it “as a career”…that’s where things get muddy for me. ha.

  11. Hmm. Interesting. Desertrat -I am sure the “Hope” song is for me. LOL. 🙂 The “older” songs 2-4 co written by TORIMIRO OLADAPOO, HORN VICTORIA JANE,SQUIRE MATTHEW BACH interest me but you never know what songs might turn out to be the best ones.

  12. Desertrat, thanks for bringing over those songs showing on ASCAP. The one that peeks my interest is Breathe Easy, love, a little glimmer of hope, lol.
    Hope, That whole dad relationship is interesting. I’m sure that Jeff was a typical dad that saw a talent in his son that he wishes he had and wanted to give him all the opportunities to make him succeed (more typical of sports, lol) He might of been the force that pushed David, but if you read COS, David states that his parents never pushed him and in the end he was the one that made the discussions regarding his singing career. So was David just writing that down because he felt it made his parents (both) look good or did he feel that pressure after he wrote the book. Something that we will probably never really know.
    As far as Gina goes, I would think she would want David to succeed, after all the more he makes, the more she makes and for that matter, so would the church want him to have big monetary success, after all they will get 10% of whatever David makes too, So right there, 20% gone, that is if Gina also gets 10%.

    • I’d just like to know how he’s making any money at all, lol. Not that it’s any of my business, but…he is 24, & most people his age are probably working…somewhere. ha.

  13. I agree VJ. I don’t see how he could be. Not that it is my business either but I would not want to be his manager. lol.

  14. The thing is David was very busy working this year and I’m thinking donated some time to writing, but really the majority of his time was doing gigs for free. Now I’m not saying that is a bad thing, in fact, very nice, but at some point I guess he does have to think about making money.

    • It’s unlikely David is hurting for money. He was known to be very frugal. He said himself that he didn’t spend money frivolously. The only “big” purchase, on record, he made was the purchase of the house he lives in which he owns probably outright. I believe he purchased his house at around the time his parents sold the family home & just before he went on his mission. He still drives the car he was given on AI. Taking all that into consideration and if he earned upwards of 5 million before his mission, which I think is probably a conservative amount. But say he grossed that amount, after business expenses (HE is a business), he very likely netted 2 million and with smart investments, he is doing fine. David is low maintenance. He has never been known to live beyond his means & I doubt he ever will. Right now his biggest expense is probably his tithing. Speculation of course.

      That is unless he has been given special dispensation from tithing since he, IMO, has singlehandedly been an example for the young LDS by making the LDS Mission program seem like the most wonderful, meaningful, & spiritual experience they will ever have and a sure way to salvation. Why not? Not even have the Osmonds, the other famous Mormons, done as much for the church as far as great PR in 30 years as David has done in the last 3 years. To be fair though, I have never been a fan of any other Mormon celebrity. At least that I’m aware of.

      • I’m trying not to touch that 2nd paragraph. lol. 🙂

      • He would have very likely tithed on the gross when he received the money. That’s what he said in an interview when he won Star Search–that he would pay tithing first.

  15. Happy new year!

  16. Good morning everyone, What I am confused about is , does David live in his own house or does he live with his mom and stepdad? I know that is none of my business but I really can’t figure that one out.

    • That’s a head scratcher potluck8, lol. I’m thinking he might be living with mom and stepdad being he is fugal, less expenses and besides, I’m thinking that might be a Mormon culture thing. Stay at home until marriage. That’s the way it was way back in the stone ages for me (lol), being Catholic and I do see so much similar things between those two religions, anyway similar to the way it was back then in the Catholic religion regarding staying at home until marriage.

      • I’m not LDS but I don’t believe D’s decision (ie, if true) to live with his mom and sisters is tied to his faith. I think it has to do with him as an individual. I have siblings who are much more outgoing than me but they’re homebodies.

      • You may be right, desertrat, it was just my own observation, but nothing to do with fact.
        Another thing (this is going to ruffle a few feathers, lol,) that I see is that he is as far from being free and independent to do what he wants as he was when he was under contract with a label in a different way though, this of course, JMO. nothing to do with fact.

    • I think David lives in the same house as his mom and step-dad. All photos posted of the family seem to be in that house. I have no way of knowing for sure, though. One thing I am curious about is how do we know he bought a house? Are we just guessing? I have never seen anything that would lead me to believe that he did except people saying he did. Maybe I missed something somewhere but I have just seen what seems to be guesses presented as facts. I hope someone can enlighten me.

      • I personally don’t know if he bought a house but land records and deeds are public records. A few google searches on land deeds in Utah probably would provide the answer.

  17. You are correct, desertrat. The purchase of properties are public records. And so is the purchase by David of his house. I found out about it because the house was listed with a realtor where a friend of mine worked. She mentioned it to me knowing I was a fan of David because I was always “promoting” him to her and thought it was just a funny coincidence her firm handled the sale.

    Evidently, David bought the house before his mission for his mother and siblings to live in while he was gone. His mom remarried but stayed in the home (with new hubby) until David returned. I don’t believe mom & stepdad still live with him. Stepdad may have his own house and wouldn’t it be a bit strange to have mom AND her new husband still under David’s roof? Seems stepdad would take exception as to how that looks? He is capable of taking care of his new wife I would think. Speculating about that because they may still live there in David’s house. In any case, they wanted to stay & take care of David’s house after they married to insure David had HIS OWN place to return to and not someone else’s house. Made perfect sense also not to disrupt the sister’s lives again so they still live with him in HIS house. Grandpa may also live with him but in his own quarters as the house has a separate what they call “mother-in-law” space. The house is a very nice large home in a nice neighborhood but not at all extravagant. Pretty much a regular house with plenty of room for a typical Mormon family.

    The difference being, David Archuleta lives there and I don’t think he’s tried to hide from anyone. He comes & goes in plain sight. He has all the privacy he wants nowadays even though his address is no secret either.

    • Maybe he moved back there full-time after he was stalked at his apartment. (His sisters tweeted about it). Sometimes he’s been seen at classes in SLC, and other days in Provo, so maybe living halfway between and commuting is more practical anyway. Or he’s just there a lot due to it being vacation.

    • That’s nice to know, just wondering. I read comments about David buying the house but never any details before now.

    • Thanks for the detailed info, justwondering. That’s almost more than I wanted to know, ha…

  18. Thanks justwondering, I guess that clears that up.

  19. Thanks justwondering. That clears up the David’s house speculation.

    In other news just read that Kelly Clarkson just tweeted that a new album is coming out soon and a tour set for summer 2015. Of course, made me think of David, lol. Really not to early for him to start re- connecting with his fans if indeed he is releasing an album and maybe have a tour in the summer (no school right) to support that album.

    • Just based on the way things are right now in David’s career I don’t expect a tour. Sure “Hope” it changes but idk. Is all David has are these opportunities that are all church related or has he turned some other opportunities down? Not sure anymore but I know the music industry isn’t going to come knocking at his door anymore. David has to be out there selling himself and I do
      not see that happening. lol. Also money goes real fast if you are not bringing it in even if you are frugal.

      • Hope, yep, you may be right.
        One thing that I’m sensing from fans (some ODD too) is that their patience is wearing thin. One comment stood out in my mine, that his personality is what is missing. Can’t figure him out. He says he is working on an album, but of late, no clues that is still happening, not even from other writers like we’d get earlier in the year, oops early last year, lol.
        A conversation going on at the Voice was very interesting. I really feel that fans are getting tried of the convoluted messages and quotes. They want him to speak to all his fans. He knows that his fans are waiting for him to return to his music career, so if he has changed his career direction, he really needs to let his fans know. I’m talking about his career. He will always sings that’s for sure, if only for church events.

  20. cq, keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully that is why Gina is back in the picture.

  21. I just posted this at FOD, but I don’t know if I will get much response so I will post it here too and see what happens. I guess I’m wondering if others are asking themselves the same thing I am asking myself and if so, what their answer has been to themselves.

    I have a question for everyone, and this late is probably not the best time to ask it since a lot of people have probably gone to bed already, but here goes anyway. I’ve been trying to back away from being a fan for quite a while now, but wanting to do it and trying to do it are much easier than actually doing it. I’ve been asking myself lately, what if at the end of 2015 nothing has changed from the way 2014 was as far as career activity on David’s part? If he spends 2015 doing only church functions and events and rarely having any kind of contact with fans but still saying, when asked, that he is working on an album, what will you do? Meaning what will I do. Will I then be able to walk away and give up on hoping for a revived career some day? I don’t know. I hope so but I just don’t know. David’s fandom has become a habit that is hard to break. What do you think you will do? Will things change for you or will you still just be waiting and hoping? Btw, I am not predicting what I think is going to happen at all. Just asking myself – what if.

    • Hi Hitandrun, I read your comment on FOD and would reply there but, I feel it’s best I stay away.
      What if…hum, I don’t know either. As you said it’s hard to give up the David fandom. I suppose for me, I will always think he is one of the greats and will always wish for a big career for him. That’s my wish, has nothing to do with what he wants. If he continues the same path in 2015 as he did in 2014, I think I will slowly step away, but I do enjoy commenting and have conversed with some fabulous fans, so that I will miss.

    • Read SnowAngelz, read The Voice–everyone is feeling the same way right now, and a lot of us have talked about going on a David “diet” for quite some time. I think it’s possible that new music will come out, that a tour will happen this year, but David doesn’t communicate that he’s sure about it or excited about it, so it’s hard for the rest of us to maintain enthusiasm. I had hoped to slack off during his two years away, but like you, it’s really hard to back away.

      I’ve been thinking about the possibly vastly different perspectives we fans have from David’s likely perspective, and of course it’s all speculation. We saw his year of “building a foundation” and his triumphant MKOC tour as a precursor to bigger and better things, with a slight 2-year interruption. But he may have seen leaving for his mission as an ending to an era, because his last album wasn’t very successful, he had no management or label, his tour was difficult to plan and perhaps not that lucrative, and he put everything he had,career-wise into his pre-mission activities. Now, the existence of many fans notwithstanding, he is starting from scratch, and perhaps not really that sure how to go about things, except in his church activities, where things are laid out and simple and he is in demand, not to mention where things automatically have meaning for him.

      • Absent input from David about where he stands with his professional music career we cannot know if what you say is true and it very well may be. I have thought the same thing myself. Since it doesn’t appear that David is going to make any kind of statement or announcement that he is officially walking away from professional music and will only appear in a non-professional role then we must make our own decisions about what we plan to do if next year and maybe the year after that doesn’t show any career activity from David. This is all speculation, of course. Next month David might announce that is new album is ready to release and he is planning a tour. If that does happen there will be no decision to be made at all and we will all be happy campers.

  22. I guess I don’t understand this concept of there being some sort of a time limit on being a fan of an artist. I’m a fan of many bands and artists who only release music every 5 or 10 years. And when they do, I buy their albums. And when they are on tour, I go to their concerts. In the meanwhile I simply live my life. Nothing complicated about that.

    • If you don’t understand the concept as I have stated it in my comment, that’s ok. An answer isn’t required unless one chooses to give one.

    • lol, my2cents, a casual fan is where I want to be, not there yet. I’m thinking that everyone one that still is commenting is not a casual fan, imo.

  23. lol, well I guess maybe David is trying to tell is something with this quote:

    David ArchuletaVerified account
    ‏@DavidArchie “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – André Gide

    If he is trying new oceans is that still include an album, that I really think he needs to clarify. I totally understand though if it means he wants to move forward with his life in a different direction, just please let us fans know directly!!!

  24. I am hoping it means he will be trying out new things in his music career.

  25. David bought the house. His Mom and new husband still live there along with his sisters and various relatives depending on when..his grandma, her husband, Aunt, and cousin. Grandpa has been there sometimes too. I think this is maybe a part of his Honduran culture. He is certainly a giving person. I kind of wish he didn’t feel so..responsible. But that is David and those are his choices. He loves his family. He is a good person.
    I believe he is hoping for a career. He needs one. I think it is extremely difficult to figure out what he should do career wise. It must be scary. If he makes the wrong decisions, if his music is not well received, what then? I have so much compassion for the weight this young man carries on his shoulders. Yes, I want music, yes, I want to hear him sing on tour, and yes, I think he wants these things too. I wish there was something I could do to help. I can ‘t really do anything , but I can give him patience and compassion.

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