Happy Birthday, David!

David turns 24 today, and I can hardly believe it.

Well, he still has one more year before he reaches the “magical” age (25!) and really shows the world what he’s capable of (remember my prediction?).

Happy Birthday, David!


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  1. Happy 24th Birthday,David!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to David!!
    Holy molly seven years I’ve been following David’s career. The ups, the downs, the fun times, the not so much fun times, I guess it’s a rollercoaster ride, lol.
    I will say the last 3 years have been an interesting and perhaps the hardest, time for a fan like me that isn’t religious. Man it would be so much easier if I was and then I would be like a lot of others that have put him in a higher pedestal than he was placed before, lol. Instead I’m still a fan that needs to put myself in a time out at times before I say something that would cause disruption, lol.
    Looking forward to the album.

  3. Cq, David is special, although I have never felt that I put him on a pedestal. I do believe he inspires others. He has, and not by “preaching” taught me to be less judgmental, maybe even a bit kinder to others too. This is interesting to me because he is a mere 24 yrs. old and I am in my mid-fifties! The old adage ” lead by example” comes to mind when I think of David. Many who have come in contact with him say what a true and real person he is. Great example to follow. Even his sisters seem to respect and adore him. At that age, can’t say I remember speaking so highly of my siblings! LOL!

    • angelofdja glad that you feel that way, I do agree he is a great guy. As far as his sisters go, yes, him and his sisters are very close and I totally can see how much they love him. As far as judgmental, I do agree he seems to not be and as far as preachy goes, let’s just say that maybe we see things a bit differently there, lol.

  4. I do wonder what happened to David’s Dad and brother. You just don’t see them in family pics. Wonder if his Dad does not agree with the direction his music career seems to be headed in-which is a very religious direction unless something changes. Actually cq I get your point about the last 3 yrs-David has been away from his secular music career for the last 3 yrs and to me still is. That is a looong time. Still wish he would move to Nashville,NYC, or LA. Just don’t see Utah as the place to live if you really want a serious career in the music or entertainment business. Unless you just come home for visits or hit it big and have a ton of money. lol. Not to worry. David does what he wants to do. lol. 🙂

    • Just prior to his mission departure, there was a rumor swirling that D and his dad had parted ways with regard to their business relationship. Regardless of what may or may not have happened, my guess is that it’s been good for his dad to be away from the limelight. Just like D didn’t want to always be remembered as that kid on idol, I’m sure his father didn’t care for the false accusations of being an overbearing dad. I now laugh at the one about Jeff not letting D have any water at during the AI rehearsal. As D said, “I’m 17… if I wanted water I’d just walk and get some water.”

      • Lol. I always thought so many of those rumors were silly. I will say I pulled out Christmas from the Heart cd at the holidays. It struck me that the production of that cd and the treatment of David’s voice was/is one of the best of all of his CDs. Regardless of a break up, disagreements or what ever, That was one well done project ( other than the cover photo) that really highlighted David’s voice.

  5. This was posted by David’s sister Jazzy on her twitter. I won’t even try to post the pic here. lol. So Sweet :):
    15 hours ago
    This here is my brother, my best friend, my partner-in-crime, my role-model, the only one that can keep up with mine and Amber’s weird humor, the one that stays up with me until 2am watching dumb YouTube videos, or listening to me rant when boys are being lame. Point is, this boy has been there for me through thick and thin, and I’m so incredibly lucky to have this inspiration in my life. Happy Birthday my little 6 year old! I love you so much! ❤️

    • Let me try this. To see, you can cut the ZZZ off and paste the URL into a browser. Nice pic!


  6. HEY! It’s my first time again to comment here… Lol.

    I commented at FOD. I guess I’ll just share some of my comment over here, since I’m kinda lazy to make another long comment lol.

    “I just greeted David in twitter. I don’t know if he’ll be able to read it since there’s tons of greetings and chances are it’ll just get burried under those tweets. Anyway… It’s not important if he’s able to read it or not. I am just happy it’s his birthday and he felt the outflow of gratitude and love all over the world through various social sites.

    There has been moments where I felt a certain regret for David (like… If only he has made bigger and bolder moves, things like that)… But then, I remember how happy David is now. How braver he is and more sure of himself. Then I feel the prospect of 2015! Its like… The “real” year of his comeback (you know, mainstream ‘career’ comeback). The new album. The potential of this new and refined David Archuleta. The promise of a new year for a boy who grew into a man (although David looks like a teenager LOL). I feel excited (mentally excited… I’m past my teenage years to spazz LOL). But whatever happens, even if things won’t return to what I wanted them to be… He will always remain in my heart and be special. That little ‘spark’ and excitement whenever I hear his voice on the radio or some kind of tv commercial, or that “ding!” on my brain whenever I see the word ‘Archu/Archuleta/David/James/Arch” (LOL) will never go away.


    There’s nowhere to go but forward and on…”

    P.S. Just call me forevermore… I’ll change my username next time 🙂

    Have a great day everyone.

    • happy new year to you too! glad to see you posting here again.

    • You’re lucky to sometimes hear him on the radio or see him on some kind of TV commercial. He doesn’t show up here in California at all, unless you count seeing his left ear on the American Idol commercial, lol.

    • Hi Forevermore, glad you are commenting again on this site, too.
      cchalo, lol, I was about to say the same thing about hearing & seeing him.

      I’m curious being that I’m not on social media, is David still very popular and do fans still want him to tour, put out music etc. If indeed he is planning on putting out a secular album in 2015, even if it’s in the summer or after, shouldn’t he start getting things rolling again pretty soon?

    • Hi forevermore. Glad to see your comment. Well- desertrat at least you tried to post that pic. lol.

  7. Hi guys! :3

    Yes… i often hear him on the radio, particularly at McDonald’s (Philippines). I don’t know, maybe the jock’s a secret fan (oooooh)… Or they just prefer wholesome artists. And Korean dramas and commercials have used his songs in multiple times :)))

    The fans here still long for his comeback. They are just not aware of these fan sites and prefer instagram and twitter as their platform to showcase their adorement for him. After that ‘Nandito Ako’ stint which enabled many many fans to see him live and upclose, it assured solid fans 🙂

  8. Happy New Years to all!! Wishing health and happiness to HG, commenters and lurkers and last but not least David and family. As a fan hoping to have a lot of wonderful things to look forward and discuss in 2015, top of the list new music, followed closely by tours and so on, you get the picture, 🙂 CHEERS!!!

  9. Wishing everyone a terrific 2015! I just checked TDC and saw that jackryan4da is now head of a company — wonderful news.

    Re. David, if he’s still in school, I’m not counting on much in the way of a tour from him. However, it would be such a pleasant surprise if he does. 😀

  10. Happy New Year Everyone. Hope David has new music in 2015. 🙂

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