Is David a “Perfectionist”?

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  1. Have no idea what David means but I like this quote : “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”
    Albert Einstein

  2. Hg, you may be right about David being a perfectionist, might be his belief system, to strive for perfection as a human being.
    IMO, imperfections are part of humans and those imperfections sometimes bring about perfect music, discoveries and great moments in history. I believe that striving to do the best you can is always a good way to go through life, but to always strive for perfection may lead to disappointment because you’ll always feel like a failure.

  3. As I once told my mother-in-law who told me her son was “perfect”—> that is his first flaw, thinking he is perfect. He was with us at the time.

    It was all done in humor. 🙂

  4. I think people might be taking this quote a step further than was intended. It reads to me as being more about trying to be the best person you can rather than saying a person needs to be perfect. In fact, it says plainly — I’m not perfect, not even close. It is acknowledging that the author is not perfect and appeals to the reader as they are not are either. But the “trying” part focuses on the fact that even though we know we can never be perfect, that doesn’t mean we should not still try to improve and to be the best we can. Some people get caught up in reaching only the pinnacle (“perfection”) and are discouraged when they realize they will likely never get there. So they figure, what’s the point in even trying? To me, this quote is saying that even though we might never reach that ideal of perfection, we should still strive for the best and allow ourselves to see the beauty in that attempt (“perfect in trying”). Don’t give up. Like that song from Begin 😉 ha
    That’s my interpretation of it anyway.

    I personally think the perfection is in the journey.

    (Whew, that was a long interpretation for such a short quote lol.)

    • Ali, sometimes the shortest quotes are the most complex. Your interpretation of David’s recent quote is spot on.

      IMO, the concept of perfection is too subjective to have only one meaning. If someone thinks something or someone is “perfect”, that would imply that no improvement is necessary, which is a trap. In baseball, some players are said to have a “perfect swing”. Why then, are these players always taking extra batting practice to work on and improve their swing?

      As for Mr. Archuleta, what makes him so special and unique is that he is far from a “finished product” and is always changing, growing, taking chances, and most importantly, questioning himself. A “perfect” person would, by definition, be predictable and, hence, uninteresting. David is the opposite of that. Who knows what David is going to do, even in the short term? That’s why he’s such a captivating person.

      David isn’t “perfect”, which means he’s not all he can and will be yet, and that is “perfectly” fine with me.

  5. I just learned that Soul David is back! Welcome back, HG! Hello, everyone! I really missed the blog.

  6. Oh I am happy tonight. Michael Buble and then Barbara Streisand is on his special. Then the sing off too. 🙂

  7. Welcome back, HG! Thanks for opening comments again..My one word answer to your question is “Yes”. lol.

  8. I like your analogy Ali!
    I remember telling my kids when they were growing up to “get up everyday and do the best with what God gave you”! I believe David lives just like that. It makes me so very happy to see him live his life and watch him learn how important that is.

  9. Nice seeing more fans back commenting. Really liked reading all the different perspectives on the quote from David.

  10. So… Brooke White renamed her album project “Brooke White and Friends Never Grow Up”… The irony in that title… 🙂 I understand what they’re trying to achieve w/the project, it is a noble gesture… the album title reminds me too much of Peter Pan’s declaration of never wanting to grow up, lol. Back on topic – In response to the forum question… I tend to think he is, but IMO #Perfectionismisoverrated.

    • Agree with you beauxcefus, a very noble gesture. I did gave the song David was involved with a listen, even though not a Brooke fan (she is a very nice lady, just not into voice) Let’s just say, it’s for a good charity, so I wish her success.
      Yup regarding David, good one: #Perfectionismisoverrated

  11. “Is D a perfectionist?” He seems to be a high achiever in some aspects of his life. Not sure if I would go so far as to call him a perfectionist.

    audio clip of brooke and (a little of) david. i really like the rhythm of the song.

  12. Hmm. When it post it says awaiting moderation?

  13. Ha! Well of course that one went through. Maybe it just won’t let me post links?

    Anyway, I was trying to reply to desertrat:

    You can listen to a stream of the full song at Brooke’s PledgeMusic page. I would post the link but apparently I can’t lol. Click on the link from D’s last tweets and then find the update called Brooke + David Archuleta “Cherry Lane” Stream.

    The spot to play the song is below the text post. Love what Brooke had to say about David in that post. Especially, “You don’t understand, his pitch perfect tone is at such a world class level, and it’s baffling, and yeah, nerve racking to even have my voice on the same track. Seriously, I get a tear whenever I hear him sing. Who doesn’t?! ”

    You hear him most at the very end of the song. So nice that he was able to help Brooke out with this charity album.

    • i found it … thanks! not too particular about how he and brooke sound together but i think it makes the song more interesting to have two voices that sound nothing alike. after 6+ years, i’ll finally confess, i (sort of) liked the contrasting vocals in his duet with cook at the AI finale.

    • I always liked Brooke. She and Michael Johns did work together frequently on singing engagements after AI and before his untimely death. I believe she has a duet with Carly from AI on this album. Good that he keeps in some contact with some AI alum. I agree with Beauxcefus-#Perfectionismisoverrated. 🙂

  14. So happy you opened shop HG. Missed your voice.

  15. David is at firesides in France and Spain. Hope that he is able do some site seeing, all though I think his schedule might be to tight. I guess he’s schedule to be back on the 22th. Happy he will spend Christmas home with family.

  16. Many of you may have already seen this but for those who haven’t, I wanted to mention that there were some very touching videos posted on FB over the weekend of David (and his aunt & cousin) visiting and singing for a young girl battling cancer. According to one of her relatives, meeting David was one of the girl’s “bucket list” items. The fact that disease debilitates and sometimes kills people of any age is horrible but it is especially hard to see it happen to children. They shouldn’t have to be worrying about fighting for their lives. I was happy to see that David made a point to visit her and spend time.

    I can’t post links without my comments going into moderation but if you go to FB and search “Love, Hope and Courage for BayLee” then you’ll see the page that was set up to offer updates and support for her. That’s where the 2 videos of David’s visit are.

    I know there are many different perspectives and opinions on David but I think the one thing we can all agree on is that he has such a good heart. ❤

    • Sorry, meant to say the videos were posted Monday. He visited her over the weekend. On Sunday, I believe.

    • Yes, varied perspectives and opinions, lol, but you are so right, we all can agree that he has such a good heart, not to mention a killer voice, lol, 🙂

    • I’m not very religious and the First Noel is by far not one of my fav Christmas songs. However, hearing D sing that song with such sincerity to Baylee has me in tears, esp. 1.56-2:02. Ali, thanks for telling us where to find the clip!

  17. Ha ha David is oh such a perfectionist. He re-did his vocals for “Glorious” because he had a Spanish accent that other people couldn’t hear. I have my moments too, but I agree that the healthiest attitude is to always do your best, without getting overly into the concept of “perfection.” “Perfect” is a term that was used a lot when I was religious, but now I’m more attracted to the reasonableness of “The Four Agreements”, number four which is “Always Do Your Best.”

    • OK, Anonymous was me…IDK why I lost my name.

    • i like the 4th agreement, thx for posting. when you get the chance, can you post the other 3 and also tell us where the agreements come from?

    • Really like the number four agreement, would love to see the others.

      • The Four Agreements are from a book by Don Miguel Ruiz, “The Four Agreements: A Toltec Wisdom Book.” I wasn’t that crazy about the book, but I love the agreements themselves:

        1st Agreement:
        Be impeccable with your word.
        2nd Agreement:
        Don’t take anything personally.
        3rd Agreement:
        Don’t make assumptions.
        4th Agreement:
        Always do your best.

        This is a beautiful video for the book, but doesn’t actually summarize the agreements:

      • Thank you cchalo, those are great and I really liked the video, too. Still my favorite is #4 followed by 3 then 2.

  18. I think he us very detail oriented. It shows in the thought he puts into each note of his music. I think he is a thoughtful person who contemplates things he does and the direction he takes. Not exactly sure about perfectionist, but certainly appears to high standards for himself.

  19. This is one cool video even if the quality is not great. Justin Timberlake was just performing in concert in Nashville and Garth Brooks joined him to perform Friends in Low Places. I am a fan of JT and Garth. Kari is one lucky girl to have been part of Justin’s tour. Still can’t believe David never went to at JT concert (with having the strong connections with Kari )while he was on tour. Are you kidding me? lol.

    • Cool, thanks Hope for the video. Love JT and really like the song. Such fun they seem to be having up on stage it just makes me, 🙂

  20. Yes. It definitely looked like alot of FUN at that concert. lol. How great is that to go to a JT concert in Nashville and get a surprise performance by Garth. 🙂

  21. cchalo, thanks for the 4 agreements info. now that you mention it, i do recall that book.

    hope, thanks for video of garth and jt. i didn’t know that jt played the guitar.

  22. Speaking of playing the guitar desertrat-I wonder if David has ever practiced playing the guitar as I thought he wanted to learn to play the guitar better. I thought that he did play the guitar a bit but maybe not.

    • Good question. I seem to remember seeing pictures of missionaries with guitars, so I think that was ok to play while on his mission. All the singing engagements he has done since his return, he hasn’t even played the piano, so I’m thinking guitar playing might not happen. Actually to me it really doesn’t matter, I would just love to see him again up on that stage singing, of course, a certain type of songs, hehehe….We’ll see if we will see David ever accompanying himself on the piano or guitar, hum.

    • yeah, i hope the “crush” and “a little bit too not over you” videos aren’t the only times we get to see david play the guitar. “little drummer boy” gave us a glimpse of him on the drums, lol.

      i’m watching “the sound of music sing-a-long”. david is fantastic w/”climb every mountain” but i think that nun (ie, mother superior) may have topped him, lol.

      • Well we do have that Costa Rica video coming in February, maybe we’ll see him strumming a guitar, lol.
        I agree with you, desertrat, that song in the movie was absolutely breathtaking, so powerful. Of course, David’s version was divine, too.

  23. It’s interesting seeing the commercial for the next AI. The theme is making singers into superstars and they show the three, Jennifer Hudson, Phillip Philips and Carrie underwood. I know that Carrie and Jennifer are superstars and Phillip Philips I guess is on his way. Just got me thinking about David, of course, lol. I remember how super popular David was right after his season and especially after his song, Crush, was such a hit, I just knew that he was going to be the biggest star to come out of that AI machine, lol. It’s just so interesting how his career is evolving. Right I have no idea where it’s going, but if you would I could take a guess, but won’t, lol.

    • sorry, wish there was an edit button..should be ‘Right now’ & ‘but if I could take a guess.

    • PhilPhil has done well but I thought Scotty had done better. Also, I know Jordin doesn’t have out a big hit now but she’s done well for herself. Most of her singles were hits, she starred in a movie (ie, Sparkle) w/Whitney Houston, she has performed on Broadway and she co-wrote Ariana Grande’s smash single, “The Way”.

      • desertrat, I actually only saw that one commercial, maybe they highlight others too. lol, I just would of liked David to be in the mix, but realistically he is not in that category (yet) as far as secular success goes, talent however, you bet he is at the top for sure.

  24. Joe Cocker died today. Sigh… Seems as if my generation is losing all our musical touchstones… giants and icons and legends with NOBODY on deck coming close to replacing them for the next generations. God have mercy on the music industry, cause there will never be another one like Joe. “The Soul Man from Utah”, “Soul David” seems so… small when matched against the soul of Joe Cocker, in whatever genre you want to categorize it – blue-eyed, green eyed, brown-eyed.

    #RIPJoe Cocker

    Joe, at David’s age, in 1969…

    • Yes, RIP Joe Cocker, phenomenal talent. I think that the soul man from Utah had/has potential to come close, but don’t know if it will ever be realized, shame.

      • Hi CQ – this is where I gotta kinda part ways with ya, lol… IMO David’s heretofore brand of “soul” is cream cheese compared to Cocker’s limburger. Cocker’s passing is a reminder to me of what real “soul” was, is, can be in the hands of the right singer. Where oh where has talent of this caliber gone? Note: His biggest hits were written by other people or were covers of hits… The Beatles, The Box Tops, Dave Mason, Leon Russell…he put his definitive stamp on a song after he sang it… says something about being able to take any song, and make it your own… his talent was singing, he was smart enough to leave the writing to others with better skill in that area.

      • Beauxcefus, lol cream cheese compared to Cocker’s limburger. I just feel that he might have the potential, but of course, is no were close to Joe. I think to have that kind of soul you have to have a free spirit, don’t know if that is happening to David right now anyway, so possibly cream cheese might be as far as he can take his singing of soul, lol.

    • I knew when I spotted his name as a twitter trend that we had lost joe cocker; rip. I first fell in love w/ this song when the tv show “The Wonder Years” was on tv — some of you may recall that it was the opening theme.

      Speaking of Idol, Taylor Hicks used to channel Joe Cocker.

      • The Wonder Years exposed Joe C. to a new generation of kids not familiar with him beyond knowing he sang the Officer and A Gentleman theme song, lol… I’m feeling kinda misty tonight… Jack Bruce’s passing was a kick in the pants, Joe Cocker passing is a stronger kick… What we gonna do when the last REAL music icons and legends go into that good night… I’ma cry in my beer tonight, hoping joy will return in the morning…


  25. HUGS CQ… I’ve effectively abandoned all hope of the “Soul Man From Utah” coming into fruition. David’s not seemingly on that path anymore, and I’m not one inclined to hold out unconditional hope when there have been no signs of that elusive man returning. So I seek my fix and soul kicks elsewhere 🙂

  26. RIP Joe Crocker. I am with you Beauxcefus in not really believing that the Soul Man from Utah will be happening. Just the way it is. David is for sure not on that path. Unfortunately. This is my favorite Joe Crocker song. 🙂

    • Yes, my favorite too, Hope. Yep you and Beauxcefus might be right about David, unfortunately, guess I still hold hope, go figure, 🙂

    • Hi Beau! Merry Christmas Eve to all who celebrate and especially yo HG. I hear ya, right now the projects we see, are largely religious in nature. I guess my feeling is I believe in David’s talent and time, (perhaps a long time) will tell the directions he takes. I have given up my expectations of what I want, which is a better place for me to be regardless. I do long for soulful David’s pop side. I also loved his jazzy side we saw on his last tour. Remember when he skatting? David is young and hopefully will still explore a varied and diverse career.

  27. one of my posts is in waiting because i tried to incl. a link that this website doesn’t like. I just read on fod that miss bianca has been hospitalized. 😦 fod has a url link to ger good well card.

  28. “Beyoncé‘s estranged father Mathew Knowles is having a garage sale, and unloading a slew of Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child memorabilia.” This is sad. I hope Bey can mend her relationship with her father. He may have done a lot of wrong but he sacrificed so much to get her where she is.

    If you want to see the link, cut/past the url and remove the “z” at the beginning. again, this post isn’t coming thru either, lol


    • Yes, desertrat very sad the see families torn apart.
      I have wondered about David and his father’s relationship of late. It does seem like there might be a bit of a rift between them. I guess maybe it’s just that I haven’t seen one picture of him and his father since his return, of course, that doesn’t mean that there’s a problem though.

  29. Yes desertrat I have noticed a delay in posting when I try to post links here too. Not videos but links. lol. Getting comment is awaiting moderation like other folks have mentioned. Oh well. I will avoid links to articles. 🙂 Sorry to hear about miss bianca. Hope she feels better soon.

  30. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you HG and to all the wonderful peeps that post here. Hg, love your site and I’m hoping from now on we will have David music career stuff to converse about, crossing fingers, lol 🙂

  31. Happy holidays everyone! CQ, I’m hoping along with you. 🙂

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